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  1. Change: You can no longer mine, dig, tunnel, cultivate or pack on any PvP starter deeds. Lock picking is still fine. New: May’s Monthly Skin! May’s “Messer Sword” skin gives a beautiful look and knife-like hilt to your longsword! Available through the month of May in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any longsword to give it a unique and fancy look.
  2. Change: Spawn counts on donkeys have been reduced. This should allow for more diverse creature spawns
  3. Check out the latest issue of the Valrei International to see a bit of what the dev team has been working on!
  4. April’s “Statuette of the Avenger” skin turns one of Wurm’s largest creatures into a much smaller decorative option! Available through the month of April in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any generic statuette (with no associated deity) to give it a unique and fancy look.
  5. New: Added the new title for 100 skill in Smithing. Congrats Nineol! Change: Removed a 50 skill check bonus in blocking checks for the Scale of Libila. Change: Scale of Libila now has a block limit of 4 instead of the unlimited amount it had before. For reference normal shields have a block limit of 2. Change: Reduced the bonus faith zones give to combat rolls by 80% on pvp servers. This will only affect non-spell based combat bonuses. Change: Enabled the pvp lead limit from defiance for all pvp servers. You are now only allowed to lead 2 creatures when unmounted, and 1 creature when mounted on all pvp servers.
  6. The Shop will be down for an estimated 30 minutes or so on Thursday March 24th
  7. Change: Items with a skin applied to them now count as decorations and will no longer take decay damage on a deeds with at least 30 days upkeep.
  8. New: Added March Monthly Skin New: Added a new Rockcliff Tapestry. March’s “Decorative Flowers” skin brings a lovely pop of color to any room! Available through the month of March in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any pottery jar to give it a unique and fancy look. This update also brings a beautiful new Tapestry of Rockcliff, celebrating the new restoration of a cathedral looking over the Inner Sea beside Dragonfang Mountain on Independence. It is open to the public and can be found at K15 on the map. Tapestry art is by Rosedragon.
  9. This week’s maintenance restart will be pushed from Tuesday the 22nd to Thursday the 24th. Happy Wurming!
  10. Bugfix: It is no longer possible outside founding a pmk to convert a village from 1 kingdom to another on pvp servers. New: Added a new title for 100 skill in Large Mauls. Congrats Subie! New: 2022 Valentine Gift From now until the 20th of February, premium players will receive a Valentine’s gift on log in!
  11. New: Added the new title for 100 skill in Cooking. Congrats Shydow!New: Monthly skin for FebruaryChange: Removed shield bashing from caffeine exclusion list.We will continue to monitor caffeine changes and adjust them where needed
  12. Bugfix: Fixed opening links with spaces in them in an external browser. Bugfix: Using the “Find on Wurmpedia” function on house walls should now search for the proper text. Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in description of wide staircase with banisters on both sides. Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in source crystal item description. Bugfix: Pouring liquids is now allowed even when building or village permissions disallow dropping items. Bugfix: Corrected spelling error in description of cheese sandwich. Bugfix: Difficulty when picking from planters has now been fixed. Bugfix: Coffee Ibrik smelting will now work correctly. Bugfix: Fixed glowing coals on forges. Bugfix: Gravestones will now show the correct material after burying something with them. Bugfix: Dragging creature-edible items from bulk containers to hitching posts and feeding troughs should now work properly. Items will now automatically go into the internal container of hitching posts, troughs, and stills. Bugfix: Fixed praying on corpses while having an item activated. Bugfix: Fix for some chats not being cross server as intended. Bugfix: Added taste and eat context to camellia flowers. Bugfix: Fixed the weight of coconuts. Bugfix: Caffeine values will now drop down correctly when entering decay. Bugfix: Fixed caffeine timer looping. Bugfix: Tea, coffee and hot cocoa should no longer say they will burn your mouth when tasted. Change: Caffeine provided per bean has now been increased. Change: You will now be able to drink caffeine even with a full water bar. Change: Caffeine created will now have a minimum ql of 5, so all caffeine should be drinkable. Change: Separated coffee into cream coffee and spiced