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  1. Hi Everyone, The skill transfer from Jackal to Freedom is now live. By now you may have seen a small tick in skills that transferred over. We have increased the amount that transfers as well as allowed for fight skill to transfer too. If you encounter any bugs please post them on the forums as usual! Keep in mind Fighting skill will not show the increase in the skill tab and instead updates the value directly in the Skills menu. Happy Hunting!
  2. Change: Renamed “Tie off” to “Hitch” on hitching posts New: Added title for 100 repairing. Bugfix: Fixed being able to rename not owned items Bugfix: Hitching posts will now use permissions for the Open option Bugfix: Fixed excessive rarity shine on armor Bugfix: Fixed dyed armor looking incorrect Bugfix: Fixed incorrect hair color Bugfix: Face skin tone should no longer differ from the body
  3. New: Emails will be sent to deed mayors when upkeep falls below 30 days and again when it falls below 7 days. Change: Decorative items in containers and placed on other items should no longer decay. Due to the situation with Xanadu not receiving the 5 hours sleep bonus after the rollback, we will be providing all servers with 10 hours sleep bonus during the regular restart on the 14th of November. Bugfix: Fixed a bug where some items made before the signature update didn’t actually show the signatures when over 20 quality. Bugfix: The volume of measuring jugs can be adjusted while the jug is in inventory or in an inventory subgroup. It cannot be adjusted if the jug is inside a container. Bugfix: Hitching posts can now be placed and turned when not planted. Bugfix: Fixed an issue where relatively new traders failed to have merchant and trader contracts in their inventory for sale. Bugfix: Fixed the issue with some decorations and light sources not getting heating to glowing in a fire source. Bugfix: Change stone shards’ description to match the name. Bugfix: Fixed blue terrain on certain settings Bugfix: Fixed some of the excessive shininess
  4. We’ve had to roll back the database to before the update earlier this morning. We’ve awarded 5 hours of sleep bonus as compensation. Additionally we’ve disabled Jackal skill transfers for the time being. We’ve fixed the exploit that caused the need for a rollback, however we are investigating the severe lag caused by transferring.
  5. Jackal change: Jackal skill transfer has been tweaked and re-enabled Jackal change: Premium time and login: Jackal requires premium time in order to transfer to the server. If you lose premium time while on Jackal, you can pay for more time in the shop and then log in again. Plan ahead to be sure you have enough premium time if you wish to continue playing on Jackal and wish to pay with in game silver. If your premium happens to run out unexpectedly and you wish you pay with silver, you now will be able to log into Jackal and will have 2 minutes to pay for premium in game. If premium is not paid for within that time, you will automatically be transferred back to the server you were on prior to going to Jackal. Change: Signature added to additional items upon creation: Archaeology journal Armour stand Banner Beautiful meditation rug Bow rack Copper needle Dioptra Explorer tent Exquisite meditation rug Fine meditation rug Flag Iron needle Kingdom banner Kingdom flag Kingdom tabard Large saddle Meditation rug Military tent Pavilion Polearms rack Range pole Saddle Tall kingdom banner Wardrobe Weapons rack Quality of life changes and fixes: Enchanted Grass can now be cultivated. Lawn and mycelium lawn can now be be cultivated. Decorative pillars can now be transported so they can be hauled up / down. You can now attach mine doors to wide cave entrances (PVE only). Enchanted trees / bushes, will no longer age. Creatures getting branded will now remain stationary during the action. Trash Heaps are now transportable, they can also be hauled up / down. You can now plan a building with a trowel. Large Oil Barrel can now be planted / secured. Ballistae can now be planted / secured. Slabs made of rock shards will now be called stone slabs. Hitching posts have now been added: Any creature that can be hitched to a large cart can be hitched to a hitching post. Hell Horses can be “Tied Off” to a hitching post at any age that is not a foal. A hitching post can hold 3 creatures. Creatures can eat from the trough of a hitching post, as long as there is food in it, that they are normally able to eat. Untamed Hell Horses hitched to a hitching post are docile and will not attack anything as long as they have food in there trough. A creature will eat from a trough at the same rate as they would normally graze / eat from pile. A hitching post cannot be picked up it can only be transported. Hitching posts are lockable and spawn with a 1ql lock on creation. You cannot load or move a hitching post with creatures hitched to it. Hitching posts have 2 main permissions, Manage and Use. A person with use perms can unhitch any horse by either right clicking the horse and clicking unhitch (singular), or right clicking the hitching post and clicking Animals > Unhitch (All of em). Only creature edible items can be placed into a trough (seed, meat, veg, fish and so on). Bugfix: Fixed an issue where archaeological journals inside equipped backpacks were not found and updated when investigating. Bugfix: Fixed a few incorrect fragment icons which displayed completed item icons. Bugfix: Fixed a rare issue where archaeology caches wouldn’t be visible until you moved away from the tile then returned. Change: Introduced HDR rendering to fix oversaturation and improve visuals. Lights overlapping will no longer so easily oversaturate into a white blob. Winter visuals will now appear much more toned. Light range has increased with this change. Make sure to re-configure your deed's lighting setup. Change: Shadow rendering has been revamped for more detail and distance. New: Added Ambient Occlusion option to the post-process settings. This adds shadows in geometry creases and increases the visual fidelity There's Disabled, Medium and High settings - High should be left only to the best performing configurations, and is just a slight improvement over Medium This is turned on by default. If you experience worse performance after this update, try switching it to disabled. Bugfix: Rain occlusion (no rain indoors) will now work on Mac. Bugfix: Fixed animations of 2h weapons and bows.
