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Found 42 results

  1. Sklotopolis - PVE

    Sklotopolis - Play Wurm how it was meant to be played Website: Livemaps: Sklotopolis has many unique features which remove most of the hard grinding. This makes Wurm even more fun to play. We have a Wurm Online style economy with big market places where people can sell their items to other people. There are many events where you can earn items, rare armor and coins. With our servers we hope to give you and us a fun experience playing and surviving together in the big world of Wurm Unlimited. Down below we have listed a bunch of the features our server we have: PVE: Server specs: -3 Servers -200 Slots - two 4096x4096 maps - one 2048x2048 hunting map The Team The Team is playing Wurm Online since now more than 8 years and this mostly excessively. Furthermore it also happens that both Dominikk and myself are versed in programming and specially Dominikk has already impressively shown some great features. Combined we have a service record that pretty much covers every server and gameplay aspect, we slayed Dragons on snowy peaks, fought great battles on land and see, laid siege to impressive fortresses, made a living as merchants, worked as a low level staff member for some time, hosted events and constructed dozen of villages. This experience gives us a really good understanding of how this game works, not just mechanically, but also how it can excite you every time again. Dominikk, Sklo, Engineer Everyone is dedicated to make this work and guarantee the best wurming experience. Dominikk is working as Linux and Windows server admin for a living and is determined to keep your progress save. He put down a backup plan so you can see how serious we take it. Data Safety Backups will happen every 3 hours daily and every Monday there will be a weekly backup. They will be stored local on the server in Germany and all backups are transferred to a server in Austria about 800km away too. Further more we keep daily backups up to one month and weekly backups up to 6 months. So if something goes wrong we likely can restore ingame items up to 6 months. Below you will find a feature list of implemented features, new features will be added time by time. If you got ideas and recommendations visit our Forum a give us a though there. Features: START WITH: 20 in all skills & 21 BC to ride horses 30ql Leather Armor, Long Sword & Shield Pelt, 4 ropes, waterskin, pendulum, compass, sickle, +Normal starting tools and equipment SKILLS & CRAFTING: NO skill loss on death. 5x Faster Skill Gain 4x faster Actions (including all non-continuous actions) Decreased weapon smiting difficulty. Action Timer cap during imping has been lowered. ECONOMY: Free Premium Free Starter Deeds. (4s worth of deed is free) Free upkeep for all villages. Free Mail Bounty for burying corpses. Bounty for killing monsters. Bounty just for being online. People receive coins for highway building. (1s per 20 tiles) People receive coins for building a guard tower. (5s per tower) Payer made events (will be supported with coins and GM help) No Cooldown to change Bank locations. Receive voting bounties for voting at PRIESTS: No priest penalties. No spell cooldowns. Unlimited prayers per day. (every 20 minutes for faith gain) Doubled faith gain, Triple favor gain. Rite of spring fixed MEDITATION: Unlimited Meditations per day. (every 30 minutes for skill tic) No more "You fail to relax" messages during meditation. You no longer need to move for meditation skill gain. Cooldown between meditation path levels has been decreased by 80% from WO standards. Meditating is now also part of the skill multiplier. TRANSPORTATION & STORAGE: You will be able to run faster with heavier weight in inventory (max speed will stay at 17kmh) Faster movement on animals, carts, boats and ships Forges will fit 100 ores. Forges work when loaded. All the different forges will produce ash now. 19 Body Strenght to load items. (crates, forges, ovens, etc.) Decreased loading timer. Increased loading radius. Crates now hold a lot more items. Moving of bulk goods is no longer limited to inventory capacity. (drag more than 100 items) Meat, Fish and filets fit into Fsb and Crates. Mushrooms Fit into Fsb and Crates. You can drop Hot items into the bsb and fsb. Hitch animals to ships to transport them Items put in Crates or Bulks will be sorted by QL level (base 10) automatically. FARMING: Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot. Decreased Sowing timer. Harvest from Cart or Mount. TERRAFORMING: ~45 mining hits per wall Digging and leveling works like mining. Surface Mining will lower the rock on every hit. FUNCTIONALITY: Added /seasons command which shows when the next fruits etc get ripe. Added a season MOTD. Added an inbreed warning message. Drowning is now completely disabled. NEWS: One week bridge cooldown due to a WU bug has been removed. Now a welcome message for new players appears in Event. CA Help is now enabled for newbies by default. Fix for characteristics skill multiplier. Fixed a dredging bug. Donation System is live. Tools can improve themselves now (hammer on hammer etc.) Dragon loot has been increased. Drake loot has been increased. GMs and DEVs no can use the powers of Zeus Action timers are fixed Receive karma for being online Animal creature ratio on deeds is tripled Lightning on player death Creature spawn bug is fixed. All kind of creatures will spawn everywhere Lowered amount of crabs KOS has been disabled Steamid bans can be issued more properly now Bulks can be loaded even if they are not empty Bulk can be used when loaded Wagon volume has been more than doubled Sheep Shearing cooldown is now 50% lower A bug where corpses fit into food storage bins was fixed Some GM commands have been improved You will now be able to obtain glimmersteel, adamantine, seryll like gems during mining Fog spiders have been disabled due to lag, they are replaced by spawning lots of horses all over the server. Thanks to nekoexmachina! A few other possible lag issues have been addressed and fixed Wooden house parts only need 10 planks instead of 20 to be more newbie friendly Buying premium from tokens has been disabled because people purchased premium by accident Move to center and move to nearest corner have been added to the moving options. Thanks to Bdew! All gods share an alchemy affinity now, which means the same double favor items as Libila Added voting bounties. You will now receive a small bounty for voting at use the commando /voted to receive the money to your bank. Treasure chests should no longer spawn with locks. Creature slaying bounties will now go directly to bank. The different pauldron types are now craftable with a high difficulty. We added the Fireburntime Mod, which shows the remaining fire time. Changelog (Outdated too long for the forum.....) If you want to keep track on updates and announcements join our: Steam Group Forum
  2. Welcome to my Hamlet's first ever event! It's almost that time for giving and we want to encourage people to do so. "Zuelatek's Hamlet" will be hosting a White Elephant sometime around Christmas. We're going to do our best to bring out all the festive cheer with themed food/drink and decorations. If you have any special requests let us know in a reply and we'll try to fulfill it. Time: Expectations: Bring a gift of at least 20c in value with you to the event. We may turn you away if it's any lower. Location: F24 on Cadence (Top Right). Inland between 3 guard towers. Our highway connects with Sonata. What is a White Elephant? How are we going to run the White Elephant? Reasons why we're running things this way If you have any questions/concerns/whatever just leave a reply and I'll try to check up on this Daily. Otherwise, you can easily reach me at where I stream Wurm practically everyday or you can DM me on Discord @ Zuelatak#6607
  3. I'm really sad about how this game is going. It's fading away again; slowly, but faster than I'd hoped. There needs to be some excitement injected back into the game, and this doesn't necessarily require any major changes, just something special to give people that push to log in again, or reprem. This push could be in the form of events, goals, and small bonuses. Some examples off the top of my head: A weekend with special drops from hunting. For example a "rare leather hunter's hat" cosmetic skin. Special woodcutter's week, where you get an extra 10% on max quality wood, plus a chance for some special drops. For example a special bow cosmetic skin. Miner's week, extra 10% on quality + a higher chance to get gems. Bring back monthly skill gain events, like we had on the steam launch opening weeks. Special premium purchasing deals, buy 2 months, get 1 free. Special cooking recipes events, where a wider range of recipes are dropped from all creatures. Higher Winds Week, where boats receive a 20% speed increase, and the increased tides have unearthed underwater chests for people to hunt out. You get the idea. Other games have these kinds of events extremely regularly to make the game feel more alive, and it makes people feel like there's always a good reason to log in and play.
  4. Event ended already, thanks for everybody who participated, have a great day HEY WURMIANS! How's the trick or treats going? Ive just made it to 80 Cloth Tailoring, its time to sell some of my products! This will be a multiple halloween auction, with some simple rules, and a FREE RARE RUG ALL the rugs are pretty much the same quality, the difference being the CoC cast, and the Free rug is a Fine one. So there will be multiple chances of getting that so desired rugs for you or your deed! ------------ Very simple Rules ------------ Every 48h the timer will reset - If there is bids on a rug, it will be sold! If there is a rug with no bids, it will be back to auction for another 48h The event will last for 8 days at max, ending next Sunday if some rug is still not sold All auctions will have this same base: Starting bid: 5s Increment: 25c Buyout: None Auction time: 48h Snipe Protection: 1h To bid, simply put your offer with the #number of the desired rug, like Slothtailor: 6s on #2 ------------ Availability ------------ #1 Rug = SOLD #2 Rug = Not sold, pm me if intereseted! #3 Rug = SOLD #4 Rug = SOLD #5 Rug = SOLD Free Rug = brattygirlsback won the rug! ------------ FREE RUG ------------ If all the rugs are sold until the end of the event, As Rug #3 is already on bids, the Free one will be raffled as a thanks for all participants! EVERY VALID BID on ANY rug will count as a Raffle for the Rare Fine! The raffle will be recorded and the winner will recieve it for Free! Only rule to this Raising the bid more times in a row will only count as one raffle Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,25s (not counted) What DOES work is raising the bid above other person Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,25s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,75s (Free raffle granted) ------------ TIMERS ------------ Event end! ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ And thats all! Feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear, and also feel free to bid anytime Good luck!
