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  1. just something someone sent me randomly didnt know scruffing was bad for cats until now so removed it here is happier spaghet cat
  2. you trade a mild cast power debuff with a flat % chance of failing no matter what with a chance of getting 1 shot if someone competent notices you casting and pulling armor each time, seems fine to me the debuff doesn't even stop priest spam coz things like LOF which is easily the most powerful wl spell dont use armor penalty
  3. time your shield bash/special move to go off right as they cast and dunk them if they pull armor, not rocket science
  4. just remove heavy/medium armors chance to fail casts regardless of cast power its a dumb mechanic thats super easy to get around you can always open your body as a container and select every armor piece to unequip everything at once without the unequip everything bind, that wouldn't change it
  5. 22:25:15] The items are now available in the spirit cottage. [22:25:17] After you finish eating you will start eating again. [22:25:17] You carefully unwrap the portion of full house pizza before eating it. [22:25:17] The wrapped portion of full house pizza tastes extremely good. [22:25:17] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about body stamina! [22:25:18] A rotten wrapped portion of full house pizza crumbles to dust. [22:25:18] You carefully unwrap the portion of full house pizza before eating it. [22:25:18] The wrapped portion of full house pizza tastes royal, noble, and utterly delicious! [22:25:18] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about body strength! Went from 10 dmg to 100 dmg instantly after being mailed and taking a bite. Other one is still fine
  6. source: my uncle works at nintendo
  7. are you going to fix imping imbues being completely useless
  8. are you gonna post the changes beforehand or is it just gonna get dropped on us 30 minutes before the patch
  9. yeah sand can be investigated once and then it never regenerates, very odd bug. i assume it's using the foraging code and since sand can't be foraged it doesn't regenerate? all the cool kids do archaeology at the bottom of the ocean anyway
  10. i like the idea, kill affinities always seem to go to the guy who's gonna get the least use outta it lol
  11. 27h now, and imho it should just spawn at completely random times, so like 1 camp anytime monday, 1 camp anytime tuesday etc. as it currently is the 4th camp spawns at the same time am/pm every single time (chaos is 9am/pm every time for me) and it's extremely predictable. I've found plenty of camps on the side of mountains so that check isn't working. That always hits the first alphabetical camp which is really annoying (or a bug) if 2 are in the area. imho it shouldn't hit both so you can actually stealth trap near them, seeing as you can't make caves in the area you're relying on one already being made in the area. 51] The Battle Camp Champion is rather a long distance away in front of you. Quite a bit further than that if you get a good cast on a seryll pend My thoughts on making them more contested - Death tab when you start conquering/neutralizing instead of at the end, and auto-loot at the end of the conquer, and add a death tab message for looting an already capped camp. Ends up with 5/10 minutes of enemy knowing you're there while cutting out the meaningless waiting without a chance of people coming to pvp, and adds some risk, as people could use capping/looting to bait a fight, or they could get interrupted by a mob if soloing and have to start over. It also gives enemies more time to respond, currently it's 5 minutes they have to find you if you're looting a freshly capped camp, or 0 minutes if you just run off as soon as you cap, making it pretty trivial to sneak a camp even near a enemy deed and run off/stealth/whatever. - Make the camps stick around after hota is finished, renamed to something else and still give the loot option and be used as a forward operating base for pvp, as sindusk mentioned holding them is pointless as an enemy can just cap it and the entire thing poofs if hota ends. Maybe an option to build a tower on them and they stick around for more time, but are no longer lootable so they're a sort of temporary deed for 30 days or some amount of time you find appropriate. Fix the guards to actually work while you're at it, currently they're just walking medkits if you have LT - Make the MM from looting build up, so like if it hasn't been looted in 3 days, 3 lumps. unless you're right next to them it's a pain to go across the map to collect them for a single lump, and 0 reason to attempt to hold them unless you're about to win hota, but if they had death tabs, and enemies could see that it hasn't been looted in days and see you're just a MM pinata near their lands - Allow mine doors in the camp when you change them to be lockpickable/whatever - Chance for random affinities or shakers or sleep bonus or whatever from looting/winning hota similar to what you're planning with missions would be cool too Only spells and LT do, finger of fo, cottoning, healing naturally, saccing for a heal all don't as healing resistance was added to counter lof/scorn/heal spam.
  12. 100% create chance for bulk and stuff has 0 impact on skillgain, creation is just bad for skillgain
  13. they're too hard to find they should add them to a pendulum or something and announce the spawns globally
  14. no i tried to make it with the magnet letters and i ran out
  15. can i print this and hang it on my fridge
  16. fishing is fun, i quite enjoyed spear fishing more than most other activities, but for normal fishing the absurd ql rng in making reels/lines and needling like 5 different crafting skills isn't very cool. If you could just craft each time of fishing line and handle individually instead of having to do 5 craft actions each using a different skill it'd be less dumb. sacrificing 100 tackle boxes lagging out the server is always a laugh when the mission comes up though. Tbh it feels like you reach the end of fishing early (finding clams which have random loot) and from there on in you're just fishing to play ql slots and see if you get the biggest fish dunno whether to go with cool or uncool since spear fishing almost makes up for the dumb crafting
  17. who was on elevation to experience the lag
  18. the level 7 bonus for attack damage was replaced with lockpicking, the level 4 structure damage was unchanged.
  19. permanent bonuses are tied to the account, +5 power extra skillgain/aff chance/rare chance/max sleep bonus all transfer between all the servers.