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  1. was I banned or something cause I cannot get in to wurm online!!
  2. I cannot log into Wurn Via steam it says validation failed! what can I do?
  3. I would like to add my deed: Feralis 1495 , 2717 as best as I can tell..
  4. I'll bid 4.5s ?? I am Oriana of Harmony.
  5. I am having problems witrh wurm not closing completely/ properly anyone else have this problem?
  6. How can I get wurm online to be more stable and to EXIT COMPLETELY which in wont right now when I log out of wurm so I can switch characters PLEASE HELP!!!
  7. I get it so do you mean the character or characters that join your deed cannot be assisted by or in any ways boosted or "power leveled" by the use of any other Alts that you may have I think I understand now...
  8. yeah right... but sometimes alts can be useful... you have a "camera alt", can someone that joins you also have a "camera alt"? Why not what makes you so special?
  9. if you are looking for a village to join you may join Excelsior we are at E 24 Harmony...
  10. Now Recruiting for E 24 Harmony Excelsior!! no ######s or overbearing meglomaniacs Allowed please!! , if you are meek and humble and TRULY want TO HELP make Excelsior GREAT then you are welcome!!
  11. I have a New Deed In Cadence it is called Avante Gaurdia and is located at about 2080 987 aprox... The Mayor Is Oriana
  12. My deed on cadence is Oriana's campsite is at 2044 970 please add me to the community map!! thank you Actually the deed is now called Avante Gaurdia and is probably more closer to 2080 987, hopefully will have highway soon as well.
  13. after I post places and such how long does it take before i see it in a map update? just curious