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  1. I am not sure how things work but having a server that has like four new player spawns might help break up the load over everyone logging into the same small area. Just bring them in at random spots or something also a que of some kind might be needed if the server is full.. idk Seems a shame they have waited all this time to get on Steam and now this might have lost a bunch of potential subscribers.
  2. According to the link razor posted the log on server is up but the game servers are down.
  3. ahh ic looks like they have the servers down.. thanks
  4. Might be worth just disabling the tutorial for a bit till you can get things sorted just let people log on and pick a server. Just keep a GM there to help if anyone needs it.
  5. I am not sure if this means you can play on the log in server but if so might want to rethink that. I have tried off and on all day and still can not get on. Is this some kind of stall tactic for the pvp players to get the good spots clog up the login server? lol
  6. It would be nice to have an official statement about the log in server being down.
  7. There is an issue with freedom guard towers and marble planters. They are showing up with a pink texture and snapping a copy to the bottom left corner of the map. If you try it on a new map it will not let you place it down it just snaps it to the corner.
  8. The visuals of this version is so nice but the functionality has a long way to go to get to where the other one is. I have been checking in for new updates it would be nice to get bridges, remove trees and material counts for buildings going soon.
  9. It's not in-game but I won a house decorating contest years ago and received a brass pendant of Fo that was sent to me. I put it on my keychain and still have it to this day.
  10. I know this is very early in this new version but when you resize your map it flattens out all the terrain height changes. The grid is still in its changed state but the ground is all flattened.
  11. Sklotopolis - PVE

    I have been playing on this sever for a few days now I am really impressed. I love all the personalization and mods you guys have built into the server it makes the game much more enjoyable for the casual player.
  12. Why not make them like merchants and you can pack them up and move them if you want?
  13. Well you would want it so that anyone could use it so the normal tower would still work but a free player could get it up to 20ql potentially.
  14. I know that you guys are looking at some qol things and one that comes to my mind is a guard tower that a new player can build. Even if it was just a few guards it would help till they can either get a deed going or the mason skill to build a stone one. (one that a free/new player has the ability to build)