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  1. Steel Pickaxe - 85 QL - 90+ BoTD , Thank you PM/COD to "Bermz"
  2. bump. this has been a while now the lack of proper audio and sound effects really destroy my gaming experience. can some game dev reply on it?
  3. Bump again. Its an obvious bug that happend right after that specific patch update so it should be easy to reverse the progress.
  4. Bump. I would like the glow on my items back around my house please...
  5. Well, the pumkin terror statue acts as a container, not sure what you can put in it though so I assume thats intended.
  6. Since the last patch (28/OCT/21), the glow around runed objects has dissapeared. The ambient lighting is stil working but I'm talking about the graphical glow around objects when placed on tables in my house for example.
  7. +1 And some of the other hedges too perhaps, Berries: Olives: Apple:
  8. Thanks dev's for listening to us! 👍 : New: When sending mail, the event message stating the time until arrival will also display the recipient’s name Nice! I hope with the coming updates, the sent items will also be added to the line of string
  9. archaeologists can place our lovely tiny tokens down to mark our favoured sites to go back and revisit, or just to track the places we've already excavated Yes! Finally a use for all my small tokens. +1 to everything else listed too.
  10. Bump & fingers crossed this small addittion will be added with the next patch 🤞