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Found 33 results

  1. I made this batch of white wine to satisfy my personal goals back in 2018. I checked two barrels and both of them were 89ql. Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increments: 1s Auction winner responsible for pickup at Rainbow Retreat on the Deliverance server at s14.
  2. WTS Wine ( in wine barrels made of oak) 45l of fermented finished wine, in different QL, from weak to strong wine. (often needed for journal goals) call me up with a price you think is fair and i can COD it or send with a wagoner. wts dirt & Sand (ql70-90 sand available) 1.1s (including crate) wts entchanted items, tools, weapons >>>>New list available<<<< >>>>link1<<<< *screenshot is without guarantee of correctness and completeness
  3. wts wine, barrels of oak and other materials. Low QL, Mediocre QL, High Ql, weak and strong White Wine and Red. 40c per barrel of 45l with delivery. 30c if picked up.
  4. LOT A: 13 small barrels of unfermented white wine Starting bid: 3.5s Bid Increment: 0.25c Buyout: 5.25s LOT B: 12 small barrels of maple syrup/sap Starting bid: 1.8s Bid Increment: 0.20c Buyout: 2.40s Free delivery if buy both lots, else 1s delivery charge. Alternatively can pickup at Port Onody at M18 on Indy or pay the mailing fees. No sniper protection.
  5. Since the old personal goal system is closing to an end i'm selling my grapes reserve. I am asking 4s/1k but we can negotiate depending on amount I have to offer 7.5k green grapes 100ql sold 3.5k 1.6k green grapes 94ql 1.6k blue grapes 95ql Yo can message me here or ingame on same name for desired amount, delivery will be free for amounts over 1k (2k for coastal Xanadu and 3k for central Xanadu, sorry i really hate going there) or you can pick up at my deed Deliverance G8 Cheers
  6. WTS 3800 blue grapes qt 74.65 Price : 14s Pickup from Deliverance coastal T21 (Avalon) or Sharklake
  7. I've been spending some time looking at the Beverages skill, and I believe wine-making may be bugged, When my Beverages skill was around the 35-40 level, making a full 45kg barrel of unfermented white white (difficulty: 30) and making a barrel of unfermented gin (also difficulty 30) revealed remarkably different results. I'd usually get something like something like 0.01 to 0.03 skill gain per 45kg with the wine but at least 20 to 50 times that skill gain (easily 0.30 to 0.50) per full gin barrel (in both instances using sleep bonus). This week, with my Beverages skill hovering a little under 60, I created 12 (TWELVE) full 45kg barrels of red wine (35 difficulty) and received roughly 0.02 skill gain (for all 500+kg). A couple of days later, I made one full barrel 45kg of unfermented rice wine (also 35 difficulty) and received 0.01 skill gain. That's 0.01 skill per 115(ish) maple+juice creation actions (not even count the effort required to grow, harvest and boil the maple sap and the effort required to grow and harvest and mash all the grapes/rice). Today, I made two barrels of strawberry gin (also 35 difficulty, while my skill is at 60) and got about 0.35 skill. It's pretty obvious to me that wine making has not received the attention other culinary areas of the game have received. Bugged as ######, in other words. If it's not a bug, I'd love to hear why the game is rigged against wine.
  8. Stome Juicy stuff i will maybe auction soon, unless some of you wants it first! Give me an offer if you need anything, either silvers or euro : )
  9. We have wine barrels. Small wine barrels. The thing is... they are too small. Just about pocket size, anyone can grab and carry around. Yet with bigger demand for wine and other stuff cellars looks too crammed, like this: And each season more and more barrels... How about barrels like those big one used for oil, with capacity 500L or more? Please?
  10. In Item.Poll(), specifically the section related to wine's "positive decay", there is a bonus value based on the wine being in a small wine barrel, that barrel's rarity, and whether or not that barrel is made out of oak. However, that variable never seems to be used! The variable ought to be declared at the beginning of the "if (this.template.positiveDecay)" block, so that it can be used in the "positive decay" call to setQualityLevel(). That function call then would need to be modified to take that bonus into account. This is, of course, all assuming that this bonus is intended to work, and has not been dummied out intentionally.
  11. So, I've managed to actually do the "create 5000 litres of wine" personal goal otherwise known as "master winemaker". Two years of work, harvesting tens of thousands of grapes and over 3500 maples, and guess what? It didn't register. Nice outcome after two years :(. For posterity's sake I did record the wine making process and also took a final screenshot of how it looked as evidence. Is there any way you guys could fix this or a dev that could help me ? Here's a link to the final screenshot after the process was finished.
