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  1. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    indeed i am. it sucks ass forgetting few very important supreme/legendary items in the bank at old home server once kingdom was changed, then waiting a month purely so i can convert back to retrieve those items, only to find out that when im 1 day left to convert back, elevation server is taken down. no biggie one thinks, few more days.. and boom, new elevation without possibility for me to retrieve the items left behind for god knows how long. id say thats pretty important for me for those tools alone, never mind my 3 merchant contracts got frozen there too.. aint paying 30 silver once again for something i already have...
  2. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    so how long is the expected elevation lock out to last? and last question - cross server mail is taken down completely for all servers or just new elevation?
  3. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    cant we just have a special portal in home starter deeds to other home servers, that portals us with the inventory items to another home server converting to that kingdom automatically too? that would solve a lot of problems
  4. Patch Notes 11/JUL/19 Elevation revamp

    so i have a question here. could you please tell me how the kingdom change should take place if the border crossing is disabled? eg yes i can teleport from JK home to JK in elevation, using portal, but how do i then teleport to MR home? Also new item pool question. so how do we transfer items one home server to another if we cant bring them on to elevation which is the middle stop anyways...
  5. Crafting Account, Ship Building

    i well believe original Yafes had Epic skills too, so you want to dump them too, would increase sale chanses.
  6. Spear Question

    dont know whats now, but poles used to use both hands meaning you cant equip shield to block damage. They didnt parry also. that means when fighting with a pole you dont have any means of defense (no shield = no block + no parry), so every tiny bit of an enemy player or monster swing you end up with a wound. That makes you basicaly impossible to kill stronger animals like lava spiders, trolls and so (the ones that do a lot of damage) even you have high fighting skill and high pole skill because you simply wount be able to kill them before they will kill you in straight fight. You will need to have a space to back out to bandage yourself+heal if you want to kill them. And i dont think anything has been changed yet, so it is as it was.
  7. Nothing to suggest much. Java platform games always tend to drain your PC resourses dry. Always been like that, always will be. The best solution would be to get a descent CPU cooler, so even its working 100% its tempereture doesnt exceed 60 degrees. But despite even that, you have nothing to worry about your intel CPU, impossible to blow it up as it has in-built security that makes CPU shut down completely (switch off PC) once it reaches 99 degrees on any core. AMD on the other hand would be a big hasle.
  8. 1G For Sale 60E

    Sold, plz close
  9. You Can Put A Deed Over Some Else's Merchant

    owner still has merchant contract in his inventory, so he can disband it remotely and put somewhere else. no problems at all
  10. 1G For Sale 60E

    Selling 1 gold, 60e. No scammers plz.
  11. Found 1 Lock Please

    Have a toon on sale, but its on Epic.
  12. Documentation For New Multi-Storey Houses

    I think it goes planning 3 floors one above the other, building first one and last one (and the middle one if needed), and then destroying the middle one (or a plan if allowed)
  13. Documentation For New Multi-Storey Houses

    So that means that roughly we are talking about 100 clay per floor tile only? Seriously? This must be a joke i hope...
  14. Few Thougts About Building

    Stone doors? The hell you talk about lol. Stone houses always had wooden door anyways, so the use of planks would fit more than fine here.
  15. Expanded Farming

    Useless idea, not even worth the hassle. Why would you need more veggies to farm? Does it make a difference you eat 90QL meal made from meat+corn or meat+onion+tomato+w/e? No, it doesn't! You might say "more difficulty to raise HFC". Don't make me LOL with that too. There's no donkey enough to load hundred pans of meat+5 various veggies, just better load 300 pans meat+1 veggie and you get more skill for the same amount of work loading pans. Farm-able herbs. WTH? Only use of them are for HC, yet, still not even worth botanizing/foraging same as would be waste of time farming them. Kill a troll, butcher it for tooth and gland and you have 3 high QL HCs at 20 potency, witch is more than enough for any wound and it weights only 0.02, meaning you can carry bazillion of them without overloading your character. Cant kill a troll? Wurm offers a variety of mobs that give tooth or gland and doesnt require more than bare hands to kill one.