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  1. WurmNode

    No, that feature is not available. It is a wish to have it, just have not had enough time to make it.
  2. WurmNode

    It has made the process of creating the site so much simpler! So, quite some work to write what would be missed. Like I said, it can be done, and I can and am willing do this part.
  3. WurmNode

    The current code base includes propriotary libraries unfortunately, so it can not be open source as is. How ever, I would love to contribute to an open source version! All the Wurm speciffic libraries that are currently tied to propriotary libraries I can rewrite The WurmNode desktop app however is open source! But, noone seemed to care about it, so it is abandoned. Maybe next focus should be on writing an open source library instead of adding more to the site? Then any site can just simply include it If there is interest in this, let me know, I will not put in the work and effort if it leads to a dead end like the WurmNode desktop app.
  4. WurmNode

    I hear you, and I would really like to get this done as well! It is in the plans, but time has really tighten up as of lately. I thought everything would be easier as we managed to finish our new rl chicken coop, but turns out all the tasks that was put on hold that period has piled up and needs dealing with as well. Luckally tho, there is also an open source project in the making! So, double the chances now for that one project will get there
  5. WurmNode

    ok, I buy your point. Not going to import them
  6. WurmNode

    If these were public, I am still working on importing the public ones. Sorry about slow progress. Lots to do irl these days.
  7. WurmNode

    No need for list, you can do it all on the site. It is just a bit broken due to the much higher priority of character skills upload. Just hook me up on discord and I will explain workaround until the site is fixed to support it properly again.
  8. WurmNode

    This has to be done manually, since there is no public way to fetch them legally. Send me a pm on discord, and I will try fix it asap
  9. WurmNode

    Not that I care too much about STP, but just wonder, can you "train" characteristics directly? What about just removing those from the calculations all together, and give STP only for the actions that one trains? Eg, when doing mining, you get mining stp, not mining + mind + strength + logic, etc … Just a thought …
  10. WurmNode

    * Double messages resolved! This was way harder than it should have been. * Character pages show now also loads much faster after viewed at least once. Techy part for those interested: WurmNode has been an introduction for me to MongoDB. I have stored all twitter messages there, but seems like when passing a big integer (like the twitter id) to mongo, it defaulted to use datatype of double insted of longint. But the double representation of longint is not the same! So, all twitter messages had to be converted to longints, which lead to all id's being wrong. Luckally the id's from niarja was correct so I made a parser that cross checks these, and update mongo with the correct id. The crosscheck is based on time + server + message. But, sometimes there is the same message sent twice! And they need each their unique id. In the end, I managed to get all the cases covered and even double messages now have proper twitter id's attached to them. For the character page speed, I did not manage to fix it, and gave into caching instead. My mongo skills are noob, and that's all right, I will do things a bit differently when I get most of current issues fixed, and can start on next version
  11. WurmNode

    Say what? It only asks for cluster when adding a character. Once the character(s) are added, you do not have to enter this info again.
  12. WurmNode

    Releasing WurmNode API: You like to tinker with websites, apps, etc, but do not want to build everything from scratch? Check out: https://www.wurmnode.com/api/v1/serverstatus https://www.wurmnode.com/api/v1/rites https://www.wurmnode.com/api/v1/rifts Hopefully more will come later
  13. WurmNode

    yeah, the problem is that some times the client does not successfully create these dumps, and they only contain partial data. So far WurmNode just takes what ever it is given, so if there was an error on client exit, WurmNode would not detect it. This is obviously something I need to also fix for the upcoming dump files import system. As of now tho, it is still a problem that one can only fix by creating a new dump file (restarting and closing the client should do).
  14. WurmNode

    Heya! Looks like the dump file did not contain any skills. I should probably make a feedback for empty dump files. I fixed so the page does not crash at least, but yeah, you would need to make a new dump and upload that one to get skils back.
  15. oauth

    Setup an oauth service that uses the game account. Then you can link any service to it, and even offer 3rd parties to not use local db. Some users might use same passwords multiple places, even tho that is internet 101 not to do. This way, you can have suggestion site for sub members only, and eliminate both 1st and 3rd party account security issues, plus much more