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  1. Out of curiosity, you have the GTX 960 or the GTX 960M? (in other words, desktop or laptop?)
  2. Selecting this is enough, it should now prefer to use the Nvidia card. So unless the setting in the control panel changed on its own, you should be all set! If you were in wurm while doing so, it might be wise to quit and start the game again, although I personally think a system restart (if the driver install did not do this already) would be a decent idea too before you try to log in again Let us know how it goes!
  3. This probably means that you do not have the Nvidia drivers installed yet. (Which actually means that most likely, you currently work on the intel card, which means you should get an enormous boost once this is set up properly! Go to the Nvidia driver page ( )and download the right driver for you and install it. Direct link to the windows 10 64 bit drivers of your GT 555M is this:
  4. Before you start, it might be necessary to have the official Nvidia drivers installed (from the nvidia / geforce website, as you mentioned before) To prefer Nvidia over the intel integrated graphics, do the following: 1. Rightclick anywhere on an empty spot on your desktop and go to the Nvidia control panel. 2. Click on the "manage 3d settings" on the side. 3. Set the "preferred graphics processor" to "High Performance Nvidia" picture: If it looks different than this, you can do it the following way: 1. Rightclick anywhere on an empty space on the desktop and open Nvidia control panel 2. Go to "Manage 3d settings" on the side. 3. Set the "primary OpenGL graphics processor" to your Nvidia 555M picture (sorry for the different language, but it should still make sense / location is the same) I hope this helps!
  5. Just curiosity; does your laptop happen to have dual graphics cards? (eg. intel integrated + an nvidia card). If so, did you set it up to use the Nvidia card? Unless you specifically tell your computer to use the Nvidia card, it will use the integrated graphics with wurm which will be a major downgrade in performance. Just setting it to use the Nvidia card instead could help out tons. If you dont know how to set this, let me know. If you dont have dual graphics cards, then you can safely ignore this post, although it might help others with similar issues that search for solutions
  6. Hello! [22:38:59] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about prayer! I would like to have one with Locksmithing affinity and one with Mining! Thank you
  7. Hello! I would like a test meal please
  8. Hello, For as far as I have seen, these (Unknown Source) errors always seem to be connection based. It seems something, somewhere on your computer or your route, is blocking your access to the wurm servers. Are you perhaps on a corporate network instead of a home network? Company networks (especially military based) often seem to block wurm (or java in specific). Perhaps an anti virus threat detection / anti malware program that is a bit too cautious with Java? What security program(s) are you using? Did it work before? It might just be a temporary error in your routing somewhere, outside of your influence if so. There might be a way to check if it is a problematic network or something on your PC. Do you have another network nearby you could connect to and see if wurm loads that way? Can also try to turn your mobile phone into hotspot / tethering mode, connect through this, and launch wurm. Your mobile phone should have no restrictions this way, and hence if you still get the error, it is rather certain the problem is in your PC, while if it does connect, the problem is most likely in the network. Having this knowledge makes it much easier to find out what is causing this A VPN might be one way to try as well, if you have access to this.
  9. Lock picking, of course!
  10. Many thanks to Gumbo! He did awesome work. Was a pleasure to have him around and chitchat about. He was done much quicker than expected, helped me to convert to Libila so I could put the final pieces on it myself and also ended up imping it while using a vynora rune in the hopes it would turn rare. Now I have this awesome looking colossus on my tiny deed! Well, the picture says enough. If you are looking to get a colossus of your own, I cannot recommend Gumbo enough. I am one happy Viti. Thank you again Gumbo! Feel free to stop by for some of my crappy meals whenever you are around
  11. Hi Gumbo! As we discussed yesterday, I am very interested in the colossus. I figured Ill add a reply to the forum to make it official (and as you state, make a binding contract ) I am ready a bit sooner than planned, so if you could contact me in game (or on forum PM if I am not on) whenever you have time, that would be great! Thank you
  12. Xanadu Community Map

    Xanadu 593 -6818 (the entirety of that little island) is The island of Shalott Thank you!