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  1. mycellium doesn't spawn, it spreads like grass into areas that are bl kingdom. you need to seed initial tiles under altars for it to spread with corrupt, or wait for it to spread across the tower chain. last time i went down to that area it looked like it spread plenty around commorragh, to the north of it etc, unless you had priests covering a few locals worth of tiles with corrupt
  2. there's 0 coding to be done for it, the code for allowing different skin colours in the game is already in. it even has support for fancier stuff like skin colours/hair colours based on kingdoms. It's literally just dropping graphics files into the folders already set up for it. quick 1 minute job in WU to add a new funky skin color, you'd need to redo the models as they're obviously designed around being white but that's still not a coding thing
  3. the art devs don't fix bugs, they make art. working on art has 0 impact on fixing bugs and vice versa. unless you're saying the art devs should pick up coding or learn some QA skills or something i guess lol
  4. this thread is pretty pog, usually they don't go mask off like this
  5. special moves got updated last year, kingdoms dont give different ones anymore. 1. no. 2. increases their dodge chance when they fast which is a bad thing. 3. yes. 4. yes
  6. looking for 200 or so, you get them from saccing 10-50 favor. pm price and average ql, would prefer high ql
  7. For better organizing of inventory, being able to put item groups inside containers such as backpacks would be pretty nice
  8. looks like a black tome, sorcery item. weird things next to it are unique bloods
  9. wurm was pvp only for the first 5 years of its public lifespan until they launched the first pure pve server so that assumption might be a little bit off, probably about par with the rest of the assumptions in your post tho
  10. i like the new skin it is very cool
  11. that's just an old school one that never got drained and was sitting there from pre-change, i've found hundreds of them since change and they've never been over 0.03. i left one on the side of a mountain on chaos for 2 months and it never went over 0.03
  12. i keep having this happen with my meditation rug, i'll drop it for meditate, it'll disappear then relog and it's clearly visible under me
  13. still a problem. silakka was frozen for about 3 minutes at this time, as always all of his actions go through to the server instantly, he can send messages to other people, instantly loses link when i close the client, everything outbound still works, it's only inbound connections that aren't happening as always. 0% packet loss, ping is steady to the server when this is happening.