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  1. how does that answer the question shrimpiie asked? unique related gear is a very small part of "dominating the market", if you have been focusing on getting the skills and mats to sell wagons from the launch of the servers for example, or ship building, or making toolbelts by the time any unique loot is sold, you will be super super rich. people getting full sets of drake or scale armor seems insane, that would just make it worthless very soon. i dont know about the random distribution or how to do it but people getting whole armor sets from one unique sounds terrible. you expect "noobs" to hire mercenaries to trap uniques? wouldnt it be better to really finally make them imposible to trap? make them not able to enter caves, or whatever it takes to make them not trapable.
  2. you dont need to pay for a templar to find out that you dont need templars, all you need to do is snuff a lamp you just made,plant it on deed anywhere, fuel it with tar once and light, it will work forever and turn itself on at night and off during the day. no templars, no oil and no barrels.
  3. the wiki has problems, but they have nothing to do with WU data, the problem is that moving from any player that applied being able to have a wiki account to only staff members dedicated to editing the wiki doing it, drove away most of the editors who seems to edit things based on data and experience and left us with people who just read changelogs and add things based on that. the are things on the wiki right now that are proven to be inacurate or that everybody who played when they were added knows they are false and have always been false, but stay there forever. the easiest example is "needing a templar and an oil barrel with oil in it to keep ondeed lamps on" which was true once 7 or 8 years ago for a couple of hours, because people complained so much they reversed it the same day they added it.but even CA´s still quote it as true, because its still on the wiki.
  4. correcting myself because i got it wrong, candy cove is more like "864, 316".
  5. Candy cove deed at "864, 296" may be a little wrong its my guess.
  6. i made a lot of map templates and mantained a lot of maps()after darkmalice left) before the new thingy that everybody likes now. but darkmalice is gone and as far as i know he was the only one who did good map drawings.(until he went nuts and did those super complicated maps.) looks like someone is already starting one of those new map site thingies people like nowdays with the ingame map as a base for now.
  7. [16:24:36] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  8. dont we need a map dump to come out first? or are you taking the ingame map texture and using that? i dont know which one is more acurate but and dont look the same Harmony: Harmony_zoom:
  9. people say there are no wild horses left.
  10. now that the german and russian languages have their own chats, the other one is quiet almost all the time, so maybe we dont need to hurry and open 17 more for other languages. but yes the suggestion on this topic could help people talk a little more.
  11. now that traders cant buy anything, is there any reason to still have the draggin items down step for trading? as far as i can tell the only reason for that was selling to traders, which is now no longer a thing, so having to drag items down to trade with players just makes trading annoying.
  12. 33ql rare iron chain gaunlet. Starting bid: 2s buyout: 10s
  13. as we do more terraforming it turns out we have too much space on deed!! we are looking for a few more active friendly players. come join us!
  14. same here. restarting my computer made the client load correctly again but i get "conection refused" when i try to log in.