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  1. Valrei International. 068

    The post Valrei International. 068 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  2. Valrei International. 067

    The post Valrei International. 067 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  3. Client update: 22/AUG/18

    Addressed many memory leak issues and lowered the general memory usage Activate keybind will now work in opened inventory container windows Fixed clone characters and creatures Fixed certain items going invisible when placed on another item Fixed the image-in-image issue in caves Fixed emissive models showing through trees Fixed phantom tree collision after crossing a server Fixed invisible/flickering players and objects The post Client update: 22/AUG/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  4. Valrei International. 066

    The post Valrei International. 066 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  5. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    New: Skills at 99 or greater are protected from being lost upon death, excluding fighting and characteristics. Change: The number of animals branded to a deed will now be displayed in village info. Change: Freezing a surface tile with Path of Power now also freezes the cave tile. Change: Blood from legendary creatures now displays which legendary dropped the blood on examine and when mailed will display in mouseover. Change: A “Kingdom of” permissions category has been added to vehicles. Change: Added ability to plant flowers directly on grass tiles without requiring cultivating the tile first. Change: The new armour system previously on Epic now applies to all servers: Changes to base damage reduction rates for armours: Leather from 45% to 60% Studded from 50% to 62.5% Chain from 55% to 62.5% Cloth from 35% to 40% Drake, Scale and Plate no changes (65%, 70%, 65% respectively) Changes to movement speed modifiers from wearing armour: Plate armour should be slightly faster when worn now. Lowered the movement speed reduction from all helms. Glimmersteel and Seryll armours now have a 10% movement speed bonus. Adamantine armours now have a 5% movement speed bonus. Changes to damage type damage reduction modifiers on armours (lower % means less effective against that damage type, 100% = no modifier): Leather: 90% vs bite, pierce and acid; 110% vs slash and burn damage; 100% vs others. Studded: 90% vs slash and acid; 105% vs bite; 110% vs pierce and cold; 100% vs others. Chain: 92.5% vs pierce and cold; 107.5% vs bite, crush and burn; 100% vs others Plate: 95% vs crush and burn; 105% vs bite, slash and acid; 100% vs others. Cloth: 80% vs bite, slash and burn; 120% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Drake: 95% vs slash and acid; 105% vs crush and cold; 100% vs others. Scale: 95% vs crush and cold; 105% vs pierce and burn; 100% vs others. PvP Change: Special moves will now display a multicolor line in the Combat tab when one of either combatant starts to use a special move. This will also display an on-screen message for both clients. PvP Change: The animal permissions window is now available via the body menu. This includes all animal permissions as per freedom, with appropriate enemy kingdom allowances (Enemy kingdom members are able to do anything). PvP Change: Improvements to the Kingdom window. See list below. Now shows land percent up to two decimals Has a % sign to denote it is a percentage. Capitalization for the headers in each column. Now shows appointed success rate as a full number percentage. In the event of a kingdom reset, the kingdom’s current land share will become their starting land share. PvP Bugfix: Zombies summoned through religious spells will no longer be hostile to same-kingdom players. PvP Bugfix: Leaving a PMK through the Change Kingdom feature will no longer incur a 14 day cooldown. PvP Bugfix: Valrei creatures with no kingdom will now be attacked by deed guards. PvP Bugfix: Deeds under siege with exactly 10 guards should now properly spawn the guards in waves instead of one at a time. PvP Bugfix: The lockpicking timer will no longer be reset by defenders locking or unlocking the door/gate. Bugfix: Improving placed metal mine doors more aligned to improving those not placed. Bugfix: You must be within a 1 tile range in order to bash a mine door. Bugfix: You can remove inventory groups/subgroups with or without an item activated. Bugfix: Reworded the profile toggling messages to be more clear when choosing to show or hide the pve death tab notices. Bugfix: All two handed weapons should now properly use the two handed fighting animation. Bugfix: PvE Death Tab will now report animal conditions as well as type. Ex. old raging Large rat, aged champion Black wolf instead of just old Large rat and aged Black wolf. Bugfix: Unequip All now ignores items in equipped containers. Bugfix: You must be on the same layer in order to repair house walls/fences. Bugfix: Combat should now break repair and continue building actions. Bugfix: Summer hats now have their previous defensive values as armour. Bugfix: Leather armour now has a +30% archery/casting bonus like it should. Bugfix: Leading a non-swimming creature into water will now allow you to lead it back out if it gets stuck and you automatically stop leading. Bugfix: Open and close actions on containers on the ground should now be able to be opened and closed when the right click menu gives the option. Bugfix: You can no longer build/continue a fence or attach a mine door from inside a cave. Bugfix: Rift jewelry will no longer take charges from items in the inventory if an identical one is equipped. Bugfix: Prayers no longer count towards the daily 5 cap if you don’t actually gain faith from it, this scenario occurs when praying as non premium. Bugfix: Prevent losing priesthood at exactly 30 faith when crossing servers. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented you from picking up your own corpse on a deed if you were carrying a creature corpse at the time of death. Bugfix: You can no longer sacrifice any creature unless there is a current mission to do so. Bugfix: Dropped corpses will now retain the last owner information so that they can be picked up again if dropped. The post Patch Notes 14/AUG/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  6. Client update 11/AUG/18

