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  1. if both parents have the same colour its not 100% chance that the offspring will be that colour too. Same goes for the traits.. if both parents have fleeter eg, the offspring may well not have it. and its not rare. i would say there is about 20-30% that the colour/trait wont get passed on in my observations.
  2. Sadly, its exactly how the investors work. They invest when they can make money, but leave you all alone when it doesnt make profit no more. Horse prices now are way overpriced now and a month later they will be close to useless in terms of the sale price.
  3. cuz he wants to bank them instead of applying lol
  4. Deskjet. must been lagging like hell while looking for battlecamps with his alts
  5. And how is that a lie? You do not sell stuff to the traders no more to cash in on silvers. There is no "get price" option on items no more too. Is that a lie? Traders used to be distributed coins from the kingdom coffers pool. They do not any more. So why do you think kingdom coffers even exist any more?
  6. OK, Bye! was nice having you premium as a side note, king coffers were removed from the game with the RMT trading ban update, just so you know..
  7. its not a bug. The player need both - permissions on allied deed to do certain stuff and have a permission in his own village to do stuff on alliance deeds. Then it works. regardless what permissions an alliance deed grants him, if his own mayor doesnt permit him doing actions on alliance deed it wont work. think thats done so the alliance deeds generally set up group permissions on their deeds for the full alliance rather than specific player, so it falls to the village mayor to decide who of his own villagers get to do stuff on alliance and who doesnt. The OP states himself, that his mayor doesnt let him do stuff on alliance...
  8. Would be nice to have a key bind option for lockpicking. Simple as that
  9. when a dude suggests that FO priests get extra log chopping a tree when they cant cut trees to start with you realise its another meme suggestion post and you stop reading...
  10. disable integrated GPU in Bios, so windows only sees and uses dedicated GPU
  11. yeah, agreed. if you dont have a good breeding pair to start with and your AH skill is already 70+, the way it is now its called "GL breeding out 5 speeds"..
  12. yeah, everything is for pvp lol. it never is for protecting a poor pve soul from logging in and not dying to some troll in a mine, a forest or whatever.. to be fair, its actually a carebear pve player protection as most of them play on weak PCs so it takes 4ever to log in due to the time those PCs take to render surroundings for you. While for the PVP side you actually dont get DCed and lose invulnerability automatically after a minute or 2 if you log in and enemies are in local. as for the suggestion itself, i really couldn't care less it gets added or not, but what I find funny is that you claim but you are unable to press "W" key or any other literally ONCE to move a bit so the protection fades away? that's hilarious
  13. Mist lake...

    deed it, im ok with that. Hope you make a nice place
  14. are you talking about new pve and pvp servers? as it was defo working on all servers in the old cluster..