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  1. How do cattle survive on rock?

    they dont need to eat unless someones in local
  2. I have a question for the Devs

    i keep wood scraps in satchels in large magic chests, bulk storage aint takin away my ql
  3. Open Reply to Abuse of Power Public Letter

    That has the problem of people going ahead and selling it "WTS rare steel 99ql LMS Can't be crafted!", I've been offered such gm spawned items in the past. Personally i think every item should only be player crafted and gm spawned items should stick to starter towns and whatnot but that's my own opinion. I don't feel that preventing things that can be crafted from being spawned would change much, the "GM SPAWN ONLY" items fetch quite a premium
  4. Fantastic shovel and pickaxe

    I sold one of each quite a long time ago so i know they're out there. pm me
  5. i think that spamming reveal artifacts would give away who's holding it even if twitter didn't but whatever
  6. nvm

  7. Farming Animation/Action

    head bobbing is one of those things you look at once, think "nice" and turn it off forever
  8. What's my bank balance?

    mail yourself something for 1 iron, the receive window will have your current bank balance in it. otherwise it's just gonna be a guessing game where you try to create a deed every few hours/days.
  9. Animations is acting wierd.

    combat animations get stuck, swimming animations don't change unless you come to a complete stop (ie holding d, then wd then w would leave you stuck in the swimming to the right animation)
  10. Remove the skillgain disable when dropping+digging

    if you're using sleep bonus thats quite a bit, if you only play an hour a day max that's quite a bit, if you're a newbie just starting the game that's quite a bit. not everyone plays the game for 8h/day and can shrug off 15 minutes wasted, not everyone has alliance members to ask, not everyone can speak english well enough in ca to get an answer, not everyone answering in ca knows the answer. you're basing it based on YOUR knowledge of the game and access to new knowledge, forcing people a. figure out their skillgain is disabled b. go to ca help/alliance/wiki to find out about it about it and c. having someone that actually knows whats going on to answer is quite intuitive it'd still set off the system even if you teleported across the map between digs, distance doesn't matter. no idea why you think it would but then again, you're arguing to keep a system that you seem to know nothing about so meh Thats how all skills work, if you're too far away from the effective range you won't get much skill, characteristics are no different. I have no idea why you're going on about imping characteristic gain, has 0 relevance to the discussion, but feel free to make your own suggestion about it. one could see having your skillgain disabled while dropping dirt as a newbie as being penalized with skill loss for doing a normal for your levels actions
  11. VoIP

    *Loud moaning sounds* definitely +1
  12. lotsa sleep powder

    all gone, can close
  13. lotsa sleep powder

    still got some
  14. Priest overhaul testing

    it's a buff though, majority of mobs have attacks so weak that a single hit will LT it completely many times over, to the point that anything over 50 LT is completely wasted unless you jumped off 300 dirt walls or fighting without a helmet or something dumb because you could only heal 2-3 per swing of your huge axe or w/e you use, attacks have around a 50% chance to stack onto a single wound so with new LT you're healing a lot more consistently as you're always healing the stacked wounds/eye and head shots not that it matters because pve mobs are so insanely weak that you can kill a troll with a fresh spawn and okay gear, but if you want to cry about how nerfed it is when you fight trolls naked go ahead
  15. Priest overhaul testing

    how in gods name is it a nerf? it always heals the biggest wound now, unless you fight naked you shouldnt ever have enough heal resistance from lt to matter LT was buffed