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  1. Was playing fine this morning. This afternoon when I try to log in It crashes with a red window with the following:
  2. Now I understand, your Jdeedler. I am sorry, you will have to get your kicks elsewhere, I don't argue with children. You will be expressly ignored from here on out.
  3. Congrats, you have proven my point. Nowhere in all those patch notes was the Xanadu creature spawn bug even mentioned. Were you even reading what I wrote at all? Or are you still just arguing for the sake of arguing? Yet another light blinded fool. Ever hear the saying "cant see the forest for the trees"? It fits in quite well here in these forums. Lol
  4. Awe, do you have a problem with my opinion? Well I am sorry to hear that. I could care less what defines the decision making process when I, a paying customer, am left with the end of the stick. I was not trying to add anything to the OP, but to resurect an issue that many of you light blinded fools have all but accepted as perfectly okay. I should just accept the fact that the server I spent time and money to settle on is bugged and not speak up when devs fail to even mention anything about it since 2014. While you might be okay with laying down and accepting whatever the devs do, I for one like to make my opinions known.
  5. "And to hell with all your time, energy and money invested into WO." *salutes* Again, as I state everywhere I can no possibly do so. If wurm devs cared they would fix the bugs that are actively driving players from their game. Instead they dont even talk about it.
  6. Lol what? Do you even know what your talking about? How about instead of arguing just for the sake of arguing you actually try to articulate something intelligent. Im not the only one "whining" either. Considering you only tackled the simplest of my points in your attempt at arguing them, I assume you didnt bother doing any research at all before letting your silly little fingers flop around on the keyboard. Would you like sources as to the many threads about long standing bugs that have not been adressed for ages? Atleast you got one thing right, I am angry. I couldnt care less what you think about that though.
  7. Spawns

    Bump. Devs dont care.
  8. Monster spawning that isnt bugged.
  9. I will be poised and waiting to give Wurm Unlimited a negative review as soon as it releases. My main points will be: 1. Developers and development is lazy and fragmented. (New features are often half baked and many are left uncompleted for years, or simply not completed at all.) 2. Game breaking bugs are left untreated even if said bugs drive paying players from their game. 3. Game is the epitome of grinding.
  10. I doubt players will move from playing SP to playing MP, not many atleast. When someone finds "wurm's" on steam (WU and WO) they will consider what they want from the game, the pro's and cons of each option (SP or MP) and then they will choose. If they then like the game enough to actually invest the time and energy to learn the game, I doubt they will want to restart from scratch after that. Persoanally it feels to me like rolf is still dreaming after notch... Lol, "Lets throw in adventure mode!...minecraft has it right?" >_<
  11. I suspect all WU will do is earn wurm a negative review rating on steam. Maybe a few new subs and thats about it. I highly doubt the steam community will be very receptive to such a slow paced and buggy game.
  12. *sigh* I was thinking about coming back but it seems devs dont give a crap about this...kinda feels like a slap in the face. I spend my time and money on building a nice deed on this "great new server!" only to soon realise that I settled on the bugged side of the server that the devs had no intention of fixing! Yay! Good luck with your "WU" steam release, I dont know how well it will do though when all the negative reviews come pouring in from people like me who you have disapointed and pushed away over the years. Lol Thanks Devs and Rolf, I really appreciate it.
  13. Everybody lies, but it doesn't matter since nobody listens.