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  1. Well, i'm not particularly against that(my forestry is 1.00), but we must take into consideration the fact that gathering fruit is most of what the "forestry" skill is about, so if you bring that over to farming, it will have important consequences on forestry, tree plantations and a lot of other things, maybe we could do that but still having it dependant on the forestry skill and not farming? Yeah, i agree, that's pretty annoying to deal with , but at least if you miss a farming wave due to this problem, you will have minimum consequences on yield, the problem is when that happens on harvesting time, making you lose 50% of the yield just for missing the deadline by a few hours, that's exactly what this thread is about.
  2. I have a lot of those... Basically i have piles of pile of piles of dirt.
  3. from wiki: : If the crop is not harvested within 24 hours of becoming ripe, there is a 50:50 chance the crops will wilt on each, following day. This chance is much, much higher than the regular wilting chance that you get by just sowing on literally any random patch of dirt and leaving it there without ever farming them
  4. I really don't see why planters should be so punishing compared to regular farming if you skip harvest day. 50% loss of crops in a single day is pretty huge and really sudden. They require a good investment in terms of materials and shouldn't really be so much worse than the simple sowing on dirt. They should represent a controlled farming environment, so they should really be more reliable, not less, tbh i wouldn't even see anything bad if they actually never even spoiled until you gather them, for potential decorating purposes as well.
  5. Yes Btw, i really advice to use sniper protection, makes the auction harder to manage without it : ) 10s
  6. Generally speaking (not about AH), i agree with this.
  7. I suppose there's a story behind this line of patch notes, even if i don't know what the story is, and i'm not completely sure how stealth even works but... I never saw drakes or scales mentioned anywhere in the patch notes for a very long time. All suggestions or complaints threads made by anyone about the topic seemed to have been pretty much always ignored and i tought the topic was completely taboo or invisibile to developers at this point. ...But i assume it's not? So... i guess that, besides this thing that has been changed, your stand is that everything is fine the way it is? ------------------ I never had a chance to try out the new AH yet, but heard many complaints about it, i'm glad to see what seems to be a lot of time and effort spent fixing bugs and polisithing it, i hope that makes it better : )
  8. It's more like "not getting abused by the flaws" than "abusing the flaws", lol
  9. omg no, lol this sounds like something needslessly complicated and atrocious to participate in.
  10. As sad and ridiculous as it might sound, yeah, it's exactly what i meant, but please don't take it as a threat, i probably wouldn't even do that, because i don't really want to crash all the noob-friendly markets so pitilessly, but it might become a serious issue. And the fact that you personally do not care about those markets, doesn't mean that they aren't important to the game. Rare market is already destroyed from years on SFI, that's why we need bigger and much harder to destroy markets, lol. Ditch the "punishing free players" part, i mean, that wasn't even a big solution in the first place and tbh it's probably going to be irrelevant in any of the cases. The knarrs, i made more than half of the parts the afternoon before, but that didn't take more than another like 8 hours, and i used mediocre tools, also my alts are still in the 70's, there's much room for improvement still, lol.( i could also easily manage at least 50% more alts :D)
  11. I don't really see a difference in terms of rewards, they are both rewards that increase with the number of accounts, even if one is garaunteed short term and the other one is only garaunteed long term (which gets closer to short increasing the number of accounts) The real difference is that the rare items market can take the hits way more than the production market can, i made the example of mortar because it's potentially very viable , not sure if a 3rd party helper could help you to make even bricks, but i'm just resizing and for me bricks are one of the few items out of the question. but there are still tons of potentially rewarding multiaccount activities and of markets to destroy if we bring multiaccount out of rares and heavily into other markets, i'll say it again in case you missed it: i once created 4 knarrs in 18 hours.
  12. Yeah! Milling skill - Grindstone tool - generally fast and low difficulty actions, love it!
  13. I mean, if something like this would be introduced (with the needed tuning), i guess i would be ok with the gameplay-effects and dynamics of it. But... It has literally no justification or sense in terms of game immersion, sounds like basically another game, has way too many rules and conditions and it's generally a bit of a mess.
  14. If it's an obvious abuse of a flawed system my guess would be that it should have been fixed or at least contained in some way by now? lol... My opinion is that rarity creation system is bad in general, but not particularly unbalanced if you consider that a lot of different activities can be multiaccounted. If i made mortar with 10 alts together , and produced 15-30k every day to sell (totally possible, i promise), wouldn't that completly crash the market and be a huge issue at some point? We're lucky(or maybe we are just kinda reasonable) that most multiaccounting efforts for silvers are put into rares and not into other things. You want to rework that? Be my guest, but keep those things in mind, and this thread wasn't "really" about that, anyway. Edit: If the main issue is that you got "clickbaited" by my title and tought this was only about a fix, i will apologize about that, i didn't do it on purpose.
  15. Sure, but.... fantastics right now are basically impossible to obtain due to "off the chart" low chances. (the 1/10/6000+ ratio thingy) Which was the point of the thread. The idea behind Ether's post wasn't the fact that "spam crafting benefits priest" The problem is that, being unable to improve anything, they can only make rares by creating, that's why he gave the "cast into rarity idea" which doesn't seem half bad to me. And please remember that nobody here proposed to introduce "spam crafting" as a way of making rares, it's simply the way the game has always been, and if i didn't make this thread, everybody would have gone forward simply not caring as it's been for several years.