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Found 12 results

  1. The Album link, both female and male models!!! The entire set has been runed to reduce damage taken. [12:30:41] A steel rune of Vynora has been attached, so it will reduce damage taken (10%) Fully AoSp'd set. All casts are at 101 or higher The whole set is in fact just shy of 90ql, but not by much ***A big THANK YOU to @Rocklobsterfor the cast work! Phenomenal service, as always!*** Wiki link for Aosp: Start Bid: 85s Increment Required: 1s Buyout: No Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour ***Please keep any comments to bids or friendly bumps, I WILL NOT tolerate trolling, ty *** If you have any questions about the set feel free to pm me via the forums, or in game as Sugarfoxx. * Don't shoot the Auctioneer, I'm merely a host * -South Freedom ONLY, DO NOT BID IF YOU BELONG TO North Freedom, as we cannot trade between clusters -
  2. When placing an item in a group I often get something similar to the following message: [14:47:48] The Tools Group contains too many items already. This occurs even when there are very few items in the group. The real reason it is doing this, is that my whole inventory has too many items (the whole inventory is full). So even though the group itself is not full, the game gives a message that implies that it is. What we really need is a message to say the whole inventory is full: [14:47:48] Your inventory contains too many items already. This would help people to know what is really going on. Thank you for your time.
  3. The average QL of the entire set is 62.24, the total amount of AoSP is 495. Please submit your offers and I will consider negotiating a fair price.
  4. Since alot of players asking; what and where market stall is free for my merchant? we make map that will be updated every week. Save your time sellers and buyers. And get your stall before we are full! You can buy merchant contact from Paulofdune or Rockybalboa for only 8 silver coins.
  5. WTA Full White Drake Set with Enchants [14:42:00] Aura of shared pain has been cast on it, so it may hurt creatures hitting the wearer. [73+] Start Price: 80 Euro Min. Inc: 3 Euro Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Payment Method Accepted: Verified Paypal
  6. Moved to auction.
  7. I decided to move it from WTS to auction. Maybe I will have better luck in here. It's a little unique, since all parts have my signature ("Ghab"). Starting Bid: 35s / 35 euro Reserve: NO Buyout: NO PM Bids - NO Sniper Protection: 1 hour Min. Incr. 1s / 1 euro Pickup on Xanadu S19 or CoD on buyer expense. Happy bidding and good luck! PS: Please check the ql of parts before you start bidding!
  8. I have seen more and more what i believe to be long term sale topics in the Want to Sell section when seems they clearly are making and selling items full time. I guess the question is what determines when it should stay and when it should be moved to Merchant Ads? (or does anyone else even care) In my eyes if they are offering the same thing over and over with [new stock - date] or something with 10-15 pages then it is a merchant ad and not a sales thread. I consider the sales section for one off sales and the merchant ads can clog up the sales section rather fast keeping the one offs from getting good exposure.
  9. Hello! As you can see in the title, I am selling my black drake set. The set currently has no enchantments, and was all made by Zalifear. The set is currently at least 55ql, with the exception of the cap at 70ql. As you can see the jacket is also rare, which will add to the price. A quick price check in global chat returned a value of around 1g as despite slumping drake prices, the rare jacket bumps the price back up. However only one person contributed to the price check, and while I am reasonably confident with this price I open to bartering. So I am currently taking offers, whether it be in game, here in this topic, or via forum pm. Thanks for reading, Madhatter
  10. I wanted to suggest a tab or such that would show how much fuel oil etc was in the lantern at any point in time that we could look to see how much is left so that we could gauge when to fill it again. Thanks.
  11. the title says it all i want a 70ql set of chain armor and im on celebration.
  12. A 100QL White Drake Hide for sell. It is 15kg, full. You can create your own signatured sets, or just hang onto it for future investment. Can make nearly 5 (4.7 to be exact) sets of armour. Each set sells for roughly 60s, meaning you could potentially sell all the sets for about 2.6-3g. I have the Buyout set for higher than this amount because I believe people will value their own signatured sets more than the silver amount (and the 100QL is just win). Included in this lot is a 90QL needle and 5 pieces of 90QL leather free of charge. You essentially have your own Drake creation kit. If you're curious about what your percentages are before bidding, please don't be afraid to ask me about it. Starting Bid: 1g/60 euros Minimum Increment: 10s/6euros Buyout: 3.3g/200 euros Hidden Reserve: Met (2g/120e) Current Bid: 2g/120e End Date: August 15, Wednesday - 6PM GMT Verified PayPal only please for Euro bids.