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  1. This is correct. I have to refill my farm lamps from time to time but not the ones placed on road tiles.
  2. In my personal opinion; this is probably the more practical solution (Maybe only when you have a specific tool equipped such as grooming brush?). I also manage alot of animals myself so i understand the frustration.
  3. Efforts for a Musuem are already in the works on one of the servers. I've been considered doing one for the Cadence Server while it's still young enough that people can remember all the stories and deeds.
  4. when i loot dead neighbour deeds it's usually for the animals so they can have a new home 🙂
  5. Our Deed is still recruiting! We can offer you all the assistance you need to grind your skills or build your own house!
  6. What do you plant in those planters? Mushrooms?
  7. I had GLSL Support and FBO Support turned off and was getting the same issue as above each time i logged on. We both have the same Windows 10 and RX 580. We have now both turned on the above settings and our issue seems to be resolved.
  8. /bump Buske Cove is still recruiting new players to the game! We now have hotel rooms for those who want a secure room until they've built their house. We are always in need of people who want to do farming(tending) and animal husbandry
  9. Aye, i've disappeared for months and then im back very active for months
  10. I think last year the sale in November. Fingers crossed!
  11. i agree with Kaidley's suggestion personally.