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  1. It could be a simple setting you can toggle on/off in UI-settings.
  2. Or a priest staying online to regenerate favor ... anyway, everyone has their reason not to log off, log in again just because you want to go AFK for 15mins.
  3. Currently, whenever you go AFK, nobody in your local, village or alliance knows that you're AFK until they PM you and see the auto-respond message. This is a bit clumsy and only useful when someone PM's you, in most cases it is chat in local, village or alliance and no PM's. Whenever you do a /afk: - Either show "(afk)" next to your name in local, village and alliance chat automatically - or show a "zZz" (sleeping icon) next to the name. - Any other suggestion is welcome. these are just examples. Anything that will let everyone (local, village & alliance ) know that you're AFK without having to say brb every time will be an improvement.
  4. I agee with most of what you suggest except : - Auto-healing and auto-moving. Those 2 belong to shitty mobile MMO auto-walk games with auto-walk/auto-quest/auto-eveything and not on wurm.
  5. Because slabs in wurm are sterile and super clean all year around. Duuhh But on a serious note, +1. Makes sense to be consistent with it on all road types.
  6. 40% seems a bit too much but I do get your point. Forgetting about meditation cooldown: Use Wurm Assistants timer function as it is accurate to the milisecond and will notify you when it's time to meditate again. I haven't missed a single meditation while playing because of this. You suggest lowering the skill gain but increasing consistency. This may be attractive to you but not for the guy that only does 1 or 2 meditations a day. He wants the full skillgain (if he gets a tick) as he doesn't have the time to do it 5 times a day with 30min cooldown in between. Maybe something like guaranteed tick at least 1 a day or the first meditation of the day. This way people will get guaranteed skill gain for the first meditation but the other 4 will be as it is right now? Meditation is a difficult topic in general to discuss and im not trying to brush away (good) suggestions so im interested in good suggestions but guaranteed tick for every meditation seems a bit much.
  7. Or how about barking when a troll is some tiles behind you, looking at you? Dogs can be awesome pets in Wurm. They just need to add functionality to dogs like fetching, foraging, barking when dangerous monster nearby, etc.
  8. Hmm im not sure. It is one of the mechanics that makes meditating very difficult and thus a little bit more unique than other jobs/skills and we need that for balance. If everyone around you can enchant grass, refresh and Love effect the area (examples) , the fun of meditating will be gone. Its the dedication one puts in meditating, knowing after 2min meditating they could get 0 ticks and still do it. There needs to be some luck involved so there is a chance your meditation won't give you any ticks at all. So a first - 1 for me. Some skills do not need to become easier and are fine as they are.
  9. +1 Yes, very annoying that you can only drag and drop. I want a quick "Take" option, followed by the quantity window like always. Not sure why this is not a thing yet. Do people enjoy drag & drop that much? Lol
  10. Lol so just because there are some top lvl players doesnt meen the amount of LOWER level players is affected. SFI servers are overly saturated with top level players since they exist for so long, obviously. I know alot of SFI players don't like me pointing the obvious but facts stay facts.
  11. We need a big update for wool in general. Right now its basically useless unless you're making bedrolls or something. Wool clothing look Horrible and the wool hats look hilarious. Its like the devs wanted people wearing wool to be laughed at. Wool should have its own sets of armors/clothing that actually look decent and have functional uses like cotton does.
  12. +1 but tamed animals on Wurm are Dumb. Like seriously dumb and low AI. Theu get stuck everywhere, they stare at you like a stoner while fighting sometimes while you command it to fight and it is perfectly tamed. They don't fetch, find or forage anything for you. They don't hold items for you. I can go on and on but yea... Animal taming needs a big rework so its rewarding to do. Right now im lvl 50 taming but whats the point? I can tame a tortoise or a croc for fighting purposes and thats basically it. I can't even ride my unicorns and crocs since they need a ridiculous amount of body control first to be able to ride. They WHY am i able to tame them at such low lvl while i cannot ride them yet?? Wogic?
  13. Bump because much needed! I would also like to add the following: - Rotting wood: Have dead logs either as graphics or real objects, with them able to have fungus/mushrooms grown inside them (naturally, not by players) . Dead wood is a big part of forests and wurm forests just look too clean and man-made without it. - change moss tile graphics The current moss tile looks NOTHING like real moss. In fact I had to stop and examine first to be sure its moss when I started playing. This is how moss should look like and not just a lazy and bald lime green tile as we have now. It should have some depth and/or textures to it.