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Found 29 results

  1. The Highway ranger is a cross between a Wagoneer and a guardsman. They can be purchased at a trader or with marks and deployed in much the same way as you would a trader or Wagoneer. The highway ranger will protect its owner/deed/alliance (If Permissions are shared) while traveling along a cats eyed Highway.
  2. Wedding and Babies in Wurm Online Every two year a suggestion has been made to implement something like wedding, babies, and family in Wurm Online. In our alliance we were having a discussion on automating and mechanisation of Wurm Online, when it was my turn to get a mindflash and I suggested the idea of Wedding in Wurm Online. So I started working this out. The main intend is to draw more girls and women in Wurm Online by making it a bit more feminine. A Wedding doesnt drop from the sky upon you. First thing is you try to find someone you like, and then you try him/her to like you. The courting period has started. In my suggestion this takes at least 6 months, during which both players need to be premium all the time. You both agree to this courting period. In the courting period both of you give each other gifts by means of a trading like screen. The higher the quality of this gift, the better the boost to the ''love''bar. There are at least 6 gifts, each month one. Gifts (love tokens) are: 1 processed food item, 1 drink, 1 gem, 1 jewelry, 1 tool, 1 clothing/armor piece. Love tokens will be lost in the void after usage. If after 6 months the love bar has not reached 100% the period is extended with 3 months, and subsequent 3 additional gifts (this time at will). When the Love Bar has reached 100% a Wedding can occur. This can be done by a priest of any demonation. After the Wedding, there is a 10% increase 1% increase in skillgains for the first year, and 5% 0,5% for all years after, as long as the marriage exists. The Marriage can be undone by mutual consent, without further ceremonial, or when one of the players has been offline for over 3 months, or has been non premium for over 3 months.When there is a non-adult child the marriage can not be undone. To accomplish this, after the wedding the Love Bar looses 33% each month. When it reaches zero the marriage ends (except when there is still a child). The Love Bar can be fuelled again with the ''love tokens'' from the courting period, with extra benefits for high ql gems, rare, supreme or fantastic items. So for example a rare items gives 10% extra boost on the love bar, a supreme item 20% and a fantastic item 30%. Love tokens are lost in the void, the same way as sacrificed items on the altar. Actions like ''dancing'', ''singing'' can also give a boost to the love bar. Both players need to be online, responsive, and on the same location to have effect on the Love Bar. Since love has to flow in two directions, the other player has to initiate the next fuelling of the Love Bar. new added: Has the Love Bar no further use? Yes. When the player is involved in a fight, and it doesnt go well, and the player is wounded (less then 50% health remains), the player can draw ''hope'' from the Love Bar, resulting in fighting gains. Lover Bar over 75% then the player become speedgains, health gains and strength gains. Between 50 and 75% two of three (random) and between 25-50% just one fighting gains. When the players are wed (female/male, female/female, male/male) they can sleep together in the canopy bed. As result of this sleep one of them (random, regardless of sex) will become pregnant. During this pregnancy the player will be limited in some ways and not be able to start a fight or leave the server. After approx a week the baby is born. The newborn will need food (at first any milk is enough), care and teachings.All three need to be given to the newborn. The milk (and later food) is offered to the newborn, as is the care (playing time, hugging, telling stories and jokes). Teaching are simulated by a temporarily 20% decrease 10% decrease in skillgains on both parents till the child has reached adulthood. The baby starts small, and via toddler – urchin – child fase it will reach adulthood. The time needed is 1 week for all.fases. After a month the child will be an adult and can be used as npc in the village. This npc will have different grades, depending on the amoout of skillgains it got from its parents. unmotivated: it can become basic carpenter, you hand it 10 logs, and it will spawn out planks or shafts of 15ql after an hour. Motivated: it can become carpenter, you hand it 10 logs, and it will spawn out planks, shafts, arrowshafts, shingles or pegs of 20ql after an hour. Talented: it can become carpenter, but also nurse. As nurse it can heal your wounds or cure you from disease. Bright: it can become