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Found 14 results

  1. New statue types! Gold Statues Silver Statues Etc.... Statues This would greatly increase the use of gold and some of the other metals while also adding alot more diversity to designs.
  2. Gardening Skill Changes! *Allow for placement of shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers freely instead of central planting or random planting. This idea could be tiered based on your gardening level.. *allow for free placement of hedges aswell, provided you have the corosponding gardening level . example : bush requires level 20 gardening for free placement of the planted bush. etc. I think this is a very simple but important addition. This allows for more customizable flowerbeds aswell as better landscaping options!
  3. PRICE LIST ABOVE Rules: 1. Repair it before sending. 2.Send your shield to Kubon and rename it with desired ql and your name. 3. Minimum order value = 15c. 4. All orders will be made within 48 hours - if not you got it for free - unless order 100x 90ql shields 5.No longer fee for making shields rare/sup/fan! I also sell new shields, prices 80% as listed (<60 column)
  4. Personal Goals Revamp So this game has this wonderful motivational goals list that is randomly generated from varying difficulties of tasks. Everyone has a different set of tasks. The player is supposed to have these "goals" in the back of their mind when encountering things in their normal Wurm life as things they should complete them eventually. This would be a really big incentive to do things out of the ordinary and inspire me as a player to branch out and do skills I wouldn't normally do just to obtain the "goal". However, there is a problem. A quick look over my "personal goals" and going down the list, many of them are possible. Some are very challenging, like cutting an absurd amount of trees, or making a ton of wine. But one of mine in particular is literally impossible to complete on freedom. "Become a demigod". From my understanding of demigod, its impossible to obtain on freedom. If I were to go to the place it is possible (Epic) - my "personal goals" would reset. So though I have this list of really good motivators, I can never complete them all, and thus, never receive the reward that is fabled to exist at the completion of the personal goals. Now, with that out of the way I do think it should be nearly impossible to complete them all(keep the tasks challenging but possible given enough time). Alternatively I suppose the reward for completing the personal goals could change to something still rare, but a little more mundane(Maybe a rare cosmetic item that is non-tradable(instant Wurm status-symbol)... or even a rare title). This subject has come up with me several times with other players, and I wanted to bring it to attention that it should be looked at(if it isn't already) to encourage more players to be spontaneous and branch out from the normal daily Wurm-grind! What do you think? -Lei
  5. Although the fact that you need to be near the sea level/water level to be able to farm rice is somewhat cool for specialized rice farmers, some maps in WU make it quite hard. Also i think most would like this idea even if it would make rice farmers obsolete. Rice patties/fields as a buildable construct. Lets say you use bricks/stone to start building it, and its dropped just like a charcoal pile, then you add more dirt and rock to finish it. The stone would be to help support the dirt walls you would be making as a dam to hold water in. Basically you create a farm area with a dirt dam around the edges to hold water in. Since its a "building" im not sure if the normal way of sowing and harvesting would work, but that would be ideal. The patty itself you would open and fill with water like any container. Then as its not a real waterproof dam, lets say the water drains at some set speed. Should come in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large. If having farmable tiles within a structure that would also have to check for water in the patty container is hard to make, maybe the patties would have the rice seeds as a building part, so you would have to actually use the rice as a part for finishing the patties, then when its ripe. You open it and take out the harvestable rice, breaking the patty back down to the stage where it needs new seeds and new water to start over. (this seems harder though, as the rice would not be an actual field tile. Though you could maybe add the "farm option to the patty itself then?) Hope thats not to messy and you understand what i mean. Pluss one if anyone is interested guys, also feel free to add your own ideas for how it would work in comments.
  6. Rightie.... The scenario/mission system is many years old but its still feels kinda halfdone in certain aspects. Especially the new PMR gods missions which pretty much noone touches atm. So with that said, here is some new stuff to improve it. 1) fix the bug where missions status doesn't switch between enemy/everyone when gods alignment does. (this causes missions to appear doable or undoable while being the opposite) 2) Add colour to the mission progress bar. Red-shaded bar colour for enemy missions. Green-shaded bar colour for missions you have participated in. Available missions that a player hasn't been participated in remains the same as before. In other words: VS It will allow players to quickly identify available missions and easier keep track of the current mission they are doing and also quickly know if they have received sleep bonus from it. Also add a 1 or 2 pixel blue line showing how much you have participated instead of a brand new line. 3) Increase the reward of larger construction projects such as pylons. It's a high difficulty (in other words high fail chance) construction involving 4250 material and terraforming. It takes multiple hours of constructing it and in most cases you are exposed to the enemy during this time. Also divide the scenario points among all participants based on contribution. There is already a list for this... The already excisting plaques. (the plaques list a bit too many players though with no participation... but thats another bug to fix) 4) Greatly increase the scenariopoints/karma of missions that has settlement draining as a requirement and distribute it equally among all players in local that are of the same kingdom as the drainer. 5) If a person doing a valrei structure ritual or tower ritual mission is in a group: Then equally distribute scenario points/karma among the group. 6) Double the rewards of enemy homeserver missions. Increase rewards by half on Elevation. (risk vs reward and promoting pvp) 7) Split scenario point pools of diffrent gods in the spell list. 8) Upon hovering over the scenario point pools currently this is displayed "Scenario Points is a beneficial effect caused by players"... Replace it with information that actually says what it is to newbies. Like "Scenario points are rewarded from missions and have the chance of giving valrei items at the end of a scenario on Epic" 8) Upon hovering over one of the scenario point pools, add a secondary displayed line with the ammount of tickets and the ammount of points to the next ticket and the karma generated from the scenario missions. "Tickets (4), Next ticket (643 points), Karma gained (6700)" sidenote for devs: you only need the already excisting scenario points number to calculate all these things client-sided. 9) Get a ingame valrei map going... ya know... the WIP one posted earlier All the coding excist already and you can borrow some placeholder icons untill proper ones are made if need be Overall I think this will heighten the desire to participate in missions (even if its a PMR god, cuz of that sweet 30min sleep bonus). Especially the more difficult/hostile missions that a lot of people currently pass on. And just in general make valrei and missions feel more complete.
