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  1. Bugfix: Hay stacks and hay bundles will no longer be selected for item creation missions.Bugfix: Fixed event spam for crossing border when on land vehicle.New: Added several new 100 skill titles100 Channeling – Congratulations Stanlee! 100 Hatchet – Congratulations, Trash! 100 Shields – Congratulations, Neowyn! 100 Large Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka! 100 Medium Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka! 100 Small Wooden Shield – Congratulations, Silakka! 100 Medium Metal Shield – Congratulations, Silakka! 100 Small Metal Shield – Congratulations, Silakka!
  2. Change: When traveling close to a server edge, creatures will now only stop being led when 3 tiles from the border. Bugfix: Another fix where unfinished items were creating phantom items again. Bugfix: Caffeine sips will no longer decrease the hold duration timer. Bugfix: Taming for creatures with It seems more friendly trait will now have a shorter timer. Bugfix: It seems extremely tame trait will now work correctly. Should now show up as non-aggressive to players and not attack them. Bugfix: Fireball AoE damage effect will now only hit things aggressive to you. Bugfix: Will now show correct weight in crafting recipe list. Bugfix: Fix for being unable to harvest maple trees. Change: Removing one-per-tile restriction from some decoration items. bell towerpillar oil barrel royal throne green tapestry beige tapestry orange tapestry cavalry motif tapestry festivities motif tapestry battle of Kyara tapestry tapestry of Faeldray tapestry of Evening tapestry of Mclavin tapestry of Ehizellbob
  3. Wurm Online’s second annual Black Friday sale will be running from Wednesday, November 24 until Sunday, November 28th. Enjoy 25% off of premium and silver prices, and 30% off of one-year premium purchases!
  4. Bugfix: Fixed unfinished items teleporting item out of cave layer upon completion. Bugfix: Pregnancy timers on Defiance and Elevation have been reduced to 4 hours on average. Like other pregnancy timers, there is some randomized difference added or subtracted from this. Bugfix: Fixed sealing and unsealing items held in a worn item such as a backpack, or held in an equipment slot. New: Players will now stop leading creatures when they are close to the server border. Bugfix: Stopped the use of 1 per tile items if multiple are stacked up together on a tile Bugfix: Fixed tree harvest timer. Bugfix: Green tea leaves will no longer turn into Oolong tea leaves when placed inside a Magic Chest. Bugfix: Using 1g sips of caffeine will no longer refresh the buff entirely.
  5. Bugfix: 4045 Fixed an issue with items completing in inventory and creating one on the floor where it was not able to be interacted with.
  6. Some of you may have noticed we had a bug that caused the skillgain event to end before it was meant to, and we’re making it up to you with an extension of the event until Sunday at midnight server time. You can hover over the icons in your effects window to easily see the duration of the event. Though skill gain and affinity chance has been extended, the Halloween event still ends midnight server time on Friday, November 5th.
  7. November’s “Skeleton Chest” skin is one to treasure, with some delightfully spooky skeletal adornments! Available through the month of November in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a large chest to give it a unique and fancy look.
  8. Bugfix: Client will no longer crash on old UI when using Inspect Animal Bugfix: Client will no longer crash on old UI when opening the Recipe List window
  9. Bugfix: Unicorn foals will no longer be born without names Bugfix: Empty wells not being filled with water will once again show the correct model Bugfix: Fixed caffeine effect still showing when activating sleep bonus after the effect has worn off Bugfix: Fixed tea leaves disappearing when placed on tables Bugfix: Fixed tea leaves dropping to lower floors Bugfix: Fixed where making lye, players were losing material on creation
  10. Coffee ibriks are now able to be repaired and improved. The favor value of the teapot, coffee pot, ibrik, pottery cup, and pottery mug has been reduced. We are pushing a fix for animals escaping pens, moonwalking, and pacing. We will be monitoring this fix and adjusting as needed. Creatures will once again receive their breeding cooldown timer.
  11. Fix for multiple rarity transfer when creating multiple ibriks with the same lump. Partial revert of the change where items complete in the same place due to items completing on the surface while in mines. (Yesterday) Fix for pickaxes taking too much damage while tunnelling.
