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Found 412 results

  1. "[22:14:35] He seems to have blood from the Freedom Isles." Every single character on Defiance now has the blood of freedom, the reason for this is cause the only way to access Defiance was to first go through Harmony. However this removes HotS from being able to use the HotS face templates and eye color ect, this isnt a game breaking bug as of now but many of us would want a fix for this when possible. It breaks both the immersion and the only way to tell what starter kingdom ppl used to be before having their first convert between kingdoms. I know the staff has their hands full atm but we would appreciate if this could be adressed in a near future
  2. My local tower on the freedom isle on the Harmony server has a bugged guard tower. There are visible guards around the tower, they respond to any threats by yelling at them, but no guards path to fight the creature. When an aggressive mob is brought to the tower they yell and yell but never fight. I believe (not certain) that we tried bringing the creature next to a guard and they still didn't fight. This issue has been ongoing for weeks, and multiple people have tried using the guard tower to no avail. [02:17:08] A high guard tower. It could be improved with some stone shards. Ql: 33.3338, Dam: 0.0. The name of the founder, Feirros, has been carved into the stone above the door. 'Feirros 986' is engraved in a metal plaque on the door.
  3. Yesterday I had one troll on our deed. It chased me to the animal pen and spooked me. Fair enough. That was fine and dandy, I logged off later and there was 12 within vicinity, within 8 or so tiles yesterday evening. With the help of four spirit templars, eight(?) players, three guards, we've destroyed a LARGE chunk of them, including 2 champs that seemed to spawn at once as well. I sent in a support ticket as I've been on wurm since 2013, living near mounds, and have NEVER seen this before in this intensity, so quickly appearing. I thought maybe it was an event or something. I have never seen this. I have done exploring every other day since opening day, and there were no other mounds near us (we live under a cliff, and opposite water, so...nothing that I can see). There was one mound behind our deed which we did expect trolls from, however in the past month since being on Harmony, we've only had maybe 2 every few days. The usual. It was fine. The staff member I spoke to suggested to send a bug report, as I've contacted the members of the alliance around us, and no one has destroyed any mounds that would cause a hoard, and we are quite far from newbie areas. (And I think, if a newbie came by it would be difficult for them to do so. But also, our mound is still there, producing them!) It would tell us 'An aged greenish troll has arrived!' or whatever. It's been intense. And our guards have just about had it I'm sure haha. I would appreciate if staff or someone could have a look and make sure this is normal.
  4. Village recruitment ads seem to not show up on defiance.
  5. Though I bought the Sleep Bonus (NOT sleep powder) as a premium award for 27000 M my cap didn't changed, even after relogging. I got the title "Marker", though.
  6. Traders no longer buy items, however when you right click any item and say "Get Price" the text still reads "[14:19:47] A trader would sell this for about 1 copper and 65 iron." or [14:20:06] A trader would deem this pretty worthless.
  7. I know the measuring jugs are supposed to be fixed, but I have a problem with my rare one. I keep it in a small rare chest in my inventory. I used to be able to set the volume with the jug inside the small chest, but now I can't set the volume unless I drag it out of the small chest into the 'root' of the inventory. This is quite inconvenient as I keep all my cooking tools in this small chest in my inventory. I tried the measuring jug in a knapsack, and in a satchel, and it didn't work in those containers either. Please can you fix it so that measuring jugs work when in containers in inventory - like they did before the patch - not just in the 'root'. Thanks.
