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  1. i kite uniques on foot because its easier to pen that way kiting a unique across a server while dodging every single town on the way because uniques will get blocked by them sounds horrendously inconvenient, removing penning doesn't stop private slaying just makes it harder for people who can't stop what they're doing at a whim to go kill a unique, and endgame gear being locked behind a weekly slap the big mob and wait for rng is just meh. you'll still get plenty of people causing drama because some guy got more rng loot from them due to bad rng/broken system/biased staff altering the system/whatever fun allegation. So far 3 uniques have been spotted in the new servers, the locations have been called out on freedom chat many times and nobodys penned them, perhaps take the initiate and pen them so you can host a public slaying if thats what you fancy? doesn't take much more than a shaker and a suicide alt with a tent to pen a unique dominating the rift market with unique loot doesn't make much sense because you just need to target a mob in melee before it dies for a point, you can very easily get 100+ points on a new character, hell you can just afk in the area and mine the rift nodes after it ends too
  2. yeah i always laughed at the idea of a server restart to fix the economy, like the same vets people complain about dominating the market, they're just gonna go dominate the new market for a markup, duh
  3. if hundreds of meditation rugs exploded and nobody was around to hear them, does it make a sound?
  4. Ways to accurately record and measure, like for example, crafting an item, i can clearly see create chance, if i increase my skill or tool ql, the chance to create increases. Crafting provides me with the tools required to get an accurate reading and i can use this info to add info to the wiki about necessary crafting levels needed to make something, for example 8% chance to make a gold altar at 13.00 jewelry smithing using a 90Ql large anvil. this is a verified number, i can clearly see that a large altar is hard to make and need about 100 skill+ql to make it. Then we go back to weapons, here's the halberd page Skills: Polearms -> Halberd Strength: 0.45 (Similar to the Two Handed Sword) Attack Speed: 5 seconds (4 in Aggressive Mode) Damage Type: Cutting Parry Rate: Medium Wielding: Two-hander (Unable to use a shield with it) What is "Strength"? How is "attack speed" accurately measured (its not coz aggressive is showing as 4s), isn't halberd half slashing half piercing?, what is "Parry rate: Medium and how was it found out? And compare it to the huge axe page Strength: 0.60 Attack Speed: 6 seconds (10% faster in Aggressive Mode) Parry Rate: Low And then the Two handed sword page Parry Rate: High This one has the correct aggressive speed, but how much is "Low" parry? is it half of medium? 10%? Then compare it to the table of weapons, https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Table_of_weapons , and there would be 0 way to make this table reliably without a dev providing it, but even then Halberd there is showing 100% parry rate? wasn't it supposed to be medium parry rate? it's 100% same as the two handed sword, which is a high parry rate? Anyone who can read the code or has actually used the weapons before can tell you that a 2 handed sword will parry much better than a halberd, and a shortsword will parry much better than a 2 handed sword due to parry being based on weight, but the wiki is telling me both that a sword will parry at the same rate as a halberd, and that a sword is better in two different places. How can i accurately test attack speed critical chance parry rate and fix this page up? It's based on so many factors like characteristics skills height position in relation to the enemy that the same test for two different people could give wildly different results due to outside factors, there's nothing in game that says "you can parry well" or "you cant parry well" or "you have a 8% chance to parry" or "your 90 body control is really screwing up this experiment and confusing the 10 other people testing it". is my instinct that my shortsword is the best weapon in the game for parrying enough info? do i have to blindly accept this page that the dev has provided even though i know it's not entirely correct based on my time ingame but i can't test it reasonably? would going onto test server and using their version of combat that shows the rolls for parrying showing that the shortsword is much better at parrying than the halberd be considered correct info?
  5. If that's actually the case then there should be more work between developers and wiki editors to verify information "hey we just got this massive rewrite of a page based on wurm unlimited code, can you check to see if it holds up" "oh yeah sure i've been laughing at the fact that people think aggressive fighting increases damage by 33% for years but we can't confirm x part" All i can say is the "let the players test it and write up the wiki" isn't working very well so far for consistency. especially for things like fighting, as mentioned above. due to my ping all of my weapons show wildly inaccurate swing timers, will the wiki accept me adding the findings that my sickle randomly changes between 2 and 4 second swing timers? can i add that woa does nothing for swing timer even though its wrong (and most people actually believe that it does nothing) due to my ping hiding it? will the fact that 3.5s swing timers show as alternating 3 and 4 second swings for someone in germany right next to the server be listed as 3 or 4 seconds? if i have really bad fighting stance and it's reducing my damage but i have really high weapon skill will my info that one weapon is much weaker due to this hold up? if you want the info to be player driven, players need to be given the tools to test information reliably.
