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  1. if they do a 'one off' skill transfer again, then might as well just do it, lose the last 20 players on epic and close the cluster completely. problem solved.. Epic was unique cluster, all the unique stuff was leaked to freedom, then some other stuff removed completely, nothing new added and the cluster remained locked out. Then the abysmal messing with tweeks and nerfs were done to call it 'elevation reset' and thats it. Epic needs either a massive content update available only for the cluster (unlikely to happen ever) or a free reach to the rest of the freedom servers with item/skill transfers both way so it could be the place for new people to skill up faster, intensive for others to come hunt uniques and such. I have also always said all pvp should be loot free. Sure, you can raid deeds and loot stuff, but the actual pvp you should not loose the gear from your avatar. Also elevation server can be removed completely replacing it with defiance or chaos or w/e. probably the best way to finally shrink a server as its just useless and meaningless server now with all the odd tweeks/nerfs nobody wanted but few loud mouths who never even played there...
  2. Yes, please! that's exactly what we need the most. More new maps..
  3. i think we should add aliens, who can craft spaceships that enables us to air-ride to jackal and other wurm moons...
  4. Its also annoying they change stages every 24 hours exactly. by that i mean if you play an hour on a weekday, every following day it gets later and later to farm them resulting them falling out of you playtime window later on. Can we make it 23 hours instead of 24? So you can tend them exactly same time every day when you play...
  5. all non swimmer animals i lead inside a mine still stop following me and bug out on the outside mine tile.
  6. Its all just a joke imo. Try to be a bit sceptical about wurm staff or simply express your opinion about stuff related to them - you are bashing them. Try to be a bit funny in a random post - you get warned for trolling. 'Freedom of free speech' goes down the drain in wurm, as anything some snowflakes wont like - you get penalised as they can interpret the rules the way they would suit them lol
  7. yeah, same for shield blocking.. in 3rd person it really never blocks unless you zoom in to 1st person and out to correct your positioning/facing direction. Bugged like that ever since they implemented 3rd person view.
  8. Probably related to this too, as the pigs were also in mine
  9. Creating new post in relation to the old one I had already created that was closed and marked as 'no bug' when in fact there is. The same pigs as in original post few weeks later.. food in the feeding trough does not decrease, pigs dont get fat and get starving. As you can clearly see the pig was near the feeding trough as in my original post, ever since then not a single food item disappeared from the trough and when I manually fed the pig it took 3 items to feed it!. It also went down from 'normal build' in previous post to 'a bit round'. Is this really 'no bug'? Are pigs supposed to get mega starving near full feeding trough and never grow fat? BTW some pigs disappeared, I well believe they died of starvation as I haven't played for 2 weeks...
  10. I'd rather have them doing no updates to be honest. As every update mess certain aspect of the game, brings a ton of new bugs and to put the cherry on the cake, they even manage to re-implement old bugs, that were fixed, back into the game in the areas that weren't even updated. Its like specifically trying to make the game worse every time...
  11. All he has to do is sell his outside game files for shiny cash. Simple and all legit
  12. old news. You have to be online when it moves stage so the recipe could be added. dumb if you ask me, but thats how wurm works..
  13. What masks or other items? Uniques have never dropped anything but base drop on epic. And really, no one cares about some masks.. We also want tomes. And i see no reason you halved the only income for us from scenario rewards ninja cutting 6 tome fragments to 3 per scenario..