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  1. DEEDS [885,3353] Highfield [1581,2387] D's disbanded Bayside Harbour disbanded Oamaru Docks disbanded Irongate GUARD TOWER [1691,2547] Alburet 2 HIGHWAYS REMOVE in i12: [1145,1373] to [1156,1419] Correction in i12 [1145,1373] [1145,1418] E11 to D11 extension [849,592] (last left off here) [849,589] [870,568] [870,567] [874,563] [876,563] [896,543] [901,543]
  2. Signage Cheese! \\ The puppy in his crate \\ Literal dog pile How many characters in Local? I saw over 300! Thanks again for coming and thanks again for everyone who helped make it happen
  3. I've got 2 characters logged in on Steam right now, used to follow a "multi steam client" guide found somewhere here on the forum, but now I just open the wurm online steam folder Right-click the Launcher and run as Administrator to log in an alt
  4. Hmm! I guess it's not really about "point" but moreso just your choice? If you prefer to play games through Steam then you can. Don't need e-mail address sign up for Wurm website account... don't need to use website to buy premium, it can be automatic in-game purchase using Steam Wallet. All your characters are tied to your Steam account so no password login required beyond just being logged into your own Steam account. I don't think there is a character limit either (I think e-mail addresses are supposed to have 5 character limit, but my friend has like 7 or more alts using his same Steam account). Oh! I suppose Steam has cloud gaming functionality, so you could have Wurm downloaded at home and just log into your Steam account while on holiday and stream the game instead of downloading it at every computer you use. I think.
  5. if this is a character you played on the Standalone client, before Steam, then you can't Steam only works to play characters made through Steam
  6. Well the Hidden Crocodile got accidentally kited through the highway tunnel and as of last night he was living in H17 -- got stuck by deed "Thorne's Retreat" bridge. But he was still alive and well even after server resets.
  7. DEEDS The settlement of Kurokihome has just been disbanded. The settlement of Nightblood Retreat has just been disbanded HIGHWAYS This section of existing highway is a tunnel [2360,1542] tunnel begins point [2367,1542] tunnel ends point This section of existing highway is also a tunnel [2429,1542] tunnel begins [2452,1542] tunnel end
  8. LOCATION: "Meowmeowmeow", Harmony K21,1867 On the Highway System! Set Route to "Meowmeowmeow" Coordinates on Community Map:,1867 Closest shore is eastern side of Harmony See you there!
  9. Just wanted to come back and re-state, when I mentioned the Sorcery spells (Fire Wall / Ice Wall), I got damaged plus my Branded horse got damaged. It was a very small amount, but this is pretty important. Branding should protect animals (when branded they are then considered Citizens I believe). So when you set the permissions to Attack Non-Citzens, then it's normally fine if all of your important animals are branded. But anything that isn't branded isn't protected. That's what I meant by the distinction "unbranded/unprotected" in my other post. But with Sorcery Spells it seems like there is no way to fully 100% ensure they are protected.
  10. In Harmony it seems taking 1.5 hours at best, 2.5 to 3 hours for slower ones, something like that… With something like 30 to 60 characters participating? The upper limit was definitely feeling too long. I thought maybe it’s a difficulty scaling issue, but maybe removing a wave will work. See you at the rift in a couple days
  11. If anyone Cares for an animal, you can see the reason of death (damage, miscarriage, disease, starvation). It shows as a label on the corpse. Time of death might be interesting idea... but also the corpse decays after a few days anyway, so it's not too much room for variance.
  12. This Hidden Crocodile is currently living northeast side of "Meow" deed on Harmony, did not go back into hiding over 3+ days so far