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Found 11 results

  1. Why don't all new accounts come with the Say Help command pre-bound to a key for new players? If this is not a thing, then why is this not a thing? It seems every new player who enters Wurm ends up typing "help" in the wrong tab - I know I did - and it's not their fault. ...and then every new player has to be taught by other players how to properly call guards for help. Why does arguably the most important command for new players not come pre-bound to a key? Is calling for help or binding a key in the in-game tutorial yet? Just in case you missed it, this is what we try to encourage every new player: Press F1 and then type: bind [key] "say help" This will set the key you choose to call the guards if you have a monster targeted and it is in range of a guard tower! ...and welcome to Wurm - you are valued!
  2. We got shiny new tool bar and some new buttons and icons, but still the call for help is the same old. If one would aks me, i would say it is the most old thing Wurm Online has. A new player not even has the keybind set, you have to open a console, and add in some weird command line. in 2018 !!! #omg #fail Write help in local chat, is also not natural for new players, it is quite "unique" for WurmOnline. How about we get a button added on the toolbar or somewhere else, but not keybound anymore??
  3. This has been suggested several times before, but I couldn't find the thread with a quick search. Currently the only way to add something to your select window is to left click it, without moving your mouse at all. This will allow you to easily archer the mob by clicking the shoot button on the select window. Problem: Sometimes it can be difficult to get a single left click without mouse movement on a mob in order to use select window archery. This can be especially problematic in pvp. Many people use target binds to add creatures to their target windows, without needing to stop their mouse entirely. Simply mousing over the mob and pressing your target bind will work. This is useful, but there is no archery option on the target window, and there is no equivalent select bind that can be used to add things to the select window. You can right click the target window, navigate down to bow, and click shoot, but this can be difficult and tedious to do during the rush of pvp. Suggestion: There are a few potential solutions to improve quality of life in these situations. 1. Add the archery and other options to the target window: 2. Add a select keybind to make it easier to add things to the select window, regardless of cursor movement. (similar to the target bind) 3. Allow us to click on the mob in the target window to add it to the select window: Please consider one of these options. This issue is very annoying in pvp and would be a QoL improvement overall.
  4. Wanted to suggest a confirmation window for using the key bind to drop on liquid inside a container, basically hover over the liquid and keybind drop does the pour action without actually using the pour on ground action.
  5. long time ago was available to bind "pave", but it was removed when new paving types was added (all by the same stone brick, so too many options with one item), but currently we using different types of bricks to make different type of cobble paving, so binds "pave" and "pave_corner" are desired (especially at the time of highways another missing keybing is "smelt" , when we smelting tons of garbage it will be very helpfull, because clicking menu hundrets of times is painful. and one more: "bash" if you want to rebuild fences in your area, or destroy useless forge or mailbox or any other bashable thing, wasn't you tired of clicking that menu ?
  6. So I was going to make a suggestion for another keybind, but after looking at how many keybinds we have, why not go the whole way and add all the missing keybinds. The other day I made a post suggestion we should have a keybind for water_flowers, not used much for sure, but if you have a ton to do it would be handy to have. Today I was repeatedly filling the same container over and over and discovered there is no keybind for the 'fill' command, and this certainly would save a lot of drag drop. So for all the actions available in game they should have an option to bind that to a key, save a mouse, bind those keys!
  7. There are plenty of different types of actions you can do, too many to put them into the options. Instead of having to use console or settings, why not have it so we can right click the action and get a dialogue box asking what key would we like bound to it? This way spells can be bound to certain keys, or any uncommon action.
  8. I think it would be nice if we could have a way to where we can have a single key to do more than one kind of action. For example, I have my main "action" keybind, F, and I typically bind it to whatever I'm currently working on, such as MINE_FORWARD, CUT_DOWN, or DIG. It would be nice I could, for example, have F bound to all of the above commands at once; or G to both Target and Activate. I think it could work via the following command (or could be replaced with and, even): Command: bind <Key> <ACTION 1> or <ACTION 2> or <ACTION 3> Examples: Bind G TARGET or ACTIVATE Bind F MINE_FORWARD or CUT_DOWN or DIG It would make sense, in my head, to have digging and mining being bound at the same time because you can't mine with a shovel, or dig with a pickaxe. It simply would require you to have the tool activated for whichever bind you're currently trying to do, as it does now. Any comments?
  9. Comma, Equals, Semicolon? what happened to those?
  10. i know its been suggested before,but pls add a keybind for the plant action,i dont see how it would hurt anything,and it would make replanting lots of trees a lot easier.