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  1. whenever people are doing actions near you while no_world_render is on, they instead queue up for when you turn on render, pretty easy to test at a sermon circle or w/e whenever you turn it on everyone will do an idle animation at the same time. pretty sure this is causing the constant crashes when turning on render if people did an animation then left local because there's nobody left to link that animation to.
  2. would make sense for horse gear to take less damage and for horses to go faster/less slowdown from uphill slope on roads, 100% faster sounds hilarious though, everyone zipping around so fast they'd get kicked from the server for breaking the speed cap
  3. imma be real with you chief there is literally 0% chance they add that in after already riling everyone up with the current new system so i just ignore it
  4. or you know, due to how breeding works and its extreme rng, people will stock up on more animals because they have a limited time to breed animals that are worth keeping through winter, then they hop on their fast horses and collect all the wild animals at the end of winter to begin again, now instead of there being some wild animals to collect that established breeders will ignore and leave for you you're now competing with every single other breeder to collect horses right at the start of spring.
  5. compared to how it works now where non cared for animals die in 2-3 winters already, your suggestion of grass not growing in winter doesn't actually kill them as mobs can survive without food for weeks with no food so you'd be recoding the entire animal hunger system for it aswell as animal traits, probably wanting enchanted grass ruined for your idea too, you want all of this changed for a feature that you just get around by buying hay and wont actually help the whole creature cap thing you keep saying its supposed to help, all it does is add tedium to the game by forcing you to move mobs around and plant grass once a month. 2/10 he's referring to you saying your ideas would have thousands of players, no need to victimize yourself
  6. i go out and kill them for weapon skill all the time, maybe you're not looking in the right places. i've got a fun challenge for you. grind 50 animal husbandry, using only wild animals, on a new account. bonus points if you don't move for 3 seconds each time you embark/disembark to simulate your other suggestion about armor penalizing your horses or w/e it was. you'll learn very quickly why it's a requirement to collect tons of animals on your deed to grind with. you posted not 20 minutes ago about balance > p2w and now you're saying p2w is good
  7. you're aware that to start off breeding from scratch requires dozens of horses so you don't spend a year+ getting all the traits and 90 ah right? either the limit would be so high that it'd have 0 impact on anyone bar a few people who collect huge herds and would probably be able to just pay someone to collect hay for them if they can afford a deed that can house hundreds of animals, or a lower limit that would have an actual impact on server spawns would be insanely easy to hit and would prevent you from skilling animal husbandry, which would be an impediment on a newbie starting out animal husbandry. I really think you should go for quality over quantity with your suggestions, you just fire them off daily with what appears to be little thought about them, as is evident with the constant changes and holes in them.
  8. Russian roulette is balanced and fair for everyone, doesn't mean people are lining up to play it. i'm impressed at your ability to convince yourself that monthly horse slaughtering will be something that newbies will look forward to.
  9. man every suggestion thread is a warzone nowadays
  10. an example of one on cele recently around 350-400 tiles away from the deed. I went there right as the mission spawned and couldn't find it so it didn't wander over there from the deed. There's like 5 deeds in-between the targeted deed and where the avatar was and in total like 40 deeds that are closer to that location then the target deed was so there's no reason why it shouldn't have said it was next to one of those.
  11. they drop challenger mask horned helmet and plumed helm of the hunt
  12. they never did in the past, and i've never seen any patch notes about that so would be nice for them to actually document changes for once