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  1. old news. You have to be online when it moves stage so the recipe could be added. dumb if you ask me, but thats how wurm works..
  2. What masks or other items? Uniques have never dropped anything but base drop on epic. And really, no one cares about some masks.. We also want tomes. And i see no reason you halved the only income for us from scenario rewards ninja cutting 6 tome fragments to 3 per scenario..
  3. as the title. I see no reason that is only in effect on freedom. That is needed on Epic too as ppl play here too. You have already once again secretly nerfed scenario rewards with last patch and kept it quiet, greatly reducing the amount of fragment winners so its time to add droppable tomes. thanks
  4. self explanatory - [15:58:49] This creature has no food in the bucket. even tho there's food there
  5. correct, but can only do that once lmao. Then the player has maxed out 20 minutes heal resistance
  6. and adding simple keybind for swapping weapons rather then equip-unequip all the time.. i see no harm easily swapping 1h+shield to a bow or 2 handler.. Could be a passive weapon slot to equip that gets shown on the hip or back and toggled to active>inactive between those two.
  7. Would be too easy - not wurm style. If they add this they would have to quadruple heal resistance 'buff' just in case it would be too OP.. /sarcasm off
  8. damn too right.. get rid of anacondas, scorpions and crocks then can add something new instead
  9. oh god, please no.. Another pointless suggestion.. Not dark enough.. How dark is it in real during full moon? Now keep in mind there are 4 moons in wurm and all of them always full! playing wurm at night time is crap already as it is..
  10. LOL, this gotta be the 'joke of the day' too
  11. add purchasable mounts that never die and cannot be killed in pvp, also could not be bred. 1 trait = 1 silver. so we can buy the horse we can afford with as many traits as we need and dont have to worry about it. Its good for game revenue too. Alternatively, who wants to mess around breeding - can still do that
  12. donkeys are everywhere now.. You cant even find a horse no more
  13. Active battle camps on elevation can be removed
  14. Team

    never mind some boost, least seeing the health condition of the team members would be huge.. teaming up now is just literally pointless