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Found 27 results

  1. Leatherworking Shop and imping service on Deliverance at Stillwater Rest, near to Southport Toolbelts: 5-slot 20c 6-slot 30c 7-slot 40c 8-slot 60c 9-slot 1 silver 10-slot 5 silver (rare ql90 belt - 1 in stock) Saddles: Creation ql 8c QL50 15c QL60 20c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1s40c Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, full sets (9 pieces): QL60 72c QL70 1s08c QL80 1s44c QL90 2s70c QL92 6s Studded or Plain Leather Armour, blank, per piece: QL60 10c QL70 15c QL80 20c QL90 40c QL92 75c Leather Barding: QL50 30c QL60 40c QL70 50c QL80 70c Archaeology Journals QL50 20c QL60 30c QL70 40c QL80 60c QL90 1 silver Empty Atlas QL60 50c Backpack QL70 30c For imping you only pay for the difference. Send /tell to Zsolt for in-game info.
  2. Hi everyone and welcome to my shop. I can offer almost any type of bulk goods for sale: nails, planks, veggies, sprouts, bricks/mortar, dirt, clay, etc. you name it! I am located at Xanadu G23, Summerholt lake, which is easily accessible for ships via underground canal system at G23/24 or H23/24. I can also offer delivery to coastal areas (except for Chaos) or delivery by wagoneer if you happen to live on Xan. Pricing: Blacksmithing: Small Nails 1s/1k Large Nails 1s/1k Ribbons 5s/1k Rivets 2s/1k Fence Bars 1.5s/100 Carpentry: Arrows 2.5s/k Arrow shafts 1s/1k Floor Boards 5s/100 Pegs 1s/1k Planks 1s/1k Shafts 1s/1k Support Beams 5s/100 Wood Shingle 1.5s/1k Fine carpentry: Beehives/chicken coops/larders - 10c/10ql (up to 90+ ql) Masonry: Bricks/round stones (stone/sandstone) - 2s/k; current stock: 9k sandstone bricks Slabs (stone/sandstone) - 3s/k; Colossus bricks - 3s/k Mortar - 2.5s/k Colossus building service - 12s (price can be reduced down to 4s if you provide construction materials) Raw materials: Clay, dirt, logs, lumps, ore, peat, sand, shards, tar, - 1s/1k Please note - all prices above are set for creation ql, if you want specific ql pm me and we'll negotiate. Farming (animals) and forestry products current stock and prices: In general, grain and veggies go at 1s/k; berries, herbs, fruits, nuts and spices at 2s/k; dairy products (butter and cheese) - 2s/k (they can come wrapped to reduce decay for additional 1.5s/k). Both stock and quality are subject to constant change, so the numbers below are approximate. Food: Barley - 4.9k 99+ ql - 1s/k Basil - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Beladonna - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Buffalo cheese - 11.7k 91+ ql - 2s/k Butter (on demand) - 2s/k Cabbage - 12k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cacao pod - 8.5k 77+ ql - 2s/k Carrot - 12.8k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cheese - 64k 83+ ql, 36k 99+ ql - 2s/k Chestnut - 9.6k 92+ ql - 2s/k Coffee cherries - 7k 77+ ql - 2s/k Corn - 2k 98+ ql - 1s/k Cucumber - 13.4k 99+ ql - 1s/k Cumin - 8.4k 65+ ql 2s/k Dough - 3s/k Eggs - 100k 80+ ql - 2s/k Fennel - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Feta cheese - 46.1k 95+ ql - 2s/k Flour - 2s/k Garlics - 157.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Ginger - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Green apples - 15.6k 72+ ql - 2s/k Green grapes - 28.4k 94+ ql - 2s/k restocking Green tea leaves - 8.3k 74+ ql - 2s/k Honey (ql 70+) - 20c/small barrel Lemons - 5.2k 96+ ql - 2s/k Lettuce - 11k 99+ ql - 1s/k Lovage - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Milk (bison, cow, sheep) - 20c/small barrel (current stock - 300 barrels of cow milk, 300 barrels of sheep milk) Mint - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Nettles - 1.2k 52+ ql - 2s/k Oat - 8k 97+ ql - 1s/k Onions - 11.6k 99+ ql - 1s/k Orange - 5.5k 91+ ql - 2s/k Oregano - 8.4k 65+ ql - 2s/k Paprika - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Parsley - 7.1k 67+ ql - 2s/k Pea pods - 20.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pine nuts - 12.6k 90+ ql - 2s/k Potatoes - 28k 99+ ql - 1s/k Pumpkin - 5k 99+ ql - 1s/k Red cherries - 3.7k 95+ ql - 2s/k Rosemary - 7.2k 67+ ql - 2s/k Rye - 9.6k 98+ ql - 1s/k Sage - 8.6k 64+ ql - 2s/k Sassafaras - 1.8k 51+ql - 2s/k Strawberries - 8.4k 99+ql - 1s/k Sugar Beet - 9.5k 99+ ql - 1s/k Thyme - 8.5k 64+ ql - 2s/k Tomato - 16k 99+ ql - 1s/k Turmeric - 8.3k 65+ ql - 2s/k Walnuts - 4.2k 94+ql - 2s/k Wheat - 4.1k 99+ ql - 1s/k I can grow grain/veggies of your choice on your demand as well, so you can have your ql 100 harvest straight from the field. Misc: Acorns - 2s/k (current stock - 4k 53+ ql) Animal fat - 2s/k Beeswax - 1s/k Cotton - around 60k 90-99 ql - 1s/k (strings - 1.5s/k, cloth - 2s/k, sheets - 2.5s/k) Paper - 1.5s/k Rugs (black bear, brown bear, lion, wolf) - 15c each Waxed paper - 2.5s/k Wemp (plants) - 40k 99+ ql - 1s/k restocking Woad - 2s/k (current stock - 9k 69+ ql) Wool - 120k 90+ ql - 1.5s/k (yarn - 2s/k, cloth - 2.5s/k) Sprouts (all 1s/100): Apple – 1.1k 66+ ql Birch – 2.9k 67+ ql Blueberry - 1k 56+ ql Camelia - 100 57+ ql restocking in progress Cedar – 4.4k 68+ ql restocking in progress Cherry - 7k 69+ ql Chestnut – 5.7k 68+ ql Fir – 4.3k 68+ ql Grape – 13.5k 65+ ql Hazelnut - 1.2k 60+ql Lavender – 1k 68+ ql Lemon – 10.2k 65+ ql Linden - 400 53+ ql restocking in progress Maple - 2.4k 68+ ql Oleander - 600 55+ ql restocking in progress Olive - 200 54+ ql restocking in progress Orange - 2.8k 64+ ql Pine – 4.7k 68+ ql Raspberry - 1k 56+ ql Rose - 1k 55+ ql restocking in progress Walnut - 3.2k 68+ ql Discounts are provided for large orders and/or pickup, free delivery to your coast, make an order of 10s and more food items - and I'll throw in a free FSB! I also take orders on single items (like ships, wagons, tools, lamps, leatherworking items, beehives or furniture) and offer imping services with the following skills: blacksmithing (90+), carpentry (90+) (bowyery 90+, fine carp 90+, fletching 70+, shipbuilding 90+), leatherworking (90+), masonry (90+) (stonecutting 90+). To make an order, pm me here or in-game. If you want something that is not in the list, feel free to ask, I'll see what I can do. My time zone is UTC+3. Looking forward to our cooperation
  3. We provide metal and stone to the Southern Isles. We can provide high ql material for your needs, your order can be ready for pickup/cod quickly as i keep it stocked in general. Lumps, 64kg incl cod 91ql - 64c 95ql - 1s 98ql - 1s20c Iron, Zinc, Copper and Lead Imping Iron, Zinc, Copper items 91ql - 1s 93ql - 2s 95ql - 4s Large items above 4kg add 30% to the price. Stone items Only sold when in stock. Stone bricks Currently none in stock, Collossus Bricks 50-ish ql - 2s/1k (8k in stock) 85 ql - 4s/1k (2k in stock) Stone slabs 1s/300 (3300 in stock) Sandstone slabs 1s/100 (1200 in stock) Sandstone bricks None at stock for the moment. Rounded stone bricks None at stock for the moment. Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, delivarance !! Guard tower kits (3 in stock) Kit with all you need to build a guard tower 500 - 90ql bricks 500 - 90ql clay 100 - 90ql planks Will be packed up in crates or bsb. Pickup at M8 Magrathea Inc, Deliverance Price: 4s
  4. DD's Shield Smithing Services Shield Improvement and Creation Welcome People of Wurm! Are you tired of your shield breaking every time you go hunting? Well then this is the shop for you! I offer shield imping and creation services up to 91ql currently. Prices are for iron items. Other metals may be available but prices can vary. If you have questions or requests about this feel free to message me in-game (Ddrosler *usually active around 3PM-12AM EST) or on the forums. Wood shields are also available for the same price as iron. They will be Oakenwood but other wood types are available if you prefer something else. Creation prices are listed below, improvement prices will vary depending on the quality of your shield. (No Association with the DD PMK) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QL Price 50ql 10c 60ql 15c 70ql 25c 75ql 30c 80ql 45c 85ql 65c 90ql 90c 91ql 1.2s ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Shields for Sale: 92ql Rare Large Shield, Iron (CoC 79) - 4s (sold)
  5. Typo in the following: [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with a stone shards. Should be either: [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with [some] stone shards. or [15:41:10] The spirit cottage could be improved with a stone shard.
  6. Plan your trades and trade your plans... Free Haven is offering leather working, tailoring and forestry services! Leatherworking: - Saddles: 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Toolbelts: 30QL - 5c 40QL - 15c 50QL - 20c 60QL - 30c - Backpacks and water skins Creation QL - 2c - Leather studded armour: 30QL - 5c / piece 40QL - 8c / piece 50QL - 10c / piece 60QL - 15c / piece - Plain leather armour: 30QL - 4c / piece 40QL - 6c / piece 50QL - 8c / piece 60QL - 12c / piece Tailoring: - Satchels: Creation QL - 2c - Small square sails: Creation QL - 2c - Square sails: Creation quality - 4c - Triangular sails: Creation QL - 3c - Kingdom Tabards: Creation QL - 1c Sprouts & Fruits:
  7. Selling some nice enchants Prices are listed on images, they are located on merchant in Glasshollow market on dock tier, or you can message me ingame or post here if you want something and i will cod it to you from my alt there P.S. This is not a merchnat thread, i will not be adding new items this is sale out thread, thanks
  8. Selling some left over enchants that are collecting dust at very affordable prices Whether you are a new player seeking way to step his game up for a very affordable price, or you're a veteran looking to provide and bring joy to their villagers post bellow and it will be sent to you from a 101 courier mailbox And ofcourse as always buy 5 items and you get 6th for free from a price range pile that you bought most items from(mats and pelts counted to pile according to price) 60c pile 40c pile 20c pile Imping materials and pelts pile (prices listed in images)
  9. I will provide free imping for any kind of ships. Currently I will do til 75 ql. You have only to bring and to park your ship to Galati Port on Indy. This is on east entrance in Cave Canal. M17 on in game map. I trade ships for bulk mats, rare, hota and I am open to all proposal of trade.
  10. PRICE LIST ABOVE Rules: 1. Repair it before sending. 2.Send your shield to Kubon and rename it with desired ql and your name. 3. Minimum order value = 15c. 4. All orders will be made within 48 hours - if not you got it for free - unless order 100x 90ql shields 5.No longer fee for making shields rare/sup/fan! I also sell new shields, prices 80% as listed (<60 column)
  11. Sold my toon Shaylie, now in game as Lilianth 30% down from listed prices on all casted stuff here! All prices are negotiable, discounts for big orders! You pay COD (1c everywhere!) unless you pickup at Bear Dock, Independence, central south coast, T19 ingame map - runed fast mailbox, so even long bows and spears can be yours in a few minutes! Silvers, euros (1e=1s, paypal verified) and sleep powders (1s each) accepted as payments. Custom work, imping (WS 70ql, CT 70ql, carp + FC 50ql). Imp to rare = +2s, imp to sup = +10s (if that happen during imp for you). PM me here or Lilianth ingame. Can arrange COC, WOA, NIM and other Vynora casts. FOOD (100 CCFP) 97ql 1.9kg bangers and mash - 10c ~90ql 3.9kg herb dumplings - 19c Other stuff: 80ql exq. med rug - 70c 90ql exq. med rug - 1.2s 90ql grindstone - 90c 80ql pottery smelting pot - 50c 80ql iron pendulum - 50c WTS (offer something and if I like it its yours): fireworks 80q ointment of stonecutting 79ql, 1 dmg fletching potion 76ql potion of acid 53ql 17x yellow potion (16-96 ql) 95x lockpick avg 28ql RARES: rare iron pendulum 90ql 2x rare long spear, oak 85ql, 2x rare long spear, cedar 78ql rare mine door, rock rare low bookshelf, cedar 50+ql rare fruit press 90ql, 89 coc, 87 woa Armour: 1x 70ql plate set 3x 80+ql cloth set 1x 80+ql chain set 70+ql plate great helms / basinet hemls Weapons and shields (plain or coc for woa look at the end of this post at speeders section) 2H sword 90ql 89 nim 94 coc 80 LT 87 MS - 8.94s huge axe 90ql 85 nim 86 coc 85 LT 73 MS - 6.85s huge axe 90ql 100 nim 92 coc 81 LT 76 MS - 11.14s axe (med) 90ql 93 nim 89 coc 86 LT 71 