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  1. Imo, if I'd offer 1g, that would be not even funny lowballing.
  2. If we would get insta/ auto travel then I will have to get insta/ autobuilding. I hate building in Wurm at least as much as you do traveling. It takes my playtime that i could spend otherwise. And I am kinda, lightly forced to do so, because of security of my stuff. We are either in this together, or either we gonna whine and ask for every single personal luxury, that some are calling "qol". We're all wurmians, we all gotta deal with stuff that we dont like, but others do.
  3. I can't believe that one of most amazing deeds I have ever seen is going on sale... I would say "if I only had enough coins". But hey, what is enough? It's priceless place! Congratulations on your wedding. That's some lovely stuff to see in Wurm. Best of luck!
  4. Nothing. I plan to play Wurm till feb 20, then I'm gonna leave Wurm once and for all after 10 years of playing. But I'm giving myself time to consider everything, so I hope that some posts here will awake my deeply hidden feelings for Wurm and a way its going right now. There was a time when I was entirely certain, that I'll be the last Wurmian standing, no matter the odds. I really did overestimate myself. Anyway thing that was keeping me kinda, half alive in game were my best memories of all these years spent in Wurm with my friends. I thought not long ago, that exploring is my favourite thing that keeps me in game from the beginning till now... But I must be true to myself, its not my journeys whats keeps me ingame. Only foggy memories of them, before I got to know most lands so well, that I have pretty much nothing more to find. These are really cool memories and Im fond of them. I feel proud when I think that I had the pleasure of being a part of greatest game community ever forever. But after so many changes that were made last year and also this year already, and that hit me so deeply personally (saying mostly if not only for myself) it's not enough to show me perhaps new way of Wurming. I know it's not a good answer to the topic, but yeah. If theres anything that keeps people playing, I hope, I really hope these are: great memories, daring plans and most important: friends. Mine are mostly gone. I still see some old faces, but its not as strong connection and feeling of... brotherhood as it used to be before most of my folks left. I have no plans too, mostly because all the changes made to the game. Only memories. Edit: Really, care of your wurm friends folks. I did fail on this task in past year. Its terrible feeling. So you, better stay together, care for each other and let wurming go on. I hope you guys will see it otherwise. I hope that Wurm will survive another 10 years. Perhaps, in order to do so, all fossils like me must leave it be, to let new players establish new community.
  5. Yesterday i visited ruins of my old deed. I can still see few bsb that hasnt decayed for over 3 years already?
  6. These are the ideas we should see in Valrei International. Not this #givingawayfreestuffandremovingfeaturesforwhiners ######. However to critical break I'd suggest 2 steps of it, for sake of balancing it. Where first crit moves armor dmg to 98 and an icon informing about it approaches, telling you that any hit more can destroy an item. Also I love the idea of lockpicking anything that isnt lets say in perimeter of 50 tiles from nearest guard tower. That would add extra risk for all adventurers, as well as would bring more sense and use for guard towers in world. Also would be great for all potential inns on the way.
  7. Stealing large anvils on golden valley and running away from angry peasants who noticed that... But really, my beginnings of Wurm were my best times I remember. The most difficult for me, was living for a long time without a home, always on road. I won't mention such things like mobs or low skills. Its obvious. I started on Golden Valley and I played there for sometime learning most basic stuff like creating basic tools or simple constructions. But then gates to freedom islands have opened and I decided to live as an explorer. Without joining anyone, without building own house or deed. Always logging off in different place, always discovering new stuff and meeting many different people every day. Sometimes they helped me, sometimes I was staying to help them for some time. But in the end I never knew if I will survive another day. And I always knew that if I die, then I have nothing left and I always have to start from the beginning. Sometimes I was taking longer breaks, so logging off in a cave was often ending in logging back inside collapsed mine, when I had completely blind mining my way out. Or sometimes when I was building temporary not deeded bases to explore better local area i liked, it was only a matter of time till someone enter it and claim. I lived like that for 2 years about, maybe longer. That was a real harsh way of playing and learning ingame survival, yet these were my best years I never forgot. It was so pure, to not being connected to anything, not being afraid of loosing something. You have nothing to lose, yet everything to gain. And also, back in days folks knew how to handle themselves if they decided to stay in game. Never asked for making game easier and never demanding anything they cant make or get by their own. Beautiful times.
  8. Cavalier helmet? Plumed one? Thank Wurm, I'm done with it. You've forgotten to give scale sets and fantastic bones to random people.
  9. WTB 30s

    Yes. Sorry, didn't update topic.
  10. WTB 30s

    Looking for 30s via paypal.
  11. Preparing for Jackals
  12. I liked first arts much more. When i saw my tent, suddenly changed it's colours to such plain purple an white, without event fabric texture, I thought it's some kind of texture glitch. Took me whole day to figure out it's just a new art as it is.
  13. 1v1 Challenge

    If Sn00 will win every duel, will he take over Wurm and send us to mines?
  14. And who said that people asking about prices and economy wants to make rl money? Don't be paranoic.