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  1. To join msg Dinant or lunadew in game or try to msg me here. You will be in a two week trial period before building a permanent house in village .
  2. we are recruiting and we also have a couple of big projects for surface miners , mining, digging and have been doing sermons for priests ...msg Dinant or Lunadew in game for info or invites ..
  3. Send message in game to Dinant or Lunadew for invites or questions if your interested in joining a craft oriented new player village, we have all the perks you will ever want or need . Large Alliances with friendly players
  4. Bump still have a couple lots left . Message Dinant or Lunadew in game for invite
  5. As soon as you start making the game easier and changing things that have worked well in past , people get bored and quit IMO. Ive played a lot of games that went that way
  6. Yea it was much nicer before the change ..very irritating now ..People who build a lot shouldn't have to deal with this
  7. Join one of the oldest and largest Alliances in Wurm. (New Haven Alliance) we have a great city just for new players or old returning players to build in. We have a boat dock on the coast and we have our own Lake with boat tunnel that connects to Ocean.The town is filled with shops for every craft and fully stocked with all the tools and materials u might need. We have a church with altars for all the Gods and we have our own wagoner for shipping also. We have very friendly alliance members that all live close by to help out when needed too . So much to see and do so come over to J11 or msg Dinant or Lunadew for an invite.
  8. I can ask around to see , thanks for offer we try to keep up with all our projects for most part tho
  9. What if you merged them by giving them their own continent on the map, they could interact with others in the game but wouldn't be allowed to leave the starting continent until they reach lvl 50 in one or two the time they gain that they would be hooked . So you can weed them out but still keep the ones that like the game, and increasing our numbers also
  10. I think a lot of people have wanted this since the introduction of wagoners , i would also have them able to load up their horses with them on wagon or be able to pull them along at least
  11. Xanadu Village taking new villagers, We have a large established village and a large active alliance, consisting of 50 plus deeds. Most members live in a Centralized Area so we are all very close and can help each other. In our village u can use all our shops for all your skilling needs, most are fully stocked to make getting started easier. We have many mines and an alliance wagoner. We are also coastal with boat docks and even a lake with boat canal that connects to ocean. Come take a look at us at j11 or message Dinant or Lunadew for questions or an invite.