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  1. Ah, yeah, that would make sense. I wonder if it was all PvP stuff then, or how this would affect PvE.
  2. Could you elaborate here a bit? We made a HOTS guard tower. Are you suggesting that it should no longer be possible?
  3. I can see arguments for and against merge. Luckally I am not in charge of that decision. And instead of using this post to raise my opinion about if / when it should happen, I instead give a +1 for what I believe is the OP intention. Asking the devs what they think, and maybe some indications about timeframe.
  4. Sermon group

    For sure. Atm the group is mostly active in central european time, and also mostly in weekends. People come and go a bit. Very laxed group now
  5. hmm, this might be a bug? I have pushed multiple altars into a mine before without issues. So that has at least worked in the past.
  6. Hay

    I do like that they used a realistic colour. And at least for me, the size and mouse hover text is enough to know the state.
  7. Running fine on xfce flavored ubuntu here. Could it be that while waiting, you chose to update the system? I have issues launching new Wurm clients after updating nvidia drivers without actually doing a reboot. Yeah, for real! You know, how we used to do on windows.
  8. Another option for the list: What about making it so animals on deed does not count towards the type ratio? So, if a friendly creature is killed, it would most likely respawn as a Bison, since there none available in the wild.
  9. Some nice work you have done here! Depends how they would "de-alt" them. I am thinking 3 options: Enable them to improve, Remove restrictions on Mining/Paving/etc, or do both. I would convert main to priest just for the extra bonuses if they did both, but I would not be ok having my main restricted in either of the two ways. And yeah, I do think it would reduce the salary for the people creating this wonderful world for us. It could also reduce the market opportunities for those that sell priest services.
  10. I ran thru all the highways I could find, and created a svg with all of them. Published here as png. https://ibb.co/Qp2N85x Let me know if you want it in any other format or delivery way
  11. WurmNode

    This is not meant to be a replacement for any of the existing tools out there. I just had a vision of something that I would want to have for myself, like one page where I can get an overview that I like, maps where I can make personal notes on the fly, stuff like this. And yes, Also, I wanted some Linux support, and websocket for game events, so I could make my arduino and stream deck read info from Wurm. We are all different! And that is why I am working on this. For those that prefer the already existing tools this might seem like a waste of time to work on. If you do not find this useful, I see no reason to use it. Just meant to be an option out there since not all prefer, or look for the exact same things.
  12. I find that having priest alts is enhancing my gameplay! If I want to be totally laxed, I just play one priest, and throw an enchant every time I regen 50 favor. Need more engagement, I log on main char instead, need even more, I have two on, need more, I log three on, and so forth. It lets me balance the engagement I am interested in at the time. Life with alts is wonderful!
  13. SFI: Lib rite?

    I was talking about the one on Deli, it had been up for a while now. But seems like someone just cast that one. So, sure, Xanadu sounds nice
  14. Anyone wants to organize a Lib rite? If so, I would love to join in. Only have 51 Faith tho. It is ready now if we get enough people.
  15. WurmNode

    Heya! Yeah, I am constantly testing and exploring possibilities around this. Technical answer (making your own village chat bot): The game does not provide an api to read out this data, so all is dependent on having a character (or multiple) online so that a piece of software can read the log files written to the disk. WurmNode is currently able to follow these log files, and provide you with a local websocket that you can easily connect thru with JavaScript. So, if you want to create your own personal Discord bot, that will work as long as you have a character online, then hook me up on Discord, and I will guide you thru any aspect of this to get it working. If more is interested in this, then of course I will use the time required to make a more documented procedure for it. Less technical answer (hooking up the WurmNode bot): This has proven to be a much more complex task than I first imagined it would be. If you have interest in this part, that fuels motivation for me to put focus time on this. Like all projects, there is only so much time, and prioritization is key Faith / Meditation / Sermon timers: I have been experimenting a bit with this, but not yet landed on a good presentation layer. I am currently using a small side script that puts these timers onto a stream deck, but that method requires hardware. It is a good test tho, and multiple people have asked for this to be a feature without the need for a stream deck, so that is definitely on the horizon! I know this has been a long time since first post, and that this has taken such a long time without any tangible features like this added still. But for sure, it is still being updated!