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  1. skills were missing last time too still got nothing on my 28 soul depth, master got absolutely 0 transfers
  2. make them show on pend so hunting down scout camps can be a thing
  3. adding onto this, they don't display when they unhitch horse is visually on the hitching post, can't interact with due to being too far away relog shows its actually on the dirt wall behind me
  4. its not from age they just randomly pop off and you can rehitch them after
  5. does this mean we can make super efficient 13 story vertical farms? wurm has entered the modern era finally
  6. left once, came back on the request of a friend and left again after hybrid skillgain system sucks ass, its not as bad on epic where by the time you're 20 skill and its no longer 100% tick rate no matter what you're curved to 39 skill, but on jackal unless you've got someone supplying you 70+ ql tools skillgain is nothing. most skills in the game are actually slower than on freedom despite it being a temp server lol. barely any new content, its just doing rift camps on newbie accounts, which you could already do if you really wanted. rift ai is a straight up chore now, with all their dumb mechanics and awful ai, feels like you fight the game more than you do mobs jackal has near nobody on it in australian hours (80% of those on are alts, ive seen the alliance lists) so im forced to either pull all nighters on the weekends just to play in a group of more than 3 or abuse the rift mobs shitty ai and solo the camps myself, fun for the first few times. skill transfer is near nothing, it doesn't take into account coc or sleep bonus either so you wont get much skill coming back, your affinities dont come back, your rares dont come back, your deed dont come back, everything on jackal seems pointless because it'll all be gone in a few months anyway, and all you'll have to show for it is some memories and a weapon skin all in all a meh experience that i could have just had on a wu server. maps pretty cool, if it was a freedom server i'd probs live there
  7. K21, easiest way up from coast is to park at Hanalei and head straight west up the mountain, its a pretty gentle slope.
  8. yeah its data directly from the server. adding up all the servers gave me 2113 so the overall graph can't show more than 1999.99 i guess. 1 miron is a gold so that means theres 2113 gold coins in circulation atm. http://freedom006.game.wurmonline.com/mrtg/economy.html you can see a bump in the graph there from the forest giant slaying today, from all the people travelling to the server.
  9. forgot to add lol red circle at bottom
  10. +1 coz it means everyone else will quit and i'll get a nice cool server to myself