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  1. Having watched most of that video (thanks by the way!) I notice the programme is very similar to the fan speed setting app that came with my computer. I've fiddled with it a little, but not too much as I didn't want to cause any damage.
  2. My case does get hot, but not as hot as my old laptop did. I do have a stand fan, but discovered the other day that it no longer works! It's on the online shopping list... Will those also increase the fan noise? My performance is great, in fact so far everything has run brilliantly on this laptop, it's just the fan noise that bothers me!
  3. Well I've done both of those things and made sure I run Wurm with my nice graphics card. That's brought the fan down to around 63-68% which is an improvement!
  4. I have a separate Nvidia graphics card.
  5. Thanks for the advice all! I've turned it down to 4, I'll see if that helps! Is there anything else I can try turning down? Unfortunately I need a laptop rather than a desktop, it's just not feasable to have one where I am. Why is that? I've just been running Ori and The Blind Forest which I thought was a much more graphically intense game, and the fans are considerably quieter when I run Wurm. I really don't understand it!
  6. I know heating up and fans working more are inevitable, but I'm a bit confused as to why Wurm makes my fans go so crazy. After playing just now for only a couple of minutes, my CPU temperature went to 71% and my fan was at 78%. Most of my graphics are set to medium, and my laptop is a brand new Median Erazer, bought a couple of weeks ago. This is my system information. These pictures show my graphics settings. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
  7. Hooray! PM me here or in game.
  9. I hope you mean the thread and not MY ADORABLE PONEH
  10. Put in a bid and spam the request forums? ;D
  12. I'm never here, except to ask for more sheep. (Spotty ones please.) In my 5th year of playing.
  13. Honestly this affects me very little directly, I don't buy or sell silver and have never bought or sold an account, and have no intention of doing either. However I am a little confused about points that others have brought up, namely transferring silvers between alt accounts, or trading apparently large amounts of money for very little. I regularly buy referrals, so I pay 6.5s for a good number of woodscraps. Will I now have to account for that? Are PMs going to be read by devs or whoever to monitor why I'm paying so much money for a woodscrap? And what about trades for less tangible things, for example paying another player say, 5s for helping with a large digging project? Is someone going to come out of the woodwork and ask for an explanation? Or when my grumpy delivery alt comes back from delivering expensive items from another server, will I have to sell her my axe to give myself the money?