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  1. if you dont want people to say you are whinny there is a very easy solution to that,stop doing it. do you not understand how horribly wrong the opening of xanadu went? and by that i mean how the people that really farm traders,made tons of money from a bad implementation of the changes to traders. you got me all wrong,i not only didnt pay any real money from traders,i had premium from january 2012 to october 2015 pretty much all the time with one or more accounts and one or more deeds without paying any money,and even making some money, sometimes i owned 1 trader,but even when they made money they werent really worth it for me,i had a lot of time and there were much faster ways to make money even back then, now with all the new ways to make money it got much much easier, TLDR: if you think what happened with traders and the new ways to make coins that got added stopped or slowed people that played this game for profit,you are naive fool.
  2. keep editing what you said to make it seem like im the bad guy and you are the victim,that really helps your case a lot. its been a long time since i left celebration and it was sadly because people like you outnumbered people like Nomad.
  3. i also seen this happen in many mmo┬┤s that no longer exist,because it was true and they did die off.
  4. you know how easy it is because you did it. and you know perfectly well that doing things like that and then pretending others did its why i never liked you. i hate people that cause harm and then pretend to be the victim.
  5. dont worry,looking at how everything its going im sure soon theyll change it so you gain skills when you die instead.
  6. yeah from people like you. but since this is going nowhere, il say that the funniest part of what is said in this topic is that this idea of "old players" being elitists, its what i used to think about people like elwood,alyeska and her husband, totally forgot his name and im pretty sure i misspelled hers.
  7. so one more nerf to meditation knowledge path? you think it wasnt nerfed enough moogien?
  8. i been part of deeds that tried to "force" every person into a diferent role and that created many problems. thats sounds like a bad idea. for example if 1 person its doing all the cooking,nobody else will learn how that works or get any skill in that. GV "closed" for a reason.
  9. what an amazingly biased and closed minded way to look it things,so before knowing anything about how it works you just decided that it must be wrong,and it will always be wrong no matter what. i would say there is at least 5 sides on this discussion,but you already said that nothing can ever change your mind so why bother. dont worry youll get what you want, Wurm will die and another game will come along eventually. but like everything in wurm its death its taking a long long time.
  10. it was a mess after i was gone and people like you screwed it up,what i terraformed was great. but thank you for proving my point anyway,that the current terraforming you did could be used and enjoyed be someone or just destroyed by idiots,or probably both, thats just how things go.
  11. i think the problem its not really about the starter towns but the sorrounding areas being so empty because of bigger maps and more spread out population or lower population per server than before opening so many servers.when i started back when freedom had 1 server there was a lot of people around,in fact so many people that you had to walk 10 minutes from the starter town to find any not deeded land,which caused other problems for new players,but thats a diferent topic,bottom line is this problems would solved themselves with more players.
  12. no i didnt add any sand,you have no idea what you are talking about.
  13. have you even read the first message on this topic? because this sounds like you just read the title. obviously you are totally clueless about how traders work now and how they work before and know nothing about the diference between having a trader and trader farmers.maybe you should learn how things worked and how the abuses happened before you talk about what could or couldnt stop the abuse. i known people that did farm traders, and even worse than people farming their own traders was it was posible to find an abandoned deed about to disband that had a trader nobody knew about and farm the trader for yourself, or in the time between alliances been added to wurm and the nerfing of traders sometimes it was posible to "take care" of traders on abandoned deeds in your alliance and use some of the money made from the trader to keep those abandoned deeds going so you could keep farming their trader,that really is abuse and it should be stopped, at least the first case i mention here. but the biggest missunderstanding you have is that somehow you think that the bigger your deed is the more profit you make or something,so lets make things clear,the people that used to farm traders and made tons of money from it,did it by having lots of minimum sized deeds,with the building with a trader in it and nothing more, and having an alt that logs in the day of the trader reset to collect the money and set the ratio pay some upkeep with the part of the trader money and pocket the rest. and never log again until the next reset.a bigger deed always meant less profit. because the trader in your minimum sized deed where you paid 1s a month for upkeep made exactly the same amount the traders in huge deeds made. i do agree with @Etherdrifteron something,if what you want its people to have traders open to the public instead of closed of and them getting some benefit from it being open,maybe make it so when someone buys one of the items that currently put money into the trader inventory that then either goes back to the person who spent the coins if they know how it works,or to someone else if they dont know how it works,which is alsoa diferent kind of abuse. instead of that make it go to the upkeep of the deed where the trader is a citizen. and dont worry me and many others already took your advice before you gave it and left the game after a series of bad decisions by the this wont affect me in any way,but i played wurm for longer than any other game and its a shame to see it die because the devs keep listening to a very whiny minority.
  14. because the people complaining are not the same as the people abusing the system. do you think veterans players are just single minded entity?
  15. most of it,when i was a newbie people ordered things like 200k dirt, 2k support beams,tons of insane amount of bricks and stuff that youll never see today.making money was easier and they spent it easier. 1%?