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Found 16 results

  1. Welcome to The Rare Ships and Vehicles Shop. Knarrs are the best way to sail around, especially in shallow waters. Caravels are the largest containers you can find: more crates, bulk storage bins, animal crates, a caravell can store them more than any other ship or wagon. Wagons are great to move crates, bulk and food storage bins from a place to another, allowing you to move heavy items, making easy to organize your deed or arrange deliveries. Large Carts are awsome for roaming around, alone, with friends, for hunting or just exploring the servers. The rarity increases their speed and gives them a nice glow. Our boats are usually made with archaeology woods; they are at least 90 ql with a speed rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast; if the waters should be too swallow for the caravel, don't worry, you can load them into a ship transporter from the closest shore. All our vehicles are usually made with archaeology wood, they are 85+ ql with a speed and volume rune attached on them, and they will be delivered to any coast. In the sold section you can see the pictures of the items and also an image from the wurmpedia, to have a better idea of the wood color types. Supreme Caravel: 250s Rare Caravel: 85s Supreme Knarr: 400s Rare Knarr: 65s OR 50s + your old regular knarr (archaeology wood) OR 55s + your old regular knarr (non archaeology wood) Rare Wagon: 50s Supreme Large Cart: 300s Rare Large Cart: 40s So what are you waiting for? You can contact me or Davih here in the forum or in game (as Luttuosaa and Davihh); if you have any doubt, feel free to contact us. Supreme Raspberry Caravel. Rare Lavender Caravel. Supreme Raspberry Knarr. Supreme Thorn Knarr. Rare Blueberry Knarr. Rare Camellia Knarr. Rare Grape Knarr 92ql. Rare Hazelnut Knarr. Rare Lavender Knarr. Rare Lingonberry Knarr. Rare Oleander Knarr 92ql. Rare Raspberry Knarr. Rare Rose Knarr. Rare Thorn Knarr. Rare Cedarwood Knarr. Rare Cherry Knarr. Rare Blueberry Wagon. Rare Lingonberry Wagon. Rare Rose Wagon. Rare Thorn Wagon. Rare Cedarwood Wagon. Rare Orange Wagon. Supreme Lavender Large Cart, 90ql, 10% Speed Rune. Rare Blueberry Large Cart. Rare Camellia Large Cart 88ql. Rare Grape Large Cart. Rare Lavender Large Cart. Rare Lingonberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Oleander Large Cart. Rare Raspberry Large Cart 90ql. Rare Rose Large Cart. Rare Thorn Large Cart. Rare Cedarwood Large Cart (35s) 89ql. Archaeology wood colors: Pictures and Sold.
  2. Please make rare+ compasses and toolbelts *glow* on screen in the HUD / UI. NOTE: Please have it toggle, so folks can choose to show the effect or not. This would look *really* cool on Wurm streams, if Wurm streamers' rare items such as compasses and toolbelts had UI windows that glowed just as rares do. I think UI elements could be passed through a shader and given a glow with a bit of tweaking. Even some diagonal highlights that move across the UI window and back periodically might be cool and give it some life. Toggleable of course. Rare BSBs and other containers could open a UI window that glows around the edges in this way too. Just some ideas for coolness.
  3. Since the last patch (28/OCT/21), the glow around runed objects has dissapeared. The ambient lighting is stil working but I'm talking about the graphical glow around objects when placed on tables in my house for example.
  4. I made a witches hat through archaeology with the following rune: [23:39:24] A brass rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (7.5%) and have a slight glow But it doesn't glow! At all! Is my hat doomed for a not glowy future?
  5. Please would it be possible to toggle off the pulsing glow on the chat tabs? GL_Freedom for example pulses away all the time and is quite distracting. It is useful for private PM's but it would be nice to be able to switch off some of these tabs individually such as CA_Help, and GL_Freedom. Thanks for listening.
  6. 23QL rare mask of the shadow, leather (cannot be imped but takes no damage) I will not accept anything under 5s for it. Starting bid: 5s Increment: 1s No Buyout No Reserve No Sniper No Private Bids
  7. I love the cool green glow that's been applied to goblins, crocodiles and cave bugs! I'd love to see something like this permanently in Wurm, not just for Halloween. What if we allocated certain colours to certain conditioned animals? For example, angry goblins glow green, champion unicorns are pink, etc. If it was done for just a few of the animals and conditions, it wouldn't be common, but a nice treat when you find one of the rare glowy few.