    Grass will now fade in instead of just appearing tile by tile. Normal mapping has been added to buildings and caves. Fixed modern renderer crashing on Intel video cards. Note: In order for the modern renderer to function, all options in compatibility must be set to core. Fixed a visual issue with Oakshell casts on players. Fixed fish appearing to be above water. Fixed oversized flame on certain hanging lamps. Fixed installer bugging out on high resolutions. The post Client update 11/AUG/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  7. Valrei International. 065

    The post Valrei International. 065 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  8. Modern renderer changes: Fixed no texture issue on AMD cards Fixed shiny materials appearing as matte Fixed “thin” tree textures Tweaks to improve FPS performance The post Client update: Modern renderer appeared first on Wurm Online.
  9. Patch Notes 26/JUL/18

    Additions: New: Added ability to display compound titles. In the titles menu players may choose to display two titles together. New: Village Name and Village Role will now show on player mouseover. New: Profile options added to customize these additions. Show Other Player Titles – Allows you to show/hide other players [Skill Titles, Meditation Titles and Sorcery Titles] text. Show Other Player Villages – Allows you to show/hide other players “Role of Village” text. Show Own Village Titles – Allows you to show/hide your own “Role of Village” text. This overrides the above option, and will not display even if the viewer wants to see it. New: A PvE death tab has been added and will record player deaths on your server. Deaths will be recorded for players with at least 20 fight skill and 1.5 body stats who are also premium players. You can opt-out of your name appearing in the death tab in your profile. You can opt-out of seeing the death tab in your profile. New: Unequip All has been added to right click body which will unequip all armour. New: You can now add Sub Groups inside Groups in your inventory. New: Get Price now displays a rough amount of favor from sacrificing. New: Unicorn offspring will now have names. New: More titles have been added. New: All trees now have normal maps New: King robes have a unique look Changes: Change: Amount of source salt requires to create potions from bloods has been raised from 0.001 to 0.01. Change: You can no longer erupt a tile next to a cave entrance. Change: Disintegrate bonus now applies to all warrior gods instead of just Magranon. Warrior gods are: Magranon, Smeagain, Nathan. Change: Dragon sorcery drop chance has been increased and tomes that drop from dragons will now be a single charge. Change: Mine a star gem personal goal change listed below: The personal goal Mine an Exquisite gem has been replaced with a new goal Recreate a statue from fragments. If you already completed the Mine an exquisite gem, it will not change. If you happen to mine an exquisite gem before recreating a statue from fragments, you can log out and back in and your personal goal will show Mine an Exquisite gem as completed (green). Change: In order to ensure all unique bloods result in different potions black, red and blue dragon blood will now make new potion types. Existing bloods of these creatures will make the new types as well. Change: Market stalls will now take more damage when bashed. Change: Sea Serpents are no longer on the endangered species list and may be sighted more often. Change: Alcohol strength and drinking changes listed below: Alcohol now gives 100% to 150% effectiveness based on QL. Players can now drink alcohol regardless of thirst level, similar to source. Consuming less than the full 0.2kg will scale the effect of alcohol down to the amount you’ve consumed. Change: Oil of the Weaponsmith will now work for the Weaponsmithing skill instead of just the weaponsmithing sub-skills. Change: Merchants who pack up and leave due to no business transactions for a while will send items which do not fit in backpacks separately. Change: Height checks for accessing containers and objects will only occur inside buildings. (this addresses the items on high slopes and underwater issue) PvP work: PvP Change: Chaos server now has a maximum Locate Soul range of 500 tiles. PvP Bugfix: King regalia material type has been changed and will allow healing. PvP Bugfix: Change Kingdom option on right click body should work as intended. The feature is designed to allow a player to leave a PMK and join the default template kingdom. Note that on Chaos, white light PMKs will join Freedom Isles since template MR and JK were removed. The change kingdom option will not be shown if player is not in a PMK. PvP Bugfix: Kings can no longer expel champions from their player made kingdom. PvP Bugfix: PMKs should now be able to bash their template kingdom towers and vice versa. PvP Bugfix: Fixed an issue which prevented HotA statue material from changing based on number of wins. PvP Bugfix: Player god champions should now be able to bash and destroy pavement. PvP Bugfix: Mycelium now stops CCFP reduction for Libila followers. PvP Bugfix: Artifacts should no longer get lost in floors or roofs when dropped upon logout. PvP Bugfix: HotA statues will now have various colors beyond red for alliances with more than 30 wins. PvP Bugfix: Fix for Scale of Libila untaming when unequipped but not dropped. PvP Bugfix: Fungus Trap now correctly applies a poison wound instead of crush wound. Bug fixes: Bugfix: Fix for soul stealer necklace not having an effect. Bugfix: Examine message for spears has been changed to remove the mention of it being a steel spear and instead will examine as ‘A sturdy spear’. Bugfix: Had a chat with garden gnomes and they’ve agreed be more selective in their activities. (They will steal less items) Bugfix: Merchants no longer accept placed merchant contracts. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused mission rituals to appear on a settlement token menu. Bugfix: You will now receive an error message when a Vynora priest tries to cast Wisdom of Vynora on a Nathan priest instead of just nothing happening. Bugfix: Planting of Banners, Kingdom Banners, Flags and Kingdom Flags is now limited to 4 per tile instead of 1. Bugfix: Fixed inconsistencies with combing items inside a container. Bugfix: Large anvils should now be enchantable again. Bugfix: Fix for some incorrect pluralization of text in missions. Bugfix: Fix for potential max height error with a meditation tile. Bugfix: Fixed a stamina drain issue with digging with an exact 5.0 sec timer. Bugfix: Converts from Nathan and Tosiek to Fo will now ignore alignment and convert properly. Bugfix: Fix passengers of vehicles not being checked for attacks from creatures if a Fo priest is commanding. Bugfix: Actions performed achievement should now trigger properly. Bugfix: Wooden benches now properly change last owner when loaded and unloaded. Bugfix: Another attempt to fix an issue where sometimes you cannot tame another pet once your tamed caged creature leaves the server. Bugfix: Uniques should no longer spawn on deed. Bugfix: Fixed an issue with beds not giving a proper menu and error message for guests of a house with a wall down. Bugfix: Normalized stamina loss from gardening Bugfix: Logs of all woodtypes should now form a pile of logs instead of a toolbox model. Bugfix: Various text, grammar and spelling fixes. Bugfix: The ‘Be premium for 3 months’ personal goal should now trigger properly if you have met the requirements. Bugfix: Crafting window will no longer default to an item in the list. Exceptions listed below. If only one item can be made it will be in the crafting option by default If you have previously had the crafting window open during the same session with that item crafted, it will auto default to that item again Bugfix: Unfinished items must be repaired before being continued. Bugfix: Items placed on top of altars will not get sacrificed with items placed inside altars. Bugfix: Stealthed players are no longer hidden from village and alliance player lists. Bugfix: Daily faith reset is no longer offset by 5 minutes. Bugfix: Items on a destroyed bridge will now drop to the ground below the bridge. Bugfix: A bug with deity death item protection and death protection (skill) has been fixed for player gods. See notes below for deities affected. Prior to this fix, player gods with the “death protector” attribute would have both the item protection and skill protection chance on death, while player gods with “death item protector” obtained no benefit. These attributes now function as they should, and certain player gods may lose their item protection on death. Other player gods will “gain” the item protection on death from this change. Tosiek loses the ability to keep items on death. Nahjo loses the ability to keep items on death. Nathan gains the ability to keep items on death. Paaweelr has no change to abilities. Smeagain has no change to abilities. Gary gains the ability to keep items on death. Bugfix: Toned down the unicorn spawn from the last update a bit. Bugfix: Imbue on items now ignores “must be on ground” conditions. This allows Large Anvils and other ground objects to be imbued, which never worked before. Bugfix: Wagoner contracts can now cross server if they are not planted. Bugfix: Unfinished creature cages will now properly be named “[Empty]” when they are completed. Bugfix: Dirt will no longer be disposed of when dropping it above a mine entrance. Bugfix: Trader placement and citizenship mechanics have been adjusted to occur at the time of placement, rather than the next server restart. Traders will become a citizen of the deed where they are placed immediately, instead of after a server restart. Traders placed in the wild will have no deed associated with them and will not generate upkeep for the deed of the placer. If a deed is placed over a trader in the wild, the trader will immediately become a citizen of that deed. Bugfix: Archaeology statues can now be improved. Bugfix: Wooden left arch, right arch and arch T now display the correct parts quantities remaining in the crafting window and the examine window. Bugfix: When a transported creature dies, it will be removed from all servers so as not to remain on your manage animals list. Client changes: The modern renderer is now an available option: To enable the modern renderer, in the launcher settings (not ingame) go to the graphics tab, and under renderer select Modern, Legacy will be the old renderer. The modern renderer contains a vast amount of changes and improvements, namely: It can display unlimited amount of lights on the screen (addresses light flickering). Trees and grass should no longer slow the client down on older machines. Performance is overall better than the Legacy renderer. Traditional antialiasing setting does not work with it, use the FXAA postprocess option. New (and future) graphics features and changes will often be only available using the new renderer. The post Patch Notes 26/JUL/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  10. Client update 19/JUL/18

