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  1. it is now posible to pack and pave tiles far below water level and that is great but it is not possible to cultivate those tiles if you pack some by mistake. the only way to cultivate an underwater a tile you packed by mistake is to pave it and destroy pavement. when you try you get the message "The water is too deep to cultivate here."
  2. if i wanted to censor it i could have just removed it without asking, i opened this topic to figure if some of those things that i think need removing were still useful to people. something else im not sure about is that the rowing boat page has a security section that talks about how it comes with a lock when created and it can be moored, but it doesnt explain how to moor it using a mooring anchor. the security section is gone from other ship pages but maybe it should come back and have a line or two explaining how mooring works? the ship page doesnt explain how to use a mooring anchor either. also about which keel section affects creation diferent pages say diferent things, some say "Quality of active keel section affects success chance for creation." one says "The quality of each of the keel sections affects the chance of being created" and another says this "the quality of the passive keel used in creation largely factors into % chance" . il try to test which of those is true and change them. or just redirect to the keel section page for creation chance information instead? Edit: not sure how to deal with this either "*20.10 [[mind logic]] is needed to command a small sailing boat, so [[premium]] is required." should we change? make it more like "20.10 ming logic is needed to command a small sailing boat, so having [[premium]] at least once is required. then adapt it to every other ship too? Edit2: for now i edited the Vessel details sections for rowboat,sailboat and corbita to try to use the same wording and order for the information on all of them. added "everybody can drag" to rowboat page, since it said nothing.
  3. i proposed this some time ago. just not telling people that they can disband faster doesnt solve the issue, somethings need to change so people dont even need to ask.
  4. when? if its stuck on shallow water or because you were afk and "crashed" into land you just turn around and dont even need to disembark. and even if that didnt work, you could push it which doesn't have any body str requirements.
  5. looking at the individual ship pages they clearly need a big rework to remove and move things so the same info is on the same place on every page but before starting on that can we agree on a few things? all pages have the "Str need to drag and empty XXX" somewhere. and i remember that having to drag ships was something that happened all the time when i started in wurm, but its been so long since that was a thing that i dont even remember why, and nobody needs to drag a ships today when they get stuck so can we just remove this? is the old "Hold Capacity: >20,000 Volume (100 rafts)" needed for anything nowdays? or is it just useless now with loading? the Caravel page still has this on it wich i know its a big nono for the new policies "*Caravel can be started at 34 with a 35ql keel or better, 6% chance." BUT the knarr page has this instead "Knarrs show in the creation list when cogs are between 13% and 14%, and Corbitas are at 25%" if that second line acceptable for the anti info policies? should we reduce all of this "*Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded. **This includes ships whose damage percentage would calculate to bring the quality below 10 (eg. a 12 quality ship with 17 damage calculates to a ship below 10 quality). **Repairing a ship can sometimes result in the ship retaining a quality above 10, thus being commandable once again." to just this "Ships with a quality of less than 10 cannot be commanded." the rest of that is just obvious. should depth requirement be removed since they are on the Ship page table? the sailboat page says this "Weight: 140kg (Everybody can drag)" but the rowboat page says this "*Unfinished, Missing One Peg - 855.40kg *Finished, Estimated - 855.50kg" the rowboat has to be wrong. arent both rowboats and sailboats the same capacity as a small cart? their pages have diferent useful quantities and loadable items lists. thats all for now.
  6. the skilltracker moves after every restart, maybe this is because i want it to be very close to other ui elemenents? usually the toolbelt. setting player animations to "walk only" seems to be bugged the same way "none" used to be, it shows all animations not just the players and mobs walking animations. the chat and event windows dont move close enough to the bottom if the window, so there is always a small annoying gap between the windows and the bottom of the window if you place them at the bottom.
  7. Farewell Old UI

    farewell to Wolfey and farewell to wurmpedia. where? this topic? looks like after the treasure hunting update budda and the rest stopped looking at the client issues thread. before that they were responding and fixing things.
  8. dont worry they can edit the options later. change the no to yes and yes to no, and now they won.
  9. this change is already a middleground between the way it was before and changing the waiting time for conversions to 30 or 60 days.
  10. you can spawn nails,planks and shaft using the test menu and you dont need to move since you can keeep investigating the same tile forever once you find a place with a deed in it, so i just made an lsu and a small barrel rack with a small barrels when i was testing.
  11. il take 3 clay tile removal liquids for Tpicant please.
  12. the "walk only" option on player animations is broken and does the same thing the "all" option does. it should use only the player movement animations(instead of the player and animals just hovering above the ground.) but it shows animals dying, doors opening and closing, trees falling and everything else.
  13. to be fair, the "improved using xx tools and materials" was supposed to be used only on pages of items where the tools and skill do not match, but it seems to be used on everything now.
  14. yes this was my mistake i had a blade too and got confused. it was a full knife. the name of shields and other items being wierd is annoying but yeah we could live with it if it comes from a bigger problem.
  15. ok i done some more testing today with all fresh fragments and i still found some issues: first the beer stein fragments still have no material and no model, so when dropped you see the old missing model question mark bag. its a bug a reported before here. the name of some items is inconsistent about where the material goes, some have material before the name of the item while most have it after the name of the item. easy to see in pottery items. but out of the metal fragments category this happens with the small metal shield too: if you are working on runes making sense i found this on a carving knife blade: and this on a rake: and i didn't get enough amphora fragments on test to check out if you already fixed this but you should check the runes amphoras can get, most of mine on live server get "10% more likely to become rare when imped" or "10% bigger ql increase when imping" but amphoras you get from arch cannot be imped. maybe they should get none if nothing makes sense.