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  1. id like the idea of raising an npc from a child that could help u grab tools or lead horses and let them grow up could charge for it like a wagoner ..20s to raise an npc ..they could also have a limited life go from young to aged to venerable ..only not as fast as animals
  2. i got your msg worries


  3. I don't enjoy grinding it gets to boring after a while but wouldn't be that bad IF there was a choice to do something other on occasion talking about more excitement in game . What if you made in a few secluded parts of the map a large winding cave with different offshoots thru it where indigenous Bigfoots or some other creature lived. And it would take more than one of you to go thru it to make it out alive would add some excitement , hunting and teamwork ..that is whats really missing from the game that you do so much solo ..also you could make part of the map into a capture the flag area a fortress have alliance that want to take it over and try to defend it could have a few scattered around the map so its not a monopoly thing
  4. I dream of having a pageboy or girl that could do small jobs to help then grow with skill to an adult helper ..would add fun to village and u could make it cost 20s or something and let people buy them only for deed use ..i think it would be alot of fun ..people dont have to have them if they dont want to ..just those that want them could
  5. Pot and kitchen tool racks ...woodworking tool racks ..and a ton of stuff u can hang on nails on walls too ...thanks
  6. Would be nice to be able to craft wool and cloth doilies ..tablecloths, also flower centerpieces ..then could have nice tables
  7. Silverware only faces on direction ...needs to be able to be moved ..
  8. Does this include Doors and Windows on houses ..i really hope for them at some point when dying a house .
  9. I think we should have a barber skill, you can use ---grooming brush , scissors and dyes ..would be a fun skill and add to things especially dyes that are lacking interest , but u gain skill trimming hair ,cutting beards etc..the higher ur skill the nicer ur cuts and could add more designs . also could add new faces as part of it . You could add a seamstress skill ..making new clothes ..alot of people are tired of the way characters look in game and want more variety and spice ..seamstress could make shabby clothes at first and then as skill improves could make more elaborate clothing , even royal capes which need to be brought into game at some point soon anyway ..
  10. FREEDOM VILLAGE IS A SUBURB OF HAVEN HEIGHTS DEED WHICH IS PART OF THE NEW HAVEN BAY ALLIANCE. When you join us you are joining a group of around 60 deeds that are an alliance consisting of veteran players and newer players. We of course do major projects and hunts and rifts as a group. The alliance is close knit group with a main city of New Haven Bay, the Alliance leaders Killroth and Karena. Our location is at J11, where we have a large alliance market and next to it is Jelly Fish Port who is a large supplier of goods on server. We have our docks (Lost Sailors Landing) on the coast and we also have a nice lake and manmade river that flows into ocean that is connected to Freedom Village. It provides the village with sand and clay and ocean access. Also village is very close to Linton Highway We have many mines and all shops with supplies and tools ready for crafting. If you want an invite , you can contact Lunadew in game or seek out someone who is in the new haven bay alliance for information, or just come over to the village and see if there is anyone that can invite you ..all villagers can invite others to join.
  11. Im happy with saddlebags, would be nice to be able to display saddles and bags on a plank fence , and also to go with saddle bags could do with a pack mule to lead along on your trips to haul extra weight , they could have packs on them for storage,, then u could do without ur cart and wagon on trips . Also hitching posts would be good idea, new players and old could use them. New players who cant make or buy saddles could fashion a post out of wood to hitch their horse. and could be used with a mule pack animal to keep it secured .
  12. The game is running super slow after the patch, getting less than 5FPS at low graphics settings. Before the patch I was getting 60FPS at max graphic settings. Any help? iMac (late 2013) 12GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M 4GB VRAM.
  13. Game is broken for me also ..i used to get 60 fps and now its 1 ..i have a iMac computer and i had everything maxed on it and now i turned down all graphics and doesn't make any difference still getting the lowest fps possible