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  1. Heya Dwain There will be waiting time but i will do my best
  2. There is now a public settlement token access few tiles from the shop so you can use it to withdraw from your bank
  3. Delivered ! Thank you very much
  4. Wemp in Bulk No stock atm but can take your order.
  5. Thank you very much Dwain ! Always a pleasure to trade with you
  6. Delivered ! Thank you for your order
  7. Yes you are right I will pm you when it's ready and if you want a delivery i can do this for no additional cost
  8. STOCK UPDATE: 2k Cabbages - 99,99QL - Price: 1s 1k Carrots - 99,99QL - Price: 0,5s 0,5k Cucumbers - 99,91QL - Price: 0,25s 2k Garlics - 99,99QL - Price: 1s 1,5k Onions - 99,99QL - Price: 0,75s 1,5k Pea Pods - 99,99QL - Price: 0,75s 2k Potatoes - 99,99QL - Price: 1s 4k Pumpkins - 99,99QL - Price: 2s 1k Rye - 99,60QL - Price: 0,5s 16k Sugar Beets - 99,98QL - Price: 8s 1,5k Tomatoes - 99,99QL - Price: 0,75s 2,5k Wheat - 99,99QL - Price: 1,25s
  9. Heya again Thank you for your order i will pm you as soon as the order is ready !
  10. Shop Reopened !!! I'm back on "my" island: Isle of Syhl ! See first post for exact location ! The shop is now the closest location from South West borders of Independence, it means you can play with borders from your server to get there very quickly! Still PM me for delivery if you are lazy