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  1. New: Moonmetal can now be purchased in the Marks store on Northern Freedom Isles servers. This does not include Defiance Change: Changed Marks-purchased moonmetal quality to 80 quality Bugfix: Healing in inactive rift area will no longer increase participation points Bugfix: Fixed mining products being able to be gathered above 100 quality on Epic servers. Instances of this issue will be retroactively fixed back to 100 quality
  2. New: Added inventory icons for checker board and checker piece New: Imbues should now be able to be used on Northern Freedom Isles servers. Bugfix: Fixed being unable to embark vehicles on bridges Bugfix: Fixed runes not working to increase the resource quality – vein quality should now be properly affected by the 10% bonus Bugfix: Fixed new gathering formulas not using the Epic curve properly Bugfix: Fixed new mining quality calculation not being applied properly for meteorites and gems Bugfix: Fixed a server crash issue
  3. 500 New: Added a craftable variant of the checkerboard New: Rifts, Runes, and Imbues are now enabled on the Northern Freedom Isles Change: Checkers Boards will now fit on more tables. Change: Source Spring Rework Source springs will now respawn periodically around servers with a finite amount of source. Springs disappear once the source is collected from them. Current source springs and fountains will also stop regenerating source in them and will disappear once empty of source. Underground source springs that spawn upon breaking cave walls will now spawn more often. Change: You must now be on the same floor level as the vehicle in order to embark it. Change: Gathering Runes and Imbue rework for woodcutting and mining Gathering Runes add +10% to the base quality, but that is capped at your skill level. Imbues now add a bonus of up to 25% of the difference between the resulting quality and 100 at 100 imbue power. This can exceed your gathering skill. The rune bonus is applied before the imbue bonus. A breakdown of the imbue formula can be found here: This only applies to woodcutting and mining Bugfix: Removed duplicate message when taking items from Bulk Storage Bins and Crates Bugfix: Fixed issue causing you to not be able to fight back when a hostile creature on deed targeted you first. BugFix: Particle effect will no longer remain visible after picking up the Checkers Board.
  4. Ho ho ho! Santa is here with his yearly gifts for all premium Wurmians! Simply speak with Santa at any starter town, or build your own Christmas tree to find a gift underneath! This gift won’t stay around forever, available from 3 pm server time on the 23rd until 12pm on the 31st of December! Patch notes: Change: You can no longer bury corpses on deeds where you cannot terraform. Requires terraforming village role permission. Change: Wool items may now be used to bandage wounds, functioning identically to cotton items. The master cape, like kingdom robes, may now be used to bandage wounds an infinite number of times. Some unique items, such as newbie items and anniversary gifts, are now unable to be used as bandages, to prevent accidental destruction. Change: Player disease will no longer worsen if there are no other players or creatures present on the same tile. Players will now be slightly less likely to catch disease, and when a player is diseased, it will heal slightly more quickly when healing, and worsen slightly more slowly when worsening. PvP Change: You now need to wait 2 minutes on PvP servers after combat to be able to use /stuck. Bugfix: Light Tokens will now properly decay on deed, inside forges. Bugfix: Creature tile position is now saved when hitching, this should help solve hitched creatures getting diseased for no reason. Bugfix: Removed repeated text from summon soul question popup. Bugfix: Wrath of Magranon will no longer deal damage on villages outside raid windows Bugfix: No longer possible to lead more creatures than intended by using karma to summon creatures Bugfix: Roaming depot will now show its light at the proper time Bugfix: Marks shop swap deity will always give proper alignment for your new god and is no longer blocked for mayors when not changing kingdom also. Bugfix: Traitor missions will now properly trigger when there is also a kill x mission of the same creature. Bugfix: Single server Valrei instances will now properly give out prizes to the winner on completion of a scenario. Bugfix: When entering or leaving a cave creatures following will now always enter your layer and no longer get stuck on a different layer than you.
  5. The 3rd annual Lunalong, hosted by Dracaa, on the Xanadu server is now live! Sail on over (or create a character) to check out the fun and games!
  6. The Black Friday sales are now live! Get 25% off all purchases, with 30% off 12 months of premium! Now’s your chance to stock up and save. Sales available via PayPal, xSolla, and Steam!
  7. For the first time ever Wurm Online will be participating in Black Friday sales! From 23 -29 November get 1 month premium for just €5.99 and save up to €25 off silver! This is a limited time offer so stock up while you can!
  8. Text: Descriptions of imbue enchantments on items now list the exact skills the enchantment applies to. BugFix: Animals that cannot be ridden untamed, will now properly kick occupants when they become untamed. BugFix: Equipping and removing armour now only cancels spells/archery actions as intended. BugFix: Moving armour around inside your inventory will no longer cause actions to be cancelled. BugFix: Pets will now follow movement orders even when wearing a saddle. Change: Players can once again become diseased and contribute to disease like other creatures. Change: Humid Drizzle will now cure disease on players, and Heal will cure disease in addition to curing wounds. BugFix: Killing an avatar on pve servers will now generate a new mission. PvP Changes: BugFix: Pvp CA Help should now function as intended PvP Change: The marks shop deity transfer will now allow you to change kingdoms to swap to deities from other kingdoms. Note: This still requires you to be eligible for a kingdom transfer, such as not having changed to recently, not being a king, not being a champion, and not being a village mayor. This is available on all PvP servers. PvP Change: Roaming Depot Tweaks: A new depot will now spawn 38 hours after the last is captured. Depots can now be picked up on pendulums at the same range as battle camps. Depot light will now show up after 6 hours. Depots now have a chance to drop the cosmetic items that past depots dropped. Looted depot items now have a more random quality over 75. Depots now requires at least 40 fight skill to claim its contents. Fixed “depo” to “depot” in comments and in-game/logging text PvP Change: Battle Camp Hota Tweaks: After capture battle camps will display location information like before in the village info section where they are listed. Pendulum range restored to former distance when finding battle camps. the time between battle camp spawns has been increased to 70 hours after the last win. PvP Bugfix: Defiance Valrei Fixes Guiding deities on defiance valrei will now properly have them move to that tile. Finishing missions on defiance valrei will now lower the move timer on deities. PvP Change: Returned humid drizzle to its own spell resistance group for PvP servers
  9. 5080Added an option to the game settings (Graphics tab) that allows to disable seasonal event visuals. This must be set from the launcher settings before starting the game. Tweaked chances of Halloween drops. Creature spawns on Harmony should now be fixed. Fixed the demon helm not being improvable.
  10. To compensate for downtime and instability at the Steam launch, all accounts have been awarded 10 hours of sleep bonus (to a maximum of 10 hours) Change: Rite spell favor pool requirements changed Adjustments have been made to allow for more regular casts of global ritual spells on smaller and less populated servers, while also keeping their frequency at reasonable levels on servers where they are cast more often: The base favor needed by a deity in order for players to cast a ritual spell has been lowered significantly. Any casts of a ritual within the past 8 months will increase the favor needed by the deity to cast the ritual again. The more recent the casting of a ritual, the more favor it will add to the amount required. The indications of deity favor given at sermons (such as “Fo is brimming with power”) will accurately reflect the favor the deity currently needs on that server, at the time of the sermon. New: Added 100 Scythe title New: Mail windows now show the weight of each item being sent or received. New: Missions have been added to the Northern Freedom Isles Change: Pending favor is added to current favor at a slightly faster rate, to better compete with the new shorter sacrifice timer. Sacrificing a creature will now add to the pending favor pool in the same manner as sacrificing items. There is a delay of 10 minutes between sacrificing an item/creature and the pending favor pool decaying when not actively adding to your favor. The decay rate is also significantly slower, but increases over time. (PvP) Pending favor is no longer added to current favor with enemies in local. The “Get Price” action can now be used on an altar, telling the player how much favor the altar’s god would give for the items inside. Bugfix: You can no longer sacrifice an animal while it’s being led by someone else. Bugfix: Fixed Holy Crop and Rite of Death not affecting all suitable areas properly Bugfix: Adding items to bulk storage (crates, bulk storage bins, etc.) will always result in a bulk item of at least 1.0 QL even if the item being added is of lower quality. Bugfix: Creatures should respawn properly again on Harmony Note: The creature counts may take some time to come back up as the creatures respawn. Client changes Feature: Tile detail setting set to the lowest option will now hide the random rocks on dirt and grass. PvP Changes: The Valrei International included a patch note regarding shaker orbs not working when used on the surface. This change has been reverted to ensure it can still be used to collapse entrances. Weapons/Armour/Toolbelts/Horse gear will increase in quality up to 75 much quicker when improving them to speed up people gearing groups for pvp after a loss.