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  1. i guess, if you make hay, that's low nutrition value (low weight). try putting 100 pumpkins and 3 horses will be happy for 3 months..
  2. not a poker player, but i go "all in" on the fact that those maps will be even more blurry than the current treasure maps, especially up to the point you will get 90 skill in cartography. Cant wait for awesome part 2 update, that probably will provide the following use: In fact, didn't get much use of the part 1 update either, as them treasure maps simply hardly even obtainable to start with to be able to enjoy the content.
  3. they are not loadable to prevent odd one rare/supreme or even fantastic altar to be easily movable to any and all sermon sites around the maps/servers to exploit insane favour gain per each listener. Has nothing to do with pvp.. On pvp we dont care where to dump wooden altars at all...
  4. there is not as its not needed. If spell fails - domination fails on any mob. if spell is successful - the mob is dominated, regardless its a hell hound or a troll. Spell power dictates the tame level, spell difficulty dictates the spell success chance and average spell power, so higher the channelling the better. Also, you can only dominate monsters. Animals like HH or crocodiles require charm spell by FO, so they cannot be dominated.
  5. do whatever you want with them other ships, but make the knarr approx 20kmh faster than it is on average. Sorted
  6. I'm sure the better option would be if every new acc started with 1 weeks premium active as a newbie buff (except pvp servers and restriction going to pvp servers). Most of them leave in a week as being f2p stinks and everything is way slower also then (if) they hit the skill cap wall
  7. To me water skin dont even make sense with 2.5kg of water.. I mean its only 2.5kg of water, yet in the same skin you can stuff enough thatch to be able to put a roof on top of your nice 2x3 mansion. Wogic at its finest!
  8. Skilled account, fast action timers, never gives MOI. Antique known bug that never gets fixed. If you mine/dig with 2-3s timers you will never get MOI, specifically do 1 action every 30 secs or a minute, then you will.
  9. dunno about maps, but playing 20 months and maybe got 1 MoI, so my odds at a map are slim. To be fair i actually did 2 maps since they were released. One i got from my own journal as reward, the other one i got from my priest acc, also journal reward. All in all, i do rate this content update 10/10 as really it did make f@^> all of a difference.. then again could never understand why do you have a chance at a map praying, but not hunting.. Why do you get a chance foraging, but dont get woodcutting. Oh well.
  10. This could have been added long time ago. Don't see it being too complicated to implement too. Rather than saying "slap-irritate-hurt-damage" in the logs it can easily write the damage number as per wound size. We pierce and irritate, then looking on the target there is 1.87 wound. All them wounds add up to 100 and mob is dead. So that 1.87 wound is actually a percentage already thats been calculated and applied to a mob. So instead of "irritate" simply write that 1.87
  11. Both outcomes seems to be buggy anyways. 100 cast LiTD range is 100 tiles, +25% from seryll making max range 125 tiles. Neither 160 nor 200 tiles range are "within specifications"
  12. how do they keep re-implementing same bug over and over again...
  13. So I was using the Old UI till the last minute it was killed, literally as I just absolutely dislike the new one. Obviously had no choice but to use it now.. Anyways, couple things that really bloody bothers me are the following: 1. Can we make so that the fight window would be size-toggleable like the old one was? It is just way TOO big taking a good chunk of the screen. Also, can the target logo square be also toggleable left or right so it can fit the corner space more efficiently? It really does my head in the way it is now... 2. Skill tracker.. Again, longer skill names do not fit disrupting whole set up and the area size is too big and not size-toggleable. Old UI never had this problem as the skill name font size was automatically adjusted so the writings were always perfectly inline within the progress bar making it a nice, compact perfectly rectangular, not oversized tab to position anywhere. I literally find them two things so annoying to look at constantly to a point it gives me headaches and I don't even want to play Edit: I know I can scale down the UI, but that scales down everything not just the parts needed, also scaling down text to fit in the skill tracker makes the chats/events unreadable..
  14. I call this slave labour as apart the coin you would pay that doesn't give you nothing else in return, primarily skill/body stat wise. You can make 10k bricks and your masonry won't even bulge, put that 10k bricks in the walls and your masonry gets a huge boost. Yes, that was standard rate of pay 12 years ago in Wurm. Pretty sure due to inflation in over a decade (player base shrink) the rate should be increased significantly, doubt you would want your workers going on strike while on your premises. That just proves my point - you are keen to do rewarding actions yourself. You could also make 20 bricks in a minute, that's double the speed you can build, but its not appealing, so you looking to outsource this P.S. I'm not bashing your post, offers or anything at all. To people who like this sort of play its a good opportunity to have in-game job.
  15. I'm not much interested into slavery labour positions, but if you need professional and highly qualified brick layer let me know. Only charge 1.5s per 500 bricks laid