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  1. From forst picture. Each rare tool 3s ea Each rare weapon 4s ea. Except the lead maul. You can keep that
  2. Buyout, just because i can Mail to Zarame please
  3. if all goes well and i dont forget i will show up also fine carp, carp, pas, ws, blacksmithing not sure if i will bring the priests though
  4. Drop me a list of what you need. Me and my friend have all the mats probably
  5. While i have the skills and resources, i dont have the will to prepare the food.
  6. Prepare them yourself and ill get my char to drop them in the forge for you or oven
  7. I have a similar one trown on my merchant for 120s. If it will sell, fine.if not i will keep it and gift my other supreme one to a friend
  8. Back in business
  9. Close please

    and its over! Winer its ZealotSE will contact you via pm to arange a pick up
  10. Close please

    One day remaining to get this awesome slate forge, dark as the black dragon itself!