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  1. There are a lot of amazing things to find in wurm; the trouble is they're all gated behind worse odds than winning a jackpot in a casino (take it from someone who used to rig the machines). However, it is nice for some items to be that rare. I'd opt for a middle ground, create a new "pearl necklace" item that doesn't need a black pearl and has a different model. It keeps certain items as a genuine rarity (the existing variant), but also opens up a use for pearls for the rest of us with actual lives.
  2. At this point, given how few people main priests, and given how narrow and limited our gameplay is, some form of switching is likely to help retain what few priest players wurm has. It is also likely to encouraging more solo toon players to stick around for longer.
  3. 1 and 2 are available (to some degree) from the offical charts ( 3 used to be available, but it was decided "it does not offer a real indicator of population" (garbage in my opinion since it is a standard metric for mmo health, but I didn't make that call).
  4. So it was with Release and Pristine, and so it will be again with the old and new clusters. Personally, I would be satisfied if we weren't actively directing players to the new cluster (see stickied post here:
  5. The server merges were done after a community vote if my memory serves. The joining of Release and Pristine to Xanadu wasn't detrimental. What was detrimental was stale mechanics and promised updates/content that never materialised. Player gods drove out the priests, and priest ALTs exploded into the scene. The real killer was WU, it irrevocabley split the playerbase as WU was adding all the QoL updates that WO was not. The merge didn't harm the cluster communities. Join the world's, end the slow rotting death of the old cluster, and the rampant decay of the new one.
  6. Ooh, sure, drop me the dump. It'll be great to see how hourly data Vs 15 min data compares over the timeframe we both recorded.
  7. This is an outstanding timeline; an achievement in and of itself. Well done for managing to pull all that together!
  8. Oddly enough, I just took the pi offline today for a new project; I'll post the final data drop tomorrow as well as the script I used in case anyone wants to run their own population tracker.
  9. My issue isn't that ALTs exist, and that people use them. It's that the game's design has been stunted to use ALTs to milk extra money.
  10. The trouble is; wurm is designed around ALTs. I'm not going to call it good design from the player's perspective (it's dire), but from a business perspective it's a subtle whale milking mechanic. It's why priests are the way they are; they were designed to be ALTs, a second tier of premium in reality. I definitely think shifting the game's core design away from "milk the alt whales" would be a good thing; but I also think that world peace is more likely!
  11. Maps to treasure and chess sets; definitely a step in the right direction towards more explorative content. Question is, will folks be able to skill as they do it, or will the rewards aid in that?
  12. This would be a fair few extra models to add. +1 though as the price is outweighed by the benefits.
  13. Sort of like the fire ring suggested here? I mean we got the fur bed...
  14. Mine was "grind prayer to 70" and "grind botanise to 90", but that fizzled out. Now it's just enjoying my wurm retirement, watching the world below the mountain slowly return to wild forest.