  12. Bugfix: Fixed a text error in the message when using pliers on a stone brick door Bugfix: Fixed spelling inconsistencies with the word ‘untame’ Bugfix: Corrected a text error in archaeology event message Bugfix: Fixed a spelling error with the word ‘unruly’ Bugfix: Fixed guards stopping before reaching their target when called Bugfix: Guards will only need to be called once, and will leave mines to come help Bugfix: Item damage will no longer occur at the very start of actions Bugfix: Led creatures will no longer get stuck in mine entrances Bugfix: Veins with greater than 10k ore will no longer be possible Bugfix: You will now get an event message when trying to build fences with the incorrect item in the crafting window Bugfix: Fixed mule and donkey foal sounds Bugfix: Tree harvesting using a sickle will now scale the timer correctly considering rarity, quality, and enchantments on the sickle Bugfix: Rifts on PvP servers will now start at the correct time Bugfix: It is no longer possible to alter the height of a corner shared by a building wall using the Flatten and Level commands Bugfix: Fixed issues with the “chance to produce twins” trait.Creatures born with this trait will always be female, so that they can take advantage of it. Existing males with the trait will be changed to females. Creatures with this trait can now properly give birth to male offspring Twins will now be given different names from each other Bugfix: Corrupt animals can now eat grass on PvE servers Bugfix: Stopped the ‘Discard’ action from using fatigue Bugfix: Artifacts can no longer be renamed using magical ink Bugfix: Fixed grammar errors when using ‘it’s’ and ‘its’ Bugfix: Messages from ignored players won’t show in new chats Bugfix: Animals will no longer eat food from different floors in a building Bugfix: Donkeys will now be able to pull carts and wagons Bugfix: Passengers disembarking vehicles onto bridges should no longer be launched into the air Bugfix: Fixed a bug preventing players from getting points totaling up to exactly their animal husbandry level when breeding creatures Bugfix: Added rarity colour to the text for rare traits in the Inspect Animal window Bugfix: Fixed a crash happening when logging out Bugfix: Fixed a sizing issue within the Inspect Animal window Bugfix: Young animals will no longer show as being milkable within the Inspect Animal window Bugfix: Sheep model will now show the correct stage when ready for shearing and when shorn Bugfix: Links in the launcher are now fixed Bugfix: Flame light source will now be in the correct position Change: Sons of Nogump will no longer steal the following items:Rare items Unimprovable items Items greater than 95ql Artifacts No-drop items Royal items Unique items Coins Gift items Change: Unfinished items will now turn into finished items in the same location they sat at, and will no longer drop in front of the player upon completion Change: Pregnancy timers have been reworked:The time until an animal gives birth is now far more precise and ticks down more reliably. Pregnancy time estimates now have variable accuracy and precision, based on Animal Husbandry skill. Your character’s estimate will be inaccurate by a random amount, like before, but now will become more accurate with skill, reaching 100% accuracy at 90 skill. The estimate is rounded to the nearest day at low skill, the nearest hour at 50-80 skill, and the nearest minute at 80+ skill. Pregnancy time estimates will now be shown when breeding the creature and in the Inspect Animal window, in addition to examining the creature. Pregnancy times on Defiance and Elevation are still significantly shorter than other servers. Change: Improved event messages when equipping and taking items from creatures. Change: Examine creature message improvementsExamining a creature will show non-trait-related details such as hunger and resource availability even if the creature has no traits Examine messages will now use pronouns related to the creature’s sex more consistently. Some messages have been consolidated into the same line to cut down on clutter. Change: Resources within the Inspect Animal window will now show separate lines for milking and shearing Change: Added the ability to untame creatures using the right click menu Change: Small anvils are now usable on the ground Change: Only uniques can bash walls now Change: Increased rename limits from 20 characters to 32 (for player added descriptions) Change: A player’s number of fat layers now has less impact on the weight carried by a mounted or hitched creature Change: Items that are no-drop on death will now show “Deathkept” and/or “Starter” on tooltip hover Change: Improved hay tile creation timer for new players Change: Brass oil lamp now has an updated model New: Halloween Event New: Coffee, tea, and cocoa drinks added. You can find the seeds through foraging. New: Added the ability to stop leading creatures by