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  1. Just a little note from me here, WurmNode is not an option as a community map, it was never intended to work that way, and it never will. If someone wants to use it privately, they are of course welcome to do so, and if later on someone starts to maintain a Yaga map / interactive community map, then it is very easy to export all plotted spots from WurmNode to Yaga maps so one does not have to start from scratch then.
  2. I was so excited to plant some mushrooms in a large planters, but that does not seem to be covered here. Would be nice if this could be added
  3. I was so excited to plant some mushrooms in a large planter,s but that does not seem to be covered here. Is that by intention? (Should I post under suggestions and ideas)?
  4. Edit: Realised this was old post after posting, please delete
  5. While waiting for this update, I built expectations. None of the expectations I build were met (I hear there is more to be revealed, so I get to build my expectations higher in the mean time). To me this feels more like a "Treasure search update", rather than a "Exploration update". I do not want to be negative towards it cause I can see the appeal for many players, and think that it is a good addition to the game. For me, this time, it was a let down, but that only because I managed to build wrong expectations for it. Very happy to see test server is being used, and that the game is still being developed! Not everything appeals to everyone
  6. Guard Towers, can be placed on deeds, or even off deed inside a building one does not have access to and since one basically needs to be inside the guard tower to examine it, it would be impossible to figure out the name.
  7. What I did, was open the folder where I installed Wurm, then right click "Open terminal window here", then typed: ./WurmLauncher -test Edit 1: Just tested, I copied the "Wurm Online" launcher on my desktop, and then just pasted a copy of it, renamed that copy to "Wurm Online Test", and then right click "Edit launcher", and added in the -test in the command there. Seems to work well also (using xUbuntu).
  8. Never mind, I found it
  9. Exactly the reason why it would be nice if it had a status page, just like the others do, like https://freedom002.game.wurmonline.com/
  10. Will there be an in game map also (I could only find in game map of "Ocrea", not sure if that is same server or not)? (atm it seems to just show southern isles overview when opening in game map). Also, is there a server page for the oracle server that show uptime, etc?
  11. I would say that forge would be fantatsic! If we get enough participants to make it worth wile, I will let you know! Thanks!
  12. Oh? Is WO so completely different from WU? Or is it that I did not manage to explain it well enough? Could you elaborate on what is changed to such a degree that makes you say this?
  13. Yep, totally would, and it would let you choose between "See items in x village", or "See items on x server", or even "See items on x cluster". Basically any configuration should be possible with this setup. You could search for lets say "Rare cedarwood planks between quality 70 and 70 on Release", and it would show if you have any, and where they are located. Search could be anything really, it was just one example.
  14. Just came to think of an addition to this. One could "mark" containers (right click, set exported true / false). And if the container is marked as "exported: true", then the client would save a copy of the json every time a container is updated to disk. This way you do not have to remember to keep this up to date manually. Could just make a little program to read these files and show it in any way the user wants to.
  15. I would not take it this far, there is lots of things multiple people do. Even tho someone else could make me a beehive, I still want to be able to make it myself. I even know people training up high crafting skills to be able to make their own drake set over purchasing it even if that in the end is more expensive (to buy scales)! I am pretty sure many people that play Wurm like to craft.