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  1. Theoretically, sniper protection protects for x amount of time each time a bid is placed, not after the auction is over. Despite any childish behavior, the bids should be valid, but with that being said, it's up to the auctioneer to decide whether or not he/she wants to accept any bids...... Bad decision on the auctioneer's part imo, but ultimately up to her.
  2. To a degree it very much so is, which should be accounted for if the skill is still within that range.
  3. +1 I could get behind this (at least on deed and in caves). Off-deed and outside of caves just at night.
  4. Bump!
  5. Please give a deed permission / setting to allow lamps to stay lit on a deed, either permanently, or timer based. With the new shading system, I can't see anything in my house, or parts of my deed in shaded areas... Thanks.
  6. Does it happen with other HoTS wagons? Does the wagon have a size or volume rune on it? Does it happen on ground floor / not from bridge to house?
  7. I'll be there! Most prominently offering 99 LW'ing and 99 Carp, with some other lower 90's and 80's skills. I can also offer 80 Toymaking if someone wants 80QL puppets for some reason..... I'll be sure to bring over a crate of 90QL leather when I come.
  8. Bump.
  9. Try this. It's an older album, but there's still some decent screenshots.
  10. The stables and farm are finally done! Imgur album for those who are interested in my insane mountain-top deed construction project:
  11. Apologies. I checked my death tab logs and never saw the death so assumed it was a mistake.... Digging further into my event logs I see a close log + start logging with cast back into light at Kyara. That must have been the time my power went out! Oh well, disconnect death sucks, but what can you do. Anyways, sorry for the off topic, but I didn't have a clue I actually lost it on Kix. Good luck with the auction, and hopefully someone can make good use of this helm! Also, it's a shame it got deleted from the wiki.....
  12. Bump. It can take 10-15 minutes for hot dough to turn into a bread. This is annoying, and leads to the requirement of having like 50 stones just to make a round of sandwiches in a timely fashion. It used to go instantly when the ingredients were hot (and I suppose I understand it might cause lag issues.....), but now it literally takes forever in comparison now. Can we make it a bit less.... severe maybe?