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  1. New: The title for 100 rake has been added New: The title for 100 Papyrusmaking has been added New: Added /servertime command for easier access of the local server timeNOTE: This will dictate the start and end time of events Change: Tangleweave changes as listed below:Cooldown increased to 5 mins Favour cost doubled to 30 Cast time increased to 7 seconds Change: Added a low glance rate bonus to all armour against poison.It now has a low glance rate but is still consistent and low across all armour types equally Change: Prevented all hitched creatures on PVE from being labelled enemies by village guards Change: Changed rowing boat creation requirement from mooring rope to regular rope Change: Disabled the /snipe feature Change: Changed the colours of butchered Valrei Items and Valrei mission items and their icons to tell the difference more easily:Valrei mission items have retained the bluish colouring Valrei items looted from epic mobs are now reddish in colour Bugfix text: Fixed messaging when finding a Valrei mission item while digging/investigating to more accurately describe the discovery Bugfix text: Fixed examine description of unfinished item parts list:Changed metal item names to “metal” instead of specific material Fixed item plurals Use ‘and’ on last part needed only Bugfix text: Removed ‘iron’ from improve messaging when a needle is needed Bugfix: Fixed mission traitor creatures and trees to keep their glow effect after a server restart, and the effect will properly vanish when they are killed Bugfix: Prevented cave wall tiles being converted back to rock salt after being mined and collapsing back into rock Bugfix: Corrected many item plurals, names of some always-plural items, and adjusted descriptions where needed:Corrected the names of all presumptive-plural items (acorn, wemp seed, etc.) Adjusted the plural names of many items that were wrong, excessively generic (especially important for things like missions), or that could be ambiguous in the future Updated some item descriptions to match, as well as one or two item descriptions that had errors in them Bugfix: Removed potions from the Marks store gift box which are not currently implementedRemoved Ointment of Masonry Removed Potion of Waterwalking Bugfix: Fixed crossing borders on boats to properly eject offline passengers Bugfix: Removed death sound and death notices from creature load location when the creature dies while on another server Bugfix: Fixed items moving slightly on server restarts causing some to move above ground PVP Change: Healing has been changed in the following ways:Cure light/medium/severe are only cast-able on wounds, not the body directly when the caster is riding a vehicle on PvP servers only Heal spells on PvP servers now increase resistance at 150% the normal rate PvP Change: Allowed Black Light kingdoms to have up to 3 Libila champions Client change: The screenshot file format option has been added back into settings with jpg being the default Client change: Reduced default sound and music volume Client bugfix: Fixed an issue when holding alt while placing items on other items
  2. Hi Everyone! We want to give you all a reminder that we are approaching the end of the free faith transfer for priests post player god removal. The free faith transfer option will expire at midnight (00:00) on May 1st, CEST If you are intending on transferring faith, please do so before then, as the only option after will be through the loyalty store. Regards, The Wurm Team
  3. Fix for the skin and marks portion of the April events not appearing. Continued tuning for Celebration.
  4. Celebration is now the first player-accessible live server running in AWS! This move should resolve the massive lag spikes we were seeing on Celebration, but we may experience growing pains as we adjust settings and resources for the server in AWS. The server is also still hosted in Germany. While connection lag such as from the United States and Australia will not go away it may improve some due to the AWS infrastructure. If reporting lag issues, please consider this connection lag. Also it’s best to judge lag over a period of time. The type of lag we’d expect to see would be smaller and frequent spikes, if any lag at all.
  5. Mission items will now be properly credited to the correct mission when sacrificed. No-drop items may once again be moved out of containers in a player’s inventory. Fixed gift boxes giving common (non-rare, non-supreme) bones. Clarification: When you get a bone from the gift box, it has a one in ten chance to be supreme, otherwise it’s rare. Fixed an issue causing mission and scenario progress to be lost.
