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  1. Resurrecting this thread to ask another question! I've reinstalled WU and have this mod running (still love it) and I was wondering if anyone is updating it? I've noticed that the mod coloured horses don't show bridles when they're equipped, whereas vanilla horses do. Is there a fix for this?
  2. From what I've seen things are very patchy. The steppe near me is empty and has been for at least 3 weeks. The desert isn't so bad, but it's all scorpions and crocodiles so I assume no one is killing them yet. I haven't seen a wild horse or bison in weeks. Cows are notable, bulls nearly non existant. Rams appear with relative frequency but not sheep. Some areas seem to get multiple mobs, whereas I've seen maybe a dozen on my travels since the previous update.
  3. Ok that is hilarious. I mean it must have been annoying, but...
  4. Thanks Hatake! My neighbour has been getting loads of trolls, spiders, bears etc but I've yet to see a single sheep!
  5. Can I ask for clarification on the creature spawns? I've been seeing a handful more in the south but nowhere near what I'm used to in northern Xanadu. Are you looking at another fix for this?
  6. I think that's kinda covered by the killer white bunnies. Mean things. Eat heads off people, etc.
  7. Alright, giant champion HELL BUNNEHS.
  8. Or that could be an moi item.
  9. See that's when you tame them all and take them home.
  10. So I've thought for a long time that we need bunnies. Cute, adorable bunnies. Perhaps in a variety of colours, fairly easy for new players to kill and get pelts and meat from. But also, there could be a small chance of breeding or spawning a rare white rabbit. The killer white rabbits, tougher than hell hounds and twice as mean. Perhaps they could give better pelts, either ql or with some buff that makes them useful for imping. I feel this would be good for a variety of reasons. 1. CUTE ADORABLE LIL BUNNEHS. 2. More wildlife variety. 3. More roleplay friendly source of pelts rather than just starting with one. 4. The chance of breeding a white rabbit would add a little spice. 5. A new hunting challenge. 6. A new item it would be a challenge to find and use. 7. DID I SAY CUTE ADORABLE LIL BUNNEHS?
  11. I still wonder if it's 2 issues. I've seen the corpses and heard the combat. But it would appear that respawning isn't happening at a reasonable rate, whether on the steppe or not. Also I find it hard to believe that all the livestock in the south could migrate en masse up north in the period of a few days!
  12. Trying to find out! It's a long trip on a slow horse. EDIT I should add that what I've seen is steppes and other spawning areas emptying in a matter of a couple of days. The one by me had many animals when I first moved in. First the horses disappeared, then the cows and sheep. For a while it was just bison and hell horses left, now it's almost completely empty. This suggests to me that they were taken or killed depending on how useful they are and how easy they are to kill, rather than migrating north. Heck if they'd all migrated I would have seen a lot come through my deed! I've also heard a lot of fighting from the steppe.
  13. What the title says really! We have an almost unprecedented population of players on Harmony, all searching for livestock to keep and mobs to practice fs on. As a result, apart from high level creatures like lava spiders, hell scorpions and crocodiles, the number of animals found in the wild is extremely low. Players like me looking for livestock are having to go on huge trips to perhaps find a single cow that's been lucky enough to survive the players skilling fs. This also puts new players coming in at a disadvantage, as they'd be extremely lucky to find anything to pull their carts. I also know of some people who had a locked off deed pen broken into and all their livestock killed, presumably by someone skilling. So please, please can we have upped spawn rates on Harmony? Even if it's just for a while it would be very useful for breeders, skillers and new players. Pretty please?