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  1. Alright, so here we have a rather interesting issue. 1. If hide amount isn't reduced in some way, alt abuse kicks in to mass farm materials from a dragon 2. However, with hide reduced by the number of people it is shared between, it's still open to alt abuse (the more alts you have there, the bigger your slice of the pie) Limiting the radius to within 5 of the dragon would help resolve the alt abuse issue (though, if you were unlucky and got killed by the dragon, you might miss your drop) The trouble is, all this begs a question as to why we want to limit the amount that comes into the game? And here we see that it is only valuable if it is rare; its worth would be depleated if it were avialable to everyone, and it would detract from the worth of other things (who would buy plate when they could get scale; or leather when they could get hide?). So perhaps there is a less than selfish reason for desiring the scarcity. The happy middle ground would be to award scale to people who are either within the 5 tile radius, who have hit the dragon, who have been hit by the dragon in the last 10mins, or who have healed someone while within 5 tiles within the last 10mins.
  2. Sailed from Release to Xanadu as a passenger on a boat. Once crossed over to Xanadu, teleported home using karma port while stil embarked on boat. Interacted with meditation rug, used bed in home to log out. Play was entirely normal. Logged back in 24 hours later. Had been teleported from my home to location of boat; all inventory changes were intact. I was still emarked on the boat, sleep bonus looks like it had been restored by bed. I was able to disembark from boat and play as per normal.
  3. Please remove, wrong place
  4. Thats nice; doesn't really add anything to the debate since I already made that point but, you do you?
  5. No, that isn't the point at all. He just held up a number in the hopes of disproving the "PvP players are a small minority" argument, which it didn't really do because, as you have pointed out, any number raised is faulty because it is buried in assumption. The trouble here is that this begs the question, why was it only a feature of PvP and not PvE from the start? To argue that it would choke PvP activities again begs the question why; surely if there were a "renaissance of PvP" then the increased player count would bring in a larger pool to fund PvP? One could argue that such a change should be implemented forthwith, to avoid this possibly stunting a "renaissance of PvP"? The same artistic issues have not occurred for chaos Kingdoms, even those founded by single players looking to get rich. If someone is going to drop $150 (or higher, given that I do agree the cost on freedom should be higher due to risk/reward factors), they're probably not adverse to dropping a bit more to make sure their design can be sold to recoup some of that loss. On a technical level, let us say PvP does see a boom with the steam release; will we have to load 200 extra PvP kingdom textures? Many of which will be ugly? The crux here is that the argument against PvE access to unique emblems is the same argument one can make against PvP. It only holds up if the PvP playerbase is significiantly smaller than the PvE one (lessening the probability of negative impact); however this then provides the counter-argument I've made in earlier posts. The whole argument essentially becomes either get rid of custom kingdom graphics, or give them to everyone (just up the price for PvE, since you'd be justified there as setting one up on Chaos requires additional materials/defenders etc).
  6. Definitely a LOT less than the 429 non-PvP players. Your point?
  7. Essentially, it serves only to benefit a tiny niche portion of the playerbase at the expense of the rest of the playerbase (the numbers speak for themselves really). The literal expense, in terms of real world currency, is very offputting and sends out the message that "we favour PvP over PvE" from the game developers to the playerbase, whether that be true or not. In terms of game design, it's awful, because you're missing the chance to harvest your PvE whales (who FAR outnumber your PvE ones based on probability alone). The ONLY reason to argue for it is because PvP in its current form would not survive without it (at least, not without its playerbase actually putting money into the game). Surely this speaks poorly of the design of PvP more so than the need of something to patch it over? Alright, now convince me otherwise. I'm open to input.
  8. And it deserves discussing again; because each time it has been discussed the only argument was "but PvP needs this to be unique". The main argument behind this was PvP was expensive so PvP needed a revenue stream. This was not a good argument.
  9. Ensure paved tiles get refreshed fragments; same for enchanted grass.
  10. And, finally, a bump here. Because this one is a long standing QoL improvement for all priests, regardless of god. Not to mention extending it to other stub-skills to flesh them out a little.
  11. And another bump, because this one would really help QoL too.
  12. Going to bump this one, in case the devs are inclined to round out magic a bit more with nice QoL effects.
  13. Or, add mini rifts (weren't these supposed to be a thing?) and have those count?
  14. Not that insanely overpowered, I like it. Only... Maybe have these seals be activated by casting a spell on them? So make the seal, enchant it, apply it.