  6. Change: A disband settlement confirmation window has been added to prevent unintended disbands Change: Monthly Marks skins will now change on the 10th of each month Change: Large planters can now be destroyed Change: Mission changes regarding Valrei mission items and region indicators as listed below: Valrei item sacrifice missions will now spawn items on the ground as before, in addition to being found through digging and investigating Valrei item sacrifice missions will now only accept the items spawned for that specific mission; sacrificing the item will always credit the mission that created it, and will never credit others Valrei mission items spawned prior to the follower bonus update will still work for any missionPlease be aware that this is not related to the name of the item, for future missions even if they require an item of the same name it will NOT work Digging or investigating for Valrei mission items will now check for an item for each valid mission independently, so if there are multiple Valrei item sacrifice missions active, players will have a greater chance of finding them Mission region indicators such as “center-west” have been replaced with approximate locations on the in-game map, for example “within about 5 map squares of 17 D”. Precision scales with server size, so larger servers are split up into more regions than smaller servers. Servers without an in-game map will continue to use the old system Bugfix: Mission item changes, fixes and removals as listed below:Removed pearl necklaces from create item missions Corrected flints and steel to read steel and flints for missions Bugfix: Removed reference to using a writ to destroy a finalized building planInstead of “Cannot remove the last part of a building doing that, please use the writ to destroy the building.” You will now get the message “Cannot remove the last part of a building doing that. Please use the building management screen to destroy the building.” Bugfix: Embark key-bind will no longer work on tents Bugfix: Hell horses will no longer unhitch from hitching posts when they get an age tick Bugfix: Mining a boulder or meteorite should now follow the same logic as mining a cave wall in terms of sound effects, stamina loss, pickaxe damage and key-bind Bugfix: Traders can once again be accessed through windows Bugfix: Spelling, text and grammar issues fixedRemoved incorrect space before period in tunneling-too-wide error message Fixed plural mouse-over on large planters for potatoes and tomatoesThis is not retroactive and will be updated when you tend them Bugfix: Fixed shield skins not being sent for watchers on login and other situations Bugfix: Removed drunk walk penalty when going below drunkenness threshold Applied drunk walk penalty when logging on with alcohol above threshold Bugfix: Extended the collision of the rope bridge walls to cover the tile in order to prevent reported rope bridge deaths Bugfix: Set player as owner of liquids when dragging partial liquid from one container to another:This bug would cause issues with dragging liquids from a larger container to a smaller container that could not hold it all. The player would then wind up with not having the recipe count as completed or the product would be capped at 20ql Bugfix: Allow movement between inventory and inventory groups for any item already in your inventory Bugfix: Leveling with a dredge from a boat will now properly abort once the boat and dredge are both full Bugfix: Fixed yield message when harvesting from weeds from a large planter box. Client Change: Key-bind added for Libila consume corpse ability
  7. Bugfix: Prevent non-plantable herbs & spices from being planted in a pottery planter using a keybind. Bugfix: Shortly after today’s update all wagoners should be back on the job.
  8. New: The monthly Marks skin for March has been added: Shield of the Ageless (large metal shield) Change: Wooden nameplate use changes listed below. Wooden nameplate rename text should now default to only the name you’re changing, not the prefixes (like “fat” or “aged”). Wooden nameplate rename feature should now abort with an error message if you try to rename a creature the same thing it was named before. Change: A server name has been added to the deed upkeep email for those people with deeds on various servers. Change: Fishing Rod Rack, Shield Rack and Saddle Rack are now Fine Carpentry instead of Carpentry. Saddle and Shield rack components have been changed to include pegs in the construction. Bugfix: Fix for some missions not having a deity name. Bugfix: Slope mouseover details should now be visible at the correct distance based on your digging skill and Magranon bonus if applicable. Bugfix: Repair timers should now have a 2s minimum even after reduction due to deity/material, and this should result in at least some QL loss every time. Bugfix: Fixed spacing issue in battlecamp raiding text. Bugfix: Text space issue corrected in the care for message. Bugfix: Fix for some missions not having a deity name. ART Bugfix: Glimmersteel and Adamantine hammers now have the proper graphics. Bugfix: Elevation is now again premium only
