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Found 457 results

  1. Hi, I attempted to move all my Tabs into the Event Tab Section so I could have 1 Area on the HUD with text boxes and when I did i noticed that when you speak in any of the chats it doesn't show any words in those chats. - I then tested with local because it shows text above your head naturally and the same thing happened, only this time the text did show above the head, just not in the Local Chat Tab. - Also when this was done, I was not able to open a Private Message with anyone. Even right clicking Friends List > Open Chat did not open the chat anywhere. Event tab is NOT able to be moved into other Tabs, but moving tabs into event tab causes this ^ - Devorn
  2. Not sure if its a known bug, but I have a bridge on my deed going down a mountain and at the bottom it has a locked gate. When i go down the bridge and through the gate the mob follows me and also goes through the locked gate. All kinds aggressive mobs seem to be able to get through when they have targeted me. The gate is supposed to keep my defenseless noob alts safe lol
  3. So I've had two horses born in the past week that haven't shown their fathers in either inspect or examine. For the first one I thought maybe it was because their father had died (I had a male from that pen die of old age and he could have been the father) but I'm sure that isn't the case with the one I had born today! The foals are unrelated, one is a female buckskin 4 speed, and the other is a male blood bay 2 draft. Born today and on the 21st respectively. I've had others born in between that show their parents as normal, so far it's just these two.
  4. randomly disappear and/or escape the pen they were in. Even if it is reinforced cave wall!
  5. Hi, i found some kind of bug that didn't allow me to finnish task in Journal - Basic training: Nature. You have to find by foraging/botanizing nettles, sassafras, nutmeg and COCOA beans (that doesn't exist anymore).
  6. I have been playing for hours and food bar is not going down. While this may be e benefit for new players older players want to use thier affinity foods. I have been relying on drinks for affinities but not many will have that option and many of us rely on selling affinity CCFP foods; so please fix soon.
  7. # What happened Have a 1x1 tower in the pasture with a rope bridge going from the 2nd floor level over to another tower on top a building, so the bridge is between two almost flat points while the pasture is on a hillside and slopes down below the bridge. Animals would end up on the bridge every now and then, at one point even wandering to the building tower end of the bridge then falling down onto a roof section.# What you expected to happen Not have cows and bulls climbing ladders, in this case "jumping" up onto the bridge Some quick notes, bug is likely same one causing an animal to go through locked doors etc. like in Horse jumps on bridge. - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum, except I'm solely looking at how the animals end up on the bridge itself as there are not gates/doors at either end of the bridge. Bridge setup is seen by first image in # Steps to reproduce For all images refer to above link. Have a rope bridge connected to 2nd floor level of a structure above someplace animals roam such as a pasture. Is my case there's a 6 tile long rope bridge going west from a 1x1 tower, all walls on 1st floor of tower are arched wooden with a ladder to climb up the bridge. No fences/gates on 1st floor. The 2nd floor where the eastern end of the bridge connects, has fences along the north/east/south sides, and no gate along the western edge going onto the bridge. Referring to image #5 from above link, (pretend the wooden fences don't exist for now) north is off behind my character as seen by yellow annotation, the blue numbers are the tile slope, and blue square is problem area. If an animal wanders into that blue square from any direction except due east(the green arrow) they will end up on the bridge as seen in image #2. When using a tamed animal commanding them to go from point A to B, such as north to south through that blue square, unicorn would "jump" onto the bridge then "fall" back down on the other side. Same thing would occur when animal is being lead, player could walk away causing animal to "fall" back to the ground. This can even happen when animal is being ridden seen in image #3, and as prior examples after riding out from under bridge animal goes back to under the player. Important note: When being lead or ridden the animal would still be "tethered" to the player and not remain on the bridge even after "jumping" up there long as player got out from under the bridge, unless the player stopped leading or riding the animal while the animal was on the bridge above the player, then the "tether" gets broken. It's when the animal wanders on their own they remain on the bridge. # Fixes Adding the wooden fences as seen in image #5 as the problem in my case is a portion of a tile not just the border between two. Adding the first fence section under the arched wall of the tower reduced the number of directions an animal could come from to get on the bridge, but not all of them. Only by fencing the entire tile was I unable to get my unicorn to "jump" up there either when riding or when commanding "go from A to B" as she'd go around the newly fenced tile. A bison was wandering around shortly after I added the fences and was stopped by them on what otherwise would have been a path resulting on him getting onto the bridge. Exception, if I was leading an animal and ran around to other side of fences making them clip through then "jump" up then "fall" back down as I kept walking, but this required player involvement to cause and would immediately fix itself. Not an issue for the grazing cow as she wanders about. Another fix would be a steeper slow seen in image #4 as once halfway into the tile heading down the slope, the bridge is now high enough the unicorn wouldn't "jump" up there like back in image #3. There is a different, and shorter rope bridge off the 2nd floor of another building with the tile below 1st tile of rope bridge is a slope of 25 on one side and 40 on the other, between that slope and a solid wall under end of the bridge I was never able to get an animal to "jump" onto the bridge even when riding around right next to the wall. #Prevention/conclusion Not use rope style bridge over animals unless it's high enough above the ground. There's a 2nd rope bridge off that same 1x1 tower but up on the 6th floor and I've never found an animal on that 2nd bridge. If the ground is steep enough below the bridge it does look like a rope bridge could go from a 2nd floor and be fine. Problem does seem to be unique to rope bridges, with arched wooden/stone ones I couldn't get an animal to "jump" onto it but didn't spend a ton of time testing those bridge types. #Additional info that may/may not be relevant. Slope between pasture tower and tower on building is -94 down across 6 tiles. The western end of the bridge as it connects to the building is -4 dirts lower than the eastern end. When walking through blue square in image #5 along north/south path, animal still "jumps" up even after adding fence below the arched wall, makes me think wall type (open or solid) doesn't matter and it's simply height of rope bridge above the ground as determined by what floor bridge connects to, length of bridge and slack, and ground slope below.
