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  1. Tame Bears with Honey

    +1 I can make my empire of warrior bears much more easily.
  2. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    I must admit, this idea does have somewhat selfish motivations. A lot of potential players are put off by WO's subscription, and if a system like this were implemented, more would stick around. More people around who are adverse to paying subscription, the more possible customers for us all, since such players are more likely to buy silver, do jobs for silver, and buy items.
  3. CoC Enchants Degrading Rapidly?

    Yes. Welcome to wurm's magic RNG It can be really nice sometimes (3 90 casts in a row), and really mean during others (no cast above 50 at 80 channeling for over an hour). If it's any consolation, you probably don't need to grind to 90 channeling as it doesn't make much difference.
  4. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    This is also a good possible option. The crux here is that all player types are interested in skillgain/character progress. Free play stops this and demands a payout for it; but it doesn't offer additional incentives for those who choose to remain as free players to make that payout. If getting stopped at 20 skill isn't going to make someone premium (and, since it is such a low threshold, player investment is low at this point, so the method is ineffective), odds are they are going to move on. Nor does it offer them any form of "advancement" activity for their character (the focal point in western RPG design), thus you feel you have reached the end of the free game, and will have to pay the subscription from then on. Great for games with a healthy population, not so great for games in the "candle-light clusters" phase of MMO life. This notion here is to offer players some form of advancement that is slower than going premium, that has no impact on their character without paying that fee (someone who has ground their potential farming up to 30 is much more likely to preme up to enjoy it than someone who has been stuck at 20 farming for a week with no gains).
  5. Valrei International. 077

    Does this mean my lovely maples will be bursting with sap?
  6. Non-Preme Skill Progression

    Pretty simple; as a lure to encourage more people to preme up, allow skills to advance (at a slower rate) while non-premium. For example, my forestry (80) could go up slowly, but still remain at effective 20 while non-premium. A bit of simple math could overcome the "but difficulty" argument. Stats would need to be a special case (simply set the effective cap to what it was when they were last premium, a few extra database entries per player). It's easy to walk away from a toon with 20 in a few skills; it's a bit harder to walk away from one that could have 30 if only you'd pay that "low low" premium price. I do want to re-iterate; your skill goes up, but NOTHING changes about the free game (you are still capped at effective 20 for all actions).
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    I actually premed up when the priest update came in, and have been acting as a healer to my housemates I've been watching heal Res for a long time. So far, definitely feels like a nerf for our tactic (one tank, one healer).
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    That is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. But more seriously, I for one would not like to be unable to block while healing folks in PvE, especially since spells do get interrupted often at rifts.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    Oh gods no... Please please please don't gimp us any further on PvE for PvP balance. Please.... Seriously... This is getting a bit silly now; still recovering from the horrible heal nerf (which has proven to be a REAL nerf to LT)
  10. Apothecary's jar

    Going to bump this as we have a method to preserve liquids, but not one to preserve healing covers.
  11. Make Archery Great again

    Honestly? Keep this a PvP server only change, and everyone will likely be very happy (hunting solo as a priest would suck otherwise). Remember, archers massively outrange priests, so any counter to them is going to have to cover a lot of ground while being bombarded by priests.
  12. Trader Item Suggestions

    It's rarely a case of malice (though I have had *palm*hole neighbours in the past), most folks just assume that if someone hasn't been there in a week, then it is abandoned.
  13. The core issue isn't the "early days" where every alliance of sufficient size starts to link it's settlements using portals. Note, the op wrote that teleportation would be allowed between similar devices. The long term harm is the cumulative effect of infinite transport devices building up, and being overly easy to retain. Every alliance being linked to every other alliance via teleporter, thus meaning every deed in an alliance being linked in an uber-network. This is not a feature that would be "nice to have", it becomes a new necessity. I am not against teleportation on when, but I do believe it needs a solid cost per teleport. To avoid the empty roads of wurm becoming even emptier...
  14. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    As this thread shows... Items one purchases via PvP are subject to change at the whim of the PvP kingdom. This is a massive turn off to buying them, and is a solid reason why we should be able to make our own.