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  1. Here you go! One anger foal and his older sister.
  2. I did a thing! Little Lad here might only be 4 speed, but he's staying. He's from mum Pandaecker (appaloosa) and dad Eastcloud (appaloosa).
  3. I've had the same thing happen. It first happened a while ago, and dismounting and remounting fixed it. Just had it happen again, dismounted, remounted, fixed. EDIT Upon further inspection, Manflash seems to shake badly when I ride him into my house, and not because he's scared of my house seal.
  4. I finally made a boy gold buckskin! Ladjolly, from Alaqua (appaloosa) and Huntingcloud (also appaloosa). He'll be a clean 5 speed when he's had a couple of genesis casts. ^-^
  5. I made another gold buckskin! A 5 speed girl, she'll only have speed traits when I get her genesised. Her name is Northlily, and her parents are Goldwyn (gold bucksking) and Huntingcloud (appaloosa).
  6. New floof! A little chestnut boy, Warpaddy, to Kisscloud (chestnut) and Mountaindance (chestnut).
  7. Two new floofs today! First of all, my second gold buckskin and first 5 speed, Lightningfabiola! From old Goldwyn (gold buckskin) and Eastcloud (appaloosa). Secondly is something I really wasn't expecting! She's only a gold, but... PANDAS
  8. So maybe if I'm a very very very good Loaf...
  9. How on earth do you have an animal ratio of infinity??