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Found 95 results

  1. Hello I always enjoyed XP trackers in Oldschool Runescape in 3rd party client Runelite. I would love to have in game trackers like estimated hourly level gain and be able to set a custom goal, e.g. 70 smithing and see how long it would take to reach that level at current rate. It's more motivating to set tiny goals rather than trying to conquer 100 in a skill all at once and doing manual skill gain estimations gets tiresome. I'd much rather play the game than polish my Wurm excel spread sheets. Here's a link to the Runelite XP Tracker plugin: I am aware of Wurm Assistant and I was able to write bash script that reads skill update logs. But it would be nicer to have these built into the client.
  2. OK, so we have horse statues and hell horse statues. But what we REALLY need is sheep statues. We're in dire need of more ways to honour backbone of our Wurm community, so I humbly suggest sheep statues. Sheep statuettes too, so if you're on the road and suddenly need to pet a sheep you have a handy dandy pocket sheep statue! I can't be the only one who's had that issue. PS - yes I am serious. PPS - and maybe spotty sheeps?
  3. When you make a new character and choose a server, Cadence is still being advertised as a new server: This naturally entices most new players into joining Cadence, since it's "new". I realize that Cadence technically is the newest server, however it's also the most populated near/around spawn. This is reflected in the majority of the game's recent negative reviews on steam, which are mostly complaints about how far you have to walk to find a spot that isn't claimed. I think a lot of people want to just find a spot and get started asap (unlike me, who usually spends hours looking for the right spot), and advertising the most crowded server isn't the best solution to this problem imo. I know steam reviews shouldn't really matter to those of us already playing and enjoying this game, however, the truth is that all of us current players are affected by these reviews. I think we'd all like to see more players giving the game a try and enjoying it like we do, and some people who might otherwise try it out might be turned away by all the negativity. I realize the game is already niche to begin with so negative reviews are to be expected, however, as I said, the majority of recent negative reviews are about how hard it is to find a spot, and this could easily be addressed if Cadence stops being advertised as new. Then, players will be more likely to choose a server at random or based off a youtube video instead.
  4. I'd like to see a journal in game, similar to the archaeology journal, where you could make records of different fish caught, maybe with more fishing skill you can record more information, like bait used, water depth/type, time of day, total of that type of fish caught etc. It would be a nice record for the fishers, in game reference for specific fish caught, but also a nice decoration item and another good use of books/paper!
  5. So I love the AH update, I really do. (CHONKY PONEHS FOR LYFE!) But in my opinion mules could really do with some improvements! For one, and this is the most important thing for me, they really are too small. Especially when you consider their pulling power! They're stronger than 4 draft horses but are somehow less than half the size!? I'd really like to see them a bit bigger and be a size that fits their performance better. Another thing (that I don't expect to see any time soon but would be nice!) would be to have mules' colours vary according to the colour of their horse mother. ie if you had an ebony mare you could get a black mule, and so on. I attach some pictures to show what I mean both in terms of size and colour variation. Ebony mule Chestnut mules Grey mule Also, this:
  6. The Highway ranger is a cross between a Wagoneer and a guardsman. They can be purchased at a trader or with marks and deployed in much the same way as you would a trader or Wagoneer. The highway ranger will protect its owner/deed/alliance (If Permissions are shared) while traveling along a cats eyed Highway.
  7. A large Undisclosed Moon-Metal Vault that prevents decay. It is cemented with concrete into the cave wall and planted firmly in place. Magical Vaults can only be deployed inside a cave that has been prepped for the vault. 5 tiles need to have support beams one in the center and one to each side. Place the vault and then use concrete to permanently secure the vault. A vault would contain 4x more then a large magical chest. And would have shelves like an LSU. Can be bought at a trader for 80s or with 80,000 loyalty points. Thanks for the suggestions and tips guys I made a few edits based on the feedback. 7/4/2021 22:00utc0
  8. Hello I'm Knople, I'd like to suggest the ability to use the myriad variety of traps available to us on mobs as well as on players. (we have so many trap options, it'd be nice to use them, not only on players) My reasoning is there are likely players similar to me who are either not very good at combat, prefer to gather sprung traps, or like to bait hunt. I am unaware as to how coding would be used to implement the ability for traps to be usable on mobs, but perhaps it might be possible to add and additional "if, then" for the trap to recognize mob code as well as player code as an addendum. (I believe it should be fairly easy code wise, but again i don't know what I don't know so take my super simplified idea with a grain of salt.) Thank you for your time. -Knople
  9. I was just on the steam wurm forums and saw that some new players did not know where they could find villages to join. My suggestions are: 1: most simple idea - Include a link to these forums from the steam forums. Then people can find the village recruitment section for their server. 2: In game deed advertising through a new menu box called "find a community" or something like that. With its own icon next to the char, inventory, settings....etc This menu box could look something like this: It could be around the size of the crafting window. Deed names would be on one side and information about that deed would be on the other side. People can click on a deeds name and the info on the other side would change to that deeds info. If a player wants to join a village, they can click on the "Join Village" button and then they will get a message saying that they have been put on the list of people to be accepted into the village. If you are already in a village then you can't join a village with the join button. If it is tried then show a message saying "You must quit your current village before joining a new one". Something like that. The menu would only show deeds from your server. How to put your deed on the recruitment menu: The way to get your village on the recruitment menu is: 1: You must be a mayor or the mayor must of given you permission to advertise for the village (A deed permission) 2: From the token or a recruitment board, a new menu would pop up. This menu would have the option to submit your deed to the recruitment menu. You can then enter in your information about your deed. (Best to have a character min limit too, like 250 characters or 500 characters.) Just so that people get a good idea of your deed. Once done, click on submit. The deed name and details will appear in the "find a community box.". I would suggest a waiting time when submitting the recruitment advert. Max of 24 hours. In case of server overload or issues. Etc. There would also be an option to remove the advert from the recruitment board as well. Again, a time limit. Like changing bank location Also, if a deed disbands, the advert would get auto removed from the board. Inactive deeds on the list: To make sure that the board does not get filled up with inactive deeds. The board could have a time limit for how long it keeps a listing. I would say that people should get 1 month of advertising before their listing is removed. This could be annoying though to keep on inputting advertising info every month. In which case, maybe the server could keep track of if the mayor has signed in and when. If the mayor does not sign in for 1 month then remove the advert. I think inactivity might be a problem but if you have any ideas of how else you could fix that, then please let me know.
  10. RIght now, there are waggoneers, taking jobs from lowly wurmians just trying to eek out a living. The only skills these poor peasants have is a heartbeat the the ability to drive a large cart. So I say take it to the waggoneers! We should be able to bash their containers! It is made of wood, gets in the way and can be secured. We should be able to hack them into pieces and fuel the fire that is our rage. I suggest we allow players to bash wagoner containers, as they can meddle with the highway system.
  11. Right now you can embark and disembark from 3 tiles away, It removes you as a target also, and you can just keep doing this as long as your horse or cart was the last thing you click. Or MAYBE JUST LIKE A LIL TIMER **mounting** 2-3 seconds, quicker if you have a saddle dependent on ql?
  12. I use Wurm as a fitness programme. I cycle in the air while my avatar is walking, do knee bends while my avatar is digging, raise an arm while she is chopping wood, do push-ups while she is mining and so forth. It is fun and it helps me get back in shape. Of course it is a bit akward having to use the mouse and keybord to move my avatar while I work out. So here is my suggestion: Wouldn´t it be great if we could have some strap gear to trace hand and feet movements and an option to key bind certain movements to certain avatar actions? Maybe also a new way to move the camera. Then we could physically move around in Wurm, which would make the experience even more realistic. I think it would be truely awsome!