  12. (price cut) Supreme Steel Vambracer w/t AoSp 70+ 55ql ------ 20s Silver ---- 17 Silver Supreme Dark Common Wool Hat ----- 10 silver FIRM ( glows on your Head ) Fantastic 99QL Tin Knapsack ----- 30 Silver FIRM SOLD Supreme Trowel 89+ QL 100 BOTD ---- 40 Silver ---- Pending Sale SOLD ! Ty Ivan (price cut) Supreme Spindle 88+ QL Pine 96 Woa ----- 22 Silver---- 19 Silver Supreme Fo Puppet ---- 8 silver 7 Silver Supreme Clothe Shoe ---- 9 Silver FIRM Pending Trade with Martynas SOLD ( is believe Martynas is still seeking supreme legs Supreme Studded Boot ---- 12 Silver FIRM SOLD Supreme Green Peasant wool Cap -- 10 Silver FIRM ( glows on your head ) Rare Chain Jacket 95+ QL --- 6 silver FIRM Pending Sale SOLD Rare Fine high Chair --- 10 Silver FIRM Sold Rare Medium Shield 75+ QL --- 8 silver FIRM SOLD Rare Common Wool Hat - 3 Silver ( glows on your head ) x2 left Rare peasant wool Cap - 3 Silver ( glows on your head ) x1 left Rare Dark Common Wool Hat -- 3 s ( glows on your head ) x2 Left Rare yellow Squires wool Cap -- 5s ( glows on your head ) only 1 left Rare Dark Foresters Hat -- 4s ( glows on your head ) only 1 left Rare black squires wool cap - 4s ( glows on your head ) /// /// x7 left 80+ QL Red Wine 1 full Barrel = 25 Silver FIRM 2 barrels sold 4 Sold May left !!! Get your SOTG Effect using this wine Supreme OAK Fruit Press = 25 Silver FIRM Lady Of The Lake HOTA 99ql (glow-Red) 30 Silver Pending Sale Private buyers are encouraged to private message me, Thank you.
  13. Currently wine barrels are very nice decorative items, the trouble is that if you keep wine in a good QL barrel it does not age well at all. A bit of a contradiction really and thus the following two changes are proposed: 1. Allow material contained in wine barrels to decay as if offdeed. 2. Accelerate this decay based on wine barrel QL (QL% increase)
  14. new thread
  15. Selling each 1 kg wine for 2 silver (High QL). PM me to know what it does and its special properties (For free!) and then decide if you want to buy it or not. K thnx bye
  16. WTS 2 Small Barrels Of Red Wine 51 q / Starting bid 8s Min Inc is 50 copper No reserve Buyout offers will be accepted You can get your wine here, currently I do not deliver: Xanadu S15, Community map: Azgardia: Auction lasts for 2 days
  17. Since events need to be marked in some meaningful way and in real life we have the Gregorian calendar with B.C and A.D Anno Domini should we have our own? Like B.U Before Unlimited and A.U? Few games have an extensive calendar and time system like Wurm and part of the charm at least for me is the lore behind events that are marked in the wiki and even the days that I entered the portal. What is everyones opinion on how or if time should be preserved?
  18. Over the last 6 months I have built a wine cellar, I made over 200+ Wine barrels of different qualitys and wood types. If dated my barrels and have tested decay rates for the each wine types. Although each ql and wood type help with wine Quality increase depending on the type of wine. I will say the amount of wine stored over time they all have in common. The ql increases faster. But it is less than 1kg per barrel which is a waste of a wine barrel. Wine bottles or Wineskins of a type of wine jar I believe would help maybele eveb wine bottle racks to boost aged quality rates. Would be nice. A way to store wine in lower amounts only for wine decay rates would be nice. Instead of wine barrels.
  19. My suggestion, after a year of building a Winery... Can we give some value to Wine? Beverages in General??? I'm so disappointed to find there is little to no demand for wine. SuperFly Be great to see them compliment a meal, or casserole or some food item.
  20. Rice

    Not much to say really. A cereal crop, which similar to wheat, oats, etc can be ground into flour and bread. Un-ground crop can even be cooked with water and eaten on its own. Not to mention eventually being usuable for distilling and brewing. Unlike the other cereal crops, rice would be farmed in the same manner reeds are. Seed-wise, not entirely sure. Perhaps foraging/botanizing marsh tiles. In terms of usefulness it would provide people with limited land (say islands) an alternative cereal crop. Very filling food with a number of nutritional benefits; however, I'll leave the food values to Devs for balance needs.
  21. got my hands on a few barrels of wine and i was wondering what it might go for: #1: ql80 white, 45kg #2: ql73 white, 45kg #3: ql80 white, 45kg #4: ql77 white, 45kg #5: ql78 white, 31kg #6: ql58 red, 21kg
  22. How much is 1 small barrel, 45kg, of wine worth?
  23. As the topic says, I currently have 190.64kg of red wine, avg QL is =/= 69. I haven't the slightest idea how much wine is worth anymore, as I made this batch over a year ago. Depending on the response to this thread, I may auction it at a later date. Thanks in advance for the help!
  24. Hello I have 2 large barrels of maple syrup to sell. A total of 500kg. I can deliver on Independence and maybe on other servers depending time. I really don't know what it is worth so make an offer. Please let me know if you are interested and what you are willing to pay incl. delivery. Cheers | Skyrant
  25. Selling 4 barrels of maple sap, each holds 45 litres. They are 15 QL. Leave a post or pm me.