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  1. Need moaaar!
  2. I agree. That's the next part of making wurm so easy. Build something once, and do with it whatever you want forever. Back then, game required from us way more thinking, planning, working. Now something goes wrong, and you can write to devs and "fix the game". If there was new feature, every interested person would start working on new stuff. Now even that's too much for them.
  3. Great Idea!
  4. Big -1. One of the best things in wurm, and first you have to learn in game is to figure out map and compass. That's the part of Wurm's life. Stop making this game easier, and easier.
  5. Huge +1
  6. C'mon, still need few merchants! Don't be shy!
  7. I've got Carpentry so far. Not needed, but could be much worse.
  8. Actually not. My first Squire didn't quite stood up to my requirements. He did a great job, however interest in paying only jobs wasn't exactly what I'm looking for. But that's not all. I'm planning to change my idea a bit, to make a proper adjustments and balance typical players needs, as well as my own expectations. If there are still bunch of real adventurers, hunters and promising, interested in little role play style players, I'm willing to still receive their applications. I'm interested in new and returning players, to help them out, and offer everything, that I've posted here. In return I expect to create a nice community, with all of the valors I'v mentioned so far. More info soon!
  9. 4 more to go!
  10. One bought, still looking for more!
  11. Moonmetals Sold! Bump
  12. Free bump for a nice neighbour!
  13. Can't make it
  14. Confirms