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  1. Hiya Princess I'd say you're looking too far northwest This is rushed drawing too so don't count on it being perfect but I quickly drew the tundra shape There's a line on the left hand side, shows some kind of paved path which I believe isn't on community map, so try to look out for that too
  2. # What happened 1. One of the ambush monsters, a Mature Hidden Deathcrawler Minion, was hostile upon digging, but became Friendly / non-hostile after moving a few tiles away. My character is Vynora and only a Follower. I could manually choose to attack it, and of course it became hostile in response. But like most normal non-hostile creatures, I can move a few tiles away and it resets from hostile to non-hostile. 2. Ambush monsters could be "Dug up" and teleported to the starting point again once, and then could NOT be dug up again for quite some time. This is when monsters were originally dug up from this treasure map (difficult, 75 ql): [22:25:54] The aged Hidden Huge spider has arrived. [22:25:54] The mature Hidden Black bear has arrived. [22:25:54] The mature champion Hidden Troll has arrived. [22:25:54] The mature Hidden Crocodile has arrived. [22:25:54] The mature Hidden Hell Hound has arrived. [22:25:54] The aged Hidden Anaconda has arrived. [22:25:54] The mature Hidden Deathcrawler minion has arrived. [22:25:54] Creatures guarding this location ambush you! This is the first try at digging them up again, which was successful (the remaining Champion Troll and Deathcrawler Minion were alive and teleported successfully): [22:32:07] Creatures are guarding this location still. [22:32:12] You are now too far away to attack the mature champion Hidden Troll. These are multiple tries at digging them up again, which failed: [22:49:20] Creatures are guarding this location still. [22:50:35] Creatures are guarding this location still. [22:52:56] Creatures are guarding this location still. [22:55:56] Creatures are guarding this location still. [22:59:19] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:01:20] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:12:45] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:17:55] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:22:55] Creatures are guarding this location still. By the way, I believe the monsters did NOT go back into hiding. I already submitted a previous bug report about this 2 months ago here: Also, the friendly Deathcrawler Minion was still spawned, found wandering some distance away out of local, so definitely alive and around and not hiding. The Champion Troll was nowhere to be found. [23:45:47] You are now too far away to attack the mature Hidden Deathcrawler minion. The Deathcrawler Minion was killed. I logged out long enough to fully disconnect (/lotime). I attempted multiple times more, which failed: [23:29:10] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:41:14] Creatures are guarding this location still. [23:48:36] Creatures are guarding this location still. Video of attempting digging and failing: As you can see I waited 1 hour 23 minutes after the original spawn time, and 1 hour 13 minutes after the first successful re-dig. This is all well after the supposed "45 minutes to go back into hiding" timer, which still seems bugged, but just making sure. It was successful only after a GM came to watch, of course. Haha. [01:08:53] Creatures are guarding this location still. [01:09:02] You are now too far away to attack the mature champion Hidden Troll. It seemed to be an arbitrary amount of time to work properly again... I also tested this with a different treasure map (difficult, 93 ql). Monsters originally dug up at this time: [02:04:41] The aged Hidden Brown bear has arrived. [02:04:41] The aged Hidden Black bear has arrived. [02:04:41] The mature hardened Hidden Troll has arrived. [02:04:41] The aged hardened Hidden Crocodile has arrived. [02:04:41] Creatures guarding this location ambush you! First try at digging them up again, which was successful: [02:06:52] Creatures are guarding this location still. [02:06:54] You are now too far away to attack an aged brown bear. [02:07:13] You are now too far away to attack the aged hardened Hidden Troll. Tried to dig them up again, which failed: [02:08:28] Creatures are guarding this location still. # What you expected to happen 1. Deathcrawler Minion should be a hostile creature to me at all times 2. Digging at the correct spot after the monsters were already summoned should always teleport them back to that location, every time. # Steps to reproduce 1. Dug at the correct spot during a difficult treasure map, got a Deathcrawler Minion spawned, and moved away a few tiles until it became friendly / non-hostile. 2. Dug at the correct spot during a difficult treasure map. Digging at the spot again the first time, the monsters successfully get teleported to the location. Digging at the spot again for any more times afterward, the monsters failed to get teleported, even after well over an hour.
  3. Good job! We'll see if we can make it that day
  4. # What happened Wiki has Floor Loom listed under the Tools category: I improved a Floor Loom to 70.01 QL but didn't get credited for this journal task, even after relogging and imping it again. # What you expected to happen Wasn't sure if Floor Loom should count as a tool for the journal. It seems like it should, and someone in CA Help chat also wasn't sure but had the same feeling, so I'm reporting here to be sure. Expected to complete this journal task when I improved the Floor Loom to 70+ QL. # Steps to reproduce Improve Floor Loom to 70+ QL to try to complete Journal task "Improve a Tool to 70QL" in "On The Highway".