  6. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Artifact and sub-pages could do with a bit of a rewrite "When an artifact has 0 charges left it will disappear into the ground at a random location within the week unless recharged at either the White Light or Bone Altar." not a random time, it's exactly 7 days after the artifact was dug up that it loses charges/drops, so if it was dug up at 1am on the 7th, it'll lose charges 1am 14th, 21th, 28th, etc. If it has 0 charges when it does the weekly check it drops into the ground. Recharging takes up to 4 minutes, can only be done one artifact at a time and emits a serverwide event message. Recharge charge depends on charges left in item, you'll get a message in event saying "x vibrates" each time a charge is added. WL artifacts and BL artifacts cannot be recharged at the same time, if one is being recharged at the other altar it will block you. 1 minute between charging ending and starting another charge. The spells listed are random powers, but generally really low, 30-50's, and all last for about 3m10s or so regardless of spell, except for phantasms which is always 100 power 5 mins. Bronze hammer/sword of mag - Activating gives 10 favor, if you have no deity it kills you. Mag followers do not get any special bonuses, the mag priest bonus isn't fully effective on artifact damage either. Glass ear - Chances are 33% for each to happen not 50% for nothing, requires you to be off deed to work. Gems are 70+ql, average being around 85ql. Glass mouth - Gives a excel cast for vyn followers. The refresh is the version of it that fills food+water+nutrition+stamina to 99% Orb of doom - uses 10 charges per use, backfire is based on soul strength and just kills the user if it fails, extremely unlikely to actually work. Can be resisted by soul strength. Gives event messages for using, if you're marked by it, but not if it backfires they just die. Scepter of ascension - Casts hell strength on you if a lib follower, phantasms otherwise. Kills non-followers. Rod of Beguiling - 20% damage not 10%, activating gives forest giant strength cast if fo follower, phantasms otherwise. Does not work on artifacts or mob damage. Recharges your favor bar. Kills non-followers. Charm of fo - Oakshells user if fo follower. Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a wild boar that's in your kingdom and will attack enemies. This is only on self-use, not when using to tame. Crown of might - frantic charges user if mag follower. Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a mountain gorilla thats in your kingdom and will attack enemies. Scale of lib - Small chance (around 10% or so?) to summon a wild hyena that's in HOTS and will attack you (bug? i never used it in hots to check if it's friendly for them, but you can summon the other 2 kingdom creatures by artifact in your kingdom just fine). This is only on self-use, not when using to rebirth. Phantasm's non-lib followers.
  7. https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Category:Street_lamps https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Huge_oil_barrel https://steamcommunity.com/app/366220/discussions/0/351659808486641626/ WU people arguing about it back in 2016 thread about it in 2012
  8. well, it's easy to search the patch notes for pages you're editing to put in new features/mechanic changes Seeing as the WU code was just a sub-branch of the WO code , nearly every single thing is the exact same between the two, and you can assume if its in WU that unless it's been changed since the last patch it's the same in WO. In all my years of reading WU code and testing the info in WO i've only found a few differences, mostly to do with uniques. The devs should really be working with the wurmpedia team and giving them info directly anyway, wurmpedia is a mess of outdated info. I really can't see why some guys "i think it works like this but i haven't really tested it" from 10 years ago is more valid than the code of the game that the creator has said is the exact same code.
  9. if you cannot make the materials required to sweet spot imp, you want to imp things that are around 15-0 under your skill, depnding on your tool ql. Tool ql equal to skill you'd want 10ql under
  10. Main problem with MM is the fact that over time it loses its rarity due to an increasing stockpile with a reduced player count to use it isn't it? I like the idea of making MM creation/imping tools only for the permanent stock, but losing MM weapons entirely would be a shame as i like the idea of having something that requires pvp/roaming to get (screw rifts), personally i'd put a bunch of random enchanted ones in hota statue when you win hota/maybe a chance on the supreme+ chest things but have them work like unrechargable artifacts, after like a week or two they go back into the ground and you have to get a new one from a chest/hota, not sure how many people like the idea of it but personally i think it'd make going out and exploring for hota/chests more contested if they were the only source of top tier weapons, having things that promote roaming is always good. If there's maybe 10-15 MM weapons in total for a population of a few hundred, they don't have much of an impact on bigger fights. Eventually with the infinite supply, unless you make them require absurd amounts of MM to re-imp eventually everyone's going to have them and they'll be mandatory to be competitive. Alternatively, just make them in line with other player made metals like steel, but a massive bonus to damage reduction/ql loss repairing would be nice.
  11. 33% extra at 100 fats, scaling linearly
  12. leather has slightly less favor regen than cloth but it's unnoticeable, you might have to wait 5-10 seconds more to cast a spell at max. cloth has good dodging but when you get hit you'll get chunked (and you have a CR penalty while casting so you get hit a lot). Leather is generally gonna be the better option unless the toon is reasonably strong then at that point you can go with any armor really
  13. An extension to the first aid showing wound healing speed idea that was added, add info on reduced characteristics aswell, with more info at higher first aid. Many people don't know that wounds reduce characteristics based on where the wound is and often ask questions like why they're moving so slow when they're not encumbered, why they lost an action queue, why they got a popup saying they can't steal anymore etc. example would be like low first aid - the fracture on your leg is reducing your strength and carrying capacity, higher first aid would give you a rough estimate of how much you're losing.
  14. yeah one of the reasons i still use the old client, knowing when your shield bash is back up is quite handy