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  1. Awesome seller, got my bulk order done and delivered quickly
  2. If you capture a unique on any server, good for you do what you want with it its yours If you don't gather more people and learn to hunt better instead of complaining on the forums about it If someone comes to your server to hunt uniques and beats you its no-ones fault but your own, you have the upper hand knowing the server, already having horses, knowing people on the server that could help with the search not having to travel etc If someone finds a unique and doesn't do a public slaying its just a 2 silver potion who cares
  3. He's used those skills while being non-prem and it's capped to the free limit (going free after being prem in the past lets you keep char's up to 30, thats why mind logic and bstr are 30) skills will only drop to 20/30 upon using them.
  4. So when's it getting renamed the rift steppe?
  5. 86c 89c picks to oblivionnreaver thanks
  6. Turn 30 farming/fletching into channeling/meditation/lockpicking, grind 30 again, turn into same skill again. Way too abuse-able and doesn't even make sense. -1
  7. sold please close
  8. Bump, 5h left!
  9. Rift is a set amount of creatures and theyll stay there until they all die
  10. No sorry, getting more picks enchanted tonight so i'll give you a shout if anythings better
  11. Start: 10s Increments: 1s Snipe: 1 hour
  12. Gathering tools it adds to the minimum ql (1.5-4.5 i think) and max ql (1-3, decreases as ql goes up, around 0.6-1.8 at 90 ql) For certain weapons the jump from rare to supreme is quite big, rarity gives 1/3/5% dmg and 10/30/50% increased critical strike chance so for example a scythe crit chance would be N 1.6%/R 1.76%/S 2.08%/F 2.4% or a bow a fantastic willow having -20 difficulty makes long range headshots quite a bit easier. the ql/enchant loss is worth more than the actual rare bonuses for pretty much all the items
  13. combine the 34ql and 25ql crystal and cod to me thanks