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Found 50 results

  1. quick keybind does not work with keybinds that don't exist. Missing keybinds Destroy Light (steel and flint) Clean forge please add your own suggestions
  2. Wagoner figures are missing (not in bed and not on the chair). Both male and female figures are missing. FIXED Wagoner vehicle currently has a freedom wagon fabric texture covering - assuming this is a bug as it also obscures the view. FIXED Camp fire is not currently lit (daytime) FIXED
  3. Our beloved Rageed has gone missing! Last seen in the vicinity of Alora near S-12/13. Rageed is a very important member of our village that has special needs and needs to be constantly brushed and reassured. Please help us find our horse! Ayuna is spending countless nights in suffering due to the separation which has lead to fatal wounds and continued quick shortcuts down the mountain. The terrible expedition has her scarred for life! Please assist Ayuna in recovering her horsie!
  4. Hi everyone The pearl necklace needs a black pearl. One of my friends found heaps of white pearls (and if someone knows how much work that is, you will know it takes hours just to get a white pearl) but no black pearl. Not a one! Were they created? Were they overlooked? Are they like a rainbow unicorn? Please look into this and let us know whether they were even put into the code and if it is worth trying for them, or is there some other way that black ones appear? Thanks
  5. The butchering knife used was a rare iron butchering knife. Looking down, the player's hand was empty, although ofc it was still clasped as if holding something during the animation. Re-logged and butchered again, and the same thing happened. GMT today: [00:36:40] You butcher the corpse of aged wild cat. I do not have data for other metal types, supreme knives or normal non rare knives.
  6. Some of the items which I feel are missing from Archaeology are Smelting Pot fragments. It would be really nice to be able to find these fragments. Anything else you think is missing from Archaeology? Have your say here!
  7. Missing vessel

    Am looking for a ship named SHARK BAIT should be a cog. (not 100% on that) Recently started playing again and have the ability to edit permissions on it so its still around was outside the deed on exodus last time i played. No idea as to where it has gone but would like to find it owner should be CrazyKens or Kens pm me here or ingame if found. Thank you, Kens
  8. Missing vessel

