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  1. As title says. I'm interested in trading sorcery for a sorcery. Looking for: Libram of the night Smoke of sol Slime of uttacha Blood of the angels Scroll of binding Pm me offers.
  2. But you surely know Retro just like we know, that pretty much none care about 10-60QL anymore.
  3. I see this trend, and I'm still considering if this is the trend that many players, including me, likes. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've became a hater of this game 2 years ago, because I have too much time or I'm bored with it. No, I love Wurm and I love each and every one of you guys. But I still feel, like there's something off. It's not like I don't like new changes and features in game. I mostly love them. Also it's not all about nerfs or bad changes to the game. I can live with them, just like probably most of all those upset players. If I have, I'll just grind my way up to get 100QL ores ora I'll just buy them with other trades I got, it's not a big deal really. I've been there so many times i know what to do. Thing is, it's not changes themselves making most of the problem and not changes are making them that upset. Long time ago, I was under great impression, that Wurm is truly community based game, with community that has a real voice in creating and developing this game further and further. Suggestions forums was one of the greatest things that had an impact on our game. Changes sure, were coming slowly, very slowly. Legendary bridges that players wanted- we had top wait for them for years. But they were eventualy made. Many thnigs like runes, new mechanics, archaeology etc. Everything of these have been suggesting there and eventually at some point implemented to the game. Of course, there have been always some battles over some ideas, where part of the players wanted to implemented, and another part didn't. But that's simply how it looked like. I remember when I suggested random strongholds, battles/ siege events, and after few months, maybe over a year we received Rifts. I was like "Oh gosh, finally we have it, i dreamed about such thing!" Not everyone like Rifts now, but we can't deny, that they were a thing to everyone, once they were implemented. Now most complains are focused about Rift's journal entry, than Rifts itself. Nevermind. But now I feel, since 2018, when personal goals were firstly changed (first thing to really upset me, well second, but first wasn't game related at all, more like wurm team related), that Wurm devs turned away from this way. I know that game developement speeded up as it was needed, really i like it and appreciate it. Things in Wurm never been so solid and steadily implementing like in past 2 years. But also, at once I noticed that Wurm devs aren't really talking to players about most crucial parts and ideas. You guys are giving us lots of little good things, but also without any communication at all, you are implementing these big things behind players backs, just stating few days before "we gonna remove this, we gonna change this". It shouldn't be like that. Also you aren't at all listening to what players really wants and needs, and I feel like you closed yourself mostly for veteran players. Stupid example is about reward helmets not being improvabvle for years, with years of asking for this. Of course this change would be for few people owning them, because outta afair 27 cavalier hlemets there's problably 1/3 of them still in hands of active players. But again, 5-7 people are often like 10-15% of daily popuilation on some of the servers. Thinking mathematicaly, you shouldn't ignore it. Small things like that would certainly make it easier for upset players, because at least in something someone would listen to their needs. I can't really right now think of any game, that would treat veteran players in such unrewarding way. People who play Wurm for 5-8-10 years are the real pillars of this game, not the ones who started on steam and left after 4 months. Perhaps you've been expecting playerbase boom after steam, but now everyone sees, that there was no boom, and steam had no such a huge impact on playerbase. New servers are halfly filled with old vets anyway. Don't turn against them, don't be deaf on their voice. Retro, you're a great long time player i know it's not easy for you to answer to all complaints, but at least I hope you know what many of old vets feel. Now you're at least in Wurm's team, so you have this privilage to know about changes- others don't. Let's say that you're in regular player position. And you hear that painting and dye creation is going to change, because new players can't exactly figure out this mechanic or this was so random and old, and now we just simply pick the color we like, craft voila. (that's only example), and let's say you don't like it. One unexpecting change, not a big deal. Second, third, alright. But then comes another, and another and people feels blind in the dark, not knowing what will change, what will be nerfed, what will be removed/ replaced soon. And you guys are hitting very core mechanics that have been in game for years. If you feel, that something needs to be demoted, i won't argue. But I'll argue with clear removal of such things. Removing features or abilities isn't good. Now