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Found 7 results

  1. He is currently F2P capped, but has 86 HFC, nearly 40 Farming, Channeling of 40+, and several other useful skills. Great Mid tier priest for someone looking to get their own steady supply of enchanted tools, armors, and weapons. PM on the forums with your offer and we can haggle a bit if needed. Thank you
  2. I know account management has come up before and is probably more work than anyone at CC cares to tackle, but with all the account trading and questions of who is actually running the account, or the desire to have character name changes, what if we did this: One player account - One forum Account - Many characters, which can be added or removed from the Player Account. - All characters can purchase name changes, but you must have a "family" name, associated with your player account, which is visible to anyone via mouseover in any text box, or mouseover of the character when you are face to face with them. - Only 1 email needed, for the 1 player account, regardless of how many characters/alts. - Link Player Account with a real life identity, so people aren't making multiple player accounts, which would defeat the purpose of this system. This will prevent banned people from just making or buying new accounts and using a proxy to bypass the IP bans. - Web Management of the account and all characters/alts in one place. Pay premium for all alts, Pay upkeep on all deeds, buy silver for alts. Setup Auto Pay! How many people take a break, forgetting they didn't put more into upkeep, then come back, only to see everything looted and gone - then quitting in frustration. It is funny how many ways people make suggestions for ways to have CC collect more money and be more successful. We players want Wurm to last and improve. Some things need to happen to pave the way. Better account & character management is required if any growth is expected. Right now, account management is no better than scribbling our fake names on a sign up sheet. A dream scenario for anyone with wicked intent to scam others.
  3. Pretty simple suggestion, this would apply to Chaos only for now as it seems to be the only place people are pathetic enough to abuse alts to retarded extents. People from all kingdoms and sides know that alt abuse is stupid, pathetic, and downright annoying, and almost every kingdom currently does it. When an account dies more than once within 10 or 15 minutes, make them wait a minute or two before they are allowed to respawn again, and increase this every time they die, up to a maximum of one hour. This would mean that if you are a legit player who dies in PvP or near a deed, you are able to get right back into the action. Any legit player is also probably going to be more cautious, and take time getting back to the battle, so this likely wouldn't affect them in any way. But an alt, who dies say, 10 times within 5 minutes would end up with a 20 minute respawn timer. The exact times are of course subject to change and are just my basic speculation on this concept. Thoughts?
  4. Hi! I have a starter Fo Priest for sale. Nothing special, almost 50 faith, without premium time. Only backpack, water skin, 2x hand mirror, 2x ropes and 1ql silver Fo statuette in inventory. Pick up only (north-east Deliverance - Light Side of Force, Green Dog or Puzzle Plaza Market). Female, account name: Varnia. 5h sleep bonus. Skills: Faith: 47.24 Farming: 23.06 Hot food cooking: 10.52 Digging: 19.66 Masonry: 17.50 Cloth tailoring: 19.49 Channeling: 6.03 Prayer: 16.29 Soul depth: 20.30 Starting Bid: 5s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: 30s Extras: Bid over 10s: 500 favor in ropes Bid over 20s: 1k favor in ropes
  5. Hi, After 1.0 update along the happiness of really nice new features, we all suffer from the performance of the new client. Here are some of the main issues: 1. Framerate is too low for 10 seconds after client startup - This caused by the new model format. Collada is not designed for games, so not optimal to parse all xml data at startup, also multi-story buildings may increase the data being streamed at startup from the server. Solution: it will be possible to cache the calculated data, serializing to binary format then deserialize it so no parsing necessary - this would eliminate these kind of problem 2. No way to turn back to non-animated old models Players who need less memory usage, had an option to lower the tree models, visible distance etc. Now with 1.0 the player and animal models stay as high like the new ones, no option to select lower poly or optimized versions for lower graphics settings. Only just the animation phases can be reduced. Solution: add old or new lower count formats and ability to switch back to lower settings. 3. No way to run as much clients as before, in parallel The style of this game allows players to use multiple alts (priests and main char, and now alts for the new servers) parallel. This benefit for the players and for the developers because of paid prem count. Before 1.0 an instance of a client used 300M-500M. After 1.0 update, it now using 800M-1.5G. This will reduce the possibility of multi client play which is bad, because the paid prem accounts will became non-prem some months after 1.0 release, due to lack of usability. Also when the new servers will lost interest, this will happen with the alts on there too (or with the old main chars). This problem also related to point 1. and even if a memory leak removed the client's memory fingreprint is a bit too high compared to other games. My suggestion is to able to use multiple chars inside one client - I know this might be a bigger piece of work but it will worth both from a view of prem players and both from view of the developers (more paid prem accounts and keeping the number of current ones). Solution: This can work to let the possibility to run multiple characters inside one client. Like that way to have tabs or character faces which you can click and switch to the alts. No extra memory needed just a few changes in communication code - using one instance of java wm this can be also achieved to use a shared storage for objects on the same machine. Benefits: the client will load all models/graphics once, use less memory. P.S. I think this is a great game but it can be more user/os friendly. I wrote this thoughs without knowing the current structure of the game just seeing where the bottlenecks are - as an experienced game developer my suggestions may count, please fix me if anything I found is work different already.
  6. Alt-Tabbing

    I know this has been posted before, but it's really bothering me, as well as some others I've talked to in-game. Whenever you alt-tab out of Wurm, it sometimes locks up your alt key in-game, therefore rendering your binds useless until press alt again. This used to not be a problem until the last client updates or two. Tech: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit 64-bit Java, Version 7 Update 7 Build 1.7.0_07 Wurm 3.1.74-4002 [unstable] - Windowed Resizeable @ 1920x1080
  7. I normally dont do suggestions. but i think it would be cool if you could have kids and they would function as alts. but there would be a limit to the amount you could have. most people use alts. so why not add some game feature to them that incorporates them in.