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  1. WTB 1g

    WTB 1g for 80e. paypal verified
  2. Hi. I think i just came up to a bug, when a vynora priest of 80ish faith (premiucm ofc) with statuette activated could not priest a vynora follower of 30 faith (premium ofc too). basically there is no such option available when clicked on the follower. The follower also had /invitations command done. Double checked on wiki if im not mistaken and such option ever existed (its been a while since i had to priest someone) and i found that any priest of 40+ faith can make a follower of same religion at 30 faith to priest under religion>priest. however this option does not appear. it works fine when making a follower, but not when priesting a follower Edit: This was on epic cluster
  3. would be interested if you had paypal..
  4. how much silver have you left?
  5. same. nearly bashed my computer thats obviously isnt at fault! fix it plz
  6. What about 25 slope that is set to Epic? Absolutely rubbish. And i dont really get whats the point not allowing more than 25? like dirt walls can be made 300, yet rock for some reason is limited to 25? a joke lol.
  7. Hi. I just came up with an idea, that it would be so awesome if we could build structures like gallows and gibbets and anything else thats related to that idea and would require the corpse of the enemy. Exceptionally this should be made available only on pvp servers, as the key part to creating them would be the enemy corpse (unavailable to create with the same kingdom corpse), which upon creation would display the nickname of the slain enemy. like when player xxx dies, it leaves the "corpse of xxx". This could be used to create the gibbet, adding the corpse and some logs/planks/ropes/bars etc with the outcome name something like "Gibbet with the corpse of xxx"
  8. Switched my Shares

    Can we please get at least the minimal info on the points highlighted in red? What does that "original design" mean? a temporary cluster/server like Jackal is? Me, personally, would be extremely interested in 2 following points: Would epic home servers stay how they are, and would characters and their skills stay as they are. reason for the first one is i dont really want to keep building a huge profect for the next 4-5 months wasting my time and a lot of money just to realise in the end i have 2 weeks left to enjoy what iv done and reason for the second is would be very similar. i dont want to spend 5 months grinding skills in the cluster where all would be lost. I would move to freedom instead. I dont want to know any spoilers of the full details, i just simply want to be reasured that my points raised will stay or a notification that they will change. Me and other Epic players really deserve this as a minimum. Thank you
  9. Switched my Shares

    hmmm from a business point of view, if a company buys out downgrading company, that usually means overhauling things drastically. i can almost bet it wont be long till we start seeing in-game shop, starting with cosmetic upgrades, later on some loot boxes, later on gears or skill to buy for real money. sadly, but thats how the gaming industry is making proffit those days. the game might get advertised at the same time to get new players, but it feels that down the line it will become a p2w sorta game. that would be sad.
  10. LOL, thx, didnt know such keybind exist a game changer!
  11. a question. how do you make a dig/drop combo?
  12. Wow, what a suggestion! let me give you a better one - what about shuttng down freedom cluster, so all carebears would transfer and revive epic and if they dont adapt to epic that well, they can take a vacation onto jackal for 6 months. ?
  13. expected cheaper than 1/1.. now its just faster to buy direct from wurm shop
  14. Rift issue

    Damn... Wrong section.. My bad.. Can someone move the post to wurm online bug section please?
  15. Rift issue

    Hallo. Im posting this in bug section as i think the rift is bugged or either not working as it should be. So yesterday me and couple friends finally went across the map, where the rift beam was in Desertion to check it out ant hopefully do some journal updates (killing rift creatures, creating a rune etc). Upon arival in the rift area, the area was fully wild - grass grown, trees overaged etc. so i thought the rift was open a long time and the nature took it back (rift spawning turns all area tiles into dirt and removes trees? ) more importantly, there were NO rift mobs in the area! Not even one. Upon inspecting rift altar it said the rift was currently on wave 1 with 20 rift hearts needed to sacrifice to progress to next wave. So if it is not bugged in any way and working as intended, excuse me, but mind if i asked how the hell are we supposed to butcher those 20 hearts from the rift mobs if there are NO rift mobs present? I also stayed around the area most of the day, ant they do not spawn. Thank you. P.S. alternative way to progress the wave is sacrificing 1kg of source salt. this trully made me laugh as when was the last time a small group of ppl were lucky to harvest over 33 source salts? (1 source salt is 0.03kg if im not mistaken)