carpenter, nurse, or barber. As barber it will change ur haircolor and appearance on request. Intelligent: it can do all above, and (added): become Elite Guard to the deed, and make witty remarks as well. As Elite Guard it is as strong as a Templar, but it can also be armored and armed like a normal guard. It will call on help (within deed borders) but will retreat into safety (the nearest locked building) on its own when health reaches 40% or lower. Ok, now, you all can laugh. Other Remarks: The NPC's are connected to the deed it was born into and will die with the deed, or at mayor's will. The child will die without sufficient food or care. We hardly need new graphics, cause this idea uses mostly already existing graphics. The NPC dont require initial coin or upkeep. The baby/urchin/toddler/child is an item that can be carried around in the inventory, but will act as decorational item outside inventory. While in inventory you cannot sleep or logoff. This gives other players the chance to feed it or humor it as well, if they have access to the location the child is. None but the parents can carry the child in inventory or move it elseway (unless its sold just before reaching final stage) The role you choose for your child is defnite and cannot be undone. It can be sold to another player from another deed using trade when its ready for promotion to adult but when it has not a chosen profession yet. This ''trade-window'' is not longer then a day. The new owner can choose the profession (if there is something to choose). A new pregnancy can occur in the marriage 5 monts after the child has reached adulthood. When the profession is chosen, the NPC will be added to de deed it is in. Added after some comments: Maximize the number of marriages to 1 per person at any given time (regardless to server) and to 1 per deed.
  3. I know that this is a pretty commonplace topic, but all the time it depresses me that the game has NPCs, but they seem to be gone. I don’t know how things are in Wurm Online, but judging by Unlimited, and there are not so many differences between them, then in my opinion, everything is very sad. All that you see at the starting location is a small piece of the reserved territory. There is no beautiful city that will always surprise you with its colors and there is no diversity in the inhabitants of the starting city. There are no specialized buildings that with wide open virtual arms will send you to kill the dragon, and then give you a lollipop and soup from dragon insides. Players are given freedom, but when online is not so high, there is an increasing desire to contemplate them, to ask, what’s what? There are a ton of professions in the game, but there are no NPCs specializing in them and always ready to help you. And I want to remind you, if not all, then some of those that could be present in the game.
  4. I recently traveled the areas and thought, other RPG games have those many lots of NPC around in the area, and many servers such as Indy do not have lots, let's say, few spawn of whatever creature. There could be Grave Robbers or Ruin plunderers that spawn whereever there were old villages - they indicate where to investigate to find old ruins / old deeds ! They could be killed ofc, get XP from them, same as any other mob.
  5. Recently Massively OP did an article on whether bots / AI / NPCs could save "dying mmorpgs". Not that Wurm is dying or anything, but I chimed in with my own response in the comment section (page 2) mentioning Wurm. By coincidence, a few weeks earlier, I had published the latest Ultima Nostalgia project video in which I to go in depth about the loneliness of Wurm & how the lack of NPCs and the silent animals affect the atmosphere of the game. With the NPC mod by bdew, I also populated a city with NPCs to test out and see whether they'd give some life to it or not. Would my theory prove right? Here is the point from which I start talking about the above (16:35): Well now Massively decided to make an article about that video as well, so I thought that if the world was talking about Wurm NPCs, surely this is a topic fitting the forums as well! In that video, I also talk about the suggestion I made many years ago which half were for and half were against. Starting at 29:26, you can see what the city looks like, populated by NPCs: Now obviously these NPCs don't do anything else except stand or walk around, but bdew is planning to incorporate a feature where you can choose their animation as well at some point. But, I'd still really love if you could have a look, see how you feel after seeing it in action, then share your opinions here. Have the opinions of the opposers changed at all over the years? How do we all feel now that the game is more quiet due to the competition of Wurm Unlimited? Let's discuss!
