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  1. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    I got lucky today! Two new colour foals born. A skewbald boy called Marksilver from jet mum Rockmountain and Skewbald dad Jasper; and an appaloosa boy Eastcloud from two piebalds, Warriorflash and Chaserrun. Little Eastcloud doesn't have all the traits I want but he's a 5 speed and will be staying. Marksilver needs serious medical intervention! Poor boy is 2 speed, healthy and sparky and has 4 (count them, 4!) bad traits. If anyone wants him, send me a pm in game.
  2. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    I had another 4 speed skewbald born yesterday! A little girl, Napatear. She's gone to live with my neighbour with her sister. Her mum is Dogfancy (skewbald) and dad is Jasper (also skewbald).
  3. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Yeah I found it with the old new colours too! I might send you a message in game at some point, thank-you.
  4. Beverage overhaul

    It would be nice if all drinks quenched your thirst too!
  5. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    And another one! My second boy, Wildsouth. Needs a genesis cast, but when that's done he'll be perfect as far as I'm concerned! From mum Dancecliff (my first skewbald foal) and dad Walnut (chestnut).
  6. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    I checked! The latest foal, a little 4 speed skewbald girl, had a grey father. Here is cute lil Hearthoney! She's gone to live with my neighbour. Mum is Iorwen (skewbald) and dad is Tearally (grey).
  7. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    /me squees at Malena! Such lovely adorable floofs. It's interesting that you all seem to have had luck with grey parents again. So far all of mine but 2 (or one, I need to double check my notes) have had at least one ebony parent. The others have had blood bay, and the one I need to check had a grey dad. Also, wtb grey dads.
  8. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    I fixed it! I put the httpservermod in the mods folder, relaunched, and I will shortly be mauled by a panda. It's adorable and I totally want one as a pet.
  9. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Welp, it didn't go well! For some reason the 'Wurm Server Launcher-Patched' doesn't launch the server. I get the box that comes up with all the white text on black background (sorry, I don't know the proper name for this) and then nothing happens. I tried launching through Steam as before, but clicking the 'use dedicated server' box. This launched the server, but the creatures mod doesn't seem to work. I know as I logged out near a panda-cow last time, and on logging in this time it has disappeared. Sigh!
  10. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Thank-you! I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Hi Batta, thanks for replying again! I had got some bits missing, not sure how I did that. Hopefully everything is in the right place now... In the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server folder, in 'mods' I now have the 'serverpacks' folder and 'serverpacks.properties'. In the Wurm Unlimited Wurm Launcher folder in 'mods' I now have the different 'serverpacks' folder and 'serverpacks.properties'. I have run the patcher.bat for both. Where does the 'creaturemod' folder and 'creaturemod.properties' go? Apologies for slow replies on my part, I have to tackle this when my brain is empty of fluff.
  12. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Thanks Batta! In my dedicated server folder, I have one thing with 'properties', that is a file called 'logging.properties'. I made a screenshot of this folder, in case it helps! C>Program Files 86>Steam>steamapps>common>Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server Honestly, I'm wondering if I did it wrong. I'm not sure how I'd uninstall serverpacks looking at this!
  13. [RELEASED] Creatures Mod

    Hi all, I've read other people have this problem, but I don't understand the solution! I installed the required mods from Ago (ie https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/134945-released-client-mod-loader/ and https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/133085-released-server-mod-loader-priest-crops-seasons-server-packs-bag-of-holding/) in what I'm assuming is the right place! I now have a folder called 'Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server' which I can launch the game from (but not my old server for some reason. It doesn't particularly matter anyway.) I have the problem where pandas are cows! I unzipped the creature mod zip contents into that folder in a new folder I called 'mods'. Why aren't I seeing the new creatures right? How do I fix this? Please explain this as if I'm 5, I'm very confused about what I'm doing!
  14. For Auld Lang Syne

    No I'm definitely a Loaf. ;D I'd like to say thank-you to Enki, Retro and all the devs who put up with us all and make Wurm a great game to play. Thank-you for the updates, the events, the presents (random or otherwise) and everything else during a year that must have been hard for you all.