MS - 8s sickle 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s sickle 85ql 84 coc - 1.98s sickle 91ql 93 coc - 3.39s 80+ql plain stuff = 40-50c 0x long sword 9x two handed sword 2x huge axe 2x axe (med) 4x large maul 0x maul (med) 4x small maul 4x butchering knife 5x carving knife 26x iron sickle 2x large shield, iron 17x large shield, oak (87ql) 9x sickle Skillers (coc or coc+woa casted): iron 87ql coc 91 - 2.2s iron 87ql coc 88 - 1.5s iron 87ql coc 76 - 70c spoon 1ql 79 coc - 89c knife 1ql 74 coc - 84c grindstone 1ql 70 coc - 80c grindstone 1ql 73 coc - 83c fruit press, oak 30ql 78 coc - 88c fruit press, oak 28ql 85 coc - 1.8s fruit press, oak 38ql 92 coc - 2.86s butchering knife 11ql 82 coc - 1.62s butchering knife 36ql 92 coc - 2.76s butchering knife 90ql 92 coc - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 82 coc 88 woa - 3.9s key, copper 21ql 77 coc - 77c key, copper 24ql 80 coc - 1.5s mallet, pine 80ql 38 coc - 28c mallet, pine 83ql 38 coc 58 woa - 86c mallet, oak 25ql 84 coc - 1.68s rope tool, pine 70ql 59 coc - 69c rope tool, oak 32ql 79 coc - 79c rope tool, oak 31ql 81 coc - 1.62s rope tool, oak 32ql 89 coc - 1.78s rope tool, oak 80ql 77 coc 74 woa - 1.91s clay shaper, oak 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s spatula, oak 1ql 92 coc - 2.86s small anvil 18ql 80 coc - 1.6s small anvil 18ql 96 coc - 2.88s large anvil 19ql 83 coc - 1.66s large anvil 19ql 91 coc - 2.73s hammer 18ql 76 coc - 76c hammer 90ql 78 coc - 1.18s hammer 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s hammer 81ql 89 coc 83 woa - 3.74s hammer 90ql 94 coc 91 woa - 5.95s metal brush 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s trowel 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s trowel 1ql 89 coc - 1.88s trowel 1ql 92 coc - 2.86s trowel 85ql 80 coc - 1.8s trowel 90ql 93 coc 81 woa - 4.91s trowel 90ql 92 coc 89 woa - 4.95s stone chisel 1ql 80 coc - 1.7s stone chisel 1ql 89 coc - 1.88s stone chisel 1ql 93 coc - 2.89s stone chisel 80ql 74 coc - 94c stone chisel 90ql 79 coc 75 woa - 1.94s stone chisel 80ql 73 coc 81 woa - 2.64s stone chisel 83ql 89 coc 85 woa - 3.78s stone chisel 90ql 86 coc 95 woa - 4.97s steel & flint 18ql 70 coc - 70c steel & flint 16ql 74 coc - 74c steel & flint 6ql 76 coc - 76c steel & flint 18ql 78 coc - 78c steel & flint 18ql 83 coc - 1.66s meditation rug 17ql 81 coc - 1.62s meditation rug 17ql 84 coc - 1.68s meditation rug 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s meditation rug 18ql 91 coc - 2.73s meditation rug 18ql 92 coc - 2.76s grooming brush, oak, 19ql 66 coc - 56c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 77 coc - 77c grooming brush, oak, 19ql 80 coc - 1.6s grooming brush, oak, 8ql 84 coc - 1.78s grooming brush, oak, 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s grooming brush, oak 80ql 72 coc 87 woa - 2.76s scissors 8ql 67 coc - 57c scissors 10ql 72 coc - 82c scissors 10ql 83 coc - 1.76s scissors 82ql 83 coc - 1.93s scissors 80ql 78 coc 77 woa - 1.85s needle 17ql 73 coc - 73c needle 18ql 86 coc - 1.72s needle 37ql 97 coc - 2.91s needle 18ql 98 coc - 2.94s needle 90ql 82 coc 92 woa - 4.78s awl 10ql 70 coc - 80c awl 11ql 85 coc - 1.7s awl 81ql 62 coc - 92c awl 81ql 86 coc - 1.96s awl 80ql 80 coc 84 woa - 3.58s awl 90ql 82 coc 89 woa - 3.82s awl 90ql 82 coc 94 woa - 5.1s leather knife 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s leather knife 85ql 78 coc 80 woa - 2.68s leather knife 81ql 82 coc 86 woa - 3.66s pickaxe 1ql 71 coc - 81c pickaxe 1ql 77 coc - 87c pickaxe 1ql 84 coc - 1.78s saw 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s rake 1ql 70 coc - 80c rake 1ql 79 coc - 89c rake 85ql 77 coc 77 woa - 1.94s rake 80ql 81 coc 81 woa - 3.24s rake 90ql 93 coc 84 woa - 4.67s whetstone 94ql 77 coc - 92c whetstone 64ql 81 coc - 1.62s whetstone 95ql 87 coc - 1.89s whetstone 98ql 96 coc - 3.03s wild cat pelt 82.6ql 0.8kg 89 coc - 