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  1. August’s “Bjarne Backpack” lets you bring your adorable fuzzy buddy everywhere you go! Available through the month of August in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any backpack to give it a unique and fancy look.
  2. To curb switching faith for bonuses, you now must have 30 faith to claim rewards from a rite event. Religion is intended to be a long-term choice in Wurm. Bridge planning will now prevent illegal characters from being used in the bridge’s name. Transferring to Chaos from Freedom at a natural border crossing is no longer possible when PVP crossings are disabled for anyone on the boat. Added a new title for reaching 100 skill in Gardening. Congrats Richtje!
  3. We will be having an extra maintenance restart on July 21st, at 15:00 CEST.
  4. Bugfix: Fixed the Scale of Libila cooldown not working for the on use effect. It now shares the 4 hours cooldown with the animate corpse effect. Change: Changed the foreign chat channels description to allow more types of discussion outside help and group finding. New: Added a Spanish global chat, you can enable this in your profile menu by right clicking your body.
  5. Bugfix: Fixed a text error in event message when planning a bridge. Bugfix: Fixed a text error when failing to make a press/fruit press. Change: Treasure map model will now be slightly larger when dropped/placed. Note: Champions on Chaos will officially be removed with this update. Any champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp. July’s “Raider’s Axe” skin gives a sharp and spikey look to your Axe! Available through the month of July in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any regular Large Axe (not Huge or Small) to give it a unique and fancy look.
  6. Bugfix: Fixed an issue that was causing cedar items to decay much slower than intended. Bugfix: Another fix to allow proper triggering of multiple journal goals by one achievement. Bugfix: Fixes to UI lag issues. Bugfix: Moon metal archaeology fragments will now transform into proper moon metal materials when the item is completed. Bugfix: Can no longer place merchants on a bridge without a stall. PVP Change: Must now place a merchant within your own kingdom’s influence on PVP servers. Champions on Chaos With champions having been removed from Epic and never introduced onto Defiance, the topic has also come up several times about removing them from Chaos. We feel that this is the best short-term solution until we have a chance to rebalance and reintroduce them. We will disable champions for Chaos during the maintenance reset on July 12th. When this happens, any existing champion that logs in will dechamp shortly after, with -5 to all characteristics instead of the normal -6; everything else functions as a normal dechamp. We hope to bring champions back in the future, but in a way that makes them less of a requirement to remain competitive and more of a fun gameplay choice.
  7. Bugfix: Clarified description of “Create a Set of Cloth Armour” journal goal to mention tabards. Change: “Create an Animal Skin Rug” goal will now accept mountain lion rugs. Bugfix: Journal goals that exist in more than one tier, such as creating a chess set, are now triggered immediately in all applicable tiers when completed. Change: Chess pieces will appear slightly larger now when placed/dropped on the ground. Bugfix: Forage and Botanize will now give a chance for a rare roll for rare items given mid action. Change: Changed how maps are generated to fix issues with black splotches extending from the top of some maps. Bugfix: UI Fixes: Fixed toolbelt not updating as often as it should. Fixed no target button on the target window being delayed when hovering. Fixed flashing elements to update as they should when animated (for climbing button and inventory).
