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  1. One or possibly two spots left ..msg Lunadew or dinant for invite in game or msg here
  2. please msg Lunadew for questions or invites ..we have a few spots available still players wanted (pictures posted)
  3. A lot more buying and selling from server to server would be going on if say we had a NPC service like the wagoner, we could have a coastal service, say a boat captain who loads up boats for delivery..I know everyone doesn't have a coastal deed but you could let those that do have one and most people have access to could ship it thru the wagoner and it could take it to a dock NPC and transfer it ..Just an idea,
  4. Kinda like having Indy as the starter server ...same thing ..other servers die while one is filled
  5. IMO its time to merge all the servers I haven't seen a person join up in xanadu in forever...people starting in Indy sometimes have no idea they can leave Indy...thats messed up ... and to make some random creature camps that can spawn on map and that might be a challenge to kill ..kind of like a mini Rift but not really ..make it a troll camp with varied toughness of trolls or goblin camp , kinda like they used to have in EQ where you need a group of friends with different someone who can pull like an archer and someone who can heal so you get people who want to be in villages so they can go on fights in a group and don't have to solo stuff or live out in the middle of nowhere to farm continually and fight off the occasional bear...the reason game loses people is they get bored doing sos needs a little variety and occasional input from players for addition to the game that Devs would consider would be nice too ..
  6. Still have a few nice building sites so come visit or live at our village. we also have a large river construction project and a new public market for selling goods.Ask about our paying jobs for new players also. Come visit .shop or live at Freedom Farms or Haven Heights ..J11 Xan
  7. msg me here or in game @Lunadew
  8. message me about helms

  9. I have a pen just outside of deed that has crude wooden fences that are in good condition the highway is in between my deed and this pen and chickens are escaping from it ..there is a pen right behind it with pigs and they dont seem to be escaping . I have two food bowls in the pen and its a 5x4 pen with crude gates on it.
  10. bump, try to catch me lunadew or dinant or reflekted online for invite
  11. i agree its wrong for players to take up deed space with a house and all their belongings and act like the deed owner is free long term storage for them..this is incredibly rude, if your gonna take a long leave and want deeds to hold ur stuff then maybe put some upkeep in deed at the least IMO
  12. bump, try to catch me lunadew or dinant or reflekted online for invite
  13. I was excited to see hay being in the game ..but hay stacks in rl don't look like that and i dont know why the graphics can't be different than the hay bundles rl they are hay bales and hay stacks and look very different like to see different graphics for the stacks plz
  14. If we can't use the mules or donkeys for pack animals then they are just like getting a new horse imo ..not exciting unless pack able IMO