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  1. Lets tell a story...

    @Niki do I look like I have an orange peel on my head?
  2. Goblin Leader

    Props on making it public. Might attend if I have time, thanks!
  3. You can attach minedoors, repair and/or build curbs/walls while inside caves. Perhaps it would be smart to stop "crafting/building" actions when entering combat? Alternatively, just stop actions from being continued if you started them outside a cave, and vice versa.
  4. When aiming on someone and they back into a cave, you get the finishing action bug where it doesn't go away until you're extremely far away, or get into combat again. Unsure if it's the same with shield bashing.
  5. Let summer hats be cloth.

    -1, they are unrepairable, so they need a sort of buff to make them useful.
  6. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Wonderful changes!
  7. Sleep bonus and animal protection when you have more than one animal led. Maybe a hitching post is all that is needed, for now at least.
  8. Screenshot mode

    I'm always up for an increased render distance on anything/everything, and more detailed land beyond local range.
  9. Is premium per account or per character?

    It's a relatively new thing, and it requires the account to have never had prem before, including bought prem off the shop. Perhaps it doesn't include accounts created prior to the change?
  10. Current and future PvP works

    Exciting times! Can't wait!
  11. When you need solid bridge support

    TFW you realize you didn't need to level the outer 4 corners on each tier, probably saving about 10k dirt.
  12. Xanadu map gone?

    I've informed@jackjones. I'm sure he'll fix the issue soon.
  13. End of 2017 Map dumps

    Is there any possibility of getting bridges added to the dumps (much like a lot of the WU ones have)?
  14. Are you seriously complaining about bias when you are/were part of a kingdom that has had numerous divine interventions in their favour? Did you forget Rolf's quote saying something along the lines of "Mol-Rehan is the best Kingdom" 1: White Light relocation: Rolf Jannson‏ @RolfJannson The White light in my opinion will be owned by the best kingdom, Mol Rehan. 2: Artifact Reset, and the addition of re-charging: (Good suggestion @Rudie, but it was during a period of JK dominance. ) 3: Almost forgot, but what about.... SPARTA? Let's not bring kingdom bias-ism into this argument. To be honest, if you cannot provide constructive feedback without constantly blaming developers for having bias/conflicts-of-interest towards people/kingdoms (or vice versa), then please refrain from posting.
  15. 1: There are plenty of people commenting in this thread about wanting positive change for Wild (aka Chaos) who have played for over 5 years, on Wild/Chaos, and Epic as well. Besides, who gives a * when someone started playing on a particular server, or what server they are coming from. You don't get automatic entitlement for having played on a particular server that bars everyone else's argument invalid. What matters is if you're currently playing there (or not), and are trying to push changes to bring more people in. This is how Wurm, in particular, the PvP environment, will survive. And we want that, don't we? 2: Here are some timestamps of /who during some random months during the period of which I believe was the most population / active PvP on Wild. Yes, I know it isn't covering all timezones, but we can even add another 50% and I don't think we ever had 150-200 active daily. I think at best, we'd average no more than 100 (not including alts): 2009 2010 2011: 3: Trust me, Wild/Chaos accounts have value, and still have more value, than most epic accounts that converted over, so as long as they grinded, and continue to grind, during Epic's creation (and destruction?). Epic skill-gain was "for the most part" converted fairly into 1x skill-gain, so any argument that claims Epic accounts are BETTER than Freedom accounts JUST because they came from Epic are pretty much obsolete. Basically, as long as you put the same amount of effort into grinding skills, your account on Wild/Chaos would be the same as an Epic account. Keep in mind, Epic accounts also had their meditation paths revoked, so they still had to work their way back up (half a year or more?) to SoTG. (Also, are we forgetting Tomes didn't cross?) To give some account examples: Dadd and Gavin would be comparable to accounts like Bix and Gary. Bix and Gary did the same, if not more, grinding on their accounts than Dadd and Gavin did, but they were subjected to the meditation path reset when crossing. I'd expect their skills/stats to be relatively equal on Freedom simply because they put relatively equal amounts of effort into skilling their accounts. Keep in mind, their Tomes did not cross, so they had to put even more effort into that than a Freedomer would have. Furthermore, the high level requirements were already a problem long before Epic was allowed to transfer skills to Freedom. Don't you remember all the discussions about this previously? TBH, the skill-level difference isn't the issue, so don't try to make it one. The issue lies with the ridiculous money/luck/waiting in relation to meditation, tomes, and drake/scale. People wouldn't give a crap about dying and losing a set of studded/chain/plate, compared to scale. The only reason this wasn't an issue before is because people wouldn't instantly COD a drake/scale set over to Freedom to try and flog off for top dollar. They'd wear it instead, and probably die with it to keep the recycling nature of armour (and weapons) on-going. TLDR #1: Who gives a damn where someone played/plays/doesn't play. It doesn't matter. Quit pretending it does. TLDR #2: Wild/Chaos has never had a huge active playerbase, but has always dwindled around ~100. (The map doesn't support much larger). TLDR #3: Epic accounts did not have an easier time grinding, their skills were converted, and the issue does not lie with the transfer of their accounts, but rather with meditation/tomes/drake/scale. Anyway, I think a good start would be to implement Epic's armour code (which I will call basically a re-vamp of pre-ff), then we can have our discussions about what else to do.