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  1. if you dont even understand the diference between imping buildings and tools i dont know why i bother to respond but here i go. ill tell you from my experience having over 90 or 95 skill in all gathering and most crafting skills, strings of failures don't just happen at any skill level. you don't seem to get that i used one of hundreds of things that would be affected by this, and i used the idea of low skilled players building a knarr because i did it myself so its not a "deception" to make them think they have a chance, they do have a chance,if they have more time than sense, like i did. thats why wurm was great. now il listen to my own forum signature and go back to being gone from wurm. see you in a couple of years when i feel like checking the forums again,if you and wurm are still around by then.because the OP is right about one things, a lot of "veterans" dont like changes made in the past, thats why a lot of us are not around anymore.
  2. did you watch the video your posted? its not related do your suggestion in any way. maybe im missing something but it seems to me like this would end up with all servers flat and at sea level if your suggestion was implemented. you say this wouldn't remove mountains, but it also wouldn't restore any mountains. as much as i disliked Shrimpiie, even i wouldnt want him to have to spend trying to make land look more fresh. but i would laugh a lot of he had to do it. EDIT: to make another point clear, even if this was done and it worked perfectly, this may be great for you,but it would be a bad thing for many other players, who understand that they idea of "natural land" inside a videogame is always nonsense.
  3. yeah i think everybody can see what you mean, you want an easier way to abuse flawed mechanics, instead of a fix so they cant be abused.
  4. .let me be the fool that bothers to explain things further again. that's only true if you don't think about the consequences this would have in everything else. for example right now the hard caps for starting and continuing most items are very very low, because the chances of someone with 20 ship building having the patience to finish a knarr for example are very very low, and if you do it, its so hard that you deserve it. if this was implemented hard caps would need to be created and adjusted for almost everything (except for high end items added in the last few years,because those already have them). ┬┐how would improving items work if you can never fail?
  5. so this would either make things faster for high skilled players and much slower for low skill players, or will make things slower for everybody. somehow that doesn't sound great.
  6. wow, i didn't realize this solves such a huge problem, there is a small chance that 1 person ever in the story of wurm could have possibly needed this. know i understand why this was so important.
  7. i understand what its supposed to do, thats why it makes no sense. there is already a system in place for emergencies. the only case where this helps anyone is for vanity "challenges" where people decide to abandon their gear and see if they figure out how to build everything again, AND they don't want to use campfires. unless my memory fails me and you need to light campfire after you just made them, then it makes sense.
  8. I dont know if Devs here are so used to thinking in wogic that they can not longer figure out how to make things simple.why all those steps for the new feature? here is a crazy idea, how about making it so we can use woodscraps or kindling and nothing else to light things directly, make steel and flint obsolete, problem solved for everybody.
  9. nevermind that, learn how this work if you havent already,set all the keys youll ever need one time and be lazy all day long. learn how it works and then ignore the guides suggestions for keys, because they are terrible.
  10. there is a 0,00001% chance that you will log into this game more than once. how is that for hardcore!
  11. probably wont look like this anymore but this happened. double riding unicorns. another little trick that i bet most people dont remember now is that you if you are sliding off a cliff with no stamina you can balance yourself in the middle of broad trees,and rest there to get stamina back. this could save your life in some situations.
  12. i tried to get in, but sadly failed the "dont be a noob" and "be awesome" tests, so i will have to stay a homeless peasant. (yes, that was a joke, not a good one but still.) Great people and a very nice place.?
  13. not only does this not have anything to do with this topic, it also sounds a lot like ######,a year ago or so i went back to a place that i deeded and disbanded in 2014, NOT 1 but 4 years later, and most of the walls were still there,with very little dmg, the forges on the mine still intact and pretty much everything else i left including a 1ql coc grooming brush, even that didn't decay in 4 years. if you think wurm has a problem with decay being too fast, you are just a fool. add this and bring back the old times vehicle savage mechanics+ lock decay for abandoned vehicles and you may see a big reduction in clutter.
  14. im almost offended that you thanked Nicrolis and nobody else.