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  1. Looking to buy a good quality small sailing boat; speed rune is definitely a plus. I'm on the southern coast of Independence. Edit: Bought - thread can be closed.
  2. Hello! I'm pleased to report that the road north of Paleshade (30x 60y) has been widened and is now a two-tile highway connecting to the highway network.
  3. I am unable to open a "supreme small dirty casket, birchwood" that I dug up while continuing a treasure hunt. I was able to do the earlier steps, but when I press "open" nothing happens - no change to the item, no event log, nothing. I've tried relogging, dropping it and picking it back up, queuing multiple open attempts, etc., and nothing has fixed it so far. The step counter also seems to have reset for this casket: [20:18:39] This is a challenging clue. You have completed 0 steps of this treasure hunt. This clue may have between 3 and 5 steps. It looks like it's the same issue that we had last year, and I am on the Independence server like they were:
  4. My old one decayed into oblivion, so I'm back and interested in buying a new one. Independence server, by the Storm's End/Blue Phoenix area on the north side of Crystal Lake.
  5. Wtb Rowboat

    Sounds good to me!
  6. I'll take a rowing boat (cedar)- can you deliver to Angel Coast? (14y, 33x)
  7. Never mind, my client wasn't starting but I fixed it by simply re-installing it.
  8. Buying a rowboat delivered to Angel Coast (Independence). If anyone is willing to sell, let's discuss a price.
  9. WiB

    Just so you know, I'm aware of the existence of this game and am considering joining.
  10. Bumped in hopes of more comments about moisture farming.
  11. Fish

    Bumped once again
  12. I am against a space game.