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Found 100 results

  1. I'm offering blood of some unique creatures:
  2. unique

    Rumours of The venerable goblin leader are starting to spread. Pakawala sharpens his huge sword...
  3. Item up for Auction: 81QL Rare Forest Giant Strange Bone! Starting Bid: 20s Min Increase: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: 30s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Items will be sent CoD from Release. Happy Bidding All
  4. As the title lists I am looking for to sell the following items! Please PM or Post your offers below!
  5. I am selling one of the rare adamantine longswords that was awarded by GM during the Chaos Treasure Hunt event (1 of 20). This sword has a reduced weight of 2.25kg compared to the standard 3kg. It has several high level enchants: One of these at 80ql recently sold for 50s without enchants. I am also now asking 50s. Please PM me here on the forums, thanks!
  6. [01:22:46] The settlement of Ruffled Feathers has just been founded by Joelle. The feathers of the Goblin Leader's silly little crown, that is! What: Goblin Leader Slaying When: Saturday, March 4th - 5pm EST Who: Everyone! Why: Goblin Leader bloods make mining potions! And if you're lucky, you could get the 'Fearless' title for swinging at it. Where: Independence -- O16 in-game map coordinate. Public kill, private loot. Bring your premium alts, bring your friends! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Park at the red outlined square; kill is just up the road to the south, at the dark red square. There is a guard tower nearby called Zanzibar Land. The road will be marked tomorrow with colored lamps, as well. Excited to see you all there! Should be a fun kill! (For us, not the Goblin.)
  7. Meet up in the Steppe area around q15 (between the two lake) and then we proceed to the hatching site on the given time. Loot is private.
  8. Accepting offers for the butchered corpse of the venerable green dragon from today's public slaying on Xanadu. I'm willing to deliver to any outer Freedom coast. Great for that Unique graveyard motif on your deed. Get your gravestone ready!
  9. Flippy's Harbour is located at L8 on Deliverance Some merchants have CoD option available and are marked as such, unmarked merchants are in person only transactions! Any questions feel free to leave me a message here! Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed Items from this Merchant can be CoDed
  10. tailoring potion: 1.5s each armour smith: 2s weapon smith: 2s rare practice doll: 2s rare med wood shield: 3s supreme ring: offer white skull: 4s black skull: sold yule goat: 1s each
  11. Tuesday October 4th was a black day for the Hobbits living in Hobbiton on the slopes of Mount Sherriff on South Exodus. Out of Nowhere the infamous Venerable Red Dragon appeared in their little and cosy village, eating some of the Hobbits and destroying their homes. After that the Red Dragon dug a new Lair in one of these hobbit houses and went to sleep. Keen Exodians noted this (well, crying Hobbits told them about the crimes of this Red Dragon and convinced them he was deeply asleep) and went to the occupied remains of the hobbit house and closed it securely, thereby locking the dragon in his trap. Now to the klling of this fierce animal. This was too much for this small troop of keen Exodians. Therefore they invite the great warriors and heroes from Wurm into their lands to help kill it. As said, the dragon is located now below the surface of the slopes of Mount Sheriff, location, coördinates t16/17. While we make the arrangements to wake up this dragon, the warriors and heroes are asked to assemble on the plains between Black Pearl and Realm of Enlightment. The dragon will wake up coming Saturday at 23.00 CET summertime. (90 minutes after the Pristine-Event). The coördinates of the tent-camp are t16. Easiest way to get here is to travel by boat to Realm of Enligtment (where the boatbridge to Celebration lands on Exodus). Travel north uphill on the east side of Realm of Enlghtment, cross the forest of former Libilia Outlaws, and you will see the plains between Black Pearl and Realm of Enlightment. Summary: Exodus Public Unique Killing, T16, Saturday october 8th, 23.00 cet summertime. Public Hunting, Private Loot.