  8. Bug fix: Corrected description of “Create a Meditation Rug” achievement. Bug fix: The “Create 10 Masonry Fences” goal will now properly progress upon completion of any fence using the Masonry skill. Bug fix: Achievements related to foraging cacoa beans now refer to the correct item and will trigger properly. Bugfix: Fireplaces will now also give warnings about placing burnable items on them. Bugfix: The cutlass and sabre rewards from treasure hunting are now improvable. Bugfix: Can no longer cast dispel on items which have no enchants or you do not have permission to dispel. Bugfix: (PVP) You must now be within range of a chained tower or village token to build or continue a new guard tower. Change: Removed non combat hard skill requirements from focusing and left it to just the fighting skill roll instead.This fixes being unable to focus with the new combat UI
  9. June’s “Small Prickly Cactus” skin brings a decorative desert-y feel to pottery planters! Available through the month of June in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any empty pottery planter to give it a unique and fancy look. Bugfix: Fixed some issues with windows not updating as often as they should. Bugfix: “Bake a pie, tart, or cake” journal goal will now trigger as intended when baking one of these items. Bugfix: For journal goals consisting of multiple distinct achievements, such as “Mine Copper and Tin” and “Milk a Cow, Bison, and Sheep”, the journal window will now show which percentage of those tasks you have completed instead of showing the entire task as complete when you have only completed some of them. Bugfix: Paving a tile underground will now grant credit toward the “Pave 10 Tiles” journal goal. Bugfix: “Write with Black Ink and a Reed Pen” journal goal will now be awarded properly. Bugfix: Removed reference to “stone” material in oven and forge descriptions. Bugfix: Throwing a snowball at a creature outside of combat will now trigger the appropriate Steam achievement. Bugfix: Runes that adjust the size or volume of an item can no longer be applied or dispelled if the item contains other items, or is contained inside another item. Bugfix: Treasure map clues will now correctly identify the style of guard towers mentioned in them. Change: Treasure hunts will now avoid picking a tile inside a structure for treasure hunt locations. Change: Nearby villages for challenge steps on Treasure hunts will now be closer to the actual location. Change: Archery Towers will no longer be in the list of Treasure Hunt steps. New: Newly generated old village maps may have hover text to show what icons are referencing. New: Added a right-click option to maps to show/hide a colour legend.
  10. Server Bug Fix: Fix for some treasure caskets being unable to be opened. Change: Vehicle names are now limited to 120 characters to prevent issues. Client Change: UI FPS setting increased in two presets.Medium: from 15 to 30 Low: from 5 to 10 Bug Fix: Fixes for window ordering, flickering, and updating. Bug Fix: Changes made to tile decorations have been reverted to address memory consumption issues.
  11. Comments Journal entries are not updated for previously made items.This is intentional as we cannot track the previous completion of items. While the creator tag exists, it is unreliable and unavailable on all items.Server Fixes The mill salt goal should now trigger properly. The 50 Recipes goal will now trigger retroactively. Water/Food will now once again drain down. Olive oil and spit-roasting recipes have returned, and their achievements should function. Fixed rare cases where a map would fail to find a location. Mules are no longer valid mission targets. Client Fixes Fixed in-game Wurmpedia Fixed delay when hiding the UI Fixed some UI elements always being on top Added right-click option to clues with text for copying the text
  12. Bugfix: Fixed Theft Warning window from being cut off. Fixed headers in some windows being cut off. Bugfix: Corrected the spelling in rift plant description. Bugfix: Fixed a text error when examining a cow. Bug fix:Removed blank event tab message when harvesting dried grass. Bugfix: Corrected wording of event tab message when attempting to hitch a creature to a hitching post of too low quality. Change: The burn warning for placing items on something that will damage them is now an alert and will be a different colour in the event tab. Bugfix: Fixed attempting to paste some emojis, then clicking, causing a crash. Bugfix: Removed some information from corners and borders of tiles. Hovering over tile corners will no longer slow slope information. Hovering over tile corners and tile borders will no longer show grass height information. Bugfix: Planting flowers in a flowerpot or marble planter will now leave the container where it is, instead of moving it to the player’s inventory. Bugfix: Planting things in a marble planter, flowerpot, or pottery planter will now retain more data of the original empty item, including any enchantments, runes, or custom colour. Bugfix: Fixed difficulty when picking cocoa or coffee from pottery planters. Bugfix: Items that are lighter than normal can no longer be planted in pottery planters, and items that are heavier than normal (such as combined items) will only remove the required amount of weight when planted, not the entire item. Bugfix: Rope tools now count as “tools” for item improvement achievements. This change applies to all rope tools, including those that existed prior to this update. Bugfix: Fixed a bug