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  1. 10c each for the bronze libs?
  2. sold 32 picks for 60s, and i already had them in a cart next to me compared to walking over to the larder
  3. You'd get maybe $5-10 for it, not worth the effort trying to sell, may as well keep it incase you ever wanna play again.
  4. I'd have more if i didnt sac about 20 for food
  5. not sure what anyone would do with all of these but if you'd like them leave an offer. 27 short All bows are willow. Edit:picks and lbows are sold
  6. Looking to buy Supreme large maul Supreme saddle Supreme Smelter Supreme small metal shield Supreme seryll basinet helm Supreme Steel and flint PM me offers, can also trade for supreme blacksmithing tools or a bunch of rares.
  7. How many charges on 5?
  8. You can unhitch individual animals by right clicking them and unhitching, but for wagons the front 2 animals are "too far away". Suggesting an increase in range so you can unhitch the front ones from driver seat.
  9. no, that just means no loot drops from rift mob if you're not targeting, does not effect participation at all, selecting an enemy then selecting another (don't even need to swing or anything) will give participation points as long as you're within 4-5 tiles or so of it when it dies.
  10. sold please close.
  11. 1g30s bid via pm.
  12. Bump!
  13. Bump!