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  1. I have a New Deed In Cadence it is called Avante Gaurdia and is located at about 2080 987 aprox... The Mayor Is Oriana
  2. My deed on cadence is Oriana's campsite is at 2044 970 please add me to the community map!! thank you Actually the deed is now called Avante Gaurdia and is probably more closer to 2080 987, hopefully will have highway soon as well.
  3. after I post places and such how long does it take before i see it in a map update? just curious
  4. My deed , Excelsior is at 1294,264 (aprox) Highway: 1284,260 1276,260 1264,266 and there is an offshoot that goes from and Highway: 1276,260 to1286,270 about , these are all part of proposed existing highway there might need to be some slight corrections later I find your coordinates to be a bit unstable it appears they are changing as I make one visit to the site and the next.
  5. My Deed , Excelsior is at 1294 264 as closely as I can figure matching the terrain (Oriana)
  6. I cannot buy silver from the webshop I use steam and when I get to the buy button I click on it and nothing happens NOTHING POPS UP I CANNOT BUY SILVER NOR BUY PREMIUM!! ARGH MY SILVER is getting low PLEASE FIX THIS!!! THIS ALL STARTED HAPENING RIGHT AROUND THE LATEST PATCH AND THIS HALLOWEEN thing I wonder if they are related , also there was a java update of some sort!! could that be it??
  7. Great forum page and Great service!! got the 3 creature cages I needed without a hitch!! and service was fast and efficient!!
  8. Hello please I need more people in my village please join Excelsior at on Harmony E 24!!!
  9. hello I am stuck and am unable to play wurm online when I try to log on to my character it says I am Baleted what does that mean? please help I was traveling by boat I glitched and fell into the water and then boarded as passenger then I could not get off my boat nor could I command it I tried to cll GM BUT NO GM Came so I logged of and started a new character I tried to log into my main again and it said baleted what does that mean and how can I fix this can anyone help please??
  10. buyout 50s for Oriana PLEASE! and can you deliver to excelsior? please?
  11. Great people and the item was very good, and they were very helpful I would recomend these folks for all your high end item needs!