where some bulk items, and items with all of their enchantments dispelled, would be prevented from selling to token, discarding, or burning. Bugfix: Birdcages will now be brass when created and pre-existing Birdcages will be reverted back to brass. Bugfix: Mules can no longer receive the “chance to produce twins” trait, as they cannot produce offspring at all. Bugfix: Missions to create altars will now specify the type of altar needed. Bugfix: The scale of Libila use effect now has a 4 hour cool down. Bugfix: Fixed phobia mode models when placing. Bugfix: Map annotations now render at the correct position regardless of UI scale. Change: Digging and flattening changes. Increased the max slope lower level characters can dig from 10 to 30. Fixed flattening calculations to use the intended max slope for lower level characters. Flattening a tile will now lower the tile if you do not have the final dirt needed to raise it to a flat state. Change: Reduced the house planning calculation by 5 to make the first tile of a house free. Change: Death message for a creature dying of disease or starvation now varies depending on the creature’s body type, and has improved grammar. Change: Many soft or pliable items (such as pelts, leather, and many cloth items) no longer check the specific dimensions of the container they are placed in. In other words, the container must still have enough volume for these items, but simply being too large in one direction will no longer cause them not to fit. This means that some items may fit in containers they did not fit in before, such as colourful carpets fitting inside large carts, and pelts fitting inside small chests. Change: The burn warning for placing items on something that will damage them is now an alert and will be a different colour in the event tab. Change: Sound options in the settings can now all be changed while the game is running. New: Double-clicking the spell effects icon bar will now toggle the spell effects window on or off. New:Players can now empty marble planters, flowerpots, and pottery planters by activating a shovel or trowel, right-clicking the item, and clicking “Empty”. Emptying a flowerpot or marble planter will put the appropriate type of flower bouquet into the player’s inventory. For flowers planted after this change, the quality and damage of the flowers will be based on the quality and damage of the flowers used to plant it. For flowers planted before this change, the resulting flower will be 70QL. Change: The following actions can now be performed with an activated container containing the appropriate items, without having to activate the item itself. For example, you may now queue multiple sowing actions using a satchel containing seeds. This will allow you to fill your entire action queue without having to change toolbelt slots or activate different items in between actions. Each action will use the first valid item found inside the container. Items inside sub-containers (such as a seed inside a satchel inside a backpack) can be used, but items directly inside the activated container are given preference. The full list of supported actions is as follows: Sowing crops on dirt tiles Planting sprouts on tiles Planting hedges on tile borders Planting flowers, grass, thatch, or reed on tiles Planting things in pottery planters. To make this easier, selecting a toolbelt slot with a container will now, by default, activate the container instead of the first item found inside. This behaviour can be toggled on demand; clicking the same toolbelt slot again (or pressing the appropriate key binding, if any) will switch between activating the container and activating the item inside like before. This preference is set per toolbelt slot and is saved with the toolbelt arrangement. Treasure Hunts: Players will have a chance to find treasure maps during rare rolls on the following actions: Farming/Harvesting Botanize/Forage Actions Digging Mining Investigating Archeology Sites Fishing/Dredging Praying Different maps have different difficulties. Harder maps will be less common but have better treasures! Novice(1/5 chance on rare roll)(1-29ql) Will be between 2-3 steps long Will have very small combat challenges occasionally. Will not be terribly far from the locations they are found. Challenging(1/10 chance on rare roll, supreme rolls will always give one)(30-59ql) Can be 3-5 steps long Will have decent sized and not infrequent combat challenges. Will be a moderate distance from the locations they are found. Difficult(1/25 chance on rare roll, fantastic rolls will always give one)(60 – 100ql) Can be 4-6 steps long Will always have difficult creatures to kill for most every step Will be long distances away from the locations they are found. There are several different clue types to help you find your treasure! Map clue: Shows a map with a location you must go to, will not be super close to villages or in an enclosed area. Right clicking the map and selecting the hint option will draw a circle on your ingame map with a general area to search, the area gets larger on harder clues. Deed Ruins clue: Works similar to the maps but will be focused on areas that past villages have existed. Right clicking the map and selecting the hint option will draw a circle on your ingame map with a general area to search, the area gets larger on harder clues. Will mark nearby disbanded villages on the map as well as the area to dig. Challenge clue: will give an area and some information about an item from a list of items to