1.78s large rat pelt 85.7ql 0.2kg 81 coc - 1.72s mountain lion pelt 97ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.9s mountain lion pelt 97.8ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.91s mountain lion pelt 87.4ql 0.4kg 83 coc - 1.76s mountain lion pelt 82.4ql 0.4kg 85 coc - 1.8s large rat pelt 95.5ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.9s large rat pelt 92.2ql 0.2kg 90 coc - 2.85s file 9ql 77 coc - 87c file 1ql 83 coc - 1.76s file 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s file 1ql 95 coc - 2.95s file 90ql 79 coc 91 woa - 3.92s file 33ql 101 coc - 5.05s carving knife 37ql 74 coc - 74c carving knife 37ql 79 coc - 79c carving knife 44ql 80 coc - 1.6s shovel 16ql 69 coc - 59c shovel 1ql 68 coc - 68c shovel 1ql 73 coc - 83c shovel 1ql 82 coc - 1.74s shovel 1ql 85 coc - 1.8s shovel STEEL 4ql 83 coc - 1.86s shovel 81ql 79 coc 81 woa - 2.71s shovel 82ql 82 coc 80 woa - 3.54s shovel 81ql 82 coc 87 woa - 3.68s shovel 81ql 88 coc 84 woa - 3.74s hatchet 1ql 73 coc - 83c hatchet 1ql 76 coc - 86c hatchet 1ql 81 coc - 1.72s hatchet 90ql 91 coc 82 woa - 4.87s Speeders (high ql and only Woa casted): clay 70ql 71 woa - 50c clay 70ql 82 woa - 1.4s clay 70ql 90 woa - 2s pickaxe 86ql 77 woa - 1.17s pickaxe 90ql 91 woa - 3.23s shovel 80ql 64 woa - 94c shovel 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s shovel 80ql 84 woa - 1.98s rake 82ql 78 woa - 98c rake 85ql 70 woa - 1.1s rake 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s rake 85ql 83 woa - 1.96s saw 81ql 79 woa - 1.09s needle 85ql 78 woa - 1.18s needle 90ql 92 woa - 3.16s mallet, oak 90ql 93 woa - 3.19s hammer 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s file 80ql 70 woa - 1s file 80ql 81 woa - 1.9s file 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s trowel 85ql 80 woa - 1.8s trowel 85ql 82 woa - 1.84s stone chisel 80ql 88 woa - 2.06s carving knife 90ql 92 woa - 3.26s butchering knife 90ql 89 woa - 2.28s sickle 85ql 77 woa - 1.27s
  12. I can't understand this. It seems that I have too high of failing rate when I improve items. I'm imping bows. I have a 99.98 carpentry, 99.45 bowery. My tools are all over 90 ql. and rare/w high coc cast (90+).Also I have a 86 skill on my carving knife and a 87 skill on my mallet. The bows were 86 to 88 ql. I went one whole stamina bar, and with the coc cast I'm able to do 9 acts, and I failed and damaged all 9 times in a row. Now this is just one example. It seems I have to take 5 steps back to go 6 steps forward. Just saying it don't add up to me.
  13. Hello my good wurmiains! I am offering for a limited time (until i get to Plate armor smithing 90, currently 89.15) free dragon scale armor imps to at least 80q, higher as my skill continues to develop. No catch, no cost other the COD, no materials required for imping. No i cant pay you a load of collateral, you can send me 1 piece at a time of you don't trust me, but many of you know me . Also no cost if it rares during imping! Turn around time should be pretty quick, my lowest creation chance for scale armor is the jacket at 84%, and 99% on other pieces. I will also craft and imp your plate armor for you up to 80q if you provide the Steel. I'm crazy your saying right?!? Well maybe, but its a good crazy, so benefit from it! Also if you have a priest, check out my sermon group! PM me @ VirusMD in game with questions. Armor should also be sent to VirusMD. Please include your name! Satisfied Customers Reached my goal, please close
  14. So the other day I was imping a trap after a mission and realized I was getting carpentry not trap skill, then realized that yes, you can also get RM from net traps as well. I'm suggesting that at least some of the traps give "traps" skill when imped. -Leave net traps the way they are. -Change the other traps to give trap skill, thievery if desired/acceptable to devs, when imped like most normal items.