  12. On behalf of the Exodus Republic Alliance. You are all welcome. Come for fun and the blood. (woodcuting potion) When ? 8 pm gmt Where ? Black Borest Cottage H 12 - ingame map X15 Y16 - forum map Loot ? private loot
  13. Everything pictured for sale. EUROS PREFERRED as I am attempting to get away from the game, but will accept silver at 1s/1€ ratio for smaller items. No trades. Prices listed in red in picture. Prices are not firm, feel free to make offers. Lowballers will simply be ignored. Some additional information; I have confirmed the 1.5KG Hatchet does NOT fit inside a regular BOK, might still fit in an MBOK (untested) UPDATE: Drake set and Rare Large Anvil sold.
  14. pm me in game or in forum , price is for negotiation
  15. rare chain boots 3s seryll open helm 3s SOLD acid potions 50c each seryll chainmaul gauntlet set 2s each 4s for pair SOLD rare short sword silver (made by enki , treasure hunt reward) 9s SOLD supreme chain coif copper (can be imped to 70 if wanted) 10s obo seryll necklace of protection 75 ql (removes hurting effect faster) 5s adamantine lump 2.5s obo drake hide piece offer SOLD silver rare trowel (treasure hunt item made by enki) 9s OBO Thank you, Killroth
  16. You are all welcome to attend to the Goblin Leader slay this weekend in Release and get your mining potions, he will be open for poking aswell if u wish Loot is private. Location of the fight is around O 15 in game map, there will be signs pointing to the place from Black Market Trading Company.
  17. Collector's Items: [18:37:14] The eye looks back at you hollowly. [18:37:16] This sharp tooth was taken as a trophy. [18:37:17] This sharp tooth was taken as a trophy. This is a little compilation of trophies, obtained by slaying unique creatures: Teeth from a white and a red dragon, as well as the eye of a kyklops. The ideal addition to any trophy collection! Starting bid (for the collection of 3 items) : 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  18. Selling the following Potions! All must be sold ASAP!
  19. Come and get some blood to make potion of leatherworking and title Giantslayer (rare bone, and other will be private loot) localisation: Independence P 24/25 for more info contact Kenshi
  20. Here is another item you don't see everyday : ) Enchanted Steel trowel imped to 95,43QL Just as a reminder, it's an Event item, they can't be created , and they were given out at low ql. Starting Price : 6s min increase : 1s Reserve : nope Buyout : none set, open to offers but please avoid the "take it of i wont even offer" thing, as i also prefer let the auction run : )
  21. Wts my potions colection, prices are listed in the weight slot If you dont like the price, pm me here or in game to Tuga aswell and maybe we can work something out.
  22. The same people travel the servers to take the unique kills and it's getting old. Some people are kind enough to post and make it an event, mostly though it's the usual crowd, a recurring theme in Wurm. Please fix it. This idea may not be the fix, but there has to be something that can be done. Now bring on the hate.
  23. Always with the love & hate around uniques and justified on all sides, so how can we make it work? #1 - Change Valrei to be a simple percent chance to be auto bestowed on anyone that scored a hit. No more a lootable item. No more a sellable item. If you score a hit, you have a 1% chance (or whatever) of being gifted some random valrei skill. #2 - Scale/hide/blood. All prem accounts in local get a piece of scale/hide and it is the exact same weight, regardless of 10 or 100 people in local. Blood - no changes really need to be made, other than fixing them to all work properly when imbuing weapons & tools. #3 - Butchered loot - Trophies only, that offer no game advantage, just cosmeticly worn or for decorating a house/cart/boat. Yes, I want a real dragon head on the front of my knarr, plus a speedo made out of a kyklops eyelid. #4 - (possible option) Once a unique is found and penned, the finders schedule a kill time and relay that to a forum mod, who posts for all to attend. Should always be a minimum of 24 hours after notifying the FM. Take the high RL monetary value out of the equation and any reason to make it small, then nobody gives a doo doo if 100 people show up to play. Bigger groups are a great way to meet new people, show off cool armor, get some fatty sermons and trade goods. (just need to control lag I suppose). -Wurmhole
  24. [16:24:30] A long and slender sword. It could be improved with a lump. This is a special item (obtained as a prize in a treasure hunt). It cannot be crafted by players. Starting bid: 1s Min increase: 20c Private bids: No. Snipe Protection: 1 hour
  25. new thread