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  1. 93ql Silver Mine Door

    Holy crap, it's pretty.
  2. Mayor Circlet

  3. Bed That Sleeps Two

    3 people in one bed? That's... tempting... let's have some fun +1
  4. Valrei International. 060

    Don't get me wrong. I just already knew when i read a news, that in few minutes people will start asking for erasing most of the goals, even if they work pretty well, aren't bugged and in fact are pretty easy, just requires going out of deed for a while. I also agree that missions with killing players with some crap are stupid. But doable. They're not difficult, but you have to do that out of a real fight in fact. That's why i agreed, that if most people have to arrange those fights anyway, like me for example, we can also make it possible via duel. My point of view is about keeping some extreme goals, because winning a game shouldn't be something easy to get, for everyone with no efforts. That should be an end game, extreme achievement for a player, who's extremely willing to realy get it. Sometimes it might require less enjoyable goals, like using epic portal, but it is a challenge afterall.
  5. Valrei International. 060

    That starts to be a wishlist for winning a game by killing wolves and creating campfires. These missions are pretty easy. I agree, that duel on freedom could be allowed, but hunting down pvp critters require only some traveling, c'mon. Also repairing 6k fences isn't really a challenge. Just to go out of deed and repair random fences on abandoned deeds, structures. We're probably passing by far more than 6k fences on our ways. Unless someone's too lazy to go out of deed for longer than require gathering sap from closest maples.
  6. I agree, what would make me more entertain on PvE: 1) More aggressive, stronger mobs. 2) Some kind of dungeons with/ or some kind of boss mobs that could be taken by single highly skilled player or several lesser fighters. 3) Some kinds of random packs of mobs running around the world. 4) Some random spawned treasure chests randomly spawned on server, but without hints through out whole servers. Something that would encurage people to travel around. With, perhaps hints coming up if you get in local of a chests or by using special pendulum or spells to find them. 5) Something that would require spending more resources. So, competitions, mission like- for example building ones or creating ones. Like first three players who imp x items to xx QL gets karma. Or some other stuff like that. Either way, more stuff to build and create. 6) Leaders boards ingame would be nice for those who want to sign there up. C'mon, PvE isn't only about building pretty stuff. Actually, player vs enviroment is more fitting term to actually fighting with enviromental mobs than making bricks, and PvE servers are lacking on this field like pretty much nothing else. Fighting is a huge thing in pve games, pretty much the main thing in most of games, and should be also something greater in wurm than it is now.
  7. Lunar Order Armory & Store & Winery

    Bump! Concrete has been added to Lunar Factorry offer!
  8. Valrei International. 060

    What about those who already won the game? Will we lose titles? If not, will we be able to win a game within new system? Will there be a new title to separate new and old winners?
  9. Free Halter Ropes to those in need!

    Picked up, thanks!
  10. Great service! I will surely order more in future.
  11. Loading rowboats onto larger ships

    +1 i see no reason against the idea. It seems logical, that large units holds smaller ones to sail on shore. I'd allow to be loaded, depend on ships size, let's say up to 3 rowboats.
  12. WTS Odinnn Character + EQ

    I like such accounts. I consider them as pretty well deed holders, as I have many deeds. I'd consider buying it if he would have some premium and if I'd need another deed holder.
  13. Free Halter Ropes to those in need!

    Send one to Alkhadias, i can use a good rope.
  14. PC - Giant Walnut

    Very nice. Grats!