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Found 25 results

  1. My ash got eaten on Independence. Hey! I sent some ash a while got bounced back to me, I Waited till I touched base w/ the fellow, then went to the mailbox to resend. I opened the mailbox and saw this... Normal operations here. I can see my 3 ash waiting. So I checked the little boxes marked 'receive', then prepared to click 'send'. My 3 ash got moved to the spirit castle, and I saw the following... All good, I elected to immediately resend. You can see the time upper right corner (23:04:42) << that's EST. No damage on the ash, not a bit, not a tad, nothing. Zero damage at 23:04:04. So I did click the 'send' button to go to the next page. On the next page, I added my prices, then, just a second b4 I clicked that 'send' button, this happened... So, all 3 of my rare ash had no damage at all at 23:04:04, then at 23:04:47, just a few seconds later (about as long as it took me to click the prices and confirm my sending), and, BAM poof decay all gone. In the event tab it says 'An ash crumbles to dust.' I had to pay 3 copper to pull the failed ash out of the spirit castle. Zero damage. Your spirit castle ate my rare ashes.. well 2 of them. Please fix this seeing as I prefer not to have my products deleted during my spirit castle activities. Thanks TeeeBOMB
  2. I'm noticing during fog these bright patches/rows appearing in front of me, the denser the fog, the closer and more often these patches occur. Anyone know how to get around this monstrosity? Console log; System Specs; Picture:
  3. When I use the "shoot" keybinding (bind b shoot) by holding my cursor over an animal and pressing the "b" key (with a selected, equipped, strung, long bow and quiver of arrows equipped) it says nothing in the events tab and there is no action timer. Then if I press the keybinding again it says in the events tab "[15:20:26] After you finish shooting you will start shooting again." But still it doesnt shoot an arrow. The only way to clear these commands is to move my character which cancels the commands to shoot. If I manually right click on the same animal and select "Bow" then "Shoot" my character shoots an arrow as expected. Another player via the CAHelp chat confirmed this finding and noted that their character made the shooting animation but did not actually fire an arrow. This was on release server. Dirk (in game character)
  4. I came across a thread from 2012 that had this same issue, but instead of performing thread necromancy, I decided to start a new one... This roof bug needs to be fixed. This is a bug that appears on opposite corners, which is the correct orientation I cannot tell. I have tried breaking and replacing each roof tile individually, only for it to regenerate with the same asymmetry. As you can see, interior roofing (ladder going through the roof center for lookout tower) is asymmetrical. This occurs on both sides. The NW and SE corners have a 45-degree bevel, where the SE and SW corners do not.
  5. It's like the release_key_event get lost sometimes, so when i move with the WASD keys sometimes one of the movement keps going on also after i released the associated key. This is the second time it happens during the last 2 weeks, i never had this problem before. The first time was while using the unstable client 4.00 when i was riding my cart and turning right with the key D as soon as i released the D key the cart kept turning right, after a few seconds trying to understand what was happening i hit the D key again and when i released it for the second time finally i stopped turning right. Since that eposide i went back to the stable client 3.99z but this morning happened again while i was walking forward with the key W, as soon as i released the W key i kept walking forward and i had to press & release the W key again to stop it.
  6. ive found a slight bug, Code issue you might want to take a look at: 1) I filled up my carry weight by buying a turret from Glasshollow market. 2) I super slowly walked to boat 3) then l Raised Anchor. Upon finishing the action the Anchor went back into my inventory breaching the Carry/load limit of my char. max load I can carry for 21.95 Strength, is 153.62, Turret weighs 150.00, after raising my anchor I was carrying 172.27 Might want to look into this code for raising the anchor.
  7. OK so I have a 4 story tall building directly in front of a mountain on that mountain is a area that has been surfaced mined down flat I built a bridge from my 4 story tall building to that flat mined area on the mountain all was going well until I dropped 8 beams while half on and half off the part of bridge that wasn't completed the beams fell to the bottom floor of building and now I can't pick them up I keep getting the message (you need to be on the same bridge) to pick them up altho there 4 stories below me and I can't reach . when I try to pick up on ground level message appears I destroyed the bridge thinking it would allow me to retrieve the beams on ground floor no luck . so if at all possible can you send me a god like toon to retrieve beams out of glitch please and ty
  8. A picture tells a thousand words so I will just show you. I don't know if it is helpful information, but AMD released new catalyst drivers. I'm not sure exactly when but they autoinstalled for me today.
