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Found 38 results

  1. New feature was added in recent patch to show required weight in Crafting Recipe window. It was working fine after the release, but now it show incorrect weight 65.54kg.
  2. I combined lava fiend statue fragments with 1 remaining piece missing so that I was carrying an unfinished statue weighing 69.18kg. When I moved, the game calculated that I was overburdened, but the UI incorrectly flashed my heaviest the first group instead of the statue fragment. The group was 27.93kg - not anywhere near as heavy as the combined fragment. Update: it seems to flash the first group in the list regardless of weight.
  3. When small crates is full with "Rounded Stones" 150x, and take out for example 10, more often than not the crate will still state there are 150x in there, closing and opening the crate will show the correct amount, This only happens when the crate is full, I've tested to see if i could take more than 150x out of the crate, this is not the case. Server updates correctly, UI does not. Minor inconvenience rather then anything else.
  4. It just gets in the way, covers up other items, and does not display any additional information that isn't already present within the inventory window. Pressing alt also does not improve the data unless you care about fractions of QL. There is an option to remove the outline in inventory items... but oddly there is no way to remove the infobox.
  5. Several days I've played, I have had issues with this bug increasing in frequency, to the point of making me want to just log off. The issue stems from trying to move items between containers/inventory (UI windows), and having it stop being selected/picked, or will change to an item that you move the item over instead. It also included making it difficult to manually turn the camera via mouse. I posted in Help about it, and it has helped to have changed the batteries in my mouse, but it was suggested to post about the drag-drop issue in forum anyhow, since several other players mentioned having the problem as well, in varying degrees. If this is hard to understand, I'll try getting pictures to attempt to visually explain or to explain further.
  6. Yeah, I know, confusing title, but it all makes sense. Thiis is what the display for the Alignment on a Libila follower looks like. I noticed it was MUCH worse (read: even more misaligned to the left), before. Please get it fixed so it aligns to the right as it does with positive values. EDIT: This is while running on a Linux machine with the native Linux launcher in use (not JNLP).
  7. I would like to suggest adding small notches to the favor bar to make it easier to see how much you have at a glance. Each notch shows 20 favor and would scale with faith - at max faith you would have a notch at 20, 40, 60 and 80. At 50 faith you would have a notch at 20 and 40, etc. Like this:
  8. Just a quick QoL addition, mainly for the many steam client users, but would also be useful for any client. A way to check bank balance from client, a button or command that can be used to check bank balance, instead of having to find a deed token, especially when way out in the wilderness where deeds are few. Yes Wurm client users can use shop to see their balance, but Steam users cannot do that, and frankly, it should be easily available for any character really.
  9. New UI Mouse-over weapon does not show demise spells. [19:06:14] A long and slender sword. It could be improved with a lump. ... [19:06:14] It is enchanted with Animal Demise and will be more effective against animals. [19:06:14] Flaming Aura has been cast on it, so it will burn targets hit with it. [44]
  10. I was just thinking. It be really cool if we could have different Loadouts for Equipment, allowing us to change what we have equipped with a Single Click. Picture it. Your out scouting the land and see a monster in the distance. Your wearing Leather Armor and equipped with a bow. You shoot at the monsters damaging it some but triggering its aggro after you. You stay shooting your arrows but now its getting too close. Press this loadout button and Boom. Your now in Full Plate Armor with shield and sword. You stab the monster and he falls to the ground lifeless. Now you butcher the body and press the other loadout to place back on your Leather armor. Or imagine that your out mining in a dark cave somewhere, when out of no where a Lava fiend attacks. You have no armor on because it was slowing down your movement. You press this Loadout and Boom. Full Plate equipped and your ready for battle. No need looking through your inventory to equip piece by piece anymore. When your done slaughtering the lava fiend you press another loadout and boom. All your gear is off except your pickaxe and now you can go back to mining. This effective armor change would balance out because you would need both sets of armor in your inventory to change between them. I think there should essentially be 3 Loadouts that a player could "save" equipment to. Then someone could save 1 for no gear(just the tool) 1 for leather gear with weapon of bow and 1 for plate with shield and sword. Or however they choose to save their loadouts. Allow all the loadouts to be hotkeyed so a player could use the keyboard to change between their armor sets. Let me hear a +1 on this topic
  11. Tracking key binding doesn't work on floors of buildings. It is possible to track on floor tiles if the tile is selected and no item is active. If the tile is selected but any item is active, there's no Tracking icon. Tested on vanilla server.
  12. It would be nice to free up some screen clutter by giving the option to combine all tabs in the event and chat window. This could be a good first step in cleaning up the UI for smaller screens.
