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  1. Added creature LODs: Anaconda, Bison, Brown Bear, Bull, Cavebug, Crab, Dog, Hellhound, Mountain Lion, Ram, Rat, Seal, Wolf Fixed flower pot and wemp textures Fixed Crabs not playing additional idle animations
  2. Can use keybinds FLATTEN or LEVEL on tile borders resulting in the raising or lowering of the tile border. Less random slopes when mining forward, depending on skill level. skill less than 50, +-3 (current) skill = 50, variance is +-2 skill = 70, variance is +-1 skill = 90+ no variance Tile corners are now available on bridges. Champion changes Kingdoms will no longer require the player god to favour them in order to ascend a champion Each kingdom may have one champion per god, with a maximum of three champions Courier and dark messenger no longer have cooldowns Genesis now has a cooldown of 30 seconds Bugfix: Creatures without bodies should play a proper death animation before being deleted. Bugfix: Strange devices courier casts can now be improved while in the correct spirits domain Bugfix: Fixed the bug that caused the pave option to show on packed dirt with floor boards, resulting in a gravel tile.
  3. Bugfix: The issue causing underground fence gates and doors to lose locks has been identified and fixed. All underground houses and fence gates that were locked prior to yesterdays update will again be locked, but permissions will need to be recreated. Unfortunately to address this bug all new underground houses and fence built since yesterdays update will lose their locks. PLEASE ensure to re-lock any doors or fences built underground in the past day. Bugfix: Bridges can now be properly built from underground dwellings (addressing walls too weak message). Bugfix: Reinforced walls now have flat visual on high cave detail
  4. WARNING: Due to an unexpected bug, all locks on CAVE HOUSES and CAVE GATES have vanished. Replacing them are the current recommended action while the issue is being sought out. Anyone caught taking anything they would not be able to before will be punished harshly. Secure your items! Effective until further notice there is a Full PVP Ban in effect. http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/137025-pvpraid-ban-directives/ *Recommendation – Replace your lost locks even while this situation is under investigation. **Anyone caught taking items they would not have been able to before without needing to bash or lock pick their way in will be punished severely while this directive is active. We thank you for your understanding and patience. The Wurm team.
  5. Bridges 2.0 Bridges can now be planned and built inside caves. Pottery, slate, rendered, sandstone and rounded stone bridges can now be built. Minimum height from water level has been reduced to 1 dirt above water. You can now pave bridges to match your roads by preparing them with mortar then paving them as you would a normal surface tile. This does not apply to rope or wooden bridges Other changes and additions: The weight of an almanac has been reduced to .25 weight empty Cooking times have been tweaked so that they are a bit faster than the previous patch. Lag will be monitored with this setting. When shearing sheep, the wool will now go directly into inventory instead of on the ground. Spawn of Uttacha will now have more unique combat features on the Epic cluster. Client Changes: New combat log will colour code messages according to your relationship with the subjects. The colours may be set by using the text colour options in the client settings. (Unstable)New player texture compression has been added to improve performance in large gatherings. Bug Fixes: Bugfix: Fixed the issue with not being able to improve metal mine doors when lump quality and skill should have allowed improvement. Bugfix: You can now dig near pavement without having to remove and replace it again. Bugfix: Restricted prospecting on reinforced floors. Bugfix: You should no longer be able to surface mine next to bridge entrances/exits. Bugfix: Contents from decayed Easter Eggs will have the same last owner as the egg itself. Bugfix: Disembarking on a bridge should no longer make you stuck. Bugfix: Erupt ability should again work on sandstone and other veins.
