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  1. Well you have to admit the guard towers are kind of spot on really but like most things it will be a hit for a bit until the next new game comes out.
  2. Seems like the big multi update makes for more downtime then normal i think the smaller updates worked out better.
  3. I have to say that the new creature movement for me is a downgrade so far all my horses are always in the fences before they were in the middle of the 1x2 pens.
  4. If you make a server it will be listed on the launcher but you can make it password protected so it can be a solo server or invite who you want. It is a one time payment and well worth the cost if you ever enjoyed the online version. There are no character transfers from the online version to WU but you can use the same name on a new character and you can set the starting skills to what you want so you could start at whatever skills you want on your own server. In WU you can also make a player a GM and have all the powers that come with that so you have all the control over your own server.
  5. Rolf once said that animals were meant to level up so to speak but i have never seen anyone mention it again so not sure if this is something he intended on doing or maybe it is a feature that is not working not sure. I think he was referring to your pet fighting with you but this could also apply here. As far as the 1x1 pen auto walk i am sure they can make it like prospecting where you dont get skill on the same tile for long.
  6. People playing WU might not ever learn that it is only 2s to start the online version having a free key would bring in loads more people.. imo' Edit: I am not sure what it would cost to set that up but seems to me that it would be the cheapest player acquisition the online version could have. They already made the sale on steam so why not try to get the players paying every month with the online version that to me would for sure be worth the 2s they might lose.
  7. Might i suggest that when people buy WU from steam that it comes with a key that gives them one free month of WO. This might encourage people to come try the online version of the game.
  8. Does anyone know the next trader reset day on Inependence? I have pok ofc but it would save me having to look everyday till it comes, lol
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but the icons on the left and right arch wall types do not match up with how it is placed in the planner. Edit: well i guess it is relative to what direction you are looking at it from, lol
  10. closed
  11. Three Trader deeds: Darknor, Laguna Isle and The Lazy Hermit Q18 area Release SOLD Starting Bid: 1g or (euro 1:1 rate but just bid in silver) Increments: 5s Buyout: 1g 50s No Reserve, 1h sniper Note: This is for all three deeds I will not split them up. I did not put in any pictures but there are deed planner links for all of them and if you want to have a look around send me a pm here on the forums as i have an alt that you could use or just sail over. (on the deed planner maps the token and traders are marked with red tundra tiles also see the deed planner note below if you do not know how to load the links up) Edit: All deeds have 30-60 days upkeep left so you are paying for the traders and the deeds themselves not stocked upkeep. Also the side deeds are all in local range of Darknor for easy trader management. Deeds Locations on Release map: Darknor: Private Island (24x29 1s 40c upkeep) Trader Two mines one with two iron veins (82ql and 49ql both have about 4k left) Clay on deed Lots of enchanted grass 93 power mailbox Link to Planner: Laguna Isle: Private Island (22x21 : 1s upkeep, just south of Darknor) Trader I think this was a natural island but it has no rock/mine Comes with deed holder named Jago (male/no skills) Has sheep, cattle, hen and roster Link to Planner: The Lazy Hermit: Mainland/Mine deed (12x12 : 1s upkeep, just north of Darknor) Trader At the base of a mountain for mining Comes with deed holder Borak (male/no skills) Link to Planner: Deed Planner Note: Copy the link for the deed you want to load and paste it into the "Enter ULR" and click "Load from" in the deed planner load window.
  12. I will pm you in game Edit: On hold pending deal compleation
  13. Nahjo Priest: 40s or $40 usd (paypal verified) SOLD Name: Ogden Note: Can cast Strongwall and Enchanted Grass (level 7) Skills:
  14. closed
  15. I am getting in now too seem like it is working itself out now.