    Bridge paving will now have correct season textures and normal maps. Fixed items disappearing behind gates Fixed invisible snow fall Fixed certain cases of flickering lighting The post Client update 19/JUL/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  11. Valrei International. 064

    The post Valrei International. 064 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  12. Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18

    An issue causing a crash with large amounts of items in the area has been addressed. Due to a potential exploitable situation, the quality boost on creation from imbued potions and oils has been removed for the time being. The 100 prospecting title has been added. The post Patch Notes: 10/JUL/18 appeared first on Wurm Online. 12/JUL/18 Fixed equipped electrum chain coif Fixed electrum necklace for lower resolution settings Added additional terrain normal maps and tweaked specular values Fixed buff hover text for necklaces Pry action with crowbar no longer shows as a checkerboard on the select bar Stone bench now has an unfinished model Texture optimizations
  13. Patch Notes 05/JUL/18

    New: Rift bracelets can now be equipped. Bracelets go in the arm slots and require two of the same type to be worn for the bonus] For a reminder of rift jewelry and its functions, check New: You can now move archaeological reports from one journal to another. Activate report, right click the journal you want to move the page to, select ‘move report’. New: You can now use a knife cut a 2kg portion of larger weight prepared foods. New: Added a storage unit, the empty shelf. New: Items can now be placed on more surfaces and containers: NOTE: If the item is a container already, any items placed on it will be dropped on the ground when it is picked up, a message in event log will notify the player of this. Note that any item will follow the parents mechanics (Wood items on a forge may burn, items on an altar may be sacrificed) Large anvil Large barrel Tub Empty shelf Small barrel Stone altar Wood altar Silver altar Gold altar Coffin Well Large magic chest Small magic chest Oil barrel Wine barrel Coffer Cupboard The following surfaces will also heat any item placed on them (so don’t place burnable items on them!): Oven Forge Hota statue Smelter Still New: Electrum has been discovered! Electrum is an alloy created with gold and silver, using the metallurgy skill. Material bonuses are: Armour .5% DR bonus +2% glance rate bonus -1% movement speed penalty Weapon -2.5% attack speed -1% damage dealt +5% bonus to damage dealt to hunter mobs General -10% damage taken 9x trader price -20% decay damage taken+2.5% bonus to repair speed +7.5% bonus to pendulum area of effect +10% bonus to bash damage Can be used to make statuettes Can be used to make unicorn shoes New: Electrum rune of Fo Can be used to reduce age of a creature. Will reduce the age by a percentage of current age. Creatures cannot be pregnant when this rune is used The minimum age for creatures is Aged (12 months) (For reference, hell horses unhitch at Aged (29) Change: Removed old copper needle creation Before the all metal item changes, needles could be made from iron or copper, but copper could not be used to improve with., With the ability to create all items from all metals, this needle item is no longer valid, old versions may exist, so if you cannot improve a cloth item with a copper needle, it’s the old type. Change: The resource you obtain from digging is now dependent on the tile type on which you are standing. You no longer need to dig in the NW corner. Change: Imbues used on tools for creation of items now improve the quality of the result beyond the material’s limits. Also, minor bugs regarding creation with imbues have been resolved. Change: Various text changes have been made to emoting on body parts. Change: You will now be able to build on pavement outside of settlements without having to remove the pavement first as long as it’s not an official highway (catseyed) Change: Halter ropes can now be used to haul items up/down ladders. Change: Players can now deny and/or remove kingdom office titles. Change: Spawn rates have been increased upwards for unicorns and lava fiends. Unicorns will spawn on grass, steppe and mycelium. Lava Fiends will spawn a bit more in caves and a small chance on rock. Change: Achievement changes, additions and fixes. Personal goals should now update properly when switching servers. Mine an exquisite gemstone has been changed from a 99 quality gem to a star gem. Perform 100000 actions goal now has a visible counter under Achievements entitled Actions Performed. Pick five door locks text has been changed to Pick five locks to correctly reflect the achievement requirements. Weight requirement for ‘Giant Fish” has been reduced from 190 kgs to 175 kgs In an effort to address concerns of players running multiple alts through personal goals, we’ve added a common personal goal “Survived” which is be premium for 3 months. We’ve chosen 3 months as it limits the rush of alts rolled for easy missions to achieve quickly without penalising legitimate existing and new players, while still being within a complete-able time frame before the new system. We will continue to monitor and adjust if necessary. Bugfix: Various spelling and text issues fixed. Bugfix: Creatures will no longer retain their Kingdom ID on server crossings. Change: Anchors and mooring anchors can now be made of any metal type. Bugfix: You can no longer use meditation teleports from within the HoTA zone. Bugfix: Saddlebag window will now auto-close when you move out of range. Bugfix: The bulk container unit now correctly says volume instead of weight. Bugfix: Fix for logging in on a bridge which is no longer there. Bugfix: Veins created with a Rod of Transmutation will now return the correct quality information when prospecting and the ore resulting from using a granite wand will be the correct quality. Bugfix: Creatures will no longer transfer loyalty on server crossings which caused an intermittent issue with taming another animal. Bugfix: Valrei quest items were removed from the ritual mission item list. Bugfix: Fix for creating flour inside a container and the results getting deleted when the container is out of room. Excess items will now go into inventory instead of being deleted. Bugfix: Fix for not being able to drink from containers on deed. If you have open permission, you can now also right click – drink. Bugfix: Fixed a misleading mining warning text when trying to open a double wide tunnel if the slopes were too steep. Confusing message used to be: Another tunnel is too close. It would collapse. Improved message: The mountainside would risk crumbling. You cannot tunnel here. Solution: Surface mine down to reduce the slopes. Bugfix: The title for 100 Faith will now be properly added. Bugfix: Fixed a bug where a religion convert would fail if one of the players was mounted. Bugfix: Multiplayer puppeteering is now working again. Bugfix: Fixed the issue causing the error message ‘The water is too deep the creature would drown in the cage.’ where there was no deep water. Bugfix: Needles were removed from the mission item list. Bugfix: Rift necklace spell effect icon will now refer to necklace instead of bracelet when worn. Bugfix: Attempting to enchant a lingonberry bush now gives an error message and does not use up your enchant ability for the day. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused some items to drop to the ground when burying a player corpse in inventory. Bugfix: Fixed crocodile and scorpion vehicle positioning so they don’t appear sunken into the ground and can now navigate the transitions between bridges/land and house floors. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which allowed discardable items to be sold to the token using keybind sell. Bugfix: Fixed fencing options appearing in the crafting window when creating them was not permitted and would result in an error. Bugfix: Possible fix for the unexplained extra wooden items or bricks being created randomly via the crafting window. Bugfix: Equipped containers now drop their contents to the ground if destroyed. Bugfix: Repairable items will now show the ‘crumbles to dust’ message even outside containers (such as your inventory). Bugfix: Burning now ignores the ‘must be on ground’ requirements for disposing of wooden items. Bugfix: Armour penalty/bonus icons, timers and effects are now properly reset when changing armour types and upon logging into the game. Bugfix: Action on items will now consider height distance when determining if object is too far away. This will mean you can no longer access storage on higher floors and may require renovation of storage solutions Bugfix: You will no longer go kos on a deed by accidentally targeting a spirit templar while in combat with a creature. Bugfix: Necromancer summoned skeletons will no longer spam attack each other and spam the combat log on pve or kill each other on pvp. Bugfix: You can access vehicle inventories from any seat if embarked on that vehicle. The range of accessing containers inside vehicles when not embarked has been improved. Bugfix: Fix for “You are too busy” bug when using multiple combat options. Client changes: New: Added texture normal maps option to Adv. Graphics settings NOTE: To avoid crashes on incompatible computers, It is DISABLED by default, you will need to enable it in the launcher as it cannot be changed ingame. Bugfix: Corrected terrain glitch with diagonal gravel Bugfix: Fixed issue where items placed on surfaces disappeared until relogging The post Patch Notes 05/JUL/18 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  14. Valrei International. 063

    The post Valrei International. 063 appeared first on Wurm Online.
  15. Valrei International. 062

    The post Valrei International. 062 appeared first on Wurm Online.