  5. Issue #1: I placed cats and now trying to remove, on deed, with full permissions, but it is treating it like someone else placed one off deed. Have to bash it out with multiple hits. Issue #2: When attempting to do work in a catseye protection tile, nothing happens and no errors in event to let you know why. Please put in some event messages. This particular challenge was an attempt to strongwall collapse a tile.
  6. Any way to put a unique creature in to a closed instance and that it does not break the walls? Managing walls permission with GM and make them indestructibles does not work. thank you
  7. The North East Xanadu Alliance (NEXA) is hosting its first community-wide event on November 10 - 12, 2017, the Summerholt Fall Festival. NEXA is based out of Summerholt on Xanadu, and many events are planned in the area and at the nearby Amish Estates, the NEXA Market and Sanctuary, and Amish Farms. Map of Area: While we will have many people offering imps and other specialty items, the main purpose of the event is to host a number of fun carnival-style events. These games are free and open to all members of the Wurm Online community. The specifics (dates, times, locations) of the games are still in planning and will be released soon. As a preview, we will include: Sailboat circuit races, A horse race (the “Summerholt 5000”), Fishing contests, A horse breeding contest, A pie-making contest, Musical chairs, And everyone’s favorite “Needle in the Haystack”. Bring out your priests! We will also be hosting 24/7 sermons at the NEXA Market and Sanctuary. FAQs: Why another impalong? You can never have enough events in a game like Wurm Online. We realize there have been a lot of impalongs lately, but our close knit family of over 100 deeds prefers to stay close to home while we tend to our sheep, sow our fields, build our castles, and grind our skills. We feel that the next best thing to going to an impalong event is hosting an event ourselves. Wait, is this an impalong? Yes, we will have highly skilled players around doing item improvements for tips. Most materials will be provided, but there may be some instances where some rarer materials will need to be sourced. Is this just a marketing event? No, unlike other impalongs, we could care less if you shop at our amazingly stocked and competitively priced markets. Can we…? How about a...? Will there be a....? Probably, post here or send a message to the Event Coordinator before 1 Nov. Festival Personnel: Event Coordinator: Jackjones, NEXA Host with the Most: Aniceset, NEXA Founder Animal Handler: Olafhairybreeks, NEXA Founder Sermon Manager, Mello/Dysstone, NEXA Guest Services, Talohan, NEXA
  8. Any suggested event which I could proclame for 4 or 5 players who play on server from 1 month ago aprox (mostly newbies on wurm). I was thinking on summon a unique, but I think players are not enough stronger... Any suggestion is very welcome! Thanks!