  8. (price cut) Supreme Steel Vambracer w/t AoSp 70+ 55ql ------ 20s Silver ---- 17 Silver Supreme Dark Common Wool Hat ----- 10 silver FIRM ( glows on your Head ) Fantastic 99QL Tin Knapsack ----- 30 Silver FIRM SOLD Supreme Trowel 89+ QL 100 BOTD ---- 40 Silver ---- Pending Sale SOLD ! Ty Ivan (price cut) Supreme Spindle 88+ QL Pine 96 Woa ----- 22 Silver---- 19 Silver Supreme Fo Puppet ---- 8 silver 7 Silver Supreme Clothe Shoe ---- 9 Silver FIRM Pending Trade with Martynas SOLD ( is believe Martynas is still seeking supreme legs Supreme Studded Boot ---- 12 Silver FIRM SOLD Supreme Green Peasant wool Cap -- 10 Silver FIRM ( glows on your head ) Rare Chain Jacket 95+ QL --- 6 silver FIRM Pending Sale SOLD Rare Fine high Chair --- 10 Silver FIRM Sold Rare Medium Shield 75+ QL --- 8 silver FIRM SOLD Rare Common Wool Hat - 3 Silver ( glows on your head ) x2 left Rare peasant wool Cap - 3 Silver ( glows on your head ) x1 left Rare Dark Common Wool Hat -- 3 s ( glows on your head ) x2 Left Rare yellow Squires wool Cap -- 5s ( glows on your head ) only 1 left Rare Dark Foresters Hat -- 4s ( glows on your head ) only 1 left Rare black squires wool cap - 4s ( glows on your head ) /// /// x7 left 80+ QL Red Wine 1 full Barrel = 25 Silver FIRM 2 barrels sold 4 Sold May left !!! Get your SOTG Effect using this wine Supreme OAK Fruit Press = 25 Silver FIRM Lady Of The Lake HOTA 99ql (glow-Red) 30 Silver Pending Sale Private buyers are encouraged to private message me, Thank you.
  9. I know there are heaps of threads about this already but would like to bring it to dev attention again: 1. Please fix the glow on rare and supreme carts. They glow when you are heaps of tiles away yet when you get close the glow disappear. Is this just a matter of fixing how far away glow is visible? The glow disappeared some time this year, so it was in the coding then got changed somehow. 2. The most annoying bug in Wurm now is that carts and wagons don't follow terrain any more. This came into game when sitting was introduced. Seriously, I would prefer to stand and still see behind me when I go up a slope, or be able to use my wagon properly when digging on slopes. Sitting is purely cosmetic, it serves no purpose other than making the game look more realistic. However, not being able to see behind your cart when you go up mountains, or using a wagon on slopes, is very irritating. 3. The camera freeze bug when embarking carts are back, it happens randomly and you have to relog to change the frozen screen (yet you can still chat and get events). Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
  10. This has been mentioned before, but again... Large carts lost their rare glow...I miss it! Please bring it back as soon as possible. Don't you miss this? Look at the pretty rare small cart all pretty and glowing...and the supreme large one looking so dull. For the record, the bell towers, small braziers, supreme braziers and small chests also don't glow.
  11. I would be extremely happy if Rare and Supreme Armour would glow like our weapons and other things now do. My supreme cloth jacket doesn't shimmer
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or if this has just not been introduced in game: Rare armour does not glow, neither do rare bells and rare saddles on horses also do not glow. Any plans to introduce these into game? Rare weapons glowing while equipped look very cool. Thanks.
  13. Just wondering as they are special and look nice if they will give off a slight light or glow to them ever??? Maybe even the Star Gems themselves could give off a faint light of the color they are??
  14. Sorry, wrong section, please close.
  15. The new rare glow in todays update seems to be casting itself on surrounding things like walls and fences making them glow with the same effect. it might be hard to see in this screenshot but the cart in the pen is rare and it is casting the "glow" effect onto the fence you can even kind of see it on the building like at the top by the eaves kind of but not as bad. Edit: I guess some people might like that but if you can i would love a way to turn off the rare visual effects in the settings if it was not to much trouble.