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  1. Can you add "Haven Heights" to map cords are 1708,3359..thanks
  2. What server and how much do u charge per tile i guess
  3. Bump ...Alot of available spaces in our Freedom Village, Msg Dinant ,Lunadew or just travel to J11 Xan and move in to camping area til you get an invite. All players welcome
  4. what's u game character name is it smwoodburn or something else ?

    1. Smwoodburn


      it is smwoodburn, i have joined up with the Lunar Order Alliance about 2 months ago almost

  5. Look for Lunadew or Dinant when ur on if your still interested in joining us ..Thanks
  6. We have a large alliance at J11 in Xanadu ..msg me lunadew to join up if u want 

  7. Since your working on stuff to hang on walls about some hanging thing for our cooking items ..pots pans and dishes , utensils etc.
  8. It would be alot of fun to add a new skill set of barbering, that could involve new decorative items like chair and shaving soaps etc, even tho we do have scissors and mirrors and such already, but you could have the skill fails result in crazy hair looks for characters , you could make them have different hair styles and beard designs and colors ..would be a fun skill to do for a change. Combine all these and u would have new character design, new skill set and new decorative items.
  9. Could we get maybe half walls as in it only takes up half a tile. so we can make more interesting houses. idk if thats possible but just wondering if we could have something added only so many types of house designs ..would like new additions plz
  10. Xanadu Village taking new villagers, We have a large established village and a large active alliance, consisting of 50 plus deeds. Most members live in a Centralized Area so we are all very close and can help each other. In our village u can use all our shops for all your skilling needs, most are fully stocked to make getting started easier. We have many mines and an alliance wagoner. We are also coastal with boat docks and even a lake with boat canal that connects to ocean. Come take a look at us at j11 or message Dinant or Lunadew or Vynamurmir for questions or an invite. ...........We do ask brand new players to use tents in village for two weeks before building homes in village . If no leaders are on to invite just find a waystone on highway and travel to Freedom Village its J11 on Xan map, there u can place ur tent in the camping area that also has a nice mine a few tiles south of it. Anyone in the local can invite you to join so adventure on over
  11. Tables used to be ok , now i cant put stuff on them like i used to...plz fix this