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  1. [Bug] Giant adorable foals are back

    And they're more adorable than ever! However, I feel I should report it. Below pics show two foals with an ado adult in the middle.
  2. Going under 23 strength while not premium

    I am intrigued by your ideas, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  3. Going under 23 strength while not premium

    So I had a bit of an accident with my grumpy delivery alt. In a fit of quite impressive stupidity, I managed to drown her while on my main toon. I premiumed her for long enough to get her characteristics high enough for her to command boats, load and unload etc, but her recent death has sent her strength down to 22.99. Hence, she can't do the loading and unloading so crucial to her job. Is this as it was intended? Will I have to repremium her to get her skills back, or can I just get her to chop a few trees and get her strength back up? And does anyone know what kind of gift to give to an alt to get her to forgive me?
  4. Goodbye to everyone from Jive and Miriella

    We're going to miss you both! Come back some time to visit, yes?
  5. Unicorn foals?

    Heck, I'd be satisfied with foal mesh and unicorn texture.
  6. Unicorn foals?

    INORITE?? Tiny, floofy, lil pointy heads...
  7. Unicorn foals?

    So now there are going to be unicorn names, is there any chance of tiny adorable unicorn foals? Pretty please? :3
  8. Graphics rollback?

  9. Graphics rollback?

    I'm getting a graphics update now, is that it?
  10. Graphics rollback?

    Yes it is. I've gone back to the legacy version now, the shiny reappears with that.
  11. Graphics rollback?

    I activated the modern renderer just now, but for some reason my graphics seem to have gone back to what they were before the recent updates - no shiny marble floors, clay etc. Is this a bug or a feature? Or have I done something wrong?
  12. Extreme Makeover, Wurm Edition

    Wait, you put a caravel on a table?! o_0
  13. Errors around roads

    More errant triangles: