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  1. As I was saying it many times in the past. No to free pmk or pma stuff. Personal Heraldry for some symbolic pve achievements related to it, like knight title yes- for a single player. Or for a deed/ alliance if it get over 20 allied deeds and make a heraldry purchase from trader.
  2. Lunar Order and Academy has grown again to it's old glory. I'm very glad to see it. Full roster, ongoin projects, expansion plans and willing hearts, as well as growing alliance will soon bring the Lunar Order to the top of Wurm communities! Keep going, and always keep Wurmin'.
  3. have u heard something from galadhel?

    i dropped 6s for ukeep for him i got worried, and if u hear so pls can u tell me give me a pm //Regards mcm

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    2. MrCoolMan


      Galadhel was online today. if u see him say i got some of his stuff, and have him pm me


      take care

    3. Alkhadias


      Didn't see him, but [03:38:28] You pay 10 silver to the upkeep fund of Mag Mell.

    4. MrCoolMan


      he wrote me here so...

      dont looks like any happy news...
      atleast then u know


      Its was down to 20 days of upkeep until a few days ok, thats true. I've added the last silver coins I own to the upkkep now, but I'm not yet sure whether I will ever return to Wurm.


      Thanks for saving my stuff for now anyhow


      Greetings Gal"

      i am saving down all his created stuff so u know, btw alot of ur ppl in area good to see some new ppl if u need anything let me know, i am sitting on tons of stuff, atm making a new forest insteed of all birch 😆

  4. Check out our offer then. We have a nice community with many ongoing projects, as well as plots for everyone to make own living in our deed. If you're interested pm me or Kharnov in game or on forum.
  5. Hello folks. I'm officially closing this Academy. It was really fun to do and run this project for a while. Thanks for all the help I got from many of my friends in past times. I'll never forget our best times together, however I'm done with Wurm and I really can't run it any longer. It's just impossible to manage it for me or let others manage, because of different technical issues. Best of luck to all Wurmians, and keep wurming.
  6. I created my nick myself, just randomly outta my mind. It was back in 2001 when Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction expansion was released in my country. I made my nickname for my first and best Paladin character, and since then I'm using it everywhere, everytime. Now I'm mostly known by this nickname, even for my real friends. It has become in fact my main alias, so now many people I know for years have really hard times guesing my real name. If you will ever see my nickname in any game or in the internet- it's probably me.
  7. Yes, please. I want to manage all my deeds without any deed holders.
  8. I like to spend free time here.
  9. I reconsidered my idea about abandoned stuff. When I think of it, during my many, many travels, I used to see dozens abandoned deeds, places, wagons, carts, crates and chests. Somehow it shows some history of our servers. Shows that here lived some players or lone player. Sometimes when I look on old ruins I like to think who lived here, seeing this everything I always wonder how this place used to look like, when owner logged out for the last time. Without this old carts and wagons we would see nothing, like thise land were never used and had no history. Also, we can't however be left without a choice. I think that decay or rather lack of decay like now would be nice if it would look like that: 1. After 6 months of owner's absence, all locks out of deed disappears so everyone can open this stuff. 2. Also after 6 months, things like wagons and bins or chests etc. Should tell us, that this is abandoned, crumbling object and give an option after examination. "Do you want to restore or reassembly this object?" Where first one would transform ownership to examinator and second one would destroy an object. We can't have a mess around if we don't want to, but also we shouldn't simply erase history of every area if we don't need to.
  10. I feel opposite to this. I mean, I still think that theres as much content as single person wants to. It's still depending on every single one of us, on our imagination, personalities. Thing is, that in my case I lost my main content in last year after all the changes. Not everything, but has left for me is pretty much what you mentioned. Building and grinding. Both these things never were up to my interests. But I was always creating my own lore, using imagination to fit my Wurm story to my interests. I never wanted to follow things that are common, things that everyone can get, like said grinding and skills. I was interested in collecting rare items, hunting real unique stuff like challenge rewards when there were only few of them. Or unique items made by gms or other relicts. This is the first thing they broke for me. Allowing firstly, creating masks on regular servers, then adding even challenge helmets and statuettes into gift boxes. Now it become worthless again. Or when I noticed that I can in fact become a first Xanadu winner in old Personal Goal system. So I set it up as my purpose, that I was following and finally i did manage to achieve it. Few weeks later personal goals were changed in a way that every alt and his dog could easily achieve once again- just the same reward. And of course, 2 or 3 goals needed changing because were bugged and impossible to do. But only these 2 -3 not all. They also did change uniques hunting. Many people were putting lots of time and efforts into hunting uniques. But no, devs did change it for the sake of people that are too lazy to go out of deed or pick up the glove and try to compete. Player gods, removed. Only because devs can't balance 10 npcs. 10 npcs described by, how many factors? 3-4 characterisrics? And spell lists made of 20 spells? Really? I can inagine, that I'd be pissed too if I'd actually try to reach this goal also. And I could list even further but its pointless. The only great thing, that Wurm has made in last years was Seris Trauser Hunt. This was one of the best events I have seen in games. And I was literally obsessed with it. I had a purpose in a way that i exactly need to. And it doesnt matter that I didn managed to accomplish hunt on time, Xallo was first. He was better, so he deserved this armor. I ended up with nothing, but it doesnt matter, because for few months I had a purpose and goal to achieve, to keep me here. If Id only hear, that there will be more events like this, I'd stay certainly for another 10 years. But if we have to play in a way, where everyone has everything and everything is supposed for everyone regardless of little efforts... its not my world. Of course many people enjoy building, crafting grinding and sitting in deed. And they have their content. But if they dont want to go for treasure hunt, unique hunt or sonetging else, why should they get it in other way? Just like me, who wont have a nice building if i wont manage to force myself to actually build it. Byt content is in game. Even for people who lived for RMT. I bet many of them, instead of RM will now adjust to hoard gold coins. Question is, if everyone will be happy with content that is still in game? Certainly not. By making happy some people, were upseting others and so it goes on.
  11. Tell me now, what is "fun factor" and why you believe its the same for everyone? And why you assume that I lost whole fun in Wurm?
  12. I get your point, perhaps you dont get mine. You are of course right, all these things together kept me in game for a long time. But you should know, just like me that every of these exists only in game. I spent so many great years in Wurm, I love to remind myself all the exciting adventures and projects with my wurm friends. So yeah, memories are in fact in my head forever and truly no money can buy it. But experience? Stays in game, everything i accomplished stays in game and is real only in game. Even friends are real only in game. Most of my beloved friends are gone, they left game years ago. And where are they now? I have no idea. So yeah, cash in this terms is at least real. I can get it right away, and go buy some beer irl. And wurm friend regardless of how i love him, wont go with me on that beer to get drunk, clap some chicks and then pray to get sober or call to him when in danger or most need. Of course I knew some of them out of Wurm, but still only virtually, we live in different countries, sometimes continents. Its not our fault, games are on their own rules. And I play 90% mostly online games, most of them also for many years straight so I know all these values. I have them in every game. Rmt? In only one beside Wurm but also halfly legal. (Devs knows whats going on, but openly dont agree, also dont do anything as long as cash keeps flowing) My last and best friend will probably leave next month, so? Regardless of how great my memories are, in fact I'll stay as the last man standing in my part of Xanadu. Building next memorable statuets. And I can handle that, but add to it everything i posted before and turns out, that sometimes enough is enough.
  13. But you know, that after rmt wipe, neighbour will still charge 3 damn copper for sheet? Its up to the person not rmt itself. And I kinda agree with LordLouis. I don't care if I will be able to sell toon and comodities when I leave the game. I never planned to. What's more, I never sold anything for rm. That's not what kept me on game for 10 years. It's the idea itself, that I'm fully aware that everything i have, I did I got in this many years of Wurming has a real value. That my time spent in Wurm and you know as well as I do, how much time and efforts is needed to do anything in Wurm, has a real value. That I could if I want, get small revenue for this. I brought to Wurm many real life friends, and every one of them was amazed that RMT exists in Wurm and this awareness was at least 50% of what made them play the game. Now everything I ever achieve in game become meaningless to me. Just like anything else in any other game. Wurm kinda became the regular game like many others, and that hurts a bit. Either by game changes in past year or by removing rmt I'm stripped out from everything I was fond of. And as I remind you, I never sold anything for real money. Tho not like I even care of positive or negative changes in Wurm anymore. After all of that. I have where to go, finally, with Carrack release in SC by the end of the month lol. And yeah, in Star Citizen I still can, kinda sell my ships for real cash, but Star Citizen is new, slowly building up game that crashes everything in every finished feature and technology it brings to industry, not over 10 years old java based title. And I'm not the only one. Many of people who are leaving game dont even post on forum, so dont take the answers in this topic as the only true players voice, it isn't. And most of those peeps dont panic sell stuff either. It will just drop and decay silently.
  14. 1. Neither agree or disagree. This would make game TOO easy. However not dropping items while newbie buff seems fine to me. Once newbie buff puffs, then you will lose items normally. 2. Agree 3. Don't see any point in this. 4. No, but also I think that steam kids should start at 20 skill. 5. No. You dont like huge maps, others loves them. Give steam kids both to choose.