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  1. reserved Sold items 25c great helm 20c small maul fishing pole pickaxe rare spindle sold longsword with n31, lt53 and ms45 leather knife with 88coc awl with 86coc 71c hammer 100ql pelt the large axe and the short bow. cheesedrill 1 rum and free 68rt longsword Great Helm Steel A70 10c Recipe "Green Veg Curry" 5c Recipe "Mushroom Stir Fry" 5c File (c68) 70Q 5c Ropetool Oakenwoon (b70) 82Q 15c Whetstone (c77) 97Q 10c 90 Woa 71 QL Large Anvil 93 Woa 71 QL Carving Knife coc70 hammer coc71 mallet woa85 hatchet 80 ql maul(medium) and coc 84 mallet
  2. Hello I have been sitting on these items for a long time now, and want to make a clearance sale Each item has price next to it to the right items over 70ql will be 5c for item +enchant price items under 70ql, just enchant price 70-79 power = only 10c 80-89 power = only 20c 90+ power comes as cheap as 70 copper coins! Armour Weapons Tools
  3. killed blue whale, dolphins, sea serpent, boars
  4. very pleased with this service, made me a mining afinity meal in couple minutes after the taste of the initial 2 was done, and just one bite gave me full CCFP and 5:17h (yes five) afinity time well wort it
  5. can be closed

    Mail to zerku Potion of mining 3s Pickaxe tin 2s
  6. Ill offer 20s for them.if agree and want to sell mail to zerku
  7. I believe tbe place is good Mail.two 80ql+carvers from 30c page to zerku btw
  8. Mail all normal adamantine to zerku
  9. I have read on some update " If a hive has a second queen, loading it onto a vehicle will kill off the extra queen." i loaded many times noizy domestic hives in cart and boat, second queen its doing just fine. can be done many times over
  10. Hello I would like to offer these items for sale, curently at glashollow market on Xanadu Mailing from 100 courier box, so probably will take one minute. Can be either mailed or pick up Bee hives are pick up from Black Sea on Celebration at Black Sea at Y38 X43 Tools Bee hives Active bee hive 2s ea 60+ql Empty bee hive 50c ea 50+ql
  11. No goblin blood left.i brought it all
  12. Cod the 2 goblin blood to Zerku please And ill give you 50c each woodcutting potions Zerku
  13. 2s for the maul.mail to zerku please