  8. I've been back at this thing for a couple weeks now and I can't seem to get forums to work right. Every post I make won't refresh, until I manually refresh the browser. I hit the back button and it just loops me right back to where I was when I clicked the back button. I randomly seem to make double posts or PMs. Is this a Firefox issue or do we have a problem with the forums host? What happened to the server populations list? Thank you in advance for your advice/answers! -Wurmhole
  9. Upon logging in yesterday I instantly died, circumstances and conditions are as follows: Logged off as commander in my Knarr in a cave, checked event logs to confirm I did indeed embark as commander, and not as passenger, (relevant extract below). Upon logging in next day I got a very brief view of the knarr, as if I were looking through the walls at it, followed by death popup. red tunnel. I had some issues finding my corpse, which was not in the cave, and did not appear on the surface above the tile I logged out on, I did find it in the end, displaced 3 tiles away from my log off position, above ground, but obscured by trees/bushes. [17:01:17] You board on the "Demented but Determined" as the captain. [17:01:17] The "Demented but Determined" is currently moored and won't move. Logging started 2019-03-21 [15:27:13] You will now fight normally. [15:27:14] You will now fight normally. [15:27:14] Welcome back, Zenity! Wurm has been waiting for you. [15:27:16] You enter Freedom Isles. [15:27:16] You feel the presence of Vynora. [15:27:16] 35 other players are online. You are on Independence (254 totally in Wurm). [15:27:16] Type /help for available commands. [15:27:16] The teleportation target is in rock! [15:27:16] You are not invulnerable here. [15:27:18] You feel rested. [15:27:28] You leave the "Demented but Determined". [15:27:28] The server has been up 1 hour and 4 minutes. [15:27:28] It is 11:23:44 on day of Sleep in week 3 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1082. [15:27:28] Currently Harvestable (from your almanac): [15:27:28] Camellia, season ends in 5 days. [15:27:28] Lavender, season ends in 1 week, 0 days. [15:27:28] Rose, season ends in 3 weeks, 5 days. [15:27:29] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [15:27:29] You are dead. From the look of it I was placed in the centre of a rock tile on logging in, instead of on the tile where I logged off, I'm unsure if my corpse was further displaced after death, before/during popping to surface, or if my character was displaced that far away from the log out point, either way, I luckily was able to find my corpse, rather than have it destroyed in a rock tile.
  10. First, Wurm is one of my favourite games. But now I have troubles which makes it unplayable, when I'm streaming the game over steam. When I want to look around, the camera direction make unpredictable big jumps. No matter if I use the left mouse button or the Space bar binding. What I can say is: The further my mouse pointer is away from the center of the window, the bigger these jumps are. Many games set the mouse pointer to the screen center on mouse look and use the delta position of the mouse move to calculate the rotation amount. Maybe this seem not to work here. Anyone have the same issues or even better an idea how to solve this? Many Thx to all of you P.S.: Question posted in steam forum too (which lead me here).
  11. Yesterday this mob was mentioned on twitter : The giant crab of Jackal is fast and deadly, with a rock hard shell. Do you have what it takes to bring one down? #WurmIsWaiting (it was also mentioned earlier in the 'creatures of Jackal' post) Later that day on Pristine we got this mission: Name: Everyone: Fo's first enigma Creator: System Started: 04/09/19 19:57 Progress: 8.142857% Expires: 11/09/19 19:57 Difficulty: 3 / 7 Description: Fo requires you to slay 14 Giant crabs that have appeared across the land. Rewards: 15m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 107 karma per creature with 90m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) I did ask in CA but the answer I got was that giant crabs are on all servers, I suspect the person answering was thinking of the regular crabs however as this does seem to be a mob specific to Jackal? Edit: as I just logged in and copied the mission details I see it is at 8% so they must be appearing after all, perhaps like the other rift scouts? This can be closed I guess sorry
  12. The day before yesterday when I logged in, I noticed that a couple of my horses no longer had brands. I brand all animals bred by me as a matter of course, so this was odd. They were venerable animals I'd branded months ago. Later I discovered that some foals had also lost their brands, and two lambs that I had branded and named had their names and in one case their brands disappear too. I've never had this happen before so I'm stumped! On the advice of the help channel in game I'm posting here. I haven't resized or dropped my deed or made any other changes. What's up?
  13. [2019-09-08] [15:04:56] You start to gather fragments of the rock. Cave wall [2019-09-08] [15:05:01] You would mine stone rock shards here. [2019-09-08] [15:05:01] It has a max quality of 96. [2019-09-08] [15:05:10] You start to gather fragments of the rock. Cave roof or floor [2019-09-08] [15:05:15] You find only rock. [2019-09-08] [15:05:15] It is of good quality.
