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  1. usually it lasts a week or so from what I remember in previous years
  2. bump looking to sell the banners at 1.5e a piece and all three rings for 3e
  3. Long time player looking to liquidate some stuff. Give a look and let me know if anyone is interested in these! Preferred paypal payment BANNERS: https://imgur.com/TzqnwZ1 WAGONS: https://imgur.com/RFed6zu In addition to this there is: Rare Steel Basinet Helm 83.49 Web 92 Rare Steel Breast Plate 82.28QL Garden Gnome x 2 Personal Merchant Contract Yule Deer Puzzle King's Crystal Ball Spyglass Sleep Powder x 2 All offers will be seriously considered, trying to sell these relatively quick. Pickup close to Whitefay. Otherwise COD
  4. bump, am I the only one who wants this?
  5. -1 Not a real QoL issue. If your not near a chest why should you be able to see whats inside it?
  6. -1 If your upset that you have to walk ten tiles maybe you should meditate more and figure out why.