  9. So my animations were weird and demonic, and I was told to turn off GLSL and VBO. I did, and now my ground textures are all wrong. When I move around, they move too, and some tiles look like two textures faded together. I can't turn GLSL and VBO back on or else my animations implode! I'm not very tech-savvy so idk where to find my specs or which ones matter so just have this, I hope it's relevant. Pics of screwed textures: Pics of moving textures (pay attention to the position of pavement, these were all taken while standing on different but adjacent tiles): Send help
  10. Hello, my name is Xrosyx from the server Celebration and village Manderville Gentlemen's Club. I have encountered a bug and am reporting on it. 1. I removed olivewood wood planks (5x) from my bulk storage bin. 2. I opened my inventory in order to use them and saw that they could not be seperated and were showing as one item labled: "olivewood wood planks (5x)". There was no plus sign next to name, they literally showed as a single item..with a bulk item tag. 3. I dropped them onto the ground, they show up as a bag not a pile of planks. 4. I proceeded to take wood scraps from the same bin to test if this was reproduceable. 5. Same thing happened with scraps as did the planks. 6. I was able to pick up and drop the glitched items on ground. 7. Maintenance happened, and when I logged back into game I no longer could pick up the items, and am given an error message stating: "You must use the click and drag feature." As they are on the ground this is not possible. Long story short they are sitting on the ground, unusable, labled as bulk items but showing as a bag. I will reply with screenshots to show these bugs. Problem solved! Thanks Enki!
  11. All I can do is add a image to show you what is wrong. If you are wondering what is happening to the guard is happening to every player I see. If someone could fix this if this is happening to everyone or tell me how to fix this, that would be great.
  12. Seriously, fix these already. When a PvP group is split because one is randomly booted from the boat and can't re-embark in direct conflict, bad things happen. Also very annoying when hitting walls, in mines, on horses, and just generally any time you are involved with a mount or vehicle of some kind. You can't do anything and it rubberbands you as well.
  13. What happened? Theres a cave-wall, if u walk against it u can watch through it (happens often), but if u ride a horse against it u`ll disembark automatacly (which isnt normal) and it looks like your horse (or cart,etc) is about 50 tiles below you. What u expected to happen? Like notmal in wurm, nothing or only that u can look through it. (tested in my mine, if i ride against some cave-walls i can look through them, but i m still on my horse) Steps to reproduce: 1st: Enter Tunnel of Unrest on Pristine from the East side. (the deed with the entry should also be called "Tunnel of Unrest") 2nd: follow the tunnel 3rd: there should be a small "room" after some time, in that one BSB (cherrywood if i remember right), one Large Chest and one Lamp (Iron Lamp). 4th: If u re in that room turn around that you look back from where u came. the should be the tunnel and on the left side of the tunnel entry theres the Wall. If you have problems with finding the wall mail me or pm me ingame. Ill add a paint imagne in some minutes
  14. By The Landing on Chaos. There's at least one cave/mine with a glitchy shaft that stretches from one location just under the surface to another location deep underground. The floor is one tile, the ceiling is one tile. It doesn't hurt to walk down the shaft, and climbing back up it should be impossible, but isn't. I guess the slope value is normal....
  15. I logged in on elevation, had to cross to affliction via portal, teleported and everything was fine loading and i could see stuff, then it reconnected me and i had this: > I HAVE relogged multiple times, tried refreshing the world in wurm console but still nothing works... pretty annoyed i cannot play now. Would like a response asap please as this is preventing me from playing.
  16. So I just wanted to list a few graphical problems with my GLSL. When disabled; - Recent post about white hair on models being fixed, yeh nah, its not fixed for me. - My smoke particles are blue: - And ofc I don't have water reflection, In fact it looks like I have no water at all. Though that's a given. Fixed when GLSL is enabled. When Enabled; - The ground is lit up very bright at night. Fixed when GLSL is disabled. e - Enabled GLSL on Extension; I generally just have it disabled since the ground being lit up at night is just terrible. I have a XFX Radeon HD6870 graphics card.
