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  1. WTB 30s

    Yes. Sorry, didn't update topic.
  2. WTB 30s

    Looking for 30s via paypal.
  3. Preparing for Jackals
  4. I liked first arts much more. When i saw my tent, suddenly changed it's colours to such plain purple an white, without event fabric texture, I thought it's some kind of texture glitch. Took me whole day to figure out it's just a new art as it is.
  5. 1v1 Challenge

    If Sn00 will win every duel, will he take over Wurm and send us to mines?
  6. And who said that people asking about prices and economy wants to make rl money? Don't be paranoic.
  7. I meant... we already have barely any newbies. It's not like dragons change would make any difference.
  8. People who knows me, knows also that I am an forever adventurer. At least used to spend 3/4 of my time in wilderness for years. During every travel, I used to meeting new players. If I had no more important things to go after, I tend to talk to new people and help them for a day or two. Making some tools, gathering as much resources as i could in several hours. Explaining things... but also there were situations when i decided to stay longer at newbies places. Protecting them and fencing till they could fight bears on their own or decide to build towers. Just like you said, if youre a new player, you might find a lot of interactions, from just a talk to even unexpected help, visitors. Thing is, in past few months i've met only 2 or 3 random new players on my ways. While not long ago Ive seen them on almost every journey. Maybe i got unlucky, maybe not. In fact i don't believe in luck or lack of luck. Only analyze what i see.
  9. Sounds great. But ya know, we need any newbies, and here it's geting a lil bit tricky...
  10. Walking is best. If I'd not refuse rifting, I'd already start marching.
  11. Isn't it this freaking scary cave trap on golden valley? ?
  12. Yes, received fantastic piece of Fang.
  13. Thanks for the event. I completed it today and received my prize. I thought it will be a bit bigger... but stil great decoration for my upcoming temple. But, is it just me, or i feel great location connections with Knights of Seris hunt... Thanks!
  14. [19:58:25] <Teeebomb> [13:55:16] You poke Julie with a very long stick to see what happens. No idea why.... let me guess.