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  1. i'm sure people will spend half an hour bashing a 3 item object that anyone can make in 30 seconds just to grief :thinking:
  2. Don't suppose it'd be possible to add 10% create ql bonus, 10% ql rune and 10% skill bonus runes to the calculator?
  3. the large majority of players in pve don't participate in the market and just play with their small group of friends being extremely paranoid when a white name enters local so it probably doesn't matter if they go to the new servers the old servers or magically end up in a wu server by accident they'd probably have the exact same game experience since they're just playing the game with friends, if you're pvping defiantly go defiance tho there's already 90+ channeling weaponsmith accs etc on new servers you'd be just as hopelessly outclassed joining a village on either server
  4. you don't anywhere near top gear then because my wagon went 36km/h with 95ql rare 100+woa shoes, full supreme 95ql 100woa with speed rune goes 38.88km/h according to that calculator which, as i said, is close to 40km/h
  5. Even with the bonus they're around 30% slower than hell horses on a wagon though, like it's not even close if you care about max speed, so how would they be overpowered? if anything hell horse carts going 40km/h and wagons getting close to that is overpowered
  6. certain maul special attacks (echo pain and sleepwalker, both high right or left aiming) reduces your food bar by about 50% if you're wanting to max out on affinities, waiting until your food bar is low enough to nibble 19 pizzas is certainly inconvenient
  7. this is actually a teaser for the imping rework
  8. whats frustrating about it? you just eat after you fast and you get your nutrition back, its basically a free meal with no downsides if you didn't notice stamina regeneration being really slow for the last 45 minutes or whatever it takes for food to go from 25% to 8% idk what to say
  9. like how rifts have their scout camp things, randomly spawning valrei mobs in little camp things they cant leave the area of with some reward for killing them would be cool seriously what was the point of reworking valrei ai if they literally dont spawn anywhere lmao
  10. you don't download the entire file again but it verifies everything inside every single time anything gets added
  11. minor graphics patches dont get change notes