  6. Spoiler: This suggestion is to ultimately do away with deed upkeep as money upkeep. I personally recommend that a deed be limited by upkeep via materials consumed for maintenance, fence borders for deeds, and have wurm move away from direct monetary payments. 3 types of NPC merchants in every starter town. I know a lot of people would whine and ###### about this system, but virtually everyone wants some sort of coherent market system. I strongly recommend this because it's simple, in-depth, allows players to actually be traders or even specialize in certain trades, and provides a pathway to support yourself without having to learn everything. I currently do not support private versions of these as it would cause to much headache. Each starter town merchants MUST be separate, A map wide or game wide connected merchant system would cause more damage and hurt the game in the long run. New action: Seal Crate Activate hammer/mallet and right click crate to be sealed. Nails are consumed as necessary from inventory. Crates of singular items can be sealed with a small or large nails respectively. (Yes Wurm, be specific,) The crates will then read as a "Large/small sealed crate of X quality Items". Large Crate merchants: Only purchases must be sealed large crate of singular items. Items in crates sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items in crates sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Crates sold to or from a cart or wagon. Will purchase crates of items at "market price" minus 20% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell crates of items at "market price" plus 20% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Small Crate merchants: Only purchases must be sealed small crate of singular items. Items in crates sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items in crates sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Crates sold to or from a cart or wagon. Will purchase crates of items at "market price" minus 35% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell crates of items at "market price" plus 35% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Basic Merchant: Purchases must be of singular items. Items sold to vendor must be above 30 quality Items sold from vendor will be 30 only quality. Items sold to or from a player inventory. Will purchase items at "market price" minus 50% as the taxes/merchants cut, whatever. Will sell items at "market price" plus 50% as the taxes/merchant cut, whatever. Sales and Purchases are 1 at a time. Edit 1: The market price of items on the merchant would need to be dynamic, so that as the merchant gains inventory the price lowers. Inversely if his inventory dwindles on a particular item, the price would increase respective of amount on hand.
  7. The Hireling is a stationary NPC similar to a Merchant. For pay the hireling produces low quality bulk goods like planks or bricks from raw materials. The production cost should be significantly higher than hiring a real player to make the same goods. Applying a Hireling contract (purchased from a Trader) to a Work Station creates the NPC. The Work Station is a player created object composed of a BSB (for holding the raw materials), a large crate (for produced materials), a wooden table, and enough planks and nails to hold everything together. When supplied with wages in the form of coins the Hireling begins producing the goods from the raw materials for a limited amount of time. The intent is not to damage the market for bulk goods but to create a fun mechanic for populating workshops. Hirelings occasionally joke, complain, talk about their work and tools, speculate about server events like rifts and unique spawns, criticize the skinflint boss (that's you), and otherwise chat to relieve the boredom of their repetitive work. Their activity produces the same sawing, chipping, carving, etc. and entries in the event log as the same player activity. The goal is to enliven work spaces that are usually empty and rarely have more than one person using them. Details of which Hirelings know how to produce which products (I am inclined to require them to specialize to some degree), whether they require tools, and such matters I leave to your imagination. I expect people will have lots of good ideas about those things.
  8. Could you add npc animation? We want make farmer, so we summoning npc "farmer" and we can add to this npc animation "tending" or "farming", npc "miner" animation "mining". What you think?
  9. Any ideas or critics about the suggestions are open, tell me if something is missing or you want to see too. I have also studied many medieval cultures and technology, so most of the random things should be fitting with the game age. I am also trying to keep this to a simple crafting method for simplicity. Spawner Gate Now before I get into the first one, yes, I know you can spawn NPCs as a GM, this idea came to me while messing with portals and complaining that all my NPCs were killed in town. The idea is to make a gate that you can "Summon" NPCs by spending coin, there would be 3 types of NPC the Citizen, Town Guard, and Perimeter Guard, all spawned without gear and must be spawned on a deed(Taking up a citizen spot), after which only the mayor or top ranking members may edit the items and name on the NPC. The Citizen is more for RP and will act like a normal spawned human, its to bring more life to the area and should be the cheapest, maybe 20 copper or a silver and will stay within the main area of the deed, might be fun to "tax" them to help for upkeep. The next would be the Town Guard, they will act as the main defense against monsters and hostile players on the deed, with moderate skills for fighting and should respond like deed guards, they however will not respond to cries for help, they should cost 1 silver to roughly 20 and draw a salary similar to other deed guards(Though honestly they might be more useful than normal deed guards if armed properly). The last is the Perimeter Guard, this one is similar to tower guards and will come to the aid of friendly units and citizens in on the deed and will also move around the perimeter to help keep the town safer, this one should be stronger than the town guards and should cost more as well as draw a higher salary. This is a similar idea to another so I will add it in that maybe there can be a 4th and 5th "Type" adding adventurers as pet-like humans that will follow the player into battle and bandits, which would be uniquely spawned from a different portal(highway stone) that is off a deed, instead of helping fight they will attack nearby humans other their their "boss". Wealth is Power The idea is mainly to be used in a well developed server or heavy RP one, allowing bars to be made of precious metals(or any metal), coin blanks, and more importantly, unique coins. This is more built for player run economies that are separate from the generic "coin" values. A person can make the coin blanks from lumps(or bars), then use a coin die that is uniquely made to strike a coin unique to the die. The Bars are more or less a "trade" commodity, though they could be a step to making the blanks and should weigh 5kg each, they could also have smaller bars weighing 1kg and .5kg(this one is more suited for making coins). I can imagine this being a great addition, seeing a server with 3 kingdoms each with their own currencies, maybe kingdom a wants to stick to only one coin and calls it a Septim(from the Elder Scrolls), another wants to have a currency based on the roman solidus(gold), siliqua(silver) and nummus(a small copper coin), and the third may be more suited for the in game currency, the idea is more for larger servers, though imagining multi island servers trading at ports and exchanging currency would be a rather fun sight. This would also make the coin die a vital point of a kingdom and currency, it shouldn't decay or at least to the point of destruction. Magic and Stuff While this is not likely to get into the real game, I wouldn't mind seeing this in a mod. The ideas are more based on alchemy and the brewing of healing items and minor potions(not the blood ones), items like salves(yes, I know about Farmer salve), tonics, elixirs, and distillation or extraction of material like salt. Salves are made to help heal wounds, though I was more looking towards a specific wound like a bite salve or a burn salve, rendering them useless to other wounds. Tonics, one of the "potions" of the group is a direct healing item, though not as good for heavy wounds, it is instant(aside form a 2 second drink) and heals any type of damage as long as its not infected. Elixirs are the more buffing version of the "potions" family, instead of instant rewards it can reduce times of some actions, increase healing, even slight speed boosts, but wear down faster, lasting only a few minutes or a few seconds in some cases. Tinctures are the last "potion" time, and are like tonics, but instead of healing wounds, they do immediate special effects like removing hurting, curing disease, restoring stamina, and maybe even remove an infection(though the wound would remain). Tinctures need distilled alcohol to make, which is obtained at about a 10% rate from wine, so make sure its worth it. Oils are next, they are materials that are applied to items and weapons, using olive oil as the base, giving a small benefit to the item or making them deal a special damage, like poison, acid, or fire. The next is a bit different, it involves making magic parchments, these are designed to have a spell cast on them similar to vessel, increasing the difficulty of the spell by 10, but allow you to store a spell in the parchment, the spell must succeed to enchant the scroll, failure costs the favor like normal and quality of the paper. The scroll will have a single use and is castable even as a follower, so long as they are of the same faith, but the spell may still fail, the casting of the spell will be 20 points lower on difficulty. On the other hand, those with karma spells can also make scrolls, but at the cost of double the karma, the benefit is that no staff is needed to cast the spell. This would make these very valuable. I also wouldn't mind a "wand" being made that can hold charges of a single spell up to 10-50 charges, similar to a scroll, but requiring a shaft of wood, being enchanted and then slowly charged with spells, the downside of a wand is minimal, though the difficulty may be raised a bit more. Common ideas and not so common things This is more of a rough item list. First Glass, why do we not have any glass, this is such a common item, even back in dark ages and can be made easily using heated sand and maybe purifying it with some ashes similar to steel, glass is resistant to decay and would likely be very useful for long term storage, but cant be made to large. Glass flasks, bottles(use a peg to cork it and keep the liquid from decaying easily), goblets, bowls, orbs, alchemical glassware, etc as well as colored glass. Pewter, a common metal in old times, easily made with lead and tin, though not healthy to humans, it works for poor utensils. Slag, this one is a little different and isn't very useful to most people its more of a waste product that is made after melting ore, that said, it does have historical use as a concrete additive and can be used for that or if all else, make stone shards be a byproduct.Other small ideas are like making book bindings to hold sheets of paper, scrolls(I don't mean magic ones, literally, why has this not been a thing?) that can be sealed, Signet rings that can be used to seal scrolls with bees wax or mark papers with an official seal. Other ideas is to remove the metal restriction on utensils, allow metal plates, cups, flasks, jar(urn), bucket, rings(I actually wear a steel ring, heh). Other alcohols like vodka, beer, brandy, rum, cider, mead, etc as well as make wine not require maple. Daggers, why no small sharp blades to stick the enemy, or throwing daggers, throwing hatchets, throwing hammers, throwing spear/javelin, slings, crossbow, bolts, rapier(A sword designed more for poking holes instead of slashing), spiked flail, a wooden club(peasants rejoice), scale mail armor(scale plates are stronger than chain, but weaker than plate) etc. Oil pot lamp, a simple clay lamp that uses tar or oil to light a small area cheaply.