  6. A couple of years ago on Xanadu there was a lot of people not really finding anything to kill in areas they were trying to hunt in, despite the server having a much higher total creature population than any other server. At that time there was some investigation into these claims, to see just where all the creatures were and what they were doing – and that lead to a few tweaks on how the creatures spawned to help make things feel a bit better. Just recently I saw another comment that was much the same as comments a couple of years ago before those changes, talking about not seeing any mobs to kill in their area and finding nothing substantial when out hunting. For a little while now I’ve had various plans to update the creature system in Wurm in a couple of ways – so this seems like a good place to start on what those changes are, why I’d like to do them, and how they might help out on any issues players might have relating to current creatures. Current Creature Capabilities First off, back when this was first looked at there was a new command added to the game for the devs to use to make the server dump out a map with all the current creature locations for the entire server. This map was used to find where problem areas might have been in how creatures spawned and moved, and to see why people were finding nothing to kill. The output of such map looks something like the below, and shows a marker on every tile where a creature is currently sitting. Typical creature distribution in an area with little to no deeds. With this view of everything on a server, it gives us a better look at where creatures are, how they are moving, and where they are avoiding. As expected and experienced by players, the areas near deeds and well travelled highways tend to be very sparsely populated by creatures because of a combination of players killing creatures they see, spirit templars and guard towers, and large amounts of areas being taken up by deeds and buildings where creatures do not spawn. In the creature pathing code you also have a tendency for most creatures to try and avoid deeds if possible – this doesn’t always happen as anyone with spirit templars will know, but they do try to avoid guarded deeds when they move. Adding onto this is the fleeing mechanic that controls how creatures behave when getting near other hostile creatures or near players. How areas around some deeds may look. Happy hunting to those that recognise their deed. With herbivores not liking the presence of players leading to them running away from them and other aggressive creatures, combined with them generally not spawning too close to deeds and buildings, and add in player’s proclivity to kill anything they see anywhere near their deeds, you can get some areas looking like the above – creatures finding their safe spaces in areas of land between deeds that are less travelled by players. Now as if this isn’t enough, carnivorous creatures also like to hunt – and where do they go to get their feast on? To the large grouping of herbivores running away from the nasty players. All of these interactions can compound with each other until you get the odd worst-case scenario that pops up in a couple of small areas on each map. A piece of land squished between a large deed and a cliff. Farm animals galore. This isn’t so much a widespread problem however, a large percentage of the map looks like the very first image above – good distribution of creatures across the large majority of the map. That’s not to say that some things cannot be improved though. Corralling Confined Creatures There are a few main areas where we could improve how creatures spawn and move around. The first is one that a large portion of the playerbase experience, and that is creatures that are penned up and stuck on deed trying to path their way outside of those pens and eventually all ending up stuck in various corners. This feature isn’t something that is unique to Wurm as I have seen the same behaviour in penned creatures in other games, and it comes with an interesting explanation. When a creature chooses a place to go, it will pick a tile in its range and then try its best to get to that tile – if it can find a valid path going around obstacles, through unlocked gates and around houses it will – but when it can’t it will most of the time just sit still instead, trying again for a different tile in range later. Now when a creature is inside a pen there are a lot less valid tiles that it can move to. It can move inside the pen and that’s about it. If your prized cow is sitting in the center of a large pen it can move to every tile around it since its max range is still inside the pen. But after that movement the cow is now closer to the edge of the pen, and half of the tiles it can try to move to are outside of the pen – so half the time when it picks a new tile to move to, it will do nothing. Leave that running for long enough and the cow will eventually run itself into a corner tile, where 75% of the tiles in range are outside of the pen – so 75% of its new movements are doing nothing because it is trying to get to an invalid tile. Left: All tiles in range are valid. Center: Some tiles outside of the pen are invalid. Right: Majority of tiles in range are invalid. A potential fix to this is actually reusing movement code that some other creatures use. Instead of picking a tile and trying to make their way to it, when these creatures have nothing better to move towards (like an easy kill while hunting) they will pick a direction and walk in that direction, turning every now and then, bouncing off obstacles like walls and fences, and just generally wandering aimlessly. Applying this code to penned creatures would mean less movement checks that end in them stuck in one spot, and more randomly moving around their available space – they will be able to walk up to the edge of their pen, then turn in a direction away from the fence or wall, and carry on in that other direction. Looking at it from a different direction, another way to possibly fix this issue would be to make creatures want to avoid tiles that already have other creatures on them or nearby them when possible. Ideally this would make bunched up creatures naturally spread out when they have no specific tile they are pathing towards leading to more evenly spread pens, and would also help out with another issue described above with creatures naturally gathering at certain points on the map in large groups currently. Counseling Cowardly Creatures For the issue of creatures seemingly grouping up at similar distances from active deeds as shown in the map view with deeds earlier, one easy change that we’ll be testing is simply tweaking the range that these fleeing creatures react to players. This will make them far less likely to scatter from an area around a deed, and instead just try and keep their distance from players when they are in a more realistically visible range. Adding onto this is a new system I’d like to try on these creatures to make them a bit more smart in choosing where they are running to when fleeing. At the moment when a fleeing creature is