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  1. +1, almost sacced my tools by dragging them in the altar
  2. sorry, had to lower a couple prices again, bump!
  3. Sent! lowered the price of the shovel cause that was old Thanks again : )
  4. sorry, i edited the thread, wasn't fast enough I'll buy :the rare steel staffrare mortar and pestlerare axe
  5. I'll buy : the rare steel staff rare mortar and pestle rare axe
  6. Ok, i did the math for 1000 concrete 1500kg mortar (750mortar) and 1500kg lye (1500 ash) -------------------------------- what we need : 500 kindlings (500 actions from wood scraps) 500 furnaces lit + cleaning = (1000 actions ) (let's say 2000 actions cause cleaning forges is slow and i'm counting that action as 3 actions.) making lye = 33 small barrels, 33 filling and 33 creations (66 actions) digging sand = 38 sand (38 actions) digging clay = 380 clay (380 actions) making mortar = (750 actions) making concrete = (1000 actions) Total 500+2000+66+38+380+750+1000 = 4734 actions for 1000 concrete. ---------------------------- I don't think the problem is in making concrete, the problem is how much you actually need to fix some serious cave problems. It can easily go from needing 10 of them to needing thousands if you realize you messed up too late (as i did, i just used 450 concrete to fix the result of a slight negligence on my cave)
  7. I'm not saying i'm against this, but most of the OP info are biased, and that must be pointed out. -Chop down a tree, chop up to get log, make 2 kindling, Kindlings can be made directy from wood scraps, most people have too many of them to even count. make 2 campfires wait and gather ash This isn't the most productive way of creating ash by far, it's both a byproduct of coalmaking and you also can get 3 ash from 1 kindling dig 1 clay, dig 1 sand, You only need 1 sand and 10 clay to create 20 mortar, also less than 1 mortar is required for 1 concrete make lye You can create 64kg at once. I'm too lazy to do the math, but creating concrete with an optzimized method is harly more than 500 action for 100 concrete.
  8. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but this isn't about controlling who replies or not, i just mean that this whole thing is ok, but should be done on another thread, even if everyone was ok with the idea to add the people who have been name/shamed, there isn't even a thread to link to the case, because everything about it has been discussed in here and not on a dedicated thread, making it a general mess. Edit : I will also add, that if you make a name&shame, you are probably looking for visibility, so posting it on the last pages of a thread in wihch the most important post should only be the first one, probalby is not the best idea even for your own purpose.
  9. I'm finding all this mildly entartaining, and i wouldn't really want to be the one to point this out but... guys, it's pretty much stated in the OP that you shouldn't just post your "name and shame" in this thread. You should open a name and shame thread in Town Square, and after the whole situation has been debated in that thread, you should then submit that thread to this thread, and eventually it will be added It's not a forum rule or anything, but it's just the way this thread should work, as stated by the OP (Theonis) If you see the OP, every case has a thread linked to it, you are doing it wrong. Edit : There has been pages of debating in this thread before, but at least they were about the fact that one particular thread should be added to this one or not, now you're basically debating the whole "name and shame" here, please stahp.
  10. 32s
  11. 25s
  12. Couldn't find a couple of those, so i sent better ones for the same price thanks! [11:28:00] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  13. Sorry for the delay, just woke up, took a few coppers out here and there [09:56:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  14. today: [12:01:04] Mind logic has increased to rank 1 affinity Mining with speed pick, of course. just saying
  15. [22:19:35] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent! thank you