  10. So I have just seen Darmalus's suggestion and it's great. I have decided to take this a little further and if the innkeepers show up I'd like to see more NPCs to make the world a little less empty and sad. Most of them would not be relevant, possibly not even able to talk. My perfect view is below: 1. Merchant travelers: They would travel from starter towns to starter towns over GM protected highways. They would act like traders and if you caught one you could see items that people sold to the traders while they were travelling. Locking a merchant would be illegal ofcourse to prevent greediness. Every town a traveling merchant visits a starter town they replenish their money amount (let's say up to 5s) and move on, while the items players sold to them disappear as well and the merchant is a blank slate. 2. Traveling knights: Generic NPCs in beautiful armor with beautiful weaponry on beautiful horses riding from starter town to starter town. If you caught one on the road and talked to him you'd get an option to tell him: "follow me, I need your help". For choosing this option the knight would charge for example 30 copper coins and he would follow you for 5 minutes while attacking every aggressive creature in range. 3. Quest NPCs: Stationed in starter towns they would offer various quests for new players so they learn the mechanics of the game faster. Quests wouldn't be difficult, for example: "bring me 5 black wolf furs" or "craft a hatchet for me". For these quests they'd be given some simple starter items like a portion of bangers and mash. We could take this further and create quest NPCs for older players as well, that would offer quests like "bring me a barrel of ale and I will reward you with this 70ql 70woa mallet". 4. Generic NPCs: Some people hate seeing their deeds have no life. I assume this idea would bring more lag to the game but if there is a way to make it lag-free the suggestion is to create purchasable NPCs to put in your towns. They could basically stand in one place and chat from time to time, they could be jesters, they could be walking paths players designate for them. Note: this is just a suggestion so this idea can be heavily manipulated and changed at this stage. The above are only general outlines.
  11. Inn Keeper NPC This NPC provides some 24/7 services which would be difficult or impossible to provide currently. Sold by Traders like personal merchants. Dispense Items The Inn Keeper can dispense items to a player at a set rate, allowing the price to be set low, or even free, without worry about a single player taking the entire stock. Item Type: The inn keeper sorts items by type (meals, casseroles, healing covers, cotton, etc.) and dispenses randomly from its stock of that type. Price: Per Item. Quantity: The number of items that can be taken per period per player, defaults to 1. Frequency: How often the quantity of items can be taken per player. Minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 1 day. Stable Your Mount The innkeeper can safely stable your mount until you need it again for whatever price the Inn Keeper’s owner sets. While riding your mount, wagon or cart you go up to the Inn Keeper and choose “Stable my Mount” and you and any passengers are dismounted as the mount is placed in limbo. There after only that Inn Keeper has the option of “Return my Mount”. Only one mount per player can be stabled. To prevent mounts from being lost forever if the Inn Keeper is removed while the owner is away, the data should be stored on the player. If the Inn Keeper is removed, the mount simply reappears beside the player when next they log in. Rumors The Inn Keeper can remember and recite rumors. The Inn Keeper has a stock of "universal rumors" that relate game mechanics, lore, jokes or fun things from the staff. Option: "Let me tell you a rumor." The Inn Keeper will remember one rumor per player, telling them a second rumor will make them forget the last one you told them. Option: "Tell me a rumor." The Inn Keeper will recite a random rumor that it knows.
