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  1. If you leave the deed via being removed by mayor or /revoke you'll revoke all your own permissions on animals branded to the deed you're leaving, it doesn't effect the animals at all.
  2. Bump, still buying!
  3. 6.5s
  4. Neither woa nor coc would work for any part of archaeology/restoration
  5. Buyout to oblivionnreaver thanks
  6. Bump, like 40 new items!
  7. 10s.
  8. 14th January 2014, Rolf: There is already a chance that using rare materials transfer to the thing you create or improve. Consuming a rare material when improving has a 1/100 possibility to transfer rarity. When improving or polishing a drum roll doesn't always mean rarity. The window is 20 seconds plus up to 10 of village faith creation bonus.
  9. Asset packs most likely. I saw all the wurm passive animals in a pack looking around a while back. Carts and crates its kimd of hard not to look like other games for those two.
  10. 8ql no coc [14:42:13] Archaeology increased by 0.0066 to 38.0905 1ql 93coc [14:42:33] Archaeology increased by 0.0069 to 38.0974 8ql no coc [14:48:31] Restoration increased by 0.0076 to 34.8039 1ql 93coc [14:47:30] Restoration increased by 0.0079 to 34.7963 0 change with coc tools for both arch and resto using coc tools, only the timer length effects it.
  11. I keep getting all my bison killed by disease, wouldn't mind setting up a monthly delivery.
  12. It's almost as if different people form their own opinion on the subject? I've said already had a better way skilling, its useless for using, and may as well leave it in since you want to sell it to newbies so much.
  13. Lets new people get their meditation path when transferring over to get into pvp quicker without letting people "flip flop daily" as you mentioned. As for logic, well i don't really expect logic playing this game.
  14. What part of it are you having a hard time grasping?
  15. Just make a one time option to choose a med path that'll give level that you can med up to, then further ones or changing path require questions time etc.