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  1. It's nice to have winter a couple days every month just to remind us how nice are the other seasons. Surface mining, digging and exposing rock is annoying in winter cause with grass it all looks the same : \
  2. [21:50:15] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks
  3. 20s/month for 12 months? Sigh, why now?
  4. Starting bid: 1s increases: 1s Reserve: nope Sniper protection: 30mins Pickup from Indy D24/25 , can do a free costal delivery for a 18+s offer Equivalent to 20000x 100ql chopped veggiesAlso very good for enchanting bonus / rarity window (500+ seconds worth?)
  5. My name is Davide, "Davih" is how a bunch of people used to call me in vocal chat 10+years ago, i liked it and used it as a nickname on several games since then
  6. I made a large cart, took me 3 hours, was proud, they didn't have owner back then i think, then i made a huge fence all around the place i picked with a single lock, , a little house 5 tiles away from the fence Started to fill some bsb, to sell dirt to pay for a deed and my first premium, some crops and a bit of everything, at some point, like after a week or 2, somebody deeded over part of my place and the only side of the fence that had a gate and a lock, i was left outside of my house, couldn't bash fences cause no premium, so i lost everything i had, cart included, asked for help in some chat, gor a bunch of "deed it or lose it" as an answer, so i stopped playing for almost a year. Fun part is i even asked around in local if i was ok for me to settle there and i was answered something like "yeah sure, no problem" The 2nd time i made no fences, put all my stuff inside a couple houses and placed locked bsb in all the space between the houses, i managed to sell like 15k dirt i leveled out and actually slowly got a deed and my first premium. It was frustrating, i really hated the 20 skillcap cause i knew all my efforts were being wasted until i got it, was paranoid about not knowing something that would screw me out of everything again for the 2nd time, luckily it didn't happen and gaining more skills i never had that problem anymore : D I also abandoned a place cause of massive frustration originated from water/clay/rock/dirt combinations that made my deed a mess and unfixable at the time
  7. Ah, one less reason to do rifts : | Overlapping animated dogs are a nightmare
  8. Everytime i accidentally resize my craft window too small, i have to actually relog, because i cannot click on this button, it counts as if i clicked the item "below the button" instead of the button, it overlaps and becomes unfixable if not with relogging
  9. No, i don't think so, because it's most likely always a single tick which will calculate the ql loss based on repaired damage, so it would be the same i think that you would have to go over 2 seconds to actually have 1 tick and 1 last "micro-free tick that sets damage to 0 without taking away QL," I think the best way is to have enough damage to go a bit over 2.0 seconds, but not sure how much exactly, probably too much to be even acceptable, if you have decent repairing skill
  10. The current vision

    What i mean, is that if you have that much drive at grinding items to sell, and get that much silvers, you will probably have enough money to spend on in-game 5 silver premium, and that way you can really grind out rares and get bloods/drops by participating at uniques and actually have a nice income, while if you can't even get those 5 silvers, it probably wouldn't make much sense to invest everything in a 95ql casted tool, and wouldn't really be the best investment. I wrote all of that in kind-of an extreme and procative way, but i would be positive with whatever raises the roof in any way and makes it less limitating than what it currently is, ofc this has to be tought-out better than the 2 minutes i took to write that list alone edit: i also kinda agree that selling 5speed horses is probably the least reliable source of income, it's as likely to make you earn something as begging for silvers is at this stage of the game : \
  11. Yeah, written timer is always off by 0.9 seconds (faster) than what it says, on any action. I understood what caused the bug and also what you said, so, if i got that right, having the damage split among a lower amount of ticks is better bcause the last one is free anyway? but if the "second last" leaves the item damage at something very low like 0.01, that is the amount that is going to be repaired by the " last freebie" , and it would get pretty much wasted, so i guess that kind of randomness will pile up with the already-big random variability of repair, making it even more random and unreliable, maybe that's one of the reasons that make it so much over-the-line random?
  12. [10:51:56] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks! : )