  9. The sailing boat Event! by Wiluss Here we have 30 unfinished sailing boats (3 keel section each): The boats have numbers from 1 to 30 The rules : You can buy event ticket for just 1s! The event ticket is buying a small sailing boat with posibility of buying a Knarr! 1 person 1 ticket (plz don't try to buy more tickets using another account) There are 30 tickets 1 for each boat. After all boat slot all filled or at 01.11.2017 i will start building boats. After i finish all boats i will imp them till 92QL. If sailboat with you nuber becomes rare/supreme/fantastic you will get a 95/97/99QL Knarr (random wood) +Vynora speed rune and anchor and free delivery coastal. (I keep all rare/sup/fan sails) If boat with your number won't become rare at 92QL you just got a 92QL sailing boats with you number and picked wood type. If somene with rare sail number don't want to get a Knarr as recompense i can make him regular small sailing boat 92ql 92QL sailings bought in this event will be left off deed near Demon Stand obelisk on my island O 25 Exodus you can pick them up or let it root there (no anchor). They will have ownership of person that bought ticket. I will try to keep my rarity deed bonus between 7-10. I am building sailings fast and after building them all i will try to improve minimum 1 boat a day. (this event is long term fun To buy a ticket post here number from 1-30. Ingame owner name and wood type of sailing ( i have them all even Oleander). I will send you an item by mail as payment for ticket and post you name here. (99c+1c CoD and + Number of boat irons) Two person can't take one number. If number is taken you can only pick from numbers left without owner. Ticket are in form of Mallet 10-90QL and you can keep them Any question? pm Wiluss in game Boats Slots: One x before number - boat finished Two x before number - boat at 92QL no rare Three x before number boat rare/sup/fan! TD - Troll Drums Attaching TD - Troll Drums Improving xx 1. Warlock Orangewood Paid xx 2. Dorf Cedar Paid xx 3. Baloo Cedar Paid TD xx 4. Irbiska Cherrywood Paid xx 5. Azraiel Cedarwood Paid TD xx 6. Vomusu Willow Paid TD xx 7. Oblivionnreaver Cherrywood Paid xx 8. Ammar Firwood Paid xx 9. Strav Oleander Paid xx 10. Kasumi Apple Paid xx 11. Theplague Cedar Paid xx12. Subie Applewood Paid TD xx 13. Hailstorm Oleander Paid TD xx 14. Samvimes Cedar Paid xx 15. Xcapi Apple Paid xx 16. Nouname Oleander Paid TD TD xx 17.Votip Willow Paid xx 18.Spyte Willow Paid TD TD xxx Rare 19. Tedzogh Oak Paid TD TD xx 20. Siegfried Oak Paid xx 21. Brainer Cedar Paid TD TD TD xxx Rare 22. Kawopij Cedar Paid TD xx 23. Norwege Cherrywood Paid TD xx 24. Kijan Cedar Paid xx 25. Salbian Cherrywood Paid TD xx 26. Xcaliber Cherry Paid xx 27. Quelon Oak Paid TD xxx Rare 28. Lozi Cherry Paid xx 29. Kgorski Cedar Paid xx 30. Kondris Cedarwood Paid TD TD xx 31. Angelklaine Cherrywood Paid TD Event is ON ! Status of boat for last pending payment player will not be updated till payment is done. If i recive any of tickets mallet back as not recived this player is disqualified and perm ban for any my future events. Boats are build at 55QL Imping Time! All boats are finished Thanks for participating!
  10. What is the next big thing going on for Xanadu? Anyone have any new ideas for a Fall or Spring event to start doing? Personally I would like to start seeing groups go out together to do missions, People who are trying to get up Karma, or people who need their Village Perks increased. I also would like to know if there are any Community building events going on? I recently got Carp up to 50 so I'd like to put it to good use... Please Comment Ideas, Thoughts, Plans, Dreams, or Aspirations... Thank you P.S. Troll King.. Are we going to hunt him down?
  11. I've used both BBC and URL to create timers, since the performance fix to forums and the timers won't count down. I haven't checked older timers that were created before the Forums fix to see if they all stopped. Someone else should try making a new timer and confirm that it isn't just me failing in some way.
  12. (recycling this topic so i don't make a new one) One time sale of exquisite items make a reasonable offer and the item is yours.
  13. More fun - Adventure - Play - Events - No Drama Come join us!!! WU Mythmoor Avatar & Uniques Fun in Moors Rest Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor 1st Raceway Obsticle Event Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor Xype hosts Aquatic Event at Moor's Rest Docks
  14. I’ve always been a huge fan of player run events, no matter what game they happen to take place in, and for Wurm Unlimited that means the Imp-along. Betty has been the inspiration to bring this to Mythmoor and will be an invaluable asset as Co - Host. Thank you for all your input in advance So what is an “impalong”? The name comes from ‘improve’ which is of course how you better all items in Wurm Unlimited, you ‘imp’ them. The event takes place at Candlekeep, which is on the Prime server, (Top/middle North ) You don’t need to be of high skill to participate.For sign up to help add yourself to the Excel Sheet Online (weekend Fri - Sun) 27 - 28 - 29 In order to hold an Imp Along we will need the following: 1.) Facilities (Done = Candlekeep) 2.) Workstations and Storage (Done) 3.) Resources (please Sign up and state what you can bring) the higher level the better but all quality is appreciated 4.) Players to Improve Items (please Sign Up which craft you are willing to support) 5.) Players who need Items improved (we are planing to hold Imp Along if 1-4 can be filled. So please, spread the word, sign up and gather resources.Of course the more people who help out for this event, the better. I’ll be bringing Tsunami to act as battery /cast spells for those who need it and to help out where she can. Without the players behind this event, it would never happen.If you play Wurm Online but you’ve never checked out this yearly event, or you’re thinking of getting involved in Wurm and want to see what a player run event is like – this is your chance. Come help make this year the best.As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!