  5. Well, Thanks for sharing with the public! See you and more Saturday
  6. It's Wabbit Hunting Season for Harmony thanks to Oneeyedgod who was found by found him! You're better than Elmer Fudd! Bring your hunting gear and let's send Slow Forest Giant home. DATE: Saturday, 3rd December 2022 TIME: 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT LOCATION: "Wascally Wabbit Eheheheh", Harmony L19,1987 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Wascally Wabbit Eheheheh" Forest Giant made into public slaying thanks to Oneeyedgod! (I was only asked to make drawing and post, give all the credit and thanks to him!) He thanks Sperchis and Mauled for their help.
  7. I believe you have a glitched saddle/they are glitched saddles, not the Saddle Sacks causing this. A GM had to fix my saddle for me because it was stick permanently showing Saddle Bags. I have some other Saddles that permanently show Saddle Bags too, but I don't use them, so I didn't ask to fix those. After the GM fixed it, I can take Saddle Sacks / Saddle Bags on and off and they appear/disappear like normal. Some other threads about it:
  8. That means you're not the owner. Try loading and unloading if possible. If too big, the owner has to give you ownership using Manage Permissions. Examples: edit: apparently BCU can simply be picked up then Planted to transfer ownership. The LSU, not sure about that.
  9. Our alliance is organizing the Holy Crop (Fo rite). Aiming for Wednesday, 30th November at 9pm Eastern. If you've got a Fo priest that needs to join to complete the priest journal entry or if you just want to come and participate, let me know!
  10. thanks! and.... this is a huge dump of everything i've been adding or changing since the last time I posted... DEEDS 2255,1946 Forest Village 2617,1482 Rithwick 1809,1358 Snowflake 1235,3471 Duskwood 1137,2740 Agoramour 3531,2568 Gypsy Rocks 3473,1626 Aevum 2601,2428 Chemin Du Chateau 1627,1072 Sobrante Hills 2831,1472 Tree House 3283,1975 Mine 1402,3673 Pumpkin Patch 1304,3467 Hearth Hold 383,2939 Palmira 445,2449 Blue And Red Hq 442,2384 Nonbiri Yukai (estimate) 776,2223 Ronalds Hide Way 418,1811 Delinquents' Camp 1707,1214 Bayeux 2492,3564 Silver Moon Mineway location correction 346,1479 Forgotten In The Woods location correction (estimate) 364,1456 Sunny Coast location correction Many many deeds removed, I didn't keep a record but I just followed the events or feed. GUARD TOWERS 2763,2952 Wintersonne 298 2962,3023 Millstone 850 2462,3730 Composedsquirrel 906 2597,2366 Eandre 538 1074,3471 Bloodwulf 706 MISSION STRUCTURES 861,1695 Soul Charge 466,2354 Water Long Home HIGHWAYS So again, this is a full update of everything I've been up to. It's not only newly added or removed roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. It's also all the edits to make existing roads more accurate, rearrangements to group roads together in ways that make more sense, removals of duplicated or extraneous coordinates... So it looks like a lot and it is a lot of changes. But the map itself should not look very different visually. K18 east-west side road [2296,1946] [2267,1946] Thorne Passage north to D17 (correction) [2074,926] [2074573] E18 west to E17 [2368,698] [2074,698] E17 north road [2094,698] [2094,674] [2126,674] [2126,573] P20 north-south side road [2782,2941] [2782,2962] [2774,2962] This is a tunnel in S19 2411,3556 2411,3564 2426,3564 S19 to T19 2501,3563 connects with existing highway 2501,3612 2501,3613 Tunnel starts 2501,3645 Tunnel ends 2501,3646 2501,3675 2601,3675 This section of highway was removed and/or disconnected 2528,3309 2528,3264 2551,3242 2559,3242 2561,3240 2641,3240 2683,3201 2707,3201 T19 tunnel north to R19 [2501,3611] [2501,3563] [2497,3558] [2497,3551] [2493,3547] [2492,3510] [2480,3510] [2480,3505] [2469,3505] [2469,3489] [2466,3489] [2466,3479] [2468,3479] [2468,3475] [2475,3471] [2475,3460] [2481,3455] [2481,3446] [2508,3446] [2528,3426] [2528,3309] S18 Goldfish Bridge east to S19 tunnel [2228,3502] [2315,3502] [2315,3546] [2319,3550] [2319,3555] [2351,3555] [2351,3544] [2411,3544] [2411,3554] S19 tunnel to east [2428,3564] [2438,3563] [2441,3561] [2471,3561] [2473,3562] [2478,3562] [2479,3563] [2501,3563] T19 tunnel to southeast [2501,3647] [2501,3675] [2601,3675] This section of highway disconnected 3110,2410 3034,2411 3034,2417 N21 east to N22 [2971,2430] [3034,2430] [3034,2417] [3110,2417] S14 