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  1. Oh definitely. Lets imagine weapon smithing as you see faith: -After a largely afk grind, you can instantly make some weapons at 100QL, without ever needing to level any other skill (genesis, strongwall, etc). You get to pick only a couple of such weapons. -The idea of 5ws gains is a funny one, now imagine that WS gains were as large as 0.12 every 3 hours; 10 actions a level, level 80--100 in 200 actions! I think newer weapon smiths would be jumping for joy! Old one would be cursing though. The point here is not that weaponsmithing is in any way the same as casting, but it is a good parellel to a skill players invest time in to trade with others. If that skill were to become trivial to level at higher levels, I very much doubt it would be a good thing. This change is aimed at making priest alts easier to level, less of a hassel. Doing so just cements that idea, an idea I oppose simply because it results in an unhealthy game (mandatory 2 toons, because pet priests rarely travel, 0 ability for a 1-toon crafter to compete with someone who can CoC their tools or LT their weapons). This point, however, does make good sense. Whales are going to be whales. However, lets flip the table and ask "what would this item really do?"; it just turns the unofficial abuse of a mechanic into an official one. Is that something beneficial to the game in the long run, or is it just a quick cash grab?
  2. Pretty simple idea: a craftable item that comes under natural substances. 1 flint, 1 salt, 1 egg, 1 ash - Produces 0.01kg of blasting powder (the rest of the mass is assumed to be waste product) Uses natural substances (minimum of 60 to start producing) QL is capped by natural substances or lowest QL material. Can be used on a rock/ore tile underground to remove (Mass/0.01)*(QL/5) units of material from that tile. If the user has less than 50NS or 50 Mining, causes NON-FATAL cuts to unarmoured body parts [flying shards]. A pile whose (MASS/0.01)*(QL/5)>50 can be used on an underground rock tile to trigger a cave in. If the user has less than 50NS or 50 Mining causes NON-FATAL blunt injuries to the head [falling rocks]. Optional Extra: Can be combined with a pot and string to make a pottery grenade (minimum of 60NS to produce, capped by lowest ingredient QL or NS); can be thrown to cause AoE cuts to all mobs in a 3x3 radius of where it lands whose severity is determined by QL (glance negates damage). ONLY FUNCTIONS ON PvE SERVERS
  3. Surely, if we are to encourage priest alts, then we should do likewise for crafter alts. Maybe an item so that I can just afk level WS; shall we go the runescape protean item route for crafters?
  4. Oh, I am not arguing that wurm isn't pay to win in terms of RMT link (it is built in to RMT), but I would strongly argue that there is a difference between a cash shop item and people alt abusing. One is a "grey" trade (that the devs endorse, but not all games feel the same), the other is actively the devs taking payment to skip part of the game. I'd argue against it since the faith and channel grind are the only things standing between all priests and endgame priests; cut the faith grind down and you have easily farmable strongwall/genesis alts; something to be avoided.
  5. This really is pay to win territory, and sermoning is meant to encourage priests to travel. However, I can see the appeal for people who keep priest alts...
  6. Here is an easy one: A low level buff spell that offers fo's animal peace passive for its duration. A nice blessing to give to locals, but not essential.
  7. I have a free alt I use to remove trees from my lawn. That's about it. I'm a "one sub" kind of guy.
  8. I remember a lot of players who ground up rope making being similarly salty. Especially since no-one expected veggies to remain ingame as a favour item of such power.
  9. Really? I am landing a fair few 90+ casts on LT with only 81 channeling. What are you trying to cast exactly?
  10. My deepest condolences. If we're going back to the old days then... Cloth Tailoring - Fo/Vyn (harsh to imp beyond 35 with just creation QL) Toymaking - Vyn (never tried to level toymaking, but odds are it is painful) Locksmithing - Mag (levelled via creation by everyone, so not too bad) Rope making - GL levelling this with creation ticks, net improving is the only way to really go
  11. Crafting is QoL, not essential. Follows the same scenario as genesis Vs strongwall.
  12. I've enjoyed a lot of my times on wurm, I've been on plenty of adventures... First rifts (our hypothesis worked, and it's why healing areas are around) Early Xanadu days of sailing around the continent on a rowboat offering free mailbox enchants I, with the help of others, planted a forest on release that is still there today Met a lot of amazing people on my wanderings Priested up more folks than I can count Took part in a fair few impalongs, so many LT casts Joined plenty of alliances, and helped with a few projects that magic could help with Designed, and led the initial dig, on a heritage site canal. Oh and stockpiled enough maples to literally cover the landmass of one of the smaller servers. But... Now I wander around and watch things crumble; not the lively death things used to be with new homes popping up around old ruins, but just the slow death of a dying world. Where once I'd ride along roads and see folks continually, now I can ride for a day and see not a soul. Deeds I'd seen stand for years are gone, all that's left is some earthworks and maybe the odd bit of paving. Where once a vibrant community existed, now only ghosts and bugs in the code reside. I suppose I want to be there to see things to the end. Someone who remembers wurm when it was healthy should.