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  1. Thanks for fixing! Tested, and works great!
  2. My current setup, is I try to make q 90 quality locks. So far about 1 out of 500 (rough estimate) lands. I currently have about 26 locksmithing skill. The remaining 499 locks are random lower quality. I save all the round numbers, but still lots of locks at q67, q 84, etc. Those are the ones that I was hoping to be able to work on to make usable. So, yeah, having correct ore quality and how to mix different qualities to achieve that I would know about. It is just that it does not really work since so many fail in creation, and result in lower quality. How to change their quality I am open for suggestions, like make them impable, etc. My initial suggesting of Sunder / Mend was just an idea for a "simple fix".
  3. Could you please specify a bit? Like what do you consider "a little bit"
  4. So, I made a few thousand padlocks, hoping to reach specific qualities (to be used as quality locks). Then I was thinking maybe I could just Sunder and Mend locks that was not suited quality, but nope, `[00:54:00] Your spell will not work on that.`. Does not have to be like this, but the ability to some how lets say get a q71 lock to be reduced to q70 would be nice
  5. In one hand there is the "restrict more planters cause it is imbalanced", in the other hand it is "Wurm is cool cause you can be creative with the mechanics". I remember in Vanilla wow, the most fun things was to pass thru places one should not be able to go (like find the path up the wall beside Orgrimmar to reach underneath, etc), etc. Wurm has many of these category things. It makes the game really cool! Maybe not all is needed, and some might be a bit too much. Just a very gentle note that I hope not all of these things will be "fixed". That said, it is also not needed to let all of them stay in game. A balance is good. And for us "creative" spirits, some flawed game mechanics is fun to play with (but yeah, remove the critical ones, no problem with that).
  6. Seems like after this change, one can no longer use beds if one has multiple pr tile. This limits creativity when it comes to furnituring, so my suggestion is to change beds to not be a "one pr tile item", so they can be used and at the same time be in a nice looking setup.
  7. yeah, I did not write this, but I made a second calculator just for this purpose, to make sure the calculator used was correct.
  8. Ah, thanks! Is this a know list of affinities that does not work, or is it different affinities for each character that does not work?
  9. What does that checkbox actually do?
  10. So, I tried to make the same meal, which should give me Rake, but it gave me Cooking! Edit, I mixed Tuxi's and my numbers when testing me. I have the checkbox on, and when testing again, I see this bug does not affect me.
  11. What I try to say is that IRC is not by definition 3rd party. At work we use IRC for many things, and all is in house services, with no 3rd party components. You can even connect to twitch chat via IRC. The majority of users on twitch has no concept of the IRC part of it. What I am trying to say, is that if they refine the UI a bit around the already existing IRC so it feels just like any other chat, that could be just as easy, or maybe even easier to implement than a new team chat. And, doing it the IRC way, will make it possible to use any out of tonnes of 3rd party IRC tools out there. Like you can easy make a IRC -> discord hook if you prefer discord over IRC, and so many other possibilities. And, for those who does not care about this, the in game chat would just look and feel like a normal group chat. Since I have developed many services that uses IRC backend, I personally feel like it is easier to just use that than to invent a new protocol for chat myself. I can of course not speak for the Wurm team, but I would suspect they also could take benefit from just utilizing this already existing technology. Think we all agree that group chat is nice to have, and that using IRC for this now is not a great user experience. In short, for those that just want an easy to use in game chat, it does not really matter if it uses IRC under the hood or not. For those that do care, it is very nice to have, so I do not understand the resistance to IRC.
  12. This is just wrong, IRC is just a standard for for communication. atm, Wurm uses a 3rd party provider for the IRC network, but that does not have to be the case. Also, it does not really matter. You, as the player, do not need any 3rd party tools or programs to be able to chat via irc in game. What the game uses back end does not really matter for the player (As long as the UX for it is the same). If they develop a proprietary system which lets you talk only in game, or if they use irc as the protocol so that one has chance to connect while game is not running, is more of a extra convenience given to the players. That said, what is easiest for them, I do not know. If improving IRC interface is much more work than making channels for the other chat system, then sure, save the time. Until then, if you want group chat, you can have it, at the cost of a bit clunky ui.
  13. The in game IRC is very similar to other in game chats, do not see why IRC as a technology for message transport should not be sufficient enough. Yes, some nice ui tricks to help make it more user friendly would be nice tho There is no need to use any 3rd party for this. The reason I mention IRC is that it can be used in game, but it can also be used out of game. So, instead of developing exclusive in-game only chats, one could improve the IRC part of the game, so that everyone is included.
  14. fyi: The game has an irc client, so you can use that for this. Not as easy as it could have been, but also not too bad. This also opens up the chance for those people that for what ever reason can not be in game at the very moment to still participate in the chat via a 3rd party irc client and not feel left out
  15. I know it scaled for a reason I was suggesting to change how it scales, so that one can get the ql 100 a bit earlier. I am one of those people that when I reach 100 in a skill, I find that skill boring. If I am forced to almost reach 100 skill to be able to get ql 100 ores, then I will just grind there, not having too much fun doing so, and then when there, feel like a do not gain anything more from mining. With this change I feel like the end game time will be increased and provide more fun for a longer time at end game levels.