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  1. Ehm... it's a work in progress
  2. After identifying about 7000 fragments for the halloween event, (with ~86 Arch and ~80 restoration) i found out the following: you can find 4 or 5 multiple runes of Blades / Heads, but you will never get the useful ones, same as before, they seem to be drawn from the previus-bugged pool only, not a single +gathering %QL or +usage speed rune was found on hundreds and hundreds of "runes roll" You can however find all kind of runes on "tools fragments" i did find several speed in and quality runes there, even if i didn't hit any jackpot, only in the "tools fragment" though, and not the "metal fragments" I'm not sure if this is intended, but if felt it could be useful information.
  3. Well, as i said before, there is no way to determine anything with a sample so small, it's pretty much all speculation. In the past days, anyway, i randomly made about 50hours of spamming on non-prem (72% creation chance - 50 total hours, it was multiaccount) And while i got 6 rares in the first ~20hours, which is absolutely as expected, i got nothing, in the last 30hours, even though i havent' checked for mois on failed creations, and i did switch some tools to other ones, so it might be worth doing some more investigation/testing to determine if it's anything but RNG.
  4. We're sorry to inform everyone, that after receiving, over the years, an unreasonable quantity of shards (probably close to a thousand), tar and other stuff we have to apply a bit harsher restrictions to quality, damage and lower the prices of the lower ones, along with some other prices of stuff that we mass-received, as our rare-gambling addiction became a bit too much work to keep up with and economically worse than just buying them on auctions We are accepting rare tar again, but at a significantly lower price and we're still paying the full old price for shards that are at least 70 effective quality. If you don't know how to calculate the effective quality, it's simply: quality*(100-damage) /100 Basically a 90 QL shard with 10 damage , its 81 effective ql. , with 20 damage, it's 72 effective QL, and so on. If you are still confused or don't want to math, just subtract the damage from the quality
  5. It uses the same system as everything else, the higher the amount of items, the harder it is to reach very high QL, high QL compass have always been a useful, precious and balancedly hard to get at high QL item. The only worrying thing to me is how easy it seems to be to find them in treasure chests, but well, i guess misc items as a skill is kinda useless now.
  6. We're breaking the meta, by suggesting about the suggestions website.
  7. Like i posted on the other thread, i didn't really like a few of the things that this new system implied, and it was obviously very abusable, but i really think that the roadmap-from-suggestions idea was nice and a cool way to show how many changes actually came from the community and a sign that the devs are reading and considering them. I tried to think how this could be made more manageable and foolproof, and these are my ideas: - Disable free submissions of just "any" suggestion, require suggestions to first go through at least a few days of forum-trial, require a link to the discussion about that suggestion on the suggestion subforum. (as many people already did anyway) -- Also make sure that if the suggestion seems like a duplicate, at least there's some substantial difference from already made submissions, i wouldn't rely on submitting-people to check that autonomously. - Require a description of the idea that should be a sum up of both the original idea and all the other ideas that have been threw in the thread to "improve" on that suggestion and that the OP liked. - Maybe add a requirement to have a few interactions in that suggestion thread, like a fixed number of "likes" or "replies" to the thread of the suggestion in order to be eligible for submission, so that unsubstantial or uninteresting suggestions cannot make it to the list. - Make accounts bound to forum accounts (without requiring another registration), remove anonymous voting, so that it's easier to check that no fake votes have been submitted (Ok, fixing the registration bypass is obviously an issue, but one could also easily register multiple time with "legitimate" different emails and that would also be hard-to-detect cheating.) - Once this has been made, publicize the website on client, so that more "casual" players that usually don't look at forum can look at already filtered and "decent" suggestions and vote upon them. - Include downvotes, NOT subtracting from upvotes, but keep seperate count of up and down-votes , knowing how popular or unpopular a suggestion can be is probably more important than just knowing the difference between up and down. - Keep the roadmap as it was, as it looked really nice and obviously keep the evaluating system as you best see fit.
  8. Yeah, that's exactly my original concern that i quoted from myself. I'm not against a merge, i still kinda have to make up my mind about it, but i have no reason to suggest it poorly with bad hints of SFI elitism, lol.
  9. I obviously did not, was pretty clear from context, lol
  10. So... this is the suggestion for the merge now: I guess this is it? if i would, for some reason i decide to be pro-merge, i'm supposed to upvote this because we now can't have duplicate suggestions? Even the one who wrote it didn't upvote it, and how did it even pass moderation, lol.