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  1. Looking to buy bsbs of shafts, 50ql required 60+ql preferred. Give me offers.
  2. Multiple satchels, give each one its own slot on toolbelt.
  3. You still have the starting affinity, so they'll only need to earn one to drop either of the ones they'll have. If they have 2 affinities in 2 different skills you can still take one of them, you just can't take them to 0 total affinities anymore.
  4. I believe they're called "Flip-flops" or "Sandals" in uncultured societies, and shouldn't be worn as underwear. If you have been wearing them as underwear and they're melted to the sidewalk, i'd consult a medical professional as soon as you can.
  5. Western sydney suburbs. 39 degrees today, heat just gets stuck here and doesn't leave until around 11pm. It's expected to be 35+ nearly every day this week too. Bring back winter already.
  6. Make sure not to wear your woolies thongs outside, they'll melt and get stuck to the sidewalk. I've seen a few abandoned pairs out already.
  7. I imagine it's the same as rare window, since same average time. so every second it rolls a number out of 36000 and if it's 1 50% chance the window opens.
  8. So you want pre-transfer epic? Can't say that was the most populated server. You'd be taking away stuff from both sides of the game, and offering nothing except "maybe" updates that are a bit more free since they don't have to worry about the other side, but you already have epic for that, so you're just taking away something for nothing.
  9. "x has increased to rank x affinity" in skills "You realize that you have developed an affinity for x" or "You realize that your affinity for x has grown stronger" in events, and will pop up in middle of screen like the close to bee hive message.
  10. I remember people being accused of this like 10 years ago lmao nothing changed Dont publicly slander people its bad for both parties, /support if you think someones abusing.
  11. If your imp ends right before the 15s period opens it can miss it, more likely the longer the timer is. 20s timer would be 1/4 chance to miss 30s timer 1/2 chance to miss on average for example.
  12. Amount of skill ticks in a certain time seems counter intuitive for some skills, Say for skilling mining with a 1ql pick every two hours you'd get one shot of an affinity, you could even miss the window entirely if you weren't full stamina+high mining, whereas using a high ql pickaxe with 3 second timers you'd have multiple shots at characteristic and misc items. Or repairing giving 5+ ticks a second of repairing mind mind logic and misc items would have a much higher chance of giving an affinity if you were repairing during the timer. Overall seems like it's going to give out characteristic affinities majority of the time, since nearly every skill has atleast 2 body/mind/logic and 2 actual characteristics, and you get more total ticks in them than you do actual skills.
  13. It's a combination of pretty trees and animation quality iirc, i've got a graphics profile with everything set to minimum just for woodcutting so leaves aren't visible. Considering i'm always cutting the tree from the same side they should all be falling in the same direction anyway. It's easy yes but when you're going for 100 woodcutting that's a lot of unnecessary extra clicks.
  14. Necklace is different. "A delicate necklace with artisan symbols. It helps improving items to a higher level. It is very stable and has much energy left"
  15. My counter showed my account as having over a million actions and he still hasn't completed that. My guess is either actions under 5 seconds don't count, or its broken.