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  1. why is my client updating graphics of willow trees and shop signs then? Why are there no patch notes for today?
  2. Wurm is a great sandbox Online RPG, but I never get why people would want to do PVP in wurm.. its horrible dice rolling and like watching paint dry when 2 players face each other.
  3. I am interested. The only thing I ask is, how many active REAL villagers do you have online at a time usually ( no alts ) ? I am tired of living in huge deeds / empty doll houses with 4 villagers who is actually one player with 3 alts and etc lol.
  4. It's always sad to see people with (huge) deeds and all alone and solo... Wurm could have been a semi good MMORPG but the everyone wants own deeds. imagine logging in to the game and seeing a busy village with people with no alts, all real players, working and having fun in 1 village... yea a nice dream for Wurm ( they want it so bad, look at their loading screens and trailers lol )
  5. Lol trying to patch the dying servers / population problems with NPC's ? I agree with Histaty above... only if they have a somewhat useful function. I'm also for NPC citizens, kinda like The Elder Scrolls series... have them live in your inn, pay small tax, do basic tasks in village and whatnot... or else we are left with huge deeds and 1-2 players who aren't making use of the fabolous village you've just built.
  6. Lol they also showed wurm characters having animations and nice sound effects on skills.. which is hilarious. the only working animation is walking, swimming, hitting ( pickaxe, bash etc ) and the broken rake animation. The pickaxe and other sound effects they used in the trailer doesn't even come close to what Wurm has to offer today LOL. They shouldn't do false advertising in my opinion so don't pay too much attention to that trailer. its mostly cinematic to attract players.
  7. Hello, I am a returning player and am interested but could you please post some photos/screenshots of your place? I would like to see the area :)
  8. This should literally be changing a variable in the game code within a minute. Why has this not been fixed yet?? This isnt really a suggestion, more like a major bug, as it is lagging the entire village at nights to the point I literally log off at nights or just exit the village because of the horrendous lag and overlapping fireplace sounds.. Ugh.. Horrible. Dont know whos "great" idea it was to force it on players to stay lit no matter what. Fix this already so a big +1!!
  9. Daunting task? Lol . No... And +1 for mirror idea.
  10. People will google and see that its overpriced, looks lik something out of 2000 era (eventhough the gameplay is great) and will simply not even try downloading the client.... And what makes you think they will try WO instead of WU when they find out how empty and laggy the servers are, why would they even try / pay for WO ? All of my friends liked the gameplay mechanics and the ideas behind it, but the outdated graphics, massive lag, overpriced monthly payments and the empty servers scared them all away from even trying it. I think most of Wurmians are being too optimistic and dont realise that Wurm could be dead sooner than you expected. In the end it will be a pathetic sight of a couple die-hard oldskool Wurmians trying to keep the game afloat.
  11. To achieve that, the game needs to start from basic, stop using Java , update graphics/mechanics OR lower the monthly price AND/OR let players be able to buy for 1 month instead of forcing me to buy for at least 2 months if not using PayPal. Wurm Online's future is uncertain and no sane (new) player will invest in 2 or 3 months if you look at the server satistics and how many players are online ( average of 100 on Xanadu ). WU destroyed WO, all those people who wanted to see and experience the endgame without paying monthly are chased away from WO and towns are all empty now. bad decisions that makes sure WO will never recover as it was.
  12. - NPC's ... Why does no one talk about that? We need NPC's in Wurm... just like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, random NPC's who can have their own house, can do some chores. - Each NPC can do chores ( about 3 chores?) , assigned by the player ( for example fishing, mining and woodcutting ) - The NPC does a fixed amount of jobs a day ( cutting 10 trees, 10x fishing, etc) - The big villages which are mostly abandonend will feel alive again like this - The empty houses could be housed by these NPC's - The NPC's could contribute to the village economy - Big and best organized villages attract more NPC villagers Its such a waste of those big villages and alliances which are getting drained right now.