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Found 16 results

  1. Happy Halloween, Wurmians! We on the Wurm team hope you’re gearing up for your spooky fall festivities. Here on the team, we’ve been hard at work to make this Halloween a thrill for all. Tricks! We asked the creatures of Wurm what they’d like to dress up as this Halloween. Unfortunately, none of them spoke English, so we decided for them. Keep an eye out for all sorts of spooky trick-or-treaters masquerading about on your adventures. Will you find the goblins dressed as Aliens? Or the troll Princesses? Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll spot a delicious Candycorn! And Treats! That’s not all, however. The pumpkin shoulderpads and troll masks are back and will soon be joined by this year’s new Halloween treats. Be sure to go hunting for your chance to find the human skull mask and the witch’s hat. Expect to see these go live after the next update in the next day or so--just in time for Halloween! That’s all for now, folks! Have a safe and happy Halloween. Eat lots of candy, scare all your friends, and keep on Wurming! - Joelle & The Wurm Team
  2. Hi Selling some stuff. Red tome of magic (1 charge left) 40s - Sold PMK Wagons, JK (1) and Ebo.(1) 12s / each Sold Witch hat 1s each. Rare Toolbelt 5s Sold Rare Longbow 3s Sold Rare Shield 101coc 3s Sold Rest taking offers
  3. Event ended already, thanks for everybody who participated, have a great day HEY WURMIANS! How's the trick or treats going? Ive just made it to 80 Cloth Tailoring, its time to sell some of my products! This will be a multiple halloween auction, with some simple rules, and a FREE RARE RUG ALL the rugs are pretty much the same quality, the difference being the CoC cast, and the Free rug is a Fine one. So there will be multiple chances of getting that so desired rugs for you or your deed! ------------ Very simple Rules ------------ Every 48h the timer will reset - If there is bids on a rug, it will be sold! If there is a rug with no bids, it will be back to auction for another 48h The event will last for 8 days at max, ending next Sunday if some rug is still not sold All auctions will have this same base: Starting bid: 5s Increment: 25c Buyout: None Auction time: 48h Snipe Protection: 1h To bid, simply put your offer with the #number of the desired rug, like Slothtailor: 6s on #2 ------------ Availability ------------ #1 Rug = SOLD #2 Rug = Not sold, pm me if intereseted! #3 Rug = SOLD #4 Rug = SOLD #5 Rug = SOLD Free Rug = brattygirlsback won the rug! ------------ FREE RUG ------------ If all the rugs are sold until the end of the event, As Rug #3 is already on bids, the Free one will be raffled as a thanks for all participants! EVERY VALID BID on ANY rug will count as a Raffle for the Rare Fine! The raffle will be recorded and the winner will recieve it for Free! Only rule to this Raising the bid more times in a row will only count as one raffle Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,25s (not counted) What DOES work is raising the bid above other person Example Sloth: 5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,25s (Free raffle granted) Sloth: 5,5s (Free raffle granted) Somebody: 5,75s (Free raffle granted) ------------ TIMERS ------------ Event end! ------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ And thats all! Feel free to ask any questions if something is not clear, and also feel free to bid anytime Good luck!
  4. - - S O L D - - [22:40:23] Spooky, scary shoulder pads. They send shivers down your spine. Sadly, I only have this one piece left. Selling it for 75c.
  5. Ok, Halloween is over, now please, please can we get rid of the pumpkin tentacle monsters? My zoo has turned into a horror show, I can't do anything without being confronted by a creepy pumpkin spider. Either that or apply phobia mode to it so that I can go back to seeing a blob instead of a spider-thing. Seriously, this is not funny:
  6. * * S O L D * * I am offering a set of unique Halloween items (to be found in game only between 28th October and 4th of November 2017): .... . . Price for the set (3 items): 5s Please PM.
  7. I love the cool green glow that's been applied to goblins, crocodiles and cave bugs! I'd love to see something like this permanently in Wurm, not just for Halloween. What if we allocated certain colours to certain conditioned animals? For example, angry goblins glow green, champion unicorns are pink, etc. If it was done for just a few of the animals and conditions, it wouldn't be common, but a nice treat when you find one of the rare glowy few.
  8. This isn't related to Wurm or it would be in "The Scribes Corner", but that says it is for "text arts related to Wurm Online". There may be a "part 2" later, but no guarantees.
  9. Hello! I noticed that huge spider has the halloween model on it after dying. Just to point out.
  10. Let players wear carved pumpkins on their head as vanity armor, Halloween is coming and it would be a great last minute addition.
  11. At first it was fun. However, I am in the midst of a huge teraform and it looks like mounds everywhere. Getting to the point where I need to start packing all the fresh dirt, just to see the shape of the land and where my piles are. This isn't so much of a complaint, but I would like to ask: When will the regular dirt return?
  12. Make all pve servers into pvp for halloween night. There can be nothing more scary than this on Halloween.
  13. Happy Halloween wurmians! And Happy Samhain!
  14. With The Halloween Event just around the corner and having Xallo and Alyeska host it at Muspellsheimr Kastali, I decided it would be a good idea to sail down there are do a Settlement Spotlight. Join Alyeska and I as we Tour of this amazing deed on the eve of Halloween Event. > I know for myself I really enjoy watching youtube videos on Wurm Online. I like seeing what people are up to in their adventure or just what people are doing around their deeds. So, I decided to start making my own wurm videos. Even though I may not be the most knowledgeable about the game I still like documenting what I've been doing and where I've been travelling and at the very least let me go back and watch the some of the many wurm memories I've created down the track. A lot of the videos are just day to day snippets of what I've been doing and some are are more informative. Some will have timelapse of adventures I do and some with touch on history of the land in which my deeds reside. Well, here is the playlist of what I've come up with already and I will continue to release more and more as I really like doing them. Milosanx WurmOnline Videos
  15. Greetings all, I was curious if anyone knows if there will be a fun graphic change for this coming Thursday? I loved the pumpkin monsters from last time.