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  1. if you actually have 0% it wont let you start the craft, its the rounding thing stated above
  2. it validates every single file when something is changed, and art changes often dont get patch notes
  3. often the game just refuses to connect for an entire country at a time, often i'll have all my aussie friends pm me "can you connect" at the same time, and you have to run a proxy to connect. this is a reoccuring thing and happens atleast once a week, although not as frequently as when the servers were hetzner. how it looks on tracert, it's getting to berlin just fine but then the server refuses the connect, but if i vpn from na or japan it works just fine. the console can't connect error as of this post, none of my friends in australia have been able to connect for about 20 minutes without using a vpn.
  4. they're still capped at 0.02 (atleast for all the ones i've found, close to 10) so literally 0 point to hunting them, just do a mission for karma lol
  5. Been in the game for many years, it's been toned down to the point it's almost non-existent, but if you hunt a lot you'll see it happen plenty of times. Carnivores when hungry (seperate from the starving title they get once they lose too many fat layers) seek out prey to hunt, such as horses.
  6. With the current system, if you're casting anything that uses 50+ favor, you can't use your queue due to it doing the favor check at the start of the action, i'd suggest that if you've got more pending favor than what the spell costs/you'd be filled up to over what the spell costs before the spell finishes casting, it should let you start casting regardless
  7. it's literally in the patch notes and rolf has a few forum posts discussing it cmon
  8. you can just close the client and your character will go to sleep at the end of the timer even if the clients closed.
  9. If this rift is at 8am, then the next one will be at like 10, then the one after that is like 12 and so on, and you can always go to another server if it's too early/late for you. The overall population yesterday at 8am your time is 486, whereas the peak of the entire day was 897, or around 60% or so. You're acting as if it's some ghost town where nobody plays but there's plenty of people that play at those time zones and go to rifts (i know this because celes population is often 3-4x higher than what it normally is when there's a rift during the "undesirable hours"), and "fixing" them by making their spawns more likely to go to higher population times isn't fair to people who play in these timezones. Even now, they slightly gravitate towards more populated times as their rifts get closed quicker unless the offpeak times are filled with stacked toons. If you can't imagine yourself doing 100 rifts in the current setting imagine doing them as someone in an off peak timezone after your "fixes" that make all the rifts in the middle of the night for them lmao
  10. Less chance for rifts in a certain timezone due to population = peoples gameplay in that timezone is valued as less important as they have less of a chance at getting content. it's already a problem with things like impalongs (all the events are at us/eu time), unique slayings, staff run events/giveaways, practically all events are based in us/eu time as it is and people from the opposite timezone are left behind, there shouldn't be more game mechanics to encourage disregarding these players the smaller servers often get 15-30 people doing rifts in the middle of the night na/eu time so sounds like an indy problem more than a game problem.
  11. so those 10 people can experience rifts when they otherwise couldn't? is their gameplay less important because they play at less populated times?
  12. so people living outside the us/eu should never get to go to rifts?