  15. This is the Isle Labyrinth located at I-11 This project has taken me the last 2 years to design and complete. There is over 30,000 brick and mortar in the structure and the maze is 37x42 (so far) Your adventure begins with the "Mine Maze" consisting of two parts each with their own key puzzle. You then move to the second section, "The 10 Towers." Here you traverse a 3-dimensional maze through 10-7 story buildings. To complete it you must find and complete a key puzzle as well. Look out for the false exits! Running through one of these may require you to start all over! Horses are prohibited since you can not lead them through the towers! The rules to the Labyrinth are simple, keep all keys till your finished and don't take any keys with you! There is a well marked chest to deposit the keys in when you are finished. Don't bother to copy the keys or map out the maze, I created it to be changed occasionally. Upon completion there is a chest provided with parchment, pen and ink, please sign a sheet and include how long it took for you to finish. This is just information for myself and will not be shared. If your interested in holding a group events at The Isle Labyrinth please contact Gunnbjorn in game. Donations are welcome Token is located at the top of the hill
  16. Kings Orders: Thin The Rat Population Join us this weekend for Double Bounty's on the Rat Population Upcoming Events include Harbor Building Project Kings Buy Orders to be Posted! Lands Of Norhaven is a PvE based, socially centered and active, family friendly Wurm server. Our server is professionally hosted, with our server located on the US East Coast: New York. Our server is arranged where deeds, and deed upkeep are turned on, with a special in game merchant network system, server project reimbursement program, and special player events in place to help with acquiring in game currency, including bounty system for creature kills. Daily Backups - Immediate Updates Enjoy the following character statistics in Lands Of Norhaven: Skill gain rate multiplier: 5 Characteristics start value: 20.0 Mind Logic Start: 25.0 Body Control Skill Start Value: 25.0 Fight Skill start value: 10.0 Overall skill start value: 1.0 Player Combat rating modifier: 3.0 Action speed Multiplier: 5 Mining Minimum mining hits required: 21 Server forums and Teamspeak server and web hosted server map are already up and running...all we you. Connect To: Or Choose Lands Of Norhaven from WU Loader. Here's a Detail Description of our Enhancements to Wurm Unlimited: BoatMod - (NEW) Make all animals able to swim while led by a player Enable continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle (no more having to frantically re-lead all your critters when you hop in the boat) BountyMod - features (as separate config options): Enable skillgain for fighting/killing player-bred creatures Convert the chance of receiving a coin award from a slim chance of a rare coin to a certainty of a non-rare coin. Player-bred creatures offer lesser bounties. (Note that skillgain for player-bred creatures has to be enabled to award bounties for such kills) Bounty for each species of critter can be independently configured (NEW) Can pay to bank account instead of into player's inventory (NEW) Configurable multiplier for all bounties, for ease of fine tuning for your server (NEW) Configurable multiplier for player-bred creature bounties (NEW) Bounties can be paid out of thin air (thus unlimited bounty payments) or from the kingdom coffers (thanks Netscreever) (NEW) Non-hostile, same-kingdom creatures can be set to pay out no bounty (thanks again Netscreever) BulkMod Enables placing hot items into BSBs and FSBs. (Further features probably coming, depending on feedback) DigLikeMiningMod A recreation of Alexgopen's Digging Like Mining for use with ago's modlauncher. Enabled dredging to ship Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling. The game will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order. MeditateMod - features (as separate config options): Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours) Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain) A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns. This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours. (NEW) Specify custom action duration for meditation ProspectMod - features: Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins) SalveMod - (NEW) A dds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.
  17. DATE: January 6-10th PLACE: BlackSmith village K22 Celebration Need to recruit volunteers to improve all types of items to 70+ | I will provide free rares for refresh, so good training! Games: Hunt contest Prize spyglass Stone wall bash contest Prize rare large maul Fish contest Prize rare fishrod Treasure hunt Surprise prize valued in 8-10s
  18. Its new years eve, and we're gonna party like its 1054! We'll be hosting random quizzes throughout the day with various rewards, win unique items to show your quiz skills! Keep your eyes peeled in GL-Freedom for me, I'll also be showing up on Epic with special prizes too! Fireworks displays, feasts, monsters! We'll be hosting events on the four corners of Xanadu, Starting with Glasshollow, then Summerholt, Eserton And lastly Newspring! Make sure you come along to celebrate the new year with all your Wurmian friends, GM's, and of course, me! Glasshollow: Summerholt: Esteron: Newspring: Fireworks displays? Dancing creatures? How can this be beaten? We look forward to seeing you there!
  19. Does anyone else get event log spam saying "You enter no known kingdom" when on a server with home settings 0-(no kingdom)? If so is there a solution/fix to stop the spam? It gets annoying to the point of not being able to see what actions your doing because the chat is spamming full of that message. Thanks in advance
  20. Guruens Treasure Hunt #1 This event is sponsored by Genuine Guruen Gear â„¢ Intro: It's time for me to dust off my community events, and this time i'm trying a new format. Some of you might know the ones i used to do back on Celebration, they were in the format of gather/deliver quests. This time i'm gonna do a treasure hunt. How will it work? I'll be hiding a locked chest somewhere on Deliverance with treasure* inside and i'll post hints on where you can find the chest. The chest will be locked so if someone should stumble upon it randomly they won't be able to loot the treasure, only the treasure hunters will be able to get inside. This also means that you'll need a key for it, that key can be bought from a merchant on my deed** and will be set to cost 5c. The 5c will be the entry fee to join in on the treasure hunt. I trust in people not to ruin this event from others by moving the chest etc. Let's make this something everyone can enjoy, and if the feedback from it is good i'll try and make this something regular (aiming for monthly) How do i enter? There's an entry fee of 5c, you enter the hunt by purchasing a key from merchant. Keys will be available on my merchant today. Merchant will be marked with sign and it's located on my deed Blacksteel Estate (X41Y16 on the community map) (I'm making loads of keys, but in case the merchant is empty feel free to PM and i'll make more) Treasure Hunt Start: Hints will be released Sunday, July 26th. (Time of hunt will start at roughly 4pm CET) (Chest won't be placed untill sunday at some point and will not be placed if i see anyone in my locale, no stalking/cheating! ) What's in the treasure? It's a secret and will be revealed when it's found. Chest has been found! This event is sponsored by Genuine Guruen Gear â„¢ *Treasure will have a market value of at least 1-2s, most of the times even more. **My deed is Blacksteel Estate, and is located at X41Y16 on the community map.
  21. Good Day Wurmians, This is a treasure hunt you wont want to miss. There is no straight answer where this treasure is. There is not a single person who knows the location to this treasure other than myself. There is 4 chests, 4 keys to these chests and only one true prize. How to play: Just announce you are playing in the forums with this format: Ingame Name: Ingame Location: Time Zone: Further instructions will be given ingame or on forums. I would suggest you prepare food and armour and a water skin for this journey if you need a pick up this may be arranged if you are within the SE of Xanadu. Treasure : (WIP) Location : (SE Xanadu) Starts at : (WIP) Participants: HINT 1: (NOT RELEASED) HINT 2: (NOT RELEASED) HINT 3: (NOT RELEASED) HINT 4: (NOT RELEASED) HINT 5: (NOT RELEASED) P.S. Atm the treasure is being bartered over to myself. This treasure will be worth between 5 - 10 silver from my own pocket. If you want to get involved just write in and I will add you. There is no entry fee and this will take place as soon as participants are located however may go over a few days if people don't get to the end.