  7. I think it would be nice if we could have a way to where we can have a single key to do more than one kind of action. For example, I have my main "action" keybind, F, and I typically bind it to whatever I'm currently working on, such as MINE_FORWARD, CUT_DOWN, or DIG. It would be nice I could, for example, have F bound to all of the above commands at once; or G to both Target and Activate. I think it could work via the following command (or could be replaced with and, even): Command: bind <Key> <ACTION 1> or <ACTION 2> or <ACTION 3> Examples: Bind G TARGET or ACTIVATE Bind F MINE_FORWARD or CUT_DOWN or DIG It would make sense, in my head, to have digging and mining being bound at the same time because you can't mine with a shovel, or dig with a pickaxe. It simply would require you to have the tool activated for whichever bind you're currently trying to do, as it does now. Any comments?
  8. Is it possible to make improvement to crafting window, currently when i example create stone bricks, i take rock shards from bsb, move then to inventory where i move them to crafting window. So it it possible to add improvement when i take rock shards and move then directly to crafting window these are moved same time to my inventory, when you do hundreds or thousands bricks you can calculate how much faster that will be if we get rid off that movement from bsb to inventory and then to crafting window if we can use instead of that: bsb to crafting window.
  9. Workload: Back in business Everything will be Mailed from Fort Woodscrap on Xanadu P-15 on the map from a 70+ courier mailbox which has a 10 to 8 min mailing time Elwood industries Introduces tonight to you: High end Furniture factory! lacking the skill? offering to you all high end furniture for a mere 30c each! have to be picked up from Fort woodscrap, P-15 on the map Blacksmithing. 70ql: 20c 80ql: 50c 90ql: 98c Carpentry. 70ql: 20c 80ql: 50c 90ql: 98c 95ql: 3s Available again Fine Carpentry 70ql: 40c 80ql: 70c 90ql: 98c 91ql: 1,5s 92ql: 2s Mallets: 70ql: 10c 80ql: 20c 90ql: 30c 95ql: 98c 96ql: 1,2s Bowyery: 50ql: 5c 60ql: 8c Fletching: 40x40ql war/hunting arrows : give me a offer Boat Improvements. 70ql: 50c 80ql: 1s Masonry : Grinding stones 60ql: 6c 70ql: 10c Orders: Teners : 81ql ->90ql \ | Rare Ropetools. Zetuka : 40ql ->90ql /
  10. right now we can either show all buttons,only climbing or none, it would be great if we could just get an options screen like the one for the skill trackers and choose which buttons we want to show or hide.
  11. Hi, I would like to suggest the ability to found free-upkeep deeds. We are already paying to play as premium, so I think it would be fair to have an option to make free-upkeep deeds but with certain limitations like: - Must be a democracy - No deed guards - No perimeter - No reduced decay - No instant log-out on deed - No branding animals - No acquired knowledge - No enchanting bonus - No alliances - Not convertable to a regular deed. - A size limit - Will be automatically disbanded if the mayor has been inactive for 1 month Advantages: - Free upkeep - Perhaps also available for free to play?* I suggest this will be foundable just like a regular deed by buying a 'Minor Settlement form' from an npc trader, which will cost 2 silver or less (preferably less than 50 copper coins) The reason why I suggest this is because I find wurm rather uninhabited, especially when america sleeps (I'm european). I really think this option will improve the player count and playability, because the more options people have, the more fun the game is for everyone. I also think the most important thing is that a free-upkeep deed MUST be a democracy. This will also mean that if the mayor has been inactive for like 3 weeks the other citizens can prevent the settlement from being automatically disbanded by electing a new mayor. This will also dramatically improve the number of democracies on wurm. (I love democracy but come on if I'd pay 10 silver for the settlement form and then also the deed upkeep on top of paying for my premium time I would surely make my deed a dictatorship. And I think that's exactly the reason why most settlements are dictatorships.) *This will especially improve player count if this will be made available for free to play. I think the skill limit of 20 brings enough incentive to become premium. I even think this will add more incentive to become premium, and will also keep free players from leaving the game, which statistically increases the chance they will become premium. I'm sure my suggestion will be a vast improvement for wurm.
  12. Enchants must all be 60+. Pelt, Whetstone, Mallet, Each can be COD'ed to me for whatever price is discussed. Please PM me via the forum or leave your prices for the above tools, 60+ CoC Enchant.