  12. Not asking for magic here, or summon stones... but a slightly less drab way of travelling. People are rejecting business because of it, neglecting deeds, etc. Just a simple, non instant, but versatile NPC controlled (scheduled every 6 hours or something) air or sea based vehicle that operates like a train. You get there in time, get on the right one, and it auto pilots up to 10 people to the next stop. Sailing is almost a joke, and so is the wind and the fact that I only had enough karma for one town portal summon after 4+ years of playing Use it, don't use it *shrug*
  13. A friend who's relatively new to wurm expressed a feeling he had about the way towns in wurm don't function like towns in other games or RL. He observed that players just build things around them and basically play by themselves mostly. This is basically true. We'll come together to complete a joint project, but then we go back to our private domain and exist there. Today, I was in a chat talking about starter towns, and I was trying to explain why I thought Esert is a weird place. It's because it has open space and occasional buildings. It should have a built-up street. And then I wondered what buildings a street would have to make it feel like a town on at the frontier of great adventures, and I thought about other games. Other games of this ilk tend to have taverns and guild houses and temples with NPCs in them, and you'd visit those to learn, advance, and to find lucrative/rewarding work. Aspects of this would work beautifully in Wurm. Wurm already has missions. If those missions were connected to physical buildings and NPCs in them, it would get people out of their silos, promote greater travel and exploration (to see what new mission can be found at a different town), and would make towns in themselves more meaningful to new and old players alike. The current system of pulling missions out of a HUD window break immersion. Having to visit an 'official' temple to learn about god A's latest whim in a personal mission would be great, as would meeting a farmer npc in a tavern and agreeing to supply x number of y item of z quality. This mechanic would get more people out and about, interacting and making the streets of Wurm more alive and buzzing. Missions could be cross server, and even include risky ones to Chaos maybe (take a priority message to someone, maybe) I have no idea how the economy of Wurm works, so I'm not going to suggest how mission would be rewarded, but any non-religious (or non meditation path... - why can't there be Schools of Path X for meditation to rival the temples and guilds?) needs a more concrete reward than sleep bonus. Someone must have suggested this before, but a quick search didn't show me anything like it.
  14. The Ebony Wand is used to modify the world and change it. The Mission ruler adds life. We need some way to on the fly script NPC's. It would be incredibly helpful if NPC's carried with them a parchment of command, a parchment that they followed. GM's could then look and modify NPC's on the fly and test run or fine tune NPC's to perform tasks or interact with players such as quest giving etc.
  15. Once upon a time a miscommunication among staff led to child models and even the ability to breed humans, both player and NPC. Shenanigans ensued... I'm curious if that code or remnants still exists in the base?
  16. So the Ebony Wand allows us to modify the world with ease. The Mission Ruler allows us to add a feel to the world, making missions and rewards. I can't figure out/ find the final item that allows you to modify NPC's and scripting. There's starter NPC's that just stand there and chat with you, I tried making a mission using a statue to emulate what they are doing but I can't replicate them. They have an added NPC option to learn and invite to join. All while you can have your pets attack and follow you quite well. There's got to be a final tool, is it locked away? How can we access it to script NPC's?
  17. Would be nice to be able to view the spell effect status on an npc or a mob, such as a mount. Other players as well for that matter.
  18. Just for fun it would be nice to name our spirit templars. "Was just minding my own business leveling my deed when a black wolf attacked me! Luckily Sir Hummlewerdt came running and saved me." -random noob
  19. Title. Traps on mobs would be neat, though its easy to see how some would kill all kinds of powerful mobs by planting tons of traps. A mob could get a trap immunity after triggering one?
  20. My suggestion is that there should be innkeepers and bartenders in inns and pubs, to make the world more alive. Merchants right now are too expensive to be used as dwellers of the land, to achieve a more lively feel in pubs, inns, towns, etc. I think that there should be 3-4 types of them, they could be cheaper than merchants and that they could be packed like merchants, but only with cheap items, and they could only take 5-10 items of a kind (they could take several types). They could sell items like wine, meals, cakes, water, cutlery and so on. I know that this could be used to preserve edibles, but they could be made, so the items in them take damage, only slowly. With this addition visiting pubs and inns would be good, beacuse you could buy items and not just sleep. This way these places could be more interesting.
