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  1. as i said, my skill is 94, could not imp it to 90QL. that is not passed my skill. i tried imping my supreme pickaxe too that happens to be steel too and i always imped it up to 95+ql. guess what - at the start it was down to 94ql and withing minutes i only lost 0.7ql improving it leaving it at 93.3ql and i stopped. This xxx is really xxx up.
  2. Hi. Im actually a bit raging with the crafting i experienced today, but since i cooled down i will try to suggest few things. To start off, some info - my blacksmith skill is 94, smithing tools 90+ql, repairing skill - 80. So. I get you fixed the old ongoing 2s repair bug that gives no damage. Great. However, the result now is as follows: Be4 the repair patch i was able to improve steel mine doors to about 95ql with a lot of work considering my skill and tools. It happened so i came in need for another mine door. After hours and hours and hours of crafting that door today i cant even push it to 90QL. Reason is simple.. every improve action above 89QL gives around 0.01-0.02 Ql improvement. However as i bet everyone knows, improving stuff around 90ql usually results in a lot more action failures rather then successes. Action failures gives 0.01 to 0.05 damage on the door. Now repairing that damage after the patch the item looses QL, so it looses about 0.01-0.05 QL per repair action. As said above, there are a lot more action failures that successes resulting in the item loosing more QL then gaining while improving. This results in the door loosing QL to below 89, then the successful improve action slightly gives more gain, so the item turns over 89QL rinse repeat. dead circle. So the suggestion is to buff the gains upon successful improve action, or to reduce the loss. this truly needs balancing as it is broken the way it is atm. Another thing worth to mention is that previously crafting the 95QL door i did not use any runes on the door, this time i even tried "A brass rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase quality at a faster rate when being improved (10%)" with no effect to get the door to even 90QL. P.S. Did i mention i wasted over 300kg of pure 95QL steel on that door to not even push it to 90? Feels broken right? P.P.S. No, my blacksmith skill is not too low. 94 skill should result at least 94 QL item, simple as that.
  3. You are a bit wrong here. On home servers you can make 300 slope with the digging of 99.66 - 99.99 effective. however same issue you cannot remove it by digging/leveling/flattering on it if you do not have a solid round 100 skill in digging. workaround as you said is dropping dirt on the tile below reducing the slope, if its the mountain, leveling the tiles below so you can drop the dirt.. However, with the solid 100 skill in digging, you can make 301 slope so everyone is stuffed. i think the reason for that is that 300 is still workable slope until you hit 301 and get the warning (or equivalents at lower digging skills). Same principle goes to elevation. 150 slope is workable by everyone, so it lets you still finish an action and bump it to 151 making it unworkable. If they reduced the slope to 149 lets say, same issue would arise at 150 slope. End of the day i get you, its hard to get dirt being BL priests
  4. Epic. Seems the same bug, so i duplicated it, sry Seems like ancient bug too
  5. destroying my own house walls using battering ram gives me hunted status and drops reputation off-deed. Edit: Drops village im at reputation (or increases it to negative what ever way you look at it). Also every action gives 30 minutes hunted status on the avatar using the ram, however personal reputation stays untouched. Village reputation seems to drop by 10 per every 1st ramming action on new wall. continuous actions on the same wall after the first one do not drop reputation no more until moved to another wall. Edit 2: Narrowed it down. Village reputation drops by 10 when i initially get hunted status doing first ramming action when i have no hunted status at all. Any continuous ramming actions just refresh hunted status to 30 mins, but doesn't effect no reputation no more unless i let 30 mins pass and lose hunted status, then the 1st ramming action after that once again issues me hunted status and drops reputation of the village by further 10. So the issue here might be only giving the hunted status in the first place while destroying your own off-deed house with the battering ram. Large maul method doesn't give no hunted status tho.
  6. the test server was there for years. the problem with it is that no one ever properly test things there. reason is simple - what happens on a test server stays at the test server: no skills/items transfer etc. Wurm has also never ever had full time beta testers too, so its just a waste of time. the only reason its there i guess is only for devs themselves to check if the game runs, but they do not go into extensive hours themselves testing every single aspect of the game be4 patching it live. So once again, live test server is needed, where player base could test. hell, can even rotate the test server every few month, like 3 months on exodus, 3 months on indi etc. but only patch one server, then when reported issues are hot fixed - run the patch live.
