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  1. Pushing campfires

    If you push a campfire onto a tile with another campfire, it adds its fuel to the other one, but it leaves a ghost campfire that can't be interacted with on the border of the tile
  2. Random fancy stuff

  3. Trader deed

    indy, not coastal
  4. Trader deed

    Looking to sell a deed with trader on it, in a house with 98 courier box, huge 35x35 walled off area, has a huge mine, other stuff you probably don't care about coz it's not a trader. Currently has 11s25c in upkeep, monthly cost is 1s61c but can be downsized to 1s, has a grapeyard with about 1500 bushes attached, probably still has random bulk lying around and a baking panfilling room and rares i just dumped on the ground and stuff, i really dont know selling for 45s or trade for a trader contract+5s. pm me if you're interested or need to know location or want to look around or whatever
  5. Multiple clients loaded massively increasing GPU usage and ram leaks

    4.5gb/11gb dedicated gpu usage, 100% on 3D rendering, with main client being 15-20fps with massive stuttering. Card in question is an evga gtx 1080 ti, but i've had this problem with a 970 and an amd firepro w5100
  6. Slaying of the raging red dragon hatchling

    Will be slaying the red hatchling this weekend, drops weapon smithing potion bloods. located added at a later date.
  7. ATLAS

    That hammerhead shark made the same sound wurm dragons make when they're hit so they bought the same sound asset pack wurm did lol animations for combat are stiff as hell and look like they were also from the unity asset store you'd think with all the ARK money they'd be able to afford their own art/sound team but whatever, that trailer doesn't really get me intrested in the game, maybe when there's actual gameplay footage that isn't some kid talking about a leaked screenshot
  8. I've been running sermon alts off my pc's recently, and i've noticed a trend with more clients open = much worse performance degradation on my main client. All the sermon alts are rendering off, 533x400 resolution, capped to 5fps background, 15fps foreground, every single graphics setting on absolute minimum, hud turned off expect for when selecting the altar to sermon. They use about 800mb of ram each, and 0.1-0.5% gpu and cpu each when sitting in my deed around an altar. My main client, that i'm running max graphics and running around the world hunting, usually runs around 15% cpu, 25-30% gpu and anywhere from 2gb of ram when launched, to unloading ram when around 4-5gb when running by itself. With 8 other accounts on, it is a constant 95+% gpu usage by itself with the other accs using the rest of the gpu, cpu is around 50% usage, and ram just endlessly climbs without unloading, I had a client at 80gb ram used in the past. including on the sermon alts which are all not moving and have no rendering, often at 2gb+ each when i'm running around, often leading to the sermon alts crashing, but has actually blue screened my computer in the past when everything java related refused to unload ram.This is an issue i've reported in the past and it stopped happening for a while, but it's came back recently and it's a lot worse than last time around.
  9. "Test" action for wand of seas

    Wand of seas needs to be planted in the water to check if it can be used or not, and won't tell you until it's on the ground. when they're in the water, if they're too far underwater you can't see items or piles and have to get a gm to retrieve it. a simple action to check if valid before placing them would be helpful.
  10. Random fancy stuff

    clearing out stuff. send offers Bloods are 2x butchering 12x woodcutting 10x tailoring 3x acid 4x blacksmithing. blue tome and scale gone rare saddle gone The longsword is dyed a dark purple iirc, can take a picture if you want
  11. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    did anyone use my idea of building a 1x1 shack next to it that gets people banned if they block it off its really quite simple
  12. close

    Only one day left, bump!
  13. Reconnect command

    Sometimes you've driven your cart/horse straight through a wall, or things just aren't where they should be, and you need to completely relaunch the client. A simple command to forcefully disconnect and reconnect would make it a lot easier to deal with.
  14. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    If i joined just to steal loot i would have taken the blue tome that dropped too. maybe i could have told my friend "hey the uniques at x and nobodys searching except for me go pen it and split me the loot" if i was interested in stealing loot, maybe i could have given you the OTHER rare white dragon bone that was in my inventory from the last one i was at, coz i still have one on me. Maybe i could have used the fantastic bone on the next unique bone that dropped and sold that instead. Point is, if i was interested in stealing from you i would have been a bit smarter about it than saying "oh i got a fantastic bone" in local. Saying i took advantage of the group is a bit of a ###### assessment of the situation when i searched about 4/5 of the map by myself, it would have been no different if i wasn't in the group, i maybe would have taken an extra 15 minutes searching places that other people searched. if you had it written in your rules that as the finder you don't get choice loot loot i would have left before even finding either of the uniques that were hosted for the p/r group. it's not my fault you don't write down your rules, and then either try to explain some hidden rule or make up some bs rule it when you see good loot, but whichever one it is i don't care enough to find out. is that why plenty of people that live on P/R are excluded from the group? there's literally arguments in the p/r group chat about people who live on the server not being allowed in the group despite living there for years. no, but i don't act like i don't do that either.