  14. This bug happened when i changed the compatibility on GLSL from disabled to extension. Reversing this again allowed me to log in. That is not supposed to happen! Congratulations, you found a bug in the test client: <Unable to link program (program.white): class.Bwj1d2BROz: <no message>> Please post the console log below on the wurm online forums, and describe what you were doing when it happened. Contents of console.log: Preparing to enable console logging. Now logging to /home/USERNAME/wurm/console.Baloo.log Time is Fri Nov 01 20:57:38 GMT 2019 Running client version 4.1.85 client build# 69c3d7ac0315f078641d3f39094d19b2cef4286b client build time 2019-11-01 01:18 === System information === Executing from /home/USERNAME/Desktop/ Operating system: Linux (arch: amd64, version: 4.15.0-66-generic) Java version: 1.8.0_211 (Oracle Corporation) <> Jvm version: 25.211-b12 (Oracle Corporation) [Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM] Available CPUs: 12 Failed linking program: program.white Execution aborted at connection 0, iteration 0 Run time 0s, local time Fri Nov 01 20:57:40 GMT 2019 Destroying game window ====== FAILED ASSERT ====== com.wurmonline.client.fgtPPuD8uC: Unable to link program (program.white): class.Bwj1d2BROz: <no message> at com.wurmonline.client.fgtPPuD8uC.mMV5oPkCW(SourceFile:63) at class.mfffEfS92.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:241) at class.mfffEfS92.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:159) at class.Mp368dmfUp.iHOS3zg1KL(SourceFile:158) at class.Mp368dmfUp.FZOk5L6Gfy(SourceFile:86) at class.Mp368dmfUp.XwhlvVTrl(SourceFile:1068) at at
  15. character is upside down
  16. We encountered this today, and it happened without any changes made to permissions. A champ wildcat on deed with no branding and no cared for, was charmed by a fo priest with full permissions on the deed. The fo is mayor of an allied deed to the deed where the cat was located. The cat was charmed successfully (priest has done this many, many times before as the priest is the char used to breed the champ animals and hellhorses). After being charmed on the deed, the cat pet was handed to another char, not allianced. The other char is the mayor of a deed not in alliance with either the fo priest's deed or the deed where the cat was located. The pet was successfully given to the other char. This char then took the cat off deed to care for it, brought it back, and untamed it. The deed's mayor then tamed the cat, branded it, and untamed it. The original fo priest then tried to charm the cat again. It was "illegal". A support ticket was lodged. Ticket #142605. GM Prawn attended and we tried different things namely Removing the fo priest's role on the deed, removing all alliance permissions on the deed, then making a role specifically for the fo priest and ticked ALL boxes, (it was still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then allowing alliance to cast deity spells on deed (still illegal for the fo to charm on deed), then making animal specific permission allowing the fo priest all permissions for the specific cat (still illegal to charm the animal). Prawn the teleported the fo priest and the cat off deed, at which point the fo priest was able to charm the animal. Teleporting them back, it was once again illegal to charm the animal on deed, for this fo priest. While off deed, the animal was still branded for the original deed, but the priest was able to charm it, but ON deed the priest could no longer cast charm on the animal. The fo was also not able to charm any other branded animal on this deed which was branded to this specific deed, despite being able to charm all other animals on this deed which were branded to either another deed (for which the exact same permissions were granted), or not branded. It was only "illegal" to charm the animals branded to this specific deed while actually on this deed. Also, the priest can actually TAME this wildcat, just no longer charm them. GM suggested I make this forum post as neither of us knew what went wrong and had no further ideas to try resolve it. Please help resolve this before the cats die Want champ wildcat babies. Thanks
  17. Ticket #82081. I decided to work on my Journal 1 of the items I needed to do was imp a tool to over 70ql. Since I'm also working on cooking I thought it would be good to imp one of my cooking tools that was 13ql. The Mortar and Pestle won the decision as it is a valuable cooking tool. If it is not please tell me what it would be classified as. Also there is no mention that a item has to be made of any certain materiel for this task. So after many painstaking hours since my skill is about 59 in stone cutting I got it to 70.02 to be sure it wasn't a rounding issue. It does not clear it. Please advise as the fact this is not a tool is bogus.
  18. My character Jahpeople attempted to use the epic portal constructed on Jackal server, knowing there had been issues I asked in CA Help, and then checked in Bug Reports, the bug report I found noted that it was fixed, so I decided to use the portal anyway, on the strength of that report. On porting to Epic I ended up exactly where I should have been, based on the last position I was in when I portalled back to Independence, However I was still Freedom Kingdom, and therefore Enemy and could not use the portal to return to Jackal. Following a Support Ticket, I was able to return to Jackal, but checking with the Lodestone on Jackal I returned to Serenity server, rather than Independence, no other choices were offered, I was once again an enemy, but could port back to Jackal, but once more, no choice of servers, and this is where I am now, I can portal between Jackal and Epic, from epic portal, or lodestone, but always transfer as Freedom Kingdom, and not JK. It appears that my character Jahpeople is now unable to cross back to Independence, from Jackal or Serenity.