(Defiance Only) Roaming Depo(Defiance Only) Same spawn rules as battle camps. Will announce when it spawns on twitter/event tab. Will first spawn with no indication of where it is, after 5 hours of not being claimed it will give off the effect from the old depo to better help locate it. You claim the loot with a 5 minute action on the depo, after which the depo will vanish until it respawns again. Spawns 26 hours after the last one vanishes. Claim Reward 3 lumps of adamantine or glimmersteel(picked randomly) 5 sleep powders. 2 75QL horse sets(Shoes/Saddles). Chances these sets will come with varying degrees of WOA precast on them. Upgraded Chest Loot(Elevation/Defiance) The first person to open a rare chest spawn after it spawns will receive between 1-3 hours of sleep bonus depending on the loot roll of the chest. Hota Changes(Elevation/Defiance/Chaos) 6 battle camps spawn at the same time all over the map with no location information anymore. First to 4 captures wins. First to capture a camp after spawning receives a few pieces of moon metal. Captures after will not give any more. Happens 40 hours after the last event finished. Your kingdom is alerted in event tabs when an enemy kingdom steps onto a battle camp, it will not say what kingdom but will say which battle camp. This message cannot happen more than once every 30 minutes. Building inside battle camps when you have it claimed still provide all the protections from before. Pendulums will still help find them but will have the range at which they do adjusted to make them a bit harder to find. Increased raid windows for deeds over 50 tiles long in size to 8 hours to give more time to raid larger deeds. Safe zones/deeds smaller than 50 tiles stay unchanged. Scorn no longer heals non tamed creatures.(All Servers) Tangle weave cooldown reduced to 60 seconds/ favor cost reduced back to 15.(All Servers) Shield bash will have a separate easier roll to just cancel actions that may be interrupted along with the roll to stun.(All Servers) Equipping or unequipping a piece of armour will cancel any spells/archery actions currently being cast.(All Servers). Increased healing resistance again.(All PvP Servers) Aggressive non domestic/zombie creatures you kill will have a chance to give out an item when killing them. (Defiance Only) Will more commonly be sleep powder, but can sometimes be a random high quality weapon also. The chance for this will be dependent on the CR of the creature and will be an uncommon drop. This will not happen inside the safe zones or on settlements. NFI Pvp/Pve servers now share sleep bonus and titles. Valrei scenarios have been added to Defiance. Defiance will be running it’s own Valrei map Winners can receive a mixture of items different to the Epic scenarios Shaker orbs Resurrection stones Seryll lumps PvP Bug Fixes Graves no longer sink on water. Recall corpse now has a 15 min cooldown after death for defiance. Legendary creatures on defiance now drop 3 res stones in replacement of tomes. Barding speed reduction made more consistent. PvP Bugfix: BattleCamps can no longer spawn on cave openings or mine doors.
  11. Changes to item sacrificing:Change: The time required to sacrifice at an altar has been cut in half, from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Change: When sacrificing items, any Favor that would overfill your current Favor bar will instead be added as pending Favor, which you will receive gradually over time. Pending favor will still drain when your Favor bar is full but at a much slower rate. Sacrificing items when your Favor bar is full will still result in gaining deed bonuses instead of Favor (or pending Favor). Your total amount of pending Favor is equal to five times your current Faith. You may view your current amount of pending Favor by hovering over the status effect icon with the mouse. Change: You can now portal to Defiance directly from the portal on the tutorial server Change: Creature spawning should now again be more distributed around the map Change: Defiance’s creature caps have been increased Change: Killing bred and zombie creatures no longer increases Bloodthirst’s power Change: Enabled back fatigue on Northern Freedom Isles servers – this was disabled temporarily since their launch Bugfix: King’s coffers on Northern Freedom Isles should again function properly (and give out rare coins during foraging and other actions) Bugfix: Fixed Valrei mission items spawning in predictable places in certain cases Bugfix: You can no longer sacrifice an animal while it’s being led by someone else Bugfix: Fixed a permission issue making the “Drink” action on water containers use the take item permissions Bugfix (PvP): Battle camps can no longer spawn on cave openings or mine doors
  12. Catching Up

    We’ve taken a little time to share where we’re at with existing issues and answering a few questions regarding where we’re at before we begin talking about the future!