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  1. as much as all want this i bet, doubt it will get added purely cuz that would render all shield skins useless
  2. You are very wrong my friend. It just screams to be BL starter town. Thing is, every BLer kills noob BLers around spawn all the time. its just the way it is, always rumble in the jungle style of play, so naming the starter rumble its like a "bullz eye" shot. But joking aside, for a such "genuine" name that literally nobody likes the biggest honour should be putting this name to this: Battle Camp Rumble has appeared in the northwest regions. Not even a starter should be named that lol
  3. only BL starter should be named Rumble. Dont dare to put this crap on MR
  4. i had it tamed on my main, but it didnt load, then untamed it, took the FO priest and it loaded as it is. As you said, i might have hit him once with my fist while i tamed him on my main, so might have been "hurt" but by the time priest got round it healed. Needs confirming, if that was the case then all good. Thx tho
  5. As the title. animal is tame, is lead, but once used on the creature cage it gives [23:44:33] The creature whimpers in pain, and refuses to enter the cage. Now i looked and i havent seen anywhere on wiki, that hell horses cant be loaded into the cage, so if thats intentional (would be weird) wiki needs updating. Edit: Untamed it then it loaded with the fo priest (as its not agro to him) somethings weird here
  6. Rumble... LMAO wasnt planning to rumble on that new rumble anyways, but this just confirmed my choice lol
  7. All trellises have to be PLANTED and SECURED for them to be harvestable during the season. If you just place them, they grow, but never have any harvest. You have to secure them too. On/off-deed near building/wall/road doesnt matter. They are harvestable everywhere as long as they are mature+ age, are in season and were secured prior the season starts. If you secure them now, they wont give harvest until next season now. Hope that helps
  8. that would make fletching skill useless pretty much and arrow prices drop, so no -1. Pll who grind up the skill can initially create 30+ql arrows, improve them once with enchanted log and those arrows come up ar 45+ql. more than enough for hunting without the need to pick them up. Just grind up your skill
  9. And items and deeds and meditations and faith and tomes. Otherwise i insist to hermit all epic myself alone
  10. I would add 2 handed sword, no coc, no sleep. mega BC gains until the sword skill goes up, so you want to slow it down as much as you can
  11. ancient bug. Your friend has no spirit templars at all? think if the deed has no templars and you have no permissions to do something, you get hunted and still unable to do the action. If there were at least 1 templar, he wouldnt let you do the actions and you wouldnt get hunted. wouldn't hold my breath till this bug is fixed, i personally reported that a year ago, and im certain i wasnt the first one to do so
  12. Please, if that is one window now without possibility to separate like we had, can you at least make it so the "hook" of the window (that square with the horse pic) can be changeable right or left? i mean with this default and the only set up this tab only fits top right corner, as everywhere else when the combat window opens it blocks too much of the screen. Also the combat UI size is inadequately BIG
  13. Thanks for the tips guys, i think i mastered it now I built a ladder tower on same tile like Nordlys said. parked a wagon on the ground floor with materials on that tile. Then i took the cart and howled up a floor. Climbed down, lead 2 horses for the cart and hitched them to that cart a floor above. that works. then drove that cart on the 1st floor a bit so those horses appeared on the first floor, then parked cart on the opening tile again and unhitched it. horses stayed on the 1st floor this time. Then hauled the cart to the second floor, climbed down to the 1st to lead horses to hitch to a cart above again.. Rinse repeat that few times and now i have commandable cart on the 4th floor with the horses to run around the floor and when i need reload it for supplies, i come back to the opening to swap crates round with the ones in the wagon i left on the ground floor. Damn wurm mechanics lol but works like a charm. Btw i took your advice too Endeavors, so those 2 horses i managed to haul up are disposable, so if they will end up on the roof in the end, i will just kill them instead of bashing the floor tiles all the way down hahaha
  14. Ok, so i was that bored i thought i will build that fancy 10 storey mansion castle to cross that journal goal out.. soon after finishing 2nd storey i ran into an issue - how the hell do you howl bricks and mortar up? sorry, im not a big builder type of person, but howling 20 bricks and 20 mortar in your pocket up and down every time just to make 1 wall just doesnt sound right... Iv seen ppl having carts with horses on 7th floor etc, but every time i load a cart with 3 crates of bricks i cant drag it.. i tried building all possible openings and staircases but none of them are ride-able. even if i lead horses they get "un-lead" once i walk up the floor. cant start leading them if im a floor above them as wurm sais "get back on the same level to do that".. Can some1 explain me ins and outs please?
  15. just no. Game needs development, so needs money. cant afford premium that cost less a month than 1 good cocktail at the bar, then vacant your crafting space for somebody else, who has premium and can make some stuff to sell. Simple.. whats the point of having mega 10y accounts that one is weapsmith, another one is armorsmith etc if they get to keep 1 skill and never go premium but impacts the ingame economy a lot. Just no