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Found 13 results

  1. As title says, when you hover over a friend name in your list, a tooltip popup of the notes appears, so we don't have to drill into "manage friends" to see our notes.
  2. As far as I know, the current Friend ranking system doesn't do anything, so I think a simple tweak to the Friends list that would make everyone happier would be setting varying levels of detail in relation to your online and server status according to what Rank of Friend they are. I think this would help people who do not want to have other people constantly knowing what server they're on, or what server you were last on. Plus, it would make the current ranking system more useful. Trusted Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Can see what server you're on, and what server you were last on if offline Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Friends Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Can see when you were last online Contacts Status: Can see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Other Status: Cannot see if Online/Offline Server: Cannot see server you're on, or the last server you were on Last Connected: Cannot see when you were last online Thoughts?
  3. So I've been exploring... I've been wandering the forums, I've seen a few signatures of people honoring their fallen friends and then I thought of this suggestion and I think it should be a part of Wurm and it's history. We have all heard and seen some hidden easter eggs in other video games where they honor their fallen gamers and I know Wurm has had it's few fallen great ones too. My suggestion is basically a grave site, managed by CA/GM etc where one can put in a request for those in our community that have fallen in real life... and that they feel they should be remembered. With a note available for other players to read a little about what made that person so great. Edit: After some thought, I realized how hard it could be to know exactly if somebody has passed away without being very close to them, so I'd like to propose another option, Just like I stated above, a designated area protected and managed by a CA/GM, to highlight those we believe had a big impact in our Wurm community that have now retired the game with or without notice, with the requirements set for those that have not logged in, in a year or more.
  4. So you right click a friend on your friends list. Options remove OR add note. Which needs to be integrated into the game. This way hovering over a selected friend would give you info you added about him or her. Or instead of hover info, right click friend get info. Or right click examine.. Lets tag our friends ! For example: Johnny: Note Added = Sells Mortar Timmy: Note Added = Blacksmith Contact April: Note Added = My Dirt Supplier Etc, Etc Just a way to add notes to people on your friends list. I have over 91 friends on my list. And when im online usally 30 or more active. But 1/2 of them I dont remember why they have been added etc lol. Anyways +1 if you agree
  5. New and Looking for Friends in steam for this game add me at WIleyDan on steam or add me on skype Chaosbolt85 I am starting a server look for my post in the PVE SERVER FORUMS..... roar for WURM UNLIMITED!
  6. Why is that?

    I was watching a fail video today on YouTube and it got me to thinking... why do we find other peoples misery so funny? In that video you can hear all the friends standing around laughing so hard when someone fails at a stunt or something and crashes...why is that? I asked myself that question and i could not come up with a good answer to it but we do it seems.
  7. Hello, I would like the ability to tell if my friends are looking toward the ground, straight ahead, or toward the sky. Please add the ability for the player's character model to tilt in the direction they are looking. Thank you, (If this already exists please tell me how to turn this feature on.)
  8. Hey, I have recently noticed that some of my friends, who aren't using the forums and live in a different time zone, rarely play at the same time as me. However, there are often things to be said. I understand why offline messages aren't allowed to random people, but it would be great if we would be able to offline message friends, who would receive the message whenever they get back ingame, in order to let them know some important things. If there is a feature like this implemented, I am not aware of it and apologize for wasting your time. If not, then yep, the suggestion stands!
  9. I'd like to see some map enhancements for the ingame map: 1. Increase the resolution and add at least one more zoom level. 2. Allow for drawing lines and naming the lines, so it shows on mouseover. 3. Allow the creation of more maps, that we can name for specific projects and separation of current maps (village, alliance, personal). 4. Make all maps "layers" that we can select (check box for each layer) if we want to view just some or all annotations. 5. Allow personal and custom maps to be shared with others - add names to the map, like mine door permissions. Village and alliance map layers should require special permissions for sharing, or not sharable at all. 6. This is a bit out there, but how about a "Cartographer" skill, that increases the more you travel, allowing you to literally build a map dump, a few tiles at a time. At skill 1, you can "reveal" a small radius of map dump on your personal map AND can only do so once every minute. At higher skill, the radius increases and the cooldown timer shortens significantly. Would love to just travel all over Xan, mapping it. I could see this being a real issue for PvP though, so probably make it a PvE only skill. Yep, we can always do screen shots and then use editor programs, then photo sharing programs, or cloud collaboration programs... but I am interested in making a solution that is part of the game, to help enable community project planning. It also becomes a great way to show new players where resources are and where they are. It would make trade easier, being able to draw out the best route for someone to make a delivery. It will make public hunts easier to attend. As always, please add more useful ideas that would improve the map.
  10. With all that is going on, It seems we should have two friends lists, or possibly a security level we can set for each friend, say 1, 2 and 3. 3 being the ultimate trust and 1 being for those "courtesy or convenience" friends. I have some incredibly trustworthy friends on my list, that I would gladly share my rare/supreme tools with, then others on my list that have friended me, because we shared a good boss kill victory, or just did some good trades. These people are most likely nice, honest and trustworthy, but I've not had enough experience to say for sure, that they would not let greed get the better of them - leveraging wurm's "protect the crooks rights to be crooks", to rob me blind. So how about it? Different levels of friend security? When I choose what level of friends can access my cart inventory, I can feel a little more secure Same goes for buildings, boats, deeds, mines, etc.
  11. I've noticed in the Friends List, it constantly shows certain people as 'Lost Link.' It either doesn't completely disconnect them from the server, or it's a hopefully simple client bug. I've seen them as Lost Link for hours on end. Here's an example of what I see in Friends List: I hope it's just a simple bug. Note: None of these people are actually online.
  12. I just looked at my global friends list and it seems alot of my friends who have been gone for ages are showing as having been online exactly 11 hours ago. Alot of them. not just one. Has anyone else noticed this?
  13. This would be the best way to share my accomplishments with friends and family, and other things for example be able to post a screenshot directly to instagram.