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  1. Probably asked in all pages i'm lazy to read all but when you undock some tabs like Skills, Combat etc... the UI settings are not saved and then you have to undock them every time, maybe it's due to the fact Skills and Combat tabs appears only when you have a skillgain text or a combat log. It would be nice if they would appear at the place i've previously undocked them on my past game sessions. Dunno if it's clear
  2. Perfect service, i definetely recommend ! Very nice people, always a pleasure to chat with, very affordable prices, quick and friendly. Have many imp / enchants i'll have to order in the near future and it will be at Honeywood and nowhere else !
  3. Rare Rope Tool, maple, 60Q 1.2s Rare Needle, 73Q 1.1s Rare Spindle, Walnut, 63Q 1.2s If ok CoD it all three to Syhl (with a "L") thank you
  4. *bought*

    Can close thanks !
  5. Rare Mallet Head Oak (1.8s) CoD it to Syhl (with a "L") please
  6. All stock bought ! Thank you to the buyer. Anyway, to the buyer: Contact me on forum or ingame because you bought Sugar Beets but you forgot to load it, the FSB is still here with 2k inside.
  7. Nice :D

    Heya Steamers !
  8. LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (refilling) 0k Wemp - 100QL - Price: 0s 1k Carrots - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Cucumbers - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Pea pods - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Pumpkins - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Garlics - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Lettuces - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 1k Tomatoes - 100QL - Price: 0,5s 2k Corn - 100QL - Price: 1s 4k Onions - 100QL - Price: 2s 4k Cabbages - 100QL - Price: 2s 2k Sugar Beets - 99,99QL - Price: 1s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. +1 You need to redeed when you want to deed over an area but limited by lenght / width ratio limit
  10. 3 months is too short imo but +1 for the idea
  11. LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (refilling) 0k Wemp - 100QL - Price: 0s 2k Sugar Beets - 99,99QL - Price: 1s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer to the mistery buyer : np for the planks and thank you for the breakfast