it looks like: - We add some stuff - We change/ remove some stuff. Why it can be like: - We add some stuff - We want something to be demoted, so we offer something similar, more interesting. Instead of this, why cant you focus more on adding things like ingame events? You want to stop uniques drama, alright, but why instead of pushing some weird "said" rules about hunting and penning- you just won't leave it as it is, leave old way hunting for those who like it, and additionaly add regular ingame events with uniques and new loot mechanic? Why removing something that people like, when you can add something to satisfy others as well. You want to nerf imbues? First perhaps it would be nice to test out- in game, if nerfing a bit potions itself, to be faster in wearing out or to gives smaller imbue values after smearing wouldn't solve the problem a bit? Or finally if you want to nerf runes as well, perhaps that would be the best to make some sort of spell/ effect/ mechanic that would at least allow to counter this nerf. Let's say quick time events on mining to get better results for those who wants it. And just regular results without it. These ideas aren't so good perhaps, but there is always, a way to make something worse/ better without drastic changes to this. But communication is the key, really. Add more ingame events as well, treasure hunts like Seris knights adventure which was the best game experience i ever had. There's so many things you can still focus on, to make everyone happy, without upseting people. I understand it's not easy, you just can't simply make everyone happy. It's hard, very hard to satisfy all. But suddenly it's way easier to not upset someone. Also I totally understand, that from your point of view some changes have to be done. Of course, it's totaly fine. Just talk to us, give us infos and head ups. Don't do it this way. Anyway i hope, that next year will be better than previous one. I hope that Wurm will go on, and people will keep wurming, and I hope that the next year we all try to better understand each other, to keep our virtual world great for the years to come.
  4. I think, that this never should be the case, to refuse something offered, just beacuse at some point in the future it might get nerfed. It never should be like that in any game that claims to respect players, to remove (i mean remove ability to mine much higher ql up to 100 with just an imbue, not removing entirely) outta nowhere something that has been in game for years. Even if something is to be removed, devs should point it out at least half a year before. And what's even the same important, such changes should be made slowly, step after step. To check out every possible way of balancing without such drastic changes. It's not like I, as a player should refuse something because it's too good, and perhaps will be nerfed. No, game gives me possibility to do somethig, offers me this and that, so I will use it. And it shouldn't be removed after so many years, theres no point. It's not like imbues and runes became "op" yesterday. Any changes like this, should be made immediately after first implementation to the game, when players had first chance to notice, that the change is just too good. If something stays in game for so many years, this mean in normal game, that the change is pretty much ok. Sometimes other changes might of course impact this particular thing and somehow force it to change accordingly. But devs should never say, that something is broken after so many years. Inability to implement features properly, shouldn't never ever impact players.
  5. Is very important to me. It always matter to me, if there are a lot of deeds on the way, when I travel across Xanadu. It is important if we have bigger communities, and how many of them we have. If we have people to trade, to talk. If i can travel across the land and meet new people, rather than being all alone for many hours, sometimes many days of traveling. Of course, most players, most of the time works alone on own stuff, but what's the point if we're the only ones to see and use it?
  6. I'm looking to trade my blue tome for other sorcery items. I'm willing to negotiate. Still Looking for: - Green Cherry - Libram - Blood of Angels - And of course Smoke from Sol.
  7. People who are working on server meshing, started their work years ago, when CIG had only 30 people onboard, not 600 like now. They've made entire server meshing code from basics, all by themselces. And it isn't just another simply, few hundred lines code. If after few years, theyd like to add more people to work on this code, they would need months to learn how it's working, every single part of it. And guys who created and are working on it, would need to devide their time between working on it, and teaching new people about their code. It really wouldnt speed up the process. More doesnt always mean better. And about details, here i created simple gallery of my ship tour. I managed only to get pics of maybe 15-20% of ship rooms. This is the level of detail we're talking about. And its not about its size, just details put inside, including plants etc. Here are in fact few dozens of people needed to make it. And ships arent even completed yet, due to core mechanics that arent delivered yet. Like physicalised components.
