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Found 10 results

  1. I have a few suggestions related to the animals. Water animals should stay near the water. I'm finding seals and crocodiles out in the forest with no water around, which is weird. Also, they should be able to "graze" in water tiles. I don't know how they currently survive in the wild, but people on here told me I have to feed my seals fish or leave sheep in the seal pen for them to eat. Not sure why seals are eating sheep. I would like to have an animal companion that doesn't need to be led around on a rope and constantly kept tame. See, the thing is that you can only have one animal tamed at a time, so when you tame some other animal, your pet becomes untamed. We need a separate slot for a companion so that you can have one animal always "tame" even when you tame another animal. At minimum pets need an option to pet them. Everyone I've talked to has wanted to be able to pet their dog or whatever animal they've tamed. It would be nice if they responded positively to being petted, too, like if the dog wagged his tail or ran around in a circle or something to show he likes it. Also, the game needs domestic cats. I keep a wildcat in my house. You could keep a lion, I suppose, which would be a cool companion to have if you didn't have to worry about them becoming untame all of the time. I think it would be nice to have cuter and more interactive pets, like dogs and cats. As an example of what I mean, the deer are the cutest animals in the game. They not only look cute, but they have cute mannerisms that endear you to them. They twitch their little ears and hop when they run. They're adorable. How about some equally adorable dogs and cats? I think you can now keep your tamed animals from helping you in battle when attacked. If so, that's super, because I'm always afraid I'll accidentally get my tamed animals killed on the way home. I only say "I think" because I keep forgetting it's there when I need it, but I think I remember seeing it. It would also be useful for a companion because if a dog or wildcat or lion (or possible future domestic cat) is your companion and you're fighting a troll, your companion will probably die in that battle. I lost a few animals that way when I first started playing.
  2. Ai players.

    i play alone in games all the time...and get lonely. but i think a bot mod for servers would be kewl. and i dont mean bots for cheating. i mean server admins set up the bots as NPC players. i also want them to be able to chat randomly based on surroundings to make it feel more alive. then there is what they do. like do they specialize or jack of all trades? maybe a settings menu for each bot for the server owner. the menu could show whether they trade or not. or if they are pvp or pve based. do they start their own deeds and build houses and villages? could someone make a bot thing for server admins? NOT A CHEATING BOT! hate those.
  3. It's finally happening. The seals are plotting revenge against me, and the cows are first. I witnessed a seal murdering a cow near my deed today, even though: It wasn't hungry. Seals cannot eat cow meat. Seals are special-cased to only eat fish, but because they're technically carnivores, they will apparently hunt, maim, murder, and destroy prey animals... which they cannot eat. This seems like an oversight??? EDIT: It seems like carnivores in general do get their hunger lowered upon killing a prey creature. Maybe. So it may be the case that seals, who can only eat fish, still kill other prey and get nourishment from it, and then probably can't eat the corpse, and definitely can't eat the meat.
  4. So, yeah, I don't have anything to add at this point in time.
  5. On a few occasions today while out hunting, I've noticed bison and bulls swimming around, and even one with drowning damage, presumably from swimming when it shouldn't have been able to. I also saw a deer in a cave with drowning damage, possibly from similar causes. Screenshots:
  6. I noticed recently the unnatural quantities in which hostile mobs spawn in remote areas. I was traveling through the desert and was killed by a combined force of a crocodile, mountain lion, several giant scorpions and spiders, and some wolves. I figured, "well, it's the dessert, its supposed to be dangerous, even if that was pretty ridiculous." but then later when I was trekking north to recover my belongings, I passed through an unpopulated, un-deeded area, and found it to be completely inundated by malevolent entities. The ground was completely covered in a thin layer of hell hounds, wolves, goblins, crocodiles, and about every other free-to-play killing filth that I know about, some of which I learned of right then and there, spaced a tile or so from each other. This absurdity seemed mainly to happen in clear areas without trees and with ancient paving from long gone settlements, or it at least seemed to center there. It stretched a ways beyond in all directions, I ran out of stamina and was killed before I made it through. This is how I learned what the real Wurm wilderness actually looks like. Is it like this in real life? no, of course it isn't, i understand that wurm online isn't supposed to be an exact imitation of our world, with its gods and goddesses, and with all its fantastical creatures, and of course magic, but an ocean of weird beasts whose only drive is to inconvenience avatars as much as possible makes for a very poor world indeed, especially considering that the only other place to go is a literal ocean in which you will die after 50 seconds. When being viciously and tirelessly assaulted by those dozens of mobs, I angrily wonder: why aren't at least some of these animals eating each other instead of just me, one small free-to-play human passing through, trying to recover everything he owns. mobs should attack other mobs, so long as it makes sense, such as wolves attacking a troll, or so forth. Whatever the case, whatever you deem ecologically realistic. Now back to my other point, too many mobs spawn too frequently, too close to each other. How are people supposed to live off the land when they are constantly being raided by hoards of random this and that? I suggest that mob spawning should be rarer and that mobs should