  22. [Xanadu] Race Track

    While having a lovely visit from a new friend Genevieve, after curing my poor foal of a Corruption bug I had a thought. Considering the idea that our beloved Horses aren't providing much more than Cart pulling and Transportation from one location to another, they are otherwise usually just found sitting around our Deed Pens munching away on our grass and crops. Imagine if there was somewhere you could go, with a bunch of other people looking to use their Equine friends for so much more than laboring tasks around deed or transportation. Somewhere that people could gather to enjoy each others company and truly see who's horse was the fastest of the fast. Now I've seen a thread created not too long ago about a Cross Country Horse Race. But this was an event over quite a bit of terrain and perhaps wasn't exactly the easiest or safest way to approach competing with one another. Considering I can image that there would be Trolls, Fiends and other dangers for every player who decided to partake, and perhaps a few people might've even died or lost their way to never actually complete the race in the first place. Personally I imagine a more controlled environment, with a start and finish line where player's could ride within a safe track, without Hostile's riding on your tail every gallop of the way. Where each Race event would be more controlled as to who could and couldn't enter as well. Where each entry of the Cross Country appeared to favor horses of the top Speed Breeding pools, with the best of the best gear, and anyone without these things were left in their dust.. What of the players who couldn't even ride Horses yet? I hope to host a Track that would encourage all kinds of Race types. From the typical Horse Back, to Cart Races, and perhaps even some of the more 'strange' types. If you're confident in your well bred Bulls or Bison and want to enter them into any sort of Race, who is to stop you? Proving a complete Track is entirely possible, with varying terrain and terrain obstacles such as different pavements, mossy terrain and other things that players would either have to find a way to avoid or push through to maintain their place in the run. I'd like to be able to provide winners prizes for Grand Events that we'd be able to host on a more scheduled date. Prizes could include a Free Horse, Horse Gear, and other Goodies too. How many people would be interested in this sort of thing? What things do you think could use improving in this idea or should be added/removed?
  23. My wife has this idea, to see if the devs could change how the chat works. we use to play another game, that had this option for the chat. ok, so i'm sure everyone in wurm, is sick and tired of tab'ing through the chat tabs. why is wurm so difficult to have all the chats in one window? ok, so in this other game we played, the chat had the ability to have multiple tabs for chats, like wurm does now, but within each window, you could choose which logs went in that window. so, we wurm has "local", "village", "alliance", "kingdom", "global kingdom", "PMs", "Death" tabs in the "Chat Window", right? and "event", "friends", "help", "skills", "support" tabs and maybe a couple others in the "Event Window", right? my wife's idea: 1st NOTE* these would be options to how the chat and event windows can work. its not changing them completely. its just added options! 1. add option to combine all possible chat/event tabs into 1 chat tab or event tab or multiple tabs. 2. add option to choose which chat options you want to see in each chat tab or event tab. 3. add option to choose a specific color for each chat option( so you can have multiple chats all in the same tab, and tell them apart ). 4. add option to change background colors of the chat and event tab windows. 5. add option that remember which chat you last typed in, and it will stay in that chat until you specifically change the chat with /local , /alliance , /village and etc. 6. add option to show which chat you're typing in as well in a small box left of the window where you type as well. 2nd NOTE: would have to change player window as well with the options above or the ability to be able to change them. one thing i didn't think about, is the player windows, and i guess you could condense the player windows into 1 as well, with the ability to change the colors of the players in the window. IE players in the same village, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same alliance, you choose the color, which trumps all below. players in same kingdom, you choose the color, which trumps all below.( might have to be same as players in local, otherwise could be used to quickly determine the enemy in local? ) players in local, you choose the color. what this does for players of WurmOnline: 1. adds the ability to have less tabs in those windows so you dont have to tab between each chat or event. 2. adds customization to your own interface of needed windows. 3. adds the ability to condense player windows into 1 with colors. This would not change how PM's are. those should still show up as their own chat window tab. Please let me know your input on this or if there are any other suggestions/ideas similar to this. Thank You! PS. this was the wife's idea. I'm just posting for her!
  24. hi Release, we from Water Seven plans a Archeryevent for the community. Facts:pics in 2nd post Bow in use: Short bows shooting lanes: 5 Targetrange: 6 tiles Shots per round: 10 Bonus reward for: 1st place: "gold necklace" 2nd place: "silver necklace" 3rd place: "silver ring" Rewards for the firt three places: work in progress (see at the topic poll) Poll for the rewards ends 13.Jul.2014. ideas and suggestions are welcome
  25. Hello, I've got two suggestions: Add a visual representation of the action queue, where you are able to remove actions from the end and the middle of it by clicking. Maybe it could look like a couple of squares next to each other like the buff/debuff area we have now. Clicking on a square will remove the action from the queue. The ability to say things in your Event. I use files to load up different sets of tools and binds, one could use this "eventsay" to notify the user what has been activated, as an example. This suggestion is only minor, but would probably not be hard to implement.