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  1. + like a billion already? We're asking for it for years. Still we haven't even unique look on skulls itself
  2. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    Thanks for enchanting Academy News! Rooster updates: 1) Zelva, Kindrashae's alt joined our community as a civilian! I hope we all benefits of our new recruit. She's building up and helping everyone in everyday tasks, it's great to have such villager! 2) Nargaroth advanced in ranks, and became a first member of Wolfsguards! He proved his value on together travels and huntings. As quite fresh fighter he stood against Rift critters and without dying got a nice score. He's also helping everyone else in todays tasks, and is able to share with anything he has to make others lives easier. As a newly promoted Wolfsguard he received new set of steel chain armor with fitting to it pads, seryll rings set, new highly enchanted weapon of own choice, barrel of wine and Spyglass! Don't wait anymore, join us!
  3. Alternative payments added!
  4. Refining lumps ability (Improved metallurgy)

    I like this idea +1. Makes metallurgy even more a thing.
  5. Allow appending village to player title

    I like it. "Wizard Alkhadias the Thought Eater [Baron of Lomaner] of Moonlight Castle"
  6. WTA Full seryll plate set

    Very nice set. I'd bid it, if I had coins. Good luck!
  7. WTB Rare Tools, Weapons, charges

    Chisel, rod and rake bought. Temporary holding on, due to lack of funds.
  8. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    Join us Today! You want tools? Enchants? You looking for coins and rares? Treasures and rewards? MEH! I'll give you something better.... I'll give you immortality! Mirrormatch have joined us, and went his way up, look: Mirrormatch as a fresh recruit. Weak, broken, barely standing! Here's Mirrormatch after few days in academy.... perfectly, immortal, eternal wurmian. Join us today!
  9. Logs - What's the going price?

    From my many years suppliers, I'm buying any 10ql+ logs at 1s/1k. For 50ql, I'm buying usually at 1s/ 3 large crates. Tho price range might be different. Depend on seller, but also on needs of a buyer. Some might require certain wood types, other might require specific ql. I'd say that logs =< 50ql are anywhere from 1s-1.5s of any woodtype.
  10. Silver - What is the going price?

    Usually it's 1 silver for 1 euro. Sometimes people sell larger amounts for 1s =1 usd. Currency is up to you. If you wanna sell for usd I can take this 30s monthly
  11. Lunar Order Academy is recruiting!

    ^ this. It's a harsh place, we eat dirt, sleep on rock, play baseball with trolls, recruits are allowed to get out of mine once a week... You will find no better place as a new player, but only patience will get you higher in our community ranks, patience and commitment. Competition is insanely high and dangerous, dark as our souls themselves... just like our upcoming contest... none dares fishing in Academy pond, be aware! Join our sacred ranks!