  13. Currently you can toggle displayed buffs/debuffs on and off in the HUD settings. Know what buffs you have is very useful, making this a great feature. I think it would be clearer and more useful if permanent buffs/debuffs (from meditation or valari items for example) and temporary buffs/debuffs (Hurting, food, magic spells) were separate toggles.
  14. [RELEASE] UI Reskin

    Hey guys, I've been wanting to do a re-skin for the Wurm UI for probably as long as I've been playing the game, several years at least. WU gave me the opportunity so I'm jumping in with both feet! Here's a screenshot of the UI, note that I have the font size set to 14 here. This is something anyone can adjust in the game settings, it's not part of the re-skin. Instructions and download below. Download the and save it on your PC. Open in a zip application, I recommend 7zip. Close Wurm Unlimited if it's running. Navigate to where you have Wurm Unlimited installed, then open the Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\packs folder. Make a copy of graphics.jar for safe keeping. Using a zip application, open graphics.jar. If you're using 7zip, just right-click on graphics.jar, highlight "7zip" and then "Open archive". Drag the "gui" folder from into the open graphics.jar. Make sure you aren't dragging it into a folder, it should be updating the "gui" folder already in graphics.jar. Close graphics.jar and you're done. If Wurm Unlimited updates the graphics.jar file, you'll have to do these steps again.
  15. I did a quick search and didn't see a similar topic, apologies if this is well worn territory. A couple of improvements that I think could help make the crafting recipes window more useful: A Back button to return to the previous entry. For example if you are looking at the Large Cart recipe and click into the small wheel axle, you have to search for Large Cart again to get back, shouldn't be necessary. Show the amount of material needed. Looking up sheet all it tells you is that you need a needle and square cloth. It would seem reasonable for it to be more specific that you need 1.5kg of cloth.
  16. So, I recently upgraded to a shiny new 4k monitor, and I am running Wurm in windowed mode and have increased the font size (25 for static/default, 30 for header) so that I can actually still read things (small font is like trying to read a pocket sized bible). However, not all of the UI scales properly when the font size is increased. This means some parts of the UI are just using small text, which while not ideal is still better than what happens to some others. 2016-09-25 10.55.11.png?dl=0 As you can see in the screenshot, it is impossible to see which friends are online unless you can guess from the first letter and a half of their name and which server they are on. Also, in the settlement role editing window when editing or adding a role, the save button is cut off - it is impossible to change these settings with larger font sizes. Also, imping icons etc remain small - it would be nice if those scaled up to match the increased space provided by the larger font in inventory etc. Currently I have to relog with smaller text sizes in order to change certain deed settings - not exactly Ideal..
  17. A UI improvement to the mission progress window, combine personal progress into the overall mission progress, displayed as a different color. The tooltips could be combined as well. Everybody: Fo's silly dance. 40% Fo urges you to create a bunch of stuff. You have contributed 15%. This would condense it slightly, creating a cleaner and more readable UI element.
  18. Please let us split skills and event tabs. Either give 1 the float option that friends has, or let us drag it to the chat window. Even putting a setting in options as to which window you want it in would work. I play widescreen, so a 3rd chat window would be the best.
  19. Everything's in the title. This would definitely hurt noone, but could help with making crafting more comfortable thus improving QoL a bit.
  20. I play steam:wurm unlimited the game is great you guys have done a excellent job with it. Here is what I have for an idea: I am digging I have 4 dirt in my inventory. At this point instead of clicking to open a dirt pile on the ground in front of me and dragging into it. I should be able to drag the 4 dirt from my backpack onto the pile of dirt I see in front of me without opening it. Thus removing a click to open containers. Players should be able to do this with all containers even people to open a trade window.
  21. So if I want to make a road that happens to be diagonal, I can only use regular cobblestone. Can we add other tile types to the 'Pave Corner' action ? It seems that it would just be an image change and adding an option to the current list of choices..
  22. I'm using the console to redefine my bindings. It works good for me, and everything is fine. Only thing that drives me crazy from time to time is that console looses focus every time I press enter. Cause when I get a bunch of new windows instead of text typed into the console, its just crazy. Please fix that. Thanks! I know about ability to script the things and bind them to several hotkeys. But this is not comfortable for me and I'm better of typing, plus this should be a primitive change.
  23. I would love to see functionality of the select bar for all of the alternative UI Skins. Would love to play with them, but without the convenience and utility of the select bar, the other skin options are not really an option.
  24. When we interact with items we usually right-click them and select an action to be performed. For frequently performed common actions this is not very user-friendly, so why not define a "default action" for an item and let us just double-click the item to invoke this action (instead of just examining it)? For example, the default action for a ladder (when you are standing at the lower end) would be "Climb Up", while you would probably want to "Open" a closed chest when you double-click it: ...
  25. The target window and the selection bar will not persist. I have to turn them on when logging in. The quickbar has only 1 icon - climb. Screenshot below.