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Found 65 results

  1. I found a mature white horse inside my locked wagon enclosure today, checking my event logs, it's been grazing there at least since adolescent stage, but I've only just noticed it. I don't know how it got there, maybe I found it as a foal and forgot, or a GM put it there, or it glitched into the pen It's definitely not one of mine, and I don't know either parent. It has fleeter movement than normal. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. The legs are of different length. It has a slow metabolism. It has been bred in captivity. She has a total of 50 trait points. Her colour is white. Her mother was Huntingwhinny. Her father was Pepperpepper. Is she yours? Let me know
  2. Found: adolescent lamb Owner: [13:52:10] It is being taken care of by Goeroel. Current Location: Thule (I-18, ~~100 tiles west of Greymead), safely in the town stables on enchanted grass Goeroel, please come and reclaim your lost lamb. WuMing Deputy Mayor (King's 2nd) Thule
  3. I found a young golden horse far out in the water at the west side of cadence. Please contact Nahiman InGame if you are missing a horse that fits this description!
  4. Found a dead horsey with gear still on, at the site of the last rift. I gave the poor guy a decent burial. If you lost your horse at rift with gear on it, let Amath know in game or on the forum.
  5. I have lost two horses, a foal and a young adult. I think they may have been stolen, as the off deed pen they were in had just one wall missing and the others had minimal damage. They were in a stone perimeter pen with other animals, all of which have been recovered. They were in the perimeter of my deed Hindleap at G23 Xanadu. The missing animals are: Walkingchaser - young adult male. Parents Wilddaisy and Dreamtails. 5 speed, tough, healthy. Hopecker - ado foal male, may have aged to young adult. Parents Madiagold and Sweetpie. 5 speed, sparky, healthy. GMs are unable to help as they were off deed. They're not branded, and are both jets. If anyone has seen them or has them, please let me know!
  6. Horse found

    Horse (5+ ) named Gallantheart found at Whitewolf Watch. Plz send PM if you want it back.
  7. Hey All, I was at the 7/21/17 rift on Cele the other day, and logged out with my horse hitched to my tent. I could have sword the tent was locked, but I guess I was wrong, because when I signed in this morning, the tent was gone (thanks for leaving my horse though). I know unlocked tents are 'fair game' on freedom pve (I thought I recalled locking it, but I was wrong). However, as a fairly long time player, I thought that the wurm community was more or less above just taking someone else's stuff when it's really obvious that the stuff is not abandoned (i.e at a rift event right after a rift ended). Anyhow, if the person who took it would kindly consider returning it to me in game, she would be most pleased. I know a few other players who also had their tents taken at the rift. I imagine they'd feel pleased if theirs were returned too. Blue Jenn Kellon Military Tent - 17.xx ql - 4.xx dmg Thank you!
  8. Hi, I want to restart wurm online after a long period of absence. I have enough skills to manage but I have none of the needed tools. Have things like a file, but nothing to cut or mine with. I'm around Kinoss Bay. I used to have a deed there but that deed is long gone. Someone else is living in the area and I can barely recognise it. So what i need help with is: Tools or a way to get/make them. Some tips on an area with some access to the basics where I can start up again. Maybe a nice community of people to join (don't specifically want the hermit life again). I hope some of you can give me tips. Would really like to play again, but the hurdles I have to take to get the basics back have been holding me back for a while now.
  9. Lost Horse

    So I seem to have lost a horse. Her name is Coffeeadriana, she is cared for by me. A beautiful gold color, she was wearing a saddle, bridle and shoes, but sadly wasn't branded. We were in the area of 34X 22Y (on the Albia map) in the area of the old Pickle Island deed, near the guard tower on the shore. It was getting late so I parked my ship and put her on the beach before logging for the night. I didn't have a tent with me, but had parked and put a horse on dry land that way a few other times and figured it would be safe enough. I logged back in less than 10 hours later and she's gone - as far as I know she was happy and had no reason to run off with the first stranger to walk by. She is still in my Cared For list so I know she's still breathing. A friend with a priest did come and search using Reveal Creatures and we tried tracking but nothing. If you find her you can contact me here or in game and i will come collect her without question.
  10. Just found it swimming off coast of Riven. Brought it to Riven and dropped on deed as just passing through. In case you were missing it.
  11. Hello, im looking for my old pet horse named Happyman its a gray horse under the care of my alt fourneography. If found please contact me on here or on wurm. Pm Fourneofclubs. There is a reward, i can offer a sleep powder or some of my weaponsmithing services in return. Thank you
  12. Horse lost