  13. farming in wurm online seems lackluster and really bland, the quality of the seeds do not dictate the quality of the crops and you can grow things in the winter out in the open like it was summer or spring, which really does break my immersion a bit, i'm currently growing a small garden for personal consumption, but it would be nice if we had more than just the bare-bones definition of farming in the game, so here are some suggestions from me, you're friendly neighborhood moogle, Kupo! 1st~ Drop crops growing in the winter, this adds another layer to the game, though the seasons are not that long in comparison to IRL, this means players would need to start preparing food for the winter, or storing things away for when winter season comes, towns would need to build granary-like buildings or food cellars in order to last the season 2nd~ make crops seasonal, though some crops grow during multiple seasons, make them bear the most fruits/vegetables during their preferred season, or make them have a higher chance of producing higher quality crops during their preferred seasons (locked by only your skill at farming for example you could never grow a crop who's quality would be higher than your skill) 3rd~ watering plants should be considered part of tending a farm, not just taking a rake to it and removing weeds, watering could also be used as a means of improve crop quality once per day, a small increase for people taking care of their farms properly. 4th~ (and my last suggestion) rain could possibly water crops for you, so on rainy days, players would not need to water crops, but still need to check for weeds. this suggestion will probably be met with a lot of backlash from players who think farming is hard enough, but in truth, it is not hard at all. the amount of skill gain for doing farming is minuscule in comparison to other skills, and a small garden like mine nets next to no exp on a daily basis, but adding changes like these would make farming more in-depth like cooking, maybe even take multiple people to work on a large farm just to keep the work at a minimum, you know, like a real life farm. and in the winter months people would have more open time to focus on other things instead of just growing crops year round. you also already have growing seasons for trees and their produce, why not do it to farming too? Kupo!
  14. Domestication has always been around in real life, a step from mere taming where an animal is actually loyal and more than just a step away from going to kill you. In the case of dogs and cats, it's what defines and shaped our histories together, so it'd make sense to include some form of that in Wurm. It'd be nice to have a trait for animals if you're a certain level in husbandry that you can domesticate them, particularly through breeding submissive and docile animals together. Maybe creating normal cats instead of wildcats and... dogs. Yeah, I'm still thinking of what a step up from our normal Wurmian dog would be. Just a thought. Not really anything game changing, and to keep it from being too abusive, you can make it so that only certain animals are able to be domesticated.
  15. On top of my ever growing wish list I'd like to suggest an expansion to settlements whereby extra land can be claimed away from an existing settlement's land as outpost territory. Example scenarios include claiming a safe camp past difficult terrain, a trade floor closer to a main highway, or a dock at a waterfront away from the town slightly inland. This outpost land would behave exactly as if it were part of the settlement. (Size, border, permissions, etc.) Players would not join the outposts directly. They would not need to have their own mayor or officers. (Unless the settlement became massive!) The settlement token should have a name "outpost token". The settlement token could still be used in many ways the same as the primary settlement token, e.g. banking. Optionally be independently navigatable with highway waystones. Of course such land should not be cheap. It would need various conditions to prevent excess misuse: Cannot be created in enemy kingdom territory and/or maximum distance restriction from the primary settlement. (No founding them right outside an enemy kingdom town!) Outpost territory should cost a minimum of 50% more upkeep per tile than a standard settlement tile. It should also have a reduction (50%?) in its size allowance per citizen. Outposts should have their own deed guards separate from the parent settlement and other outposts, though they should be able to be reallocated. Outpost deed guards should either cost more upkeep or have a transfer fee. I am in two minds as to whether outposts should have their own balance/upkeep though. On one hand upkeep should be managed centrally by the parent settlement, but enemies need to be able to conquer an outpost. On a technical level each village entity would require a "parent ID" field to reference the village ID of which it belongs to. (NULL parent ID would denote the primary settlement territory.) Many properties of the village would of course need to be inherited from the parent settlement. Looks like the Deed Maker mod by Cuddles could serve as a potential stop-gap for this, but that's only available to level 5 GMs, and each additional settlement you make is fully independent. (Not really outposts.) This idea comes from the Towny mod for Minecraft.
  16. Hello, I'd like to request a more precise snapped placement modifier. Currently we the following placement modifier keys we can hold: ALT: Snapped to a larger grid CTRL: Snapped to a smaller grid Could we have a tighter level than CTRL by using SHIFT? The reason I ask that the current small grid either leaves gaps or puts objects half in walls, particularly for large things like planter racks. Another level either 2x or 4x more precise but still snapped to a grid would be very grand indeed.
