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  1. Home (PVE) & Wild (PVP) like the good ole days! Hopefully they're not ran in someone's basement this time.
  2. Personally, I think this has more to do with reputation and character, and less with the removal of RMT.
  3. Personally, I feel that if this is a concern of yours for the sole reason of keeping your deed(s) up, perhaps it would be better to ask about reduced upkeep costs that would benefit everyone instead of trader deeds that benefit the select few who have them (DESPITE the amount of effort that was put into them, or that it has taken to keep them operational). I know that personally I am planning on dropping deeds, including one that I have had for nearly 8 years on Inde, simply because of the upkeep costs associated with it, and the fact that I will no longer be able to purchase reduced coin prices from players. I understand that removing RMT is good for the game and I applaud the devs for taking seemingly drastic changes despite Wurm's history, but I feel that deed upkeep, including decay on deed, should be looked at further, hopefully alongside the upcoming updates and rule/policy changes. With that said, do keep in mind if you are actively playing, it should in theory still be possible to pay for upkeep and premium in-game with silver earned in-game, but I suspect that it will most likely be substantially harder that it is now to do so. I think it's because Retrograde has clarified that account sharing between "one or two" people is ok, and people are concerned by what exactly this means, since "one or two people" could be up for interpretation. What if for example, we have a couple who are playing together and share their accounts, and they for some reason lose access to playing for an undetermined amount of time..... can they in theory have someone log into their accounts to ensure everything is ok? I think it's these kinds of things that need to be set in stone, is all, before people are comfortable.
  4. I think the quality of the Freedom Beacon is 1 tile of influence, radially, per 1QL. Its influence reach also seems to depend on if there is a Beacon of Jackal nearby, and its quality.
  5. Pelts!!!

    There's a rat spawner at a Freedom Beacon just a quick hike from the starter deed. I think it's just out of local. For what it's worth, I failed a ton of rats/lions/cats near where I set up, but ventured out South and eventually butchered a couple. Now, I moved out to the outskirts of the server up North, and there's tons of pelt mobs around...... (I also learned the server is HUGE)
  6. Still attacking through cave ceilings, etc, as well, as per this post that was locked and marked as resolved.
  7. 1v1 Challenge

    @Tedzogh I'll challenge you to a spar and I'll use a shortsword! You can use whatever weapon you want.
  8. Are your tools high enough quality? So your tools would need to be roughly 42.5QL, or 43-44QL as the Wurmpedia suggests. Also, the Wurmpedia suggests that you may need slightly more skill than what's posted on the table. Since the whole number is 81, it might be actually a bit higher.... more towards 82?
  9. Shortsword with a Small Shield. How do I dig tar with a slope of 275 with 13 digging?
  10. Just to re-iterate @Egard's slightly early post above. Thank you all for voting. It's really exciting seeing all of the commentary, and I'm excited to finalize all of the artwork based upon the winning option. Option #3 was chosen by the community, with Option #1 behind, so we will create the military tent with this in mind. We will also, at same time, fix up any quirky problems with the voted set, and ensure it will not have any graphical issues. We will also keep in mind any criticism for all of the options, and hopefully you will all be happy with the final results! The winner will (hopefully) be announced in conjunction with the next Valrei International, along with the implementation of the PMK graphics. Again, on behalf of The Crusaders, thanks everyone!