be fewer and further between. Though it should be a case by case basis, for example, it would make sense for wolves to spawn closer together, and to band together like all mobs currently do, whereas bears should be very far between, and for that mater they should run away from humans rather than charge toward them, unless attacked, this goes for many of the passive mobs as well. I also suggest that mobs should have certain criteria that they require to spawn. wolves, bears, mountain lions, crocs, and most of those creatures that can be found on planet earth, should spawn in certain environments: wolves in the deep forest, bears in the very deep forest or in caves, mountain lions on the rocky peaks, crocodiles in marshy lakes, and so on, according to what makes most sense. (by the way, is it already like this to some degree and i am just unaware of it?). Whereas the monsters, like giant spiders or scorpions, and other oversized weirdness, should be rarer and spawn from, say, nests, or the like, lairs maybe, and perhaps scorpions could spawn in the deep desert where they look ecologically adapted. Some humanoid mobs should spawn at rare lairs as well. Trolls, for instance, are humanoid and are intelligent enough to have clothes, tools, and to open doors and gates, perhaps they should have villages with little item-based huts, or, if your version of trolls are solitary creatures, perhaps they should spawn from rotten tree stumps, thus encouraging players to destroy the stumps they leave near their deed, or maybe not trolls, but i think there should be a mob that spawns only when tree stumps decay away, wood imps perhaps. at any rate, i grow weary of seeing more trolls than i see other avatars. Now, as for elementals such as hell hounds or magma spiders, and other spirits unique to planet wurm, they should spawn when their component elements are brought together, as this, maybe, attracts them from whatever plane of existence they were on prior. for example, hell hounds could spawn on the site of a former camp fire when a pack of wolves passes near, or a water nixi or whathaveyou could spawn in a pool in the deep forest where at least 1 person has prayed in the last starfall. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, I'm just planting a seed and hoping that it will grow, and that it will free the lands of Wurm from its menagerie-like infestation. Do consider these suggestions, though after all its your game from your imaginations, not mine. Thanks for reading.
  7. First, sorry for my English (not my native), some technical things could be inaccurate. And all following are just hypothetical considerations ... Today I saw this:!brain-simulator/c81c As fun of SpaceEngineers I like, what Marek Rosa is doing and how he is making their work accessible to public. His Brain Simulator is already able to play Bricks and some form of 2D maze game. So why not WURM, with help of some advanced interface. Although we have rules, especially one about MACRO. The more I'm thinking about it, AI playing wurm fits less and less into rule about macroing. It is not form of automation, nor it is cheating for personal gain. As being(entity?) with free will, AI probably will play WURM for some goal, to teach itself, for fun maybe or for some advanced goals later. Who know what kind o goals, "hunt all animals" or "build unlimited amount of 1x1 shacks" or "to be best in puppeteering" or "stay in one place and emote smile to everybody passing around". Nobody know until we will try it, until that AI will try it. In learning Wurm it will make mistakes, as we do, gathering experience piece by piece. Sure, there is even danger some cruel human-player will enslave such AI to made some slave labor. We already have such behavior in game, rich wurmians enslaving that less fortunate ones, nothing new in Wurm. Most probably owner of such AI will have some influence on direction, which way that AI will teach itself. But are we sure AI will obey owners instructions? I think, here is great space for all that WHAT, IF, HOW, WHY .... Can we have civilized debate about it here? Without trolling and PvE vs PvP wars, please
  8. I really want to do a free range horse pasture/farm, as it looks so nice, compared to individual tiny stalls. Besides, moving through fence gates is miserable, when you add it the perma lag we have these days. The concept has been working reasonably well until today, when nearly 40 horses are packed into 8 tiles in the NW corner and maybe 3 are out in the other 150+ tiles.
  9. I call tower guards and despite the usual "I see ... " and "I will help with ..." nothing happens. They stand where they are and don't move. You can call them ten times, they answer, but don't run to help. Spirits are saying "I will take care of...." every few seconds, and nothing happens. They keep saying it over and again, despite there being other dangerous mobs right at the token of my deed. (Lava spider on the token, deed is huge). The spirit is not taking care of the mob he is spamming local with, let alone the ones on deed. I have had several lagging sessions, seriously lagging. I have been booted and crashed several times tonight. I have had an issue where I was booted off straight after connecting. This happened on three different clients. My animals are still not moving to graze, they stand in fields of grass on a pack tile as if they have a saddle on. When can we expect these things to be sorted? Thanks.
  10. With all the recent upgrades the creature A/I and interaction with the terrain is becoming more jarring, at times they sort of seem "bolted onto" the landscape. As a minimum I'd like to see the following : - Creature movement follows the same rules as players, slowing doing on certain terrains, speeding up on others. - Creature wounds impact the creature in the same way as they impact players. - Line of sight is more properly affected by terrain, hills reduce LoS, forests reduce LoS - The more intelligent creatures when fighting should try to get behind the player, especially if more than one of them. - Self preservation, not every creature would fight to the death, some would try to escape. - Tool using, goblins and other humanoids should loot bodies and use the loot if possible Other behavioural ideas would be welcome.