  8. It's only beacuse complexity of this project. Because of extreme details. Single ship that's in production has dispatched several different teams to make it. If you look closer on ships like Origin 890, single showcase tour takes 30-40 minutes just to see all rooms inside. There are different teams working on white boxing, texturing, materiala, different art team for floral decorations, lights, fx, sounds, physical components, sounds. And teams like that aren't working on all of the ships. Every single ship has own teams ordered to work on them. When they finish one, they dont go to help other teams, they are starting to work on next concept that has been prepared. So is with everything else. For most crucial core tech, that is server meshing... theres only 3-4 guys working on it. Only because adding more people to this would not only not help, but would most likely slow work on that. Chris Roberts explained it in last letter.
  9. It's completely deceiving way of seeing it. In CIG there are already almost 600 people working on Star Citizen. They are devided into few dozens smaller groups, from 3 to 20-30 people. Groups are working on single tasks, and also many of them are mobilie, swinging between some tasks. It's pretty clearly described and showed on new roadmap. There's a lot of money given to CIG, yeah. But it's not the most expensive game yet. Most people think so, because there many gaming sites and press are making bad PR for Star Citizen, by focusing on that aspect. GTA V was estimated to cost around 200 millions $ Destiny costed about 500 millions $. These are really, really huge values, but none speaks of them, why? Because they've been made in closed enviroment. In CIG we can clearly see everything about Star Citizen's development, and that's why many people are upset. If you can't see and you don't know anything, you can't be upset about it. So saying, that Star Citizen is a scam is purely lame. If we could follow up every game development, we'd say "scam" about at least half of them, due to huge costs, delays and breaking bugs on the way. None is also taking into account, that CIG is actually working on technologies, exclusively for Star Citizen, that are just inimaginable. Never ever made for any game in history, where all and every each of these technologies would possible revolutionize gamedev at all. I'm talking about techs like server meshing, SSOCS, Icache for memory managment, whole gas/ cloud/ weather tech, not seen in such shape in any game. Where everything is physicalised, even wind. Not saing that everything at some point will be physicalised, every cloth, every suit what we've seen on last citizencon. And all of these physics calculations will be completely serverside. And they are working on all of that and waaaaay more, on an engine that was never even created for multiplayer game. On engine that never supported anything related to server coding. They choosed this engine because it's modularity and furutre potential, but still they are reworking it for pretty much anything they want to add. That's why, as well as I'd love to see game in a year or two, I'm also patient and aware that I won''t see SC closer release built for another 5 years. Development will speed up like snowball once they create Server Meshing tech which is crucial. Till this time nothing can be made. Literaly can't be made without this particular tech.
  10. We don't RP much, butr you're welcome to come and visit us at o8 Xanadu. Lunar Order always look for new members, allies and friends.
  11. Annalise

    Oh no. Sending my condolences to a family. We'll miss you too in our calm Wurm's lands. It strikes me terribly, everytime I hear about good Wurmians that passes away. Great Wurmians, great players, great people.
  12. I had this issue when highways were introduced. Soon after them, someone, completely random with god's mission or haunted mind just came, and built a highway next to our area. Beside the fact i never ever wanted (back then) to be connected to any highway and I prefered to stay out of this system. That person also completely destroyed old forest paths and roads, shortcuts that I've been using for years and the ones I prefered over stupid highway. Everything without asking, anything. So yeah some people have hard times figuring out, that not everything what's new is welcomed by all others. But what my main point is, I won't ###### about it to any GM, moderator etc. I didn't ###### about it on forum either. It wasn't my land, and even if I've build a road years ago it still wasn't mine, so I can't just simply cry all over if I didn't secured my nearest area by deeding or fencing. It's not on my deed, not on my perimeter I did nothing to prevent it- so I'm not in position to complain. You may say that Deed it or lose it is not a rule. But it has more common and practical sense than many of GMs written, artificial, imaginary forum rules. We all try to be generaly nice, that's the way Wurm's community lives, usually without any reminders. We can live based on our trust in community for many, many years, but we can never be absolute sure that nothing bad happens. That's why, even common sense should give us a hint to secure stuff we don't wanna lose.
  13. - It's over Alkhadias, I have a highground. - You underestimate my power.