  7. You are not thinking clearly. Its like coronavirus, we can either contain it in one server, or spread it all across all servers. i prefer to contain bugs and glitches.
  8. Since every patch that comes out is pretty much bugged (and i get that - noone tests it be4 patching) i came up with a solution. Since exodus is the most populated server, we can make it a test server meaning that the new patch firstly is applied to exodus ONLY, so they can reassess all that is bugged/became bugged and then in a week, when the hotfix comes out the rest of the servers could be patched bug-free. That would really upset a lot less ppl playing on all servers and everyone who wants an early eye on what the new patch has to offer can sail to exodus pre-patch to experience that first hand. As i said doing so wurm would have beta testers that want it, while the ones who want to play as much bug-free as possible could still play on other servers.
  9. they completely moved around. i dont have print screen saved be4 the patch so i cant be accurate, however the way it is now is completely out of the blue.. the new scenario started a day ago only, so i personally think just a reset of the scenario would be nice if you dont have the logs prior the patch.
  10. prior the update the current scenario looked like this: Magranon was in saltwalk claiming 1st item out of 7. Libila was home at rusty daggers, fo was home, both with 0 items claimed. After the patch. Libila is with 3 items at worried brows, magranon is with 2 items at scary old trees. SO WTF? did you just literally handle Libila to win scenario nearly? considering the 3 out of 7 items, and needed 3 items to win were all around magranon's castle? EDIT: either restart scenario or put it back how it was. some ppl are playing it and grinding hard to obtain the rewards...
  11. so if the mission said traitor around M23. does that mean M23 is the centre reference tile and the area is +2 in map grids all round the centre grid - making it 5x5 in game map grids area to look at, or is it +5 grids around the centre grid (as thats what 5 grid radius means) making it 10x10 in game grids area? or maybe that m23 grid is not the centre one but the random on in the area? We still need a bit more clarification please, as all 3 options i mentioned here would have a completely different areas to look at (size wise too). Also we had an option to use dioptra on the sun/moon/valrey to give us indication what region we were at the time. would this be linked to map grids instead now?
  12. im not talking about favour here, the spell is not even on the list. and it should, so trying to cast it would give a message - xxx god doesnt have enough favour. and even so you say epic is dead now, it wasnt always dead. and as i said the server im talking about has never ever seen MAG or FO rite spell being cast in over 10 years. That surely would have accumulated enough favour tor a single spell in 10y time.
  13. Hi. I know there has been rite spell rework recently, but the thing is none of the rite spells even appear on the spell lists no more. We were planning to cast ritual of the sun (mag) spell, that has NEVER EVER been cast in the server (desertion) lifetime of over 10 years, but the spell is not even on the list, and im not talking here about the god favour (im assuming if would have had enough gathered in over 10 years) as i cant even check it. Said that, i checked with FO priest. Same again, the rite spell is not even on the list. Checked on Vynora, the spell is not on the list, but that i can understand, as that rite spell was cast a month ago just prior to rite spell rework you have carried out. However neither FO, nor MAG rite spells have ever been cast on the server (desertion) so i would expect those spells to be on the list at the very least.. Can you please have a look into this, as this is really stopping several players from completing their priest journals.. Thanks Edit: Rite spell availability were checked on Elevation server by other player and with no surprise its not on the list there too. So im assuming it effects all servers on Epic, if not freedom too
  14. even on smaller (regular) servers this is an issue.. looking for those traitors 4 hours and not finding it.... or finding it on the top of the mountain theres no way to access... honestly, id rather dig 50 items than traitor missions... at least make these traitors environmental spawns.. like seals/turtles would only spawn near the water coastline, deer spiders - forest, bears - rock or so.. its doesnt have to be easy, but it must not be pointless time wasting either..
  15. while at it, also allow placing deed token underground. Id like to make a dwarf village