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  1. This really gets my goat. (Actually, I really like it. Thank you, devs.)
  2. I don't even, what is going on here.
  3. So I was looking at the site, and the servers showed up fine. Go to log in, they dead. FML.
  4. +1 so I can have a hot pink farmyard.
  5. I have mixed feelings about anything to do with changing how sleep bonus works/is given. If it weren't for the downtime and sleep bonus being given to people, I don't think there'd be anything major to complain about. The main thing causing complaints seems to be that some people have empty sleep bonus when the server goes down, and some have full or varying amounts. The people who have sleep bonus effectively get no compensation while other people get a full 5 hours of it. I myself often lose out on much of the added sleep bonus since I save mine up, but I don't really mind all that much. Not everyone has time to use all of it all the time, and some people try to save it up for a big grinding spree all at once when they have a good weekend to kill. Not everyone uses it as soon as they have it, so there's always going to be unequal amounts given out. Is it fair? Maybe, maybe not. You're not 'entitled' to the sleep bonus, nowhere does it say you should expect it all the time. It's something that is done as a kind gesture. Still, a few things could be changed to make it more accessible and allow everyone to receive the same share. I've seen people suggest making it like /refer, where you're given the option to use it at any time to give yourself the 5 hours, but you lose the opportunity to use it the next time you're given it, as the new sleep bonus/refer thing would overwrite it. We could also be given it a bit delayed. Maybe make a post about it on the launcher after maintenance and give it a few days later. That would help give people time to use up their bonus, if they actually play regularly enough for the downtime to have probably affected them. Then there are other suggestions such as sleep powders, which in many cases would just get sold. I don't really agree with doing that with a compensation gift, and having so much sleep powder given out would flood the market with it.. It could be made untradable, but that seems like a hassle to try to manage. Uncapping it entirely would throw off the balance of the game, since it would be much easier to accumulate large amounts of it, even if it's limited to premium players only. If it was uncapped, I'd have several days worth of hours by now from my disappearances. Not that I'd be complaining if I had that much sleep bonus, but it seems like it'd be a bit overkill. Sure, it would help me catch up for time I lost, but it still seems a bit unfair to give me that much of an added advantage when I knew I had premium and still didn't play.
  6. I dunno if I can take large pictures my monitor is junk and my max resolution is fairly low by today's standards
  7. +1. Getting a skill to 100 seems like an insane accomplishment, to the point where I doubt I'll ever see one myself. Someone with that much dedication to the game, who puts in so much time and effort should get some sort of perk related to that skill. I see a lot of people saying 'just get path of knowledge'. True, that stops skill loss at any level, but the time investment needed to get a skill to 100 makes it so that it's a relatively rare achievement. Unless you're trying to say that anyone ever should use path of knowledge because there's no reason to ever have any alternatives. If that's the case, why should there even be more paths?
  8. I don't like PVP or conflict in games in general. Win or lose, I always end up feeling awful and don't want to play anymore. There are VERY FEW exceptions to this, and I don't see Wurm being one of them because of the time investment. I also like more permanent progress and settling down. I don't want to risk losing all of my stuff or having a place I worked hard on get ransacked and trashed. It would make me feel like all that time and effort I spent was for vain and that playing was completely pointless. I also have some issues with trust and prefer to live off on my own so I wouldn't really have any safety net.
  9. Can I be a model? I resubmit my picture to you.
  10. No, I don't. I was just being facetious
  11. Do I count as a new player? Just kidding, good luck with the giveaway! Hope many a newbie take advantage of this while they can~
  12. Things have been a bit rough again lately. These days it feels like I don't have the energy to do much of anything past dragging myself out of bed. Can't really get into/enjoy any thing no matter how much I try. Yet I don't feel as horrible either. I feel kind of apathetic towards everything instead of feeling down and depressed. Like there's no point in anything and I can't make myself care to do much.
  13. I actually sent a champ troll there before you owned the place. Was trying to see if I could launch it into the water from my place.