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  1. I appreciate hearing that the system had gone through some improvements since its introduction, but I don't think it's accurate to say that devs "added what was requested" At least for me. The OP requested sail controls to be SEPARATE from movement keys and, unless I am severely overlooking something, it is still impossible to separate move forward/move backward from the sail up/sail down. In fact, there isn't even a way to turn it off, let alone separate and customize your own keybind As to the other comment I quoted when I bumped the thread that request too was not added. The clickable controls for sailing are glued to your HP bar, which I find very strange as all other clickable buttons on the HUD are not stuck onto unrelated bars. But really my main gripe is I can't choose my own keybinds and they should be separated
  2. Isn't there another whole thread about missing keybindings ? I would argue that this is similar to that, why should my movement forward and movement backwards be replaced with Sail unfurl/Sail furl and I have no option to customize my own keybindings? I just thought this was probably the more appropriate thread since there already exists a keypress, but it's forced to replace a different unrelated action.
  3. can i +1 this again? Been years since I last played and just made my first sailboat again... and it feels unnatural and terrible. Movement keys should be for movement only, in my opinion. If W and S -- or rather, "Move Forward" and "Move Backwards" don't actually move me, then they shouldn't do anything. And the system rebinds my movement keys into something else by force, and I don't even have the choice to change and rebind it myself? I can customize hundreds of other actions, at least don't force my own keys and let me customize this "Furl/Unfurl Sails" please. This is a good point too, what other clickable toggles/buttons system is forcibly attached to another unrelated one? So movement keys are changed to non movement actions with no option to change, and random actions buttons attach themselves to the HP bar?
  4. Hi! Our deed: Meow [1963,1024]