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  1. going back to the topic of the new player experience, i have noticed that new players trying to use the ingame recruitment boards to find a deed to join and they are always empty because nobody uses them to find new players. and when asking on ca help they are told to use the forums which works sometimes but its slow and often recruitment topics are years old and havent had any replies for months, which makes the game look dead. i dont have a solution for that but that is a real problem. a problem with a much simpler solution is the wierd names of the chat channels, would it be so hard to change the names of the channels on pve servers from "ca help" to just "help" "freedom" to "server" and "gl-freedom" to "global" ?
  2. il add something, could you use the map dump to add the very obvious bridges that arent on the map yet? for example from,3501 to,3501 the map dump shows the raised pillars there that are the fundations for a bridge. (i have also sailed trough there so i know the bridge is there.)
  3. no, light and dark are the themes on the new UI, ironwood, classic and classic lights are the old themes ironwood was the newest theme for the old ui, on the old ui only. this is the classic theme this is ironwood both on the old ui that they are retiring soon.
  4. afaik the themes were for the old ui, the new ui has a light and dark theme, but ironwood, classic and classic light are the old ui ones.
  5. the point is if you want to do that you can, if you want to not have search bars everywhere i cant do that.
  6. its still there occupying space on all my windows, thats how. i dont put hundreds of diferent types of items on the same bsb or fsb, why would you?
  7. nobody wants to take it away from people who use it, we dont want to be forced to use it.
  8. im trying things out,when i tried lowering the scale before the toolbelt "hitbox" (the position of it when you moused over it) didn't scale properly, that seems fixed but i still see some problems. even with 100 opacity the backgrounds are still not solid, they look like the old ui at 50% opacity, specially the skill tracker and the settings menu background. the background also toggles itself off anytime i log out and i have to toggle it back when i log in. this is what the old ui one looks like with 100% it wont let me move the fight / target window all the way to the right border of the window, it stops when there is still space to the right.(it just wont move further right.) the list of names on the chat window cuts off long names. even at 80% scale looks like scaling doesn't affect how that works. the fps and movement speed numbers are much harder to read: the scaling down really destroys the toolbelt icons and the compass.(the toolbelt and compass would be fine if they didn't change with the scaling.) and last for now, there is no way to turn off the filters for categories and search bars everywhere. i never needed to search for anything or filter any categories but i have to keep bigger windows to make room for those things.
  9. i tried showing the same view with the old and new ui so its easy to see the diference old ui: new ui: its like everything takes twice as much space.
  10. i noticed the timeline missing the first big event i remember in wurm , in 2010 there was a big crisis for horses dying all over the freedom server which lead to the "care for" for animals adds as an emergency solution to stop people losing all horses. at least thats how i remember it happening.
  11. i dont know about others, but for me the reasons i use the old ui is that the new one fill 60% of the my screen with things i dont want and will never use but cant be turned off. please let us disable the filtering and search bars. if that doesntt change il have to retire with the old UI.
  12. can we now turn off the filtering things and search bars on the new UI? if you havent done that, for me not having the old ui means i cant play anymore.
  13. # What happened i tried to light a forge that had been lit before but i expect to be unlit by now(examining it said "not lit") and when activating steel and flint i got the option to snuff it and had to snuff it to light it again. this are the logs of the order or events # What you expected to happen i expected to get the option to to light the forge when activating the steel and flint without having to snuff it first.
  14. dont know where you got that one but its clearly a work in progress of my first deliverance template, i am the only one who saved copies of the old map dumps? anyway i have the original with no marks on it still on my dropbox. and on full size, thats why i had to use dropbox, other places didnt allow me to keep the full size.