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Found 142 results

  1. Just an idea from another game I play where they have their own official client from their website, and another one that can be downloaded from steam to play the same game. Both clients also connect to the same official servers. That would be awesome here because we would have WU and WO in steam, be able to access both, when people would play WO, they would have friends see that they are playing, and go play themselves. (so on, and so on.) Benefits: 1. Good PR and get the word out there. 2. Possibility to set up steam shop to pay for premium or silvers (future developments) 3. More players in WO.
  2. Let's finally get rid of the ugliness of forge's and ovens sticking through the floor. Please add the model and and option to convert these items to shorter versions: Because this is annoying: Due to this:
  3. Thource's Minimap Mod adds a detailed minimap to Wurm Unlimited. Features: Above ground and underground rendering Terrain (Including elevation with shaded relief) Water Houses Bridges Fences Minimap dots Creatures (coloured by status) Players (coloured by rank first, then status) Resizable (between 128x128 to 512x512, Zoomable (scroll up/down to zoom in/out, Settings Set tile size (between 1-32 pixels) Enable/disable north-facing mode Enable/disable elevation rendering Enable/disable transparent water rendering There is extra stuff that I wanted to add but I'm running out of motivation, so I've decided to release this now rather than wait. I'll add more features in the future. Planned features: Deed overview (will require server to expose deed data in JSON format, Sklotopolis does this) Circle minimap frame Minimap mouseover information (Display which tile you have highlighted, name of creature/player, etc) Customizable NPC markers Colour by NPC type Disable specific NPC types Big preview window (ability to view the full 302 tile square centered on the player, zoomable and pannable) Improved quality when zooming out (currently looks a bit janky when zoomed out) Contour line altitude rendering Source and download instructions: If your game crashes while loading, try reducing tileSize in the properties file, this mod is quite performance heavy and lower tileSize numbers will reduce the load.
  4. I have been noticing Wurm running slowly and momentarily freezing whilst doing my usual archaeology and then restoration. Tonight it was unresponsive for probably over a minute whilst I was hunting for fragments. SO I decided to open Task Manager to see what was running. My Wurm client usually has 3 things going on: But I notice that every so often the console is activated, a process called "Lists the current running tasks..." appears (very briefly), and the number of background processes increases: What is Wurm doing during these times? and why is it causing a micro-freeze to the game each time it happens, whilst I am playing it? I admit I'm feeling a bit spooked because yesterday I loaded my Comodo secure shopping basket, and it wouldn't continue because it said another computer was accessing my computer remotely, and there was a chance I could be watched. I logged out of Wurm and tried Comodo secure shopping basket again, and it was fine, no warning message. To double check, I closed Comodo SSB , and loaded up Wurm, and then finally opened Comodo SSB again and got the warning message again, so just a heads up in case anyone is having problems with Comodo secure shopping basket and Wurm together. Thanks!
  5. White Christmas Client Mod - Wurm Unlimited After changing seasons were implemented into Wurm there was only a small chance of white christmas anymore. Previously in the early days of Wurm it was only but always winter during christmas. White christmas in Wurm was a common thing and all players were looking forward to this time and were hyped for Santa to arrive at the spawn towns. Therefore, we want to bring this time back to Wurm Unlimited and introduce the White Christmas client mod to you. This mod will override the current season clientside with winter around christmas. We defined christmas time from 23rd of December to 1st of January (including start and end date) every year. Similar to how it was before changing seasons were implemented into Wurm. This mod requires Ago's client modloader that can be downloaded from GitHub: To install this mod simply put all files into your mod folder of your Wurm Unlimited Client, similar to every other Wurm Unlimited mod installation. This mod will have priority over bdew's no winter mod, therefore bdew's no winter mod will stop working after applying this mod. You are using this mod at your own risk! Please report any found problems as a GitLab issue, I will look into them. In case you find any problem please include as many details as possible and screenshots of the problem. Download client mod: Settings (optional) By default this mod will overwrite the season from 23rd of December to 1st of January (including start and end date) every year to Winter. Outside of this time range the normal season of the server will be used by default. However, there are multiple settings that can be used to lock the season outside of the christmas time range. The following settings can be adjusted in the properties file: #0...Mod disabled #1...White Christmas then normal seasons (default) #2...White Christmas otherwise locked season (eg. no winter). -> Lock season with seasonLockValue (default summer) seasonModificationValue=1 #This parameter requires the seasonModificationValue to have the value 2, otherwise it will have no effect. (Locks season outside of christmas time range) #0...Winter #1...Spring #2...Summer (default) #3...Fall seasonLockValue=2
