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  1. [Bug] Priests can't build openings

    Can't build bridges as well @Alectrys [18:41:22] Magranon would not approve of that. WTB server update.
  2. Expanding End-Game

    Allowing 100-skilled players the ability to improve (and repair) tradtionally non-improvable items, such as bows that are strung, pottery items that have already been fired, compasses, Bag of Keeping, Challenge Masks and Helms, skull cups, archaeology tokens, whetstones, pelts, etc (just not noob tools).... Also, could make a hunting server with very difficult mobs that you cannot build on, solely used for the purpose of testing new animals, gathering certain end-game crafting resources, etc:
  3. [Bug] Priests can't build openings

    Cannot plan inner walls: [20:07:54] Magranon would not approve of that. Is there an ETA on this? Thanks.
  4. I can't think of any other skill that forces you to read the event log for prolonged periods of time to grind it. I understand you could do the net fishing, but to my understanding, it's definitely no-where near as effective as a standard CoC fishing rod was before for skillgain. And unless it's been changed, I think you only have a 3-5 second window to snag fish, which I suppose sort of makes sense if compared to IRL, but then again, are we really striving for accuracy, or enjoyment?
  5. The only thing I have noticed decaying really fast in a tackle box is the fish related baits, which I think is ok. I've got stuff in my tackle box sitting at 4-5 dmg average when it's been sitting on my floor for almost 2 weeks (minus some of the lower quality lines that I think were actually used for fishing) As you can see though, the fish are all gone from decay. Quality and/or material may help, though. I'm using an 82QL Addy one.
  6. your a gm why dont you just spawn yourself fantastic renamed strings
  7. None of the staff items have been sold, to my knowledge, other than Summer Hats, which, although unique in themselves, are not re-named items. The mask that you saw for sale came from someone who used a fantastic bone on it, and it wasn't for 10g. While I do agree with you, to some extent, that there seem to be a lot of staff items lately, perhaps non-evenly distributed among members of staff in comparison to work versus reward, I do disagree with the fact that they should become more plentiful and easier to obtain. FFIW, 90-95 is not high enough of a skill to warrant it either. I've been toying with the idea of 100-skill accounts having the ability to imp traditionally non-improvable items, but even that might be over-the-top.
  8. [Bug] Spells Keybinds

    Please update the keybinds to include the new and/or changed spells. Below is a list of those that need to be removed, changed, or added. Dragon's Demise Legendary Demise Monster's Demise Purge Focused Will Frost/Fire Protections/Boosts ? Please feel free to post any I'm forgetting. (This might be a Client Bug instead, perhaps?: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/27-client-bugs/) Thanks.
  9. Beverage overhaul

    +1 for coffee and Moscow Mules.
  10. For Auld Lang Syne

    There hasn't been a quest/mission like the Knights of Seris before, and it wasn't the "same people" to solve it alone either. How long did you spend doing it? People have literally spent the past half-year working on it, and upon finding out that someone else solved it, cheered them on. I think your New Years Resolution should be to quit being so pessimistic and accusational. There's a difference between "being honest and giving feedback," and giving actual constructive criticism, in a respectful demeanor. Anyway, Happy New Years everyone, and thanks to the staff for a wonderful unexpected (non-Aussie hours) party at Vrock last night.
  11. Reward Helmets improvable

    Are you sure? I can't imp my plumed helm. [02:23:56] An open-faced round-top helm. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. (It would say improvable with a lump here) [02:23:56] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Xallo'. [02:23:56] Aura of Shared Pain has been cast on it, so it may damage creatures when they hit this armour. [100] [02:23:56] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) I agree with you though on being able to imp reward helms. I had an idea that once at 100 skill, you would be able to imp "un-impable" items, but that might be too complicated.
  12. When trying to construct a sandstone slab floor, I get this message. [18:33:24] Magranon would not approve of that. I am a Magranon priest, but the restriction on building houses was recently lifted. I assume floors were forgotten. Please fix. Thanks!
  13. Hi, could we please let metal bowls hold the same volume as pottery bowls? You can't put anything more than a slice of bread in a metal bowl. Liquids also won't go into metal bowls. Which would you rather eat out of? Well, you have no choice.....
  14. Please allow us to attach a small bell to the fishing rod to help alert us when a fish is nibbling. I'd rather have something in-game rather than have to use an event reader. (Also, maybe give us like 10s to respond, instead of 4s?) Thanks.