  8. After each fast and for a total of 8 fasts, I was getting the same message when examining the body in the character sheet "He is very strong and has a good reserve of fat." I started with 87% nutrition and ended with 10% where it remained and didn't drop any further as expected, each fast dropped nutrition by 20% as expected.
  9. cutting grass offdeed takes 47.7 seconds 99.27farming, 93.33ql scythe, 83botd enchant on it..
  10. While fighting mobs after the update and trying to use focus, the following happens: - Pre-patch, when I engage in combat with one creature, then target another creature, I could continue to focus against the second creature (this mainly worked when you had 2 focus and after switching targets you would lose 1 level of focus ending up on level 1 focus and then you could keep focusing from that point), that is no longer working (focus on 2nd target after switching doesn't work) - My focus level is locking at 3 and will not go any higher, my fight skill is 50 (focus lock at 3) - and by locking i mean the "eye" closes and is unclickable. I made sure to check my stamina and it was fine, i even did 2 special moves after this occurred. Either this is intentional and was left out of patch notes, or its a serious (combat breaking even) bug.
  11. I'm on Release and wanted to have a spirit templar as we are getting a lot of mob incursions onto our deed, I know from past experiences that you need to brand animals which are normally hostile to make sure that they dont kill them ( we have champ rats and hell horses on deed ). After requesting the spirit templar from the deed token it spawned and attacked some trolls on deed, died a lot, then I finished one troll which was a problem off. After this I saw it spawn then run over to one of the hell horses pen's and attack the hell horse, I thought that this may be a one off so watched until the fight was over, but then it turned around and went into another pen and started attacking our champ rats. I ran over and stopped it by removing the guard from the deed at the token and thankfully it instantly disappeared! I have one theory why it may have attacked those champ rats and hell horse: when I picked 1 guard at the token there was a delay before it spawned so in that time I branded that hell horse (which was killed) and 2 of the 3 champ rats. We have 3 champ rats and 2 hell horses on deed ( now 1 ), one of the hell horses and champ rats was already branded. My assumption is that these brandings after the guard was summoned didn't register for some reason resulting in the guard considering them as free game to kill. As the branded hell horse and champ rat pre-spirit guard summoning are closer to the deed token so would of been closer and therefore a higher priority target to kill? I have posted the combat log here: Spirit guard chatter here: If possible could I get the initial 2 silver back from summoning the guard, I'm not to concerned about the hell horse but am very thankful it didn't kill any of the champ rats!! I would also be grateful if someone could let me know when this is solved so I can summon a guard as they are needed! Edit: For more info I have a shield on when I go into the rats pen to feed them so that is why there is combat with the champ rats at the start of the log, not sure if that had something to do with it?
  12. As in the title. Chain shoulder pads that have never left player inventory were equipped. Had 0 dmg when equipped. While equipped, they gradually rose to 1.7 dmg during combat (seen at 0.4, 1.2, 1.6 and 1.7 dmg). No other pads I've used have taken dmg this way and I can't see any reason why these should. The wiki entry only mentions dmg taken when outside player/merchant inventory, magical chest, and mail system. Edit: Worth noting, this dmg (from 0 to 1.7) was taken over a period of about 30-60 min, only some of which was spent in actual combat.
  13. Putting bunch of green tea-leaves in frying pans in ovens to turn them to yellow tea leaves for skill(by drying) ends up with wasted time and materials resulting into oolong tea leaves because of the passive oxygenation(with leaves just laying around out of fsb or inventory just taking time and laying around in container or on the ground in a pile)... Either stop oxygenation in ovens or allow both green tea-leaves and oolong tea leaves to turn into yellow tea leaves the same way, 2nd option is probably best and saves whoever had this bad experience already. Oxygenation and oolong turning gives no skill afaik so nothing to gain from this, besides a fix to already existing weird behavior and bug/feature causing irreversible results.