  6. I've seen reviews, and know the basics (Wurm is a very slow, rather difficult, sandbox MMORPG)––but I want to know what I should expect. I'm trying to get the launcher to work, so I'm just looking for some prep during that time. Speaking of getting the launcher to work, I keep getting this error: ------------------------------------- Translated Report (Full Report Below) ------------------------------------- Process: Wurm Online [86747] Path: /Applications/Wurm Online Identifier: CCAB.WurmLauncherApp Version: 1.0 (1) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: launchd [1] User ID: 502 Date/Time: 2022-07-12 21:46:24.8342 -0500 OS Version: macOS 12.1 (21C52) Report Version: 12 Anonymous UUID: C70BF92F-B702-1F15-FBEF-9134515D21E3 Sleep/Wake UUID: DFDC49DB-E3A0-458B-94D2-18AD25BB78B3 Time Awake Since Boot: 580000 seconds Time Since Wake: 1378 seconds System Integrity Protection: enabled Crashed Thread: 31 Java: Thread-5 Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Application Specific Information: abort() called
  7. So, I'm a new player & I really want to play Wurm online. However, the game isn't functioning and I cannot play. Firstly, I downloaded the client off the official website, but couldn't get it to work. I'd launch it, it'd start loading, and then say "Wurm Online Quit Unexpectedly." Same thing happened when I downloaded and used the steam version, which is what I want to use. I have no idea what to do and other posts have the same issue but no clear answer. What should I do?
  8. I guess I've probably held onto this privately for a bit too long, considering how relatively harmless it is. Here you go. Before After For use with Ago's Client Modloader. Download (Google Drive)
  9. Hi! I've made a modification on top of Tomgr's third person mod (, mainly to address a couple personal gripes I had with it, but also with the intention of improving it further. Current improvements: Fixed headbob causing the camera to do funky dance moves (v1.2.1) The camera now rotates around the player, instead of the floor (v1.2.0) Stopped xoffset skewing towards the center when pointing the camera up and down (v1.2.0) Doubled the maximum zoom out range (v1.2.0) Possible future improvements: Save config (enabled, zoom level, xoffset) ? If you're coming from Tomgr's version: The toggle command has changed from `toggle tp` to `tp toggle`. These mods are not designed to work together, this mod is a replacement. Please remove the other third person mod when you install this one. Rotation preview: Source and download instructions:
  10. Today alone my steam client has now crashed 5 times, each time with no notification, error message or error code. This happens almost daily and has been happening for months. Hopefully devs see this and work towards getting it fixed. EDIT: It just happened again. Log: end of edit.
  11. [RELEASED] Live Map Sponsored by Razors Edge (Ages of Urath Saga) server This is a client mod. Requires client modloader * Download livemap-<version>.zip * Extract livemap-<version>.zip into client folder (the jar should land in mods/livemap/livemap.jar). * Enjoy Issues * The buttons are ugly as hell * The 3D view may scroll out of range when walking up a high mountain * Your dot may end up behind a mountain in 3D view
  12. I am trying to launch the Test, Old UI, Live, Live low memory and all give me the same issue. I can not even close out fo the error box I have to kill the process.
  13. This kind of falls under suggestions and town square related. However, please allow client side modding, this allows something that in the future instead of the devs dealing with some simple visual thing it out sources it to an external modder. This way the dev team can deal with more important things like fixing bugs etc... I'm sure plenty of us here who do programming or have ideas for visual client side only features, but don't want to bother the devs with them; we could do them and share them with others. I understand the concern with not wanting to deal with people trying to do macro'ing but as a start, just make it where you can't activate an item with a client side mod and that would solve the issue (in my opinion), and see where it goes. 1 example of a mod I would create is adding a counter to stacks, so instead of opening up a window, it displays a number somewhere on the screen of a rock stack that I'm mining, or number of items in a tile. ( see my point, pointless for the dev team to implement, just a nice to have that I could throw together with a client mod in my free time... etc...)
