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  1. I posted this in CA help before the last restart, no help there: And at the time of writing, the game says: [16:43:22] The server has been up 1 day, 1 hour and 27 minutes. Where the website says: 1 day, 1 hour and 15 minutes It seems to be a bigger and bigger gap the longer the server has been running. Edit new check: In game: [12:24:35] The server has been up 1 day, 21 hours and 8 minutes. vs Server stats: 1 day, 20 hours and 44 minutes
  2. Over some time it seems like the serer uptime information is drifting. Checking https://freedom002.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.html or https://freedom002.game.wurmonline.com/battles/stats.xml and comparing with the in game /uptime command gives a bigger gap in the reported uptime over time.
  3. Heya! Not sure if you guys fixed this, or if it has been an update to the driver, but this now seems to work in multiple tests with multiple different profile settings! Edit: So, this seems not resolved after all. The bug seems to be one of those "only sometimes" bug. Worked a few days, but started crashing again now.
  4. WurmNode

    WurmNode is a multi purpose software package for Wurm Online. The software is being written in JavaScript for easy modding and broad platform support. Yes Linux users, this is developed on Linux, and will also run great on Linux. WurmNode does not integrate with the Wurm client it self, and is a complete standalone software package. I hear talk about some of these features might exist already, but they might be windows only? Personally I run Linux, so I have no idea of what is already out there for Windows. Supported technologies Since WurmNode is written in node.js it supports all the features node.js support. This includes: Local webserver, local application via electron, websockets for instant pushing of game data, API connections and much more! Third party connections There are 3party API's available for node.js for just about anything out there. This means WurmNode can easily be integrated as a Discord bot, a OBS overlay that can interact with the twitch API and the game logs at the same time, etc. Ideas for features * Meditation and Faith timers: Timers that will let you know when you have the possibility for a new skill tick. * OBS overlays: Overlays for OBS so game events can be designed by the streamer. * Skill tracker: A more customizable skill tracker than the one in game. * Multi-client linking: Play on multiple computers? Link logs from multiple computers together for a unified view. * InfluxDB integration: Post events to InfluxDB for graphing out stats in eg Graphana. * Discord integration: Send in game chat to discord, or enable notices if you go afk. * Web API integrations: Share your skills with your alliance thru a website. Current status The software is currently in an idea / experimental state. It has most events in place, and a basic ui for live skill information. Lots more work has to be done on the ui side of this for it to be of any interest to the general player. If you find this project interesting, contributions are very much welcome! You can find me on Discord as Drogos if you have any interest in helping out. Currently in desperate need for someone that can help with UI design for the app part, but anyone interested are welcome to pm with things they want to help out with, or specific questions if they want to know more before deciding. Be a part of this from the early beginning, and you can have a big influence on the end result! Current (technical) status WurmNode utilises JavaScript events, and will fire events based on historical logs and for live logs. You can add normal JavaScript listeners for these events in the console, the app, a standalone website, over websockets, etc. You may freely react to these events in any matter, like playing a sound, show a popup, play an animation, etc. Events based on historical logs The log parser will parse thru all saved logs and build a profile from the information in the logs. This includes things like skill, when a character meditated etc. This info is the base for JavaScript events like meditation ready. Events based on live logs The live log listener will follow the logs and fire JavaScript events for every change in any log as they happen in game. Website Website in the making: https://www.wurmnode.com/ Download https://github.com/tux-/wurmnode/releases/
  5. So, been using the pro drivers now a little to test. Game seems to work fine, but rest of system does not like the pro drivers. Struggling with all software that uses webcam, obs will not record gameplay (made a ticket about that here: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/static-noise-when-using-amdgpu-pro-driver.129252/), etc. So now I am left stranded, what should I do? Order a new graphics card, or will this problem be fixed? So hard to tell if this issue will be fixed or not based on the feedback so far. Sorry if that sounds negative in any ways, I do not mean it that way, love the game! But also it is quite a bit of money for graphics card, so do not really want to spend it if the issue is solved in the game code.
  6. Problem is with the pro, obs stops working This worked before, so this problem started happening after latest update. Really hope it can be fixed instead of using a workaround like this. Edit: Or, was it… Now I am not sure. Maybe it started to crash Wurm when I figured out how to not crash obs …
  7. Yeah, on Linux. Do have two computers, both running Linux, on one computer this works fine (nvidia card), on the other it crashes (amd card), not sure if that is related or not. Tried remove Wurm and reinstall and such, problem still the same.
  8. When I choose the "place" option on any item, the client crashes. Not sure what logs you want my to post here? The console.Charname.log file contains no information about the crash.
  9. Server back. Logged on, and was in completely different spot! Is this a known issue?
  10. yeah, been looking at that waiting screen as well. If it is of any help, I think it crashed right after 10:31 CET today.
  11. Awesome map! Another settlement. Trollstead [1356, 184]
  12. The new F: Tooltip is great! However, it might have a small bug. I am low forestry skill, and when I hover over a tree a tile away, the normal tooltip says "Cedar tree", but the F:Tooltip says "F: Pick sprout". For the normal tooltip to give me the text "Cedar tree (sprouting)" I have to move one tile closer to the tree. So, the F:Tooltip gives me the tooltip-information one tile before the "normal" tooltip.