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Found 54 results

  1. Purebreds H is proud to present our forum business! All horses are free of negative traits. Be aware, many of the horses for sale are foals that you cannot yet ride on. The Daily Ladder! The most exclusive and expensive new horses on sale. The price and position on the ladder will change every day, as even better horses arrive and prices drop. (YF = Young Foal, AF = Adolescent Foal , YH = Young Horse, AH = Adolescent Horse, CS = Certain Spark, USH = Un. Strong & Healthy 1. (SOLD! Brown 5-speed male YF Kalilkiss (has CS) - 12 silver) 2. Piebald Pinto 4-speed male YH Eckernada (lacks carry more, has USH) - 9 silver 3. Piebald Pinto 4-speed male YF Kissmax (lacks carry more, has USH) - 8 silver 4. -- NEW -- Skewbald Pinto 3-speed male YF Goldenblood (fleeter, strong body, lightning, USH) - 7 silver 5. White 4-speed male AF Pickally (lacks fleeter, has fight fiercely) - 5 silver 6. Black 4-speed male YF Raiddream (lacks fleeter) - 5 silver 7. White 4-speed female YF Coppersara (lacks carry more, has keen senses, CS) - 5 silver 8. Ebony Black 2-speed male AH Baxterkiss (strong body, carry more) - 5 silver 9. Blood Bay 2-speed male YF Bloodpick (fleeter, strong legs, USH, CS) - 5 silver - name matches coat! 10. Piebald Pinto 3-speed male AH Cliprage (strong body, lightning, strong legs, USH) - 4 silver 11. (SOLD! Gold Buckskin 2-speed male AF Ironabbas (fleeter. lightning) - 4 silver) 12. Piebald Pinto 3-speed male YH Cloudgolden (fleeter, lightning, strong legs, USH) - 4 silver 13. (SOLD! Appaloosa 2-speed female mature Balletebony (fleeter, strong body) - 3 silver) 14. Piebald Pinto 2-speed female mature Warcoffee (fleeter, carry more, USH, CS) - 3 silver 15. Blood Bay 2-speed male AF Chaserman (fleeter, strong legs) - 3 silver 16. Chestnut 2-speed female AF Wildhalim (fleeter, strong legs, CS, USH) - 3 silver 17. Chestnut 2-speed male YH Bloodnada (lightning, strong legs) - 3 silver (Ladder last updated: October 25) 4-speed horses Mostly male foals Colors: White, Black: 4 silver Gold, Brown: 3 silver 3-speed horses Foals and youngish horses Colors: Piebald Pinto: 2 silver Black, Grey: 1.5 silver Gold: 1 silver Brown: 60c 2-speed horses Foals and youngish horses Colors: Piebald pinto: 60c White, Grey: 40c Gold, Black, Brown: 30c 1-speed horses Mostly adult horses Colors: Chestnut, Skewbald Pinto, Blood Bay: 70c Piebald pinto: 40c 0-speed horses Adult females Colors: Skewbald Pinto: 60c Piebald Pinto: 30c Males and females are same price Location M13 on the west coast of bay. Map at the bottom of post! Intelligent highway connection to the Great West Lake (Heavenly Sky Sect deed). And southeast to the canal in N14 (New Falun deed). From N14 there are further highway connections towards Harmony Bay, that may or may not be protected/intelligent (white lines). Ingame character: CistaCista. Delivery Harmony: 1.5 silver (reachable by sailboat) Other servers: 3 silver (reachable by corbita) Public services! Grooming on Purebreds H and on the sales deed Treasure Island is FREE for any visiting player! Also, a visiting player can get 1 FREE mating with one of our speed-stallions and with me as the breeder. GENESIS CASTS: 1 cast for FREE, and up to 3 casts for 50c etc. These offers will remain free for all as long as we are not completely overrun. So go ahead, camp out at our wonderful deed while you grind out your AH skill on our 100+ horses. Some food can be provided
  2. i want to give you easy tool for vehicle speed calculations, planning to release it later as a website, currently only as a datasheet.
  3. Your friendly local Cele-beastie breeder, in conjunction with Port Benden Alliance present: ~~~All the Pretty Horses~~~ Selling perfect 5 speed horses of all colors. Also, I do not sell anything older than Aged horse, unless it's cleared with the buyer. Please feel free to PM Atheline in-game, or send me a message here on the forums, for whatever color/gender combinations that you desire. I can also do custom breeding upon request. Unlike most other breeders, I personally offer FREE DELIVERY of 4 horses at a time to any coastal Freedom location, provided that your sale amount totals at least 2s. If the total is less than that, I round up to 2s to cover my time. Need to keep the cages that the horses come with? No problem, just add 25c per cage to the total. Price List: *New color horses (skewbald pinto, black-silver, appaloosa, chestnut, gold buckskin): 1s ea. *Jet horses: 50c ea. * Oldest colors (grey, white, gold, black, brown), blood bay and piebald: 25c ea. *70+ql horseshoes enchanted w/ WoA: 50c ea. *Creature cages (50+ql cages with lock and key): 25c ea. *Creature transporter (50+ql empty with lock and key): 50c ea. *other equips: tba.
  4. how can i change the speed of animals and the large cart? on my offline server?
  5. Hello, I was thinking about the value of horses and the dead market regarding horse breeding. I was questioning myself, what would make horsebreeding more interesting, what would value time and efford people put into it and I came to one solution: Make horses better with training! If you could train a horse to get more speed, you would give people a) something to work on, b ) something to hire people for, c) horses would become more interesting in comparison to hellhorses because they would be as fast as them without the unhitching/ biting burdens. So they could become more valued means better priced again. People that would put real efford into their horse business would stand out from those that just mass produce. Mass producing would infact make no sense anymore because you would need to much time to train all those horses up to selling status of 7th speed. My idea would mean you train a horse with riding it, (working cart horses should not become automaticly faster without any efford), maybe you would need the skill too, like 60 animal husbandry for 6th and 70 animal husbandry for 7th speed. d) This would give AH a new push because atm most people dont raise it much higher than 50 because this way they get all the speed traits they wanted without breeding useless other traits into the horses. e) You would give even training stables a chance to pop up, where someone could give their horse away for some time and get it back fully trained. f) And people would come out of their deeds more, because they need to train their horses. This way some forgotten landscapes would maybe become racing-grounds and more populated again. What do you think about this? Cheers
  6. If your cart normally goes 20km/h, change it to 15 with a heavy load and 25 when light (or empty). Seems more natural. Maybe a little less on the slowdown and more up the speed boost for light? This happens with riding a horse. Why do wagons and carts ignore extra weight?
  7. Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! I sold the other sets and this is what I now have available: 6.25s for Set #1. 85QL horse shoes,iron with WOA 97-97-97-96 5.4s for Set #2. 85QL horse shoes, iron with WOA 96-95-95-94 These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Contact me in-game or PM me. Note: The sum of the qualities of the shoes has an effect on the speed.
  8. Here's a thought.... What if you could choose when to use lightning movement on a horse? By using this new item called a whip you could trigger your horse use its speed boost from lighting movement. The Cool Down would be a 1-10 mins timer where the horse would not use lightning movement at all. The Whip Quality could determine the duration of the Cool Down or the Duration on the Lightning Movement. Anyhow just a thought...might be fun during horses racing events or even be useful to get away!! Item - Horse Whip / Riding Crop Skills - Leather Working, Tailoring, Rope Making, Carpentry. Creation -.50kg of leather, .50 kg wood, .25 kg wemp fiber. Weight -1.25kg Possible Options - Add light wounds to Horse as a Trade off for using the Whip more often over time for increased speed Duration. Success of speed boost based on AH skill ( maybe Duration as well? )
  9. Starting Bid: 8s Min Increase: 50c Reserve: None Buyout: None Horse too slow? Land travel got you down? Put some pep in your horse's step! These shoes are guaranteed to speed! Get ready, set, place your bids!
  10. Starting Bid: 9s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: 12s Buyout: None [18:31:47] These are said to bring luck! Apart from improving horse speed and safety, of course. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. You will want to polish the horse shoe with a pelt before you improve it.
  11. I'm looking at getting a new computer sometime in the next few months. One of the main reasons for this is that my current computer can only run one Wurm window at a time, which is infuriating when trying to work with priest alts as well as my main. I've been told that I need to get a larger RAM, which I intend to put on the list of requirements for the new computer. My question is if I want to run multiple Wurm windows, will I have to upgrade the internet as well? My current speed is up to 4mbs per second. Assuming I had sufficient RAM, how many Wurm windows would I be able to run at once with that? My long term goal is to be able to run 7 or 8 so that all my priests can be online at once gaining favour and doing sermons, but for now I'd be happy with two, possibly three at once. Should I upgrade the internet for this when I get the new computer?
  12. New batch of WOA horse shoes for sale! Excellent casts folks! Why ride slow when you can ride fast? Reply or PM with the set you want! You will receive them promptly from my 100 cast mailbox!
  13. Hello Wurmians, anyone got some spare 5-speeders on Pristine? can pickup, color doesnt really matter but d love a black one. Need one now and one later for a friend, depending on price even some more. PM offers (wih age pls) Greetings Simju
  14. Well, with the late boats improvement docking and others maneuvers at high speed have been harder to do. Time to raise once again the good old suggestion of letting us raise or lower the sails to adapt our speed. Maybe go with 25, 50 and 100% of the boat speed. Another good change would be the ability for passengers to switch seats, something used to be in the work a while ago might be a good thing to dig up that code or redo it and make it live.
  15. This PvE server is designed for ultra fast gameplay. The minimum action timers (1,5 seconds) for almost all actions are removed, so everything is instant at all. Since it could get boring after a while with this speed, I made a simple rift invasion mod that spawns rift creatures. The rift creatures are attacking deeds and will try to steal upkeep. If you successfully defend the deed against them, you can get random rewards like rare/supreme/fantastic tools, weapons or bones, masks or other items you can't craft like a spyglass. Traps work against mobs and archery towers/magical turrets are shooting at aggressive creatures, that should help to defend your deed. Some other features are faster boats, horses and carts, all actions (except crafting) are possible from cart, 10x bigger inventory (weight only), no priest restrictions, easier transmutation liquids, raw meat and filets in FSB or some other mods that are public. Map: Server name: Speed Server (instant timers) Skill rate: x150 Action rate: x500 Server IP: Live Map:
  16. I know that they are going to look at speeding up the boats but i think they should speed up carts too. I use a small cart around the deed sometimes and there is no need for it to be so slow when loaded. Even on a small deed it can be a pain when you want to drag a few things someplace.
  17. I want to start off by saying that I'm brand new to the game, as I started playing only by a week. Keeping that in mind, I am not 100% sure if the testing I did is completely accurate. Anyway, according to the wiki the Horseshoes ( do not increase the moving speed until the QL of every individual horseshoe is 50 or above, or until the summed QL of the wore horseshoes reaches 70. Total Shoe Quality Speed of the Horse Unshod 13.69 kph 1 - 60 QL 13.69 kph 70 - 130 QL 14.40 kph I did some short tests and I noticed that my moving speed while commanding a cart with hitched horses changed whenever I removed or put horseshoes from my horses. As you can see in the top left corner my speed is between 12,99 and 13,00 km/h when both my horses are wearing horseshoes. It drops significantly to 12,23 km/h when removing the 46 QL horseshoes from one of my horses. It remains at 12,23 km/h even when decreasing the summed up quality of the remaining horseshoes below 70 by removing one of the horseshoes. With no horseshoes on at all, my speed decreases to 11,48 km/h. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been brought up by somebody else or if my testing was not made correctly.
  18. I am trying to figure out the best way to build roads. I know 20 is the usual maximum recommended slope. I am wondering if there are special cutoff slopes that maximize speed, specifically animal drawn carts and horseback, where going 1 slope more slows down substantially, kind of like the way weight slows down first to 75% than 25%. I know that just a couple slope starts the slowdown. I saw someone did a very thorough examination of slopes and limits, but not speed. K I would also be curious if anyone has done comparison of 10 x 20 slope + 10 flat vs 20 x 10 slope time wise.
  19. buyer pays COD from Exodus, or pickup Exodus H13 delivery negotiable, free delivery for orders over 5s to boat accessible places on Exo, Deli, Cele, south Indy, west Xana any tool or shoe can be imped to ql90 for extra 30c ingame PM: Joeix (priest), Wocas (imper) Speed! Don't waste you time, equip your horses, speed up your cart and wagon. Horseshoe ql75 woa72 58c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa73 59c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa74 60c, 6pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa76 63c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa77 64c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql75 woa78 66c, 5pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa80 73c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa81 76c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa82 79c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa83 81c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa84 84c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa85 87c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa87 92c, 3pcs Horseshoe ql80 woa88 95c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa89 107c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa91 120c, 4pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa93 140c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa94 150c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa95 160c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa96 170c, 2pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa98 210c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa99 230c, 1pcs Horseshoe ql83 woa100 250c, 1pcs Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa77 154c Saddle ql90 woa78 156c Saddle ql90 woa79 157c Saddle ql90 woa80 158c Saddle ql90 woa82 164c Saddle ql90 woa88 180c Saddle ql90 woa91 195c Saddle ql90 woa93 215c Saddle ql90 woa96 245c Use fast tools! You don't need extra skill now, you need a job done. Pickaxe ql81 woa75 67c Pickaxe ql81 woa76 68c Pickaxe ql81 woa77 69c Pickaxe ql81 woa78 71c Pickaxe ql81 woa79 72c Pickaxe ql85 woa80 73c Pickaxe ql86 woa81 76c Pickaxe ql85 woa84 84c Pickaxe ql84 woa86 89c Pickaxe ql84 woa87 92c Pickaxe ql84 woa90 100c Pickaxe ql84 woa94 140c Pickaxe ql84 woa95 150c Shovel ql84 woa79 72c Shovel ql88 woa86 95c Hatchet ql84 woa70 60c Hatchet ql84 woa81 76c Hatchet ql84 woa83 81c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c Hatchet ql84 woa92 120c Hatchet ql84 woa97 180c Saw ql82 woa84 84c Saw ql82 woa84 85c Saw ql82 woa85 87c Saw ql85 woa86 89c Saw ql82 woa87 92c Stone chisel ql85 woa82 79c Stone chisel ql84 woa86 89c Stone chisel ql88 woa97 180c Rake ql82 woa81 76c Rake ql86 woa98 200c
  20. Want to sell these fine tools, rugs and potions. Buyer pays COD. Sender will be SirFluffy, my alt, items will be mailed from Inde. Skiller tools and rugs: 3. meditation rug 15.11ql CoC 89 2s 4. meditation rug 8.26ql CoC 91 2s50c 5. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 89 1s80c 6. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 90 2s60c 7. grooming brush, oakenwood 19.55ql CoC 98 2s90c 15. hatchet, steel 4.12ql CoC 92 2s90c 19. pickaxe, steel 3.98ql CoC 85 1s60c 20. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 88 1s90c 21. pickaxe, steel 3.99ql CoC 94 2s70c 22. pickaxe, steel 4.11ql CoC 99 2s90c 23. shovel, steel 17ql CoC 80 1s70c Speed tools: 24. pickaxe, iron 91.55ql WoA 94 2s90c 25. pickaxe, iron 91.43ql WoA 95 2s90c Various enchanted tools and items: 35. awl, iron 90.52ql WoA 79, CoC 81 2s30c 36. leather knife, iron 90.73ql WoA 74, CoC 81 2s30c 37. pickaxe, iron 90.86ql WoA 74, CoC 77 2s40c 38. hammer, iron 90.80ql WoA 79, CoC 77 2s40c 39. leggat, oakenwood, 80.25ql, CoC 82 2s20c 40. small anvil, iron 90.14q, WoA 77, CoC 81 2s50c 41. pendulum, silver 70.05ql, Lurker in the Woods 62 1s50c Potions: 42. potion of woodcutting 83.00ql 3s 43. potion of woodcutting 76.34ql 2s70c 44. potion of woodcutting 44.79ql 1s80c 45. oil of the armour smith 90.74ql 3s 46. oil of the armour smith 72.55ql 2s50c
  21. Rare Knarr - Cherrywood [22:38:06] It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rowed with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It bears an aura of Fo. It is made from cherrywood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 49.341137, Dam: 1.8240358. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Rocklobstar, has been etched in the stern. Rare Sailboat - Cherrywood [22:38:49] A small sailing boat that will accommodate five people. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from cherrywood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 51.747456, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Rocklobstar, has been etched in the stern. Starting Bid: 80s (Both Boats) Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Offer Reserve: Hidden Snipe Protection: 2 hours
  22. Hey everybody, Today I am posting for my village's Fo priest Mira! She has been working on our own line of horses, and we now have decided to start a sales thread for the ones we rule out. There is everything from wild to 5-speed! Just pass a PM or respond here with the names of the horses you want. Traits that are not war or speed do not count towards the price. No horse has bad traits. FREE DELIVERY! We have the feature that for a certain amount extra, you may request a carer for your horse. That means that somebody from our settlement will care for the animal until it passes away to ensure longevity. Old or Venerable horses always come with a carer. All horses except foals come with the feature fat. Foals will be fat if they have been with us for a while, but it might be too early for them to be at the time of purchase. DS in Location stands for Dragon Shore, R 22 - the second part is only for us to remember where we put them. Young F. = Young Foal / Adolescent F. = Adolescent Foal Young H. = Young Horse / Adolescent H. = Adolescent Horse
  23. I am not sure what the deal is but i can drive the boat as a solo captain and then with two extra passengers and the speed is the same. I had the other two players logged out but they were on the boat so i am not sure if they were counting since they were not online or not but when i logged them on to get ready for a server crossing they did not improve the speed any at all. (regular boat not rare..etc)
  24. Bored of Iron? Try Steel Instead! Start: 10s Increments: 1s Buyout: 17s (lowered) Snipe: 1 Hour Have fun!
  25. Like the title says i think the ship transports are way to slow they need to be at least the same as a large cart..imo