  15. Hi I did not get a message about a moment of inspiration or the sound indicating a chance to get a rare when I used up my last bit of rare rock shard to imp a forge. This has happened to me a few times. I thought I remember getting a sound and a message even when I was not successful at getting a rare before. Is this a glitch? I have used up several rares in this way...and don't want to waste anymore..if it is a glitch. Would be grateful for any info on this matter, thanks:)
  16. So this may or may not be a bug but I've been eyeing my JS gains for a bit and decided to write them down because they seemed off. Here they are, sb was used with all tests. Best gains should have been on an 88+ql ring. It appears the closer I got to the "ideal" imping spot, the less gains I got. The tests in half hour increments. I have used this method for the last 8+ months on multiple grinds and had excellent results which is why I believe something has changed in the last week+ or since I hit high 80~ JS. Edit: After thinking about it, if I had to guess, I would put money on failed imps not giving skill ticks like they used to. .227 skill on 77ql ring (wound up 81ql) .187 skill on 87ql ring .161 skill on 89ql ring .227 skill on 59ql ring (wound up 79ql)
  17. Blastonia Smithy & Wares! Blacksmithing Prices (Any Items Listed at 20c or 35c are Buy 4 Get 5th FREE!!!) Tools 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Pickaxe 20c 35c 80c Hatchet 20c 35c 80c Shovel 20c 35c 80c Chisel 20c 35c 80c Trowel 20c 35c 80c Hammer 20c 35c 80c Saw 20c 35c 80c Rake 20c 35c 80c Leather Knife 20c 35c 80c Awl 20c 35c 80c Scissor 20c 35c 80c Needle 25c 40c 90c Small Anvil 20c 35c 80c Large Anvil 60c 80c 120c Horse Shoe 20c 35c 80c Lantern 25c 40c 90c Bulk Materials (Crates will cost 10c each if taken) Quantity Rock Shards Bricks Mortar Dirt Sand Planks Iron Ore S/L Nails Support Beams 100x 8c 20c 20c 8c 8c 8c 10c 10c 3s 1000x 85c 2s 2s 85c 85c 85c 1s 1s 30s 2000x 1.7s 4s 4s 1.7s 1.7s 1.7s 2s 2s 60s 3000x 2.55s 6s 6s 2.55s 2.55s 2.55s 3s 3s 90s 4000x 3.4s 8s 8s 3.4s 3.4s 3.4s 4s 4s 1.2g 5000x 4.25s 10s 10s 4.25s 4.25s 4.25s 5s 5s 1.5g 6000x 5.1s 12s 12s 5.1s 5.1s 5.1s 6s 6s 1.8g 7000x 5.95s 14s 14s 5.95s 5.95s 5.95s 7s 7s 2.1g 8000x 6.8s 16s 16s 6.8s 6.8s 6.8s 8s 8s 2.4g 9000x 7.65s 18s 18s 7.65s 7.65s 7.65s 9s 9s 2.7g 10000x 8.5s 20s 20s 8.5s 8.5s 8.5s 10s 10s 3g More You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! You bet! In your dreams! Most Items are Pickup Only and Small Discount Applyed for doing so. Leatherworking Prices 70 Quality 80 Quality 90 Quality Leather Set 50c 75c 1s Studded Leather Set 85c 1s 1.5s Drake Hide Set Not Availble Yet Toolbelt 80c 90c 1s Saddle 85c 1s 1.5s Leather Bardings Upon Request Only Located at Xanadu Q25 East of Esteron Coastal Imp-ing Policy: Prices are Subject to Change and Delivery will Come soon. More Content will be added as well.
  18. UPDATE: new payment options Hello dear Wurmians, I am not sure how successful this idea will be but I am giving it a try...let's see how it goes. I am offering an mail-in imping service. I will explain the process in three easy steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 That is it! Optional Step I would be very happy to receive feedback on the service I provided, good or bad ---------------------------------------------------------- Possible reasons to use this service You enjoy having tools with your own signature on them rather than someone else's You already paid for a tool with the enchants you wanted and it would make no sense to pay for another one when you can just imp yours back up You would prefer a no-questions-asked service instead of trying to find that perfect tool (that might or might not show up) You could potentially get a rare or supreme tool! If during my imping your tool turns rare or supreme I will COD it back just like every other tool but with a slight price difference: +1s for rare, +3s for supreme and +10s for fantastic (like that will ever happen) - will let you know in advance to make sure you have enough funds to receive them (if you do not have the silver or do not want the rarer item, I can always provide a replacement tool with similar casts and two other imps for free) Unsure about sending your precious tools to me, a stranger? I don't want to provide any references because I believe such references will be too biased (but if anyone feels that I am a reputable player feel free to post in this tread ). Best thing to do is ask around about me if you are unsure I do not want you to feel forced to send me anything unless you feel comfortable about it! Hope to see your tools around! Best, Thor PS. Don't abuse the system...sending me ql 1 tools to imp to 70 or 75 will not get you anywhere. That said, any tool under ql 10 will cost you an extra 10c to imp
