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  1. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    Eh, not really, i never really used them in a serious way, also because of the taxes, this change would at least be a starting point to make them barely viable again No please, not this
  2. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    Yeah, the idea is to give some incentive to start making them again
  3. [09:02:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
  4. Xanadu Community Map

    I would like to ask for my deed - Modreth, Q25 - to be updated as a market, since it has more than six merchants; thank you http://prntscr.com/nzne55 http://prntscr.com/nznev0
  5. +1 I just discovered they take damage, i'm pretty pissed as well, why would you make them work like this? it's highly counterintuitive and now a bunch of decorations i had are ruined.
  6. Woad Planters

    Oh, yep, +1
  7. I don't really understand the hate over gofs here: blame the game, not the player. he didn't do anything against anybody in particular, he just followed a game mechanic that was always there to do what he wanted (creating his design and investing in it to profit) without hurting anyone or anything directly. How he uses that money is not for other people to judge, unless it's a forced game mechanic, you can't bring up "pvp ethics" in a game. And being so toxic and entilted about that is not helping your cause. At least he has been honest about his intentions, exposing the problem more than ever, and didn't pretend to make a kingdom for pvp reasons to just close up a few weeks later after cashing in (disclaimer: i'm not referring to anyone in particular here, i don't even know/remember the last PMK names, let alone creators, but i'm pretty sure this happened). About the thread: i +1 the general idea of this thead, and i would also add that is probably not enough. Because the PMK market is getting so much dispersive and full of different designs that is getting confusing to even just have a collection I think that new "pvp pmk designs" should only be reserved for kingdoms that achieve something very significant in pvp, having 1 new pmk design per year should be the target: everything more than that will just overcrowd the market to the point that it will become unsignificant and unappealing. And if you want to add "player designs" to freedom i wouldn't be too enthustiastic about the idea for this same reason. Maybe, if you do, add some particular that will make it obvious that they are coming from the freedom cluster, like only being able to put graphics in a restricted area of the wagon (rectangular/oval shape) and can't be confused with PMK ones, but i'm more for a "nope" about it tbh.
  8. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    Yep, i wouldn't mind paying 10% tax for an automatic, wide-net market, but 10% for manual interaction is silly right now
  9. I think it's just nonsense at this point... I'm probably one of the players that bought/sold most items in this game throught mail and in general, and mail transactions have no fees except for the 1c shipping and they can reach anywhere in 1 minute. Merchants are already hugely penalized by the fact that they require to be physically reached from the buyer, making them very uncomfortable and restricted (along with many other restrictions) The 10% tax might have had some sense when the mailing fee was 20c, but right now i don't see any possible reason to still have a 10% tax in the current state of things. Not because taking away money from players is bad, money sinks are always needed, but that's just a disincentive towards physical markets and trade hubs, and pushing player to prefer forum or trade-chat trading. I think removing it, or at least drastically reducing it would be a good idea now, and this comes from the person that basically never used them in his wurm-life. I just recently was thinking that making a mini-market stall group would be a fun idea (fun, not even profitable), but this 10% tax thing seems way over the line right now, and just makes me want to not even list good items on them, tbh : D
  10. As title, either post here or pm ingame with price
  11. 10s on sickle 7s on butcher knife 1s on statue fragment
  12. We are kinda back, but the thread might not be fully updated, some prices might also be outdated, if you need something but feel like it's too expensive, feel free to make a REASONABLE offer! (we aren't still completely back, so be patient in case we take longer than usual to mail) Thanks!
  13. I am sorry for the huge delay, we had some unexpected problems and couldn't log in for a while. I have codded all the items i have found with some discounts, feel free to return them if you don't need them anymore, the thread is now paused, please accept our apologies.