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  1. Well i am getting older and have neck troubles so can not sit in front of the computer for hours like i used to. I will pm you
  2. Not sure if anyone would be interested in this small amount of coin but have 7s left after deed disband and since i am not playing anymore would prefer to just sell it. 7s for $5 usd (paypal verified) SOLD
  3. SOLD

    I have some coins for sale at a 1:1 ratio 1 gold coin : 100 euro 50 silver coin : 50 euro PayPal verified SOLD
  4. Auction for Kegan

    Well that was fast will pm you, lol
  5. bump.. added delivery to waterfront deeds
  6. That might be true if it was one corner only but you need a whole wall of tiles so there is nothing that makes this any different they would still have to clear the next tile.. etc (limitations would still be in place for max slope)
  7. I think it is the same concept more or less so i would say yes but that again is up to the developers. As far as the others go giving it a minus there are some people that like things to be hard and take forever. There has been loads of QOL changes that some people hated but love them now.
  8. Dirt does not slide down when you are digging only when you drop it and since you are not dropping any dirt it would not slide. As far as the skills go it would use the mining skill like always since you are on a rock tile/corner and using a pickaxe. Edit: I guess it would have to take into consideration the dirt too but would leave that up to the developers.. all i know is that it is a pain to dig 300-400 dirt down just to fix a 6 slope rock spot.
  9. Not sure if this has been suggested but i would like to be able to surface mine a tile that has dirt next to it . As long as the tile corner you are standing on is rock you should be able to mine it down regardless of what the surrounding tiles are. (if it is a tree etc okay but dirt should be fine)
  10. 1ql - Sculpting Wand - 5s (I can meet you at any pve starting town for delivery or to your waterfront deed)
  11. closed

    bump.. needs to go make me an offer
  12. closed

    Items sent thanks guys.. [09:06:11] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.