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  1. Cache lumps still showing up as 'metal'

    I've got some 'metal' lump frags but I can't be sure when they were found. One I picked up today in a pile someone had dropped, the other I think I've had for a while. I can't combine them.
  2. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    Thank-you Enki! [20:16:34] You kiss the venerable Manflash.
  3. Random Enkounters (2018 edition)

    Thank-you for bringing Manflash back Enki! (And by the way, I'm a girl. ;)) Is there any chance of having his old traits back? He's now 5 speed with tough, whereas before he was 5 speed with spark and health. I have his traits recorded in a spreadsheet if that helps.


    Can I take the 18ql one please? COD to me.

    Have you got copper Fo runes? My pets need to love me more.
  7. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Cancer is such a wicked disease. May the knowledge that so many people cared for her comfort her family at such a difficult time.
  8. A Horse of a Different Color

    An additional suggestion, perhaps seasonable mobs? Like white bears and wolves that only spawn in winter.
  9. A Horse of a Different Color

    1000 times yes! Also spotty sheeps? Pretty please?
  10. [Bug] Unicorn foals lose name when aging to young adult

    Mine have gone too.
  11. [Bug] Unicorn Foal - Xtra Large

    She's a champ foal from a champ mum. Can mum have some painkillers please?
  12. [Bug] Unicorn Foal - Xtra Large

    Here's a clearer shot showing an adult:
  13. [Bug] Unicorn Foal - Xtra Large

    IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN??? If so I think I need to get my unicorm some medical care, or counselling, or both.