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  1. We can't just assume that it's "intended" and potentially ignore bugs. are you sure about it being intended? if not, your comment is not of relevance until a dev/game master comment on this. I am curious if this is indeed intended, and why it's intended to ignore enchanted grass above walking 3 tiles away for a "pet bowl". Any comment on this thread from a dev/game master would be useful.
  2. Then thats a bug in my opinion. the horse is already standing on a tile with free food (enchanted grass) and the grass is there for the horse to graze. it doesn't need to go out looking for food in the first place regardless of the name of the bowl. Needs a minor change in the code.
  3. One of my horses, unhitched, standing on enchanted grass walked 3 tiles away to eat from a pet bowl I had placed for my pet (on a normal tile) instead of just grazing on the enchanted grass tile he is standing on. I think the solution would be to give any animal that CAN graze, and is standing on enchanted grass, priority to graze on the enchanted grass tile/check if he is standing on enchanted grass tile already before he attempts to look for food elsewhere.
  4. Have them both (context-menu & slash code) available. The context menu is pretty handy but as some people mentioned, its hard sometimes to aim at people moving or far away objects. +1
  5. I don't think its arrogant at all when any paying customer wonders why UI (usually the first thing you see and notice) is still not upgraded after all these times and requests. Especially if you look at much older threads asking for an upgrade for mail UI, animal window UI, Marks shop UI & etc. Ofcourse one can argue about the difficulty / urgency but a paying player is a paying customer and a paying customer should be allowed to critisize something he is paying for. The devs have done an amazing jobs on most parts and I respect that. Now it's time to get rid of small and ancient (UI) bugs many players have been asking for.
  6. Or the Animal window. Its horrible lets be honest. Trying to find anything there and/or trying to sort them based on any header is a real chore and you'll have to manually resize the window twice just so you can click on "tamed" and have the animals sorted based on tamed for example. I don't wanna sh** on the dev(s) who designed that UI but if this was my frontend work on a project, my company would have fired me right away. +1
  7. "beef", "battle buddies", "cannon fodder" Lmao, what! Don't need to attack or feel attacked. Some people really need to learn how to have a proper discussion without getting emotional. "Also not a newb so don't know what that comment is all about". Really? So you couldn't figure out I was talking about actual NEWBIES, you know, who start out with nothing, which we had tons of them at our village? Good luck with the suggestion.
  8. * Rare Iron Axe - 90 QL* - Mind Stealer 103 - Nimbleness 95 - Circle of Cunning 96 - Monster Demise Excavated by Bermz Improved by Achillis Enchanted by FreeLikeTheWind Starting bid: 10s Increment (min): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 Hour Private Bids: No
  9. The auction has ended and you are the winner. Congratulations Auction item sent to "Tegridy": [19:47:18] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Auction can be closed.
  10. I rarely use a forge/do any smithing but this seems a good addition for those who do. Especially having the possibility to have marble/slate/etc forges like Tukodama mentioned. +1 to both suggestions
  11. lol My problem exactly. since we don't have any "sent" box where we could look up to who (and what) we've sent.
  12. Exactly. I don't see how metal weapon(heads) and other archaeology items take damage while inside a chest, the chest inside my house and the house on an active deed.
  13. I do not see any problems implementing this. This would be useful for alot of players so +1 from me