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  1. we have a nice group on can at j11 ..msg me lunadew or dinant for invites or i will check back 


  2. Can you add "Haven Heights" to map cords are 1708,3359..thanks
  3. What server and how much do u charge per tile i guess
  4. Bump ...Alot of available spaces in our Freedom Village, Msg Dinant ,Lunadew or just travel to J11 Xan and move in to camping area til you get an invite. All players welcome
  5. what's u game character name is it smwoodburn or something else ?

    1. Smwoodburn


      it is smwoodburn, i have joined up with the Lunar Order Alliance about 2 months ago almost

  6. Look for Lunadew or Dinant when ur on if your still interested in joining us ..Thanks
  7. We have a large alliance at J11 in Xanadu ..msg me lunadew to join up if u want 

  8. Since your working on stuff to hang on walls about some hanging thing for our cooking items ..pots pans and dishes , utensils etc.