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  1. Spring is Coming

    Correct, release is on the SFI cluster, you cannot attend with a NFI char in any way Also well done, props for your continued efforts, stanlee : )
  2. I'm sorry, but the sniper protection was 1 hour, the auction was already ended
  3. Lot2 is in sniper protection, will now end 1hr from the last offer
  4. There are 3 separate lots, please bid on them separately, all the lots have the same conditions: Starting bid: 8s Min increase: 1s no buyout, no reserve, no private bids. Sniper protection : 1hour (works separately) Lot1: Lot2: Lot3:
  5. Auction is now in sniper protection, and will end 2 hours after the last bid
  6. Is it Iron? IF it's iron, then i'll take it for buyout (cod Davihh eventually)
  7. Starting bid : 5s min increase : 5s No reserve - No private bids Sniper protection : 2hrs Buyout : 2.5g
  8. Yep, was about to reply something similar, i think a petition is not the best idea to address this. A poll would be better, also we might need some good ideas to address the clashing of the two markets. I would be more concerned about existing items, than skills. And lol, also that, we once had a red dragon with over 600 logged accounts in nfi, i can only imagine if we had both clusters able to attend.
  9. Well, i even if i could offer it, it would still be 40s, and that wouldn't be worth it at all on regular armour, trying to offer it for scale cause i know people regularly use bones on it : D
  10. I'm just experimenting this for now, so please don't take it too seriously. I only rared up a few pieces for friends for now. I'm offering the Scale armour "imp-to-rare+ service" at a fee of 40s, which should be reasonably better than the 50s for a rare bone with no chances of supreme. Supremes and fantastics are always 40s, any rarity is considered "job done" and i don't charge based on result, but ofc tips for higher rarity are welcome if you feel like it Expected delivery time is extremely RNG, so please keep that in mind when booking the service, and will be somewhere between 3days and 2-3 weeks(hopefully not more). I only charge the 40s after actually getting it to rare, and you can ask for your armour piece back anytime if you get tired of waiting, i won't charge for the quality change if there's any. For now, i can only work on armour as high as 82-83QL and i might do 1 or 2 pieces at the same time, depending on QL. I reserve the right to refuse the service or give up on it at any point (obviously returning the armour piece/s) I prefer to work with people that already know me and know that i'm reliable for this if possible, i know that scale armour is expensive, but please no stress involved, i will give you my discord contact if that makes you feel more comfortable. Also: WTT Rare scale glove (blue) for a scale glove of any color + 35s
  11. Fully enchanted steel plate with 90+ aosp and 80+ ql Starting bid: 1s min incr: 1s sniper protection : 1hr no buyout - no reserve - no private bids. Good luck! : )