coffee. Change: Changed cream coffee recipe descriptions and naming. Change: Made spiced coffee naming consistent with cream coffee. Change: The following types of mineral veins have had their names changed for consistency: “Marble wall” is now “Marble vein” “Slate wall” is now “Slate vein” “Sandstone” is now “Sandstone vein” “Rocksalt” is now “Rock salt vein” Change: Changed the description of the cacao pod. Change: Camellia flower description changed to not mention pink flowers. Change: Archaeology reports will now have an indicator in their name when the cache location has been discovered (Located) and when fully complete (Complete). There will also be a message in Event when all possible information about a settlement has been discovered. Change: Bookshelves of all types may now hold a significantly larger quantity of items. Bugfix: Reset coordinates on Farwalker twigs and stones in inventory / subcontainers on death (only on PVP servers). And now for Caffeine Changes! Bugfix: Mint hot chocolate and hot chocolate will no longer give caffeine Bugfix: Fix weights of various caffeine items Coffee pot 0.10kg -> 1.50kg Tea pot 0.10kg -> 1.50kg Coffee cherries 0.05kg -> 0.15kg Cacao pod 0.05kg -> 0.30kg Coconut 0.50kg -> 0.40kg Cacao beans 0.10kg -> 0.20kg Coffee Ibrik 0.10kg -> 0.20kg Bugfix: Fixed descriptions of various caffeine items Camellia Flower Cocoa Bean Cacao Bean Bugfix: Very small quantities of caffeine consumed will once again provide caffeine Bugfix: Difficulty fix for picking produce from tea, coffee and cocoa planters Bugfix: Coffee Ibriks are now heavy enough to smelt Bugfix: Remove ability to pick seeds from yellow and white tea leaves Bugfix: Caffeine spell effect should no longer appear stuck Bugfix: Caffeine timer durations are now more accurate Bugfix: Drinks that can be drank hot will no longer say they will burn your mouth Bugfix: Consistency fix for colour of camellia flowers in models and icons New: Added new type of tea, Rose Petal tea New: Add optional ingredients to new beverages Change: Increased volume of teapot and coffee pot Volume Teapot [10, 10, 20] -> [15, 15, 20] (Liquid 2.0kg -> 4.5kg) Volume Coffee Pot [10, 10, 20] -> [15, 15, 20] (Liquid 2.0kg -> 4.5kg) Change: Old tea recipes can now be created inside teapots Peppermint tea Spearmint tea Camellia flower tea Herb tea Change: Coffee beans can now be combined to allow easier bulk roasting Change: Campfires can now be made indoors Change: Caffeine drinks will no longer provide extra water Change: Caffeine drinks can be drank when the water bar is full Change: Doubled the potency of every caffeine drink Change: Doubled the hold duration of every caffeine drink Change: Disabled caffeine extra skillgain on meditation, lockpicking and shieldbashing We have received various opinions on the current state of meditation and have been discussing it Change: Tea leaves will only oxidize outside of containers Change: Tea leaves oxidization timer will reset when moved into containers Change: Cocoa beans have been changed to Roasted cocoa beans to distinguish them from cacao beans. Change: Harvesting a Camellia bush will now produce a camellia flower. The camellia flower can be used for the herbal Camellia Flower tea recipe. Add optional ingredients to new beverages: Tea Spice, sugar, milk and lemon Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Cream, milk, hazelnut oil, marshmallows, hum bugs Coffee hazelnut oil, sugar, chocolate, cocoa Spiced coffee using any spice Cream coffee using any cream Black coffee renamed to Coffee due to optional ingredients Change: Instead of caffeine consuming fatigue, using caffeine with sleep bonus will now develop restlessness, up to a maximum of 5 hours restlessness. Upon reaching 5 hours, caffeine will stop providing its extra skillgain and sleep bonus drain. When logged out regardless of bed, restlessness is reduced at the same rate that sleep bonus is gained. Sleeping in beds does not affect how restlessness reduction performs. Restlessness and Alcohol Decay Rate can be found in the Spell Effects window. Change: Caffeine skillgain changed to provide 2x the benefit of sleep bonus at 100% caffeine Change: Caffeine sleep bonus decrease speed now unaffected by CCFP fats This change does not affect the natural sleep bonus decreases, only the extra sleep bonus decreases relating to caffeine
  13. Hello Wurmians! This week’s restart and the caffeine update will be pushed from Tuesday the 1st, to Thursday the 3rd. This will allow the team time to tie up a few loose ends and make sure everything is fully ready for the update!
  14. Bugfix: You will no longer be able to use a strange bone on liquids.
  15. Bugfix: Will no longer show login/out messages to dead players for people around them.