find. Any guard tower that are not enclosed or near or in a village Colossus that are not enclosed or near or in a village Mission Constructed items that are not in caves/enclosed or near villages. Will mention what map grid it is near, this becomes less precise the more difficult it is. Combat Challenges: when you try to dig up a location you may come across some creatures ambushing you which you must defeat before you can continue digging it up. Will go into hiding again after 45 minutes if not yet killed until you come and dig again, then the same remaining creatures will ambush you again. Creatures from this will drop no corpses but will give skill for fighting. Digging up treasures! Use a shovel on the ground and select the dig up treasure option which will check if any clues you have on you are at your location. Has some grace distance, you do not need to dig on the exact tile/item it picks just near it. This grace distance is even larger the easier the clue is. Journal update: Various changes and expansions have been made to the Journal system: Several new journal tiers related to skills and groups of skills have been added, targeted toward newer players just starting to learn and use those skills. These can be unlocked by reaching 20 in a relevant skill, comprise goals related to those skills, and reward 2 hours of sleep bonus and a new title when completed. Two new journal tiers related to treasure hunting have been added. Both tiers will be available and visible to all characters with an active premium subscription: “Hunting for Clues”: Involves actions that can find treasure maps, and rewards you with a bonus treasure hunt map as well as 1 hour of sleep bonus and a new title. “Hunting for Treasure”: Involves finding treasures, and rewards you with a random high-tier treasure hunt prize as well as 1 hour of sleep bonus and a new title. The Journal system now supports journal tiers requiring less than 100% of their goals to be completed in order for the tier itself to be completed. This is to add some flexibility to the system and account for a wider variety of play styles. This change applies to all new and existing journal tiers. Existing journal tiers have had one goal added per tier, and now allow you to skip one goal of your choice and still complete that tier. The number of goals required in a tier can be viewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the tier in the Journal window. Instead of instantly granting you the reward on your current server/cluster, completing a journal tier will now unlock a “Claim” button you can use to receive the reward at the time and place of your choosing. Graphics Profiles and UI Changes: The settings windows (both the launcher and in-game versions) have been shuffled around to a new layout to support the addition of graphics profiles available on the Graphics tab. There are 5 new graphics profiles that will change settings that impact performance so you don’t have to. These profiles include Minimum, Low, Medium, High and Maximum. The final choice in this option is Custom, which will enable the Custom Graphics tab to change any performance-related settings manually. There are some settings that are changed within these profiles that will require a client restart before taking effect, but since the majority do not you are able to change your graphics profile while the client is running for an immediate change. Selecting these profiles does not change your custom settings at all, so you will be able to switch from Custom to one of the profiles and back with no lost settings. Existing players will default to the Custom profile, while new players will default to the Medium profile. UI Buffer: The majority of UI elements have been shifted to buffered rendering, meaning that they will no longer update every frame, instead only when changed. In addition to this, there is a new setting in the Custom Graphics tab to allow limiting the FPS of the UI independently of the normal game FPS. Enabling this setting should increase overall FPS in most cases, with the downside of the UI feeling less smooth the lower the UI FPS limit is set. Some windows (particularly animated ones) are excluded from this buffer and will update at the normal game FPS. Other Changes: Text rendering should be slightly faster. Disabling reflections and animations will now properly disable them. The in-game browser will no longer load in the background if the Wurmpedia setting is disabled. Terrain detail and tile decoration settings are now editable while in-game. Fixed the hitbox of the hide button on the Main Menu. Added an option to the User Interface settings to hide filters in inventory windows. Added an option to the User Interface settings to keep the fight window disabled in combat. Fixed a sizing issue with clicking through the invisible part of window headings. Fixed item icons in inventories not scaling up properly with UI scale.
  13. Change: You can no longer mine, dig, tunnel, cultivate or pack on any PvP starter deeds. Lock picking is still fine. New: May’s Monthly Skin! May’s “Messer Sword” skin gives a beautiful look and knife-like hilt to your longsword! Available through the month of May in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any longsword to give it a unique and fancy look.
  14. Change: Spawn counts on donkeys have been reduced. This should allow for more diverse creature spawns
  15. Check out the latest issue of the Valrei International to see a bit of what the dev team has been working on!