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  1. Have yet to see Whip in wurm online
  2. At least if its able to show deeds u visited and show where u are its fine by me
  3. 9,25ql hatchet, steel - 101coc // 1,65s Mail this beauty to papa. (Zarame) Gona use it to clear my deed in a few days
  4. Paying 3s each for blood. Or butchering potion.Cod to Zarame. Shoot me a pm if you have rare/supreme huge adamantine huge axe.
  5. Also make the 30% skill bonus last another 3 days
  6. 44,99ql leather knife, iron - 91coc // 80c 12,32ql needle, adamantine - 93coc // 1,15s mail those to Zarame please
  7. Its better to take you to freedom isles where you can enjoy wurm that leave you there and probably quit
  8. O/ Xalorum. Long time no see
  9. Took me weeks to get any pelt. Until gatwick gave me one.rat/cat/lion did not spawn that often back then either
  10. Id be intrested to join on cele. New deed archdale on south cele
  11. April Events

    Maybe its time to grind more platesmithing now
  12. I think chance its split by the number of items needed to create. Anyway good luck with your mats. And i hope it turns rare
  13. figured out i would post this here also. Temple of Sorrow on the Blood harvest sanctuary deed. will be dedicated to libila sermons front view side view inside view under progress