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  1. WTS RARE Small Crate

    For sell: Rare Small Cedarwood Crate : " A small crate made from planks, primarily used to transport goods. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 32.59797, Dam: 0.0. " Location: Amish Estates ( G-23 on the map ) ONLY pick-up unless you live nearby, in that case I will deliver it for a small fee. /tell Berms in-game or respond here with your offer
  2. Weather forecasts

    Exactly! its funny its mostly priests themselves who want this extra future to be for priests. Nope. make it available for anyone as weather prediction has nothing to do with needing a priest. Its just using the natural elements to "predict" the weather. No spells or magic needed.
  3. Do you like the new fishing system?

    "you can find twigs" ... yea, so I have to either find chickens and KILL them in order to get their feathers or take 30 mins riding around looking for twigs in bushes. Ridiculous. We need a easier way to get float as the current method requires you to go on a safari looking for bushes or chickens before you can go out fishing.
  4. I moved away from another town to Amish Estates and I'm loving it! Aniceset is very helpful, the village has everything you need not only to start out as a new player but also to keep skilling as an "older" player. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, the canal/water is down the village and is not lacking anything when it comes to beautify and relaxing scenery. I am an active player thats online daily so if you have any questions regarding joining Amish Estates, feel free to PM me in game (Berms) or send me a message here!
  5. [No Bug] Hog roast (possible bug)

    How does this make any sense? The corpse spits should be more rewarding than it is. You have to find a branch first, find a pig, kill the pig, make campfire, roast the pig... and get nothing but "food" points up? ( Not to mention losing the corpse harvest like bladder, meat, glands etc ) Why in the world would do these roasts even exist then? It could have been a good starter food for beginners to find a pig ( easy to kill ), forage a branch and have a good meal but as it is now its pretty useless. Thats a shame because it looks cool and is something different than "Normal cooking" .
  6. As you can see, Since one of the last updates ( not the last one ), While farming, there is no rake visible tending the crops. I had hoped that it would come with the last updates as I see that Wurm devs had fixed/added some animations but I am still Air Farming with my fist. In the screenshot you can see my empty hand while farming, even equipping the rake does not help and the rake dissapears once you start farming which looks very out of touch.
  7. Wurm RESTful API

    No. I think you don't understand what I meant by API. (Application Programming Interface) It offers possibilites for a character to get his OWN character / village data. it doesn't mean you can look up data of others. Also, the next argument after this get implemented would be which data to release for players to retrieve from the API, but that is a whole another topic on its own.
  8. Bring back old oleander bushes

    +1.... The new one is very ugly.. I wonder who accepts these designs at Wurm.
  9. Wurm RESTful API

    I have looked everywhere but unfortunately I could not find any API for Wurm (Which I expected to be there )... It would be great if Wurm made available some sort of RESTful API from which you can retrieve account information, player information ( who's online in your village ) and all the other goodies! It could be done with a simple API key/token method which you could create in the account section. This shouldn't be much work to do as the data is already available somewhere, just make player / village data available to a player. A good example is EVE Online, which has his own API and where players have made online interfaces, apps and all sort of nice stuff with it. With this, I would like to build a web application / website for our village and would gladly release source codes for others to easily integrate this for themselves.