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  1. The Tomato Republic's new spring collection is now in stores!
  2. Could there please be a client option to turn off dragging into containers on the floor? I keep accidentally dragging stuff into containers when I don't mean to (when I select the wrong item, for example, and drag it out of the way so I don't move it around in my inventory). Thanks.
  3. I'd like two Tall Banners and two regular Banners. Can you deliver to B16 on Xanadu? Thanks
  4. Sure, let me go hunt these fine mobs that obviously give very good weapon skill. Also, maybe I'd like to kill more than, you know, some scorpions, crocodiles, and the occasional troll. This is Wurm, not Australia, after all.
  5. Yes. It would be a great way to end a day of hunting!
  6. I'd agree if it wasn't so unequal. People DO get lucky with their personal goals. If everyone had Demi-God, basically nobody would have won the game. Why do you think people keep repeatedly creating alts with easy achievements to spam wins, as if winning once wasn't enough? To be honest, that is MORE alt abuse than killing alts for affinities was, and I have no idea why it's not being looked into as such. I know I keep bringing this up, but if I'd have had imp an item to 99QL and 10,000 items in a trash heap I'd have won the game months after the system came out. Some of us are stuck with achievements that literally require two diamond achievements to achieve. For example, Planeswalker requires Arch Mage (diamond), and Ascension (diamond). Sure.... Arch Mage is doable on Freedom, but Ascending? No.... And if that wasn't enough, you have to do ANOTHER diamond achievement! So basically, some people need to get 3 diamond achievements, one explicitly requiring Epic, to win the game, where others just have to craft and throw some sht in a trash heap. Perhaps if Demi-God + Planeswalker was removed from the personal goal system, it would be a bit more fair. I think there's just a lack of balance in the achievement categories where some of them should be Platinum or something higher than Diamond..... (Also, make Fantastic Bones count for the Fantastic item....)
  7. For Xanadu definitely, so there's less of a desire to server-hop to get from one side of Xanadu to the other.
  8. At least it's silver vs diamond, so the potential is there for it to work. I wish butchering Fantastic bones would count for that achievement..... You could have Planeswalker, where prior to Epic having skill transfers from Freedom it was basically impossible to get Planeswalker if you were a Freedomer who didn't play on Epic..... Not to mention, Planeswalker is two diamond achievements in one (Arch Mage + Ascend).... WHY is it yet another Diamond achievement (previously Epic exclusive), let alone a personal goal when let's say, imp something to 99QL would actually make sense for a Freedomer? Devs, can we please change some of these horrendous goals before you destroy the chance to get a nice Winning the Game reward?
  9. Can we trade? You can have Planeswalker and I can have Arch Mage please.
  10. Hello, can we have an update? This "Become a Planeswalker" is blocking me from Winning the Game. Arch Mage is already a Diamond achievement (and I believe Ascension is?). So why is there two diamonds required to get one diamond? Come on.... (Also, can you even Ascend anymore???)
  11. I really feel like recurring suggestions should at least get a dev response. Here's mine from over 5 years ago about the same exact subject, with a perhaps mechanic associated with it: +1 , of course!