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  1. As the title suggests, allow us to scrap leather/drake/scale armour pieces for a 5-10% weight loss, by using something such as a pair of scissors on the armour pieces. This would primarily serve as a way to allow people to change the signatures and/or colors of their drake/scale sets without having to collect enough hide to re-make an entire set, but rather just a fraction of one. Pieces would be required to be completely unenchanted, and it should have an action timer, and perhaps a skill requirement (90+?). Rares and above should most likely not be allowed to be scrapped. Thoughts?
  2. Could I get the 102 BoTD Trowel if you still have it? COD to Xallo please. Thank you!
  3. https://independence.yaga.host/#457,3354 Deed: Muspellsheimr Kastali https://independence.yaga.host/#426,3329 Obelisk: Mantra of Song https://independence.yaga.host/#486,3283 Shrine: Reliquary of Water
  4. Could I get a room for Xallo/Moirai/Hellroth please. I'll be providing all sorts of Smithing / LW'ing and Magranon casts. Thank you!
  5. If I've calculated correctly, I believe my deed on Xanadu is roughly 6300 slope above water level. I haven't build my church yet, but that would be higher, maybe 6.8k or so. Here's some old pictures of its construction https://imgur.com/gallery/FgLBt More progress has been made, although it's not quite done yet. I believe using a fishing pole inside a boat will tell you the depth in meters. Just multiply this by 10 for slope.
  6. I wonder if it would be a better business model to automatically spawn the items in a premium character's inventory once the event starts, instead of forcing them to log in when they may not be around for the duration of the holiday / event.
  7. That makes sense, but I would gander that quite a few people may not realize that, nor even know what the server time is. If that's the case, it should be made more clear. Previous updates / special events have included a time, but it seems this one wasn't listed, hence the confusion on the "until the 20th". Here's an example of one during Christmas which listed the times it would be active: Being consistent on that would be great and very helpful moving forward.
  8. Could this be made more clear on future updates that until the 20th (or whatever date) doesn't include the 20th, and also a time? It's still the 19th in my time zone, and the Valentine's gift is no longer active upon logging in. 😐
  9. Could we get some explanation on when it was decided that this was a bug? To my knowledge this has been used extensively in the past, and it was assumed to be an intended feature by many. In the instances prior to Prawn's removal of two deeds on Chaos the other day, it has never been rectified. I'm happy this is finally being classified as a bug, but it's quite a few years late.
  10. This is why I'd disagree with the suggestion. Either no, or allow lockpicking of containers off-deed on Freedom that are somehow flagged as disbanded / haven't been opened in a month or two.
  11. Some good bug fixes, but definitely disappointed with this: The caffeine changes are also very disappointing. Do we still have to log off to regain restlessness?
  12. So now that the update has been pushed back until Thursday, I think it would be a great idea to give the community some insight on what your final plans for caffeine are, whether or not you have taken any of the community's number of pages of feedback into consideration, and if any information collected from the Test server has been used for tweaking the final changes. I'm looking forward to seeing what improvements and tweaks have been made since the original posting. Hopefully all of my planter racks are still handy! 😀
  13. Personally, I don't mind doing a bit of testing, but I feel it's in vain as a lot of features seem to get implemented regardless of feedback in the original way they were intended and coded by the developers. I just feel like this whole caffeine update is going to be exactly that again, so I feel it's a waste of time to test this change this go around, especially when I have some grinding left to do before said changes are implemented.
  14. Came here to say the same thing. I like this system as it, and would disagree with the intoxication change. There's some quirks with it, but this is by far one of the best systems in-place for casual players who like to get their grind on every couple days.
  15. Certainly one of the best $20 I've spent lately on a game.