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  1. I see that you like playing with words but... It's kinda different, more like. If there's a suggestion that is obviously good for the community and has been made an enormous amount of times over the years by a lot of different players, maybe it's about time that the devs stop ignoring it. which doesn't even mean that they should take it as it is or agree to implement, but at least give some kind of official answer and stop just "ignoring"
  2. Well, all the specific details about the idea can be ridiscussed/balanced, but the general idea is obviously good and long overdue, it's similar to many suggestions that have been made in the past and have all been ignored, so it would be really nice if something would start changing about uniques.
  3. Not down, but huge lag, more like retry in 1-5 minutes, lol
  4. Actually thanks to you for sharing it with the community, most of our work was sailing there with a shaker orb on light breeze, and die a dozen of times with 4 alts that have no armor and 30 fighting if you sum them all together! lol. We need more of people like you! Penning is overrated
  5. The idea of the poll is nice, but it really lacks many of the things that i consider to be the best changes, and most of the stuff listed there was already in the game when i started. so i'll make my own best/worst list. Best : 1) Rifts / runes 2) Archaeology 3) Rmt ban on accounts 4) Trellis - Planters - Large planters - distillation - some other things of the cooking overhaul 5) Bridges - underground buildings ?) I guess some of the things that are mentioned on the poll that i never saw as changed cause they were already there (like multi-store etc) Worst: 1) Rmt ban on items / currencies 2) Wurm unlimited 3) Poor addressing of huge issues (no new-player-friendly premium system / Uniques) 4) Major balance changes with HUGE delay and poor meta-understanding (enchant decay / imbue nerf / repair on steel never rebalanced / death of chopped veggies as easy sacs and so on...) Fresh start was a good idea, poor execution. made a huge sacrifice to sell-out the game uniqueness for steam and failed to retain most of the new players-surge anyway.
  6. Most likely because people don't care about playing on someone else's private server, that could be closed any time the owner becomes tired, and with possibly fake economy and favouritism.
  7. Well, they could have thrown in a 15 to 50% skill gain bonus for being premium aswell, way better than limitating to 20.
  8. I don't think the game would have seen a large drop-off of subs, as i said back then when i posted this, this game is divided in 2 kind of players: - Those who don't mind paying real money for their premium, and will continue to do so as long as they play. - Those who will strive to earn their money in the game to play for free, and that won't be lost money, anyway. I doubt that a chance like this one would have converted many players from paying for premium to not paying it anymore. a slight chance might happen, but that is also why the marks shop/skins fully purchaseable was intended as a way to kinda make up for that money loss without ruining the game too much. All this anyway, would have been a good idea before steam launch, which was when i posted that originally. My current suggestion is : just put RMT back (not accounts), at least the game will retain one of his most uniques features and some players might get back, steam hype is pretty much over anyway.
  9. Theoretically, the sink "could" be good, but not if there areways to circumvent that sink and do trades in other "sink-free" and actually more comfortable ways. That just puts another nail in the coffin that are physical markets on wurm, and keeps getting completely replaced by something that is not sink anyway, unless you want to consider a 1c mail/cod fee a sink. I mean, even the wagoners that many people consider "underperforming" and have to literally carry TONS of stuff on your behalf are basically almost free with the 1c x crate fee Afk selling, sure.. but at what price? listing items is uncomfortable, some items can't be listed or will decay, you can't know what you sold even if you literally walk to them, they are a pain to manage and not really used a lot in general, the 10% fee is just ridiculous ovekill in their unusability. The 8s price? i don't know, that's not the part that concerns me, but yeah, they certainly aren't cheap aswell, if you consider they only keep 50 items.
  10. I will just quote myself here: What they did instead: - nothing of the above expect stealth nerfing rare creation on all accounts and not particularly on non-oremium This was mostly a troll answer, but... Yeah, this game still feels like a giant middle finger to all new players, even if you resisted through the cluknky old graphics and unwelcoming environment long enough to actually starting to enjoy the game, as soon as you hi 20 on any skill you're just getting another giant middle finger that pushes you further away from the game way too soon. Anyway, steam opportunity is gone, at this point just give us back RMT and deal with steam later , at least we didn't sacrifice the most unique feature of this game for nothing.
  11. Well, i'm not speaking for anyone but myself here, but i must say that they were pretty long patch notes and there wasn't a single thing i cared much about, pretty disappointing for me considering how often we get any changes nowadays. I just hope that it doesn't make killing mobs without dying too much of a chore. i will provide more specific feedback after i can even find a single aggressive mob around harmony bay, lol.