  9. Bugfix: Fixed the issue with crates not being able to be dragged to or from racks and wagoner containers Bugfix: Upkeep-left info should now be consistent across all settlement management windows Bugfix: Fixed mount rotation snap staying locked when using modifier keys Bugfix: Fixed random disembarking when using mounts or vehicles Bugfix: Fixed the new saddle racks and shield racks not appearing in crafting recipes Bugfix: Fixed premium time purchases being bugged Note: If you have not received your purchased premium time, submit a /support ticket and it will be awarded back to you
  10. Change: The first month 2 silver premium option has been removed. New first-time packages will appear in the shop soon instead. Since its inception the 2 silver introductory offer has not served the purpose it was originally designed to do, allow new players to fund their first premium time within the game. After reviewing the information regarding first time purchasers and alts, we have decided to remove this option. In the coming days we will be adding new first time packages of premium, 2 months for €7.99 or 2 months and 5 silver for €11.99 as replacement introductory offers. With this we will be also beginning to phase out the existing referral system, with ingame purchases as well as the new introductory offers via the shop no longer giving a referral. Ingame first time premium purchases will also no longer give 2 silver cashback, and instead will be available for 8 silver. New: Shield racks and Saddle racks have been added. A saddle rack will hold empty saddles, bardings, and bridles. Shield rack will hold any shield. Both of these will only hold 15 items. Both items will show woodtype You can load 3 racks into a large cart and 12 into a wagon New: Level 100 Archaeology title added New: A guaranteed creation result (no fail) has been assigned to low difficulty mass production bulk items. For mass production bulk items below a certain difficulty, the item will be created even on failure, and will never be created with a QL lower than either 20 or the player’s skill, whichever is lower. Material QL cap still applies. This only applies for simple item creation, not complex (multi-part) item creation. This pertains to non improvable bulk items. Examples of items include Plank Shaft Rivets Stone brick String of cloth Large nails Small nails Rope Thatch Clay brick Clay shingle Pottery shingle Wood shingle Yarn Rounded stone Kindling New: An effective QL curve of armour, shields, and weapons up to quality 70 has been added. Actual QL Effective QL 1 20 10 34.7 20 43.6 30 50.4 40 56.1 50 61.2 60 65.8 70 70 80 80 90 90 100 100 Change: New player starting gear will be reduced in actual quality but follow the new effective quality curve on armour, shields and weapons. Armour will be quality 10 Shield will be quality 10 Longsword will be quality 25. Change: Follower deity bonus changes listed below: The name of the deity you follow will now appear in your skill list next to the Religion catagory heading. Fo +15% skill gain to Nature & its sub skills, Healing & First Aid, and Cooking & its sub skills. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Stamina, Soul Depth scaled by alignment. Doubled the existing bonus to taming attempts. 20% slower food/water bar drain (Replacing previous +25% food gained when eating). +1 range for Gardening/Forestry-dependent mouseover info (trees, grass, etc.). +10% QL gain when improving cloth items. (Bugfix) Priests get defensive CR bonus on steppe in addition to the other “natural” tile types. Holy Crop Flower spawns will increase. Grass will grow faster. Vynora Removed 10% skill gain bonus from applying to Characteristics. Vynora followers and priests still get +10% skill gain to all other skills, except Fighting. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Mind Logic, Mind Speed scaled by alignment 5% shorter action timer when building walls. 10% shorter action timer when paving roads. 7.5% shorter repair timer. No more faith loss for non-priests destroying pavement/structures. +10% QL gain when improving wooden and clay items. Vynora missions will return to Freedom. Magranon +15% skill gain to Fighting subskills, all “weapon” skills & their subskills, and Archery & its subskills. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Body Control scaled by alignment. +1 Offensive CR (does not stack with +2 Offensive CR for priests in favoured terrain). +1 range for world slope/flatness mouseover info. +10% QL gain when improving metallic items. Ritual of the Sun Meteor showers will occur and boulder-like meteorites will land across the server which have random metal type and can be mined directly for lumps. All metals except alloys and moonmetals will be possible Difficulty of mining meteorites will be lower than mining an equivalent vein in a cave, leading to higher average quality of metals. Meteorites will not change terrain, and will avoid landing on highways, deeds, structures, and deep water. Libila +15% skill gain to Religion & its sub skills, Alchemy & its Natural Substances, and