  19. Attempted to priest up at the Jackal starter town. Chars have 30 Faith as libila and attempt to become priest at the Beacon of Freedom at start town. Just get [16:17:26] You must be close to the huge altar in order to become a priest. Moved around and attempted to priest from all reachable locations and not able to priest. Attempted to priest on Dinkle Fentler Morker
  20. I'm getting this message when examining tiles on my deed, but only with certain tile types. For example, a dirt tile won't produce it, but after packing it, the packed dirt tile will. When is this message supposed to show up? This is on my deed, so there's no way I'm in corrupted territory.
  21. Creature spawning mechanics are not working as intended, aggressive ratio settings aren't working. I'm having an issue with my server (latest stable version), I have the creature count set to 40,000 on a 4096 map with "Aggressive Creatures" set to 90%, so 10% would be non-aggressive? Yet after 5 mins from an empty creature count, there are already over the limit (10% of 40,000 = 4000) for non-aggressive creatures. Am I missing something here? *SQLitebrowser shows the same 90% ratio set in the wurmlogin.db Tests: Regardless of cap, a 40,000 (90% Agg) creature count seems to always return; Black Wolf: 3201 Horse: 2801 Pheasant: 1601 Crab: 1201 Dog: 1201 Pig: 1201 Ram: 1201 Sheep: 1201 Bison: 1300+ Dolphin: 150 Octopus: 150 etc Reduce this to 10,000 (90% Agg) and we see a similar effect in play; Black Wolf: 802 Horse: 701 Lion: 601 Brown Bear: 401 Deer: 401 Pheasant: 401 Bison: 385+ Deer: 301 Dog: 301 Sheep: 301 Crab: 101 Dolphin: 100 Octopus: 100 etc The creature Aggressive % is suppose to be 'approximate', this isn't even approximately close (closer to 40%) and we always see vastly greater amounts of non-aggressive's than aggressive's. Note: When WU came out, we had all creatures, hell horses, hell hounds, spiders in the forest etc, it was magical and fun. At some point, we started noticing less and less of them until eventually creatures like spiders, bears, scorps, lava spiders would only seem to appear near their respective dens, leaving a forest full of sheep, rams, horses, cows, bulls, pigs, wolves, lions and the rarely seen kitty, with our mines being run by cave bugs and rats only. Has someone done borked?
  22. Hi, just wanted to ask whether there is any reason behind not being able to use equip command on bows? All other weapons seems to have equip option but it's missing on bows? Is it intended or a bug?
  23. Pretty much what the title says. I've been trying to make a pilgrimage to the white light to become a follower and then maybe a priest, but while everyone else sees the white light, I don't. I've messed with settings a lot, but maybe I've missed a setting? The GM of the server offered to teleport me to the altar, but honestly, that would ruin the immersion of doing the pilglrimage. It also seems to me that I may not be the only one to have ever had this problem so maybe someone else will benefit from this post, should it be solved. For reference, the map is Orcrea, and as I said, I know there is an Altar of Three, and I know that other players on the same server do, in fact, see the light. I've tried: Rebooting (both the game and the computer) Installing the game on another computer and playing from there (which indicates it might be an account or setting issue) Thanks to anyone for any help they can offer.
  24. Goodday to all, As title mentions my client will crash with a javaerror, before further detail some pc info: Processor: Intel i7-4790k CPU 4GHz Ram: 16 GB, 64bit Nvidia Geforge GTX 970, latest build Java 8, latest build The client can run on the lowest settings (no animations, no glow of rares etc) untill a female toon pop up. Taking ingame screenshots will also crash the game. The link below has a crash log for F11 crash, crash log with female toon in local, a normal start and exit (without any toons in local) and a picture of the fps i get from a dxdiag and both setting folders i used during these crashes. This isnt the first post about this topic, several people already had a go at this, all previous methods had no succes in overcoming this error. The java version is 8 and on the latest build, drivers are on the latest build aswell, the error keeps happening when ever a female character loads in or the LoD is turned on or most of the otherwise disabled settings in the "med working" config are turned on.
  25. when trading rare or supreme item which was activated before trade, it is not light blue, but white when place in trade window. another person with who we trade see it light blue. works same on other toons, not only on my.