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  1. Was watching a uniques wounds in a fight today, an infection wound was opened at the start of a fight, in the next minute the wound grew to 6.something damage from all the other players attacks stacking into this wound as it was the first wound and had a 50% chance to have attacks stack into it instead of forming their own wound, then magically healed due to it being an infection, it was really cool and fun and a really enjoyable game mechanic for the whole family to enjoy is this going to be fixed anytime soon? if not can you make dispelling bt not really hard so i can fix my weapons due to the brokenness of it ty
  2. thats what you get for that crime against nature
  3. Looking for 2-5k 90+ql planks depending on price, higher ql is goodererer pm me
  4. the notification was removed like a year ago, you dont get told when uniques spawn
  5. Looking for a bonking stick made from addy/glimmer/seryll, pm me whatcha got
  6. as title, found a traitor that was inside a fenced off deed, i had permissions to enter so it was gucci but it can easily lead to something that can't be killed, or a mission mob that gets dunked by templars and leaves the mission up till it expires
  7. this would be a community slaying, not a private slaying, and use the rules under it. you're linking the rules for private slayings which is referring to the use of stealthing alts near the slaying without the host knowing lol
  8. if you werent forced to do things you despise would it really be a wurm online journal
  9. pm me how much you got + price
  10. 13 public slayings m9 theyre on the forums and all