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  1. It might have to do with the sun/moons? Does it only happen in the evening (in-game)?
  2. Animals crossing to Chaos

    Yep, can confirm as well. Also, it seems animals that were tamed prior as Freedom come over as Freedom, but untamed, so you can just re-tame them no problem to fix it.
  3. Red Dragon

    @Westhamer , I don't think you understand the complication of trying to roll out the loot fairly when there are literally over 200 people in local, with people not wanting to claim alts as their own as was asked. It's easy to say in a group of 18 people that loot can be shared equally, but it is not possible to do that any other way than rolling out loot among the fighters only when there's hundreds of people and their 20 alts attending the slaying. The easiest and fairest way to handle the loot is to take the list off of Niarja and see who actually killed it, and roll it to those people. He was going to do this, but people started complaining in local after he created the list, so understandably, he just rolled it to the people who were left in local who were patient enough to wait for the rolls. I didn't do anything to search this time, and I'm perfectly content not getting a single thing from it, let alone scale/potions/achievements. It's generous that he made the Red Dragon hunt public. In making this entirely public, which is EXTREMELY RARE, he helped a lot of people finish their goals, and get some pretty nifty bloods from it.
  4. Red Dragon

    [20:05:06] <Kochinac> if you live here appy to the group so we can all hunt happily instead of fighting over it Keep in mind, just because something spawns on "your server," it doesn't automatically make it you or your group's unique. Nobody is required to join anything, and you shouldn't be fighting with people because they found something before you did. Competing over something is fine, it keeps people on their toes, but getting shitty over it and crying about it demanding people join XYZ group to participate in unique slaying is stupid. The whole you're either with us or against us attitude is very bothersome, to say the least. Thanks LordLouis for the public hunt. It was fun.
  5. Bump! Limited time only! Get two items Runed with a Moonmetal Rune for just 5s! This includes unlimited tries until a rune is attached! ANY KIND OF MOONMETAL RUNE. An already great deal of creating and attaching until successful, now cheaper for a limited time!
  6. small beside table no container anymore

    @Alectrys I cannot open a Small Magic Chest placed on top of a Rectangular Marble Table. I did not have the open option while it was unlocked, but after locking it I do have the open option now, but it doesn't do anything.
  7. LF Sme Priest

    Can you travel?
  8. Just to add to the bug, I created the first Seven Flower Pizza on Xanadu, had the recipe named after me, and it now is Wulfmaer's.
  9. Please Lock

    There's nothing wrong (or troll-ish) with someone discrediting a claim of one-of-a-kind. Don't be spiteful because you might not make as much as you would have without his post.
  10. Mirrors on Traders

    B U M P
  11. The red cherry

    If we collect all the tomes can we just get all of the debuffs removed. Then there's an incentive to collect even the bad ones then that literally serve no purpose.
  12. @Retrograde Basically any weapon, mask, shoulder pad, canopy bed, etc.
  13. Achievements difficulty.

    Have you guys tried fishing a 190kg fish? It's pretty much impossible, even with high fishing and 95QL willow rods. 1000 Marlins, and another 4000 to go? Fish QL doesn't seem to be taking into consideration your skill, ffiw:
  14. More happy customers showing off their beautiful gear!