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  1. PC [Odynn]

    Sad we are loosing a french speaking player, you were there when i made a break and still here when i returned ... sad you are leaving...
  2. Heya ! Few updates: - Disbanded my deed "Syhl Nolife" 13x 48y with my wagonner (please make the change on Albia CatsEyes highway map too ) - Here below an update of Isle of Syhl:
  3. Self Service Pickup temporary unavalaible due to a deed change Will post as soon as it's ready again ! Delivery still available !!!
  4. Meuh non je fais pas mal de livraisons de ce côté, si tu as des questions sur le jeu n'hésite pas à me contacter ingame: /t Syhl Bah no i made several deliveries there, if you have any questions about the game don't hesitate to contact me ingame: /t Syhl
  5. Salutations d'un francophone sur Independence Bonne chance à vous à l'occasion je passerai voir votre communauté sur Xanadu ! --- Hello from a french speaking player from Independence Good luck to you and if i pass by i will come to see your community on Xanadu !
  6. WTB silvers for €

    Bump! Have a verified Paypal and old Wurm player
  7. First of all i have no opinion about RMT removing. I always bought silvers but never sold them for RM (as i only have something to spend on ingame :D), the only difference now for me is i will have to buy them from shop instead of players so not really a problem. Never bought account etc .. so i don't mind about removing it. I have no problem of removing RMT from the game ... but my problem is the reason to remove it. There are multiple reasons but the main one seems to be the compatibility for Steam. Just want to give my opinion about this. Just before my returning here few months ago i was playing a new game, sandbox one (not full of content as wurm is but a very good one) was following and playing it from early stages, had many accounts, backed it and supported it a lot ... as a really fanboy. Why ? Because from all sandbox MMO i played (and i tested many) this one was really original, hardcore, full loot PvP i was looking for etc ... it was a very good niche game i could have spent many years more. Then (probably for economic reasons i can understand) they decided to release it on Steam. And it was the beginning of the end ... To be more "Steam compatible" they changed things on the game, removed many originalities, making the game more ... "aseptic". They changed core mecanisms i was a fanboy of so just before Steam release i quitted (and i came back here ) and all the existing community left. Devs acted like "no worries thousands players will come with Steam" and they didn't really listened the veteran community there for a long time. They released on Steam, got many players who played it like few weeks and then switched to another MMO. Couple months after the Steam hype they have got same player numbers than before Steam release ... but without the fanboy community and then numbers continued to drop down ... and now they are trying to put back things they changed before Steam to re-attract players they lost... and probably this game will disappear soon. All that story to say that Wurm is a complex, hardcore but original game ... and this is why we like it. Changing things to make it more Steam compatible won't bring more players. Steam is not a miracle where you just have to put a niche game with few hundreds player and then \o/ POP \o/ million players everywhere !!!! I don't say RMT was a core game mecanism, it brought maybe more problems than the originality it gives when you say to a friend "Hey ! In this game it's diffrent you can earn real money !!" but with player gods removing and other things which changed i just hope Devs are not thinking to turn Wurm into an aseptic MMO just to have thousands players on Steam and money income ... it's hopeless and you risk to loose all: originality and core community to have a Steam hype and then nothing more after.... PS: Sorry for my bad english and for the wall of text
  8. Hello ! As i'm planning to move on a new deed on Independence i'm thinking about selling my actual deed located at P11 on Independence ingame map or 13-14x 48y on community map. (see below exact location). If the price is really too low i will keep it if not i will sell it to help me to settle on my new deed The deed is quite simple: It's the dream of farmers or city builders as it's a full flattened deed ... just above water ! You can build a wide city, sow crops (like i did) or anything you want, it's perfect for a blank project without all the terraforming work and direct access to the water. There is a public mine you can deed if you expand on west. You are connected to the HW system and i let my wagonner there so please consider it for the price check Size is: 78x32 (2496 tiles) as i said all flattened just above water (so very very small amount of terraforming if you want to sow reed or rice for example) Expandable east and west sides Perimeter: 5 Upkeep: 4s 99c 20i Remaining upkeep: 141 days Thank you for your help !
  9. As title says ! PM me with your offers
  10. No more Wemp ... but soon lot of Wemp again in the shop
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    It means you won't sacrifice "old" WO servers for Steam WO servers ? I know you can't confirm it for the next decade but can you at least give us a period (6 months, 1 year, ... more ?) it's 100% CERTAIN "old" WO Servers won't be shut down ? Here is the situation: We have players waiting for Steam to play, either new and old players waiting for a new start AND players who don't want to do this fresh start for multiple reason but are afraid of the future of the "old" WO Servers so they don't invest themselves into long term projects on "old" WO. A defined period, even a short one, where there is almost 0 risk the old servers will be shut down could help us to say "Hey! I will start a 6months terraforming project as i know i will be able to finish it !".
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    Thank you both for your answers