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  1. Or, they can pull the plug finally and start properly reworking existing infrastructure. Millions of ideas been suggested over the years. The main one everyone agrees is there are too many servers, yet you suggest another hunting one lmao. if anything - Chaos probably has to be just deleted. Elevation deleted too and replaced with Defiance. All travel, skill transfer, item transfer etc crap should be simply removed so everyone can travel free anywhere they want in wurm, not start over skill or gear wise every time you want to change cluster. Smaller servers like Pristine, Release, Celebration, Exodus joined into one 16x16 server incorporating respective small servers in a quarter on the joint map. Rework all server in circle connection, current freedom servers being outer circle pvp free, epic home servers being intermediate circle of servers with possible pvp but still mainly pve/hunting grounds with the increased skill gain speed/curve, increased actions timers and main pvp server being Defiance with the same skill set up as home servers, but all the non pve related events happening only there, all hotas, treasure chests whatnot. highest the risk to play - best rewards and deepest game content. Either way everyone is free to move/change/try out anywhere in wurm freely. And thats just one my idea, there were hundreds or other ideas offered. You will never please everyone 100%, but wurm devs got to choose to die slowly to cancer for the years to come until wurm finally gets shut down or try aggressive approach to try change things
  2. Dont be silly, okay? if that would be proven many times, dont you think devs would have stopped dropping new servers long ago? But they didnt, they kept making new and new servers, that means it doesnt make things worse, just better lol. More land to cash in from new players for a month or two and then when things settle down, can drop another new server. Jackpot. Just think if wurm made a new "steam" like release for asians? the popularity would go over the roof, no less than 50 new servers would be required
  3. just one server? dont be silly! we need at least 50 more new servers, they all could be small tho, and each server tailored specifically to the needs of the player who will reside there. Ofc they all linked to each other, as we do not wanna feel too lonely and have the ability to sail over to our neighbouring server time to time. items do transfer too, as whats the point of the visit if you cant bring your neighbour any shining gifts or a barrel of wine. Each server to have only one random colour dragon and hatchling belonging to the owner of said server so he/she could groom the beast slowly gathering hide/scale without the need to kill them. Gain rates should be something like 1kg hide/scale per groom action, but you can only groom once a week. Same for every server/player so literally every player is equal and there is no whining about it. That's just the few ideas to kick off, i have the endless list, so if anyone's interested let me know so we can arrange a zoom call to discuss it further.
  4. The argument is by carebears who spent 10 years in wurm hard grinding skills every day, they just cant bear the thought that some others would do that in 3 years now i personally agree with you. You just dont really get into the old game, where no matter what level you play at - the old timers will be 10 years ahead of you lol. All the economy argument is bullcrap too. the economy is about supreme+ items you can be lucky to make at any level or unique items, you can also get at any level. if one person makes 45 ql showel, and another one squeezes 50ql cuz his skills are "better" - noone buys neither 45 or 50ql shovels anyways lol
  5. oh okay.. so i was doing it right.. its just the skin.. i want a refund!!! lol Thanks for replies tho
  6. ok, silly question, but how do you apply the skin? i bought my very first skin from marks store (the current hat skin) i activate it right click on helm and nothing lol, no option to apply it. tried different helms (steel/drake/leather) no option on any. tried activating the helm and right click on the skin - same..
  7. Okay, so how do these two points work together in general? If im fighting troll, scorp and a lava, troll targets my upper parts, scorp - middle, lava - lower. How do i defend to have the "key" to the victory? My blocking is increased, ok, but im guessing you only block when defending the right parts? info plz?! Also, why is autofight now not ays effective? Why the option was removed for me to fight mobs like i did for the last 10 years? I dont care about special moves or any other more interactive combat, all i care is i kill 500 mobs in an hour like i did before when grinding hunting.. Were fighting and subskill gains adjusted accordingly to offset less productive fighting now? Update - lol tried this new system, and had enough.. I could fight 3 greenish trolls at once, hell could leave afk i wouldnt die. Now 2 greenish trolls chewed me up in no time regardless how much i tried to combat them.. What an upgrade Oh, P.S. use old client while you still can. So far it works "old school" fighting way on it, it seems..
  8. Hold on a second.. What is Epic? As the ultimate owning master of the game I only know we have SFI and NFI clusters. Period.
  9. the current rate is 20s down the drain pipe... lmao In general it's "1 / (total parts count of the item)", so for a fantastic knarr it would be 1/1240 chance
  10. For this part i would say move "warhammer" under "mauls" category and rename "maul" to "mace" as really maul is the same as mace lol
  11. nah, volcano eruption is the way forward
  12. i dont even get why they just dont keep all the skills the same.. like for someone who grinded fighting on defiance, but then went over to pve, he gets all skills transferred, even like 90 aggressive if he had, but his fighting is 1? lol. or a pve player who played on pve decides to try pvp, but after moving to defiance he realised his 80odd fighting is now 1 on pvp server? lmao. the way it is now sounds very broken.. dont even have to start saying that you can be priest on pvp, but move to pve and grind the skills with ease that otherwise be blocked from grinding due to being a priest.. yet all this crap is not high priority, its so minimal impact devs think that they had to work on removing all the imbue benefits there were prio to adding useless now feature to the NFI lol
  13. i bet next in line is a massive meditation nerf so we dont have to meditate ever again. i remember they have mentioned that earlier on too, that it needs "balancing"