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  1. Same here but just to make and keep everyone happy who DO like the new wurmpedia in-game window, I think going with what neopherus suggested above makes the most sense in this case. At the same time, I can assume that the ones who like the new wurmpedia window would also like to search right away without having to click so this suggestion stands.
  2. Has this been fixed yet? Has the dev team picked this up yet? Any comments yet? The bugs/complaints are piling up... Im afraid to unhitch anything at the moment.
  3. Nice idea except that snowballs melt super quickly. So before you can collect and ride down the mountain to your deed, the snowballs are gone. Bringing a larder up to the mountain seems a bit too much but hey, why not lol
  4. Im not sure if you're trolling or not... Anyway, a ridiculous response.
  5. You Press H for Wurmpedia window and have to click the input field again to start typing. I don't think anyone or at least not many people use the Wurmpedia page to browse around. Most of us want to search for something quickly. Have the input field active already when a player presses H / Wurmpedia window loads up so players can start typing their query right away.
  6. Wait, what!? This is unacceptable. Please have this bug fixed asap.
  7. +1 Not only will this be very useful, it will also be nice to see ships on the ocean sailing by and delivering goods, making wurm seem more alive. Or maybe im just biased because I live next to the ocean and when I log in, I see the ocean through my windows lol.
  8. Yes, please. Add something to forest floors. They are so empty/clean looking, especially during spring. You occassionally see a stone/rock here and there but thats it. I've mentioned in other posts but add DEAD WOOD/LOGS to this game. Every damn forest has some rotting wood/logs/branches on the forest ground. Out of those same rotting wood grow nice mushrooms. I remember BDO had/has a actual raining/water + temperatures map which was pretty nice and refreshing to see! There were different areas on the world map where there were more groundwater than others (more rainfall) and farming here would give a nice bonus. Also, temperature played a role in growth of crops. All of this in a MMO not even designed to be sandboxy as Wurm is, so why can't we have nice things? I love the idea. Not saying wurm needs this exact thing but it def. needs more content, especially if you choose to do the whole day/night cycle, seasons and weather. Or at least get the audio/graphics right. Let us hear CLEAR rain falling to the ground or rain when its actually cloudy (and not raining while sun is shining with 0 clouds) *sigh*.
  9. Oh yes....I already feel bad for the new players. They will not be amused and neither would I be if I started Wurm after the last update. Wurm is already one of the slowest when it comes to Transportation. Why did we need this nerf again? I agree with Lycanthropic that Wurm actually needs buffs or at least not this disaster.
  10. I have a dead troll on an abutment. I went and tried to track the tile and see who/wat has been here but found out there is no tracking option available on abutments ( and bridges/crowns/floors). Any other tile you can walk/ride on has this option so I don't see why abutments don't have any except that it's a bug.
  11. A big +1 from me. Much needed function
  12. Example: -You have 10 cotton in your inventory. -You combine them into 1 cotton ( weight = 10 ) -Now you want to store 5 cotton in a BSB and keep 5 in inventory. -You hold SHIFT + Drag the cotton to BSB -The usual amount window pops up asking how many you want to store. -You choose 5, store 5 cotton in BSB and keep 5 in inventory Unless there is a good argument against it but can we make this a thing, please? What we currently have to do is throw the full cotton ( weighting 10 ) in the BSB and take out 5 cotton again from the BSB and the above suggestion will reduce the required actions to do this.
  13. There should be an option for players to choose which one they like. Personally Im not a fan of the new in-game wiki window. For me, pressing H and entering a keyword is much better.
  14. Yes I actually expected that to be there already on the inspect window.... +1
  15. As the title states. No raking sound on large planters when tending/farming and harvesting like normal crop tiles. Action is exactly the same, only a different container/tile so I assume it's just missing at the moment.
  16. +1 Much needed, I wanted to do a suggestion like this myself but glad it has be done now, so i'm not the only one wanting better rewards for champs
  17. A big +1 . Makes sense to do this with the new AH update.
  18. oh yes ,please! +1 Having to constantly ask your mayor to rename your animals is annoying for both of us and unnecessary.
  19. Bump cause too easy to implement. No excuses here, devs
  20. Too lazy to click "Love Effect"? What use does the spell have if it doesn't provide the escape you're looking for? And afaik, it always turned all hostiles into friendlies. Maybe you were too lazy to actually try out the spell. Because it makes sense to run back, right click and no-target while the spell should just have "charmed" him right away. Yea, another one of those wurm bugs turned into a "feature" I bet.
  21. Still think this is a bug and shouldn't happen. There is no logic or wogic in doing the acrobatics you described to make this skill work which you can only use ONCE every 18h and so 0 room for mistakes. You cast the spell, any animal that went green at that time AND is not in direct combat with you, should be charmed/made friendly, otherwise this spell is utterly useless.
  22. Add a proper Tool rack ( either on the wall or ground ) to the list. + 1
  23. Love Effect should turn all hostile creatures around you into friendly. From Wurmpedia: "If you are fighting an animal and use this ability while sticking around, you will auto-attack back, which makes it continue fighting. Backing off and no-targeting should fix it" I've had the following situation: Near a troll but not in combat yet. Troll noticed me and before he start running towards me, I used Love Effect, backed off and did no-target. He then turned green (outlined), waited for a second, turned red again and start running towards me. When he turned green for a second, there was no combat disturbing the Love Effect nor did the troll hit/attack me once or vice verca so it had no reason to go hostile (red) again.
  24. [13:15:32] You drop 40 snowball. [13:15:49] You drop six snowball. As you can see above, one is numerical and other one is a string. Either make both numerical or both string.