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  1. I totaly agree with it. With exception of, even back then it was totally possible to survive alone in the woods. If one tried his best and learnt very basics of surviving in wurm of course.
  2. CoD both pairs to Alkhadias
  3. I don't care about missions that involves epic structure. As far as I'll be able to build 4 of them and decorate my deed with them I'm fine with any changes.
  4. Only winner who claimed the reward from the code is able to imp them. However it should be changed imo, because it was more than obvious that these rewards will be resold sooner or later, as well as not every winner has skills to reimp them on his own, so most likely would use another acc or services of other people.
  5. 50c for left basic pad. CoD to Alkhadias if accept.
  6. Today's Rift and Wraith defending our wounded knights
  7. We all fought well. And Wraith's wrath reached the sky
  8. Looking also for Libram of the night
  9. I don't care, might be a squirrel if will send application and intrest me enough
  10. Hello Good Wurmians o/ I've always been a Lonewolf and I always wanted to live alone within my borders. Thou I've always tried to help new players by visiting their deeds and helping on place, teaching them there as well as traveling and looking for lost souls wandering through the land. Now I find no time for staying in others deeds but I can use some company, as well as show very basics, share my knowledge, give opportunities and introduce new souls into our world. I'm looking for eager new players, one player exactly, one player who's eager to learn, who's willing to work and who's not afraid of any tasks. Mostly I'm looking for someone who likes adventurer's life just like me, who's bold enough to go out a deed for few days to hunt, fighting for survive as well as getting rewards and knowledge about land that we live on, and when we return, we keep trying to do our best working on our very own land. Living with me might be tough, I'm not offering you free items, enchants, glory or money for you and your family. I'm not even particulary interested to encourage you. But that's what Wurm's life is about. It's not always easy, it's not always rewarding, it might be rough, but afterall you're getting more satisfy if you feel responsibility for your every step and you know that you earned everything just by yourself. In short who I'm looking for: - New player - Eager to learn and work - Player who loves to hunt and travel - Trusted person, possibly with recommendations from old Wurm's pricks. - Possibly some kinda Roleplay guy. - Curious about World I've created simple recruiting form to fill up and post in this topic or through PM. I'll choose player who's application is most interesting to me. Don't ask me what I'm looking and expecting from you, just write down everything that I'm asking. Application form: Your nickname: Who are you: How long you've been playing Wurm/ when did you start: What are you expecting from joining me: What are your plans: What's your trade or who you want to be: Recommendations from other players (Not necessary, but if you have any I'll check it!): Are you up to for some kinda Roleplaying: What I'm offering: - Place to live on - Whole my knowledge about Wurm - Some basic stuff, you'll gain more if you earn my trust and if you show me that I'm not wasting time - Possibility of earning huge amounts of coins (optional) - Rewards and promotions for your progress - Traveling together, guides around our great and beutiful world, tips about how to survive - Fighting practices. - Different tasks. - At very last own plot in my castle or founding a new deed next to it just for you. But that's you gonna earn first. - Much more! But basically you're starting with food, water and bed in lowest dungeons, rest depends only on you! Doesn't matter where do I live and what's my deed. If I choose you, I'll give you all infos!
  11. Black Tome bought, still looking for Smoke from Sol.
  12. Some time ago we've seen weird topic about horse hats... However it gave me an idea to suggest horse head only armor, for only decorative purposes. They could be made out of leather, chains, plate (iron, steel, copper, seryll etc) for just decorative purposes, without slowing down a horse. We all agree that actual horse bardings are cool, but they're not practical because they're slowing our mounts a lot, what makes it kinda useless for travellers. Here's leather example: Some examples of plate crinets: It also makes a sense, because chain/ plate bardings for horses as we see in game were rarely used in medieval at all. There's pretty much none real examples of full plate/ chain bardings during medieval times, but metal crinets and shaffrons were used together with cloth bardings in late medieval more frequently. Also we could get more horse variations, as well as some rare/ unique crinets/ shaffrons, like some kinda horse masks. EDIT: Btw, it could as well work as briddle
  13. Famous Support Beams Factory is back in business! Since the beginnings my Factory sold over 11.5k Support Beams for dozens of customers through out all Wurm's Lands! My Beams were the most frequently chosen ones for individual customers and their own project and needs, also my Beams supported dozens of public projects: Mines/ tunnels/ canals, including a hellish long Xana tunnel from o8, up to M10! What's more, my support beams were used in all Freedom Islands, as well as Chaos, were they supported or probably still support many PMKs and their Castles! Beams from my Factory were even used to pen, save and make a home for first and only Dragon hatched from egg on Xanadu! Price per 100 beams is 4s
  14. I'd pay 1g for it if I wouldn't spend it 2 days ago.
  15. So is it true or not? We've check it with my friends and it seems to might be a true info.