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  1. Changes to item sacrificing:Change: The time required to sacrifice at an altar has been cut in half, from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Change: When sacrificing items, any Favor that would overfill your current Favor bar will instead be added as pending Favor, which you will receive gradually over time. Pending favor will still drain when your Favor bar is full but at a much slower rate. Sacrificing items when your Favor bar is full will still result in gaining deed bonuses instead of Favor (or pending Favor). Your total amount of pending Favor is equal to five times your current Faith. You may view your current amount of pending Favor by hovering over the status effect icon with the mouse. Change: You can now portal to Defiance directly from the portal on the tutorial server Change: Creature spawning should now again be more distributed around the map Change: Defiance’s creature caps have been increased Change: Killing bred and zombie creatures no longer increases Bloodthirst’s power Change: Enabled back fatigue on Northern Freedom Isles servers – this was disabled temporarily since their launch Bugfix: King’s coffers on Northern Freedom Isles should again function properly (and give out rare coins during foraging and other actions) Bugfix: Fixed Valrei mission items spawning in predictable places in certain cases Bugfix: You can no longer sacrifice an animal while it’s being led by someone else Bugfix: Fixed a permission issue making the “Drink” action on water containers use the take item permissions Bugfix (PvP): Battle camps can no longer spawn on cave openings or mine doors
  2. Catching Up

    We’ve taken a little time to share where we’re at with existing issues and answering a few questions regarding where we’re at before we begin talking about the future!
  3. Client changes (new UI only):New: Reintroduced missing functionality to the fight window – it should now properly show special moves, stance difficulty and stun status New: ‘Filter’ Items has been added to the containers listed below. This is not available on the old UI.Bulk storage bin Food storage bin Small crate Large crate Crate rack Bulk container unit Change: Fight window was reduced in size Change: Chat tabs will glow now when they have new messages, to bring more attention to it Change: Skill tracker background can now be toggled with a right-click option Change: Inventory filter buttons will now glow if they are activated. They will also reset on reopening the inventory Change: Width of QL and DMG inventory columns was decreased Bugfix: Fixed “Repeat action” bind not recording actions in certain cases Bugfix: Fixed misaligned input boxes in manage merchant screen Bugfix: Reduced text size on small status effect icons Bugfix: Fixed skill tracker options window appearing too small and requiring resizing New: A /balances command has been added.Using /balances in a chat window will display the following balances in your event window: Bank balance Marks balance Rift points if greater than 0 Jackal points if greater than 0 Change: Higher-priority actions will now properly stop and interrupt any lower-priority action they override, instead of both actions occurring simultaneously. Change: Drinking follows the same rules as eating as far as permissions are concerned. (See notes below) You can only drink an item if you have permissions to take it, or if it’s in a locked container you have permission to access. Note that water is still totally exempt from permissions (no change here). For example, a player can drink from a well full of water regardless of any deed or building permissions being applied. PvP Change: Removed kingdom tweeting from in-game using a title and replaced it with an event message and area history notation. Change: Doubled the chances to become king on Defiance Bugfix: You will no longer get shield/weapon skill when players are fighting things on different layers/floors. Bugfix: Karma summoned creatures can no longer be bred. Bugfix: Floating tabs with members list will now update properly when you move in and out of local. Fixed: Some piles of seeds were using the tool box graphic. Fixed: Fixed plain white cloth sleeves, bronze lump fragment, keystones, woodpulp (wood types visible too now), pile of wood pulp (if same woodtype)
  4. Change: When enemies are in local, disembarking vehicles and mounts will place you directly under them. Embark/ride max distance is now limited to 1 tile. (PvP only) Note: We'll work with feedback on this issue to address it further if necessary. Change: Maximum drake and scale drop from unique kills has been slightly reduced on Defiance. (PvP only) Note: No dragon or hatchling has been killed yet on Defiance. Fix: Fixed stealing action making items busy, stealing can make settlement guards attack you. (PvP only) Fix: Reverted the creature spawning distribution changes. Creatures should still no longer migrate north, but we are investigating the issue with creatures getting crowded in enclosures. Shortly after this update, failed PayPal payments will be reconciled. Purchasing through PayPal currently works as usual and should have no delay.
  5. Change: Sleep bonus will now automatically disable after 5 minutes of inactivity instead.Note: Auto-disabling sleep bonus still does not trigger the cooldown. Change: Made preparations for Cadence launch today (19:00 CEST).Note: The tutorial world portal will require a client pack update later in the day to show the new server – if you log in before that, you will need to restart and update it to portal through. Fix: Tower guards will now properly disappear when their tower is destroyed. Fix: You can no longer light a forge through keybinds without using the correct tool for that Fix: Addressed one of the major server lag causes on Defiance.
  6. On August 21st, at 19:00 CEST, our new server Cadence rises from the depths. Available via boat travel and portal from the spawn deeds of Harmony and Melody for existing characters, as well as the tutorial for brand new accounts! Where does your journey take you?
