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  1. For this part i would say move "warhammer" under "mauls" category and rename "maul" to "mace" as really maul is the same as mace lol
  2. nah, volcano eruption is the way forward
  3. i dont even get why they just dont keep all the skills the same.. like for someone who grinded fighting on defiance, but then went over to pve, he gets all skills transferred, even like 90 aggressive if he had, but his fighting is 1? lol. or a pve player who played on pve decides to try pvp, but after moving to defiance he realised his 80odd fighting is now 1 on pvp server? lmao. the way it is now sounds very broken.. dont even have to start saying that you can be priest on pvp, but move to pve and grind the skills with ease that otherwise be blocked from grinding due to being a priest.. yet all this crap is not high priority, its so minimal impact devs think that they had to work on removing all the imbue benefits there were prio to adding useless now feature to the NFI lol
  4. i bet next in line is a massive meditation nerf so we dont have to meditate ever again. i remember they have mentioned that earlier on too, that it needs "balancing"
  5. you only need to target 60 mobs for max reward anyways.. after that you can be on the bottom of the list, doesnt matter i personally feel the opposite.. the rifts i did do there were max 3 ppl and we had to kill nearly 300 beasts to clear.. takes 4ever and ever to close a rift, so no one bothers any more. Since then they even added an extra round lol as if that wasnt enough..
  6. we just have to sulk it in again, that mining and WC imbues are now a complete pointless garbage, aka they dont exist. No high skilled miner actually gets anything out of it, its pointless now, no low skilled miner will ever have imbues either as they are too rare, too expensive and like 98% of those players never even seen a goblin leader in game.. Its a bit hilarious tho, that an end game item (potions) actually do not give you anything in the end game as they are really designed now for the newbies to have lmao. not really bothered personally about the same on woodcutting, mainly because 100QL logs are not that much needed, only for improving and also every tree sort of is "outmost" QL until you cut it, not like mining, where you have to find 92+Ql vein first.. but ores/shards are needed in bulk quantities. Like anyone who ever tried to craft a 99.99 QL boat lock trully knows how many 100QL iron lumps goes into making 1 specific lock lol. Devs can talk anything they want about the better averages on low end etc, sure it works that way, but as some one with high skill and high grade pickaxe i just leave to rot on the floor anything that is less than 90QL as there mats are as useful as wood scraps.. So are mining and WC imbues now.
  7. a bit more testing. ATM i was able to mine 100.05 ql shards from a 92QL vein with supreme+runed+max imbue. 90QL vein give max 99.58 ql. Could not find 91ql vein to try.. Either way seems for now 92+ QL veins are good to get 100 shards, however the difficulty is hard, as i mined easiest rock and was about only 40% at max ql while as noted above on marble (hardest to mine) top QL was only 15%. EDIT: However, when 100.05QL shards were stored in the bsb, they became flat 100.. A bit disappointing as now we need BSB's upgrading to support our new materials lol
  8. Guys, you really need to work things out better before patching lol Thanks for giving us back the ability to mine 100QL from 99QL vein again with top end pickaxes, even adding a bit of an extra bonus of 0.05QL
  9. You fail to understand why people are upset. let me break it down for you: 1. most ppl are not upset that the change was done, as it can be understood why it was needed. however at the same time everyone is upset by the fact HOW it was done a) this change made anything but outmost veins useless, while previously any vein of 75+QL could be used to get good shards. that would not be the problem if there were millions of Outmost veins around, but there are not! b) This change made it impossible to continue getting 100QL for high end skilled players with literally the best equipment there is in the game. And yes, 100QL mats are required in the game as there are ppl that can make 95+QL items, so they need mats to keep making them. c) Item rarity, imbue - that is insanely hard/expensive to get to max out, once again making the end tool the best there is in the game - they are not beneficial any more.. you get equally same results with the regular pickaxe any mid-stage character can craft. 