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  1. i know for my own self i only buy things on xanadu cause of the fact i cant wait around for delivery ..this would solve alot of problems and give other servers more customers than before
  2. ya i know i and many others that play want this too and have for a really long time ..would make for hunting groups and need to use different skills for a chance.
  3. For shipping bulk to different servers we could use our wagoner's and hire them to take crates to docks that would have NPC ship captains that would work the same as wagoner's only for shipping to other servers ..sell shipping npc they would be located on coast and instead of wagons they load a small boat , also i have alot of cooking items and saddles backpacks and sacks....hanging wall racks for cooking and tack gear both would be a cool look for walls and handy to keep supplies tidied up
  4. msg here or in game for invites ..illusion, reflekted, dinant, rolando, lunadew ,korhaka
  5. i love sigvard talking pleased with all the chatter breaks up the boredom on deed , and the jokes are funny
  6. As of today we have a total of 65 deeds in our Alliance, plz msg if u need an active village or u have a deed u want to be part of probably the Biggest Alliance in Wurm
  7. And how about Troll camps too , that spawn randomly in different spots
  8. if you have an alliance or deed in the area of J11 Xanadu u can msg lunadew, dinant, illusion, reflected for invites to join one of the biggest alliances on xanadu ....Also we have villager building sites if you want to live in our village msg also
  9. Still recruiting ..msg in game or here ..dinant, rolando illusion reflekted or lunadew
  10. Lots of building sites available ,,town has all crafting areas set up with supplies (pictures on thread) we also have a large alliance of deeds and a village market..msg in game or here ..dinant, rolando illusion reflekted or lunadew
  11. NOW Open building sites for players, If you want to craft this is the spot! Msg lunadew, dinant, rolando. illusion, reflected or anyone in the area of J11 for invites
  12. One or possibly two spots left ..msg Lunadew or dinant for invite in game or msg here
  13. please msg Lunadew for questions or invites ..we have a few spots available still players wanted (pictures posted)