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  1. 10s
  2. Wasn't producing rock shards or connecting the tunnels when i was mining from the bottom and getting the message. Never gotten a message before creating a drop shaft either.
  3. The mine tile in question When mining the tile inbetween the rock piles, mining upwards from bottom gave "[20:04:23] You hear falling rocks from the other side of the wall. A deep shaft will probably emerge.", saying that the tunnels are too far apart slope-wise to connect. Mining downwards from the top however connected the tiles just fine. I've had tunnels that were the other way around, having to mine from the bottom up-wards to avoid that error.
  4. rat

    I don't think you can call changing the font to wingdings a password hash anymore than you can how wurm saves its passwords. It's just so your password isn't saved/sent in plain text.
  5. Bump
  6. Bump, still 2 left.
  7. Gold/silver altars?
  8. Looking to get 90-95 baking. Pm me price per thousand of w/e you do.
  9. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body It has lightning movement It can carry more than average It has very strong leg muscles
  10. Tfw macros don't give a ###### about bad interfaces because you can just program them around it but everyone uses it as an excuse to keep garbage interfaces in the game and de-rail forum threads. Do you honestly think that, for example, natural substances needing to right click mix everything to skill makes it impossible to bot?
  11. Just cod to me don't worry about pming first. Clay 50c Iron Ribbons 80c Iron Rivets 50c Large nails 80c Plank 80c Rope 1.5s Shaft 80c Sheet 80c Small nails 80c Stone Bricks 50c Yoke 80c I'll buy rares of anything here for 15c each i'm not really interested in them. If you've got fantastic of anything pm me and we'll work out a price.
  12. Changing email/password in this game is a chore. If you change email to an already used email, it'll change your password to the one used on the first account on that email. If you change password in the site it'll change password for every account on that email, even if they had different passwords before. Search emails for "Wurm online" you'll msot likely have prem time warnings and character creation emails if you didn't delete them. Could try resetting the password for every single email you have and it'll say the names effected in the email if it changed them. Otherwise, make a support ticket via email.
  13. 3 base + 8 from fighting + 1 per 30 nimbleness + 1 from agressive fighting skill. This would give him 12 with no nimbleness and up to 15 with a 90 nimb weapon. 28/33% hit chance 0 focus 42/45% max focus before glancing/blocking/parrying/modifier. There's my last fight with a champ whale, also 80 fighting. Didn't bother focusing at all as i was in drake. Were you in the correct range? Champion whale you pretty much have to be inside it for the correct spot, then be in the passenger seat so you don't drift into too far, that gives quite the debuff to hit rate.
  14. final Titles.Title title = performer.getTitle(); if (title != null && title.getSkillId() == improve.getNumber() && (target.isArmour() || target.isCreatureWearableOnly())) { mod *= 1.2999999523162842; } It gets the title of whatever skill you're using to imp, 50 70 90 100 are all the same skillid. Horseshoes saddles and barding are all "technically" armor and also wearable by creatures and will get the bonus from black-smithing/leather-working titles. I'm certain horseshoes work as i tested it in WO a while back, and the other two are the exact same type so they should aswell.
  15. 30% bonus or something to the success check. You need to use the title of the skill (platesmith, tanner, tailor, chainsmith for their respective groups, blacksmith works for horseshoes and barding too iirc. Can use the 70/90/100 titles too). Dunno if it works on epic too.