right clicking the rope New: UI additions to help players know why they may be walking slowlyWhen < 10% stamina, the stamina bar will flash When < 50% stamina and in water, the stamina bar will flash red When moving with climbing toggled, the climb button will flash When moving when weighed down at 25% or 5% speed, the heaviest item in the inventory will flash for several seconds Each of these changes can be turned off by going to the Settings menu, navigating to the UI tab, and scrolling halfway down. New: Reed seeds can now be planted in shallow water to create natural reed tiles. They require a depth of 29 dirts or less, on tiles with a slope of 20 or less. New: Creatures can now be hitched to hitching posts regardless of their body strength. This opens up many more creatures to being hitchable New: Gems that have favor stored in them will now display ‘Radiant’ in front of the name, in order to distinguish them more easily from non-vesseled gems New: Items with skins applied will now show the name of the skin when examined New: Players can now fillet meat and fish when riding an animal or embarked on a vehicle New: Added key binding compatibility for spyglass “spy” and pendulum “use” actions New: Egg laying creatures can now lay eggs on additional tile types including:Enchanted grass, moss, steppe, lawn, normal bushes, and enchanted bushes Mycelium, mycelium lawn, and mycelium bushes when corrupted by a Libila priest New: When sending mail, the event message stating the time until arrival will also display the recipient’s name New: Added a title for 100 Weaponsmithing. Congratulations Nineol!!! New: Tweaks to FurnacesRarity adds a chance to skip cooldown ticks. 10%, 15%, and 20% respectively for rare, supreme, and fantastic furnaces Added an event message for when fire is fading in a furnace Ovens will now burn as long as forges Fire state will now be visible for ovens, forges, and stills New: Added 3 new ways to call the guardsRight-click the attacker > Attacks > Call Guards Right-click the guard > Draft Guard Right-click the tower > Call Guards New: You can now leave a village that you are a citizen of (not a mayor) by right clicking your body/inventory/settlement token and going to Manage > Settlement > Leave Your Village. In addition, players can no longer be invited to a village via right-click if they are currently in a village, and must first leave their village (just like /vinvite) New: Added Waybread as a starter food item. This is no-drop/no-trade. New: Improved crafting weight requirement information when creating itemsAdded an event message showing the amount needed for an item Added weight required to Crafting Recipe window Added a back button the Crafting Recipe window New: Tweaks to FountainsDecorative fountains will become Wall Fountains and be functional Fountains will only display the water flowing model if they have a liquid inside When examining fountains, you will see an event message saying whether the fountain is filling with water because it is on a water source or not New: Added an option to disable the in-game Wurmpedia window New: Added a client option ‘High Transparency Water’ under the graphics tab. This should make underwater animals easier to see New: Speed penalties from a player’s currently equipped armor will now show when hovering over the equipment weight icon in the character window New: Status effects that have an accompanying spell effect will now show the power when hovering over them
  13. Hey all you ghouls and goblins, it’s time to celebrate the season of creepiness! Slay your way through the forests, mountains, and deserts for your chance to find some new Halloween drops, and grab your shovel or trowel to dig up some grave- errrr, spooky themed archaeology fragments. Note: The Spooktacular Skill Gain Event is not yet active and will begin with the scheduled update
  14. Change: Tweaks to mixing dye Color components that are equal in each dye will never be changed in the result. In other words, two dyes with the same amount of red will result in mixed dye with that same amount of red regardless of quality level.Color components that are not equal in each dye will always result in a change in the final product, rounding toward grey (128). In other words, if 1g of RGB 200,200,200 dye is mixed into 10,000L of RGB 1,1,1 dye, the resulting dye will be RGB 2,2,2. This is a special case only applied when the change would have otherwise rounded to nothing, such as when mixing vastly different quantities of dye.Color mixing is rounded to whole values later in the calculation, resulting in increased accuracy of mixing in certain cases.
  15. October’s “Seeker’s Lantern” skin will light up your world with a whole new style. Perfect to carry around as a light source, or to use as decor! Available through the month of October in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to a lantern to give it a unique and fancy look.