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  1. Lingonberry Sprouts can no longer be picked or planted. Move options are now possible on deed without needing an item active. Items and creatures should no longer fall into the floor in underground buildings.
  2. Wurm Unlimited has teamed up with Humble Bundle for the Humble Endless RPG Lands bundle! This bundle claims an impressive 300+ hours worth of playtime across all games, with almost half of that coming from Wurm Unlimited. If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, they’re an online store with collections of games (bundles) sold at a price set by buyers and with a portion of the price going towards charity. Beating the average payment also gets you extra games. So check if you’ve been thinking about getting a copy or two for friends, check it out and help out a charity too!
  3. Branded corpses may now be butchered by those with appropriate permissions. Corrected issue causing Life Transfer to heal attacker when no damage is dealt.
  4. Changes and additions Corpses of branded animals can only be looted by those people who had ride/lead permissions on that animal prior to it’s death and it’s only ‘protected’ in that manner until server restart. Note: You do not have to be a villager of the animal brand – you just need to have had ride/lead permission prior to the animal dying. People without permission cannot take, open, butcher, bury or move the corpse. This protection is removed with a server restart – at that time the corpse is available to anyone. You may now eat food from locked containers inside buildings if you have May Enter permission for the building and May Open permission for the container. Right clicking on containers with drinkable liquid in them will now give you the drink option. Renamed shelves inside a container will no longer show the shelf item or wood type, just the custom name. Shelves inside containers will now have the owner set to the creator or the last person to pick up/drop the unit instead of the container itself being the owner of the shelving. Adjusted the enchant decay system to work better with actions that are cancelled or end prematurely. Tree collision has been enabled. 3 new tapestries from the 2017 Tapestry Contest have been added. Tapestry of Mclavin, Tapestry of Ehizellbob, Tapestry of Evening, Lady Fighting Anaconda HoTA statue has been added back into the mix after its bumpy debut in May 2017. Creature movement changes (Celebration only) Creatures should no longer pile up on the edges of water Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fix for ‘cursed’ HoTA statues with RGB of 0 0 0. Bugfix: Fixed some messaging and text errors. Bugfix: Burnable items that degrade ql instead of damage should now properly fuel lit items. Bugfix: Removed the hedge and flowerbed options from the crafting menu when inside a mine. Bugfix: You will no longer gain life from Life Transfer when the damage is nullified by the creature. Client Updates General fixes and stability improvements. A display brightness slider has been added to the client settings under the graphics tab. Fixed invisible tile decorations (grass, crops etc). Added color coding of damage in inventories (yellow/orange for 0-20 damage and red for 20+ damage) as well as option in settings to toggle this feature. Archery keybinds have been corrected: SHOOT SHOOT_LEGS SHOOT_TORSO SHOOT_FACE SHOOT_HEAD SHOOT_RIGHTARM SHOOT_LEFTARM
  5. Bugfix: Ticking the experimental pack no longer freezes the update which prevented logging in. Bugfix: Fixed missing bridge tile corners. Bugfix: Fixed a crash when fullscreen was turned on.
  6. Additions and changes A new rack can be crafted for the storage of empty Bulk Storage Bins. This rack can hold 30 empty bulk storage bins. You now have the ability to build high fences in arched walls. A new storage unit can be crafted which contains 4 bulk storage bins inside which can be filled. These units will require 50 fine carpentry to build. Planting catseyes off deed becomes faster as your paving skill increases. Blessed lamps on highways will no longer decay. We have disabled giving out the Key to the Heavens until the full Epic/Valrei update is complete. Enchant decay on tools when using them has been changed to a more linear system. Previously, every five seconds of an action had a chance to reduce the enchant by 1. With the new system the chance will only occur once per action, and be based on the length of the timer. Bug Fixes Bugfix: Fix for error being thrown when attempting to level a ceiling if the floor below it was not level. Bugfix: Crates in a crate rack on deed with more than 30 days upkeep will not decay. Bugfix: Small chests can no longer be mailed if locked. Bugfix: Fixed some spelling and text errors. Bugfix: War machines should no longer function between world layers. Bugfix: Mask of Rebirth has been removed from the Missions items list. Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused cooking tools to not take damage when used. 4.0.8 Client Changes Dyed object colours will now correctly display with GLSL shaders disabled. Client resolution and fullscreen mode can now be changed again while in-game. Water reflections will no longer appear above the water. Distant trees will now have the correct texture in winter. Another issue causing duplicated players and objects has been addressed.
  7. Fixed an issue with GLSL shaders on Intel HD graphics causing invisible terrain. GUI skins can now be changed without needing to relaunch the client. Fixed an issue with duplicated images of items and players.
  8. The 4.0.6 client is now the stable client with improved performance, lighting, and many other features. A low memory version is also available and can be found here: If you have issues please report them here: