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Found 25 results

  1. Creature spawning mechanics are not working as intended, aggressive ratio settings aren't working. I'm having an issue with my server (latest stable version), I have the creature count set to 40,000 on a 4096 map with "Aggressive Creatures" set to 90%, so 10% would be non-aggressive? Yet after 5 mins from an empty creature count, there are already over the limit (10% of 40,000 = 4000) for non-aggressive creatures. Am I missing something here? *SQLitebrowser shows the same 90% ratio set in the wurmlogin.db Tests: Regardless of cap, a 40,000 (90% Agg) creature count seems to always return; Black Wolf: 3201 Horse: 2801 Pheasant: 1601 Crab: 1201 Dog: 1201 Pig: 1201 Ram: 1201 Sheep: 1201 Bison: 1300+ Dolphin: 150 Octopus: 150 etc Reduce this to 10,000 (90% Agg) and we see a similar effect in play; Black Wolf: 802 Horse: 701 Lion: 601 Brown Bear: 401 Deer: 401 Pheasant: 401 Bison: 385+ Deer: 301 Dog: 301 Sheep: 301 Crab: 101 Dolphin: 100 Octopus: 100 etc The creature Aggressive % is suppose to be 'approximate', this isn't even approximately close (closer to 40%) and we always see vastly greater amounts of non-aggressive's than aggressive's. Note: When WU came out, we had all creatures, hell horses, hell hounds, spiders in the forest etc, it was magical and fun. At some point, we started noticing less and less of them until eventually creatures like spiders, bears, scorps, lava spiders would only seem to appear near their respective dens, leaving a forest full of sheep, rams, horses, cows, bulls, pigs, wolves, lions and the rarely seen kitty, with our mines being run by cave bugs and rats only. Has someone done borked?
  2. Hi, Just a couple of ideas and what I would consider a fix which would be to move "Disband" in the settlement menu to the bottom rather than right next to "Info". Bear shoes. I would like to see some bear shoes, like horse shoes for bears. They should inherit all of horse shoe object proprieties and just given the appropriate images associated. Dropped object model should look like some sandals. Perhaps bears wearing shoes should have a attack-damage reduction on clawing type attacks leaving bite unaffected. Windmill. It should use sail mechanics to determine proper wind direction. Be a minimum milling level requires to release the break, and from that point the flour produced should be a function of the person's skill that released the break and the wind strength which should also affect production rate. When wind is lower than the minimal operational speed then the break should re-engage itself. Experience should be given on each item creation similar to that of a still. There should be a bar/lever jutting out which is pushed/pulled to rotate the mill Just some thoughts. Morl
  3. I am willing to pay someone to help me fix a mod that is not functioning fully. The mod works at about 50%. For more information about the mod and the price, please send me a private message and we can discuss things further. Thank you.
  4. There's been a lot of talk about wanting to fix the fighting system, but I have yet to see an in-depth explanation of how exactly to implement a "better" fighting system, other than a few suggestions, with a lot of them gearing towards reverting the nearly decade-old "fight fix" altogether. In an effort to bring some life into the huge assortment of armours, weapons, and fighting capabilities that we have in Wurm, I am proposing a complete revamp of armours, weapons, and many of the features of the fighting system. Please note, this suggestion tries to be as "Wogical" as possible, with an in-depth reasoning behind why things are the way they are. It's not about giving one or two armours in the entire game the best possible competitive edge, but rather, bringing in a sense of balance, while at the same time keeping powerful armours better for multiple different reasons. Keep in mind, this is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and things will most likely change as the majority sees fit. The numbers are probably not exact, but they should give a good idea of what I'm leaning towards and trying to accomplish. Here's a link to the spreadsheet where things are a bit more colorful and easier on the eye, I suggest reading it alongside the below wall of text: #1 - Base Armour Adjustments #2 - Armour Glance Rate Adjustments #3 - Armour Damage Modifications #4 - Damage Enchant Modifications #5 - Archery & Casting Difficulty Modifications #5 - Shield Modifications #6 - Fighting Stance & Weapon Modifications #7 - Dual Wielding #8 - Aiming/Protecting #9 - Body Part Damage Effects THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION ON PRIESTS/GODS, SO PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION ON PLAYER GODS/ETC OUT OF THE TOPIC. THIS IS PURELY ABOUT FIGHTING AND THE MECHANICS BEHIND IT. Also, there is no poll because I want this to be a discussion, not a simple vote for or against without any explanation. So, with that, please keep the discussion open-minded, and please try to refrain from thinking too biased. If I missed anything, please feel free to point it out, and give an opinion on it if you have. Thanks, and comment/suggest away!
  5. I noticed after adding in a few volcanos on my 4 land masses that there was a surplus of lava spiders and lava fiends being deleted from death. So i added the locs back in my log files to check on them and sure enough found out my valcanos was spawning lava spiders and lava fiends and they was being killed by the lava. Odd cause being a lava creature you would think you would be immune to lava damage. So I thought about it even hell animals should be immune to lava there hell creatures fire brimstone etc... So I decided to code them in so they was immune to lava damage. Question I have why was they not immune to begin with? I think this is a bug and should be fixed.
  6. So, we have a cooking overhaul (pretty sure we can freely call it a total overhaul) coming soon and it made me think. The devs apparently are still interested in making Wurm greater than it already is and they're doing a good job, so why not try and come up with ideas for a fighting overhaul as well? Fighting is one of the most important things in the game and a rather big dealbreaker for some new people. First of all it would have to be a little bit more interesting than "stand-click-wait". Make it rely more on a person's skill and reflexes rather than the character's skill (don't make it too big of a difference or fighting skill grinds will step back into the past). Give each weapon type a special move or a special unique ability, like tripping someone over with a shaft or a spear, knocking someone uncouncious with blunt weapons etc. I believe there are a lot of ideas out there. Our main goals in this should be: 1) change the fighting system to make it a bit more dynamic and player-dependent 2) at the same time hold on to the wurmish feeling of the fighting system Pros: 1) new players won't get disencouraged by a boring fighting system 2) pvp may be more interesting 3) troll hunting can become a beautiful adventure rather than troll-meat-meal-ingredients-gathering Cons: 1) people that don't like changes will hate What do you guys think?
  7. me and few other have yell about meditation skill not working right for few char so i finely got logs together and thx to wurm assistant i can show u this. yes i used to time out my meds Number of times From Said date (You finish your meditation) 890 Number of times From same date (Meditating increased by) 208 That is a 23.370786516853933% chance of skill. FOR the Love of GOD Put in code on fail skill= tick X .25 .. or something even 1/4 a tick better then this stuff.. btw that is 5 times a day for 178 days The fact i don't play everyday more like 210 or 230days
  8. Special thanks to Bdew for working out a quick band-aid for bug with malformed Achievement entries from cluster to login servers; 1. Backup Wurmplayers.db 2. Open in SQLite browser 3. open Execute SQL tab 4. Paste UPDATE ACHIEVEMENTS SET ADATE=datetime(ADATE/1000, 'unixepoch') WHERE ADATE NOT LIKE '%-%' 5. Hit the run button on same tab 6. Save changes Note: This will not prevent further corruption from new achievements being earned but it will fix the thousands of errors already created and prevents dropping or deleting the entries or other methods of DB cleanup.
  9. Off-Deed Building once again bugged. Since the last round of this bug, I've repaired a ton of longhouses and structures off-deed back to <10 damage. They're back up to 30-50 damage in the last week or two (these are all 85-90ql stone structures). A gatehouse I built less than 2 months ago at 93ql walls is up to 30 damage. This is consistent in all places checked - both buildings I am the owner of and not, my own and others. Once again broken. The last bug like this cost me several days of playtime to repair and over 20k repair bricks. I can't do it again - please, when you fix, run an update on the database to delete 30-50 damage off of off-deed buildings...or just all buildings, since on-deed don't take decay in most cases. Do something, this is crazy sad. Or a good ploy to have us drop more deeds...which I would gladly do if I could. ALLOW 1 TILE PERIM DEEDS OR FIX THIS INSANE BUG. I do not want to spend all my game time every day making repair bricks and repairing house walls that, prior to this bug, would accrue 10 damage PER CALENDAR YEAR and have, in the last 3 months, accrued 7-8 YEARS worth of damage because of these bugs. Not fair, not cool, frustrating this loyal customer.
  10. Fix: go to: control panel > java >general >networksetings and make sure its set to "direct connection". in my case it was set to browser settings, i changed it to direct connection and now everything is working fine. I hope this will also help others with similar problems. Thanks to all that helped! Rainbow ___________________ Original post: Hello, i have issues since is started again to play wurm ( ~3weeks ago). In these weeks it need to start wurm 5-20times until it worked but today i tried it arround 50 times and it doesnt worked. >I deinstalled java and the game already, didnt worked. Also updated to the new version, (java 8 update 65, 64-bit) >Game isnt starting ____________________ the problem: If I start Wurm Online it shows me an Error window: "Application Issues" "Application cannot start" Error: Connection reset ___________________ details: Log (startdata): (sorry didnt found the spoiler function^^) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><jnlp spec="1.0" codebase="" href="wurmclient.jnlp"> <information> <title>Wurm Online</title> <vendor>Code Club AB</vendor> <homepage href="" /> <description>Wurm Online client</description> <icon href="wurm_icon_128.png" width="128" height="128" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_64.png" width="64" height="64" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_32.png" width="32" height="32" /> <icon href="wurm_icon_16.png" width="16" height="16" /> <icon kind="splash" href="splash.gif" /> <shortcut online="true"> <desktop /> <menu submenu="Wurm Online" /> </shortcut> </information> <!-- These are default values, but just to be clear --> <update check="timeout" policy="always" /> <security> <all-permissions /> </security> <resources> <!-- Java 1.5 is not supported starting from WurmClient 3.1 --> <j2se href="" version="1.8+" initial-heap-size="512M" max-heap-size="1024M" /> <property name="sun.java2d.noddraw" value="true" /> <property name="org.lwjgl.input.Mouse.allowNegativeMouseCoords" value="true" /> <jar href="wurmclient.jar" main="true" /> <jar href="wurmres.jar" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/colladabind.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/irclib.jar" version="1.10" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jogg.jar" version="0.0.7" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jorbis.jar" version="0.0.15" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/joXSI.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jzipupdate.jar" version="0.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl.jar" version="2.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl_util.jar" version="2.9.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/PNGDecoder.jar" version="0.0.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/slick-util.jar" version="b208" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/vecmath.jar" version="1.5.2" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/jbullet.jar" version="1.0.0" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-codec.jar" version="1.4" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-httpclient.jar" version="3.1" /> <jar href="libraries-stable-2013/commons-logging.jar" version="1.1.3" /> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="x86"><!-- Windows 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Win" arch="amd64"><!-- Windows 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-windows.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="ppc"><!-- PowerPC Mac --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="i386"><!-- Intel Mac 32-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Mac" arch="x86_64"><!-- Intel Mac 64-bit java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-macosx.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="i386"><!-- Linux 32-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="amd64"><!-- Linux 64-bit Sun java --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="Linux" arch="x86_64"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-linux.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <resources os="SunOS" arch="sparc"><!-- UNKNOWN --> <nativelib href="libraries-stable-2013/lwjgl-natives-solaris.jar" version="2.9.1"/> </resources> <application-desc main-class="com.wurmonline.client.WurmLauncher" name="Wurm Online" /></jnlp> exception: Connection reset at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at$200(Unknown Source) at$ Source) at$ Source) at Method) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.checkUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.isUpdateAvailable(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.deploy.cache.ResourceProviderImpl.getResource(Unknown Source) at com.sun.javaws.LaunchDownload$ Source) at Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source) at Source) so it shows up connection error, but i have a connection to the internet. I hope anybody can help me, probably anyone had the same issue in the past. Thanks for help!
  11. Seem that a bug could occur that block other people from take item put on a planted container in a location (deed or house) where they have permissions. (that affect mayor too) There is a simple workaround to fix it yourself a permission issue with container. Issue: Containers doesn't allow other people to take from it (ondeed or in house), also with the correct permissions set. Workaround: Put a padlock to it and set the permission for each containers. I hope this workaround could help you. Regards, Gaea (Game Master)
  12. I know there are heaps of threads about this already but would like to bring it to dev attention again: 1. Please fix the glow on rare and supreme carts. They glow when you are heaps of tiles away yet when you get close the glow disappear. Is this just a matter of fixing how far away glow is visible? The glow disappeared some time this year, so it was in the coding then got changed somehow. 2. The most annoying bug in Wurm now is that carts and wagons don't follow terrain any more. This came into game when sitting was introduced. Seriously, I would prefer to stand and still see behind me when I go up a slope, or be able to use my wagon properly when digging on slopes. Sitting is purely cosmetic, it serves no purpose other than making the game look more realistic. However, not being able to see behind your cart when you go up mountains, or using a wagon on slopes, is very irritating. 3. The camera freeze bug when embarking carts are back, it happens randomly and you have to relog to change the frozen screen (yet you can still chat and get events). Please fix these bugs. Thanks.
  13. This has been mentioned before, but again... Large carts lost their rare glow...I miss it! Please bring it back as soon as possible. Don't you miss this? Look at the pretty rare small cart all pretty and glowing...and the supreme large one looking so dull. For the record, the bell towers, small braziers, supreme braziers and small chests also don't glow.
  14. Is that it doesn't work very well. First off, this is not a suggestion. It's a whine, a moan, a bit*h, a complaint. Salt should preserve food for much longer than it does. It begins rotting far too early. Salt is one of the best preservatives on the planet. It was used as money for cryin out loud. It's broken and needs to be made so it's effects last far longer. I get tired of burning up my salt only to see food begin to spoil far too early. It's not like there's salt laying around on the ground to pick up. The stuff takes a lot of work to find. Fix it. It's broken. It's bugged imo.
  15. those ninjas... sometimes I love them New skinny knarr rocks the 1x wide caves and the sail is on the right way now. Thank you elite ninjas!
  16. So i logged in today and there was the halloween update YAY! But when i went outside my house i saw the ground and there was a spider and i couldnt play anymore The packed dirt tiles feature a spider and a spider web for the halloween textures and i cant look at the spider So i did a support ticket and mamadarkness found a fix for this bug Go into your advanced graphics tab and turn terrain resolution to low NOW THERES NO SPIDER Just thought i'd share this fix for those who need to play in phobia mode, credit goes to mamadarkness I hope the art team fixes this for next year so nobody has to go through this again and can still play with good graphics EDIT: i forgot to mention i play with phobia mode on and the phobia mode didnt remove the spider (im an arachnaphobe)
  17. These are part of what the Trader holds at Newspring currently: 3 x rods of transmutation @ 50s each = 150s 3 x large magical chests @ 50s each = 150s 3 x small magical chests @ 25s each = 75s These have been here since the start - it would seem that not 1 has been bought ... down to a whole lot of rubbish that has been sold to it - that needs clearing out. This is large capital tied up and makes cash for goods inaccessible to players. Why not reduce the numbers above to say 1 each and replace monthly if sold? [12:51:41] Economic breakdown this period: Earned=1393, spent=30610 Ratio=0.045508005 [12:51:41] Taxes paid=0, rate=0.0 Tried to sell a gold ring 44ql worth 3.9482 indicated by trader (?!?) [12:56:52] Price is set to 20 copper. = got by examining item for price and this is the reply from the trader: [12:53:21] Windspring says, 'I am low on cash and can not purchase those items.' surprise, surprise! PLEASE FIX THIS !
  18. Any news on when the bug with mail will be fixed? I am waiting lots of items I need urgently. Any feedback on this will be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. In one of last patches bug with concrete use thru dirt was fixed. As far as i know devs started to look into that only when it was used at WL and affected pvp somehow. But that was the only possibility to shape rock bed that's deep underwater or on slope more than 26. I understand that it was bug but why when fixing it devs doesn't give us possibility to make such things legally ? There was suggestions on forum about that ( but devs think more about pvp than all others and just prevented abuse of bug (that was the only solution for some cases). Some of players will just say "who cares ?" but for me this means messed project on which i've spended 2 years. I've started to play this game only because you can play it without any form of pvp and it won't limit you in any way. But all last changes was pvp oriented and all pve players was like discarded when decision about changing something happens.
  20. So after the fight on JKH last night against a group of seven BLers, there was something that needed to be addressed. It wasn't the attitudes of the players on either side. It wasn't any malicious action or intent. It was the lag. We got on a knar and chased BL. I can't say specifically how bad it was for others, but I was averaging 10-20 FPS until the moment we popped local of enemies. At that point, my framerate instantly dropped below 10. BL got away, we sailed around until we got some horses to chase them inland. As we got to the edge of their local, my framerate again (instantly) dropped below 5. I had to relog mid chase, which did little to help. As we engaged, my framerate was 3 FPS at best, often around 1. I felt like I was watching a slide show of a PvP video. I could not mouse over anyone to see a name or target. I could not move to get into an advantageous position or to get away from an aggressor. I ended up popping defensive at half health and trying to get away, as I could not deal with the lag. I died backing away. We managed to kill the BLers, but that isn't the point. On both sides, we experienced horrible lag. Neither side was at their best because we were all lagging. Both sides had players that needed to relog mid-fight. How can you PvP when you can't even tell what's going on, take any action, or move your character? Please, this is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I don't care if the servers have to be shut down for a month, fix it.
  21. There are some silly skill-titles, some of which break the game rules to begin with (pop-culture references such as Tank Girl, Gepetto, and Tim-the-Toolman), and some of which are not gender-oriented, such as Soulman. I think they could use a bit of updating. Some of the titles pertain to a different skill, such as Alchemist for Natural Substances and Gardener for Nature while both of these do have actual sub-skills that relate to the title. Alchemy: Alchemist, Chemist, Shaman (Male and Female) Natural Substances: Apothecarist, Transmultator, Druid (Male and Female) Archery: Archer, Bowman, Marksman (Male) - Archer, Bow Woman, Markswoman (Female) Toy Making: Toymaker, Renowned Toymaker, Master Toymaker (Male and Female) - As mush as I like Gepetto, it is a pop-culture reference... Butchering: Butcher, Skinner, Taxidermist (Male and Female) Climbing: Hiker, Rock Climber, Mountaineer (Male and Female) Fighting: Soldier, Mercenary, Knight (Male) - Soldier, Mercenary, Knightess or Dame (Female) Shield Bashing: Stunner, Basher, Smasher (Male and Female) Weaponless Fighting: Bruiser, Boxer, Pugilist (Male and Female) Knives: Knifer, Stabber, Assassin (Male and Female) Carving Knife: Carver, Engraver, Whittler (Male and Female) Nature: Naturist, Tree Hugger, Ecologist (Male and Female) Botanizing: Botanist, Herbalist, Phytologist (Male and Female) Foraging: Forager, Gatherer, Wanderer (Male and Female) Gardening: Gardener, Greenthumbs, Horticulturist (Male and Female) Miscellaneous Items: Handyman, Toolman, Master of All Trades (Male) - Handywoman, Toolwoman, Master of All Trades (Female) Repairing: Repairman, Fixer, Materia Tamer (Male) - Repairwoman, Fixer, Materia Tamer ( Female) Stone Cutting: Stonecutter, Sculptor, Artist (Male and Female) Polearms: Spearman, Pikeman, Lancer (Male) - Spearwoman, Pikewoman, Lancer (Female) Pottery: Potter, Moulder, Master Potter (Male and Female) Religion: Reverend, Pastor, Minister (Male and Female) Body: Athlete, Body Builder, Olympian (Male and Female) Mind: Intellectualist, Scholar, Philosopher (Male and Female) Soul: Spiritualist, Soulman, Maverick (Male) - Spiritualist, Soulwoman, Maverick (Female) None of the sub-characteristic skills should have titles as it gets too confusing. I do know traditionally people are allowed to pick their own titles when they are the first to achieve the skill, but sometimes people pick a title without thinking about the opinions of others. If anyone has any other suggestions or improvements to this, please post away, but try to include all 3 titles for the skill.
  22. The ability to repair curbs from inside a mine by popping out and having the window open to repair and popping back in the mine to do the complete action. Really hinders raiding a place... As it makes it ridiculously hard to beat a pair of two defending a deed by one of them placing curbs and the other destroying walls we are putting up to prevent them mine hopping. Another silly mechanic, the ability to add just 1 brick to a wall to prevent the building from poofing. resulting in the inability to level dirt down to get into a deed. Needs changing. This is probably the biggest problem I have faced when it comes to raiding an enemy deed, all they do is wait for their walls to fall a bit then replace them quickly by starting a new one, which then disallows the writ from being popped and then we cannot level the dirt walls down to get into the deed. Also, one for in game bug reporting: The text box for submitting bugs needs to larger so I can fill it up with more descriptive info, which will help improve other wurmians experience in the future. I always find myself having to shorten posts to remove key info. Thanks Miniroll
  23. Hey guys, after multiple issues with glitching through walls, lagging while rendering, etc., I was hoping you guys could make a reload command in Wurm (/reload)? This would reload the game w/o making you go through the login screen. I think this would be very convenient - Thanks, I hope you consider this idea. - Invidiia the Goodhearted
  24. Anybody ever notice that when u craft with an anvil you"re also crafting with a block of wood under, or if you are me at the moment, the only thing i see is a block of wood in my view when i craft, wouldn't it be nice to actually craft with an avil and not just imagine it there? Hopefully the skin is redone
  25. Started playing wurm around january, since then i have intented to be a platesmith and have gone to great lengths to cut down hundreds if not thousands of tree's, made hundreds of piles, and mined for tons of high QL ore to combine the charcoal with.... and i just come to find out today in Freedom chat no less that this entire time Coal piles havn't been "working as intended". *Edited for civility