  19. Offering you the finest wares, Tenakill has 3 merchant locations spanning across 2 servers, holding a variety of goods. The first location is found at Freedom Market on the Independence server (m16, in-game map). The second location is found at Slovenia (Glasshollow) Market on the Xanadu server (c10, in-game map). The third location is found at Tenakill's Landing on the Xanadu server (b16, in-game map). Tenakill also takes special orders and offers equipment improving service. If you do not see an item on our merchants, you can contact Asidecay or Becket to place an order. All orders and improvement services will require the customer to meet the delivery costs. Delivery/Pickup will be made to either Tenakill on the Independence server (n9), or to Tenakill's landing on the Xanadu server (b16). We can send items via mail to any Freedom server, but the CoD cost may vary for the customer, depending on their location. Pricing is listed below, excluding improvement services. Contact us for pricing on an improvement. Smithing Blacksmithing (iron) 81ql - 70c91ql - 1.5s92ql - 2s95ql - 4s Weaponsmithing (iron) 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Chainsmithing (iron) 81ql Pants or Jacket - 70c81ql All other armor pieces - 50c Platesmithing 71ql Great helm - 80c Shieldsmithing 81ql - 1s91ql - 2s Horseshoe Sets (4 shoes per set) 71ql - 2s (50c per shoe)91ql - 5s (1.25s per shoe) Light Sources 71ql Iron lamps - 60c each (set of 10 - 5s)91ql iron lantern - 2s *light sources can be dyed white at no additional cost if requested Anchors 50+ql lead anchor - 50c Carpentry Carpentry and Fine Carpentry Tools 81ql - 70c 91ql - 2s*wood type can be requested, if applicable Bowyery 81ql Willow - 1s91ql Willow - 2s Large Crates 50+ql - 30c each*wood type can be requested Wagons 71ql Freedom kingdom wagon - 1.5s*wood type can be requested Tailoring Studded Armor 81ql Pants or Jacket - 60c91ql Pants or Jacket - 90c81ql All other armor parts - 40c91ql All other armor parts - 60c81ql Full set - 4s91ql Full set - 6s Saddles 71ql - 1.5s91ql - 4s Bridles 71ql - 50c91ql - 1s Meditating Rugs 71ql, any type - 1s Misc Cloth Items Sheet, varying ql - 15cFreedom tabard, 50+ql - 20cFreedom Flag, 50+ql - 25cFreedom Banner, 50+ql - 25c Vynora Enchants WoA, CoC, AoSP or Frostbrand powers 0-69 power - 1c per power70-75 power - 1.5c per power 76-80 power - 2c per power81-90 power - 2.5c per power Nimbleness 0-70 power - 1.5c per power71-75 power - 2c per power76-80 power - 2.5c per power81-85 power - 3c per power86-90 power - 3.5c per power Mind Stealer 0-80 power - 3c per power 80-90 power - 4c per power **All skiller tools (<20ql) will have a base price of 25c in addition to enchant costs** Life Transfer Enchants In limited capacity, we are now able to offer LT enchants on weapons, thanks to a partnership with the almighty Pumpkin King, Raamkozijn/Blahsonson. You can visit his merchant page here: > Generally speaking, we are unable to offer custom casts at this time, but a variety of pre-enchanted weapons will be available through our merchant locations listed in the beginning of this opening post. Raam's pricing structure for LT is also used by us, with prices per power listed below (in copper coin value):
  20. Only for Deliverence Only Atm. Moving Imp service, I Only roll out for a minium price 1s. But this is my current service i can help with. Deli Only this is what i can help with. Skills Coal-making: 62.644188 Blacksmithing: 94.44397 Jewelry smithing: 52.631832 Shield smithing: 84.39004 Chain armour smithing: 94.07234 Plate armour smithing: 88.46767 Cloth tailoring: 73.583534 Leatherworking: 93.57078 Masonry: 81.85683 Stone cutting: 52.101974 Natural substances: 86.54728 Woodcutting: 90.904816 Carpentry: 97.76246 Fine carpentry: 97.08493 Thats on the road i can help with, with that i can imp to js 50: 40c with ur mats. Woodcutting we make a price about =) Same for coal making =) ql 80 imp 40c, ql 90 imp 1s. ( same as the qurrent above . ) ql 92 imp 2s ( fine carp only ) ql 92+ fine carp give me a pm and we chat. Plate imping: QL 80: 2s QL:90 soon to come, Drake: QL 80 : 2s QL:85 3s QL:90 4s Chain smithing: QL 80:2s QL85: 3s QL90:4s (sets) Dyes i can make at ur place ur at my place, ill take 10c/kg regular up to 200 rgb , custom rgb 230+30c/kg If ill make anything rare / supreme or fantastic so its on me, i have my deed on max rare chance. U contact me me here or ingame at mrcoolman,
  21. Hi, I have just discovered on imp'ing brass lamps that no matter the size / weight of the brass lump being used, the full lump is used on the imp, which may or may not be successful. Is this a bug ? May I make a very sincere request for this to be changed - so that one does not lose huge quantities of very expensively made brass. To try and minimise my losses when imping, I am now cooling the brass, putting it in a BSB and then reheating the individual 0.10kg lumps. My second very sincere request is this: Would it not be possible to reduce the huge quantities of zinc consumed when making brass - this is rather out of proportion. In fact, if you look at the proportions used in the various types of brass listed on Wikipedia, the amount of copper is substantially larger than the zinc: For example, "High Brass" used 65% copper and 35% zinc. Please, please can both of these receive some attention from the Dev's ??
