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  1. an example of when it's happened, very sp00ky Changing graphics from everything minimum + no animations to normal graphics settings doesn't enable animations, and if you server hop every single player and mob will be invisible, you'll only see *additions* to the model as seen in the picture.
  2. was a rock trench up to where the grass was, think it's to do with alternating corner checks from both slopes being 40
  3. I'm interested in the salt rock vein, do you do tours of the deed or can we just walk in and check it out?
  4. Happened a few times, when the killer gets an affinity when already 5x'd, it just destroys the affinity while saying it gave you another affinity instead of rolling it to someone who could actually get it/choosing one of the other affinities [09:28:11] x slain by 4 people Madnath already had 5x repairing before the kill and still rolled a 6th [2022-02-07] [05:24:10] Your battlerank is now 1063. [2022-02-07] [05:24:10] You realize that your affinity for miscellaneous items has grown stronger. [2022-02-07] [05:24:01] Miscellaneous items increased by 0.000046 to 97.946144 [2022-02-07] [05:24:10] Miscellaneous items increased by 0.000069 to 97.946213 [2022-02-07] [05:24:10] Fighting increased by 0.000046 to 99.995232 [2022-02-07] [05:24:10] Alignment increased by 0.5000 to 100.0000 [2022-02-07] [05:24:14] Miscellaneous items increased by 0.000076 to 97.946289 another time where it happened when i had 5x in misc already and it rolled 6th
  5. 85ql size runed 50s start bid 1h snipe pickup J25 cele
  6. I have been trying to get to my legally purchased house on friendship lane for 6 years now and this MONSTER ROBERTS has been griefing it. Every time i try to go home i'm greeted with 13 different dirt walls and 60 gates, and the beautiful 28 slope path of alternating sandstone and slate slab road has been ripped up. He will claim things such as "i forget to lock some of them so you can probably still walk in" and "you can just climb the 600 slope to get out of the deed" but the malicious intent is obvious. One day I managed to get to the mine door, and all he had to say is "sorry that's zilbars mine door, you're gonna have to ask him to open it for you". I do not find this constructive at all. As a merchant that owns a structure inside a deed I feel like I have been harmed deliberately, and hope that the wonderful staff members will take this up with evil robertus before he builds another 5 dirt walls around my house.
  7. if you resize your client after the welcome back/reconnecting message and it starts rendering the world, you'll crash with a divide by zero error near 100% of the time
  8. Had a few of these and thought they were just buggy. If "person drawing the map didn't mark it exactly" is a thing, it should be specified, such as "location looks good enough to me" or something similar in the hint, or giving a circle instead of an x to mark the area that it could be in (and having an increased dig for treasure radius than exact location maps).