  14. I may be well on the way to becoming the board's dunce here. Got another question, or series thereof. (Cross-posted to So I've got a couple of mods on my server, and have tried to install the necessary files on the client side. The mods are Bdew's Halloween, and the hitching post (not sure if it's his). They work fine on the server side, but I see only default graphics on the client. So I made sure to update the serverpacks and ago's modlauncher files from github. Then I ran patcher.bat. Yet I still see only the default graphics. After a post by someone helpful, I tried adding the relevant files to my \mods folder, but.... no luck. Things I tried: Adding, \halloween and \bdew_sever_mod_tools to the \mod directory, with in the \halloween directory. Patched, but game would not run. Last four lines of log: [06:08:15 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Reading mods\ [06:08:15 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModLoaderShared: Reading mods\bdew_server_mod_tools\bdew_server_mod_tools.jar!/META-INF/org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader/ [06:08:15 PM] INFO org.gotti.wurmunlimited.modloader.ModInstanceBuilder: Classpath: [mods\bdew_server_mod_tools\bdew_server_mod_tools.jar] [06:08:15 PM] SEVERE org.gotti.wurmunlimited.clientlauncher.DelegatedLauncher: org/gotti/wurmunlimited/modloader/interfaces/WurmServerMod Re-validated Steam files to clear the patch, then added, \halloween and \bdew_sever_mod_tools to the \mod directory, with and halloween.jar in the \halloween directory. Ran patcher.bat, but the game would not run when I tried it. Last four lines of log were exactly the same. Re-validated Steam files to clear the patch, then unzipped into the \halloween directory (and removed the zip file). Ran patcher.bat, but game would not run when I tried it. Last four lines of log were exactly the same. A screenshot of someone's working directories/files would probably help. I have a peculiar twist of mind that makes me ideal for writing precise instructions (I do it for a living), but following anyone else's less rigorous explanations leaves me floundering in a mess of "did they mean this or that?" or overlooking an assumed but unstated instruction. Here's my starting \mods directory before the sequence above.
  15. Client Mod Loader Installer I have put together an installer for @agoclient mod loader. I created it because a lot of player have issues trying to figure out how to install it and get mods running. I have some client mods included that you can choose from when installing. Let me know if you would like other client mods included with this installer. Updated as new mod loader versions are released. Features: Installer has been written from scratch using NSIS Supports many different languages Choose which mods you want to install (all mods checked by default) Automatically runs the patcher after install if you choose so (it is recommended that you choose to do so or the mods will not work) Uninstaller included Mods Included: Improved Compass Custom Keybind Time-Lock Live Map Improved Improve Custom Client Render 3rd Person View Scanner Bright Caves Archeology Groups Skill Gain Tracker Better Tooltips Future Release Plans: I plan to release a version that will automatically find the correct install path for you. If anyone knows how to do this already, send me a PM here. I have the NSIS script included on the GitHub page. Windows Download: HERE
  16. Sometimes when adding items to an unfinished complex item, the unfinished item disappears from the crafting window and you have to drag it back in again to queue more crafting actions. The already ongoing actions finish without the item in the crafting window. It doesn't happen every time, but often enough that it's noticeable.
  17. Sometimes I become unable to type in game, in the Steam client. I can still use hotkeys and even press Enter to focus the chat input field, but when I try to type nothing happens. I'm not sure, but I might have used the Steam overlay prior to the bug occuring. Restarting the client makes it work again.
