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  1. Heya ! Could you please do the following changes on Syhl Island ? - Feralwind Village renamed to Selena - Paul settlement created on volcano Thank youuu
  2. LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4k Reed - 100QL - Price: 4s 100 Oak Sprouts - 69QL - Price: 2s ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Thank you for the amazing slaying Stanlee !!!
  4. Probably already suggested but it would be very nice to have the chat history especially for ingame PM. I often use Wurm Assistant log parser or directly opening PM logs file to remember things like "Ok where should i deliver him ... i don't remember" OR "What was exactly the deal we had ?" OR "His name sounds familiar to me ... i've already spoken to him in the past ?" etc ... Being able to toggle ON/OFF option to display or not PM chats history when you open a PM tab with someone would be perfect, with date of the previous chat if possible.
  5. Your 2k sugar beats should be ready tomorrow, please tell me where to deliver them and be sure i will have unload perm there Will shoot you a PM once delivered, no need to be online
  6. NO for many reasons already explained in previous posts but YES for map dumps more often than 1 per year
  7. Will try to do my best to serve you anytime soon Gimme few days
  8. LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100 Oak Sprouts - 69QL - Price: 2s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Delivery of 1k Rice + 1k Reed will be done to Windrip Canal Entrance will pm you once done ! Thank you !
  10. LIST UPDATED ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1k Reed - 100QL - Price: 1s 1k Rice - 100QL - Price: 1s 100 Oak Sprouts - 69QL - Price: 2s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reed and Rice arrived ! Not as the cheap price as other regular veggies because it needs specific underwater tiles for them but it's here as many asked
  11. LIST UPDATED ! All gone except Oak sprouts ! Thanks to all buyers PS: Reed and Rice coming soon
  12. Merry Christmas everybody ! I will restock soon, very busy IRL atm but i'm still coming online everyday so don't be afraid to come and say a little "Hi!"
  13. Hello ! First of all again thanks for your work. To (Harmony)ze naming of Indy islands i would like to have "my" island from Isle of Syhl to Syhl Island. Is it possible ?