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  1. Linking a flagship to a deed might be problematic (in that ships can move between servers, and would it lose its flagship status on a different server). A simpler solution might be to have a flagship built into character data, so that when the character moves servers, their flagship information would move with them. It would inflate character files somewhat, but not in any overlarge sense.
  2. Whoops, this is in the wrong section, could I get this moved to suggestions!
  3. At the moment, while grinding natural substances, I could make a pile of healing covers, and then throw them in the bin, since they are not really all that useful. Especially when made from heavier items, they're a pain to store, and don't last long. So, here is a proposal for a new item, to use up those covers and actually give people something nice to use from them. Healing Cover + Salt (0.01) = Medicine Preparation (Natural Substances) [weight preserved] - Quality based on natural substances skill and cover potency [source salt can be used for guranteed QL100], salt QL determines difficulty Medicine Preparation + Mortar and Pestle = Medicinal Powder (Milling) [1 per 0.5kg weight of medicine preparation, minimum of 1, weight of 0.01] - Quality slightly incremented by milling skill, quantity increased by +1 per 30 milling skill Medicinal Powder + Honey (0.09) = Medical Salve (Natural Substances) [final weight of 0.1] - Quality capped by honey QL (same as farmer's salve, some variability added by NS skill) Medical salve amount usage follows the same rules as farmer's salve (0.01 for light or less, 0.02 for medium, 0.03 for bad, 0.04 for severe) and applies both bandaging and a QL/4 potency healing cover to the wound. It doesn't work like a normal cover, in that it does not have a potency, it is all linked to quality. This is because.... Medical salve can be stored like any liquid in jars/barrels/etc, with the same sealing requirements Optional Extra - Allow "Heal" to be cast on the salve to convert it into enchanted medical salve, which applies a stronger bandage effect when used. PvP Balance Retention - Make healing salve unusable when within a certain radius of hostile players OR just make it unusable in PvP
  4. I think a lot of wurm players are from affluent western countries, which is why they often look down their noses at people who cannot afford premium. Personally, I think opening up the free game a bit more (even with one skill uncapped) would be more beneficial than not. Also faith unlocks spells, but favor is more like "mana" in traditional rpgs. So it is capped by faith usually. You could run a 20 channeling priest alt with it, but honestly you could also just put faith as one of those skills you can't select (solves a lot of potential issues).
  5. @Muse Yep, that is definitely good advice
  6. I'm still finding my way; I did 1-70 botanize in long stretches but since I hit 70 the skillgain has dropped drastically low (about 0.1 per 30--45 mins depending on luck is about right). In theory, I can plant a large steppe area nearby (there is a large empty patch of land, but I keep it as meadow for the flowers). Does moss have a higher difficulty than steppe?
  7. Surely you'd just bash the fence which can be done at any time? The only "farms" that would suffer is source huts. 0 sympathy there.
  8. Trying to figure out if there are any tricks or optimisations I can use for grinding botanize 70--90. At the moment I am botanizing for herbs (they're lightest) and doing it on a large meadow we keep offdeed. Are there any other tricks I can use to help this process along?
  9. This is an interesting idea for giving the prayer skill a more important role. However, I'm not sure it addresses the core issue with prayer which is it's method of training being a long altar-chain period. These changes, alongside a more active use for prayer could be a good thing (a skill to level as a priest), but prayer would need more of a use in terms of active rewards for praying.
  10. Already doing that thanks. It's space intensive and very much a "late-game" thing to do and has 0 impact since most players capable of farming black mushrooms in a reasonable way can usually manage to hunt for teeth/glands instead.
  11. I'm not sure about chiseling but... It'd be nice to be able to use a grindstone on fully uncovered ore/stone shards to turn them into gem shards. This gives a use for "junk" shards by adding an extra step.
  12. Going to bump this one up, mostly because natural substances' role in healing isn't all that involved or interesting at the moment.
  13. Accoding to the official data ( [Which the WO team is arguing as accurate (] this sample is 1/30th of the population; or, being charitable, 1/10th at best (3 alts per player is excessive). Is it representative? We have no idea (stats 101). The evidence collected in the sample SUGGESTS that 47.38% of players intend to give the new server a try; but it in no way confirms it. There is a good reason to suspect bias of the sample (all respondants are forum users), which throws serious doubt on this result.
  14. 47.38 OF RESPONDANTS intend to at least give the new server a try. Do not conflate the vocal minority of the forum (i.e. the respondants) with the rest of the wurm population.
  15. This would bring a lot of QoL to new players. Also, option to expand bank storage by 10 slots would make a good reward token purchase....