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  1. when you reset the password using your recovery question it resets it for all characters on that email, and tells you the names.
  2. maybe diferent types of animals having diferent sets of traits would be nice. and actually fixing spawns. before adding more animals that we never see, because they never show up anywhere.
  3. i dont know why but trying to response seriously to your "suggestion" this in practice just means i can accuse you of anything and make this duel challenges everyday and have ingame logs with my mountains of false claims against you.
  4. but in practice digging to a small cart would just be worse than digging to a pile. so nobody would use it.
  5. The settlement of Prospero has just been founded by Tpicant. 645, 822 more or less, im not great at figuring this out.
  6. you dont seem to understand how it works. after you reach 20 skill you get 1 attempt to gain skill every 30 minutes, you cant keep trying, either you get skill or you dont, then you wait 30 minutes and do it again. doing it 20 times this morning doesnt make sense.
  7. auction ended, you won. il try to contact you ingame or on pms here. delivered with no problems.
  8. Starting bid: 32s buyout: 45s Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour it can be picked up at m/n 22 on harmony, or i can deliver anywhere on harmony.
  9. it would be nice to see this implemented in some form. whatever the details end up being, it would be nice.
  10. Kings Coffers

    of course those are linked, everybody knows that and nobody has ever denied it. what isnt linked is the non-coin rare forage results. keeping what? are you not aware that draining money from traders hasnt been posible since long before you made your forum account?.
  11. Kings Coffers

    your trader stories sound hilariously fake, but this is now solved.
  12. 1 sailboat in stock, current ship order should be done tomorrow,ask you want to be next, ask now!
  13. i didnt say that to mean this shouldnt be fixed, i said that because obviously if turning it into dirt solved it, that means it really was the sand that was the problem and not that it was really always picked clean.
  14. i seen the problem, and tried those tiles everyday for weeks, always picked clean on sand until i changed them to dirt, then i started getting fragments.