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  1. Coffee

    wtf you guys get tendies at your 7-11? jealous
  2. What this may be?

    Description: Fo requires you to cut down the Chestnut tree south of Wolfhaven. It is located in the northeast regions in Freedom Isles. Rewards: 500 karma and 30m sleep bonus for the person who completes this mission with 90m extra sleep bonus split between nearby players upon completion (30m max each)
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    [07:58:26] You start to cast 'Oakshell' on yourself. [07:58:56] You cannot cast Oakshell on an old scorpion
  4. Make more actions hidable

    There's options to hide things like examine stop no target etc in the games settings, surely this could be expanded to have the option to customize what actions show up, i'm sure nobodys trying to track or desecrate an altar
  5. Priest overhaul testing

    Pretty sure that reads as you can't oakshell animals on pvp servers, not that the spell is limited to pvp
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    nahjo can dig and mine with the changes. can't sacc unchopped veggies anymore which is lame but chopping veggies is easier than clothmaking
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    Combat priests lost 10% bonus damage, 25% down to 15%. +2cr isn't close to 10% dmg dealt. Wouldn't really call it a fighting buff at all. pve mobs are so weak it doesn't really matter.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    You have 65535 health, so a 30k hit would be about 40% dmg to a 20 str acc with no armor/bonus dr.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    if you were at 0 you'd get 0.2, if you were at 50 you'd get .1, if you were at 90 you'd get 0.022 and so forth
  10. Doing actions blocks sermon faith

    Had 8 listeners in sermon circle, 2 were doing actions. All 8 got alignment change but got .12 faith, due to two of them doing actions (praying). Either they should be counted as a listener and give faith, or they shouldn't be receiving an alignment tick, not sure what the intended behavior on that is
  11. Priest overhaul testing

    https://imgur.com/a/Glz7Gsj all the spells if anyones intrested
  12. Allow carrying empty crates

    It doesn't actually, try with a bsb you won't be able to drag it into a wagon or w/e it'll say it can only be loaded.
  13. Filet on horseback

    You can butcher on horseback, no reason why you shouldn't be able to filet meat while you're at it
  14. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Can do 95 LW Masonry Carp Fine carp shield smithing blacksmithing, 100HFC meals and have 98 channling vyn and 91 channeling tosiek i can bring around for enchants (if priest update doesn't come out before then, will probably change) so i can do whatever's in demand. Room with 3 beds would be appreciated if possible.