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  1. So, I've been playing wurm for quite a while. Actually, longer than I thought given how many logs I have buried in my system! I got bored today, and thought doing some data science might be fun. The result is the graph below, showing the monthly average number of players online each time I logged in over the past 6 years (feel free to mail me cakes!). The 0 entries are months of hiatus, of course, and some of the early steep fluctuations are months where the servers had problems. The overall picture is one of decline; however most notable point of decline was during 2015, magically around the month of WU's release (October saw a massive player drop). This isn't really data that allows us to draw any conclusion, since alting on wurm became massively prevelant after the release of WU. If you want to find out how I processed the data, it's in the spoiler tab below. If anyone has more records and would be interested in combining their data, reach out and let me know. Otherwise, enjoy!
  2. At this point, it could go two ways. This company could spearhead a brave initiative and catapult wurm up from dying mmorpg to a successful one. Or they could milk it till it dies, put it's corpse up on display, milk that, and then kill the game. In the first case I get to enjoy wurm for a long time, in the second case I end up with enough data to write a paper on how a sandbox mmorpg dies. Win-win for me I guess?
  3. *Some* of us have no option but to use creation Ql. Seriously, kill the deco decay. Looters will love you, and deed owners will praise you.
  4. If traders are not so big a deal any more, and not so great, surely the players who got them would get more out of a refund when they are removed, and hence would support such a notion?
  5. Prior to rifts, the only use for healing magic was for unqiues (something <1% of the player population partook in as a hunter/killer role). The front end healing of cure light wounds, cure medium wounds, cure serious wounds, LoF, and heal were all buffed slightly by adding in a power variation. However only one of these worked out as a real buff, heal became usable again since it was no longer entirely RNG based. The rest were pretty token, and really only made rifts harder for those players not near the engame (endgame players have 0 fear of rifts because their endgame armour is strong enough to tank most of the damage with minimal heals). It may have changed things with uniques, but I very much doubt it since the math says just rotate out 2+ tanks, the exploit still exists, it has just evolved. This isn't actually the issue I saw no resolution to; the nerf you need is to introduce some forms of damage that healing magic cannot fix, and then make all uniques inflict it. The issue I see no resolution to is I can think of no way to buff fo as a priest, because fo is powerful for PvP, but lackluster on PvE. Any buff given on PvE carries over to PvP, and hence renders fo overpowered on PvP. We've not got any unique utility for PvE, but we have a strong utility on PvP (because healing is an essential utility in PvP).
  6. A quick bump here... Especially for that optinal extra!
  7. A very nice summary! Well done! From what I have seen over the years, the real crux is that priests are not balanced with PvE in mind (for example, the heal nerf was aimed at PvP balance, not PvE balance). They are balanced based on their PvP utility. Thus Fo's healing is weighted quite highly as it is a very useful PvP role. I personally have a gripe with this, but I have no real solution to offer that wouldn't negatively impact PvP balance. Long story short; I've given up hope on the matter.
  8. Hey there, found your cart and stuff (assuming a corpse drop); got it stored safe at my place. Drop me a line on here, or in game, and we can arrange to get it back to you!
  9. Yeah.... Completely unlike wurm, which doesn't allow real time currency to give a player a ridiculous edge
  10. Perform 10 actions and not gain a single skill tick (prayer ftl). Go out looking for herbs, and come back with a coin worth real currency. Get lost (seriously, wurm is one of the only games I have ever played where it is possible to get lost after years). Be able to plant hedges on one part of a tile, but not another.
  11. Pretty much what it says; remove the arbitrary "5 tile" rule for archery attacks and simply make it award the points if the attack was launched from inside the rift.
  12. And for once, it was ACTUALLY fixed. The random pads are a bit overpriced (what QL are they, if they were QL100 then you might be justified?), and 1200 for metallic liquid is a bit much. Drop the metallic liquid price a fair bit and maybe lower the cost of the random pad a bit further and you're on for a winner.
  13. I'm wondering if this might be just what I need to level some extra skills as a priest. Also, meditation....