    I've lost an adolescent ebony black horse in SE Deliverance, near Pilgrims Gate, named Baronwarrior If someone finds him, please leave a line Name of avatar is Turmoil ingame Thanks a lot
  13. It shows up in my permissions settings on Celebration, so it's around someplace. The name is "Naked Singularity". 1s upon recovery; I'll come pick it up. I'm also sfaleron in-game, or PM me here in the forums. Thanks!
  14. Close Please

    Please help, I lost my corpse some where in Xanadu. I think it was around P15 or 16. If you see it, could you please PM me. thanks! I really want my stuff back!
  15. This has been mentioned before, but again... Large carts lost their rare glow...I miss it! Please bring it back as soon as possible. Don't you miss this? Look at the pretty rare small cart all pretty and glowing...and the supreme large one looking so dull. For the record, the bell towers, small braziers, supreme braziers and small chests also don't glow.
  16. Hello, I was wondering if any one had found my Ship Red Dwarf If anyone has seen it pleas message here or in game Thank you
  17. Found the following horses, close together, against the northern border (of Inde) out at sea (about central as to W<>E): Acepot: It is being taken care of by Ardella. Stronghoney: It is being taken care of by Masika. Rafflegolden: It is being taken care of by Nemain. Vanillastark: It is being taken care of by Masika. 3 are black, one grey, and one has cloth barding. Please PM on forums to arrange handing them back to owner(s).
  18. Please help me to find my corpse! I need or priest or source for Karma ! I died in olive forest today near Eden Harbour tunnel ( that connects Summerholt and Whitefay highways ) at side of highway going to Whitefay . Xanadu, H-23. I had lag and coudln't see anything , not sure where I was when spider attacked me. My corpse has important town stuff like all keys and such. I am willing to pay or trade, just help me please to find Rheascope corpse ! PM here or reply to this post or PM in game to Rheascope. Thank you!
  19. Hello friends! My laziness to lock my boat has caught up with me, and I have lost one of my rowboats. It was called Seedlings II XoXo or Seedlings XoXo (I renamed my boats so many times I can't remember which one I stuck with). It was lost from Magic City on the NE Shore, taken from our docks on May 27th between 4-7 PM EST. If you see it please let me know! Reward offered if found. Thank you! Thank you Zeldagold for finding my baby! And thanks to everybody who kept an eye out for it, it is greatly appreciated!
  20. hello corinne i found your horse, it's now safe on my deed so when u want it back pm me (harryvederci)
  21. I have the above 2 horses at Rome, Cliffpearl is mature white, Fantaswest is venerable white cared for by Timotheum. Contact me in forums or ingame 'Izzyizzyizzy'
  22. A boat showed up in my port about 2 weeks ago and I have seen no life, being in the wild north of Xanadu. Name of the boat "Go Merry" Owner Karjiane It has no lock so possibly stolen.
  23. Horse found

    Wildtear (father is Jackrock) has been found in central north Indy
  24. Seeing that there is no sort of central "I possibly found someone's lost horse" thread like there is on Pristine's fourm- I think I'll start one: Venerable fat Briskmac [19:22:08] You poke Venerable fat Briskmac in the ribs. [19:22:11] It is being taken care of by Nativechaos. no branding. I have her at my deed, Nezumi. (N22) (Yes, I know it could possibly be a horse someone released, but I don't want to be "that guy" that takes others horses without at least putting out a heads up)
  25. 1 second settle timer, stays settled for 7 tiles Absolutely a must buy for anyone whom travels Will be COD or picked up 55.86 QL [17:16:47] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [97] Starting bid-3s Minimum Increments-50c Buyout- May take offer via PM Snipe protection-1 hour No Reserve