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Found 10 results

  1. I was making lye using a skull cup. I put the lye in a large container. When I got a rare lye [lye] I put it in a bucket because it cannot be mixed with the normal lye in the large container. Later I needed to make some leather, so I transfered the rare lye from the bucket into a different skull cup (this one a souvenir from Blackmoor 2018 Impalong). The lye becomes normal [lye]. After using part of the lye in the cup, I cannot refill the cup from the bucket because "That would destroy the liquid." I cannot transfer the remaining lye from the cup back to the bucket because "That would destroy the liquid." I used up the lye and transferred more rare lye into the cup with the same result.
  2. Welcome to The Rare Ships and Vehicles Shop. Knarrs are the best way to sail around, especially in shallow waters. Caravels are the largest containers you can find: more crates, bulk storage bins, animal crates, a caravell can store them more than any other ship or wagon. Wagons are great to move crates, bulk and food storage bins from a place to another, allowing you to move heavy items, making easy to organize your deed or arrange deliveries. Large Carts are awsome for roaming around, alone, with friends, for hunting or just exploring the servers. The rarity increases their speed and gives them a nice glow. Our boats are usually made with archaeology woods; they are at least 90 ql with a speed rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast; if the waters should be too swallow for the caravel, don't worry, you can load them into a ship transporter from the closest shore. All our vehicles are usually made with archaeology wood, they are 85+ ql with a speed and volume rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast. In the sold section you can see the pictures of the items and also an image from the wurmpedia, to have a better idea of the wood color types. Supreme Caravel: 250s Rare Caravel: 85s Supreme Knarr: 400s Rare Knarr: 65s OR 50s + your old regular knarr (archaeology wood) OR 55s + your old regular knarr (non archaeology wood) Rare Wagon: 50s Supreme Large Cart: 300s Rare Large Cart: 40s So what are you waiting for? You can contact me or Davih here in the forum or in game (as Luttuosaa and Davihh); if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. Supreme Raspberry Caravel. Rare Lavender Caravel. Supreme Raspberry Knarr. Supreme Thorn Knarr. Rare Blueberry Knarr. Rare Camellia Knarr. Rare Grape Knarr 92ql. Rare Hazelnut Knarr. Rare Lavender Knarr. Rare Lingonberry Knarr. Rare Oleander Knarr 92ql. Rare Raspberry Knarr. Rare Rose Knarr. Rare Thorn Knarr. Rare Cedarwood Knarr. Rare Cherry Knarr. Rare Blueberry Wagon. Rare Lingonberry Wagon. Rare Rose Wagon. Rare Thorn Wagon. Rare Cedarwood Wagon. Rare Orange Wagon. Supreme Lavender Large Cart, 90ql, 10% Speed Rune. Rare Blueberry Large Cart. Rare Camellia Large Cart 88ql. Rare Grape Large Cart. Rare Lavender Large Cart. Rare Lingonberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Oleander Large Cart. Rare Raspberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Rose Large Cart. Rare Thorn Large Cart. Rare Cedarwood Large Cart (35s) 89ql. Archaeology wood colors: Pictures and Sold.
  3. With a rare bone you can slap on extra 💰 value 💰 instantly onto a tool/weapon with insanely high enchants or create a widely appreciated huge axe for legendary slaying/PvP clout. But what is widely regarded as the best/most effective rare? What about the most valuable rare? This took a stupid amount of time to make while I was grinding a skill I don't really need. I couldn't find a thread anywhere like this. Thanks in advance for any input! Most Useful: 👒 Plate helmets for extra face protection vs arrows in PvP or just in general ⛵ Boats for shadow passenger movement speed increase, less decay off deed 🔥 Forges/Ovens heat up faster and stay lit longer ⚔️ Weapons/Armor/Tools, especially tools used often such as pickaxe, hatchet, rake, multi-purpose tools like sickle 🔪 Butchering knives to ensure top quality materials from uniques 🏰 Guard Tower offers +1 guard per level of rarity up to a total of 6 🐴 Horseshoes gain 0.48/0.96/1.44 km/h bonus speed boost per shoe, which can lead to incredible speed with multiple rare shoes 🌙 Moonmetal items to drastically increase their already high value and likely reduce damage Least Useful: Toolbelts which give an extra slot up to 10 total slots, because a 90ql toolbelt isn't that hard to find anyway and who needs that many slots in one loadout 🚙 Non-boat vehicles because most often they are left on-deed permanently, won't decay anyway, no shadow passenger bonus 🏹 Arrows or other items that will often break after just a few uses, or become easily lost 🏹 Bowstring will lose rarity when attached to a bow Total known effects of rarity, according to the wiki: Rare items shimmer with a silver effect, supreme items shimmer with a blue effect, fantastic items shimmer with a gold effect 🎽 Armor (+3%/6%/9% damage mitigation + unknown speculated glance bonus) ⚔️ Weapons (10%/30%/50% higher critical strike chance than normal, i.e. huge axe has 1% chance normally, rare huge axe has 1.3% chance to critically hit) 🛠️ Tools (5x/10x/15x slower enchant decay and imbue power decay, ~10%/19%/??% reduced damage from use, 0.1/0.2/0.3 second faster action timer) ⛏️ Gathering tools bestow higher QL materials than your skill would otherwise allow ⛵ Boats (1 extra shadow passenger which increases ship speed per level of rarity) 🏰 Guard Tower offers +1 guard per level of rarity up to a total of 5 🐴 Horseshoes gain 0.48/0.96/1.44 km/h bonus speed boost per shoe, which can lead to incredible speed with multiple rare shoes 🔒 Lockpicks grant bonuses to lockpicking chance and reduce break chance 🐟 Fishing rods grant better chances to catch unique fish 🚔 Traps, War machines do more damage 🧰 Locked containers including vehicles are harder to pick 🔥 Heating containers like forge, oven, kiln, smelter, etc heat up faster, stay lit longer 🔪 Butchering knife increases material yield and quality from butchering corpses 🏹 Arrows hit more often and deal more damage 🍲 Food provides higher nutrition Speculated effects of rarity: 🍳 Cooking containers heat themselves and their contents faster (frying pan, pottery bowl, etc) 🐟 Fish are heavier 🚙 Large carts move faster ⛪ Altars provide a greater domain and somehow affect alignment during sermons 🏥 Healing items heal more, like cotton, healing cover, farmer's salve 🆘 Signs allow extra characters 💎 Gems store more favor 🍻 Alcoholic drinks are more potent ☀️ Yoyos and puppets succeed more often Rare/Supreme/Fantastic bones provide players with the ability to transfer the bone's rarity to a completed item within the player's inventory. Note that this excludes transferring rarity to items outside your inventory such as forge-like containers, guard towers, colossi, wells/fountains, statues, etc. Have a useless rare like an herb or branch, something that has virtually no use whatsoever? Sacrifice it! Sacrifice a full weight rare item for 99% food, water, nutrition. Sacrificing an item like clay or a log that you used to improve something or create something that didn't use the entire clay/log will NOT grant the sacrifice bonus. The clay/log would have to be 2 kg or 24 kg, or its maximum possible weight. Best used AFTER taking a bite of CCFP food so you won't accidentally lose nutrition. Requires at least 15 Faith to any god to sacrifice something and an altar to sacrifice the item in. Supreme/Fantastic items sacrificed at their maximum weight will provide 99% food/nutrition/water and also a very small skillgain tick for a random skill, with fantastic items giving a slightly larger tick. The majority of the statistics came from the Wurmpedia page on rarity functionality, the related "Talk" page, and some information came from my aging, worthless, personal brain databanks.
  4. Supreme Cog

    Start your year afresh with this supreme cog added to your fleet! We were all busy tending our knarrs, when all of a sudden our Cog started glowing in blue. This marvelous piece of marine engineering will bring you from A to B faster than any other ship* and has been crafted using only the finest local rose bushes. Due to the number of knarrs recently sharing its water with the cog, it is currently diseased. At the moment it is recovering to 90 QL in the enchanted waters of Lago de El Rancho. *) gale not included "[00:20:00] A sturdy, one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from rosewood. You must use a file to smooth out the "diseased oh cog" in order to improve it. Ql: 81.239914, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Rishy, has been etched in the stern." Starting bid: 75 s Increment (minimum): 5 s Buyout: 250 s Sniper Protection: 3 hours Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  5. A great chance to construct a fantastic smelter, or some fantastic mortar if you so desire! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: n/a Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted - not reported
  6. Situation: Starting a complex item (i.e. any item requiring "continue" actions to complete) with rare/supreme/fantastic items. Expected behavior: Similar behavior to continuing with rare parts. In that case, chance to transfer rarity from a part used is 1 in (total number of parts needed by item). Actual behavior: Rarity does not transfer from either starting item, ever. Steps to reproduce: Create tons of unfinished items. They should never start rare from rare parts, only from a rare window Moment of Inspiration. Cause of bug: The code sets a local rarity variable on unfinished item creation based on the rarity of the action (MoI), the rarity of the parts, and random chance. However, this value is never used. In byte rarity = 0; if (act.getRarity() > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = act.getRarity(); } if (realSource.rarity > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = realSource.rarity; } if (realTarget.rarity > rarity && Server.rand.nextInt(this.getTotalNumberOfItems()) == 0) { rarity = realTarget.rarity; } However, this value is never used; the code instead uses act.getRarity() (MoI rarity) when creating the actual item. I assume this is a bug, since it is inconsistent with how continuing unfinished items works, the code seems to imply it should work, and I can't see any reason why this would be intended. This just seems like a simple oversight that the item creation calls use "act.getRarity()" instead of the rarity value set previously in the function. Solution: In the ItemFactory.createItem() calls in, replace "act.getRarity()" with "rarity" as set by the function properly.
  7. I have tried with lots of rare lumps and the sentence "that there is a chance of transfering rarity from a iron lump to item" is a myth. I think there is no chance as i have never seen it change. Also there is no rare roll. So if there is someone who can confirm that they have made a rare item from a rare lump i think its a bug. Thanks
  8. You know that pickaxe you've had forever? The one you must have used about 50,000 times? Wouldn't it be nice if the game recognised this in some small way? This is a simple suggestion, each tool has an integer stored on it that records its number of uses. Once this number gets to a large one (10,000 or so ) it gains a little prefix (akin to the rare ones) "heirloom". As a bonus heirloom tools always clearly display their maker, are slightly easier to enchant (+1 or something to rolls) and are worth double in the eyes of merchants. Optional Extra : If they reach the unlikely use number of 50,000 they gain the "antique" prefix, also gaining an extra effective rarity level (since how many tools actually reach 50,000 individual uses?) and a larger enchantment bonus (+3 to rolls) and are worth quintuple to merchants. So a rare antique tool would function as a supreme tool, a nice bonus for people who hand down tools.
  9. Should give star gems... or something. If they do already, then nevermind. However, I have yet to see a rare prayer give anything on my chars, even extra faith/favor? Nor have I heard of such happening.
  10. I made a rare unfinished coal pile (first step, log + kindling), and I got the 'Really Rare' achievement for it. Wiki says this achievement is handed out for making a supreme item. I didn't expect to get an achievement. steps to reproduce: combine log and kindling to make a coal pile, make it rare.