  14. While sparring, most spells behave as expected: you cast them, it hits the enemy. Hypothermia (and, at a guess, the other new spells as of the 2019 priest update) have a weird quirk however: if the opponent back off as it casts, the spell errors with "Vynora would never accept your spell on X" (Vynora was fine with it when they were in my face). This behaviour is inconsistent with other similar spells (ex: Shard of Ice) and a detriment to sparring's purpose of emulating PvP. This could be fixed by importing the line if (!performer.isDuelOrSpar(target)) { which is present in Shard of Ice and other similar spells, and missing in Hypothermia and Inferno.
  15. :32:26] You start to pick the lock of the "x". 32:47] You are too far away from the "x" to pick the lock. game lets you start lockpicking out of range (damaging the pick and risk snapping it) with no chance of actually picking because you're not on top of the thing being picked
  16. There is a bug where a rider of a cart/wagon who is not the owner gets the event message: 'You may not leave the server with this boat. You need to be explicitly specified in the boat's permissions.' The error was fixed by allowing the rider permissions to manage the vehicle. RE #64161
  17. Sailing in Xanadu i aw spiders and one troll in the sea. Spiders it seems not attacks me but troll he id it (he attackes me when i was sailing in my knarr). Should be some kind of game bug. Last picture is me swimmimg in troll attack area, was in sea. Here some screnies:
  18. We encountered this today, and it happened without any changes made to permissions. A champ wildcat on deed with no branding and no cared for, was charmed by a fo priest with full permissions on the deed. The fo is mayor of an allied deed to the deed where the cat was located. The cat was charmed successfully (priest has done this many, many times before as the priest is the char used to breed the champ animals and hellhorses). After being charmed on the deed, the cat pet was handed to another char, not allianced. The other char is the mayor of a deed not in alliance with either the fo priest's deed or the deed where the cat was located. The pet was successfully given to the other char. This char then took the cat off deed to care for it, brought it back, and untamed it. The deed's mayor then tamed the cat, branded it, and untamed it. The original fo priest then tried to charm the cat again. It was "illegal". A support ticket was lodged. Ticket #142605. GM Prawn attended and we tried different things namely Removing the fo priest's role on the deed, removing all alliance permissions on the deed, then making a role specifically for the fo priest and ticked ALL boxes, (it was still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then allowing alliance to cast deity spells on deed (still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then making animal specific permission allowing the fo priest all permissions for the specific cat (still illegal to charm the animal). Prawn the teleported the fo priest and the cat off deed, at which point the fo priest was able to charm the animal. Teleporting them back, it was once again illegal to charm the animal on deed, for this fo priest. While off deed, the animal was still branded for the original deed, but the priest was able to charm it, but ON deed the priest could no longer cast charm on the animal. The fo was also not able to charm any other branded animal on this deed which was branded to this specific deed, despite being able to charm all other animals on this deed which were branded to either another deed (for which the exact same permissions were granted), or not branded. It was only "illegal" to charm the animals branded to this specific deed while actually on this deed. Also, the priest can actually TAME this wildcat, just no longer charm them. GM suggested I make this forum post as neither of us knew what went wrong and had no further ideas to try resolve it. Please help resolve this before the cats die Want champ wildcat babies. Thanks
  19. I made a witches hat through archaeology with the following rune: [23:39:24] A brass rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (7.5%) and have a slight glow But it doesn't glow! At all! Is my hat doomed for a not glowy future?
  20. What happened: i was cutting down a big pile of felled trees and noticed that the pile of logs was over 100 items. What you expected to happen: i expected to get a message telling me i need to clear the area before i can keep cutting. Steps to reproduce : stand on a tile and cut trees looking away from the pile of logs you are making, keep going until it goes over 100.
  21. can not pour on ground - water from a water skin.. - that does nothing.. what stops me
  22. I have a single troll mask fragment in my inventory. Every now and then a flashing box appears around the weight (0.04kgs). I understand this is supposed to happen to the heaviest item in your inventory when you're carrying too much, but I'm not and it's certainly not the heaviest thing I'm carrying! Help suggested I post here.
  23. The amount of stone shard necessary for a waystone is shown as 20kg, as pictured below. The actual used value is 5.5kg, as it was before the patch.
  24. When creating a BSU within a mine while the uncompleted BSU is in my inventory upon completion the BSU will leave the mine and show up outside the mine on the surface directly above where it was created in the mine. When creating a BSU within a mine while the uncompleted BSU is on the ground upon completion the BSU will stay on the ground without leaving the mine. I only tried this with a BSU so I'm not sure if the same thing will happen with other objects created.
  25. So today I've had at least 6 packed tiles across several pens of horses, where normally I don't see any packing at all since I put in troughs. One or two would be noticable, but six is a lot! It might be related to a movement bug reported in cahelp by Crimsonearth? I did have one of my horses follow me across some packed tiles as I was replanting them. EDIT On further inspection I have at least 10 packed tiles across several pens, and my champ rat is pacing back and forth across one tile obsessively. She either needs a dance partner or a tranquiliser.