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  1. 1g to get this started
  2. can pay 15s for them, delivered
  3. ???? (someone remind me of the deed name?) T12 - there's a couple of rares merchants on the dock of this deed, southwest Cele, easily accessible by boat. (Managed by Zarame) Deed name its Archdale now added a merchant with cheap skillers 80+ casts, and the two with rare/supreme items, some great items including a supreme iron butchering knife fully imbued
  4. Might alow new players to ride wild horses too.its verry rought exploring for a place to settle at less than 10fs riding a bull at 10km/h at least a wild horse should run maybe at 17 hm/h and alow for a but of safer exploration. Even for me dressed all in scale with my trusty supreme spear and 32 km/h horse if im not carrfull i get ganked by loads of trolls,bears, scorpions and the likes. I could take on 2 or 3 trolls at a time.but not when there are many of them. Still i love the heat toggle on map.its usefull
  5. I have played games before where you could use spear and shield. The damege of spear was normal.or you could use same spear with 2 hands and have increased damage and shield would go to the back slot and be rendered as unequiped while weapon was used 2 handed. Every weapon except short swords.small maul, knives or sickle could be used two handed for extra damage. Anyway it has a +1 from me
  6. That is what i have been telling them twice now lol
  7. A colourful day

    Same old place i assume?
  8. Missing Horses

    I believe branding alone give direction, as i have some aliance member horses that i can track.i even managed to track their deed after the horses
  9. Archdale at T12 cele. Rare items in stock.2 merchants on docks
  10. You posted on the wrong topic
  11. You are right.since its 10am now.and there are 10h bad