tunnel east to S15 Tunnel [1436,3598] [1709,3598] S15 south to T15 [1678,3598] [1678,3672] [1712,3706] Tunnel in S14 1434,3598 Tunnel start 1414,3598 1402,3610 Tunnel end S14 southwest to T13 bridge [1400,3612] [1362,3649] [1343,3649] Bridge in T13 1342,3649 Bridge start 1325,3649 Bridge end S13 southeast to T13 bridge [1254,3596] [1258,3596] [1264,3602] [1277,3602] [1289,3614] [1289,3639] [1299,3649] [1324,3649] S13 west east side road [1254,3470] [1245,3470] L15 north-south side road 1671,2140 1671,2067 1641,2067 REMOVE: [2013, 2140] [2366, 2140] REMOVE: [2367,2140] [2458,2140] L16 Tunnel east to L19 [2013,2140] [2606,2140] [2606,2151] [2621,2151] F16 east to F17 [1893,848] [2094,848] F16 east-west side road [1893,836] [1835,836] S17 west to S13 [2130,3428] [1616,3428] [1616,3432] [1600,3432] [1600,3428] [1409,3428] [1409,3423] [1400,3423] [1400,3412] [1372,3412] [1352,3432] [1248,3432] REMOVE: [2130,3491] [2130,3428] [1668,3428] Tunnel S13 to R13 1247,3432 1222,3432 1222,3408 S13 north-south road [1254,3432] [1254,3596] S13 west-east side road [1254,3585] [1224,3585] S17 southeast to The Goldfish Bridge [2130,3428] [2130,3491] [2169,3491] [2169,3502] Thorne Passage boat tunnel 2084,1280 2084,543 1990,1005 2084,1005 P11 southwest to Q10 Canal bridge [908,2976] [893,2976] [893,3021] [888,3026] [888,3036] [771,3036] [721,3086] [721,3111] Canal (Bridge) [721,3114] [721,3117] Q10 Canal bridge southwest to R10 [721,3120] [721,3201] [721,3201] [700,3201] [700,3212]
  11. Well, I personally like treasure maps. I'm fairly happy with most things about them. I don't think you're the only one who hates them, however I think your qualms would go beyond the scope of this post. It might be worth it to write another suggestion thread if you're feeling passionate about it. I just think purposely making the "X-marks-the-spot" inaccurate doesn't make a map more difficult, it makes it unfair.
  12. This is in response/continuation from this bug report thread: TL;DR The 75 QL map showed me this, and I dug at exactly this spot here. I also tried digging all 10 tiles N/S/E/W around it. Treasure not found. A GM came to investigate and was confused too. S/he took the map from me, did some GM magic, said "Well, that's dumb", and showed me that the treasure was actually here: GM told me to write a bug report. I wrote a bug report. Dev told me it's a feature, not a bug. MY THOUGHTS / SUGGESTION: Difficult level maps should be difficult. They shouldn't be wrong.
  13. I see. Thanks for the response. Would there be any room for consideration that, as a player, false information =/= more difficult clue? It feels good to figure out a challenge, whether it's because of the ink splotches or extreme blurriness obfuscating the map details -- perhaps even some wacky roleplaying ideas like a map that's been drawn upside-down or with inverted/altered color schemes could be interesting challenges too. It doesn't feel good to spend time and effort deciphering the clue which says "figure this out and dig over here" only for it to essentially turn out as "just kidding, that was a lie". If this warrants a separate thread I'll gladly make it too!
  14. So is this a feature, not a bug? Just clarifying, because the GM (sorry, not sure who) was the one to recommend me submit this as a bug.
  15. # What happened 75 ql rare old treasure map with X marked pretty much exactly here:,1809 as i demonstrate in a gif: I tested with "Dig for treasure" at this exact location and also for multiple tiles directly north, south, east, and west. (Tested each tile individually) GM came and confirmed their guess was just about the same as my guess, but still didn't work. Traded the map to GM, and they found out the treasure was actually to be dug here:,1813 Here's another gif demonstrating the supposedly "correct" spot, just for fun: # What you expected to happen Expected the treasure map to show the X in the spot where I should dig. Instead, it was off to the southeast, clearly "wrong" when compared to the X on the map. # Steps to reproduce Be unlucky? Unsure if any of these details matter, but... this was the 2nd step I completed on this map the map may have been traded to me from one of my husband's characters (Decaf or Decafather) - but I'm not 100% on this and another player in Freedom chat said that they sometimes had to dig 10 tiles north, south, east, or west of the "X" shown on their own maps