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  1. Is it legal?

    i suggested reading scripture out loud into a microphone for sermons with pop quiz to determine who's a valid listener, perhaps reading a religious script silently at home with a pop quiz at the end for prayer grind?
  2. Is it legal?

    not wanting thousands of commands a minute sent to the server by a single person = keyboard police state okei then
  3. Goblin leader slaying

    Going to be killing a goblin leader this weekend, all are welcome to come and get bloods/fight. Makes mining potions. F19-20 Ingame
  4. Goblin leader slaying

    Location added
  5. No more "X" when crafting

    materials being damaged/losing weight is part of the reason for increasing skills/material ql, and with stamina being a multiplier on the timer up to 3x at 0% you'd get some really funky timers, it'd mess with skillgain hard as that functions off success chance. its one of those things that sounds good on paper but would require a complete overhaul of multiple game mechanics to work but i'm just a veteran adverse to change who -1's every good idea so what would i know
  6. simplify light furnaces "feature"

    its a fun thing they put in that you can use that may or may not be used ha ha fun game its a game lighten up
  7. Fo lost progress + mission was reset

    Finished a 7/7 diff traitor mission right before servers went down, had 1 7/7 mission done before that (23 drakespirits) and about 8 hours of time between him moving+downtime, only showing 8 hours of progress and new mission was only 1/7 diff
  8. Fo lost progress + mission was reset

    Did some missions, still missing 36h from those 2 missions, still on the lower diff missions, still have scenario points from them and they're showing in mission history. Fo also appears to have taKen the frozen quill that was at Firejaw, when he was at stompinggrounds. was already on the last one needed so it doesn't really change much but still strange.
  9. [No Bug] Rare Large cart does not fit into a wagon

    a large cart will not fit inside a non-runed wagon, its the wagon getting 5% bigger that allows it, if you put 5% size on the cart aswell it won't fit anymore as both are being increased by the same amount.
  10. Replace global cast on journal

    not the sense of pride and accomplisment
  11. Limit the maximum value of the skill

    they have 2 posts so probably 2
  12. Supreme AO Wagon [CLOSE]

  13. [QoL] Bashable carts, wagons and boats

    have the people saying it's abusable considered you can already push them onto lava if you wanted them gone/wanted loot out of them, and can pack ground under them to starve the horses to allow them to be pushed (and is even suggested in ca-help all the time, so don't pull the griefing card either) +1 for convenience even though i'd never use it personally, lava's more fun
  14. Wishing well (Question to the Development staff)

    https://pastebin.com/WdMNTqq4 there's the code for it so basically, currency value, courier cast, it being nighttime? ql of mailbox, ql of coin, are all modifiers, and the value of the coin is attached to the message rolf gets. alternatively, you could just mail rolf@wurmonline.com and not use a coin. dunno if he puts special thought into messages that come from dropping coins into a fountain.
  15. [No Bug] Rare Large cart does not fit into a wagon

    take the size rune off your cart.
  16. So.. mend

    have you considered casting spells on low ql tools
  17. Queue actions like move 1 tile

    i'm more annoyed at how inefficiently you're grinding prospecting than the actual idea. you only need to move every 10-15 minutes. If you have to "earn it", what does that do for the average new player? oh, just get 40 mind logic so you can queue movements into your actions? if someone's grinded 21 points of mind logic to get to 40 (hundreds of hours of mind logic increasing skills worth!) chances are they don't give 2 ###### about being a "keyboard slave" or however you put it, they're probably enjoying it. you can already do such things with g-series mouse and equivalent (bind wzzzz, where z is prospect and w is move forward for example). locking away features in a game behind hundreds of hours of playing isn't going to entice new players to stay, and i have 0 idea how you could come to such a conclusion. troll thread made to garner reactions. how original.
  18. For Auld Lang Syne

    people are concerned about not finding the 2018 chests, i just found a 2017 chest, it's been there so long the silver horseshoe and chest it all comes in decayed
  19. Size vs Volume Runes

    a volume rune lets you load more, a size rune lets you load bigger things. i really doubt there's anything new you could load in a caravel after putting a size rune on, and vehicles have hard set sizes so a size rune won't make it "look" bigger or have a larger cargo size from having a larger x y z to calculate volume off so volume rune is the only one that would work on a caravel.
  20. So.. mend

    https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Sunder its quite literally a spell to do exactly what you're saying
  21. So.. mend

    sunder+mend,,lava+mend, catapault+mend
  22. Jewellery Enchants

    acid imbue + BT + corrosion. entire weapon damage+bt bonus damage is converted to acid and gets bonus damage from rings so it's the best overall damage boost if you're into the whole min-maxing thing, i 1 shot spiders and anything weaker with it so it's just all around enjoyable. i chose acid since i like to spar people and acid isn't bad against any armor types, whereas cold is worthless against studded+drake.