  18. This is a client mod. Requires client modloader This mod transfers messages from arbitrary chat tab(Village chat for example) to Discord channel.. Also there is a way to print the list of online players to Discord. Setup instructions: Install mod following instructions of Ago's Client Mod Launcher Modify the file. This file must contain the discord bot token, the name of discord server and the transfer list. Example: discordTransfers=Village->villagechat;Alliance->alliancechat Messages from village or alliance chats will be transferred to corresponding Discord chat rooms - villagechat and alliancechat respectively 3. The Discord bot must be added to the discord server and have rights to read and write messages to the chat room. 4. Read online manuals of how to get Discord bot token. That seems to be a nice tutorial. 5. Download a java library from here and copy to the directory where WurmLauncher.exe file lies. How to use: In the game console type "discord on". Any messages you get in configured chats will be transferred to discord and vice versa. If someone will type "!who" in the discord chat room - the bot will answer with the list of online players in corresponding chat tab. The timeout is 10 seconds. "discord off" in game console will turn mod off. "discord info" will print out every transfers you configured
  19. Hey all, First up, full credit to the devs for winding back the minimum OS requirements. Awesome work. UPDATE: This issue has fixed via an update. After installing the new native 10.8+ Mac launcher that dropped this morning, I seem to get caught between the splash screen and the game world. I'm not even entirely sure how to explain it. All of the GUI elements appear, but instead of seeing the wonderful land of Xanadu, the splash screen remains. The cursor shows the text "Cave Wall" (as I am presently in a cave) but moving the cursor produces an effect very similar to the cascading cards on the win screen for MS Solitaire. Resizing the any of the GUI elements produces this same effect. Switching back to the purely Java launcher, I am able to successfully enter game. Even noting the moved and resized GUI windows. As yet I am unable to determine if this is a build issue or local computer problem. I've tried very little and I'm all out of ideas. Of note: This occurs in both Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen and full-screen modes. I've tested 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1024x768 resolutions. Disabled GLSL support. Unselected 'Optional PMK Graphics' (Stabbing in the dark.) My dedicated Wurm Box: Mid 2010 iMac macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) with all current OS and Java updates. 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 8GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024MB on-board graphics. Any thoughts?
  20. Hello everyone! After last update 1.6 my character's (and other players in my vision) textures become gray, and game map turns into white mess without any texture. When i click on "show player" button in character equpment window, game client always crashing. What i should do to fix that error? I really need your help with that problem! And forgive me for my english :3
  21. Goodday to all, As title mentions my client will crash with a javaerror, before further detail some pc info: Processor: Intel i7-4790k CPU 4GHz Ram: 16 GB, 64bit Nvidia Geforge GTX 970, latest build Java 8, latest build The client can run on the lowest settings (no animations, no glow of rares etc) untill a female toon pop up. Taking ingame screenshots will also crash the game. The link below has a crash log for F11 crash, crash log with female toon in local, a normal start and exit (without any toons in local) and a picture of the fps i get from a dxdiag and both setting folders i used during these crashes. This isnt the first post about this topic, several people already had a go at this, all previous methods had no succes in overcoming this error. The java version is 8 and on the latest build, drivers are on the latest build aswell, the error keeps happening when ever a female character loads in or the LoD is turned on or most of the otherwise disabled settings in the "med working" config are turned on.
  22. Ok, sometimes (seems random so far) the landscape and sky white out. Hard to reproduce. I just have to wonder around till it occurs. Or, in some cases, it just occurs when I don't have my Wurm window on top. The following vid happened only when my Wurm window was not on top. It occurred inside Teeebomb's Tall House, in Cornersville deed, on Indy server. This was since the update today, this sort of thing. When this was happening, I had a setting on my adv graphix tab named, 'use normal mapping' checked. I have since then unchecked that check box. Now am gonna monitor this, see if I get any further such white out flashes. Will post updates here. Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB Update. This does happen, even w/ m graphics setting 'use normal mapping' unchecked. Is quite disorientating when riding along on a horse.
  23. I cant download the game i press the play button on the website and then i download the client to my desktop. I checked my java according to suggestions on the forums and try to launch the client. It looks like its launching and i see a little box with a java icon showing. i see a java application on the task manager working. then both the box and the application disappears. I am using a Lenovo laptop. Could you please help me because i have been looking for a fix more than a year now and i realized i could ask here. Thank you. "Edit" By the way i dont know if its the right place for this topic or not i apologize if i am mistaken. "Edit"
  24. Hello, I have tried and tried to open my client that I downloaded from main page. All I get is another client. They are just explorer tags. Do not even look like a game client. I registered and created a character. What can I do? Thank you.