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  1. Hell Horses work exactly like the way you described in your first sentence. Making them tankier would make it worse than it is now. I think the simple solution is to just do a piece of code that says if horse takes damage, then re-check its speed instantly, making it slower the moment it gets hit.
  2. I am not sure if it changes anything, but try disabling Experimental Packs. You could also try disabling the other two to see if it helps.
  3. The Crusades: Coming to a town near you!
  4. Works for me. but perhaps it might be because you're in a BL template PMK, and I'm in WL (specifically MR) PMK, if that matters.
  5. No, I never have, and never will. I think it's a stupid mechanic, and as I said earlier, it should be punishable. I gained the 120+ I have from PvP, and PvP only (other than the Religion one I started with).
  6. I feel like this should already be covered by this rule:
  7. It's something that's always bothered me. Affinity farming is stupid and should be a punishable offense.
  8. As title suggests, a handful of artifacts do not leave deed because they have no incentive to leave deed (mostly the utility ones). I'd suggest adding some passives such as: Charm of Fo = Fo Non-Aggressive Passive Finger of Fo = Path of Love "Healing Hands" - Healing Hands is a passive ability that gives the player a 50% bonus to healing actions. Mouth of Vynora = 0 Food/Water/Nutrition Loss Eye of Vynora = Sixth Sense Passive Ear of Vynora = 50% less loss of vesseled favour when using a gem It will make somewhat useless artifacts more useful, and give an incentive to bring them out of the deed where they could be lost.
  9. Allowing 1:1 transfers is almost necessary now that Epic players were allowed to bring their accounts to Freedom, and vice versa. A lot of people that I know who played on Epic transfered to Freedom and plan on grinding out their [3x] for the stat gain, and then continue grinding on Freedom because it will transfer back freely. Now that the devs have pushed for allowing Freedomers to go onto Epic without skill loss 24/7, the same should be done from Epic to Freedom. Otherwise, as long as two PvP servers exist, players will be "split" to both, as they were before (though maybe despite your assumptions, a vast majority already did play on both clusters, but they can do so now with less accounts to worry about). What will make it better for both clusters is if people can do grind on either of the two clusters without fear of one of them being completely obsolete from the other. If that's the case, then they will chose to grind on the server where they can copy/paste their skills to the other whenever they want. By allowing people to grind their skill on either cluster, then there's inherently much more of a potential for people to roam on either server as they don't need to grind on Freedom if they play on both. And as I stated before, there is a rather large difference between the two PvP servers/clusters..... but if need be, I think it can be merged into one large PvP server.
  10. What's the age? The older it is, the harder it is to tame.
  11. Yep! The action speed could stay, if it doesn't effect skill-gain (if skills are gained via action speed lengths, then it doesn't necessarily matter much). Otherwise, just remove the action speed too.
  12. I think Epic is pretty much dying as far as crafting/roaming is concerned. It's been only a week or so since the patch, and LOTS of Epic players moved to Freedom/Chaos, with for the most part the only reason to jump back to Epic is to investigate deed alarms, hota, etc... The reason for this is because it's POINTLESS to grind on Epic now. Nobody is going to grind on Epic first, and then jump back to Freedom via portal and grind there a second time. Roaming is basically not ever gonna happen anymore because of this, as a lot of people are going to be hanging out on Freedom to grind (because you can bring your Freedom skills to Epic 100%). http://elevation.wurmonline.com/mrtg/paying.html (Down 80 from last week. Most of these are likely mains, and not alts) On Freedom, it takes a day to get 50+ skill, which curves up to 70+ on Epic..... and fightskill takes a day for 70FS (on Xanadu). It's not difficult. Suggestions: - Epic should have the same skill gain as Freedom (OR, A FORMULA SHOULD EXIST TO TRANSLATE SKILL GAINED ON EPIC, TO FREEDOM) - Keep epic skill curve as it is "to help newer players". - Skills should transfer 1:1 between Freedom and Epic. - Give new players 10 hours of sleep bonus to "help them" (because it's apparently very difficult for new players to start PvP). - Epic exists as primary PvP server for those who want to play with the new Epic-only features. It's more about combat, and less about land-grabbing. - Chaos exists as secondary PvP server where you have the potential to win more, but also lose more. It's also more about land-grabbing. Thoughts?