2. yes, we do agree with your point that 70-skilled characters should not get end game materials (whether or not there actually were such ppl is another discussion, however lets say in theory there was), we do agree that the skill should matter. Those are the points in detail, why are we hugely upset. Oh and also we are upset about the LIES! Saying you want to "balance" and actually shafting everyone with a massive nerf is a complete opposite, so yes, we took that as being lied to! Once again, we waited, we didn't get upset the same time we have seen that these will be balanced, as we mostly understood the balance was needed, not a massive nerf. What to do? how to address our concerns at the same time as implementing dev team ideas? have just to think it through first and if you cant come up, ask community for suggestions before patching something. the same patch could have been done way differently to achieve your goals and not shafting the players. EG of the solution: The formula you have provided in the patch could have been tweaked, allowing players, that actually have 95+ effective mining skills to be able to continue mining 100QL shards with imbued pickaxes. OK, fine, rune just adds up 10% "average" QL up to the skill cap, but imbue, that is really hard and expensive to max out should at least give you +5QL passed your skill cap gains. Is this a lot? no!. in case your mentioned 75 skill player has fully imbued pickaxe he can only gather max 80QL. That's not breaking the game/economy or anything, as 80QL ores are really a "bulk". in fact, there would be no formulas required in general. Rune just adds 10% average QL the way it is now, but imbue adds up flat +5QL on top (obviously FLAT scaling up to 5QL depending on imbue level). Thats it, this one part is sorted, imbues are not useless, runes work as you wanted, we players know we need imbues to get 100QL. Secondly, you want the skill to matter, so do we, we also want to have what to mine rather than 5 outmost veins there are left on the server.. Solution? implement skill scaling! Every 10 mining skill we can get +2QL on the vein, capped to affective mining skill obviously. So if a guy has 32 mining, he can mine 30QL shards from a 24Ql vein. game breaking? - No. This does allow 90+ mining skill players to boost vein QL by 18 effectively meaning we can still mine 100QL from initial 80+ QL veins at least. A very simple solution that achieves your goals of making the skill matter while leaving us, the players still wanting best tools, best imbues, best skills we can get as we know we GET something from that. And lastly rare+ tools keep their +1 +2 +3 fat QL bonus as they were and like most tools are (BTW if you think that's too huge of a gain after all this, you have to remember its actually only +0.1 +0.2 +0.3 above 90QL). BOOM! patch happened, community happy. Exactly same rune & imbue principle implemented for woodcutting, so ppl can get 100QL logs too. That's what i would call "balancing" job done.
  10. thats in the bug section already since yesterday. What about the rest of my calculations by the provided formula? fair enough mining 99Ql vein was wrong due to the new bug. But any other QL didnt fall into the formulas provided either, like 56Ql 72QL etc that have nothing to do with the curve, as actual skill was higher than the resulting ores anyways
  11. that must be it then.. as i also tested on epic.. true skill is 94.34 but effective is 99.68. that's about the difference between true and effective skill that i was loosing on top end QL in my tests.. however not sure if according to formula equations still would work out. Also truly feels item rarity has no impact at all (it always was +1 or 2 or 3 QL, depending on rarity up to 90QL, even passed your effective skill) i was mining 56 QL iron vein, then 99QL marble vein, then later rock.
  12. i agree. Im not against the changes as it sure was not right when a 70 skill miner could even pull out 100QL results.. But now even maxed miners cant get nowhere near close to their max with the best tools. While im hoping this is just a bug and will be fixed very soon (as i really do believe 95+ miners with exceptional tools should be able to continue gathering 100QL and it was also promised that the new system will also reward high end players) im still fine. if that was intentional nerf like it is now, well i guess then there are no more room to put any more nails in my coffin lol...
  13. After 29th Dec imbue patch, the top end QL is penalised with runed + imbued pickaxes compared to simple regular plain pickaxe (no runes and no imbues). Most of testing and calculating were written up on my post here Simply said, mining 99QL vein with supreme + runed + fully imbued pickaxe resulted in max QL 96.5 while mining the same vein with a plain regular pickaxe resulted in max QL 99. Mining skill of the character is 99+.
  14. Just reposting, so full finished post could be visible.. Also, im not against the changes, just stating facts that this new systems does not work as intended and/or advertised, it also punishes high end characters with very high end tools, whos aims are MAX QL materials. Sure, the average QL is slightly better, but the end QL is penalised and that high end QL is what we aim for. The way it is now for a slightly better low end QL this system trades off 4QL of the top with the best skills and pickaxes. Thats just WRONG! Awaiting a reply from @Retrograde Retrograde note: This is from Epic and the curve calculations are currently incorrect. They will be fixed.
  15. thats why i did 2 calculations, one completely ignoring the fact pickaxe is supreme, another one including. neither results according to formulas provided equalled to what i have physically got.