  22. I would love to see an enchant that would increase the chance to improve an item/decrease the chance to damage it. However, to balance this out, your timer would be longer and you'd receive less skill gain. Would be great for saving those precious amounts of drake hide or scale when skill and time don't necessarily matter as much.
  23. Novastrov Industries We are recruiting Location: Novastrov X39, Y37 Mailbox: 30 mins I have a Merchant located at Bayview X41, Y35 He has random items that I stock. Novastrov Lumberjack Services Novastrov Shipyard Novastrov Enchants [2013-17-12][19:55:21] You have just received the title 'Master Carpenter'! [2013-04-06] [10:49:40] You have just received the title 'Renowned Carpenter'! [2013-09-29] [19:52:16] You have just received the title 'Fine Carpenter'! Now Accepting Sleep Powders (1.25s) & Referrals (6.5s) as Payment for Goods or Services, No Change will be given.... Wagons & Crates Oakenwood Wagon 40QL: 1.0s - 4 Oakenwood in stock Large Crate: 20c - 63% chance Small Crate: 10c - 93% chance Wooden Goods: Core Carpentry Items: Mallets, Spindles, Spatulas, Clay Shapers, Fine Fishing Rod, Grooming Brush, Practice Doll: 50ql - 20c 70ql - 35c 75ql - 45c 80ql - 55c Fine Carpentry items: Rope Tools, Signs, Fruit Presses, Buckets, Small Barrels, Small Chests: 40ql - 30c 50ql - 40c Add 5c for Oakenwood Tools Weapons: Short Bow - 20QL - 20c Bow - 20QL - 20c Long Bow - 20QL - 20c Shields: Small Shield - 40QL - 40c Medium Shield - 40QL - 40c Large Shield - 40QL - 40c Wooden Improving Service Core Carpentry Items: 1c for every 1QL up to 70QL 2c for every 1QL between 71 to 80QL 3c for every 1QL between 81ql to 86QL Fine Carpentry Items: 2c for every 1QL up to 50QL Leather Goods: Armor: 70QL Studded Leather Sets - 1.0s Tools: Toolbelt - 50QL - 50c Toolbelt - 60QL - 60c Backpack - 50QL - 5c Quiver - 50QL - 5c Water Skin - 50QL - 5c Horse Attire: Saddle & Barding 50QL - 50c 60QL - 75c 70QL - 1.00s Bridles 50QL - 45c 60QL - 60c 70QL - 70c Leather Improving Service Armor Pieces and Bridles: 1c for every 1QL up to 70QL 2c for every 1QL between 70 & 80QL Saddles, Bardings & Toolbelts: 2c for every 1QL up to 70QL 3c for every 1QL between 70 & 80QL Metal Goods: Armor: Chain Boot, Cap, Glove & Sleeve - 40QL - 8c Chain Jacket & Pants - 40QL - 30c Shields: Small Shield 30QL - 30c Medium Shield 30QL - 30c Large Shield 30QL - 30c Horse Attire: Barding - 40QL – 50c Ship Wright Goods: Ropes - 1c Mooring Ropes - 5c Thick Ropes - 7c Cordage Ropes - 15c Mooring Anchor - 15c Triangular Sail - 20c Small Square Sail - 10c Square Sail - 30c
  24. *Note: I will only provide services in Pristine server. Masonry Services: Stone imping: (Including forges, ovens, mailboxes, guard towers...) - 50ql = 20c - 60ql = 30c - 70ql = 40c House Building: 2c per wall (Customer supplies bricks + mortar) High QL Shards/Bricks service: specially useful for offdeed enclosures and gatehouses, all bricks and shards are guaranteed to be ql50+. - Shards: 500 = 1s - Bricks: 500 = 2s Will build the walls myself at the standar price of 2c per house wall or tall stone wall, and 1c per low wall. *Note: I will make high ql materials on order, so it may take 1-2 days to finish, but they'd be ready ASAP. Paving Services: Slabs ( I Supply materials ) - Stone slab: 2c per tile - Marble slab: 2c per tile Floors (If you supply the materials, the price per tile is 2c, if not, check the prices below) - Stone brick floor: 7c per tile - Stone Slab floor: 7c per tile - Pottery brick floor: 7c per tile - Marble slab floor: 7c per tile - Slate slab floor: 1s per tile I will keep this post updated with new services when they're available. Prices may be negotiable and discounts may be applied depending on order size. Best regards, and have a happy Wurm time. Elvidur
  25. Storm's End will soon be having a Specials Event. You can expect such an event to have free tools available, free improvement of gear available, free horses to take home, and more! More information will be released as the details come together and an event date is set, so stay tuned into this thread and feel free to ask questions in the meantime! Storm's End is located around 43x33y, just north along the highway from Alagaesia in the northern coast area of Crystal Lake.