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  1. Cheese. Wagons - 20s (can do any wood type if you provide a shaft, otherwise birch/cedar) Tall banners - 2.5s Banners / Flags 2s Hota statues Pickup for wagons/tall banners/hotas is at J25 Celebration http://celebration.yaga.host/#1899,840 Banners/flags can be mailed to any toon that's never been to chaos. Pm Storelot, Masterentaro or Silakka in game to order
  2. yes but you cant be joe i"m already joe
  3. when resizing your deed into water, the markers are underwater and not really visible, they should float so you can actually see them
  4. caffeine disables itself when you drop under 1 hour of fatigue left, has an event message for it. drinking another thing of caffeine re-enables it iirc
  5. sotg hasn't been op since people slapped each other with longswords in normal fighting while wearing plate lol, people are just really slow on metas, you've still got people trying to adapt to the priest changes from sindusk however many years ago that was. powers stamina+elemental immunity is infinitely better at keeping you alive as most deaths are caused by either running out of stamina, dragging a dozen mobs running around or getting slapped by 5+ people at once which a higher health pool might make you live a few seconds longer that you're stunned through and cant move anyway, and forcing the enemy to use rt+demise instead of fb/fa+salves (not a thing on defiance i guess, but you're still taking away their 33% bonus damage by removing their fb/fa, rt sucks and bt takes a lot of investment for a single weapon) lowers their damage by about the same as what sotg does anyway. it's really one of the most overrated abilities in the game, only good for mine hopping cancer
  6. :32:26] You start to pick the lock of the "x". 32:47] You are too far away from the "x" to pick the lock. game lets you start lockpicking out of range (damaging the pick and risk snapping it) with no chance of actually picking because you're not on top of the thing being picked
  7. every time you float a combat/skills tab/move it to the chat window, it stops getting updated and makes a new one on the event window
  8. /redeemkey code if it says its expired do a /support
  9. he's permabanned, which i assume voids it
  10. you're accusing a guy of lying because someone who wasn't him said something that isn't related to what he posted? what's your point other than you can't tell people apart or you think a ca is making the decisions about game mechanics lol
  11. for skilling? chugs sp too fast so unless you're wanting to spend a gold or more a week on sp or just want to smash out your weekly sb in an hour i wouldn't really use it for non-time limited things can skill non-fatigue skills and not care about the fatigue usage, or just skill normally then toggle sb on right before a tick then turn it off for a basically free 4x skillgain tick every 5 minutes
  12. he didn't say a single thing about who it's supposed to help or what mechanics are supposed to do lol, did you forget your meds
  13. add more skillgain but make it super convuluted and hard to use, we havent gotten a new sweet spotting in a decade
  14. few times i've noticed this happen, i've ignored/unignored someone and few days later they pop up on ignore/are removed from ignore. for example [2021-11-21] [09:27:04] You no longer ignore person1. [2021-11-25] [21:31:27] You are ignoring person1 and yaddayadda [2021-11-25] [21:31:33] You no longer ignore person1 checked my logs on all my pc's and i never re-ignored said person, they popped back on the list somewhere in-between that (i assume from either server travel or downtime)
  15. looking for about 10k of each, pm price per 1k
  16. +1 everyone just spams alts for it anyway (as evident with the two latest pmk's being founded with 2 people each lol)
  17. when using special moves it doesn't check either of these things, which doesn't make much sense seeing as you're hitting them with the weapon regardless
  18. [14:50:18] <Storelot> [2021-11-19] [14:46:14] Large wooden shield increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 out of shield titles to get and didn't even finish 100 defensive fighting or 90 bc/ms, mission failed. As always taking title suggestions
  19. i'd be put off lunch too if i didn't have some fresh troll milk to wash it down
  20. I assume caffeine is mainly intended for casual players who don't spend a lot of time playing, but those same people don't really have the time to make barrels and barrels of caffeine (my 90ql kahvesi is like 10 power per sip lasts for 28m or so, so 2L to get to full power, then a 0.2L sip every 25m, can't imagine what 30-50ql of the non-strongest drinks is like) seems kind of counter-intuitive, the people grinding for hours are using way less liquid/hour than casual players that it's intended for, and they're the ones that would actually have the time to make it and grind, unless caffeine is supposed to be something 90% of the player base should buy on the market or something. Having it fill up power on your first drink and then slowly decrease over the period, with ql and amount drunk both decreasing how fast it goes down, would make more sense for casual players. being able to drink at 99% water like alcohol can would help too (caffeine dehydrates you so doesn't even make sense to fill up your water bar on it)
  21. you get 8 hours of fatigue a day, caffeine uses it 4x faster, some actions use fatigue with no action timer like imping with the wrong tool so that's already <2 hours of grinding a day hitting fatigue, unless i'm missing something