    Am looking for a ship named SHARK BAIT should be a cog. (not 100% on that) Recently started playing again and have the ability to edit permissions on it so its still around was outside the deed on exodus last time i played. (have not left exo neither has the boat judging by the permissions) No idea as to where it has gone but would like to find it owner should be CrazyKens or Kens pm me here or ingame if found. Thank you, Kens
  9. I appear to be missing the "Move" menu on any object, I've reset the client (including ripping out the configuration files from my user directory in windows) and the issue persists. Any ideas how to bring back the "Move" menu? Wurm Online 4.0.11 (with or without experimental files, same problem).
  10. After I installed the recent Java update (1.8.0_131) yesterday (21 Apr 17) and tried to start Wurm, I had to delete the desktop shortcut which used the Wurm icon. I've managed to get the game to start up by putting a shortcut to the wurmclient_jlnp file, but I can't find the Wurm icon anywhere in the installation files. Is this a known issue with the Java update, or am I not looking in the wrong place? ** Did a browser search for this issue and found the fix at this link: Alendhor Aven Linuath, Newspring, Xanadu
  11. All the ingame maps are now missing and getting a 404 error from dropbox.
  12. Hi there! My horse, who is so lovely, has gone missing. His name is Baxtergolden and some would describe him as venerable and fat with brown hair. Unfortunately, I was a noob when he was gifted to me and did not brand him. I logged off of wurm for a long time and came to see my house was built over by someone else. Over that time my horse became untamed and there is a chance he was simply released. The horse was last seen near Plot 38 on the Amish Estates. He was wearing a saddle and enchanted horseshoes that made him move more quickly. There is a sleep powder award for anyone who returns him. Amish Estates Map: Amish Estates Location:
  13. Somehow my recipes got deleted, when i was moved to golden vally and returned to release to my boat, what the gm called a keenen fix? i noticed a good 70-80% of all of my repcies were deleted the majority being all the ones i had set as favorites. Its a good thing i had a screenshot a month or two ago. but im missing more then what these screenshots provide. as i had gotten new ones and set them as favorites as well. very sad days. its too bad i did not screenshot a updated list but its at least a start.
  14. When crossing from SE Celebration to NE Exodus, last evening, I ended up in NW Exodus and the backpack with my plate suit pieces has gone missing. I was wearing the chest and leggings, but all the rest of the suit has gone along with the backpack named "Plate". My 80+ql hatchet with high coc is also gone.
  15. It shows up in my permissions settings on Celebration, so it's around someplace. The name is "Naked Singularity". 1s upon recovery; I'll come pick it up. I'm also sfaleron in-game, or PM me here in the forums. Thanks!
  16. Hello I was away for a bit, in the hospital and a deed I had went down. It was located inside Colossos Lake under the name Denderwindeke Point: The horses were named BearSad and EastSilver there were others but those are my two main horses that I got as a gift and EastSilver being the first horse I purcased in Wurm so I would like them back. They are both branded and I found the catapult belonging to a 'A.df'. If anyone has any idea who this player is and can get them message Marah on Wurm or leave me a message it would be greatly appreciated. I have reestablished the deed and have begun to do repairs on the property to have things up and running so he/she can find me in the same location where they left their catapult. Thanks Marah
  17. ... this might eventually help you. Short description : msvcp120.dll has not properly been installed to windows/system32 My specs : Vista 64bit + Core2Duo 3ghz + Nvidia 9800 gtx+ The Problem : When clicking the desktop icon, the Steam login window was showing up for a fraction of a second and then I got the Windows System Message "Wurm Client does not work anymore - closing program". So I looked into the installation folder and started the WurmLauncher.exe directly from there, this produced the Windows Message "Cannot find msvcp120.dll - please reinstall". Solution : The file is actually not missing, it's just sitting inside a directory where nobody can find it. You have to copy the file msvcp120.dll into the same directory where the WurmLauncher.exe is. The file can be found in : a) c:\windows\system32 c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\runtime\bin c) c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common d) c:\windows\sysWOW64 and you have to copy it to : a) c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher Additional Info : Files like these are the Microsoft Runtime Libraries for Visual C++ version 12. A runtime library is basically providing the functionality of the Microsoft development tools to the programm. The programmer has no control over these libraries, they will automatically be included into his software and they will automatically load themselves when his software is getting started. When loading a library, Microsoft will first look into the application's directory (where the .exe file is) and then go through a chain of user defined directories to find the library. This is why copying the files can overwrite whatever went wrong when setting up the search path during the installation. Also notice, there are two different versions of these files floating around. The c:\windows\system32 on 64bit-computers contains 64bit-libraries. The 32bit-libraries on 64bit-computers can be found in c:\windows\sysWoW64 which stands for "Win32 on Win64". That is why the msvcp120 from the sysWoW64 folder is NOT going to work with Wurm, while the msvcp120 from the system32 folder is going to work with Wurm WHEN you are on a 64bit-computer. I hope this will work for other people as well. See you guys in the game.
  18. Hello, I was wondering if any one had found my Ship Red Dwarf If anyone has seen it pleas message here or in game Thank you
  19. (Thought I might as well just edit and update this post) My Venerable Fat Machappy (taken care of by Mikethemechanic, branded for Wharftown) ran away from Glenfiddich when I relogged, and didn't have a saddle on her as I didn't have one at the time - during a slow relog, somehow she managed to flee out of local range before Stanlee could reach the spot to cast. He cast a locate and didn't find anything - we checked the local landscape/mines & canal. So if anyone spots her, please can you let me or one of the others in the Chicken Knights know? Thanks! Lily
  20. A horse named Sweetduke was tamed in a pen at Flooded Mines at J24 and was last heared from wednesday night. Here is last message, it was last seen close to Valkyrie Landing at J24. [2015-06-03] [03:16:33] Adolescent fat Sweetduke suddenly seems more loyal.
  21. I noticed this after completing a new roof so while i was at it I checked some other roofs, while they aren't as bad there are some beams missing.
  22. Not sure if this is a bug or if this has just not been introduced in game: Rare armour does not glow, neither do rare bells and rare saddles on horses also do not glow. Any plans to introduce these into game? Rare weapons glowing while equipped look very cool. Thanks.
  23. Hello fellow Wurm players! I decided to return to Wurm after a long break and I just now tried to recover the password of my Wurm character called ''djassist'' (My second account). Apparently there is no character called ''djassist'' and I'm 100% certain this was his name. This happened to my main character aswell two years ago; it was removed and GM's couldn't even find a single trace of him, so I had to start over all again . My secondary account djassist was indeed premium and thus shouldn't be removed, so I'm wondering; what happened? EDIT: The name is even saved in my login screen together with my two other characters.
  24. I was traveling from Sloping sands to a location on east Release and i had to stop for the night so i docked at the nearest spot. Northern Wall Citadel on the northern coast. I came back several days later and the boat was not there. It had no mooring anchor. It was locked (or i think it was). A CA suggested that it may have drifted but i checked the immediate area and failed to find it. (mostly cause i cant go far with limited stamina cause of wounds) Anyway if anyone finds it please post here or pm me ingame or something. The boats name is The amphibious cow.
  25. Missing Cog

    Missing an unnamed cog ("cedarwood cog") last seen in the SW of Inde. Owner is Kronius. It went missing in the past 12 hours. Please pm me here or in game if you find it, thank you. For those curious on how: My deed recently decayed, so my buest guess is someone got the key and removed the lock (I thought I'd left it on my person, but apparently not).