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  1. Small anvil, ropetool,pickaxe and C91 fruit press sold. Also leatherworking potions sold
  2. True. I brought spear bracelet set and now i keep them in case i need a quick favor boost.since they give 101 favor each
  3. Ill offer you 3sfor that rare trowel mailed to Zarame
  4. Rare sword was sold a while back. I do have a couple of rare mauls i believe
  5. How good are you with building? I have two houses that were never finished. And also might want to do maybe two more. Perhaps with bridges between them. Well mainly i need a desighner to finish off two houses and build two more. As im too lazy to do it. Materials can be partially provided.of not all is available, some slate might be needed. Drop me a pm
  6. My panfiller at the moment uses 4 herbs in measuring jug set at 500g. Gets him exactly a bit under 480g. So the job is taken atm. But i will make 20 forges as soon as i can for hfc grind. I dont really need it. But id like my main to have 60 mind logic.and my priest to have 30. Praying 4 times in a row sure its nice. I may send my priest to indy to summon you and get you to cele if you dont get a boat soon. Drop me a pm or find me on discord
  7. eye out for new rares stock,next week. Also blue scale gloves in stock atm. And for now just dye, rares on picture might be sold.most of them are
  8. Will pay u 1.5s mailed to Zarame
  9. I can give you 50c for the rare satchel. No real need for it.just a whim Zarame
  10. Mail every stonecuting potion to Zarame
  11. Please close

    Yeah.use Raycg. I have known him for a verry long while, he is a good lad, and verry helpfull also
  12. Also if you wish to camp chars you are welcome at my deed on of charge ofcourse. My deed has 400 days unkeep atm.and if i go inactive i will add a 20-30s more.wich should last me for a few years. I never been away from wurm more than 2 years anyway
  13. 99 skill yes. Im just 1.3 skill from completing it XD
  14. Rare fruit Press, lavenderwood, 37Q 1.2s Also mail this to Zarame