  17. My wife and I have been experiencing a very annoying glitch with the mouse movement. We are on Windows 8.1 with the latest Java version and video drives, so that's not the issue. What happens is when using the mouse movement to turn ourselves, we can all of a sudden be looking at our feet or the sky. While moving on autorun, this can get you hurt or killed.
  18. I have noticed some graphic glitches that only appeared after 1.2 1. Looks like most people now have white hair. The beards and facial hair are still normal colour, but all hair on head is white. 2. All animals lost their colour overlay as to blue, green, red, yellow etc. 3. Wooden items decay and shows the decay. When you repair them, the decay goes to 0 damage but the item still displays the decayed graphic. 4. Smoke is teal blue. Spirit templars are blue too. 5. All fish seems to be white, no more purple/blue etc. fish 6. Horses are back to looking plastic and reflecting light in very strange ways. 7. Are oleanders supposed to look only slightly purple instead of nice bright pink? 8. It seems that piles of stuff in mines now break up into single items, you have to pick them up individually. So a heap of ores will just be a heap of single ores, not a pile you can pick up. 9. Dirt is acting strangely sometimes, when you put it in a cart it shows up on the ground in front of you, but you cannot pick it up from the ground as it is in the cart inventory. 10. Very strange shadows on faces of female players, it seems they make black edges and black cheeks, only the eyes nose and mouth sticks out as normal. There may be other glitches, these are not affecting game play so just for information to devs.
  19. Apologize if this is known/not an issue, I did not find any info on it. I have noticed that I'm able to exceed the 100 item limit in backpacks when dragging items out of bsbs and fsbs directly into backpacks. While using the backpacks to store crops as I was harvesting my fields, the 100 item limit remained for potatoes and corn. While testing this bug I was not able to add items from piles on the floor.
  20. Post ended up being a double post, sorry for the spam
  21. Sorry, wrong section, please close.
  22. I have had a problem where character hair mapping is not being downloaded in the patch updates as a result all the character models are spazzing out for characters and npcs (including animals) and for some reason objects are spazzing out Im not sure whats going on I reinstalled java and deleted wurm a couple of times and im still not getting any luck Ive also tried to experiment with the graphics settings and I still dont have any luck if you want more information looke at the video
  23. Found horses belonging to Erasmus and Parim. PM me in-game!
  24. This has crossed the line. First, the update that broke fences was released. Animals everywhere, lost, stolen, killed. Animals people spent huge amounts of time breeding, caring for, and/or collecting. Animals people bought with money they sunk RL money into. Animals people NEED. Sure there's people with 60 horses in 2x1 pens, but there's people who just bought 2 horses for use with carts and riding, that are now GONE. Okay, so, it was a mistake. A glitch. It was fixed. ... It happened...AGAIN. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Now animals are out again, getting stolen, getting killed, MORE LOSS. And what are we pretty much told? 'Sorry. Have fun chasing down your animals!' No. NO. I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS. COMPENSATION IS DUE FOR OUR LOSSES SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF PEOPLE WHO CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO TEST UPDATES BEFORE THEY'RE RELEASED. IT'S KIND OF A HUGE PROBLEM WHEN ANIMALS CAN WALK THROUGH FENCES. DON'T YOU THINK THEY MIGHT HAVE NOTICED THAT? I appreciate Wurm and the great fun it's makers have given us, but it is not right to abuse your Citizens and PAYING CUSTOMERS like this! SOME WAY, SOMEHOW, PAY US BACK FOR THESE GRIEVOUS SCREW UPS.
  25. I just tried to start wurm. 1st time I saw the new start (See how many things you can find in the picture that are new) The wurm window automatically moves with my mouse. Basically its like I left clicked the top left of the window and whenever I move my mouse the whole window moves with it. Is this just me or has something changed in the client that is making this? I can provide a fraps video to show this.