  17. Would there be any plans for paint fluid? I ask because dye applied to walls only acts as an RGB filter. For example red dye on a wall (roughly RGB 228 27 27 for vivid dye) works really well on most textures as it'll filter out most green and blue, but if you apply white dye (RGB 227 227 227 for vivid dye) onto a wall it doesn't make it white unless the texture already is white. What happens is the original texture just gets a little bit darker. (If you were so hackingly acquire dye of RGB 255 255 255 the texture would look completely unaltered.) Therefore I'd like to suggest being able to make paint fluids if this isn't already in the works. It could be made by taking dye fluid and mixing it with a thickening agent such as olive oil, or even lead to make those poisonous lead based paints. The goal would be so I can have vivid white stripes for my lighthouse brick walls.
  18. At this moment we can only Dye some parts of some cloth equipments, which seems strange considering the number of metal and leather we can actually Paint the whole amor. Full houses and ships, and even giant colossus statues can be painted. So as a Tailor, and lover of the Cloth armor, could we get a way to paint Cloth sleeves and Jacket too? (but specially the red jacket) I bet a lot of Priests, archers and Fashion lovers will love this Tyvm! Edit: I mean for the color to actually be displayed, because we already can paint it (and Im pretty sure my settings are ok)
  19. So now there are going to be unicorn names, is there any chance of tiny adorable unicorn foals? Pretty please? :3
  20. Good morning everyone, Last night, I was working with my forge, and as always, I struggled to find anything inside my bsb. Mainly because there is so much stuff in it (like everything I collected that can fit in a bsb). My suggestion is to add a little text input to filter down the content of the bsb. What do you think ?
  21. I thought of a way to help people help themselves when their animals become stuck in terrain - allow taming to have a short range, comparable to the range of charming. The animal either ignores you, moves into the tile next to you and eats the offering (possibly still not being tamed,) flees, or moves to you and attacks. This would allow people who have animals stuck in mines or on bridges to move the animals without always requiring GM intervention. Deed, branding, cared for status, etc., would still restrict taming success, and player-built structures would also prevent animal movement. If an animal is unable to move due to terrain restrictions, then it clearly should not be where it is in any case, and the server would move the creature to the closest legal tile that matches the deed status of the location it is currently standing on.
  22. Alright, so I've been workin on the idea of making a public deed, an artisan's guild, if you will, and was thinking that it'd be neat to let people be able to use good, rare, and enchanted tools to work on stuff here... But then you run the risk, of your nice tools walking off... So I had the thought, what if we could chain them to a tile, or a new plantable item or something, and then they can't be taken more than 5 tiles from that location, traded, or put into a container, thus keeping said tool on the deed for others to use it freely? I know it's not a perfect solution, as the player could still just hold it in their inventory and prevent others from using it... but still it's a step towards the idea at hand imo *Update* (10-22-17) Wanted to post my new post here for people viewing this for the first time can see that the direction I want to take this idea would be different than the original idea I'd posted:
  23. The compost bin. Put your damaged veggies, fish and rotten food to good use. Simply throw it out in the compost bin for some recycling and eventually you'll get dirt in return, and if you're really lucky you may find a seed! (or something in that fashion) Edit: Increase yield from farmland instead of giving dirt? Maybe make it generate something (like bee hives, but forage-stuff?) over time if you remove weeds from your nearby farms? Made out of planks, shafts and nails. Uses carpentry. Pictures for extra spicy selling point: - N
  24. So I made a sandwich too big to fit in my picnic basket. my instant reflex idea was to activate the knife and try to cut it in half, I mean it's a sandwich right? started thinking that'd work on a few other things too. slicing pizza for example? anyways just food for thought to go with our fancy new food update it'd be great if we could just cut up certain foods into smaller portions to make them more portable please
  25. As far as I know, the current Friend ranking system doesn't do anything, so I think a simple tweak to the Friends list that would make everyone happier would be setting varying levels of detail in relation to your online and server status according to what Rank of Friend they are. I think this would help people who do not want to have other people constantly knowing what server they're on, or what server you were last on. Plus, it would make the current ranking system more useful. Trusted Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Can see what server you're on, and what server you were last on if offline Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Friends Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Contacts Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Other Status: Cannot see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Thoughts?