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  1. They did a big patch but i am stuck on a constant "connecting to server" screen so not sure what is going on.
  2. Anyone else getting a constant "connecting to server" screen after the update? (Release)
  3. 17th they said in the news today
  4. I like it and suggest it for all liquid containers.
  5. sent you a forum pm
  6. I don't like the glow on rare items and I have no idea on the price so putting it up for auction. 50ql - rare bulk storage bin, olivewood Starting Bid: 50c Increments: 10c Buyout: 2s No reserve, 1h sniper Note: Pickup only south Release Q18
  7. When building wooden plank floor the crafting window shows two options for the same floor making it so that it does not default and set the floor to build like it used to. (same for ladders) Edit: Not sure if it matters but this is for the latest unstable client.
  8. Just watching the video. As far as the mouse look click on objects interaction you can add a wheel menu and then when you click on an object a menu opens and mouse look stops you then move the mouse to the option on the menu you want then let go of the mouse button and it closes the wheel menu and goes back into mouse look.
  9. I just tried to get onto youtube and google and they are both down for me on my pc and my phone. Is it down for everyone or is this something on my end? I am able to get on here and netflix so not sure what is going on. I have never seen google down before, lol Hmm using my phone with data and not the wifi it works guess it is my router or something. Edit: Well now it is working again guess my isp must have fixed it, lol
  10. I have hidden doors now using bookshelves to cover it up but would love to have it in plain sight and yes the video Arkonick has made was exactly what i was talking about.
  11. This is an older screenshot of a house that i had decorated when the new furnishings had just come out but it is still one of my favorite ones.
  12. I would like to have a wall that looks like a solid wall but is in fact a secret door that just looks like a wall. It should have the same mechanic that the rock mine door does so that you have the chance to see the door on examine so that the pvp crowd could find the door. (can also see that it is a door when bashing) We need this for all wall types...
  13. np pm sent
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