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  1. i miss when troll posts were funny and not some attempt to be smarter than everyone
  2. i was gonna write a funny story or something here but i'm tired Slaying the forest giant, all are welcome to come and slap it, get bloods, and win some loot near coast, 1 loot roll per person, Location is http://deliverance.yaga.host/#1150,777 , J18 ingame
  3. "Sorrow pillar" mission structure is in a cave there, about 5 tiles in.
  4. as of last patch, path of insanitys free swap has been disabled. from what i'm told in ca help, this was an intentional decision that wasn't in the patch notes. From retro's post in the past, there was meant to be a minimum of one months notice that the transfer was ending what happened
  5. Location added It's right on the edge of local, you'll have to walk blood alts in a few tiles most likely
  6. depends what monitor i use, good monitor i can see in pitch black night just fine, side monitor i have for browsing web i need my glow ring necklace and then its fine. the game is definitely much brighter than it used to be. i play with only 1 dynamic light coz they tank my fps so i dunno if the lanterns etc do much, from my experience in the past its not more than 3-4 tiles
  7. +1 heaps of people in local is just a massive performance issue they're never going to fix, may as well reduce the need for it
  8. [02:21:00] You cast Dispel on aged champion Hell Hound (traitor). [02:21:00] Aged champion Hell Hound (traitor) has no effects to dispel.
  9. how is it a 100% necessary spell? it'd reduce the chance for affinities due to having less skill ticks, you'd almost always go over the 30 second cap for skillgain with the majority of tools in the game if you got low on stamina due to how the stamina curve on action timer works, and you'd wouldn't use it on anything where you're looking for an end result. you can already do it in the game via some unconventional methods (wounds treated with a power equal to how much they worsen so they never heal, toggling climb, managing tool ql) so its not like its a new mechanic or anything. seems like something that'd have niche purposes and you wouldn't use on everything to me