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  1. what are your thoughts on being forced to be vyn to skill effectively before the changes
  2. i hear if you drop a gold in the wishing well it increases your affinity chance its just rng, same reason some people may have made some rare/supreme tool where some only get rare ore, rng just wasn't on your side. shorter timers increase the chance for an affinity, and having high skills/characteristics increases the chance of a 0-100 roll during the affinity window which increases chance slightly too.
  3. its gonna be a battle royale
  4. The title should be boy i really hope it keeps the formatting
  5. i was placing a replacement over and did it again coz i'm a moron
  6. [2020-02-15] [21:37:54] You start to place a trash heap. [2020-02-15] [21:37:55] You see a reinforced cave floor which has been prepared ready for paving. [2020-02-15] [21:37:58] After you finish placing you will start placing again. [2020-02-15] [21:37:59] You finish placing a trash heap. [2020-02-15] [21:37:59] You start to place a trash heap. [2020-02-15] [21:38:04] You finish placing a trash heap. [2020-02-15] [21:38:10] You start to place a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:38:12] You see dark dungeons. [2020-02-15] [21:38:15] You finish placing a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:38:16] You start to place a trash heap. [2020-02-15] [21:38:18] The Cave wall is in the way. [2020-02-15] [21:38:20] You start to place a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:38:22] You see a reinforced cave floor which has been prepared ready for paving. [2020-02-15] [21:38:26] You finish placing a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:39:10] You start to place a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:39:15] You finish placing a bulk storage bin. [2020-02-15] [21:39:24] You will now fight defensively. [2020-02-15] [21:39:25] Reconnecting Oblivionnreaver! The Celebration has been waiting for you. It was showing in the cave still but unable to be interracted with coz it was on the surface, then when i relogged it was showing on the surface. Lava is from firepillar so i could mark where the tunnel was.
  7. 3 left, someone already pm'd about the others rgb on em, looking for 15s each or all 3 for 35s
  8. i remember when once i was riding a hellhorse, it untamed, attacked me, opened itself for attack, and got 1 shot by my staff all within a second of untaming, some animals just weren't meant to live on this world you can do weird workarounds like give an alt your deed and then don't give yourself attack permissions on deed to make it so they're not attackable by you (but with how awful epic home server rep is you'll probably just go hunted and kill it even though you had lawful on) but it really should be an option to completely disable attacking them
  9. Clearing out some of the stuff out of my deed. If it can't be mailed has to be picked up from J25 Cele. Make an offer on anything. Can also take euro instead of silver. Jenn-Kellon are the template ones, Jenn Kellon are the PMK ones. Only one of the PMK jk ones are rare, it just shows the whole stack as rare coz thats what wood does ( VD, Rare JK banner are sold) Have the follow wagons for 10s each - JK Template, LoA, Black Legion. 5 or 6 Dragon hotas, various colors, iirc its 3 red, 1 light purple, one light orange, can check the rgb if you ask. Looking for 4s each for skulls, 10s for the troll king crown, for the rare tool heads, 1.5s for the blank rare heads (if the group isn't expanded they're blank), 2s for 80-90cast, 2.5s for 90+. 3s for 100+. for anything else make a fair offer. addy lumps looking for 4s/kg but open for discussion for larger purchases. all glimmer+seryll is sold, 104botd shovel, seryll pend are sold, rare barding sold, Butchering knife is fully imbued with ql rune butchering knife is sold lol, has metallic liquid, huge axe is 10k BT with acid potion, slay and butcher those dragons with ease! Looking for 22s for the set. 66 Sleep powder, 50s/45e for the lot.
  10. makes skilling less rsi inducing
  11. Simply match with your favourite non-drake armor for a nice set of armor 20s or 15e
  12. it'll be new servers, you'll just be able to connect to them with the current client. you'll need to make a new character and can't mail/travel between new and old servers.
  13. looking for a super high forge imp, pm me how high you can imp and price
  14. occasionally, i'm getting hedges blocking shots when they shouldn't when the mob is near a hedge The troll in this screenshot was running in a straight line perpendicular to the hedge 3 tiles to the side of it, and was blocking shots as it ran along it. once the troll got into melee range and stopped moving i could shoot again.
  15. When you're on a horse your facing direction doesn't matter for combat blocking etc you always face the exact same way the horse does even if you look somewhere else, third person wouldn't change this, nor would it physically rotate your character if you're on foot. the first 10 points or so of shield skill suck because you need to block to get skillgain and you can't block without skill, that's just how the skill works. fight a weak mob with a high ql shield without a weapon for 10 minutes to get it up.
  16. You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interest in the Account and that the account is under the sole ownership of Code Club AB. this has been in since it was OneTooFree AB, you not owning your account or items isn't anything new.