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  1. He'll be sorely missed by us all. He was always there, happy and cheerful. He was generous with his time and skills. There will always be a hole in our community where he was.
  2. The day before yesterday when I logged in, I noticed that a couple of my horses no longer had brands. I brand all animals bred by me as a matter of course, so this was odd. They were venerable animals I'd branded months ago. Later I discovered that some foals had also lost their brands, and two lambs that I had branded and named had their names and in one case their brands disappear too. I've never had this happen before so I'm stumped! On the advice of the help channel in game I'm posting here. I haven't resized or dropped my deed or made any other changes. What's up?
  3. I hate to complain, but the removing updates from WU really concerns me. Not as a player, I only dip in occasionally, but as a business decision. The game that players absolutely have to pay to play and (at least if my alliance is anything to go by) is becoming increasingly popular at the expense of WO, is now being abandoned by the developers? Mods are great, don't get me wrong, but IMHO there are some things that just have to be done by devs. If I was a regular WU player I'd be very upset right now. I want to see WO and WU continue and grow, but this seems to me to be a very short sighted decision. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. Also, we're getting spotty sheeps soon, right?
  4. You've reminded me - what I used to do to start up Wurm was to right click the icon and select to run it with my Nvidia card. I'd completely forgotten! Thank-you!
  5. I've come back after a while away, and I've noticed I'm getting very low fps. I've lowered some new settings as suggested in help, but the problem persists. I'm getting a maximum of 19fps while in my deed in north east Xan. I'm attaching my console log to see if that is of any use. Can anyone advise what I might try?
  6. Here you go! One anger foal and his older sister.
  7. I did a thing! Little Lad here might only be 4 speed, but he's staying. He's from mum Pandaecker (appaloosa) and dad Eastcloud (appaloosa).
  8. I've had the same thing happen. It first happened a while ago, and dismounting and remounting fixed it. Just had it happen again, dismounted, remounted, fixed. EDIT Upon further inspection, Manflash seems to shake badly when I ride him into my house, and not because he's scared of my house seal.
  9. I finally made a boy gold buckskin! Ladjolly, from Alaqua (appaloosa) and Huntingcloud (also appaloosa). He'll be a clean 5 speed when he's had a couple of genesis casts. ^-^