  21. Not sure if this is a bug or not but you can sell your own corpse with the sell feature at tokens and NPCs.
  22. I know this has been reported back when the floors first come out with multistory buildings but thought i would try and report it again and see if maybe we can get this fixed now. When you use the raised floors in a house the merchant and traders do not raise up with the floor like everything else. I know it might seem insignificant to you guys but it really bothers me, lol I had in the past opted to just not use the raised floors but now with the new rugs seems my choice of paving the rounded cobble is showing through the new rugs at times causing a dilemma for me. So here i am hoping to get one of the two fixed and i do like the raised floor so thought i would post about the NPC again and see if anything can be done. The NPCs are already small to start with and with them standing on the ground and not the raised floor it makes it really bad then add a rug under them and you are about to their knee...hehe
  23. After spending hours and hours looking for good deals in Freedom Market and even opening empty merchants (and resetting their timer and so not letting them to leave their stalls) I thought that it would be a good idea to either make an NPC or add an extra option for traders to avoid similar problems in the future. The NPC would allow the following: 1. Having merchants on the same deed sharing info about their inventory with him. 2. Providing searching and sorting functions to possible customers. 3. Providing directions to the location of a merchant having a specific item (like 5 tiles north, 3 tiles west from here). 4. Giving basic info to the mayor about the activity of the linked merchants (like when it sold something for the last time) Possible problems: 1. The NPC will need to be able to talk to multiple persons simultaneously which is different to the way that most dialogues with NPCs work now. The good news is that as far as the market NPCs don't allow transactions to be carried out through them and give directions to the merchants instead their implementation will be easier and their function safer. 2. Some players may not want their merchant to be giving info. There is an easy way to fix this: Make linking optional and have every player with a merchant placed within the deed going to the NPC with the contract activated and selecting "link to market index" or a something like that to enable this.
  24. Anyone notice lately the population? Its taken a dramatic overnight nosedive in the last couple weeks. School started back up, colleges have classes running, and to cap it off there is a much anticipated and long awaited psuedo sandbox going live this Tuesday...Archeage. So the expectation is to see yet another decline. Not to mention WURM historicly has always had issues with player retention and one could list for days the reasons why this is, but thats not what this is about. Looking at, hands down the most successful sandbox ever, EVE online, you see that they have all age groups playing from 13 to 80. While they do have ebb and flow of players from time to stays pretty consistent most of the time. IMO one of the reasons that the player base stays so consistent is that even though your offline, your still playing the game. Your qued skills are still going and your factories are still running. You can come in when you have time and binge play as you like. For the most part just because your offline...say...going to school or working, or even mowing the yard...your still playing, you can be offline for a week if needed, and when you get back, you have still made progress in the game. This to me was always an incintive to come back and keep going in the game, but i also knew i could take breaks as needed and play according to my RL schedule. In WURM..this is nearly imposiible. While you dont loose skills, your equipment degrades, your house degrades, animals die, farms turn to weeds and wither away ect ect ect. Now while all this is fine from a certain perspective, it seriously limits the demographic that can actually play the game. It literally enforces a low playerbase and lets face it, who really has the time to effectively play this game to its full potential. Its built in "forced player attrition". Unless you have no job, have no responsibilities, and plan on that being your life for the forseeable future, as a player, your going to be transient at best. Now this keeping the playerbase small makes the natural ebb and flow of players much more dramatic and its effects can be felt by nearly all players and its rarely a good thing. So maybe now its time to start looking at ways to address it, and the one that immediately jumps out to me is the inclusion of serfs. Serfs fall directly in with the theme of the game and can provide a multitude of services for the deed owner. Now before anyone goes batshit nuts over someone suggesting NPC's, what i am going to suggest is not your normal decorative NPC. They will have uses and IMO go a long ways in addressing the issues I described above. SO -On with the suggestion - Who hasnt , at one time thought to themselves " Id like to build a bustling city" and then built it. Monstrous as you may have built it, well planned and thought it it may have been...its not long till its a ghost town if it ever had more than a handfull in it to begin with. Either from natural player attrition or people going off to start thier own deed or for any other myriad of reasons. Serfs Basic Ruleset (Examples) 1. They are purchased from traders or even on the store....doesnt matter as long as they are purchased. 