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  1. Arrow Damage

    I only break a 70ql war arrows every 50 shots or so, but you'd need 80+ fletching to make them easily so that's quite an investment just for hunting small game. Perhaps up the damage on hunting arrows against mobs and make them more resistant to breaking? Would make sense, as they're designed to be able to be pulled from animals and reused, whereas war arrows are supposed to get caught inside the body and rip it apart if pulled out, breaking the arrow/arrowhead.
  2. Red Dragon

    If you've got a problem with me lets hear it, stop being so passive aggressive and name dropping me in a thread about a dragon that 1. I didn't hunt. 2. I didn't pen and 3. I didn't attend. I don't generally hunt on deli but maybe i'll move there so i can come take your uniques and give you an actual reason to talk this much ######.
  3. Red Dragon

    I had 0 to do with this unique but okay thanks for the name drop
  4. Please Lock

    You can use it on anything you can pick up, gnomes included. I've got a rare spyglass for example.
  5. Goblin leader slaying

  6. Seryll breastplate 85ql

  7. Goblin leader slaying

    Central cele, near coast. will add location later.
  8. *CLOSE* sale complete. Maple Sap

  9. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    [2018-06-12] [17:56:04] You make a lot of errors and need to take a break. [2018-06-12] [17:56:10] You make a lot of errors and need to take a break. [2018-06-12] [17:56:16] You make a lot of errors and need to take a break. [2018-06-12] [17:56:21] You make a lot of errors and need to take a break. That's a fairly common occurrence for me, it's stupid.
  10. The red cherry

    "You do thing so your opinion is irrelevant"? I don't go on the forums and complain when i get bad rng. I have like 10 charges of cherries myself, not including all the ones i used on my accounts. I really don't see why me hunting uniques has anything at all to do with the discussion, seeing as i'd benefit from them being buffed just as much as you. If anything, i'm arguing against a way for me to earn more money, solely because i think it's an unneeded change. "doesn't mean balance shouldn't happen" Wurm has so many useless skills, tools, weapons, armors, etc. Except they're not useless, they just seem that way to you because you're looking to min-max everything for pvp so 99% of the games going to be useless junk to you. Power creep is already insane and if you brought every tome up to blood/smoke/slime levels all you'd do is make it worse. Got nothing against the remove/disable idea, that seems fine.
  11. The red cherry

    I mean, is expecting 300+ euro for repairing a bunch of fences and getting an alt to 90 skill on epic good for the game? If you farm your alts and get good tomes, good on ya doesn't effect anyone else nobody hears of it because you're happy. If you farm your alts, get bad tomes, then complain on the forums and expect them to change it just because you can't sell it? Sorry I really couldn't care less. Maybe if the post was for removing red white cherries wand of seas huge egg all that stuff before they won it it would have gotten a better audience, but the post just screams "I didn't get paid as much as i thought i would".
  12. Can't get full 24K 100QL logs

    Back 15 years ago or whenever the game was being made, they didn't think "oh, i wonder how it'll interact with someone that's 90+ woodcutting, and has a rare runed imbued hatchet", but that's probably to do with the fact that rare, runed and imbued did not exist back then and the thought of someone getting 100 woodcutting for 100ql trees probably seemed asinine. For chopping 100ql logs, it's possible, extremely rare due to how the game handles it. You'd have to hit exactly 100ql on the log and not go over, otherwise it'd reroll. Moving the rune/rare/imbue bonus to chopping up instead of felling trees would let you cut 100ql logs and would boost the average ql of logs by a lot when at high skill with said tools (i get like average 65-70ql logs if i dump them all into a crate, depsite all of my trees being 100ql)
  13. New archaeology stuff

    Shiny new kyklops statue. Was expecting him to be a little taller. I imagine the other new statues are around the same size.
  14. Close

  15. 10k Trash Personal Goal - Stay in local?

    Yes. if the satchels are damaged or put in before the food they'll decay first and it'll all drop to the ground so keep that in mind.