picking a new tile to run towards, it will take a look at all of the creatures it can see in range, and will attempt to run directly away from the first player or aggressive creature is sees in that list. This can mean that in their fleeing from one creature, they might run directly towards another that they would also rather not be near. To get them to choose their destination a little bit smarter instead of just running away from the first creature in their range, all of the tiles in their range will be weighted based on the relative distance and strength of enemy creatures nearby. This will give them a clear list of lowest risk tiles they should path to which can be used to decide where they move. Blue: Creature, Orange: Enemies, Green: Lowest risk tiles to move to. As a secondary addition to this heatmap-like system that we may test down the line would be to include other non-aggressive mobs to the tile weighting, making creatures less likely to travel to a tile that already has some other creatures on it. Changing Creature Creation In a similar manner to the above heatmap system to be tested with fleeing creature movements, in the near future I’ll be testing out another heatmap system for creature spawns. This would be a cached version of all the map tiles with a weighting based on deeds, guard towers and highways. Tiles closer to guard towers or deeds with templars would be weighted based on their distance to the deed/tower and the number of templars or tower guards. What this would allow is more precision in spawning creatures based on how safe or wild the area is – areas closer to deeds and towers tend to be more safe, so more passive and weaker mobs would spawn in those areas. Moving further out from these areas would take you farther into wilderness with stronger creatures spawning. This heatmap could then also be used to pick out best areas to spawn uniques or future more difficult creatures that we think up. We’d be able to safely spawn uniques out in the relative wilderness, out of the way of deeds and the destruction uniques may cause to them. This would ideally cause a more fluid system for hunting, with lower skilled players being able to feel relatively safe in areas that are well guarded or well travelled, while seasoned hunters will have a better idea of where they can travel to have a real fight. Finally, just in relation to creature numbers and how rare some creatures are compared to others – we’ll be taking another look at those after the above changes are live and working. The current hope is that the spreading out of these wild creatures more will make it more obvious what creatures are around and what creatures are actually pretty scarce. From there we can once again look at tweaking the percentages in what some creatures spawn. As for now though, we’re currently testing some of the changes and ideas talked about here on the test servers, with some of them due to be put onto one of the smaller Freedom servers in the near future for some better live testing. Once they are confirmed to be working as intended and not causing any extra stress on the servers they will be rolled out across all of the servers. We hope they’ll make a nice difference to your farms and hunting experiences. // TODO: Insert outro here. // @author: Budda
  7. With the introduction of affinities being gained from foods in 1.3 it was added that rarity of ingredients, cookers and utensils would change the end result affinity as well as boost timer lengths. This has been raised several times as a point of contention, and while removing it is possible, it would upset those who have used rare+ parts to find the affinities they do like and want. With the new calculation system, we had thought we removed the affinity calculations taking rarity into account, but unfortunately this is not possible without affecting those on the old system as well. As such, we are launching an ingame poll to determine whether to remove the rarity effect changing affinity results. If we remove rarity affecting the results all affinities found from rare+ parts will be the same as affinities found with common parts for BOTH systems. PLEASE NOTE: Rare+ ingredients, utensils, and cookers would still boost affinity timer length compared to non rare components, they just would not change the resulting affinity. We understand that this could lead to losses, which is why we are using a poll to gather your input on the matter. The poll will last for 7 days, until around 17:00 Server time (UTC+1) on the 19th of June. Regards, The Wurm Team
  8. Clearing crops that have turned to weeds will now return one seed. Bugfix: Possible fix for the ‘stuck’ mine issues and invisible items. Bugfix: Blessed lamps should stop consuming fuel when planted on the new pavement types in mines.
  9. DNS issue compensation. This week we encountered some issues when our name server hosts migrated to a different platform. As some were unable to connect during this time we will be extending premium time on all existing premium accounts by 3 days to thank you all for your patience. We will also be adding 5 hours sleep bonus to every account, up to a maximum of 10 hours. Sleeping in a bed, or doing anything that calculates sleep bonus will not reset this to 5 hours. Changes Increased chance for reed and kelp tiles and reduced chance of grass overtaking a tile next to tundra. Map annotation limits have been raised to 100 for village and 150 for alliance. Harvest seasons which were changed in the last update may still be harvestable during their old season until that is finished and will then follow the changed season harvest. In an effort to reduce some server lag recipe and cooking polling has been slowed. You may notice that when cooking, all meals may not be ready at the same time. Grape and Rose trellises can now be crafted with their respective sprouts. Bug Fixes Bugfix: Camera freezing issues (commonly known as the embark bug) when embarking a vehicle or mount after reconnecting have been addressed. Bugfix: Spells can again be cast on open helms. Bugfix: Certain bugged sandwiches should now work correctly. Bugfix: Trellises should now show an almost ripe message when examined and the time is right. Bugfix: Cave-in fix so that rock should not change to rock salt or sandstone. Bugfix: Trellises can now have sprouts and seedlings picked when available.
  10. As the DNS hosts have finally migrated, the servers should be reachable by all players. As some players were unable to connect for this period, we will be extending all premium accounts by 72 hours (3 days) during tomorrows update. We’d like to thank you for your patience during these issues, and if you have made any modifications with your DNS servers or other files please ensure to revert those in case they cause issues later. -The Wurm team.
  11. Due to circumstances out of control our servers are currently having delays transferring domain hosts. We are in the process of pushing this through, but players may encounter difficulties in connecting. In the meantime, check out the forums for up to date info when we have it. http://forum.wurmonline.com/