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Found 11 results

  1. So ages ago we had carts and boats follow slopes. Carts were easier to see out of and boats sucked hard at entering canals. Now boats slide into canals like (insert description here), but carts and wagons are infuriating to drive on slopes. Is there any really, really important reason we can't split the code here and have carts not look stupid, while boats continue gliding into canals without climbing mountains?
  2. I am trying to figure out the best way to build roads. I know 20 is the usual maximum recommended slope. I am wondering if there are special cutoff slopes that maximize speed, specifically animal drawn carts and horseback, where going 1 slope more slows down substantially, kind of like the way weight slows down first to 75% than 25%. I know that just a couple slope starts the slowdown. I saw someone did a very thorough examination of slopes and limits, but not speed. K I would also be curious if anyone has done comparison of 10 x 20 slope + 10 flat vs 20 x 10 slope time wise.
  3. I know there are heaps of threads about this already but would like to bring it to dev attention again: 1. Please fix the glow on rare and supreme carts. They glow when you are heaps of tiles away yet when you get close the glow disappear. Is this just a matter of fixing how far away glow is visible? The glow disappeared some time this year, so it was in the coding then got changed somehow. 2. The most annoying bug in Wurm now is that carts and wagons don't follow terrain any more. This came into game when sitting was introduced. Seriously, I would prefer to stand and still see behind me when I go up a slope, or be able to use my wagon properly when digging on slopes. Sitting is purely cosmetic, it serves no purpose other than making the game look more realistic. However, not being able to see behind your cart when you go up mountains, or using a wagon on slopes, is very irritating. 3. The camera freeze bug when embarking carts are back, it happens randomly and you have to relog to change the frozen screen (yet you can still chat and get events). Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
  4. I have encountered a strange bug where a wall built on top of a slope block access to the tile at the bottom of the slope. I cant lead animals because it says theres a wall in the way when its not. The wall is on the top of the slope not at the bottom. It doesnt affect all tiles since I can lead through some borders and get around the bug The bug also makes it difficult to climb the slope and cause you to get stuck for a bit. The slope is 40 dirt steep. .
  5. picture is worth 1000 words? When sitting and riding, I can't see a thing behind me, riding up a hill now. This also puts me right on top of my horses. I think this is part of the reason Hells are attacking drivers now
  6. I am not sure how it can be done without borders in a mine but you can see (flat). Though mines are not 3D, you have all the climb and fatigue limitation of the surface. Smoothing a slope is one corner at a time until you no longer slip backwards. Since you can only go down on a corner easily with up needing concrete, errors are more of a pain then anything else. You would almost have to have it display something like this in the middle... 0 20 20 0 I can see were this would be hard to code and also might be confusing to read, but without borders, it's the only way I can think of to indicate what each edge is. I dunno. Just a suggestion if it's even possible.
  7. By The Landing on Chaos. There's at least one cave/mine with a glitchy shaft that stretches from one location just under the surface to another location deep underground. The floor is one tile, the ceiling is one tile. It doesn't hurt to walk down the shaft, and climbing back up it should be impossible, but isn't. I guess the slope value is normal....
  8. I think a really neat addition to the game would be stairs. Perhaps have a slope range that could be built on using a hammer, just like floors. The stairs could make going up and down slope the same speed as normal. Different types of material could be used such as rock, stone, and wood. Then you could add a few more Border Tile types, such as hand-rails for the stairs in wood or iron. This would make an excellent cosmetic change, and could really spruce up the exterior of houses and settlements. I don't think it would work well inside a house due to the length-height ratio and the size of the average home. But outside it could make a huge difference. I am unsure what the skill level should be in though. Carpentry/masonry/paving.
  9. This note is no longer applicable: Note: To start planning minimum of 5 skill required, even for totally flat tiles. *as of 12/22/12 (or some time before) I believe this note is also listed on all the fence/wall type pages as well.
  10. Due to multistory removing the ability to build on low slopes alot of chances and ways of building have disappeared aswell. Reintroduce sloped houses up to 8 slopes again, and don't allow multi storage on house tiles that are sloped, or if this is to much to code change just completely disallow multistorage if any tile of the house is sloped.
  11. Currently you cannot raise the rock level if the depth is 25 slopes under the water level. Since we cannot have bridges yet, let us raise the rock level so we can mine under roads and highways. Uservoice: