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  1. Coffee

    My coffee bois:@zethreal @Noizhead French Press vs Italian Percolator vs Traditional Filter vs Packaged Instant Also shameless Wurm suggestion plug:
  2. New Server Hunting Only

    +1 of course.
  3. WTA Supreme Strange Bone

    Private bid of 60s.
  4. WTA Supreme Strange Bone

    Starting Bid: 50s Min. Increase: 5s Buyout: 1g Sniper: 1 hour from previous bid Private bids will be posted here. No reserve. (3PM Saturday, 29th September, Central US)
  5. It's easier off-deed, and with keybinds, but just stack up actions and run inside/outside while the action is performing. Pulling seems to works better.
  6. When trying to load up an "enemy" (not my own) Large Magic Chest, that is unlocked, off-deed, I get this message: [16:13:14] You are not the owner of the large magical chest. I believe it's an unintended and/or overlooked feature/bug. Thanks!
  7. Hunting Server

    This would be really great with animal cages now. Think of all the possibilities.....
  8. Been awhile since I bumped this I suppose.
  9. As OP states, locating someone wearing nolocate jewelry over 500 tiles away lowers their cast power. I think it's an oversight. Thanks!
  10. Lets tell a story...

    @Niki do I look like I have an orange peel on my head?