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  1. close plz

    i'd say 1s and 20c
  2. When a report is complete (ready for "get direction") Make its name automatically change to "Complete xxxx report" so that it stands out and you don't constantly have to right click them all to check if they are finally ready to be harvested
  3. [15:01:33] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks!
  4. Unless specifically asked (and available) all fragments will be sent already combined - (because of storage matters, and also to make you save on mailing fees) - unless you buy a complete item, then it will be sent in a way that you can complete and get your signature Statue fragments (they AREN'T already combined, you can buy as many as you want) : Unicorn - 19/80 (50c each) Libila - 36/66 (30c each) Vynora - 7/66 (30c each) Fo - 52/66 (28c each) Drake - 35/127 (27c each) Lava Fiend 57/93 (27c each) Magranon - 30/66 (25c each) Guard - 68/93 (23c each) Hell horse - 61/93 (22c each) Eagle 73/93 (22c each) Mountain Lion 47/36 (22c each) Worg - 70/93 (22c each) Kykplos - 66/46 (21c each) Goblin - 71/40 (20c each) Rift Beast 77/46 (20c each) Statuette Fragments: Axeman - 75/13 (15c each) Digger - 96/13 (15c each) Miner - 77/13 (15c each) Swordsman - 65/13 (20c each) Mask Fragments: Mask of the Enlightened - 46/10 (25c each) Mask of the Isles - 43/10 (25c each) Mask of the Ravager - 37/10 (25c each) Mask of the shadow - 19/10 (30c each) Pale Mask - 41/10 (25c each) Rare and other Fragments: Rare statue of rift beast fragment (6s) Rare statue of guard fragment (6s) Supreme statuette of digger fragment (12s) Statuette of swordman fragment [alloy] (50c) Statuette of digger fragment [moonmetal] (3s) I can accept paypal (1s : 1eur : 1.15usd) Slight Bulk discounts are possible Pm Davih in game, or post here, or PM this forum account!
  5. [01:51:15] You carefully start chiseling away bits of dirt and rock from the unidentified fragment. Thanks! : )
  6. [00:24:58] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you! : )
  7. Sorry, ur priest isn't premium at the moment so we're temporarily unable to cast them with woa+coc, do you want them blank anyway?