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  1. basically anytime i log into the game with graphics above ps1 level, the game will instantly crash with a 0xc0000005 error the second it logs in 80% of the time or so. once the game is running it runs perfectly fine by wurm standards. Haven't really tested if it's different based on where i log in but i'm usually logging in inside caves so it shouldn't be too much to render or anything. have completely reformatted the pc and it's still happening, not having the same issue with my other pc's, but i know a lot of people in alliance have been having the same issue. Lastest ctd logs, can post more if its needed
  2. its dependant on both cast power and remaining fatigue, 2-12 minutes for cast power than that is multiplied by remaining fatigue %, so like 6h remaining would be 1-6m, 3h would be 30s-3m and so on. you'll need to record your fatigue before the cast to test accurately but that just seems like others have more fatigue than you
  3. iirc, activated item is the tool ql, and 1-10 diff low ql will get you to 60, sub10ql on 20-25 diff will get you to 100 just fine Get it up to max on an archery target first then just kill mobs endlessly. Long bow skill does basically nothing, archery is your accuracy/damage/all that fancy stuff so dont worry about the small/med/long bow skills
  4. with a tamed animal (cant remember if its leading or riding) with the trait go over water tiles, chance to get an event message saying x purrs
  5. company probably woulda gone under years ago if there wasn't so many people with 5+ alts each, doubt they'd change a money maker like that now
  6. As an experienced unarmed pvper with 30 skill, it's rather sad that i cannot use special moves. please fix + rename one of the higher tier stuns to suplex being able to use kicks and stuff with cloth armor would be pretty gucci too
  7. nowhere in my post did i say anything alluding to that. it's talking about how things that have no actual action ingame, such as examining something ingame, or things that usually have an action, but don't in a certain scenario, can use up a rare window. Say you craft something inside a rare window, it's going to be rare when the craft ends due to being inside the rare window, but during the timer you examine an item, the rare window will be used by the examine and there will be no moment of inspiration, despite the fact that examine isn't even an actual action that should be able to effect it, or how trying to queue up an action before the imp, say you tried to imp with a lump when the item needs a whetstone, the rare window will end because it was used by the fail improve attempt by the lump, even if you started a whetstone imp before the window would have ended had you not tried to imp with a lump. I'm well aware of how the window works, I've made a log parser a few years ago that compares time spent doing actions to moi's to get average moi's/hour, doing something that has 0 chance for things to mess up such as grinding mining, i get 5 minutes of mining per click with no right click menu's and on average over my 100 mining grind a MOI happens every 1h55m, i've got enough of a sample size to compare other actions to to see how much this feature/bug/whatever reduces moi's/hour. When i use my imp grinding g-series key thing, i average 1 rare window every 37 hours on average over a period long enough to grind multiple skills to 95+, due to my bind being bv1v2v3v4v5 , b being repair and v being improve, it quite literally has 1/18th the rare rate of mining due to repair consuming a large amount of rare windows, and failed imps from the wrong tools doing the same thing. I don't have any exact info on how much the right clicking effects this, as right clicks don't give log messages to compare, but comparing skills that use right click menus (such as me talking to people, mailing things out, stuff like that) to ones that don't (me mining with super long timers, barely interacting with the game), there's enough of a decrease in rare windows even without g-series keys that it's not a statistical anomaly.
  8. 80c each, atleast 25 at a time, must be delivered to east coast cele.