  6. Bugfix: Rift resources will now decay slower. Resources for Jackal beacons and Rift Scouts will have their damage removed. If resources are missing the beacon will respawn them. Bugfix: To avoid confusion the Rift and Jackal points purchase option will no longer be available on Jackal. Note: The Jackal skill transfer is still disabled until further tweaks and testing.
  7. Change: Corpses can no longer be placed inside of a mailbox, even if runed. Bugfix: Fixed some grammar and spelling issues. Jackal: Skill transfer to Freedom enabled. Skill gained on Jackal will partially transfer to Freedom.
  8. Bugfix: Windowed mode should no longer be resizable Bugfix: Fixed arrow keys showing as NULL in context menus Bugfix: The deed exporter will now output to file in the Wurm’s main directory on Linux and Mac Bugfix: Fixed animal worn items (saddles, bardings) being affected by color and condition Bugfix: Numlock will now affect the keypad keys (using arrows instead) Bugfix: rift beasts will now move properly into melee range Bugfix: summoned creatures will now properly despawn if the summoned is killed. Burning hearts with any rift creatures tied to it will have the creatures move to the person burning Spyglasses can now be crafted on jackal only. Fixed certain tools not triggering the improvement journal goal Bugfix: addressed some issues with phantasm being cast on multiple creatures.
  9. Please note: The JNLP client for the game will soon be removed. Please use your native launcher available and report any bugs you encounter with it before it is too late! You can find the native launcher for your OS here: // The following 100 skill titles have been added!100 Cloth Tailoring. 100 Baking. 100 Huge Axe . Jackal Bugfix: The mission percentage bar for Jackal will now display the correct progression. Jackal Bugfix: Spawned Jackal creatures by beacons will now be able to be attacked and slain.
  10. Jackal Point shop The Jackal point shop will now be open. Every week a new weapon skin will be unlocked. Tokens are no drop, but can be traded between players. Once applied to the weapon the token will disappear and the weapon will keep that skin until another skin token is applied to it. Skinned items will have an examine message indicating it is skinned. Jackal Bugfixes and Changes The difficulty of gathering rift materials on jackal has been reduced. No wasted attempts on gathering failure on jackal. Destroying Jackal beacons will now give more information about the server progression Bugfix: Epic kingdoms will now be correct when returning to Epic after Jackal Epic portals will not work from JackalAll travel to and from Jackal must go via Freedom. General Changes Bugfix: Warmasters will now correctly lose invulnerability after all turrets destroyed Bugfix: Armour damage values from rift creatures have been reduced Bugfix: Jackal creatures will no longer appear in Freedom missionsAll existing Jackal creatures spawned from missions on Freedom will be removed with this update
  11. The fullscreen game window will now open on the same monitor as the launcher was on. Keybind settings have been changed to show keys in system’s keyboard locale Mac: The native launcher has been built for compatibility with OS X 10.8+. Note: those affected will need to redownload the application from our main page Mac: Fixed blurry display on Retina screens
  12. Jackal Change: Trade chat will now be split between Jackal and other Freedom servers Jackal Change: Rift points gained for completing a rift scout area has been increased. Jackal Bugfix: Corrected jackal influence examine message Jackal Bugfix: Non premium players will now be blocked from attempting to use the lodestone Jackal Bugfix: Players can now ascend to priesthood at Freedom beacons. Jackal Bugfix: Rift scouts will no longer count towards rift creature cap Jackal Bugfix: Rift mobs should no longer get stuck on deed borders Bugfix: Tweaked spawn table to stop wild boar overpopulation Bugfix: Corrected lamps appearing unlit.
  13. Added missing Jackal sounds Fixed beacon effects disappearing when main structure is out of view Added normal/specular maps to Rift creatures The post Patch Notes 3/SEP/19 appeared first on Wurm Online.