  7. Change: Creatures will now respawn in the areas where there’s few of them, instead of randomly around the map. This will eventually make the creature density around the servers to even out. Bugfix: Fixed issues causing client to silently and randomly disconnect from the server. Bugfix: Creatures should no longer migrate north. Bugfix: Fixed an exploit enabling to drop RGB values of dyes with very small amounts of lower RGB dye.
  8. Change: Tutorial server should no longer show CA Help (shows Tutorial Help instead), Freedom or GL-Freedom chats. Change: Creatures hitched to the same vehicle or hitching post will no longer contribute to each other’s disease counter. This should prevent animals attached to the same hitching post or a wagon from becoming diseased. For now, players will no longer become diseased or contribute to other creatures becoming diseased. Non-diseased creatures hitched to the same vehicle as each other will no longer cause each other to be diseased. This includes hitching posts. Bugfix: Fixed Alignment still falling in the opposite way of your deity during sermons Bugfix: Tamed/Dominated creatures from other kingdoms will now attack people with deity immunity to creatures/monsters. Bugfix: Fixed surface prospecting showing wrong vein quality. Bugfix: Fixed issue with teleporting not cancelling actions. Bugfix: Non-English Help channels will now show CA colours properly. Bugfix: Shortly after the servers come back up from the update, sandstone and rocksalt veins will appear on the new servers (Harmony, Melody, Defiance), as they were missing from the start.
  9. In the last patch, we introduced a stopgap mechanic to address an exploit regarding the ability to link more priests than your skill allowed. While investigating this exploit, we discussed how linking many priests allows limitless favour, meaning that by merely purchasing many premium accounts, you can bypass the entire mechanic that balanced channelling skill gain and enchanting. While this issue has existed for a long time on the older servers, in brand new servers this creates a significant divide between those able to pay for many premium accounts and those that cannot, and shows a massive balance issue. To address this all we will be changing how skill gain works with multiple linked priests, allowing up to 2 linked priests at normal skill gain, with the skill gain decreasing per added priest. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes if necessary. If you are in the HOTS kingdom your deity will be swapped to Libila. Change: Instead of reducing favor regeneration, linking now reduces Channeling skillgain depending on the number of links. For up to two links there is no skillgain penalty. For more than two additional linked characters, the penalty is 15% less skillgain for each linked character. The penalty is capped up to 90% less skillgain. We’ll be monitoring the situation and further changes may be considered based on balance and feedback. Change: To avoid losing faith, sermons will no longer cause alignment to go the opposite way of your deity’s alignment. Bugfix: Favor regeneration frequency is no longer affected by server lag.
  10. Change: More server optimizations to reduce lag during high player counts Change: Added a profanity filter to names during character creation Bugfix: Certain things on the server (such as creature movement) should no longer run at a higher pace after a period of lag Bugfix: Fixed buggy human zombies being erroneously respawned Bugfix: Fixed items disappearing from the crafting window if their material type changes Bugfix: Fixed decoration items taking damage in containers on deed Priest changes (these changes affect all servers): Fixed bug allowing more than intended priest links at one time When linking you are now given a debuff that reduces your favor regen by 5x – this will also last for 15 minutes after you break a link The minimum favor before being able to use the Favor for linked casts has been increased from 10 to 20 This is a short term solution due to potential abuses brought to our attention over the last week. We will be looking at the way linked priests work and how favour regeneration works and adjusting it as necessary in a coming update.
  11. Change: Spearfishing tweaks Reduced difficulty of catching fish with a spear and while net fishing Spearing your own foot is now less likely and results in less damage Bugfix: Meditation cooldowns will properly transfer between Northern Freedom PvP and PvE servers (to/from Defiance), since the skill is shared. Bugfix: Fixed sleep bonus running too slow and too fast due to server lag. Note: Testing results may vary as the time sleep bonus lasts for is also affected by the Fats bar (CCFP) – Bugfix: Fixed cases where incorrect improve icons would show after tempering a high quality item
  12. Change: Maximum Archery skill that you can gain by using an archery target was increased to 45. Bugfix: Fixed bug that allowed players to get over 40 Archery on an archery target.Northern Freedom Only: We have identified a few players who used this bug to raise archery higher than intended. After verifying that their archery skill was below 45 before the bug was introduced in yesterdays patch, the Archery skill of those players will be moved back to 45.0.
  13. New: Added separate Russian and German help chats in addition to the general Non-English one. Those can also be toggled from the Profile menu, and are detected by your client’s system language. New: Added a Tutorial Help channel spanning all of Haven (both the tutorial and portal area) More server lag optimizations have been done, and we have several more improvements for that in the works. Change: Allow bow skills to be trained to 30 even when 40 archery. Change: Destroy Grave has been renamed to Loot Grave to help avoid confusion on what it does. Bugfix: The open option on player graves has been removed. Bugfix: Language-specific chat toggles will now save properly when re-logging