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Found 8 results

  1. Why don't all new accounts come with the Say Help command pre-bound to a key for new players? If this is not a thing, then why is this not a thing? It seems every new player who enters Wurm ends up typing "help" in the wrong tab - I know I did - and it's not their fault. ...and then every new player has to be taught by other players how to properly call guards for help. Why does arguably the most important command for new players not come pre-bound to a key? Is calling for help or binding a key in the in-game tutorial yet? Just in case you missed it, this is what we try to encourage every new player: Press F1 and then type: bind [key] "say help" This will set the key you choose to call the guards if you have a monster targeted and it is in range of a guard tower! ...and welcome to Wurm - you are valued!
  2. Please would it be possible to toggle off the pulsing glow on the chat tabs? GL_Freedom for example pulses away all the time and is quite distracting. It is useful for private PM's but it would be nice to be able to switch off some of these tabs individually such as CA_Help, and GL_Freedom. Thanks for listening.
  3. As far as I know, the current Friend ranking system doesn't do anything, so I think a simple tweak to the Friends list that would make everyone happier would be setting varying levels of detail in relation to your online and server status according to what Rank of Friend they are. I think this would help people who do not want to have other people constantly knowing what server they're on, or what server you were last on. Plus, it would make the current ranking system more useful. Trusted Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Can see what server you're on, and what server you were last on if offline Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Friends Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Contacts Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Other Status: Cannot see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Thoughts?
  4. Simple suggestion, similar to the way a lot of web browsers work nowadays, I'd like to be able to merge certain tabs to optimize my in-game HUD. Currently you can't merge tabs like inventory and say a backpack tab. I think this change could make the game more user friendly. Any Ideas?
  5. I've noticed in the Friends List, it constantly shows certain people as 'Lost Link.' It either doesn't completely disconnect them from the server, or it's a hopefully simple client bug. I've seen them as Lost Link for hours on end. Here's an example of what I see in Friends List: I hope it's just a simple bug. Note: None of these people are actually online.
  6. I wanted to suggest a tab or such that would show how much fuel oil etc was in the lantern at any point in time that we could look to see how much is left so that we could gauge when to fill it again. Thanks.
  7. the first think that came to my mind when i read that update was, WHY? why only for the friends tab and not just all tabs.since u already did it for one tab it shouldnt be hard to reproduce for all tabs and would be great to have.
  8. Alt-Tabbing

    I know this has been posted before, but it's really bothering me, as well as some others I've talked to in-game. Whenever you alt-tab out of Wurm, it sometimes locks up your alt key in-game, therefore rendering your binds useless until press alt again. This used to not be a problem until the last client updates or two. Tech: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit 64-bit Java, Version 7 Update 7 Build 1.7.0_07 Wurm 3.1.74-4002 [unstable] - Windowed Resizeable @ 1920x1080