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  1. hmm, was so sure I made this post, anyways, I will make it again: I suggest putting in the work on making the click area align with the icon area for vertical toolbar
  2. First of all, cool to see the involvement! If I want ease of use, there is a billion games out there. I do not play Wurm to be dragged along an easy laid out path. I play Wurm cause it has depth, and is such an unique cool experience! Of course ease of use is nice and all, but when facing a choice, I am personally much more fascinated by depth than ease of use.
  3. +1 I do not see why it has to be limited at all. Other games sometimes has a setting "max zoom level", so users can set their own custom max zoom level, and it could easily just go to infinite. I for one, miss infinite zoom from other games.
  4. While most other mmo try to hold your hand all the way, Wurm offers the most freedom of creativity I know about in any mmo. Also, I am not a fan of fighting. In Wurm that is not the main focus of the game.
  5. If the team was interested in this, I bet they would just set up a tiered patreon. Something with like 3 tiers, 1: An extra monthly support for new features. 2: Get access to vote on which feature should be prioritized. 3: Access to discussion group with devs. Or something similar. The point is not the exact setup. Point is that if they wanted something like this, it is services for this already out there, that is so easy to set up. So my guess is that they are already happy with economy and direction of things. They still might have trouble finding good coders, etc, so I am not saying this means "all must be paradise for them".
  6. What about increasing the data size for the mine height by another bit or two, maybe even a whole byte! So we can have high ceilings in mines
  7. This has become a complex soup of various issues, feelings, emotions and problems. Touching on any single topic now is like walking in a mine-field. I write this post with some mixed feelings of fear to be attacked by players base, and hope that better times will come. There is still much we do not know, and community is tense. That Enki is choosing to be open with communicating, and letting us all be included in the knowledge about game master related issues is a good thing. I am not aware of what things some people have done to trigger this, but I do know many people choose to exploit bugs instead of reporting them. I think this is what we want, to be informed. When I first read this post I was reading it as a reaction to our ask for intel about the game state, and I too had similar feeling as OP. How ever, I am open to the chance that this is an unfortunate coincidence. If this had happened with no other sidelined issues, and we had suffered from players stealing our stuff, then I think most would be very happy that the GM team go hard out. That said, the OP post here is a good, reflective post, that show how it was received, by many. So, all I ask, is that we keep it civil, we show that we are understanding if there was misunderstandings. Again, this is not at all any attack on the OP, rather the opposite, the OP here shares feeling many have at this point. It is just an ask that we, the players, do not escalate this thread as well into a flame-war.
  8. What I mean is that those channels might exist, but for instance, the post I quoted, was never in the #annoucements on Discord, so alltho the channels might exist, they still lack regular update posts.
  9. One big problem, is that there is no official channel with info. Information is randomly spread thruout, like this post I happened to find just by visiting the posters profile to see if I could find anything there: This is only two days ago, so at least there is something in the works, just very hidden and almost impossible to even know about without some clever searching.
  10. Many good suggestion here, on how the speed modifier could be calculated! Happy to read all of this! It made me think, maybe there could be a cap to the modifier to resolve some of the potential problems. Lets say, after HW modifier is added, you would still be capped at 50kmh (or something).
  11. Let highways have a magnificent speed increase, like 100% increase, or more. Should apply to all travel forms on the highway.
  12. … and also some method of sorting the stuff, like groups in the inventory, or something (which I would also very much like!)
  13. I just remembered this game has PvP in it too, is this PvP related? If not, would you elaborate a bit on the idea, and it might be easier to understand what you are going for here, cause I for one, is still lost not even understanding what you are after.
  14. When you perform an action, and gain a skill tick, but for any reason is blocked from actually gaining any skill from it, let the colour of the skill tracker flash orange instead of green.
  15. Problem was, that tapping w is not enough. Sometimes even had to move two tiles over for it to actually start giving skill again. That, and that the skill tracker, still blinks green (as if skill was gained) even when there was no skill gain. I will mark topic as resolved. If this is a bug, then a more refined bug report would be better anyways. Thanks for the feedback, this this was just a "player does not know all the aspects of game source code yet" kind of situations.