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  1. bump, try to catch me lunadew or dinant or reflekted online for invite
  2. i agree its wrong for players to take up deed space with a house and all their belongings and act like the deed owner is free long term storage for them..this is incredibly rude, if your gonna take a long leave and want deeds to hold ur stuff then maybe put some upkeep in deed at the least IMO
  3. bump, try to catch me lunadew or dinant or reflekted online for invite
  4. I was excited to see hay being in the game ..but hay stacks in rl don't look like that and i dont know why the graphics can't be different than the hay bundles rl they are hay bales and hay stacks and look very different like to see different graphics for the stacks plz
  5. If we can't use the mules or donkeys for pack animals then they are just like getting a new horse imo ..not exciting unless pack able IMO
  6. we have a nice group on can at j11 ..msg me lunadew or dinant for invites or i will check back 


    1. Smwoodburn


      i also have room as long as you plan to stay active mate :) also require that i have full perms to your building should you disappear and go inactive i will be able to reclaim the plot. I am in the same alliance 



  7. Can you add "Haven Heights" to map cords are 1708,3359..thanks
  8. What server and how much do u charge per tile i guess