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  1. i think the difference is that "/openchat k hello" for example opens kingdom chat tab and sends a message on it (the same thing /shout does), using /ca just turns on or off the ca help channel
  2. this line is what this suggestion is about ,slayers getting more blood for themselves without having to give up anything, and nothing else. so why all the lies to make it look pretty? just say that this and nothing else is what you want, that would at least be honest.
  3. of course all tunnels are at risk, reinforcing walls reduces the risks but its never supposed to be 0% Edit : or maybe it is intented to be 0% but then it never worked as intended.
  4. do i consider that private slayers being able to buy more bloods with more fake public slayings whenever the feel like the need more blood for their own items is a good thing? No, nobody but the people that benefit from that think its a good thing.
  5. No one has provided any good reason to do this changes, so why would anyone bother giving reasons against it. Edit: NO "i want to have my cake and eat it too" isn't a good reason.
  6. updated the map to add the tunnel and fix the roads around it.
  7. you may want to edit your title to make it more clear.
  8. maybe to make it a fun thing make it so you can craft the duplicate token using any small token +marble shards or something?
  9. there it goes [16:09:48] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Kimbinga in less than ten minutes. enjoy
  10. nobody hates the current policies more than me but i also do a little editing once in a while, i think the staff would recommend that you write this as a standalone guide, like this examples : and them maybe link it to the external links section on this page that should avoid it being deleted. Edit: also tristanc does make a good point. its better if you explains thing for everybody to understand.
  11. i dont know if they do spawn, but in my experience that kinda of mission accepts any animals of that type that you kill. so in this case killing 5 random mules would complete the mission.
  12. if you really test out something nobody has tried before i will be amazed. good luck with that.