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  1. 3 very quick and easy bandaids for PvE pets to make them more useful (and also helps fix unicorns/hellhorses a little). If you are caring for an animal, any attack targetting that animal hits you instead (you care for it, so you're going to defend it), and when you're not within 10 tiles mobs ignore it. Can be toggled on/off When you tame an animal you are caring for, it does not lose tameness naturally over time. When an animal takes damage, it loses a reduced amount of tameness (100-taming skill/1.2)% loss rate
  2. This magical substance
  3. At some point, I'm going to update the guide a bit to mention donkeys - I'm waiting to see what the exploration update brings to non-premium characters though! Already I need to add in that your characters are now safe, which is a huge QoL improvement, so the devs are definitely considering the free folk to some degree
  4. Time for another bump - something more to explore for after all!
  5. Camellia + Lavender makes a nice low tier healing cover (potency 6) If you've got the time you can get lightweight potency 12s from Lavender + Rosemary/Lovage.
  6. Going to bump this as I just saw a lot of Xanadian dirt coasts with no real beauty that would look amazing with some reeds growing wild.
  7. Going to bump this as the exploration update needs more ecology!
  8. I like the ideas of camps and caravans, but I thought something smaller that uses fuel would be less controversial and more likely to make it in game.
  9. The need to tame them to ride is the biggest issue for me, otherwise I'd use them for my main method of travel. Remove the requirement to tame them to ride once they are geared, and remove the 2nd rider speed penalty entirely to make them a lighter alternative to HHs.
  10. With the new updates on wurm focusing on exploration and adventure, it might be time to also release some travel QoL content: 1. Allow tents to be repaired/improved - At the moments tents are a constant pain given their RNG creation and annoying material requirements. 2. Fix tent locking over server borders - A huge bug that has led to some nasty thefts 3. Allow us to use rock shards on a campfire to make it semi-permanent (i.e. not decay away instantly when empty) - A nice aesthetic for people who want to make a camp for a week - especially if there is a texture for each rock shard type. 4. Allow travellers to use a bedroll on a cart to sleep in an unpiloted cart - Sometimes you need to log quickly and it'd be nice to get some SB if its for the night. 5. Same, but for a boat - See above. 6. Grant carts/boats which have been piloted in the past 7 days contents protection (i.e. no decay on the contents), and extend this protection permanently on deeds - Decay while travelling is a huge put off compared to life on a deed. This would help reduce that, and encourage people to get out and about. Also, I constantly find myself needing to get items re-imped that I keep in my cart! 7. Add in some high-tier portable versions of workstations (i.e. folding map table, portable kitchen) that use high level skills to create and improve in return for much lower weight/volume - Travel involves a lot of creating random low QL things in the middle of nowhere, it would be nice if some stations were portable! No-one likes seeing random ovens in the middle of the road! 8. Add in a lower tier tent/bedroll that decays away in a couple of days for travellers who want to rough it (also helps newer players!) - Travel should not just be for the elite, and it's nice to have a backup in a pinch! 9. A special item that, when planted, protects a 3x3 area centered on it from critters entering (effectively giving a single safe tile) as long as a tent and bedroll are placed in that 3x3 area (maybe uses a source gem as fuel (1 gem = 3 days charge that only depleats when deployed). [Fails to function around special locations such as camps and rifts] - Aimed at people who travel often and get mauled by critters when camping (you can never AFK in the wild, a huge issue for the traveller unless you enjoy making random fence pens) 10. If a player is sleeping in a tent (i.e. using a bedroll on the same tile), protect the tent and its contents from decay - Pretty small QoL change aimed at letting people stay away from deeds longer 11. Allow players to use a container on a tile to "set up to catch rain", giving a 1KG of water whenever it rains. Acts as planted for 3 days. - Just a way to get water inland on the go!
  11. I don't think this is hatered towards PvP in particular, but the "balance" we get in PvE as a result. In essence, you cannot balance something equally for PvP and PvE - both have different goals and support different playstyles. Something convenient for PvE would break PvP and a lot of PvP balance destroys QoL in PvE. A split for PvP and PvE where PvP gets special spell effects would be nice, or something that impacts existing PvP mechanics that won't carry over to PvE. ---- In terms of balance, it feels a little like Fo has gotten the short end of the stick here. Most players can easily cook up something that fills their food bars, and create long lasting affinity foods that TARGET a skill they want. With the change to harvesting, the wishing tree isn't really giving anything except a shortcut to creating higher complexity meals (which is only really useful when metagaming for affinity meals). -Might be nice to throw in the odd magical fruit (something that when eaten gives a Fo buff spell) -Throw in an ingredient that drastically slows down food decay on anything it is added to for making travel foods (since most people visiting holy sites will be travellers) The sampo is likewise a bit of a letdown and heavily RNG based (given that people are travelling to these sites, the probability of getting an affinity they cannot use is also quite high). -Focusing on the karma rewards might be a better option, or giving players some agency on choosing affinity.
  12. A fo spell that lets us give followers our critter protection for a fixed duration. New players struggle to travel on Xanadu - this would be an easy thing that lets priests help them out!