2. Deed size limits the number of them that can be placed. 3. They can be bred/ made into a family unit to auto breed, but do so based on available resources (see #4) 4. They require housing, food, religious facilities, armor, tools, beds. 5. They age and die 6. They are locked to deed tasks only and do not work on off deed areas. 7. They can and will be attacked by mobs 8. Skills are limited to 50% of that of the mayor/placer. Basic Tasks (Examples) 1. Farming 2. Cooking 3. Fence/Wall Repair 4. Animal feeding/grooming 5. Repair /Improve items Ill just go with those for now, but the possibility for tasks they could perform is extensive. Now for a walkthrough. I have bought 4 serfs, 2 males, 2 females. Going to have them marry so they autobreed and create a family. So each has to have a house, and lets say that a family needs at least a 3x3 to get started. So I build them a couple houses at the minimum size reqs. They are also going to need a church, so I build them one and place an altar and deco it up nicely. Church can be any building it just needs an altar in it. Now I need to figure out what I want them doing...So the females im going to get them to do the traditional cooking and farming tasks and let the males do the traditional mending/fixing things. So for the males they will need tool sets and supplies to take care of things, planks, nails, stone, brick ect ect ect. So i set in and make sure I have adequate supplies for them and make each a set of tools they will need in order to complete thier tasks..they also each need a bed and associated furniture, clothing,food and water. So I make a well available and build whatever container I need to hold water in each of thier houses. So now after building /making/storing everything they need I look to the females needs. The females will also need some items and tools so I go about making frying pans, pots, a stove, and FSB and layout a really nice kitchen. Then I make a few tools and a loom for them as they will also mend/make clothing for the family (family only). Now they need the grooming and farming tools so I make those. Now that everyone has what they need for the tasks at hand we manage the serfs and put them on a task list. Example - Several dropdown lists to choose from and in order 1. Farm and Harvest ( serf will go to farm plot, rake it, if ready, harvest it, replant that plot) 2. Farm Only (Serf will rake all plots on deed) 3. Repair Items (Serf will go around the farm and look for large chests (for example) and any item in the large chest it will repair and imp the item as far as it can go (50% of placer skill) 4. Groom and Feed (Serf will gett food from FSB and attempt to feed all the animals and groom them) These are only examples just so everyone gets the idea behind them. Ultimately when you wander upon a place one should see these serfs moving around on deed performing tasks that help keep the deed up to snuff. If you need to take a break you can, just make sure you have adequate resources available for the serfs to work with and when you come back your deed should be nearly the same as you left it. Variations on this theme could include Guards to defend against mobs attacking the serfs, Serfs that can be trained to have higher skills than 50% of placer, really the possibilities are endless, but the main thing is that we now have a way to open the doors to a much wider and stable demographic. We also have a reason to build those cities and populate them further enhancing the WURM experience.
  25. Activate Merchant contract on any item (including writs, crates, carts and ships). NPC is spawned and a pop-up requests a few key data points: Price for the item. Who can purchase the item (all, friends, village, specific player by name) At sale, the merchant departs, takes 10% of the sale price with the remainder is deposited in the seller's bank. Vehicles and Writs change ownership to the buyer and have all permissions reset to default. Until the item is sold, the seller can remove it at will but it is otherwise unmovable and non-interactive to other players on PvE servers. PvP servers might include an option to steal (?). If the item is not bought within 21 days the merchant mails the seller a warning that they will depart soon. If the item is left for a full 28 (or 30?) days, the merchant departs and the item behaves as normal. Of all possible solutions I have read, this one seems to be the simplest algorithm. It still requires delivery or pick-up. It allows bulk sales in more than one way (a single crate, a whole shipload, or even a shack constructed around multiple bsbs). It does not require players meet up in person to make an exchange. Similar suggestions: