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  1. I get very huge lag and ping playing wurm today... takes 4ever to refresh while doing actions and doors open 30 secs later or so.. What the hell is going on? I initially thought its my own network provider, but since i have 2 different ones i switched to the other one and its the same.
  2. Heavy drinker blacksmith miner, that sobers up doing archaeology. That's how i would describe your character given the skills lol. I would say about 50 quid/silvers. Doubt anyone would offer more as apart few very nice skills, all others are very basic. However, for 50 quid i think that would be a very nice starting account if someone wish to buy it. Gl on sale.
  3. can you provide us more specific patch date plz? like end of Jan could be classed tmr, mid next week, next weekend, last day of Jan.. since its a big patch coming with lots of changes, it would be nice to have exact date when the patch goes live. Not thinking we still have few days to prepare just to log in the next day and find out its all been patched already...
  4. Pretty sure Retros "currently have no plans" must have expired 3 and a half years later i guess. I mean, it decayed as the promise was not deeded with sufficient upkeep to last any longer
  5. Then why not automating everything else? like leveling dirt.. who the hell would get 20 sand heaps in his pockets then stuff them back on the ground.. sounds logical to me you would shovel it from point A to point B. like from crates in the wagon to the floor. o like mining auto, where you stand in front of the tile, right click mine>forward>50 tiles and boom, it mines you 50 tiles straight.. hell, we can even make it so once we log in we can press miraculous AUTO button and the character plays itself. Wuolia!
  6. The hell you talking about? Its perfectly fine. You should be able to see some at night time. Like c'mon, once you leave a pub at 3am, do you really carry a lantern to guide you home? I doubt it. And in caves you cant even see where you going if you dont have any lightning source with you.
  7. i have similar idea as some people already mentioned, but might be a bit more polished. Add a spell for Mag, that would be self castable on body (only on mag himself) that would allow, lets say for 5-10 minutes (while spell lasts) for mags to surface mine at spell power % rate (not capped at 50%), so 80 power spell would provide 80% rate. The spell should be moderate difficulty (so it would be worth wile to get descent spell powers, but since its not castable on items it would not drown the servers with pickaxes where everyone can surface mine at high %, only exclusively for mag priests) and also, while under the spell effect, the mag should be able to raise rock more than 40 slope, lets say a max slope formula of "40+(spell power/2.5)". This would prove to be quite useful for a mag priest, would lie down into mags profile very nicely and would actually make some people playing mag more actively, not as a "log in when needed" alt. also, strongwall should be updated as follows
  8. On pvp servers there still is prehistorical era. Highways were not invented yet
  9. you dont have to do it on priest. players who run priest always have crafters. just grind it on crafter. Solved
  10. yeah a lot easier to grind it now. gone are the days when i grinded it with 1 ql coc rope tool, sleep bonus failing bow strings and later cordages to get skill gains..
  11. Rope traps cannot be improved, the only way to grind ropemaking is... by making ropes lol. Its very hard skill to grind, nearly as hard as weaponsmithing i would say. However i personally dont give a crap, my ropemaking was years ago 90+ and i have never ever chopped no veggies to sac, used only ropes. and if all priests could get double favour saccing ropes, i would very much welcome this change Edit: oh i see imping net traps now gives ropemaking.. so pff, even easier to grind, so stop crying, start using that sleep...
  12. i'll bump it for you... but with a question whats the use of rare lumps and other raw materials? i was thinking it gives higher chance to turn other items rare while imping or making them from rare materials, but its never been the case for me. am i just unlucky or they have other uses? would appreciate if some1 could explain it to me via pm or so. thx
  13. As long as i agree it could be made to access easier, i strongly disagree putting another option in the drop down menu. Its already bad enough to missclick on meditation stuff appearing there like get info or final breath and totally wasting it by a mistake. Rather upgrade “examine” option and include the favour value Once examined if such option would be added ever.
  14. Dont spread disinformation. Chopped veggies are by far the easiest sacable to make, hense everyone just chopped them. 2 favour per 100ql chopped veggie seems just fine. Take a comparison: locks - requires good ql iron to be mined, high locksmithing skill that is hard to grind and in the end you still get random QL lock to sac Cordages - requires wemp (farming as for chopping), then needs very high ropemaking skill (one of the hardest to grind in game) and in the end, you still get random QL rope nowhere near raw material QL. square cloth - farming, then needs tailoring (not particularly hard to grind) to get strings of cloth at random QL, then needs making cloth at random QL again. noone does that, not viable gains compared to time spent. And then you have copped veggies atm. you farm, then reap the harvest and then just chop. basically no skill required and once you have a bit of cooking they average basically raw material QL. Mega easy to spam. So yes, my friend, chopped veggies are by FAR the easiest sacable to make in game.
  15. then it would be Halloween all year round with everyone being a ghost lol. doubt it some1 would choose a barrel or even better - item pile