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  1. To be frank; a failed experiment. Yes, item skins are nice, but for those of us with actual ambition in the real world, the time investment to obtain such items is just not worth the effort. Combined with the confirmed inferior skillgain rate, it had nothing to offer. In essence, it was very much "all or nothing", with too much weight upon "nothing" for myself, and many others, to bother.
  2. I think, the real issue isn't paying for virtual currency; it's more the resale of it. Honestly? Just ban the resale of it for real world cash, problem solved. Account sales? Ban them. Who actually loses at this point? Accounts on the old cluster will be worthless anyway if it is essentially sunset; and there will be no way to "make bank" if the servers are dead.
  3. "The upkeep will last approximately 300 days, 14 hours and 46 minutes more." Welp, time to wait out this storm and see where it ends up. If things look better, could someone PM me?
  4. Personally, I won't be moving to WOS. Starting again has 0 appeal to me, and playing on a dead world even less. This, I suspect, will be a prevailing attitude among most WO players. If Jackal is anything to go by, the thrill of a fresh start is short lived in most of them.
  5. Yeah... This happens sometimes. Someone nabbed a HotA from a member of our alliance when their deed dropped. They'd forgotten to pay the rent, they did not get their HotA back. Trick is to just move on; next time you see their name in local at a loot site, wall it in.
  6. Thanks for letting us know! This would definitely be a good balance to the potential skillgain loss; I hope this goes through.
  7. Pretty much this; at the moment Jackal skill transfers offer nothing worth going over there for.
  8. I like the alchemy; though I'd link duration to QL (15 seconds per 10 QL?) I don't like my fo priest being nerfed any further (we have no direct damage spells, so we just take a massive penalty).
  9. " If a player is Premium and goes Freemium, their deed is immediately resized to original starter size. " You lost me here; this part of the idea is terrible. It creates "variable loss"; you sank 10s into making a large deed? You lose that the moment your sub drops; that's a 10s solid loss. The new micro-deed had enough silver in it to keep going for a year; it will now last a LOT longer than that!
  10. This would only change things for a very specific subset of crafters (Tool/Weapon Makers). This would improve their market, in that it would cause more sales; but goods would be massively devalued unless of insane quality because they could never be imped higher. So, in reality, it would just make the market much more "top heavy" than it already is. It does not fix the problem it sets out to resolve as no-one would EVER buy 50QL items when 90QL ones are on offer.
  11. "Seek offence and you shall find it"
  12. ***Content redacted due to contextual comments being moderated away***
  13. So... Do we have any clarification on this? Given that I can't get prayer 70 goals on Jackal, I could really use a solid incentive to play casually on there.
  14. New steam wurm goes up, new cluster, old freedom dies. ALL players can go to both epic and jackal. Epic becomes the new PvP center for wurm because it can be accessed by both old, and new, players. Essentially, a new cluster is a strong argument for ditching chaos entirely and just making Epic the main PvP platform.