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  1. It appears the coordinate system does not work properly anymore, meaning if you open a link that has coordinates, it doesn't open. It just opens the map up.
  2. @Samool This is what happens. Is there any particular reason why System and compressed memory is taking up so much?
  3. It's a bit ridiculous I know, but when I try to run a fair number of clients (let's say 6), Windows will come up with an error message saying running low on memory or whatever... which is cool I understand, but.... Without warning, it will just close clients, no messages whatsoever. Sometimes it tells me that you should close a program or whatever, but then out of the blue it just auto closes a client, or two. Is there any client issue for why it does this, or is it just Windows doing it? Maybe the client reserve for 1/4th of max memory per client? Thanks. Windows 10 Pro, 64 AMD Ryzen 7 1700 16GB RAM NVIDIA 1080 GTX
  4. Working on implementing a new CBD entry for Highways and their sub items as I feel the mechanics justify the new entry. Perhaps a CBD entry that explains more mechanics than just Highway? https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Complete_DB https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Highway https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Highway https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Catseye https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Waystone Working on adding the latter three to Category:Highway and filling in the item pages.
  5. Yay map dumps! How often will they be done now?
  6. Because the highway system is meant to 'protect' a roadway, not disallow people coming to my deed. In fact, I love when people come visit my deed, hence why I am making a highway to it. But, if there are certain people I do not want on my deed (because they are known to be griefers, etc), I don't care if they go on the highway, as long as it's protected, which it can't be if I want them to be KoS'ed on my deed.
  7. I still do not like this. It was brought up multiple times but shrugged off saying it will not be coded differently. It was suggested to allow terminus deeds the ability to have KoS enabled, but leave deeds with highways going through them KoS disabled. I don't see the harm in it. As it stands, I can either now have my highway griefed because it potentially cannot link to a major highway yet, or I can have people I don't want walking all over my deed because I want to protect my highway until it is properly linked to another highway. Could I please get an argument against why this isn't possible, or not desired? Otherwise it's a great update, but it sucks a lot of people won't use it because of the above issue. (Unless I am reading it wrong, and you mean 3 tiles into perimeter? As long as it'd count as a highway properly then, but I'm guessing it doesn't.)
  8. Hello, just a quick suggestion about dual wielding. As it stands, your off-hand swings about four times as slow as your primary hand. Why don't we either.... A. Increase off-hand swing timer to half that of the typical swing timer for that weapon type, keeping damage at 100% across both weapons. B. Increase off-hand swing timer to that of typical swing timer for that weapon type, but hit 50% as hard as typical for that weapon. I think it either of these solutions would work. You could sacrifice your defense for a bit more of an offense without being completely pointless. Thoughts?
  9. Apologies, was busy at work. Are you still accepting bids?
  10. You mentioned 1hr sniper. I bid 15s on #3. 50 minutes after last bid.
  11. 13s on #3
  12. 10s on #3
  13. Assuming WU is the same as WO, when you drag items into a toolbelt and save the belt, your playerdata.txt to the corresponding character should update with lines such as: toolBelt5Slot8=-1 toolBelt5Slot7=-1 toolBelt5Slot6=1176118476407554 toolBelt5Slot5=-1 toolBelt5Slot4=446605413057794 toolBelt5Slot3=1693190193922 toolBelt5Slot2=365680041922050 toolBelt5Slot1=4838449605510402 Where -1 are empty values, and the long number is the itemID of the item that you dragged into it. Buuuut.... there might be an easier way to do this as a GM. Hopefully that helps!
  14. Not sure if it's been posted anywhere yet, but when I snuff the lantern in my inventory, both my client, and another client, can see the light source still. Unstable client, by the way.
  15. It happened again. It seems to happen when I place a T arch somewhere randomly in the air on like the 3rd floor on a tile that does not have any walls/floors below, and is a large slope.