Thievery & its sub skills. +2.5%-10% skill gain to Body Strength, Soul Strength scaled by alignment. Ability to get meat from butchering human corpses. +1 Offensive CR (does not stack with +2 Offensive CR for priests in favoured terrain). +10% QL gain when improving leather items. (PvE Only) “Consume Corpse” ability to regain health from corpses by consuming their residual life energy. Only usable on non-butchered, non-damaged corpses, and when permissions would allow butchering. Health gained scales with creature CR, depending on creature type, age, and conditions (such as Champion or Greenish). Automatically targets your most severe wound, like healing spells. Sets corpse as “butchered”, so there is a choice between this and butchering products. When Rite of Death is in effect, Consume Corpse has a chance of triggering an effect similar to a Mindstealer enchantment. 10-minute cooldown timer. Rite of Death Mushrooms will spawn far more often, and on significantly more tiles. (PvE Only) Far less skill loss on death, similar in most cases to dying on deed. Libila followers and priests gain +15% combat damage (similar to a Magranon priest) and a bonus to Consume Corpse (see above) for the duration of the rite. General Rite Spell Changes To encourage long-term diligence instead of “grinding” them and to encourage all followers to pray from time to time instead of relying on mass-praying priests, only prayers and sermons that could cause valid Faith gains increase deity favour, which is used to charge Rite spells. Your god will still retain favor if you have 30 Faith as a follower or 100 as a priest; the prayer or sermon needs to be valid and check for Faith gain, but Faith gain itself is not necessary. Improvements to deity favor gain: Missions now give deity favour, partially scaled by difficulty of mission. Prayers and sermons now give 3 times as much deity favour as they did previously Spell effect visible to players in status icons and the spell effects window, showing which Rites are in effect and when they expire. Change: Pottery planters should now show “(Harvestable)” after name & planted herb/spice, but only when in a planter rack. Change: Both versions of the Place command have been consolidated into one. “Place” should now only appear in the main right-click menu, not under the “Move” submenu. It will appear in the menu whenever it would have appeared in either place before. It will automatically select the “drop & place” action when possible (i.e. when the player could pick up the item and drop it), and otherwise, it should use the slower action that moves the item across the ground in increments. Change: Uncaring for a creature via right-click option now has a pop-up question asking if you’re sure you want to do it. Change: Certain month based calculations are now defined as 30 days instead of 28 A month in upkeep is a 30 day duration. Upkeep email will be sent at the 30 day mark (was previously sent at 28 days hence some confusion). Characters that have never been premium will be deleted after 3 months (90 days) absence instead of 84 days Change: Trader changes including placement on deed only. See list below. Traders can be placed on all servers now. Traders can only be placed on a deed and will disappear if the deed disbands or the trader ends up outside the deed tiles due to resizing. Traders will only SELL premium items via a new shop interface. You interact with a trader via using the right click menu and choose ‘Open trader store’ Traders will deduct the cost of your purchase from your bank account. Traders will reduce the deed upkeep cost by 20%. Traders no longer need to be placed inside a building in order to open shop. Traders will no longer have the ‘sell’ option in their right click menu. Trader items have been reduced in price. The Golden Mirror has been added to traders for 15 silvers. Change: Details have been added to the Marks redemption screen for the Gift Box and the Tome redemption. Gift Box item chances: 65% – sleep powder 10% – seryll lump, glimmersteel lump, adamantine lump <1% – star gems, imbue potions, Rod of Transmutation, staff of land, pale mask, rare strange bone, cavalier helmet, plumed helm of the hunt, mask of the challenger, challenge statue Magical Tome variations Available variants: Red tome, Tome of incineration, Green Tome of Magic, Black tome, Blue tome, White tome, Libram of the night Change: Large planter box farming adjusted to be more in line with tile based farming. Rake quality, rarity, player skill, as well as just general tending of the crop will both increase yield and quality of the growing crop, matching that of tile based farming. Harvest quality will now match that of tile farming. Change: Level 70 butchering title changed to Slicer for both male and female. Change: Creator signatures have been added to tapestries. Change: Mission items now require being the named item for the mission to advance Change: The Stone Strike enchant bonus has been increased to up to 60% so that it’s beneficial at any mining level. Bugfix: A number of tooltips have been fixed for grammar, spelling, clarity and factual information. See notes below: Grammar fixes: Added ending punctuation for effect descriptions that were missing them, for consistency In-game stats that need to be recognized as such now have initial caps, e.g. “Fighting” skill and “Combat Rating” Some other minor grammar corrections to individual descriptions Factual errors/Outdated info: Corrected Excel description to properly state it’s a defensive CR bonus, not a parrying bonus Corrected healing resistance description to say it applies to magical healing, not just the Heal spell Corrected PoP Stamina of the Vibrant Light description; it’s not 50% of anything Corrected PoK death protection description, as it does protect fighting-related skills, just not Fighting Clarifications: Clarified PoL healing (previous description made it sound like your natural regen is 1.5 times as fast, which is wrong or at least very misleading) Clarified Goat Shape affecting climbing ability, not the skill itself (this is also in line with the spell description itself) Clarified confusing phrasing on stamina ring effect description Added “for new players” to all newbie buffs, previously only on one of them, for more clarity to newbies Added specific numbers for sorcery damage reduction buffs, since the damage increase debuffs had them and this info is already public. Misc.: Several god-related effect names and descriptions were somehow swapped. For instance, Spirit Fervor was instead named “Deity combat rating bonus” with “Spirit Fervor” as the description. This has been rectified. Bugfix: Various spelling and grammar fixes. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the improve icon on a high quality item with a high skill would often not change to the proper icon. Bugfix: Fixed meditation rug rarity-based bonus to meditation skillgain. Rare = 10% bonus to skillgain. Supreme = 20% bonus to skillgain. Fantastic = 30% bonus to skillgain. Bugfix: Mashed, minced, wrapped, and non-raw (cooked, steamed, fried etc.) food should no longer go into FSBs. The following items will still go into bulk bins: Flour Dough Filleted fish/meat Diced meat Chopped vegetables Ground herbs and spices Bugfix: Referrals should now properly grant 1500 marks upon redemption. Bugfix: Another fix to resolve instant decay of anchors when raised. Bugfix: Fixed a few issues with recipes and ingredients as stated below. Prevent more salty and non-salty liquid foods from mixing. Corrected Lore option mistaking white sauce for mayonnaise Show more information for simpler items in recipes e.g. “fish fillet <snook>”. Bugfix: You can no longer take a portion of honey or use the place keybind on liquids. Bugfix: Fixed some combat issues resulting in the priority issues change. PvP Change: Elevation is now a Premium Only server. If you are currently on Elevation and not premium you will be given a chance to leave the server for either your Home Server or Freedom Isles. PvP Change: Added 70 fight skill and premium requirement to capturing battle camps. PvP Bugfix: Possible fix for an issue which would cause the founding of a PMK to crash instead of properly completing the founding. ART bugfix: Pickaxe heads should now have the correct model. New: Holding autowalk key instead of pressing it once will align your mount or vehicle to nearest 45 degree angle New: Added mount controls option to the Game settings This replaced the "Rotate player with mount" option You can either use the regular control scheme (no change), rotate player with mount, or rotate mount towards the camera when moving Change: The third person camera is now more smooth when riding a horse Bugfix: Added the third person keybinds (CHANGE_VIEW, ZOOM_OUT, ZOOM_IN) to the keybind settings Bugfix: Adjusted the quality of water reflections
  11. As of the 1st of March 2020 GMT Real Money Trading will no longer be allowed within game rules. Read More…
  12. Change: The Marks store random affinity feature will now exclude Hammers category (artifacts) Change: Affinities will now work for Fighting skillgain Bugfix: Change ‘random ore’ to ‘chosen ore’ in the Marks shop’s description of the rod of transmutation Bugfix: Fixed Stone Stike so that it can only be cast on pickaxes. Bugfix: Fixed spelling error of receive on Marks and Jackal shops. Bugfix: The monthly skin target item name will now be more specific Bugfix: Fixed Jackal portals reopening after finished Rifts
  13. Hotfix: Fixed meditation rug refreshing issue for users with no path chosen. Hotfix: People who have had their Marks zeroed should now have the correct value shown.
  14. The initial end date of the free faith transfers has been moved to May 1st, 2020 Hotfix: The Marks store should be open to check the status of your Marks. Hotfix: Fixed Jackal store closing which was unintended. Hotfix: Fixed meditation rug refreshing issue for users with no path chosen. Hotfix: Server transfer issues should be fixed. Client fix: Toned down water lighting. Client fix: Third person camera will now respect the mouse sensitivity setting. Client fix: Backpacks will now appear on your character when using the third person camera.