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  1. are you using the classic wurm theme? sadly "new" (new meaning anything that came out after 2014.) features only work on the ugly as hell Ironwood theme. you can check which one you are using near the bottom of the "game" tab on client settings.
  2. i could do a remake ,updating whatever features need changing on the template change the map dump and whatever else needs to change to bring the map up to standards but i cant be trusted to continue the day to day updates. im gone from wurm. i just check the forums sometimes to see how the maps are going. so if anyone know about about the basics of Photoshop or some other program to do the day to day updates you can pm me or whatever and il do that and hand it over. and if you dont need me thats fine too
  3. MORE PEOPLE ADOPTING MY TEMPLATE!! WOAHAHAHAHAHAH! BTW you may want to modify your link to give people direct link to the image like other map topics do. your current link : direct link:
  4. seems to me like egard its just saying that he is working on it to stop others from even considering it. but what do i know im just the guy who saved celebration from having to use this for a map. be glad nobody bothered saving Quiglen´s map attempts!
  5. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    learn how to read.what im complaining about is that the "solutions" proposed in this topic arent solutions at all there is not 1 topic ever started by me complaining about wurm. unless you count bug reports.but if you are going to say that every decision they ever made worked out well (including the ones the took back a few hours later) then you are just clueless or blind.
  6. The Wurm Online Market Overall

    i have a very realistic solution too: Step1 : we build a time machine for Budda. Step2: he goes back to 2010 and rethink every decision they made since then. Step3: we profit¿?.
  7. The beauty of Wurm winter

    thank you for this topic yaga, good bye to you all.
  8. i got 3 skiller tools, very cheap and very good service.
  9. Change fourm name?

    you could just make a new forum account, and stop using this one.
  10. i guess it would have to be an optional thing,so people who like the current way it works would keep doing it that way. but sounds good.
  11. One Year of Wurm Online

    looks like things didnt change that much since i started, i also had a lot of problems trying to figure out what the hell to do,other than walking around in the very crowded areas around freedom market in what back then was the freedom server. the server names may be diferents but the same problem. have fun and enjoy your stay
  12. Weird idea about MMOs and religion

    so this is a very long nonsensical way to mix appeal to popularity fallacies with last thursdayism.
  13. Delish - A Deliverance Marketplace

    ¿T23? so this is on the north east of the pendelton peninsula?
  14. Traders and economy.

    if you dont want people to say you are whinny there is a very easy solution to that,stop doing it. do you not understand how horribly wrong the opening of xanadu went? and by that i mean how the people that really farm traders,made tons of money from a bad implementation of the changes to traders. you got me all wrong,i not only didnt pay any real money from traders,i had premium from january 2012 to october 2015 pretty much all the time with one or more accounts and one or more deeds without paying any money,and even making some money, sometimes i owned 1 trader,but even when they made money they werent really worth it for me,i had a lot of time and there were much faster ways to make money even back then, now with all the new ways to make money it got much much easier, TLDR: if you think what happened with traders and the new ways to make coins that got added stopped or slowed people that played this game for profit,you are naive fool.